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    1. Twice lucid again lolz

      by , 12-12-2018 at 06:17 AM
      I got lucid twice tonight. I have been a bit stressed out all day, so I honestly thought I would just pass out when I went to bed. But on the contrary, I hit the lucid jackpot twice tonight. Again it was DILDs coming in clutch. You know I find them a bit like rolling the dice (up to chance if you catch onto the dream or not). Buuuuuttttt they seem more and more reliable lol. Well, both times I got lucid, it was by RCing in a dream bed. The first dream I was about to go to bed in a camp area, and the second dream I was about to go to bed in a hotel.
      I honestly forgot 90% of the first lucid dream, since I went straight back to sleep after it lol.... But the second lucid dream was vivid as fuck, and a couple of minutes long. The coolest thing was, that in the second lucid dream, I hit my head on a wall, real hard. And I expected to wake up, but I didn't. Then I thought to myself that the pain I felt, felt like it would in waking life. Interesting. The content of the dreams don't matter...
      But on a side note, whenever I ask dream characters for help, they seem to help me out lol. I like that hehe.

      Well.... Dilds saving the day(night) again 🤣
    2. ii - Fragments

      by , 07-18-2018 at 09:24 AM
      Not dream: I woke up earlier than usual, woken up by our friend staying over and remember dreaming something, but in no detail, and soon fell asleep again. Woke up at the normal time and stayed in bed for 45 minutes, seeing whether I'd sleep more and dream again or not. I didn't but remembered some dream fragments and got up. I knotted two of my fingers as I've seen a friend do, to remember the fragments and my intention as I go through doorways in the house, as I first go downstairs to make tea and then come back up to write my fragments as follow:

      Fragment 1 (non-lucid):
      I was playing a special player vs player mode in a game I'd been playing recently in waking life, where I'd throw bombs at other players and vice versa, with the objective of making each other fall off the platforms until only one of us was left. What was different from the real game was that I was able to use my character's swords as well in this game mode.

      Fragment 2 (non-lucid):
      I remember talking to old friends and they were inviting me over to their estate across the river; in the dream I had a memory of what the estate was like, but I felt like something was off, as I also didn't remember this estate actually being so big. How could I remember and not remember at the same time? The "memory" was vivid, so I think that in the dream it's more like I was actually at the estate and that's what made me question it a bit.

      • In waking life, there is a phenomenon that when you go through a doorway, your mind forgets current thoughts and changes how it thinks. I think I remember reading that it is believed this had to do with contextual adaptation, before humans made so many artificial thresholds themselves, such as going from the tundra to the plains and to the desert and so on. Interestingly in dreams, doorways and thresholds in general can have very literal scene changes beyond them. For me, anyway, they do.
      • Keeping fingers knotted like this causes a good deal of pain, especially since my joints are hypermobile, but focusing on this lets me focus on the intention I set when I started doing it, even when I go through thresholds, as I've observed my friend do. I don't know the mechanic behind this, but it just seems to work.
      • The friends from my second fragment are like extended family, but I rarely see them anymore, and in fact, in waking life it is impossible for me to casually see or hear about them, because I no longer live in the same country, so in my dream I was back in my native country, and should have realised this to be unusual.
    3. Day Five and Six: A Dry Spell Is A' Comin'

      by , 02-18-2018 at 05:45 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Day Five:

      Fell Asleep At: 1:15 AM

      Woke Up At: 9:00 AM

      Dream 02: Images

      Same as last night, except I remember even less of this one. Maybe tomorrow will get better.

      Day Six:

      Fell Asleep At: 1:20 AM

      Woke Up At: 10:20 AM

      Dream 03: Fragments

      I remember playing CTF in Overwatch. The map in question was Ilios an I was playing my main, Lucio, scoring free hits on people by blasting them off the stage.

      There was also another dream, but that ended up being swamped by this one.

      I have really got to start going to bed earlier. Maybe that's what keeps messing up my recall.
    4. Paris, The Beach, Or Something Simple? & Others

      by , 12-27-2017 at 02:31 PM
      Walking around some fancy big house decorated nicely. Sitting down and seeing my boyfriends ex-boss come in and sit sort of close to me. He asks me what I want for my birthday, and I keep saying 'I don't know'. He pulls out a plastic tube thing that can expand itself and there's a girl across the room and it stretches one end from her to me. He wanted me to tell her what I wanted. I imagined myself what it would be like to be on plane to Paris and in Paris. Then imagined myself on a beach in the sand,
      alone. The weather dreary with dark-ish clouds yet sunlight shining through. A bit chilly wind. The contrast of the image of it was beautiful. I was in a white sun like dress/beach dress. I finally said through the tin-can talk like device "Mani Pedi and a bottle of wine"

      TAUP E W Letters
      Dreaming of some kind of game where I had to choose a name and I chose "TAU P" or "TAUP E" and someone getting angry cuz the game wouldnt start because I had their name? I didn't care and kept trying to have "TAUP E"

      So I haven't been around in years. Gonna update some dreams I've had in the last few weeks right now, below.


      Went to my boyfriend best friends dads house and was in flip flops walking in muddy water. Was packing my stuff up from us staying there, and stealing Now and Laters and Suckers from a candy drawer to take with me. Something about my BFFE; possibly BF related.

      12/23/17 Fragments
      -My sister bought Vanilla ice cream, and was carrying it in a plastic bag up the steps to my porch.
      -Me in a towel at boyfriends best friends dads house, in front of lots of 'football' type guys/men I keep trying to make sure I'm covered by pulling my towel up.


      so my dream was we were all in NC.. we were at Gma's and there was a secret huge room in her house collecting old stuff over the years of ours. I wanted to go in there. Switches to everybody being there and i see Lil D with cigarette in her hand. I find out C slept with S and i stabbed her then burnt the house down but tried saving the kids. I got outside to the road and saw the fire through the window (silhouette) and then i ran back to try to get the kid who was going back inside but when i walked inside everything was fine/.alive no fire and all talking and what not. I thought I was going crazy again, and told C what happened.
      you can stop reading here.
      coded for myself:
      Switch to us being in a hotel room ( a nice one) and C has dinab weird tv.. music choice station 805 ? LOMF- smiles. i see dinab & ask; yes; chsbkapeirwu me frus. mad.

      i opened the front door and there was some guy sitting on the porch (i didn't see him though but his legs out my eye corner) and he was saying something but i couldnt make out what he was saying. i quickly shu the door and dead bolted and locked it. grabbed L and there was another guy in the house.. ran into our room and locked the door told C and me and L went in my closet and locked the door. C went and killed them with a knife. i somehow felt one of the bad guys knives and i was superly amazed at how sharp it was. dream over. (i seem to have woken up directly after this one)

      dream two:
      first of all-- L for real got tropical starbursts on halloween so ive seen them lately.. a two pack.. red and yellow)
      dream-- on halloween i gave some tropical starbursts ( a few) and she liked them. on christmas i gave her a huge bag and she was really happy.
      then something like... being in your van mom?? i think.. but anyway.. i was talking about how this tiny cup/glass still had melted ice and a tiny amount of water in it. was amazed the ice was still there.

      also some weird dream where i was walking through some weird camp like buildings that were really small and everyone door being open and i could see what each person was doing. then i had to walked back up through them all inside them.. cuz i guess there was doors connected them. i was on my way to my room i think??? i stopped by a room with 3 women who were in a women's club and were staying camping at the place. for some reason one of them was getting a mammogram done/preparing for it.]

      12/25/2017 - Fragment
      Dream about some kind of fire. Don't know.

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    5. Various Dreams, Getting chased by Ninjor and Lucidity! ^_^

      by , 12-08-2017 at 10:15 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I wake in the middle of the night and there is a closet near my bed that I always check to make sure that it is closed. Last Night I was so tired that I didn't bother doing so, So when I wake up in the middle of the Night it was open and all dark inside except for my clothes hanging inside and minor things and such. This is when the SP and false awakening Start. I get slightly afraid of it but not enough to bother closing it and I go back to sleep. Please take note that I'm laying sideways at the foot of my bed with the closet at my feet and the window at my head. Anyhow, I fall asleep and a few minutes later without even realizing it, I find myself sitting on the brown carpeted floor in front of my closet, playing with something. I wake back up with that image in my head and thought, so you want to try to give me a nightmare do we? Even with slight fear I ignored it, occasionally looking at the closet and went back to sleep. I feel myself drift in and out of SP with my feeling the tickling sensation and jerking here and there. I wake up for about 20 minutes to get rid of the aggressive SP and then drifted back to sleep.

      I find myself back at Raymond which IRL is torn down.

      In the dream I start off in my mom's room that was empty but junky. There was a light on and I can see that things were missing. The first thing I noticed was the mirror dresser. The TV that is usually sitting on top of it in the corner was gone along with various other things that were once there like lotions, jewelry, hair stuff etc. The only thing that was on top left was a dusty outline where the TV once was and other useless things, such as wires, strings and more dust back where the mirrors where at. Speaking of the mirrors, the two tall mirrors that were connected to the back of the dresser was also missing, it was just the tracks the the mirror slid down into. I figured that since we no longer lived here and now in the process of moving things out that some one in the family came by to help out with the rest of the moving process or some people busted in here and stole the things out of here. Next to the dresser on the floor were two radios. One was an old 1990s looking realistic (brand name) table radio.
      Attachment 9820

      It was light brown in color and had a knob turner. it was obviously broken as I can see the the cord was missing and there were frayed wires on the back of the radio where the cord once was. Next to it was a more modern looking radio. It was black and silvery grey in color, much like mine that I have IRL with the stylized boomboxes and what not. The boombox was on and was playing some kind of music, possible me hearing the jazz music that I always have playing softly in the background from the waking world. For some strange reason the people that come in here would always leave this radio one and never bothered it so it has been on for God knows how long. Anyhow there was no bed in this room, it too have been taken out by someone. There was stuff like hangers, paper and some pieces of the beds frame that supported the mattress. It was dark out and then I suddenly realized that I needed to get out of here in case who ever it is staying here returns, since it looked like it was still inhabited from it being power here. I hastily made my way through a lit hallway and down the steps. That dream ended with me rounding a corner on the landing and to the next flight of steps that led down into the living room.

      Next segment.

      I'm lucid from an SP that I felt after the closet opening and start off semi lucid. I'm outside doing the old way of calling robots into my dream. It looked like it was dusk out and I was having issues remembering who the recent zords I was with IRL. I manage to think oh wait a sec, I can just try to dream about characters who are small like Optimus Primal, SD Gundam or Auric. I ended up thinking about Ninjor but wanted to avoid him since we are at Odds with each other. Playing Power Rangers Legacy he has gotten in the way of some of my matches and I ended up talking shit to him and taking out both him and what I thinks to be his girl, Odonna. So I avoided him but unfortunately he ended up appearing and he saw me. "Ninjor! He shouted in his wavy voice and he charged at me. I ran down a hall and into a room and looked to see if I can jump out of a window. I go into what looks like an unlit office room and over to a window. Birdseye landscape. Even though I know it is a dream it was just too high for me.Nope. I turned to run back out, but Ninjor blocked of the door way. "Hahaa!" He laughed mockingly. "I've got you now!" He charged into the room and I ran back behind a table and up against the back wall opposite from the windows. I spotted another way out and Ninjor saw it too and tried to block that off but failed, just missing me by a hair with his grasp. I'm going up flights of stairs and every time I look back just as I'm rounding corners I can see a glimpse of his blue color coming up right behind me. As we are running high up the scene slowly changes and I began to see lava appearing. I entered a room and most of the floor is glowing hot and I run out on a thin strip of safety. Ninjor Sees this and was actually trying to get me out of there and somehow he slips and falls into the lava tiles. And I'm disappointed in my dream ending with my robotic DC getting killed. I see his now limp body sank into the lava and vanishes under the yellow hot surface. Oh yeah? Well then I can go with him. I jump down into the lava expecting the worse. It was not hot and I can now see Ninjor Rising up out of the lava but he was laying down. Something was rising him up and as soon as it got done Ninjor shot up and looked at me. Panicked I ran to the door entering the room and looked back expecting him to come after me but he didn't. He seemed a bit off. He was looking around and not saying anything. I decide to see what was up with my chaser but being careful to not let him get me. The black visors which was his eyes has what looks to be slight rust on the edges. The lava had temporarily blinded Ninjor and he was seemingly becoming more upset.

      Next segment

      Sexual dream

      These are dreams I usually use to become aroused and get that feel good sensation in. Usually it results in me waking up,I would have it for only a few seconds before it would fade away. IRL I thought what if I achieve this without instantly waking up from the feeling? This is what I got.

      I usually keep these dreams private but since it is part of this long dream I will include it here. In this dream I start off in a large house. I'm talking with people then at some point and time I get lucid and became aware. No one is home at this time and I walking around in this house, trying to find away outside, as I'm doing so the arousal came into thought. So I start looking around for something gross to happen to me. I walked into a bathroom that is the size of a dinning room and on top of something I found a used douche. I knew it was used because the water inside of it was mostly gone and the nozzle was opened and out. Perfect. As soon as I picked it up the dream shifted and found myself in another bathroom that was much smaller then the other one I was just in. I'm now standing infront of an unseen mirror and behind me was a tub with curtains around it. I didn't pay it no mind and started to stick myself with the douche but as soon as that happened, I suddenly fell backwards into the tub that was full of water. I fuss abit at the dream as to why it did that while I was getting ready to receive the arousal and I get the feeling that it knew what it was doing. So now I'm, in a tub of water and continue on, poking my self and achieving my dream feeling. Arousal shot up into my body and and that good feeling exploded into me. After about 4 or 5 seconds it disappears and I take out the douche but then feel myself began to wake up. Shit! Suddenly the water swishes around and I'm sucked underneath it and is still able to breath freely. I felt the water the smelled like peroxide rush over the top of me and the waking sensation disappeared. I was now one with the water and the dream knew it. So it teleported me taking some lucidity with it to the outside of the tub where I was now standing up with people. Somehow this dream managed to keep me inside after the successful sensation. I'm talking with people and we are there fishing around with our hands in a huge, metal thing that is full of cloudy blue water. I also have my hands inside and is wondering how am I'm not scared of this water even after I'm aware that I'm dreaming? I look into the water and I can see bits and pieces of what looks to be cooked crab meat inside. I quickly took my hands out of there and then I think I woke up but was in SP. Dream was not ready to release me yet ^_^

      Anyhow I reenter the dream and now I'm back at the house I started off in when I was at the start of this segment. I walk around a bit and looked out the window and seen that we were above clouds and I can only see the tips of what looks to be evergreen trees. Further off in the distance there was fog and I seen the Thunder Megazord. He was colossal and walking around but I was too far away to get his attention. He turned and disappeared into the fog.

      Ninjor reappeared with his sight back and this time he charged and caught me, causing me to wake up, for real.

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    6. fragments.

      by , 05-22-2017 at 05:52 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Had a dream about learning a Metallica song on guitar. It was from the and justice for all record. Can't remember which song.


      Yup, Another Bjork dream. Can't say much since I don't recall the details. Just that she was in it.


      Had a dream about C coming back from her visit. She stood in a door way and I was shocked because she looked 20 years younger. She was also being nice to me which was really confusing.
      Tags: björk, fragments
    7. [06-02-2017: Undead settlement, Fragmented dream]

      by , 02-06-2017 at 11:36 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Undead settlement

      I was driving through a countryside, on a forest road. I was driving with my pal in his car, it was a red painted sports car. It was a road surrounded by trees and going up to some fields. My pal was controlling the car, though at first he didn't do anything and I had to rescue us from incoming truck, then reminded him that he is driving. We passed by some old buildings, both waving goodbye to ghosts living there. We continued on the road until something pulled us off to the fields and our car got an extension like combine harvester. We drove through wheat fields, harvesting everything. The cut wheat grain landed in a nearby tall farmhouse with a windmill-tower. After we drove through whole wheat the car broke and people left farmhouse. I recall a young, blonde woman with long hair in a white dress. There were other people, angry for the wheat. We said sorry and asked if they couldn't repair our car, but they wanted a lot of money for the wheat first. Seeing that this won't do, I decided to leave and wandered out to a hill behind the farmhouse. It was getting dark, I reached ruins of a village. I knocked to doors of a house that looked inhabited and a corpse of woman opened them. Upon seeing me, she said that I should see a corpse named Pendalion, living in a place close to where my parents lie. I continued trudging between old and creepy houses until I reached another inhabited area. There were some guardians there that immediately rushed to attack me as soon as they saw me. Somehow I opened up a command console and used a "set_fight 0" command to stop them, then entered one of houses. There was another corpse woman in long, brown robe. There was a little box with name over her head "Henande". I saw some strange, small machinery powered by deep blue crystal. She said that it's her project of "resotrative crystal". I left the house and met guardians again. I used console command again, but more of them appeared. They started fighting between each other and those that won let me pass. I took stuff of the fallen and went back to previous part of village. It was dusk, I opened some big arched doors and a intriguing tune started playing somewhere in the background. I entered some ruined palace, through another big doors I entered some great dining hall. Glasses with alcohols were still on a table. I saw some fireplace and sat down beside it.

      Fragmented dream

      This one was highly annoying, I dreamt that I was lying in bed, having troubles with sleeping, and fragments of dreams coming time after time. First "dream" was that some two fat and suspicious women were invited to our house by one of our friends. I seen them take some stuff, so i outright warned them that I'll call police should they take some of my stuff. They didn't cared. We all moved to streets to meet with pal and his family, when suddenly those fat women called thugs with knives. With sister we ran back to house, calling police immediately. We reached our backyard where we warned father and then grabbed anythig we could defend ourselves with. Sister took some shovel, father had an axe and I took a pickaxe. People gathered on our backyard, fath women came with thugs. I replaced pickaxe with some enormous pitchfork and started fighting with them. Then I woke up in my bed and "tried to fall asleep" again. After a while I found myself in some cliffside mansion made of white marble. I went through it and found myself at my backyard, it was an evening, just after rain. I went to the backside of my house and behind barn I saw fields of mushrooms going on all along the horizon. Some of them were the size of younger trees. Again bed fragment. Then I saw a fragment in which I shot from a tank, rockets breaking into fireworks as they flied. Next I was lying in my bed, it was dark all around. I thought about lucid dreaming, but that idea seemed curiously boring at the time. Then I found myself at some military station built on a swamp, going to barracks to take my clothes as it was a free day next day.
    8. [21-01-2017: 8th competition night]

      by , 01-21-2017 at 11:18 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      Had a rather long and detailed dream, but somehow I forgot most of it when next came. I recall only some fragments, in one I was running somewhere, in another I made an overhead slash with a battle axe.


      I was sitting with my friend with Witcher 1 running on my laptop. I realy liked it's GUI and showed it to my friend, thinking about using similar in next project I'm going to work on.
    9. 1/17/2017 - "Untitled"; "Pencildragon" (Lucid)

      by , 01-18-2017 at 06:02 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment One

      All I remember is that I woke up to some guys coming into my house, like they owned the place. I think they were supposed to be of some relation to my landlord and his son. They pretty much just made themselves comfortable, as if they were going to be staying for quite some time - one of them posting up in my windowsill and just gazing reverently at the outside world. I also remember that I was on the second floor of a two-story house.

      Dream Two:

      I was at some outdoor carnival or festival, held out in some rural field at dusk. Munching on cotton candy while I walked, I spontaneously realized that I was dreaming. Immediately, I was surprised at how much I could smell and taste the cotton candy (I have very few experiences with tastes and smells in lucid dreams), and even though the dream already felt very clear and grounded, I decided to take a few moments to touch my surroundings, running my hand along the wooden frame of a wooden kiosk nearby. Raising my free hand up in front of my face, I saw that my fingers were very wavy, which was a bit at odds with the solidity of everything else around me.

      Quickly, I tried to think of what I had planned to do with my lucidity once attained it, before I'd gone to bed. I remembered the 'Tasks of the Month' and that I wanted to try the pencil task (which was to "ask a pencil to draw something for you"). I turned back to the kiosk, expecting to find a pad and pencil there, in which I could do the experiment. Sitting atop the counter, I found a pad and a few, loose, colored pencils. I picked up one pencil - blue, I believe - and set it in the center of the pad. Without speaking, I attempted to "will" the pencil to draw something for me. The only thing I remember, about the actual process, was the pencil moving back and forth and making a few scribbles, but it ended up drawing a (quite simplistic) dragon. (One of the art pieces I have been brainstorming on, in waking life, has been a dragon. I haven't yet drawn the final draft, but I did draw a dragon thumbnail, about a week ago).

      Satisfied that I had completed the task, I took to the air and flew away from the carnival to do some exploring. While flying over the wide, green fields of the early evening countryside, I looked below me to see an actual dragon, roaming around the landscape and idly blowing plumes of fire at random. It had sort of a cartoonish, video game feel to it (I had been playing PlayStation VR, before bed - no dragon games, though), and felt as if it was just a manifestation of the dragon that was drawn on the paper. I decided not to bother with the creature and continued flying over the field. I don't really remember anything afterward.
    10. 1/15/17 | Starfleet Captains, “Alien” House, Mt. Ellinor

      by , 01-16-2017 at 12:30 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-Captain Archer (Star Trek: Enterprise) was visiting an alien planet. On this planet, he was invited to a meal by a resident. That alien's house was actually my previous house from waking life, and I didn't notice. [Switch to first person] I took Archer's place. After a meal in the living room, I walked over to the entertainment center and found an unimportant paper in the right cabinet where the SNES belongs. (keep in mind all this was supposed to be alien) Suddenly, Picard was involved, and time travel happened. I forgot the rest.
      [New Scene]
      Still inside my old house, I noticed a very large explosion cloud moving very slowly, almost imperceptible on the top of Mount Ellinor. In an instant, I was there, from the POV of the survivor, hanging on to the edge of a cliff. I dug at several places in the loose dirt to try and secure a hold. After a few minutes, I succeeded and climbed to the top and to the other side of a dirt mound.

      Fragment: I traveled back to the 1980s. Somehow, I connected Siri to a car and let her ramble on about recent (2010s) video games.

      Fragment about electric shocks to a guy.

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    11. [06-01-2017: Some fragments]

      by , 01-06-2017 at 11:23 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I recall having a few dreams, but I can't quite recall what I dreamt about. In one fragment I was kissing someone and that person said that I'm great at kissing. In other fragment I was at a shooting range, holding some kind of improved pistol. There was a faceless Lovecraftian abomination behind me, I had to shoot to extremely small targets enough times or the beast would devour me.
    12. [03-11-2016: Riot fragments]

      by , 11-03-2016 at 04:09 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Attempted WBTB, failed

      I recall fragments of running around an old city. It was a medieval city that survived unchanged to modern times. It was a cold evening, there were riots all over the town.
    13. Animals

      by , 08-26-2016 at 03:30 PM
      Aside from the reacquiring flying and falling dreams which I do not like to talk about there are my dreams with animals. These get forgotten very quickly because I do not give them too much meaning.

      1. Crocodiles in the living room.
      In this dream I have thousands of crocodiles and alligators down in the living room. I run many times down to the kitchen to get things to my brother but once I slip and almost get eaten by the animals. I do not have a fear of alligators and their cousins, I do not live in a place here I could ever meet them. I remember joking about the situation to my friends through the phone and they too visited me in my dream - although I do not remember if it was at the first part or at the last part - and dodges the crocodiles skillfully to get to the floor we were on. But in the end it was me who needed to get food from the kitchen and run. That's when I slip. I almost died because of my friends.

      2. Giant spider.
      At the top of the stairs there is a little hall that divide the two upstairs rooms. In this dream my house is accurate, and since it was made by my father it has nothing that resembles the stereotypical house structure. That's how many rooms are in the top floor, two bedrooms and a hall dividing them. My brother and I need to go through from one room to another but the way is blocked by a giant spider that leaves little room to move in the square hall. But it is docile and I feel the abdomen brushing to my stomach as i squeeze through the spider. Disgusting.
    14. Fragments from younger days

      by , 08-26-2016 at 03:15 PM
      I had many dream when I was younger that were fragmented only remembering pieces of them. I decided that now is a good moment to write them down. At least the ones that I can remember.

      1. Prince's guard
      This dream happened two different time, and I had a strange feeling that it happened more than that I'm just unable to remember. In both dreams I am a knight, a personal body-guard of a young prince who is exiled from his country. In the first dream the kingdom, Persia - that's how I recall it, way back in the old days - was attacked and conquered by Roman soldiers. I remained at the young prince's side and managed to keep him safe. While we were running, a princess from a foreign kingdom joined us, which meant more work for me. I do not remember who it ended. The second dream was shorter. Again a personal guard, but now I just stand in the back ground and watch as my prince gets betrayed by his own blood brother and sentenced to death. I'm the only one who steps up and defend making us both traitors. I don't know how this dream ended either, but while the other was pretty positive this one was devastating. I think we both died. But what remained from the dreams was my undying loyalty to an exiled, banished prince.

      2. Serial killer
      This dream too happened two times. I'm a serial killer. The first doesn't leave to much impression, it just the way that I used to dispose of the bodies. I buried them with pig carcasses. The second time, my actions is not my own. I kill people then behead them. I do it because I was ordered to by a supernatural entity which face I could not remember. It was tall and slender, imagine it like the Slenderman, the only difference is that he had a face, I was the one unable to remember it. (Just for saying, I hate the Slenderman myth, it's not scary... And I certainly don't want to think of myself as one of his proxies or what not.) It's like there was nothing that could remain in my mind and while I acted in the dream I felt my mind being foggy. I do not know how I wake up.

      3. Train hijacker
      In this dream I try to hijack a train with an engine already ready to explode and the people on the train either screaming or trying desperately to stop me. I remember a certain rush that I felt when I climbed a top of the train and felt the wind as the train rushed with more speed that was necessary and the view. There was a bridge and the ocean lighted up with orange light by the sunset and I thought "This is a good day to hijack a train."

      4. Wolf father
      This is one of my childhood nightmares. I do not remember much, just that I watch myself from third person. I sit on the top of the stairs - maybe four years old - and my father is yelling at the room below. I don't cry, but I am scared. Then suddenly my father sticks his between the frames of the stairs and bangs his head hard in the ceiling. I remember that I was surprised, my father is not that tall. But then he is starting to transform into a wolf, not a werewolf as in half man and half wolf, but a full wolf and I remember crying that I need to escape while I can. I do not however and I can not remember how this ends.

      5. The ghost detecting hair-dryer
      Let's end this on a happy note. In this dream I possessed a hair-dryer that could detect ghosts which ever direction it was blowing the hot air, when it detected it the machine started to beep loudly. I chased a ghost through my room while jumping on furnitures.

      Thank you for listening. I started to have more dreams recently, but I keep forgetting them. It is time that I record my old dreams and try to remember the new ones too.

      No development in the lucid dreaming section. But I'm working on it.
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      dream fragment
    15. Fragment Onslaught

      by , 08-22-2016 at 09:24 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Didn't sleep too well last night. As it would turn out, I had a pretty good 2 hour nap late into the evening, so come bed time later that night, I really wasn't all that tired. Therefore, the night was spent sort of sleeping but frequently waking up, much to my dismay. Luckily enough, I was able to recall multiple dreams, but on the downside, they're all basically fragments. Here they are anyways:
      I was eating at Olive Garden, when all around me the customers and waiters and waitresses all started going crazy, dancing around like lunatics, throwing things at each other. I huddled up further into my booth and continued to enjoy my breadsticks. Clearly my dream self has important priorities!
      I was in this huge house with a lot of my family as well as complete and total strangers. The front side of the house was open to the outside street, where multiple houses alongside it were selling goods. Not much of note here.
      I was in a small room that looked like something out of Homestuck, and on the wall, projected, was a cool looking animation of David Strider and Jade Harley. This fragment may have been a part of the same house dream just before it. Funny I had Homestuck appear here, as I've not been into it in a couple of years now.
      I was on an alien world, and everything was blowing up. ......
      My ex and I entered into a contract of sorts, and we were living together and going about our day-to-day pretty happily. Still learning to get into the habit of reality checking when she's involved, as she's basically the biggest dream sign I have.
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