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    1. Outside The Club

      by , 09-16-2013 at 02:23 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      It was night time.

      I was with a few people I knew, and a girl that I didn't know. We were all in a car. I was sitting in the back seat. I was talking to the girl, she was in the front passenger. She thought that I was offended by her answer to a question of mine. I started to feel awkward that she felt that way. My speech started to go low as I was still effected by that awkward feeling. I felt something fall onto my lap. I thought it was her hand, but it was her laying her head on my lap. I was putting my hands through her hair.

      I was now outside of a night club (indoors). We were all sitting down, waiting for something. There was about 4 guys and 4 girls with us. I was wearing my new tracksuit pants that I had bought yesterday. I felt pretty cool in them.
      A bouncer of the night club came over and said to the girls to come on through to the night club. Us guys felt a bit hard done by, as we were still not in the club. I didn't really care about going in the club, because I was under dressed. I saw quite a few people leaving or getting kicked out of the club. I saw in the distance a drunk guy in his underwear doing a bit of a dance in front of a few ladies. I walked around where the people that had left the club, and I saw a few people I knew, Jason R's friends.
      question bout a girl in my dream-tracksuit-pants.jpg
      My ''Cool'' tracksuit pants lol.

      Dream ended.