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    1. The Hotel and the Magic Show

      by , 11-16-2013 at 08:23 AM
      11-14-2013 -- [Can't remember all that much of this one, but what I could remember had some small parts that were kind of interesting.] First bit that I can remember was a lot of running around, chasing and being chased in what was part school, part lab, part hospital. At lest part of the time I was naked or part naked, and though I can remember nothing specific, I am almost sure some of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters were there. One of the dreams where there are doors in unexpected places leading to secret passages, and went on for quite a while with lots of people and running, but no details I can remember.

      Soon it turns into a Disney hotel with seven floors (in real life it reminds me of the Radisson) that I have frequently dreamed about. I find I am on the third floor, and instead of moving to a room or a elevator, I walk to the side and push a button that makes a balcony appear outside of one of the rooms, and climb on to it. I planned to continue on to the rest of the balconies, but the button I pushed only created the one, and there are no more buttons. I think for a couple of minutes, then just speak to the air like I were on a Trek holodeck, and speak into being the entire row of balconies, and walk to the other end, where I move back into a hallway and am waiting for an elevator. When it opens, Endora (from Bewitched) walks out, and kind of glares at me, which makes me a little nervous.

      I dodge into the elevator and push a button, trying to head up for the fourth or fifth floor, but the elevator won't go where I want to go. A couple other people get on, and I eventually manage to get off, but I exit into a sort of fancy restaurant located halfway between the second and third floors. (It is a restaurant I have dreamed of between floors at least two or three times before.) I try to make my way through it, and climb up to the third floor, but the floor plan is getting more and more complicated, and I eventually have to get help from a bus boy to find my way out of the restaurant.

      As I exit the restaurant I instead find myself entering the three-wing shopping mall (that somewhat resembles the Westminster Mall) that I frequently dream about, and find the area I am entering is right next to the arcade. There are video games and flashing lights, and it is a multi-level arcade. I quickly realize that it is a cross between the five-story Disney Quest and the game center that I once invaded in a dream as Spider-Man, but this time I just walk right past it and find myself in the fourth floor of what is turning from a hotel to a cruise ship. (Though it is a cruise ship that has seven decks. That part is remaining stable.) I take the stairwell up to the fifth floor where I walk into a strangely familiar bar.

      I quickly realize it used to be the Adventurers Club, and I am on the Zebra Mezzanine, but they have removed all the artifacts, lined all the walls with bars, and the main focus of the room is now two very large cages. Greg Schuerman climbed up on top of one of the cages to make a speech about the loss of the Club and his memories of it, but he can't actually remember what he is trying to say, so he climbs down, then climbs in the cage with a 'wild animal' that may just be a man in a gorilla suit as a tribute to Marcel. There are a couple of other wild animals in a sort of giant circus wheel type of gadget, and as they approach, Greg flees out the door in 'terror.' Once the door closes behind him, he grabs a small wooden crate (about 18" square by 6" deep) and starts to fold himself into it, in preparation for a magical appearance. But never mind the trick, I am just amazed he can squeeze himself into such a small space.

      A fellow dressed up as Frankenstein comes slowly wandering out with a pallet jack, and he is supposed to pick up the crate, but he is acting really unintelligent, and pretending he doesn't know what he is supposed to be getting, so keeps half loading up the wrong things, while some woman sitting in a wheel chair is disgustedly telling him he is an imbecile and a stupid thing, and is trying to direct him to the right crate. I'm just standing there thinking it is an interesting, if bizarre, show.