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    1. Red Forest

      by , 05-15-2015 at 02:39 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #437- DEILD - Time unknown

      I fell back to sleep after waking from this dream. I only recalled it during my morning meditation. Lucky.

      I wake up slightly and find myself in that halfway point between wake and dream. My arm is up over my part of my face and I find it uncomfortable. I consider adjusting, but I worry that I'll wake up too much if I move. Ignore it and focus on relaxing my body. I don't notice the usual vibrations this time, but I feel myself sink deeper. I try focusing on lifting up or floating and I quickly rise up out of my body and automatically land on my feet.

      I walk around the house for a bit thinking hard what my goal is. I see random rooms and objects, but I don't really pay much attention. I know I want to try a TOTM and after some effort, I recall the in-dream WILD task. I quickly stop and become stiff as a board and fall to my back. I look at the ceiling for a second then close my eyes hoping for the best. I am a little worried this will fail as I let go of my dream body and relax, focusing on lucidity. After a second or two, I feel myself lift up again. I am standing blind for a bit and I ferociously focus on seeing I don't want to fail this task. Then it dawns on me to just "open my eyes". I am now standing in a meadow on a trail leading into a forest. The amazing thing about it is that the entire scene is filtered over with red. It's beautiful and slightly ominous at the same time. As I am enjoying the scene, I notice my physical eyes have partially opened. I try to maintain the dream, but the waking world slowly comes into view ending the dream.

      This pic doesn't do it justice, but it's close.

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    2. Backlog, 12/12: DEILD, DILD, Dream WILD, "Lessons from Gurdjieff" and "AnotherDreamer's Tea Recipe"

      by , 12-20-2014 at 08:16 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      DEILD. Transition but am still lying on mat. Body feels incredibly heavy; I RC, but almost just "go back to sleep" because it is so hard to move. I reason that that would be pointless, however, because I am already asleep. I decide to get up, and as I do, my body becomes lighter and lighter, and until I just fly out of bed. I run out of the room on all fours.

      Cats are out in the living room. My father's cat is here, which is odd, and he eyes me suspiciously as I come charging out. He seems scared, and then attacks and bites me. I hit him in face with a pillow. Then try to make friends. He seems pissed. My wife then comes out of the bedroom. I suddenly realize that this dream is scary, and things could go wrong if I let my emotions get worked up. So I still my mind and focus on people liking me

      My wife seems happy to see me. She tells me to go get ready for bed, because she wants "quality time." I consider telling her this is a dream, but I do not I wake up.

      I am reading a secret/restricted Jehovah's Witnesses' text called "Watchtower" In it, a discussion about a certain river where initiations and enlightenment have occurred. I go to the river. I am swimming up it, into a cave. I have a vision/flashback (?) of Gurdjieff trying to bring someone to enlightenment. He gives this man a baby. The man is at the river for the purpose of enlightenment, and is displeased to have to take care of a child. Then he becomes attached to the child. He fears for its safety. Gurdjieff comes back, and turns the child into dust. It sinks into the river. The man is devastated. Gurdjieff explains:

      "At first you did not want the child. You were blown by the winds of karma one way. Then you wanted the child. You were blown the other way. Now I have taken the child, and you suffer for it." The man asks if he is close to enlightenment. Gurdjieff laughs and says there are many stages.

      I swim back toward the mouth of the cave and down a small waterfall. The river has become a water park, and I accidentally bump someone coming up the waterfall (?). Segue into a FA: "wake up" at a pool. I am wondering if this is a dream when my wife asks the same question. I nose pinch
      and can breathe. We walk around the pool together; not super lucid, as I think my wife is real. We see a girl DC. I start fooling around with her, and she starts to rub my wife's breasts. My wife pulls away, and says it feels uncomfortable. I think to show off my dream control, and order the DC to run across the street. She does, and a path appears for her to run on. I urge her onward. Finally awake into a FA; my wife is awake, and I question her about the dream, but she says was not there. I assume it was a just a "normal" LD and return to sleep. I then wake up.

      Dream WILD: Talking to my aunt on the phone; we decide to LD together. We enter the dream, and try to help some man find his daughter. More of a semi-lucid, although I was aware I was dreaming. Tough call She tells me about using LDing to contact my dead grandfather. She keeps calling it "remedying" though (like REMedying . . . .)Another FA with my wife. She has her nightlight on. We talk about something, and then I go "back" to sleep.

      A dream about not being able to fall asleep. I finally take Sageous's advice to get up and do something else. I decide to make some tea. I use AnotherDreamer's recipe, made out of sunflower leaves and apple chips. I start eating the apple chips. I check my watch twice as an RC, and the numbers do change, but this is not enough to trigger me. In fact, I think I ignore it altogether.
    3. TOTM Basic i

      by , 07-18-2013 at 09:43 PM (My amazing dream journal)
      I did a WBTB waking up at 4 am and took some vitamin B6 200 mg.
      I was using an induction in the form of audio, something my dad gave me.Suddenly I was in another dream in my room. I tried getting up but it felt like I was being held down. I tried too hard and woke up back in the other dream.mi went back in and was still in my bed, this time I could move with difficulty. I got out of bed staggering around, and looked out the window, which was changing size back and forth. I tried to push through it but I couldn't. I decided to think the way CL does and thought "It's not there" I jumped through and my dream became so crisp I thought I woke up. When I was out the window I realized I had just jumped through the window screen that blocks bugs. I started to freak out cause I was in the air and didn't want to fall. I started to try swimming which worked, it also got the screen off of me. Once I realized I was flying, I decided to try and fly without swimming. I was thinking about it then I decided to throw myself forward. I started to zoom around the neighborhood which looked like a mix between an ancient city, and a modern one. I went to some walls with holes in them, like giant holes. I decided I wanted to try the TOTY which is the Egypt one. So I said "Through this hole are the pyramids." As I was about to fly through it, I saw a DC she was pretty fat wearing lavender clothes. I decided to do the TOTM, and hugged her. She got creeped out and pushed me away, (turned down by a fat chick ) The dream ends there.