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    1. Meeting an almighty person and a fragment | [06.08.2020]

      by , 08-06-2020 at 04:08 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Meeting an almighty person
      There is some like almighty person with questionable morals, like with all the dark ones from Once Upon a Time. At first I think I was just a spectator. Later, I had something which had some sort of smell in my home, but my father told me that if some family under our home smelt it I'd get problems with this dark almighty person, so I got scared and thought about quickly running down the staircase into the garden, but was worried if they would smell it as I ran past. Then the dark guy was somewhere with me, and I remember me trying to not show fear, and he commented on that, and I say "Of course I'm scared of you."
      Then it was showing why he was evil and it was like he married a woman, but then she died and then it became nonsensical and it showed his wife comforting him about her own death.

      Something was going on, which I don't remember anymore.
    2. Special Lucid Dream :)

      by , 11-21-2016 at 11:07 PM
      20th November 2016

      Just a quick entry…

      (private part of lucid)

      I walk up to a DC that I take to be my wife as a toddler!

      I go to pick her up and she becomes an infant that I hold in my left arm and call my son over.

      My son is now an infant laying on a surface and I cusp his cheeks in my hands and I am amazed at how real he feels and it feels like I am experiencing him as a infant once again! Very special experience!
    3. 2/10/2016

      by , 10-02-2016 at 08:11 AM
      Another night dreaming about the sea! (last week it was cats)

      1) I think I was on holiday. I was in a queue, in my car to start with, then on foot, in a seaside town, queuing to get to the sea to go surfing. there were some children behind me, as we reached the sea they pushed past me in the queue, but I let it go. I could see the sea in the distance.
      The sea then became a small indoor pool. It had just opened and we all walked inside. It was actaully mostly a hard indoor surface with a small pool in the corner. Lots of people were finding a spot to settle down. I looked for somewhere to put my towel but it was all wet. I started talking to another man asking where I could go without sitting in a wet area. He atrted explainig to me about the activities on offer and that the surfing was a disaster because the pool was so small and the water was flowing so slowly, so they wouldn't be doing it again today.

      2) Sitting at a table talking to a young man opposite me. One of my old doctor partner was sitting next to me. We were tlaking about smoking roll ups and about what the best tobacco is. I don't smoke. I watched as the doctor next to me rolled up a cigarette as well and I rememberd seeing her smoke once before and I commented on that.
      Then I was walking around somewhere and someone was commenting that I acted as if I am married (I am) but in the dream I was just in a relationship. I was calling my girlfriend 'the wife' and started thinking how I was acting as if I was married.
      Then I was in a room with a glass wall watching a woman talking to my children. They were standing by a pond and going to harvest some of the weeds in the pond. They had laid down a floating path on the pond.

      Tags: sea, water, wife
    4. 13/9/2016

      by , 09-13-2016 at 07:18 AM
      1) The dream starts off in white. I'm walking through a town that has been bombed in the past. Some of the buildings are in ruins. The street has been re-layed around all the old rubble and metalwork which juts out awkwardly. Then I'm in a modern shopping centre, and inside a dark restaurant. There's a man sitting at a table, I'm in a spy film of some sort, I show something to him. Then I spot a lady that is involved with the spy film in the distance through a window, I let my accomplice know and she watches her. I go out of the other door and decide that I should fly over to the woman.
      I'm flying high in the wide open space of a shopping mall. I see a girl drinking something sitting in a corner and fly down towards her, someone says "he must like you!", and I realise it's not the woman I was looking for and veer off to the left and up again. I was doing aerobatics swooping high up in the air then down again quite enjoying it.
      Suddenly the dream changed. I was in a car driving along a cold dark busy road. I could feel snow landing on my face. I looked around to find where it was coming from but couldn't see anything open so just accepted it, I felt freezing cold.
      Then I was walking through a tube station, someone asked me to put money in a collecting bucket. I saw someone collapse out of a lift door, everyone ignored him so I went over to help. He was having a fit. I held him to protect his head as he fitted, I looked at my watch, he had been fitting for 6 minutes, so I thought give it another few minutes before needing to call an ambulance. He was coming around and pointed to his arm which was at a funny angle, so I straightened it for him. There was a group of medical students coming over I hoped they weren't going to start taking over. A man came over to me and asked if this was my bag, I looked in and saw it was my wife's, she was there and I told her that mine had been stolen whilst I was helping the man and all my money, credit cards and phone had been stolen.

      2) Doing the walk I used to do between my flat and medical school in London. At the first set of traffic lights I start turning left then remember that I have to go straight ahead. It's dark and I find myself on the wrong path, looking down I can see the correct path. Then on a downhill path it's all a bit surreal a racing car pulls up beside me but it's stuck on a track and turns at a funny angle and gets stuck, I'm pleased as I walk past it.

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    5. Cockadoodledoo

      by , 08-29-2016 at 03:15 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #493 – DILD – 9:08AM

      There is some preliminary dream about my wife looking very Asian. I am taken aback by this, but quickly have a false memory that this is how she is supposed to be. I have warm feelings of love and communicate this to her as I normally do in waking life.

      Now it's a false awakening and I decide to just go ahead and sleep on the floor... or did I wake up there? I have the thought that the uncomfortable sleep should help me induce a lucid dream since I have been failing all morning. As I try to have a WILD, my wife starts talking and asking questions about what I am doing. Typical dream wife! I don't get too annoyed, but I do my best to ignore her. As I watch her groping hand over the edge the bed looking to make contact with me, I mumble something about trying to have a lucid dream.

      Suddenly, I am overly worried about waking up on time for work. I know I must have set the alarm for 5am but I need to make sure. I get up and try to check the alarm clock on the dresser, but none of the buttons are working and the digits are distorted. There is a VCR next to the alarm clock that I take for granted, but the time is all zeros. Frustrated, I leave the bedroom looking for my cell phone, but quickly notice it's in my right pocket. I pull it out and hit the side button. The screen dimly lights up for just a second and then fades out. Then I finally get it! What if I am already in a dream? I do a quick half-assed nose plug and agree that this is indeed a lucid dream. At that point, the dream becomes dark and I nearly wake up, but I quickly stabilize by crawling and peering into the darkness – my usual bag of tricks. The dream quickly stabilizes and I stand back up.

      I look around the dream environment and notice that I am in the first house I ever purchased back when I first started lucid dreaming. There is no irony here, just time distortion. Forgetting that, I become over-whelmed with euphoria that I am lucid dreaming and shout, “OH LUCID DREAMING! HOW I'VE MISSED YOU!” Then at a normal tone, “I did it. I really did it.” I notice a large, old-looking, child's book on the floor. I try to read it. I name off some random words that appear out of the alphabet soup swimming on the pages. I decide this random garbage isn't worth my time and throw the book away.

      I decide to leave the house but find the back door is missing. I find this mildly curious, but I don't let it deter me as I swiftly move to the front. I pause at the other exit and think about the daylight and the grass I just saw outside the large pained window in the living room. I use expectation to enter that world and not the dark abyss that sometimes grips me when I transition areas. My efforts pan out, but I do notice the somber, overcast sky. The grass is looking really dry with a lot of brown patches.

      I recall my dream goal to talk to an animal; I had a really funny dream about a talking rooster the night before and wanted to repeat some of that experience. This time a large white husky type dog comes running to me. He's so excited to see me. He dashes around me letting me pet him a little then runs circles around me. After a moment of play, I mentally tell him to talk and he quickly reminds me of the dog from the movie Up “OH my master. I am so happy to see you.” Something about this is disappointing and I decide to mimic the chicken from my other dream hoping to recapture the humor there. I say, “Cockadoodledoo maaannn.” Yes the chicken from my dream sounded like an old burned out hippie. The reply I get is total unexpected and that's what I love about my dreams. I hear an echoing answer from across the street, but it's no chicken that I can tell. How do chickens sound when they talk? Not like this, I suppose. Certainly not like the dream that had me laughing all day. No, the voice sounds like a little boy and I am curious to find it's owner. We play a quick game of Marco Polo, stoner rooster edition, and I am taken across a large yard to a barbed-wire fence. Because of the nature of dreams, I know this could turn into a tangled mess so I quickly decide to phase right through the wire. There is some fight, but I mange just fine. I sense the boy is calling to me from this old farm house that's now in my sights, but just before I reach it, the dream switches to black and I wake up. Damn the luck!
    6. [08-06-2016]

      by , 06-08-2016 at 02:26 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was an early, spring afternoon. I entered a crowded bus and took a seat. My seat was turned so that I was sitting face-front to all other passengers. There were mostly teenagers inside, driving towards their school. There was my sister too, she made some kind of a photo with her phone and passed it to her pals in the bus. It seemed really funny to people that seen it, I saw only a white screen of her phone. Finally we reached the school and I went out. It was dark inside, lights were turned off. I was wandering the corridors. They were a twisted maze of rooms - I got inside through normal entrance, then went through a wooden section into some kind of castle, to a laboratory and then I found myself in my living room. There was my friends cousin, sitting on a sofa and playing computer games.

      I decided to explore the laboratory, so I went back through door. I found myself in a huge scientific research complex. My clothes changed - I was wearing a white shirt, black trousers and blue jacket. I was at the entrance, which was a vertically triangular room with glass panes for walls. It was a sunny, warm day, I could see a sea through the windows. Something told me to go left to a corridoor and then to a room on the left. I entered it, it had blue tiled walls and a big aquarium built in a wall. There was a woman standing there. She had straight, arms-lenght, pale blonde hair, blue eyes and a pretty face. She was wearing a formal suit - white shirt and black skirt. Overally, she was a really attractive person. It seemed that she was waiting for me and I felt that she was someone really important for me, I was in love with her. Something told me, that she was my wife.
      Spoiler for Spoiler:
    7. #246 - Fishing crocs / Lucid

      by , 05-27-2016 at 11:11 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I remember being in a really low paying job by the shore. There's a lot of people around doing various jobs, but fishing is the more risky and better paying job. I'm not a fisherman, I'm doing some other job which isn't enough to feed my family (I have a wife and child somewhere in the background). While I'm on the beach I hear someone nearby shout out that they're looking for a new fisherman, I jump at this opportunity.. I really needed it. No matter what the risk is.

      I've joined the fishermen out in the water, I can't remember if I'm on the boat at first, but at some point I make a small catch and I'm quite pleased. I hop out into the water, it's close enough to the shore to be belly-deep. The fish we catch have a mechanical part to them it seems, and we sell these to make good money. But they're usually quite dangerous which is why the job is so high risk :/. I see off to my side about 2 metres away this huge red crocodile-like beast. It must be 3-4 metres long and covered in thick red spiky skin. Shit... I hope it doesn't notice me, I'm walking in pace with it as it wades towards the shore. It doesn't seem to be hostile, odd. I wade out of the way behind a boat I think, then when I come out on the other side I spot a HUGE hagfish. Its mouth opening and closing, displaying multiple rings of teeth descending into its gullet. I backtrack as it swims slowly past. It also seems oddly non-hostile... I head towards the shore, the red crocodile beast has swam off in the direction of the hagfish. I then see another huge crocodile beast, this one with grey-silvery skin and much bigger. It seems like a more ferocious and dangerous breed, it heads off towards the other beast. They creatures duke it out, I can't remember clearly what happened but they all died and I swam over to reap the materials from their corpses. I'm amazed that I got such a good haul for a one-off fisherman job .
      I'm back on the shore now, I've got a few small pieces of mechanical bearing-like things in my hand. I'm fiddling around with them while sitting down, trying to get comfortable on the slope. I keep sliding down, how did I used to do this? I put my foot on a wooden wall and stop sliding, I think this is how I used to do it?

      I JUST remembered that I had this, I can't remember a lot though. I realized I was in a dream and decided to stabilize, I remembered talking to my dream buddy about advancing my abilities with stabilization and wish I had finished reading the article he'd sent. I started by pressing my finger through the palm of my hand, it briefly stabilized but it wasn't enough. I then span on my axis a bit and felt the world begin slipping away. Aw shit. I willed the world to stay materialized which worked in my favor for a bit, but it still wasn't enough. I felt the world around me zoom in and out as I wrestled with stability, until eventually it faded and I awoke.

      I think this is my 60th lucid
    8. 15/4/2016

      by , 04-15-2016 at 07:28 AM
      Competition night #5
      Lots of little fragments today, frustrating that I can't remember much more of the dreams:

      1) Chosing a drink, I decided on Baileys

      2) I was with a young man. He was going to leave, I asked if he wanted a drink first, he said yes and I reached around to s drinks dispening machine and poured a cup of what I thought was water but it was actually a fizzy drink so I said I'm not going to waste it, put it to one soide and went to get him a glass of water.

      3) I was with my wife and children. I had done some shopping on my motorbike and parked it by the car to unload shopping into the car. My wife reminded me that my mother in law was going home with them so I had to leave room for her so starting putting all the shopping around the seats. there were piles of cardboard boxes. I turned around to see a very young car park attendant wheeling my motorbike away and he parked it - I asked him why he had done that and he lectured me about leaving my motorbike in the way and what would happen if an old granny had tripped over it. I was annoyed but just ignored him.

      4) Something was happening in my field (next to our house) I remember a very old friend form university being there but can't remember much else.
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    9. 29/3/2016

      by , 03-29-2016 at 07:08 AM
      1) A triffid plant was eating people in the top floor of a building. Then I was standing ouside the entrance to the building with my wife and children, they decided to go in becasue it was actaully a department store. Then they were showing me pictures of the plant and it was grown every year from seed and produced wonderful fruit and people loved it.

      2) I was sitting in the lounge of an old peoples home. We were talking to my grandmother but she was completely demented. There was another man and his son sat talking to another old person. The there were several young people in the corner, not sure where they cam from, but I could tell they were very intelligent, we talked to them. Somehow the subject of playing musical instrumetns came up and someone told my brother to get his trumbone so he went off to get it and everyone else got out their instruments. I felt a bit stupid because I didn't play anything.
      Suddenyl we were outside and I saw a very old friend from school ride by on a bike.

      3) Vague memory: wanting a nice drink and looking through very old grotty bottles for a drink, lot more to this one, can't remember.

      4) In a house, walking between rooms. The outside with my father in law and a friend of his, looking at the back garden, explaining that they couldn't dig any deeper because of all the rubble in the ground. I went to look and remembered that it was like that when I tried and explained how I used a pick axe. Then I realised we were trying to dig a swimming pool and wondered why they hadn't dug where I had marked it out. Then I was having a conversation with his friend and he had trapped me into coming to his house to do some work and was discussing where I would stay. We got onto a train in the back garden just to go one stop, suddenly we were coming back, my wife was chattering and we missed the stop and I got very annoyed with her.
      Tags: wife
    10. 23/3/2016

      by , 03-23-2016 at 08:18 AM
      1) Sitting in the lounge at my childhood house. I was snoozing in the chair and my children were on the floor, I woke up and realised it was nearly 2am and told the girls it was bedtime. My wife became insanely angry at me for some reason, it was visceral rage at me for telling them they had to go to bed and I couldn't understand it at all. They were going to go to bed in the dining room on the floor, I went to get the room ready with my youngest daughter, I was mumbling that we had to just ignore mummy for now and she would calm down. I saw my youngset daughters sleeping bag lying in one corner. Then I had to pump up a latex cat bed, I told my daughter that it was rubbish but she inssited I had to pump it up. I did and it became the most bizarre looking thing ever and I said there you are it's rubbish!! Then I looked for my eldest daughters bed and couldn't find it. The floor was covered in junk so I cleared a path for her. As I moved a chair I saw our old cat Smudge sitting under a table and he was attacking the chair leg. Then I was outside at night and I could see my eldest daughter high up climbing along something and hitting a power line, I stuck my head out and shouted for her to stop it as it was 1am in the morning. I woke and the clock said exactly 1am.
      After this dream I tried to DEILD but really needed the loo so it didn't work, as I drifted in and out of sleep I kept hearing a girl singing, I thought it was my daughter to start with, it sounded really nice but I knew it was a hypnagogic hallucination.

      2) On some sort of school trip. I went to bed but got told I had to move. I looked oout over a multi-zstorey car park and knew that was were we were going to have to put our beds, and I was explaining to someone that the cat would find us there and still walk all over us and wake us up. Next I was asleep in bed again and I got pulled out, it was the younger brother of someone who used to bully me badly at school, I thought oh no not again! Next I was in the town, still part of a school trip, I was talking to a woman, can't remember what about. I saw a man on a flying board coming past and he was doing exercises on it, I told her how annoyed I was at people with too much money doing silly exercises on flying boards. Then I was in the main town and there was a big party going on. I was at a street corner and told everyone that i really needed to get to bed now as it was so late, I remember having to cross the road and seeing buses coming towards me. The I was outside the hotel we were staying at on a street corner, I saw a path to the side of me that everyone was using to get into town and felt silly becasue I had taken the long route down the main road.

      3) Fragments of another dream: I was watchign a very small car in a carriageway below me. It was full of monsters, they burst out of the car and went towards some high rise biuildings. Next 2 people were going to be executed. They had to put their heads in huge crushers and it would squash them, I watched them being killed without any emotion. I was in a house, again full of monsters that I never saw. I was in someones room he was a giant and he could defned himself against the monsters, I asked if I could escape through a hole in his roof just behind him and set off.
      Tags: school, wife
    11. 12/3/2016

      by , 03-12-2016 at 07:56 AM
      Little fragments:

      - Being made to feel very insignificant by my wife, then yelling at her and feeling bad.
      - In a queue of people going into a shop, I tried to help my wife up some steps but she just brushed me off and told me to leave alone, I felt awful.
      - Running up a steep path with a friend from many years ago, I playfully raced him, he seemed very angry with me and walked off.

      - Somthing to do with skiing, looking a brochure
      Tags: anger, wife
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. 28/2/2016

      by , 02-28-2016 at 08:49 AM
      1) I'm sitting in a canteen I can see through a wall in front of me and I think that must be because I threw invisibility dust on it. I'm talking to someone next to me. To my right it becomes a fairground and I walk into it. I'm on duty with St John Ambulance (something I did regularly in my youth). I'm walking around through fairground stalls, it's dark. I'm at a briefing there's an advert showing on a TV screen about lorries joking with each other I laugh and realise I'm the only one laughing. Then I'm in a queue for doughnuts there aren't many left and the queue is long so I give up. I walk around and talk to some people on an ambulance then walk around more. I'm wearing uniform and I hear the radio going off in my pocket. Next I'm in a car with my wife and we are driving somewhere with an important officer in the back. Suddenly we realise he has gone and we discuss that we haven't stopped so he must have got out to go to the loo whilst we were driving and we should go back for him. We drive a bit further and turn around, I recognise a house and think that's the person who looked after our rats whilst we went on holiday (seemed reasonable at the time), we then walked a while I discuss with my wife how I really want a backpack that makes me fly and promise I'm going to buy one. We start driving back to look for the officer. Then we are back with a crowd of people and get onto a bus to go back home after the St John Duty. We suddenly remember that we never got the officer back and ask the bus to turn around. The driver says she can't because she will run out of petrol and drops us off so we can walk back. We go to the nearest village. My wife goes off whilst I search on my phone for where we are going to I specifically remember typing in 'Wanting' as the name of the place. The I'm surrounded by 3 men who steal my phone - I beg them to give it back to me becasue without it I will be totally lost. they throw it on the ground and leave. I pick it up and realise it's not my phone and it's smashed anyway. My wife comes back, we are totally lost.

      2) Driving into London following my wife's car that is radio controlled by me. I lose control as we get into the London Streets and I'm trying to concnetrate on drivng my own car and controlling my wife's car. I run over a roundabout that is immaculately planted with flowers and then I'm drunk, a bottle of beer is held in front of me in the car by wire and foam is spilling out. I panic and get out of the car. I'm on a moped I turn right then left and I go through a doorway and into a student's flat, through more doors, turn around and back out onto the street. I look back at the car abandoned on the roundabout, someone has already come to fix the roundabout. Next I go back through the door and it's a pub. The landlady is there and it's her birthday. I recall taking stitches out of her big toe and thinking that it's going to be painful after, she is under anaesthetic. I talk to her husband I have bought her a new car for her birthday and parked it at the back I ask him if he's going to give her the keys. I'm walking up some steps holding onto the railing, her husband tells me that he thought I was going to be really boring but he likes me now becasue we went out and I got drunk. His wife is awake from the anaesthetic and walking to the back to see her new car. There is a puppy in the kitchen and it's wet the floor. The new car becomes a hoover, I have a conversation with the husband and offer to clean up the mess he tells me that I can't. Next I'm hovering up the main bar around the fire, it's a cobbled floor but as I hoover I notice it's just cobbles printed on a sheet that gets sucked up as I clean. There's sawdust everywhere.

      3) There's a box with 2 rats in it. They are very unwell. I take them out and think about how I can resuscitate them and notice there are alos 4 baby rats there.

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    13. 15/2/2016

      by , 02-15-2016 at 09:20 AM
      Took a lot of effort to remember anything this morning.

      1) At some sort of conference. Difficult to get in my bags kept getting searched, crowds of people trying to get in. I remember going from downstairs to upstairs, there was more to this dream but I can't remember much detail.

      2) Standing in a country lane with my wife outside some houses, I think I was trying to explain something to her. One of our cats ran out into the road as a large lorry came past and narrowly avoided being run over. Somehow the dream switched to me moving bits of frozen fish from a large plastic container to a smaller one. Bit odd.

      3) I was hearing music from Les miserables and thinking how much my wife liked it then thought about taking her to see it. I was then looking through a programme for the show.
      Tags: cat, wife
    14. Sex and Darkness

      by , 01-05-2016 at 02:14 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #482 - DEILD - 4:11AM

      I have a false awakening where there is some sort of party going on in my bedroom with the guys from work. There's some issue with the Playstation and I have to sort it out. I am a little annoyed they were being so loud and woke me up but I manage to go back to sleep.

      I wake slightly and move just a bit to get more comfortable and focus on DEILD. There are some very mild vibrations and I get too caught up in focusing on that causing my lucidity to dip a bit.As I wait, my wife rolls over closer and starts making out with me. I'm really enjoying this and wonder if she's woke up wanting to do it or if I am really just dreaming. Either way I don't care and just enjoy the moment. She starts talking about wanting sex and some other things that surprise me a little. I think this is probably a dream and while I ponder that I actually hear her begin to snore. I realize she can't possibly be making out with me and snoring at the same time and my full lucidity returns. Unfortunately my wife begins to toss and turn a bit and it totally wakes me up.

      After she settles down, I try to DEILD again only to fail. I am in the living room painting a mural on the wall. I am working painting a man and I keep having trouble with the white beard. I manage to get it to look right, but when I look away to reload my brush, the different color have blended together too much. I step back to the whole picture and I notice different sections that don't go. The man is too small and standing in trees and on the other end someone has painted furniture. I give up and tell myself I'll have to just paint over the whole and start fresh later. I decide to go back to bed for now and when I lay down thinking about all of this, I realize it's a dream.

      It's really dark now and my wife is talking a bunch of nonsense. It's so distracting that I can't even think. I shout, "SHUT UP!" Shocked at my out burst I wait for her to retaliate, but she is now silent. I chuckle a bit and wonder if I said that in my sleep because it sounded so loud and clear. I shout out again wondering if maybe I really am awake. I do a nose plug and blow through so I get up, but it all feels to real. I fall back into bed and then decide to just go for it. I get up and move out of the bed room in the total darkness. I shout, "HEY DREAM!" and then fall into an abyss. I enjoy the sensation of falling for a few seconds and then hit the floor. I realize I am back in the bedroom. It's still too dark, but I can see that much. I recall the make out session from earlier and find my wife. I'll spare the details, but I decided to have raunchy sex with my wife. It's a pretty lengthy segment for a lucid dream. Some how we move around the room this is all happening and end up in the bathroom. I notice the woman has shifted from looking like my wife to looking like some other woman. I really just want my wife, but realize this is the nature of dreams.

      I stand up in the bathroom and notice is nearly totally dark again. I recall a trick I was told about and blind summon a light from my pocket. I get some light when I flick it, but see some hideous monster with giant eyes looking at me. I put away the lighter and blindly punch at the creature as I move back into the bedroom. I quickly decide to forget I saw that and just wondering into the dining room. I try light switches and even find a huge breaker box. I flip all the switches, but I still can't see. I'm starting to get annoyed now and desperately look for any light source. I notice the fridge is open a bit and light is spilling out of it. I open and study the food items but they all look oddly distorted. I go back into the dining room and see a super bright light coming from a bowl on the table. It's too bright to look at, but only dimly lights the room. I get on the floor and study the wood grain for a bit to stabilize. Now the kitchen light is all the way on so I rush to it. When I get there the room distorts and morphs and the dream fades.

      I find myself back in bed looking at my phone. I have a snapchat text open. It's mostly non letter characters, but there is one sentence. "Fell a distance of ooooooohhhhh". I laugh decide it's a log of what happened to me during the earlier part of my dream. I scroll down but the phone zooms into much to see it all and bar of black makes it hard to see. I notice I scrolled past the word "sex", but can't seem to find it again. I've been taking screenshots of all of this hoping that somehow it will be on my phone when I wake up, but I know deep down it wont. Too bad.

      Now my daughters come in the room and for some reason this is so distracting that I loose all lucidity. They have swollen sores on there legs and my wife says it has to be bed bugs bites. Somehow I doubt it, but I get up and doctor their wounds anyway. After I do that my wife gets ready to leave and says she needs to take them someplace and she will be right back. I'm confused, but just say, "Ok." Then my son wakes up and runs into the room crying for her. I say, "Oh look. Mohinder woke up." That's not even close to his actual name, but in the dream I don't even find this odd. I have to hold him so my wife can leave out the front door. It's at this point that I wake up.
    15. 181015: The Dictator's Wife and the Dangers of Junk Food

      by , 10-18-2015 at 09:02 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I had a few dreams before all of these, but stupid me lacked the energy to write them down as I woke up and fell asleep again. I believe they may have been variations on a theme that follow on into the dreams below.

      Dream 1: The Dictator's Wife
      The sun is setting, I see trees, I'm outside a summerhouse kind of place. I open a fridge, I see bottles of health drinks. I take one. A car pulls up, it's big like a camper. Out comes a dictator, pompous and wearing an elaborate uniform, he reminds me of Gaddafi. He is with his wife, she is a blonde, white woman with huge hair and a skirt, a jacket with padded shoulders, she is like a televangelist's wife in appearance.

      She is very vain and stuck up. Her face is painted on the doors of their car and on walls inside the camper. It looks like her husband was a bit cheap when it came to the painter because despite being able to make out the pictures are of her, they look like they were painted by a child. This doesn't seem to bother her.

      Dream 2: Dangers of Fast Food
      It's like I'm on a train, her face is on the walls here too? I get out, I'm in a newly built, modern town, I see modern looking apartments. The sun is rising, the sky is a faint and gentle morning blue. As I walk I'm suddenly faced with a documentary style explanation, with stock footage and all, of why fast food is dangerous and bad for you. It is full of fat and even the healthier options, like a fillet-o-fish, are full of bad stuff, I see one in in a wrapper like an ad, except it is dripping with vile grease.

      I make it to a parking garage with a McDonald's drive-thru. Two men, one older and one younger, from El Salvador, walk to the drive-thru. They do not know the dangers, and even being told them doesn't seem to have an effect. It smells too good, the older man says.

      It cuts to them lying on the ground, their backs against a bulletin board, stomachs bloated, they couldn't help themselves. The president of El Salvador comes across a grassy lawn, he has come to help his countrymen to understand the dangers and to help them get up. The older man gets up, telling the younger one to be sharp, this is the president after all.

      I see a train with a conductor. He is going up the civil service ladder. More documentary footage rolls before me, showing how the civil service works and how people go up from the lowly ranks of ticket checkers to conductors all the way to officials in government. Conductors in the first car are the most prestigious and get the best benefits because they are in more danger if a car full of explosives drives head-on into the train.

      To my left I see a burnt out train car, the tracks in front of me being where the scene has faded into reality, a train passing by with a conductor being visible.

      Behind me there is a hospital room. I enter it and there are green tiles on the walls, curtains. A child has been brought in. He has diabetes. His vain mom refuses to believe he could have it. Another, poorer and more humble mother, is also with her child with diabetes. She accepts the news gracefully. A creepy kid in big coke-bottle glasses distorting his eyes, slowly puts a syringe of insulin into the richer kid's neck.

      Dream 3: Doing my homework
      It's a hectic day in class. People are being noisy and belligerent. In class on desk we are given homework for the holidays. As people leave I decide to do it right there, it won't take too long. We have to copy an ad from a piece of paper onto the back of a newspaper. It's for some find of mech or ghost thing. (Imagery is from Ghost in the Shell). I copy the green fonts on the newspaper's black background, the letters look like gibberish, but it could just be the font. As I do this an Asian kid, one of the "too cool for school" kinds, asks me why I'm doing the homework now, it takes only a few minutes and can be done the Sunday before school starts again. I say I rather do it now so it's out of the way.

      A teacher with a new haircut comes and asks me if I know how to make electrical drawings for houses. He shows me a picture of the electrical wiring of a house, it's a square and the right upper and left lower corner is clipped off. I try to ensure him that I can.
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