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    1. Night of Thursday 9/14/23 (Comp Night 14, Final) AMAZING LUCID!

      by , 09-15-2023 at 06:06 PM (Dreamlog)
      This is by far the best lucid I've ever had. Part of me was hoping that this WBTB would fail because then I would have 3/4 fails for 6hr/10m configuration for WBTB (and therefore a clear indication that I should try something else) but now I basically have 50-50 results with it. Sigh. At least the walk and extended waking RC session were different. Maybe that was the key.


      A vague impression of a field, like a fairground. Dragonball Z characters are there. Almost didn't count this because of how vague it was.

      I did everything the same as the previous 3 WBTBs (10 minutes and 8mg Galantamine). Except, I decided to take a walk this time. So I walked to the end of the street and back. It was nice. It's finally cooling off around here so the morning air was very pleasant. I spend the time outside walking thinking about "The Lucid Dreaming Portal" and his extended version of reality checks. I try to make the 10 minutes one long reality checking session of heightened awareness. I return to bed after that.


      Counters & Pizza
      I find myself waking up, and I think to do a nose-plug RC because I think it may have been long enough for a dream to form.
      I can breathe, I'm lucid. I double-check with a hand-RC and I see more than five fingers on my left hand. Dream verified.
      I get out of bed and rub my hands together to stabilize, but don't think to do more than that.
      I go down the hall into my living room and think about how while the teleporting may be challenging, I can still get points other ways.
      I think about how last time I licked a wall (and the judgement of the result) so I take a bite out of the edge of the counter.
      It's very hard on my dream teeth, and honestly I barely get any actually into my mouth. It tasted a bit like how dust smells, but hard to describe.
      Then I wonder if that is going to count, so I look for something else.
      Because my brain must believe I am a slob, there are two boxes of cold pizza on the counter nearby.
      One of the them is square-cut and resembles Jet's Pizza, which is one of my favorites from back home (they have one here in AZ but it is out of the way).
      I pick up a slice and bite in. It it super-hard like the counter was but I can still taste the tomato sauce. 1/10 do not recommend. Maybe the counter taste was still in my mouth.
      I feel the dream start to fade and I enter the void.

      Hugging the Goose
      I test out opening my eyes and they are heavy. Instead of doing that, I try to visualize my bedroom.
      This works. I get a feel for "dream-eyes" versus "real-eyes" that I didn't really understand before when people talked about it.
      I get up for another round.
      This time, I think about other things I haven't done yet, and I remember that I told my girlfriend in waking life that if I lucid dreamed about her I would give her a hug.
      So I call out to her "Goose! Where are you!" (I call her The Goose because she is basically the goose from Untitled Goose Game, nothing to do with Top Gun).
      No answer, but I find her in the living room. I walk up to her and give her a hug. She seems happy to get the hug
      I notice that there is a ring on the side table nearby, so I think that maybe I could use the ring to practice proposing to her.
      It was at this moment when I realized that I don't know what knee I'm supposed to kneel on.
      I start to feel the dream fading again.

      Great-Grandma and the Sledgehammer
      Back in the void. Not letting go yet. I visualize my hands in front of me and end up laying in my bed.
      Round three, back on my bullshit: Time for the Elusive Fantasy Forestô.
      I walk out of my bedroom once again and start looking for ways to teleport.
      My girlfriend is there in the living room and I think to try out Saiz's advice.
      "Hey Goose, is the elusive fantasy forest behind me?"
      "...NO!" she says resolutely.
      So much for that. Maybe I can try something else. I remember Lang's advice and go into the kitchen.
      I open the fridge and shove my face in. I try to visualize a green swirling portal inside.
      Despite seeing a weak green glow at the back and spending some time with my face in the fridge among the food, no luck. Damn.
      I look around for other options. I notice a closet door that isn't normally there. It's white and has a yellow-colored metal handle with a spiral design on it.
      It is identical to the ones from my Grandma's and Great-Grandma's homes growing up. I enter.
      Inside is a small room with white tiling from the floor all the way up the walls and ceiling. The door has disappeared behind me.
      I see the tiles start to fall off, revealing new tile beneath. As the tiles fall,
      ♫ music ♫ starts to play.
      Yep. My brain is hilarious. The tiles are slowly revealing the Banjo-Kazooie title screen.
      Guess I'm not going to be trapped in a nightmare room, but rather a weird one. Thanks for that brain.
      As the scene is revealed, there are more than Banjo-Kazooie characters there.
      There is some other animated character that is more sinister. Reminds me a bit of Freddy Fazbear, but less horror-themed.
      Banjo and Kazooie are being chased by this character.
      I still don't have a way out. This is all so silly.
      I decide to try out old reliable. The Kamehameha. It's old reliable because it worked for me exactly one time in a lucid dream as a child.
      I get into the iconic pose and start...
      "Kuhhhhhhhhh...mayyyyyyyyyy.....haaaaaaaaaa....... mayyyyyyyyyy.......HUHHHHH!"
      I see a blue energy swirl in my hands, but it doesn't shoot.
      I think it might be because I said "KUH-MAY-HA-MAY-HUH" (which I think is the correct pronunciation) as opposed to the way I've always said it "KA-MAY-HA-MAY-HA". Brain didn't like that, I guess.
      I start to panic a little.
      As if in response, I hear someone yelling from outside the room.
      "I'm gonna help you out! Don't worry I'll come back quick!"
      It's my Great-Grandma (who has long since passed away).
      I turn back to where the door was, and the wall blocking my way is gone.
      I see my Great-Grandma in the living room carrying a seriously heavy looking sledge-hammer.
      I tell here that I am OK and she seems content.
      The dream starts getting unstable again.

      Back in the void. Nope. Not waking up just yet. This time, it feels like I am in a valley between my mattress on one side and the lowered section of the bed-frame on the other.
      I visualize my arms and hands in front of me and the dream pieces back together again. Back in my bedroom.
      Round four. Still on my bullshit, looking for the EFFô.
      I think it might be a good idea to get out of the house so I head to the living room again.
      This time there is a knock at the front door. I open it and there is a woman there I don't really recognize.
      She's a little overweight (but not excessively) and her skin is a bit tan. She has short reddish hair.
      She has a friend with her but I don't really register her.
      I wonder if this is an opportunity to earn more points. I decide to try out some DC-control.
      "You're going to bend over on the couch." I tell her.
      "OK." she agrees without any hesitation.
      Fun activities ensue.

      Spoiler for Spicy Content:
      The dream starts to fade once again.

      Silverlight Way
      It's a bit of a struggle, but I manage to come back one more time.
      I find myself in the same bed-valley as before.
      Round five. Same approach but now I actually manage leave through the front door.
      It's fall outside, which isn't a season that exists in AZ in waking life. I enjoy the orange fall leaves.
      Other than the impossible season, it looks accurate to my neighborhood.
      There is an old man standing near my driveway. He's wearing a tracksuit and has short white hair.
      I refocus back on the mission.
      "Hey man, do you know where the enchanted forest is?"
      "Oh! You mean Silverlight Way? It's over that way!" he says excitedly. He has a slight southern accent that I find appealing.
      He points up past the houses across the street and over the horizon.
      Jesus Fucking Christ. It's real and it has a name! Silverlight Way!
      "Can you take me there?" I ask.
      "Well, can you fly?" he says, like flying is as trivial as knowing how to play chess or something.
      He starts to float five feet or so in the air and I follow suit.
      Feet are freedom units, from 'Murica. For our non-American readers, this translates to about 1.5 meters.
      We start to fly in the vague direction he identified. As we go up, I see the road up ahead. It looks like San Francisco and its hilly streets. Still a beautiful fall-themed landscape.
      We enter a town-like area and the old man uses telekinesis while flying on what I assume to be his car. A red sedan. It rises up into the air with us.
      There is a large cube-like package tied to the bottom of the car as it floats.
      He slides the package off the sedan and into a garage (since this is like San Francisco, the garage is on a slant going down away from the street) and then flies to the car's door as it opens on its own.
      The old man is driving the car through the sky now, and I sit down in the front-passenger seat.
      I see there is a teenage boy with mid-length black hair sitting in the front-middle seat. I understand that he is my brother and he is paralyzed.
      He doesn't look like my waking life brother though. I start to wonder if this is meant to be some alternate reality, where the old man is my dad and this boy is my brother.
      Later the car is back down on the road, and there is a group of people walking on the sidewalk. They are wearing hoodies and look a bit like they could kick my ass.
      "Let's see, there are one-two-three-four-five-six-seven, seven people there. You could get like, thirty-five points if you get them all," I tell the old man sarcastically.
      Our old man then proceeds swerve and pretend to runover all these people.
      I tell him that we probably shouldn't actually hit the people. Then, the passenger door opens and my 'paralyzed' brother climbs over me and jumps out. Guess he is feeling better.
      I slide out the door as well (no seatbelts in this dream ya'll), and the old man flies off into the Autumn horizon. No Silverlight Way for me. God. Damn. It.
      I find myself on some concrete steps going up near a building.
      All alone, I think to myself. Just a guy, with the ability to fly and unlimited god-like dream powers...whatever will I do?!?!
      Despite this proclamation, I can feel the dream starting to fade again. Not so god-like, it turns out.

      School Conference
      Plot-twist, not a false-awakening this time.
      Now I'm in a school. It looks like one of my engineering classrooms from college.
      My coworker B is there, and a few others. They are all discussing the epic lucid dreams we just had.

      I become lucid again, because I realize these are my dream characters and they all remember the lucid dreams because of that fact.
      I can feel that this dream is very unstable though and I let it fade. I've surely already forgotten details and I need to record.

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    2. Night of Tuesday 9/12/23 (Comp Night 12)

      by , 09-13-2023 at 05:11 PM (Dreamlog)
      Went to bed around 11:30PM.

      Thirst at the Store
      I'm in a grocery store that looks like Fry's.
      Something in the store is chasing me, and I am getting ranked based on how well I can evade it.
      There is something standing on top of one of the pop-box displays.
      I'm thirsty and start looking for something cold.
      My girlfriend tells me that there are drinks in the cart, but I want something cold.
      Later I'm in a car outside with my girlfriend. I'm in what looks like the bank's withdrawal/deposit section, mixed with the pickup/dropoff area at the airport.
      It's dark and lit up by a few artificial lights.
      I'm paying for a black Buick car by putting money into the tube.
      The car reminds me of the one my Grandma P drives.

      Recorded at 5AM. Near the end of sleep cycle 3.

      Getting to the Bottom
      I'm at my Grandma P's condo with my sister and my friend D.
      We're in sitting room by the den playing Super Smash Bros on the Temple stage. There normally isn't a TV in this room.
      I take D out of the game, and then chase my sister into "the pit" near the bottom of the stage (if you know, you know).
      I hit her with consecutive Down-A sword attacks as Link and she loses.
      Then we switch to a different game that my sister choses. The style is cyber-punky, vaguely reminding me of Mortal Kombat.
      The screen is split vertically into 4, but players can move between the splits to sabotage the others.
      This game's goal is to get to the bottom the fastest.

      Recorded at 7AM. Early in sleep cycle 5.

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    3. Electric Night

      by , 09-09-2023 at 02:52 PM (Bridger's Oneironautic Expeditions)
      I'm at a house at night with several others, including coworkers. I feel slightly irritated at all the cars that are parked here. One area is covered by electric vehicles of all kinds, Tesla, Rivians, etc...
      Tags: car, coworkers, night
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Night of Wednesday 9/6/23 (Comp Night 6)

      by , 09-07-2023 at 05:13 PM (Dreamlog)
      Riding the Mountains
      I'm in a parking lot, leaving a grocery store. It's day.
      There is a man in his car parked nearby talking on the phone. He's arguing with someone about the price of apples.
      I remember working hard to get the math right in my head, but it comes slowly.
      He says that there are six apples with six servings at six dollars each divided by twelve, or something similar.
      It's night now and I'm approaching my car.
      The building has changed from a grocery store to something that reminds me of my Dad's friend's home remodeling business.
      I enter my car and start it up.
      I see my Dad outside the car he says "The weather here could be storming or worse, and it doesn't even phase you! You've got your windows down all the time!"
      I remember thinking something along the lines of "It's really hot where I live, storms aren't exactly an issue" but I don't think I replied.
      I start to drive away, but I have problems actually leaving the parking lot.
      I can't seem to orient the car to face the proper direction.
      I drive down a path leading behind the building to try and find a place to turn around.
      I do find one and finally re-orient the car. I have to nick the side of my car on a nearby electrical box to achieve this.
      Now I'm progressing along the path I came, but it is different.
      It goes up where it didn't before into a mountainous region.
      There is rocky tan-colored mud that is causing the car to slip and slide.
      It starts to cake onto my car.
      My perspective zooms out, and I'm watching my car go through crazy jumps and maneuvers through the mountains.
      The car eventually crashes and flips, so I am sent back to the beginning.
      It repeats the course but lands on its wheels this time.
      My perspective shifts again. Now's I'm standing, and the car is a toy that I can pick up.
      I do so and walk the rest of the way up the red rocks on the mountain.
      My Dad is at the top laying in a bed. He is surprised that I made it up here.
      The room we are in reminds me of the sky room from the bottom of the narrow concrete hole from the Game Grumps dream on 9/2/23.

      Recorded at 4:55AM, just after sleep cycle 4.

      Dancing in the Store
      It's my birthday, and we are in my childhood bedroom. I'm on the far end of the room (If you turn right as you enter and go all the way).
      There is an electrical outlet and it has a bunch of game system minis daisy-chained together with USB wires and ports.
      I can recall at least a PlayStation 2, but there were more of them.
      My brother and my friend D are on the other side of the room.
      A third person at the party is setting up some game for us to watch him play.
      He has two tablets, the second one folds and is acting as a keyboard for a laptop, while the top tablet is the screen.
      There are some pillows and armchair-pillows on the floor and we are all settling in to watch him play whatever this game is.
      The room now resembles my Grandma P's sitting den. I'm laying on the floor and I'm the last one up.
      We are driving to the store to get a cake.
      I get up to join the rest of the group in the car.
      I'm in a big white van, the one we just road-tripped on to go to Denver a few weeks ago in waking life.
      I'm opening the side door, and asking the driver to slow down so I can close it easily.
      The driver ignores that request, so I jump out and try to slam it shut as best I can as I jump.
      I land in the grass in a neighborhood. It's a sunny day.
      I walk past a man having a yard-sale. He has a bunch of tables he is trying to sell.
      As I walk by he says "Hey there! Whaddya think?!"
      I tell him "They look great! But I'm not in the market."
      He accepts this answer but seems a little disappointed.
      I keep walking and enter another open garage.
      I feel a bit guilty at first for invading, but then I realize that the building is kitted-out to be a store anyway.
      There are shoes covering the walls with tiny labels with prices on them.
      I'm not lucid, but I decide that I want to find a cute girl and dance with her.
      I start to clear out an area at the back of the store, moving TVs, chairs, and other furniture.
      As I do this, a mousey-looking girl with glasses shows up and starts to watch me.
      I realize she is watching, so I make a show about lifting the heavy things easily, and throwing them such that they flip and land right-side up.
      When I'm done, I tell here "We're going to dance!" and she agrees.
      While I don't know anything about dancing in waking life, apparently dream-me knows at least the basics.
      We dance for a while, and then the girl decides to reward me by getting on her knees.
      The store has changed into a work area. There are some tables with PC setups on them, similar to a computer lab.
      There's not enough room to comfortably place my legs.
      I'm working at my designated spot, but I sneak to a nearby one that I like better.
      Later on the tables are gone but there is a long-table in the center of the room.
      It now resembles more of a conference room than a computer lab.
      There is a TV on the wall everyone is watching.
      Some major news is happening. Feels like a 9/11 scale event.
      Former President George W. Bush is at the table among the group.
      A little girl at the table says "Why can't we just call all the Presidents dumb?"
      George W. Bush replies "Well, there used to be less of them, and now there are more and they are all stupid!"
      Which doesn't make sense, but the spirit of what he's saying is that things were better under him, of course.

      Recorded at 6:39AM, just after sleep cycle 5.

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    5. Night of Tuesday 9/5/23 (Comp Night 5)

      by , 09-06-2023 at 05:21 PM (Dreamlog)
      The Gym Kitten
      I'm at my childhood home laying in my parents' bed.
      I have a longhair black kitten. Reminds me of Oreo a bit.
      Kitten is very cute. Sleeps a lot.
      At one point I went downstairs into the kitchen.
      It is accurate to how I remember it in waking memory.
      A bit unorganized, dirty.
      I'm standing by the shelf left of the fridge (where there were often fruit flies from uneaten fruit).
      There is a plastic container of frosted cookies that have been picked over. Half cookies, cookies eaten out of order.
      Later, I'm at the gym. It resembles the gym I frequent in the present day.
      The kitten is still with me. It is laying on one of the benches on its back.
      I have an ACME 5-piece package but I can't recall what was in it. Maybe a container like a lunchbox.
      The 4th piece of the set might have been a type of ink-pen, "nothing ink" and it was a golden tube-like object.
      I had a toothbrush, and remarked that I didn't need something from the pack due to that.

      Recorded at 5AM, just after sleep cycle 4.

      Crashing the Banquet
      I'm in a banquet hall at a round table.
      Reminds me of the reception from KB's wedding, but don't think it was one.
      My brother A is there with his wife K. He is wearing a somehow formal version of an Ace Ventura shirt, with the buttons undone.
      My friend D is also there, and he tells me I look hot.
      There was some discussion about whether I was going to attend the event (while I was already at the event).
      I eventually decided to attend. When I come to this conclusion, I'm in a sitting room that reminds me of my ex H's.
      Since I am going to attend, I will need to go home and change.
      I get up and leave.
      Later I am in a palace-like building. It's like my previous rental home, except big and fancy.
      My girlfriend S' mom is showering in the bathroom, which is open and around the corner to the bedroom I am in.
      I wander over and accidently see her, but don't make out any detail. Embarrassed, I worry about whether she noticed me.
      Then I'm driving my car now down a snowy highway road.
      I start to lose control of the car and spin out.
      The car spins very fast and I try to stay calm.
      When the car stops spinning, I am in a neighborhood reminiscent of a childhood one.
      I haven't hit anyone or anything.
      A man approaches the car and I feel his bad intent.
      He starts to flip the car. I notice the car is now a white van.
      A couple other men help him.
      I get upset and try to yell at them, but I can't. I get frustrated.
      I get out of the car and try to confront him, but I can't move or yell.
      The man gets into the drivers seat and starts to drive off.
      I try to chase and yell but I just create mumbling noises.
      There is a box that has some kind of monster in it on the driveway nearby. Maybe a large scorpion.

      Recorded at 7AM, 33% through sleep cycle 6.

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    6. Beautiful Road

      by , 07-25-2023 at 08:15 PM
      In the car with my mother, suddenly and unexpectedly we were on a strange but beautiful road through an arid landscape with large, low, bulbous overhead lights, so I said to her this is an unfamiliar location and she said yes; then I realized one or both of us might be dreaming it in the car and she might be asleep at the wheel so I warned her! Remained non-lucid.
      Tags: car, non-lucid, road
    7. ďPurple LordoĒ Drink, the Usual Floating, Travel

      by , 06-26-2023 at 09:58 AM
      ďPurple LordoĒ Drink, the Usual Floating, Travel

      3 minutes to read.

      Monday morning, 26 June 2023.

      Dream #20,643-02.

      My dream begins with inconsistent thoughts (for no particular reason) about seeing ActionKid, a YouTuber, in an unknown restaurant. I do not focus much on this scenario, so this first segment remains without definition or an outcome. Regardless of my recall of this person and the existence of YouTube, I have no recollection of my waking-life existence.

      Proto-cognizance guides my imaginary self into the setting - but without physicality. In this stage, I often read or try to read. An unfamiliar man (emerging protoconsciousness ďservingĒ my precursory consciousness) comes to my table to see if I want to order.

      While reading the menu, I had been studying the phrase ďPurple Lordo,Ē supposedly a drink. I ask him what it is, inferring I want to order one. He tells me I need to be a club member (associated with the restaurantís bar), but this part of the narrative immediately fades. Instead of telling me what it is, a vague hologram appears on the table, and he pretends to mix the drink in a tall glass tumbler. Although I hear ďhard liquor,Ē which fills about one-quarter of the bottom, the rest of what he says is gibberish. The last part is potato mash, which sits atop the last one-quarter of the drink.

      I order the Purple Lordo drink.

      My somatosensory response to dreaming engages at the typical time. He brings my order to me, but it is not a drink. My dream becomes exponentially more vivid as I open a vinyl package. It has a gray Walkman with a cassette inside (supposedly what I had ordered) and a gray case for an iPhone. Their arrangement is lengthways, side by side.

      I do not have headphones, so I cannot pretend to listen to what I ordered. Instead, the narrative fades, and I enter a different dream.

      There is a Native American man (in tribal regalia) whom I talk to, along with a few other people. He talks about how he cannot recall certain parts of his youth (signifying a direct correlation with my virtual amnesia while dreaming).

      The setting is like a resort.

      At one point during most sleep cycles, my vestibular response to REM atonia creates content where I float upward. In this instance, I float upward and bump the top of my head against the ceiling. It happens several times. The other people do not find it unusual, though I can intuitively sense my thoughts are creating their reaction as in many past dreams.

      It is time for me to leave the resort and go home (though I have no thoughts about where ďhomeĒ is). I walk to Bobís car. Marilyn (half-sister on my motherís side and Bobís wife) walks with us. My dream self has no recall that they are both deceased.

      I get into Bobís car from its right side to sit in the back seat (intuitive awareness I am sleeping on Zsuzsannaís right). There are two people to my left, a teenage boy and a young girl. Only at this point, I recall I have two children (solely my two youngest in real-world correlation when there are five in total). I am puzzled by why they are not in the car instead. Marilyn mentions that someone else is taking them home.

      My dream transitions into the next stage of my proprioception response to REM atonia, making my dream more vivid again. As a result, Bob is driving in reverse before I shut the carís door. I am unwary, but I make several attempts to close the door, but it does not shut tightly, so I open it again each time (typical arm mobility response as in all sleep cycles).

      I feel extraordinarily joyful (as usual with imaginary kinesthesia). Details beyond the moving side of the car on my right are wholly absent as my physicality becomes more discernible over time. (This factor is because I sleep on my left side, so attentiveness to reality - absent in the dream state in this stage - is ďto my right.Ē In other words, the right side of the dream state illusion is undefined.)

      Cars (as with all vehicles) correspond with my intuitive recognition of real-world mobility while intuitively seeking consciousness. They occur throughout all sleep cycles. Vehicles (or animals) often appear when my vestibular response to REM atonia is predominant. Somatosensory nuances typically emerge above that threshold, with auditory being the last, depending on how I respond to sleep dynamics.

      Tags: car, drink, floating
    8. Night of Tuesday 6/20/23

      by , 06-21-2023 at 05:27 PM (Dreamlog)
      Lost with Uncle
      The sky is stormy and red. Lightning flashes across the sky. Similar to Stranger Things.
      I'm with my Uncle J. He's driving. We're trying to escape something.
      We're at what seems to be a mixture of the road behind my backyard from my childhood home and the biking trail from last spring I frequented.
      We encountered an obstacle. There are a few posts around a railroad track, but I can clearly see where he needs to drive.
      Uncle J goes the wrong way and gets the car stuck. He handles it, and gets the car out.
      But then he goes the same wrong way again.
      I try to get him to correct the path, but he seems unwilling to deviate from this loop.
      I get frustrated with him.

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    9. 15 - 17.06.23 The dream interpreter and an accident

      by , 06-17-2023 at 10:22 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Fragment finishing the week at work and a couple of longer fragments for the first day off. Still one to come, Iím gonna use this scenario to try sort of extended DEILD


      Stress of work once more sneaking around. This time only fragment of the night was a situation that happened some days ago at work with one of my coworkers. In the dream it happened the other way around as it really did

      Ö/I see E. searching for one item, doing his best to find it between the other items that cover it/Ö


      Ö/I see two kids on the upper platform of a toboggan of grass. One of them stands on the taller kidís shoulders who jumps high in the air to do a somersault 360 forwards. To land standing. The smaller kid lands on his back touching the feet of the other who stands. The feeling of the moment is not good. It sounds terrible bad when they both land at the same time. One standing the other laying. The smaller changed his position from the older kidís shoulders to the feet during the somersault. It went wrong and now the kid doesnít react laying unconscious on the floor. Thereís a lot of stress around, it breaks a lot of events that were happening at the time. One of those events is related to a dream interpreter who went somewhere and will come back today at any time. Iím worrying about him, because when heís going to come back, the place will be empty because of the accident/Ö

      Ö/To the right side of the toboggan there is a small hangar. Iím waiting for a tire to be changed there. I see the old tire resting on one side of the car. It seems that S. stands somewhere around/Ö

      Ö/In the same dream, I see my brothers approaching, Rn got long hair and it seems that P. is coming together with him. Rl comes from a lower platform, itís a recurrent scenario, like a park fused with a backyard/Ö

      I had some impressions from past dreams, related to the place. Iíll use that to focus when WBTB later

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    10. Night of Thursday 6/8/23 (Comp Night 8)

      by , 06-14-2023 at 06:41 PM (Dreamlog)
      Learning Indian
      I'm with an Indian family at a restaurant.
      It looks like Snakes and Lattes and we are in the corner we sat in for I's bachelor party some months back.
      But the table is oriented slightly differently.
      The dad is teaching my girlfriend and I how to speak Indian. He shows me a few words that sound like throat noises.
      He tells us that the meaning depends a lot on the pitch and speed of the sound.
      I tell him there is a word in my language like that, referring to fuck. The family knows what I mean, and busts out laughing.

      Grandma at the County Fair
      I'm at a country fair. My grandma is excited to be involved and she is running and jumping and dancing more than someone her age should be.
      Sometime later we are watching a video of her at the event at her home later in a closet or tight hallway.

      There is some kind of infiltration operation happening. Me and another person are approaching an abandoned looking home. Feels very dangerous.

      Sexy Rides
      Itís sunny out and Iím with my family. Iím married and I have kids. Im standing in front of a large black truck.
      It has been painted in non glossy coating and looks dope.
      Himawari from Boruto Next Generations is my daughter. Sheís asking if me and mom are going to stay together.
      SG from WL shows up and I know she isnt my wife. Sheís wearing a sexy black dress. She likes the car.
      I reflect on marriage and commitments.

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    11. Tuesday, April 4

      by , 05-20-2023 at 03:40 AM
      Iím with Melissa, in our house. I think we are about to go on a trip. I know it has been raining lately, and Iíve noticed a tiny crack in the ceiling that wasnít always there. Now when I look again it is even longer and deeper. I show Melissa, and by the time she comes over it is bigger yet and the outlined portion looks unsteady. We watch as it slowly cracks more and the now giant chunk falls out of our ceiling and onto the couch. (The layout of the house feels similar but maybe arranged in the opposite direction - like the couch, and with even higher ceilings. It seems dim). Dumbstruck, I go over to it and look unbelievingly into the exposed attic. I touch the portion on the couch, as if Iím just going to put it back. It has a texture exactly like wet paint. I donít know why it would be wet. I donít know what to do or how much this is going to cost.

      Iím in what feels like a different state, at what looks like a BBQ food truck. Iím with some others who order first. Iíve barely had time to look when Iím up. I tell the man Iíll just have a combo plate and ask what his favorites are. He enthusiastically tells me, and I agree to them. Now, Iím reparking my car here. I go down a very small hill, which the spots surround. I back my car up, aiming between two parked cars. I do a really bad job and back into one of them because I havenít straightened out enough. I donít think thereís any damage, so I just fix it. I also end up making art for this guy (over a period of time) in exchange for food
      Tags: car, food, house, rain
    12. The Inept Mechanics

      by , 05-02-2023 at 07:15 PM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      Something was wrong with the car. Note that the car in real life is well over 100,000 miles and making a noise and just getting a new one has been the topic of much discussion, and I really want to get a new one.

      But anyway. Something was wrong with the car, but for some reason the only mechanics we could find were really underqualified and I didnít think they were trained. It was a pair, one man and one woman. Or rather, they almost looked more like teenagers. And probably twins.They really didnít seem to have the slightest idea what was wrong, or even understand what they were looking at once the hood was up.

      Under the hood was something like a mechanical arm that was supposed to move between two points that had something to do with starting the car. Like it controlled the spark plugs or something, I donít know cars myself but I know there are no mechanical arms involved.

      Well we decided to just take it somewhere else when the pair wasnít helpful, but then found that the car wouldnít start at all, which was a step backwards from just making a noise. I asked the girl if the arm was broken and she looked at me very confused as if my question didnít make sense, and asked what did I mean? Her tone was condescending, as if I had no business asking or else the question was dumb. I asked again about the arm. She shrugged and answered, Oh, I cut that off. The last thing I remember before waking up was thinking that a decent mechanic could have fixed the arm and now the car was even worse off with it cut off.
      Tags: car, non-lucid
    13. Night of Saturday 3/11/23

      by , 03-12-2023 at 06:51 PM (Dreamlog)

      Dream Fragment
      I'm back at J's playing board games. We're playing a tabletop RPG and my character's background is similar to Harry Potter's.

      Car Coyotes
      I'm driving down Joy road back at my hometown. There is a huge traffic jam, cars lined up, with police lights blaring in the distance. Not sure why. Maybe a crash? There's a barricade up further and, through the way the lines of cars have aligned, I can't help but driving directly to the barricade. I'm wondering what this is about when two coyotes start jumping and snarling up toward my window. I have my windows down about halfway because of my A/C problems, so the coyotes are just barely out of biting range. The police up ahead pay me no attention. I notice I have passengers. One small coyote manages to squeeze through the window crack and enter the car. My body has frozen up, so I can't react to the coyote or try to close the window so more don't get in. More get in. I start to worry about rabies. The other passengers are trying to get the coyotes out, but they are small and hard to track.


      Dogfight in the City
      I'm in a space dogfight in the city. My brother and I are on the same team. We are flying Arwings from the Starfox series. Sky is purple and dark. Might have been some green lightning. Epic type of scene. I need to fly into the repair bay to get fixed up after finishing the battle. Maybe it was the Great Fox. When I get in, I get radioed that the enemy has another sneak attack and they need me. They tell me I need to get into a different Arwing. I find one and start to takeoff. My view changes to 3rd person and now I'm flying the Millennium Falcon. Next thing I know the combat is completed and I'm chilling with my team in the foyer area of the main ship. I'm searching the fridge for some food. There is a couch opposite the fridge, and some friends are noting that they may have messed up where things are in there. While scrolling through the futuristic interface to get food, I see some raunchy art photos. I don't say anything and just scroll past them. I eventually move some shelves around and find some cheese stick and pretzel snacks.

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    14. Bad Disguises

      by , 03-09-2023 at 05:20 PM (Dreamlog)
      I'm at a house reminiscent of my girlfriend S' parents' house and my friend V's house. I'm hanging out with my friend J. There is a surprise visit from my friend D and my brother. A They are out on the patio. D is wearing a disguise, but I recognize him easily. It wasn't a particularly good disguise and it wasn't intended to be. More like a joke. D has a Galaxy Fold and is showing it off. He has a thin black cloth case on it. He has some gacha-games on it.

      I'm driving and something like a check-engine light came on. Genuinely unclear on whether this was reality or not because this type of thing happens all the time. My car was fine this morning so I think this was a dream...

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    15. Another car dream set when Granddad was dying

      by , 10-03-2022 at 12:29 AM
      I had another dream where I was riding between my mom and sister in granddads old reliant that was set when he was dying.

      In this dream, me and my sister were out of school and mom was going to drive us to the mall. Me and my sister were both ready to go and mom told us to go ahead and get in the car.

      My sister grabbed the keys and then I followed her outside where granddads old tan reliant was parked in our driveway. My sister then unlocked the passenger side door and told me to scoot over to the middle since it was her day to choose where to sit. I the sat down on the tan vinyl bench seat and moved over to the middle seat. Once I fastened the tan lap belt around my waist after my sister told me to, she closed the passenger side door and took the keys back in the house to mom.

      Soon she was opening the passenger side door and then sitting down in the passenger seat and then closing the door and fastening her shoulder belt. We then spent a while waiting in the car together until mom was finally locking up the house and then walking to the reliant and opening the driver side door and then sitting down in the driver seat next to me. She then started up the reliant and we drove towards the mall. I felt squished between my mom and sister and we kept passing cars with people I knew in them and it felt like they were all staring at us because I was riding in the middle and my younger shorter sister was by the window.

      We were then driving by the nursing home where grandad was living and then mom was turning into the parking lot and then parking the car in a parking space. As the turned off the car, she told us she needed to stop by and check on granddad because they had called and told her he wasn't feeling well and may have to go to the hospital. She told us to wait in the car and then left us there to go and check on granddad.

      Me and my sister than had to wait in the car and I had to deal with my sister wanting to talk about granddad and me trying to ger her to talk about other things because I didn't want to think about granddad not being around much longer. I woke up from this dream while we were still in the parking lot waiting from mom and having to keep listening to my sister talk about granddad and trying to get me to share my feelings.
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