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    1. Meeting Dale at Disney World, Flying a Huge Kite, and Getting Lost in the Hotel

      by , 09-12-2017 at 04:03 PM
      08/06/2017 -- Can barely remember earlier bits of this, though they involve a game or app on my phone and driving back and forth between two retention pond areas on a freeway (probably I-4 near downtown) where the app guides me down onto small islands in the retention pond, followed by being on the grounds of a high school style track meet where I am dodging the racers and trying to avoid bullying jocks. But details are not clear, and things soon change.

      Meeting Dale at Disney World. I am kind of tired and worn down. I'm not sure where I am staying, and I am not sure but I may have even missed his trip, though I hope not. He seems to be staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge or something like that, and as I am trying to find his room, the numbers are doing their usual changing around, making things more difficult. But about that time, Dale calls out to me and leads me over to his rooms. It seems he has booked another large suite with several rooms, though there seem to be other people we don't know interspersed in some rooms in between the ones we're in. It's still a little odd.

      So we're talking and visiting, and I find his mother is along on this trip as well, and getting ready for a final trip out to one of the parks or something with Dale. I;m too tired, and not up to going out, so he and his mother head out, mentioning on the way that Kevin is still in bed. So he's his usual under the weather, just sleeping and going o the bathroom, and I've got a headache and a lot of stress, and just hope KEvin will stay out of the way so I can take a nap. I wander into one of the overly air conditioned rooms, hoping to be able to find a spot in the sun to lay down on the floor and take a nap.

      I find my spot in the sun, but for some reason there is no heat. Though we are several floors up, out our back door (one of those glass French doors) is a full meadow on our level (and how they do this for every floor is a puzzle lightly in the back of my mind even during the dream.) I still have a headache, and want to nap. I am also still feeling worried and confused, and am praying for guidance and closeness with the Lord, and having to fasten the door shut with one of those gate-style pieces of metal that you drop into a hole in the ground. The problem is that this doesn't provide a good seal, so the cool air is blowing in, while also meaning anyone who was walking along could open it again.

      And of course, this is when Kevin walks in, loud and boisterous, when I just want to take a nap. I try to explain this, but he just can't stop talking, and after a few minutes I get up and stagger from the room, heading away from him and into one of the other rooms to try to get some sleep. But Dale and Betty are just making it back, and Dale is flying a large Chinese kite of some sort that was used in a recent (in the dream) Disney movie. This thing is like a silk banner, perhaps four feet wide and something like 20 feet long with a dragon screened onto it. He is pulling the thing along as it flaps in the breeze, while making puffing sorts of sound effects and humming a song from the movie that sounds vaguly like Toot, Whistle, Plunk, Boom. And in the process, his 'kite' is drifting over and covering one of the front desk people.

      So I'm back outside the hotel, trying to find the room again (which is now on the second floor), and I know the room number I am looking for, but halfway down the hall the numbers change drastically, like I'm on another floor entirely or something. I have to turn around and head back down the hall, now looking on the other side, because obviously further down the way I was going is completely wrong. I find the rooms, but there are even more outsiders in between the two or three rooms of the suite that are ours, and I am worried about both where we are going (I am now homeless) and how long the airline flight is going to be (I'm worried about my blood pressure and flying), and even how much stuff I have in the hotel room and how much time it may take to pack it all up.

      Next thing you know, someone is playing with a long (two segments, each about 6 to 8 feet long that are somehow fitted together) whip-like thing, it may be Kevin. Anyway, he drops the thing when he gets a slight CRACK out of it. I know that is what is supposed to happen, so I grab the thing and start swigning it, but I don't really know how to use one, so first I knock over a small vase or something. Then there is a huge (but friendly) creature that wanders around the place that is a cross between a large gorilla and one of the slow moving dungeon monsters from Runescape that you can ignore in the dungeons because they don't attack or anything, and I catch it with the whip, though I manage to not hurt it in the process. This is good, because even with a placid nature, if I'd hurt it, it could have really hurt me back, quite easily. Then with another swing, I manage to knock a huge, but fragile statue of the same beast off it's pedestal, and I finally realize I am dangerous with the darn whip, and unscrew the two parts and give them to Kevin to pack up.

      So I am now gathering my stuff together, and just wandering around, and come across a small young lady who quite reminds me of Allison from the Adventurers Club, and she makes some kind of comment that seems to be an AC pucnh-line, as well, which has me trying to respoind in kind, just to try and figure out if she is from there, and if I know her ... because whereever we are now, we seem to be some distance from Florida. Anyway, she turns out not to be from the AC, but still is some kind of actor, and for some pleasant reason wants to be my friend, so by the end of the dream, I'm walking with her and smiling.
    2. The Tickle-Worm Dream

      by , 08-23-2017 at 03:37 PM
      07-27-2017 -- The Tickle-Worm. Dream starts out with me working as some sort of courier. I have stopped by a law office to pick up files to deliver somewhere, and they are a small pile of papers and a check that I have to take and place in an envelope (possibly re-useable) supplied for it. As I slide them in, the person there is telling me that there is no special hurry, and that I can take this and the one other package I currently have in either order, and I add in the instructions that I know are coming ... as long as I do not pick up any more on the way. This needs to get to their delivery spot quite quickly.

      Don't have any clue just how the scene reaches this next point, but I find myself in a hotel room somewhere with my dad. I have a small wooden box, slightly decorated, that I think may have been based on a box from a Harry Potter fan-fic I was reading last night, that in the fic was a sort of magical mail box. In the dream, it holds an unusual creature that I have somehow received ... a Tickle-Worm. The Tickle-Worm is a worm. It starts out looking mostly like a regular worm, with a slightly larger 'head' area that actually has a bit of a face, and is perhaps about 8 inches long. It springs out of its box, and is supposed to kind of half curl up in my hand and sleep there, as I go to sleep.

      The problem is, it seems to be curious and into exploring. As I go to lay down, it springs out of my hand and across the room, where it starts crawling around a book case, knocking books to the floor, and annoying my dad, who is trying to sleep. He's kind of upset about the thing making noise. That part I don't mind too much, but I do find it kind of irksome that it is knocking all of the Danny Dunn books off the shelves. I approach the bookcase, thinking I am going to have to kind of chase it around to try and catch it, but as I get close, it springs off the bookcase into my hand.

      I'm walking back toward the bed, hoping I can now get a little sleep, but as I draw near, it springs off again, flying into a slightly open chest filled with boxes of colorful breakfast cereals, again doing some exploring. The next thing I know, I am in some sort of classroom or scientific lab speaking with a female teacher or scientist, asking about the Tickle-Worm, and she is explaining where they are found. She shows me a large, octagonal aquarium filled with water and seaweed, but no fishes.

      This thing is probably about ten feet around, and perhaps four feet high, but weighs little enough that she can pick it up. Anyway, she picks it up and shows me a piece of seaweed that is long and wide and flat and thick (probably about four feet long, six inches wide, and about an inch thick) that is a slightly brownish green and now hanging from it is a tapeworm-like Tickle-Worm. Seems they start in sea water, but when removed, are perfectly fine.

      [I do not think I have ever heard the term Tickle-Worm before this dream, but looking it up on the internet, it seems it may be something created by a band I have never heard of, in a song that I also have never heard. How it came to be in my dream, I have less than no clue.]
    3. Hotels again & weird little people dreams

      by , 09-16-2016 at 07:49 PM
      Yesterday: Non-lucid- My parents, siblings & kids were with me. We were on vacation. We had checked into a really nice hotel. There were all of these cheerleaders running around because of some local sporting event. My kids were being asses & bitching that they wanted to stay at a different place that they had stayed before. My day was paying so we stayed & it was nicer than the place they wanted to go anyway. Like really nice. The place was over booked & a family was staying at a house beside the hotel. I went out side & walked over there to be nosy. I walked up onto the front porch. These people were really religious & had all of these kids. Kind of like the 19 kids & counting tv show. The father had made some calligraphy light art. It looked like a neon budweiser light or something. I told his wife that he was really talented. But she just smiled. Her kids were artistic as well. The next day everyone was flooding out of the building at once & suddenly everywhere looked like a college campus. Then my alarm went off.

      Today non-lucid:
      All of my dreams were fragments of little people & just plain weird shit.
      This is my 3rd day of having a fever. Yesterday I was so sick but had to go grocery shopping & was wiped out so bad I couldn't type much cuz reading was making me dizzy. Still burning up today but had to go to my grandson's award event. Now I think I'll go pass out after I make my rounds on here.
    4. 3/6/16 - Uncle's Hotel with Mark

      by , 03-06-2016 at 08:39 PM
      I'm in Uncle's old house. I'm upstairs. The hallway is exactly the same but much bigger. It has a rich, hotel type of feeling to it. The bedrooms are set up like hotel rooms and I'm staying at the end of the hall, the bedroom to the right. I start making my way down the hall, headed to my room. Someone grabs me from behind and turns me around to face them. It's Mark. I feel a bit shocked, like his presence is really unexpected, but he just smiles at me. He turns me a bit and pushes me gently against a wall. I ask him if something is wrong. He shakes his head and moves in closer to me. He makes it so that our faces our barely an inch or two apart. I feel like I should be more nervous about this situations but I'm not. It's weirdly easy for me to keep eye contact with him and to be that close. After a few moments he smiles again and kisses me. It's only a soft touch of lips at first. He pulls back a bit to look at me, to see my reaction. I look at him and smile for the first time. I raise my left hand and place it gently on his face. My hand slowly slides down to his neck. I then hold the back of his neck and pull him back to me, kissing him again. I watch him close his eyes and I follow after. He turns his head slightly to the right and our kiss deepens. After a minute or so we pull apart and stare at each other. We both smile and he grabs my left hand, entwining our fingers. He leads me down the hall to my room and opens the door. I follow him in.

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    5. Lucid: Do You Really Want to Mess with Me in My Own Dream?

      by , 12-24-2013 at 09:48 AM
      12-19-2013 -- [Sleeping poorly, kept waking up, but I think eventually I was only dreaming I was waking up. Weird stuff. Lucid. Sex, rape, and violence ahead.] I am driving along in Joe's SUV when somehow the power steering goes out, but it is really strange and kind of intermittent. I think I am trying to do some sort of mystery shop or something, though I am not really sure. Anyway the steering is almost impossible at one slow speed, and then works fine at another speed just slightly slower or slightly faster, and I am trying to get the perfect speed so that I can actually manage to drive the car. I think there is a tiny bit about talking to my sister (maybe), or perhaps not. The first bits are rather choppy, as again, I think I am drifting in and out of sleep. Maybe.

      I find myself at a hotel, and I seem to be kind of changing out beer barrel-like bottles of soda syrup for the fountain drinks, and as part of a mystery shop am somehow taking one of the large barrels and trying to load it into the bike with a basket that the car has turned in to. I manage to get it into the basket, and am trying to get the bike lined up so that I can try to drive out of here, when a couple of crazy (but kind of attractive) Oriental women come driving up in their car. I am somehow several yards away from my bike, all of a sudden, walking toward it, when they start to back up right into where the bike is sitting. I'm calling out "No!" and they are winking and smirking at me, making sure that I know that they know exactly what they are doing. They crush and mangle the bike between their car and the wall, and I am suddenly furious. Thing is, I know I am dreaming, but I am furious that they are intentionally messing with me.

      Spoiler for sex and rape:

      I am just about done anyway, when this rough looking character seems to want to come to their aid. I can tell that he is a thief, so I decide to get a little more revenge by letting him know that the two women (who are staying in the hotel) have something very valuable in their suite. So he leaves them and starts upstairs, to break into the suite. Meanwhile I just fly up the side of the building, sneak in the window, and grab whatever the valuable is, not only stealing it, but framing the thief in the process. Mess with me in my dream, will you? I'm casually making my way out the window when the thief triggers an alarm or something, and he comes rushing to the window. He throws himself out, using some kind of harness or parachute to slow his descent, and as he leaps, he spots me and realizes he has been set up.

      I have no harness, parachute or gadgets, but I don't need any ... its my dream! I fly down several stories, and fly into a parking garage, mostly under control, just slightly wild, and almost knock over a couple walking through the garage. I am not 100% sure, but they look like they are probably Rose and Mickey from Doctor Who. Meanwhile, police cars are screaming into the area to check on the alarm, and Rose and Mickey realize they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. They duck behind a car as a police car drives by, swinging it's search light into the parking garage. (At this point I notice that the front of the police car is slightly crumpled, like it has been in an accident, though this fact has no affect on the dream.) I turn myself invisible before the cop can see me, but Mickey is getting more and more nervous, and suddenly makes a break for it, making himself look horribly guilty, and attracting the attention of all the police.

      He is quickly caught, and he has no reason to try and protect me, so he explains about the guy who flew out of the hotel and into the parking garage, and then turned invisible. The cop is kind of skeptical, but glancing around the area, as I try to shift away from him, it seems he can catch glimpses of my movement out of the corner of his eye. He suddenly calls out to all the other police that he caught a glimpse of one of "them", someone with some sort of power who turned themselves invisible. Suddenly I am backing up from a bunch of cops reaching out and grabbing for my invisible figure in a scene very reminiscent of Harry Potter backing away from Filch and Snape in the first movie. Suddenly there are six or seven cops, male and female, plain-clothes and in uniform, all chasing me. They can't see me, except a brief flicker in the corner of the eye, but that's enough to keep them crowding ever closer. A couple of them are blindfolded, to enhance their other senses, and one of them seems to be a strange whip-creature, flailing long, thin tentacles at me, trying to score a touch which I somehow know might poison me, and things are getting tighter and tighter.

      I make a break for it, and try to fly out of the structure, but somehow they have been getting ready for me, and there are strong, but thin, nearly invisible wires strung everywhere that I trigger and have to punch my way through to get out of the parking garage, and when I do, that drops a strong, heavy net on me. By this time, I have had enough. I turn visible as I tear apart the net, and am soon surrounded by the cops. I start to warn them off. "This is a dream. It is my dream. I am all-powerful in it." I point to one guy. "Your pants are going to fall!" Suddenly his pants are around his ankles. I point at another. "You're about to trip." He flops over backward onto his butt. "Sorry for this!" I point at another one and transform him into some sort of furry animal, perhaps a weasel. I can clearly remember another lucid dream I once had, where it was starting to turn into a nightmare (can be read here) and explain to the cops that I could conjure up a full-blown nuke and blow the entire dreamscape to kingdom come. "Do you really want to mess with me?!?" Most of the cops start backing off, but one big black cop (when I wrote the dream down, I knew specifically who he looked like, but didn't write it down, and now it is gone) is stupidly brave or an absolute idiot, and grabs me, so I tell him he is going to fall down and his stomach is going to explode. The others are seriously backing off now, but not quick enough to avoid being lightly coated with bits of blood and skin as his belly explodes over everyone.

      I start to fly off, but everybody who has been in the area is now convinced I am a god, and I am surrounded by people calling out for me to do things for them. Some are nothing more than greedy, selfish users who just want wealth and valuables, but many others are desperate, homeless, or horribly sick or injured. The ones who are truly in need, I feel for, but I am not god, I am just dreaming. I am only limited by what I can conceive of, but the mass of people calling out for help are large enough that it is more than I can conceive of. I land in a convertible next to a slim, attractive blonde woman, and I pull aside her top and start playing with her nipples, but neither of us are really into it. I just can't stop thinking about all these hurting people.

      Meanwhile, I spot another thin woman who is not so attractive, and is very hillbilly-ish. She seems to be a cross between the wife of the farmer who gets turned into the 'Edgar suit' in the first Men in Black movie and Cletus's wife on the Simpsons, and she is calling out for help for her husband, who cannot leave their car. I glance over at him, and he has a cheap mechanical heart made from a gallon milk jug, sitting in an almost non-existent torso, and is obviously in bad shape. This is at least somewhat beyond me, but I lay hands on him and start to pray for him, hoping I have enough faith to do some good. Thankfully new skin starts to grow around his torso, and I seem to have managed to bring forth some serious healing for him. One of their kids is a teenage daughter who no longer believes in anything at all, and I am trying to figure out some way to help her, but that one is going to take some thinking. They have a slightly younger son who is a little pudgy, and reminds me a bit of Pugsley from the Addams Family, who is working on some sort of school assignment, and is trying to make either a sword or a musical instrument (which it is changes moment to moment) from a bit of scrap, and I move over to him to start doing something.

      The mom is trying to stop me, not wanting me to do it for him, as she wants him to get whatever grade he earns, and learn from the experiment. Instead she calls out for me to just make him some candy or something. But she doesn't realize what I am doing. I am not making whatever it is for him, I am just changing the scrap he is working with into a very fine and valuable piece of lumber so that if he does fine enough work with it, the finished product may be worth a lot of money. Leaving him to do the work, but greatly increasing the potential value of that work. As soon as I finish that, I wave my hand and the candy the mother asked for rains down on both children.
    6. Fragments: Security, 10 Cent Bookstore, Rithmatist, Buffy on Hickory, GHR Performing and more

      by , 12-24-2013 at 09:20 AM
      [Old dream from somewhere in October or early November, for some reason forgotten when it was dreamed, and remembered in fair detail a month or two later.] I find myself driving around a very new gated community, have no idea how I have gotten here for the moment, but I can remember working security here a few months (or perhaps couple of years) previous, controlling access in and out while the various construction trucks were building the place. Now I am back, and I seem to be driving around in a car that is kind of turning into a golf cart (and eventually into a go kart) as I putter around the area, admiring how nice the grounds and things have been landscaped since I was last here.

      Unfortunately I eventually run into the security guard who now is monitoring the area, and he doesn't know how I have gotten in, but is very mad at me, and has no interest in extending any professional courtesy, or cutting me any slack because I used to work in his position. In fact, he seems to be afraid of me, or jealous of me, and he decides to hassle me and start chasing me around. Since he refuses to open up the gate and let me out, I end up driving my golf cart over a small landscaped berm (think of the planter Greg Jones drove his car over at the Buena Park Little Caesar's many years ago) to escape the complex.

      It feels like I am somewhere up around Lake Mary, perhaps in or right by the Heathrow development, and I end up driving south, heading down toward Orlando on my golf cart, but unfortunately the security guard has decided to challenge me, and is now racing me in his own golf cart, but since he has the finances of the entire development company behind him, he has a faster, newer, more built up kart, and also has people driving diesel trucks and trying to run me off the road to ensure he wins. On the other hand, I am a better driver, and know the area better, so I am holding my own as we race back to Orlando.


      11-19-2013 -- I am at a house which is a cross between the Pageant house and Rosemary's place, and there have been some issues with having rent. Oddly, however, I seem to be the person who collects rent from everybody in the house and pays it to Rosemary, and since I haven't been here in a while, everybody is behind, and trying to collect it all means that my not having my part is somewhat hidden, and doesn't seem to be all that big of a deal.

      Somehow Keith and Melody are here, and they are chatting with me, and the place also feels like the three story apartment complex that I frequently have visited in my dreams. We are chatting away, and one of them mentions something that makes me flash back to a visit to Walt Disney World last week where I ran into Graham Murphy doing some streetmosphere, and somehow I find myself sitting in my car on my cell phone, having called him up to tell him how good the schtick that he'd been doing was. Problem is, I had only been passing by, and he didn't even know I was there, and now calling him to mention it, he is afraid I am stalking him or something, so it just feels weird, and I regret making the phone call.

      But I find myself missing Disney, and thinking how long it has been since I've been there (never mind that I was there just last week), and I end up hinting at Melody and Keith that if they need a good idea for Christmas gifts, tickets or an annual pass to Disney would be a great idea! Soon the dream shifts, and I find myself walking into a bookstore that is half Waldenbooks, and half the bookstore from the 10 cent sale dream that was posted here. It is pitch black, and late in the evening, but as I walk in the light comes on like I triggered a motion sensor. There are two or three employees at the register area, and I kind of say hello as I start to wander to the places in the store where I found the new 3 Investigator books and was looking for the comic strip books. As I approach the back of the store (where in the other dream the store grew into several different buildings) things shift to where I am in a library with Giles, finding myself one aisle over from where I want to be, while talking with Giles about a fantasy novel for Buffy or Willow, like out of another recent dream.

      Soon things shift again, and I find I am in the middle of a security shift at a cross between the House of Imports and Orlando Paving. Oddly, I have been here since 9 pm and it is now 3 am, and the staff has only just left. I am hungry, and plan to run down the block to 7-Eleven to get some food, but first figure I ought to make a call-in to the office. Problem is, the line that would usually be a machine, where I leave a message that all is well, is answered by a person who instantly assumes I am calling to say I am done with the shift, and is marking me off, when that is not what I am doing!


      11-22-2013 -- In a strange, kind of dark feeling house, walking around with my laptop computer. Several people are here, and they are doing Rithmatist-like drawings that they bring to life ala Sanderson's books, and they can use a kind of code to set commands for the chalklings. I have a sort of breakthrough, and have chalked out a few simple commands that are so powerful that I don't have to actually draw out detailed chalklings, I just kind of stutter my chalk on the ground ......... and I have created 10 or 20 chalk bullets that fire off at all of my opponents. They can't defend against them or oppose them, it is just too quick and too powerful.

      Since I've just reached the point of being able to do this, and I have no desire to kill people or anything, I just keep firing off 'bullets' long enough to tear through their chalklings and tear down their shields and expose them, then I stop so that they lose, but are unharmed. Though I can't point to anything in particular, there is a sort of an English feel to the whole thing, though whether in location or accents or what, I can't say. Anyway, as this is going on, I am in my underwear, and am walking around trying to find my clothes. I step into the bathroom long enough to get dressed, but am really trying to hurry because I need to get out of the bathroom so that my mentor can use it.


      11-23-2013 -- [Very short, but quite clear and detailed scene, which made it kind of interesting to dream, even if not exciting.] I am walking through the Buena Park Mall parking lot, right by the auto repair place. I am kind of in a group of a bunch of people, and we are all getting ready to jaywalk across Dale, but many of them are in a hurry, and just run into the road while there is all kinds of traffic, causing people to slam on brakes and swerve and stuff like that, while I wait, walking along the street until all the current cars have passed, and there is a significant gap in the traffic, then I jog across in complete safety.

      Once I have crossed the street, I continue walking down Dale to Greenleaf, then cut across to Hickory, heading home. There is a lot of water in the gutter, and yet you can only see it from certain angles, and I detour a couple of extra feet into the street so that I can splash through water that is only about a half an inch deep, rather than having to get soaked in the stuff that is three or four inches deep, then I make my way onto the sidewalk, and continue walking home. I give a wave to a couple of neighbors, including Marie, and perhaps the house next to Ted, walking down the block. When I reach the Goodwins, they don't seem to have anything to say to me, but I think they may be gossiping about me, so I may have ticked them off somehow.

      When I reach the Hickory house and step inside, I find several people there, including a bunch of people from two or three television shows, though I can't now remember all of them. The only male (beside me) is Angel, and there are two others from Buffy, perhaps Cordy and Willow, and several attractive women from other shows, though not any of the Charmed ones. Somehow a coffee machine has been possessed, and has started sliding around the table, and then slowly other inanimate things start sliding around as well, and it is kind of spooky. Angel is revealing that it is probably because of him, he thinks he is losing control of his vampire nature, and is really, really down about it, and the others are starting to get mad at him. I remind them that if he is starting to lose control, then he hasn't lost control yet, and there is no reason to be mad at him yet, though we should be watching him to make sure we can keep people safe if he does lose control.


      11-24-2013 -- Can't remember almost anything of details, and only remembered even that the dream happened right before I went to sleep, but suddenly recalled a dream where I was back at the Golden Horseshoe Revue, performing again. Got the job performing there here. Can't remember any details, but was wandering around on stage or in the audience, singing and dancing, while making my way around the servers. Though there are no details, I still enjoyed the return to the dream.


      11-25-2013 -- Somehow Dave D. and I are sitting somewhere listening to BC, who is going on and on to a girlfriend of hers about how Keith T. was a dirty old man going through a mid-life crisis and trying to hit on her, but she wanted nothing to do with him because he was so ridiculously old, and we are cringing each time she says this, as all four of us (Dave, myself, BC, and KT) are just about the same age, but she is making us feel old and worthless. Anyway, BC is turning into my sister, Melody, for some reason, and is driving me around. Not quite sure why, but she eventually decides it is time to stop. We are parked across the street from a hotel that is several stories tall, and that I have dreamed about before. For some reason we are going into this hotel and getting a meal at a restaurant inside.

      I start to cross the street to reach the hotel, but Melody just turns around and walks into a hotel across the street. I am confused, until I look up. They seem to be sister hotels, and every three or four floors, they have bridges running between the two hotels, so you can go up in either hotel and cross to the other. The bridges seem to cross at a bit of an angle, though, connecting floor four of one to five of the other. Eight on one to nine on the other, and then another connecting maybe floor 14 to 15. I get into one of the elevators, which is huge (like the elevators in the Haunted Mansion, except they actually move, instead of just the ceiling stretching.) Eventually I am getting to the place that I want (I think floor 17), but oddly enough, the floors skip a bunch, and it is like floor 18 is the only upper floor the elevator goes to, and I want floor 17. It's doubly weird, because there literally aren't any floors between about 9 and 17, and it is just a really strange pair of buildings.

      I get out of the elevator, and make my way to the restaurant, and Melody isn't here yet. I wander around looking for her, and catch no sign of her, but I do find a lot of people who work in the restaurant, and who are just standing around gossiping with each other. Then I turn a corner, and my eyes pass over a redhead before snapping back. Wait a minute, I know her. It is the female cop from Kindergarten Cop who is supposed to be the teacher until she gets sick, and Arnold S. has to take over as the teacher. I have dreamed of her in this hotel before (though whether I really have or not I can't really say, it might just be within this dream) and we seem to have hit it off and been on the edge of a relationship, until my vacation ended. So I casually walk up to her (knowing she could be on a stakeout and not wanting to give her away) and say I just got back in town and thought I would say hello. Before she can reply, I wake up again.


      11-25-2013 -- I am in a police station, reporting that I had a car stolen (instead of it breaking down) about 15 months ago, and how I have been unemployed since then, because nobody was willing to hire me. I am almost ready to start my CDL class, except I need to have records showing how the car was stolen, keeping me from working for over a year, and I am having to explain how I have a vehicle to drive, but it isn't in good enough shape to use for mystery shopping or courier work, and the cops seem to be accusing me of things until I can explain enough of what happened that they decide to believe me, and to start looking for my stolen car, though after this much time they will almost certainly never find it. [Very close to real life, except in real life it broke down, and there were never any police involved. But my cars are always being stolen in my dreams.]


      11-25-2013 -- [A bad night for sleeping. Waking constantly, and my dreams are short and disjointed, and I think I am only talking in my sleep, not even realizing I was dreaming until I wake again and realize I can't do that stuff in my bed. Very disjointed, and not worth much as dreams. A whole night of almost nothing but fragments.] I am working a mystery shop at one of the Chevrons hidden behind another gas station or two, a place I have often dreamed of before. This time through, it is a family owned place, kept clean and managed well, and everybody recognizes me and knows I am there to mystery shop them. They are asking me how everything is, and if everything is OK, and I am saying it all looks great, before remembering this is one of the places that always has more than four signs in the windows. I glance at the windows, and neon signs galore.

      I start to backpeddle, commenting on the signs, "but you don't care about that, do you?" knowing I will have to report it as I do every time I do this location, but nobody seems to let it worry them. I spot them unwrapping several brand new pumps, and though they are not ready to actually put them out and hook them up, I have to ask them to roll one of them out by the others and set it next to one of the old ones so I can get a required picture to send back to the company. Nice people, they don't have any problems with this.
    7. The Hotel and the Magic Show

      by , 11-16-2013 at 08:23 AM
      11-14-2013 -- [Can't remember all that much of this one, but what I could remember had some small parts that were kind of interesting.] First bit that I can remember was a lot of running around, chasing and being chased in what was part school, part lab, part hospital. At lest part of the time I was naked or part naked, and though I can remember nothing specific, I am almost sure some of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters were there. One of the dreams where there are doors in unexpected places leading to secret passages, and went on for quite a while with lots of people and running, but no details I can remember.

      Soon it turns into a Disney hotel with seven floors (in real life it reminds me of the Radisson) that I have frequently dreamed about. I find I am on the third floor, and instead of moving to a room or a elevator, I walk to the side and push a button that makes a balcony appear outside of one of the rooms, and climb on to it. I planned to continue on to the rest of the balconies, but the button I pushed only created the one, and there are no more buttons. I think for a couple of minutes, then just speak to the air like I were on a Trek holodeck, and speak into being the entire row of balconies, and walk to the other end, where I move back into a hallway and am waiting for an elevator. When it opens, Endora (from Bewitched) walks out, and kind of glares at me, which makes me a little nervous.

      I dodge into the elevator and push a button, trying to head up for the fourth or fifth floor, but the elevator won't go where I want to go. A couple other people get on, and I eventually manage to get off, but I exit into a sort of fancy restaurant located halfway between the second and third floors. (It is a restaurant I have dreamed of between floors at least two or three times before.) I try to make my way through it, and climb up to the third floor, but the floor plan is getting more and more complicated, and I eventually have to get help from a bus boy to find my way out of the restaurant.

      As I exit the restaurant I instead find myself entering the three-wing shopping mall (that somewhat resembles the Westminster Mall) that I frequently dream about, and find the area I am entering is right next to the arcade. There are video games and flashing lights, and it is a multi-level arcade. I quickly realize that it is a cross between the five-story Disney Quest and the game center that I once invaded in a dream as Spider-Man, but this time I just walk right past it and find myself in the fourth floor of what is turning from a hotel to a cruise ship. (Though it is a cruise ship that has seven decks. That part is remaining stable.) I take the stairwell up to the fifth floor where I walk into a strangely familiar bar.

      I quickly realize it used to be the Adventurers Club, and I am on the Zebra Mezzanine, but they have removed all the artifacts, lined all the walls with bars, and the main focus of the room is now two very large cages. Greg Schuerman climbed up on top of one of the cages to make a speech about the loss of the Club and his memories of it, but he can't actually remember what he is trying to say, so he climbs down, then climbs in the cage with a 'wild animal' that may just be a man in a gorilla suit as a tribute to Marcel. There are a couple of other wild animals in a sort of giant circus wheel type of gadget, and as they approach, Greg flees out the door in 'terror.' Once the door closes behind him, he grabs a small wooden crate (about 18" square by 6" deep) and starts to fold himself into it, in preparation for a magical appearance. But never mind the trick, I am just amazed he can squeeze himself into such a small space.

      A fellow dressed up as Frankenstein comes slowly wandering out with a pallet jack, and he is supposed to pick up the crate, but he is acting really unintelligent, and pretending he doesn't know what he is supposed to be getting, so keeps half loading up the wrong things, while some woman sitting in a wheel chair is disgustedly telling him he is an imbecile and a stupid thing, and is trying to direct him to the right crate. I'm just standing there thinking it is an interesting, if bizarre, show.
    8. Chase Dreams, Spies, and War Games

      by , 11-16-2013 at 08:20 AM
      11-15-2013 -- [Had four dreams last night, the first and the last were halfway memorable, the middle two ran together as one and I could remember almost nothing of them. Seems the more I do things that are supposed to improve dream recall (B6, apple juice) the worse my dream recall seems to become. Sheesh. Since they are so choppy and limited in detail (and since all three had feelings of the whole chased by punks sort of thing), I am putting all four in a single post.]

      First one took place in two houses right next to each other. Some details of the houses kind of shifted at times. Most of the early bits are faded, so that I can only remember vague images. Wandering back and forth between houses, making food, playing Runescape. There is one guy in the second house (probably the Conrad house on Hickory) who dislikes me, hates Runescape, and insults me all the time for wasting my time and playing it. He also seems to be kind of abusive to the people who live in the house he is in. He may be the father or the brother or something, I'm not really sure. I find him picking on a young teen, a 13 or 14 year old boy, and since the boy is obviously scared of him, I push him against the wall, and give the boy a chance to get away. Problem is, this makes him decide he hates me, and he attacks me. So first I manage to catch him in a full nelson, and push him up against a wall, then I throw him to the ground.

      Problem is, he keeps coming back. I can always beat him, and he can't hurt me, but he also doesn't ever seem to stop, and every time he gets back up he is somehow a little stronger. Somehow I am running through a sewer underneath the block, and there are several attractive blonde women here. Unfortunately he is carrying one of them, but is allowing her head to hang in the water, and she is drowning. I pull her out of his arms, lift her head up, and make sure she is able to breath, and I've firmly locked the guy in as a mortal enemy. He chases me into Jeff's place, as I am dodging around the family room, while visiting with and petting a couple of cats and kittens. Every time he catches me, we wrestle and I throw him down, but he just gets back up, tougher and stronger.

      So I start down the block, heading toward Smith's and he follows me. One of the blondes is with him, dressed in black lingerie, and looking very nice. He is fondling her, but otherwise paying her no attention, though she is trying to distract him from me. I throw him down near a loading dock, and somehow exit across the street, then start walking quite fast up La Palma, hoping to get out of site before he gets up again. That fails, but I see a bus down the block a ways, and am hoping to reach a bus stop and catch a ride to get away. Problem is, there is no bus stop, and the driver ignores me waving for it and just drives right past. I find myself at a BankAtlantic right across the street from the Buena Park Mall, and I dodge into it and cut through, hoping to lose the guy, but instead it allows him to catch up to me. I exit the bank into a sort of terraced garden, sort of Japanese feeling, and he grabs me and we start wrestling again. By this point we are pretty evenly matched, and though I am not afraid or hurt, I am starting to get really, really frustrated!


      [This is probably two dreams of stuff I can barely remember.] I am fighting in some sort of building, perhaps a library. Part of it I am wandering around with Giles, I think, talking about how Buffy or Willow (Willow would make more sense) is a huge science fiction and fantasy fan, and discussing some of the books she has read and liked, and would like further books in the series. Meanwhile, we're being chased around the library by some people, and fighting with them in what is supposed to be a friendly way, though one of them is getting more and more angry with me. At one point, I seem to be taking what is almost paper napkins, and somehow turning them solid and throwing them across the room to nail people and pierce walls. Interesting.

      Anyway, the guy who has gotten mad at me is now stalking me with guns, and he has three of them. He is determined to fight me, and probably to cause lots of trouble, but I eventually get a good look at one of his guns and realize it is a water gun. So I manage to wrench one of them out of his hands, and I start soaking him and he starts soaking me, and soon we're both laughing, and are on decent terms again. So somehow I exit what I think has turned into a boat, and find myself stepping out of the cafeteria at Dr Peter Marshall Elementary. It is night time, and I have just stepped out of a PTA meeting or Parent Teacher night or something. I glance over at the playground, then wander over to the office where I am trying to get to see the principal, but she isn't in her office. So I head out the front door, just to find her coming in the same door.

      It turns out to be the woman who plays Heddy on NCIS: Los Angeles, and I am complimenting her on her school, and mentioning my history here, and also making mention of the custodian, Butch, and what a nice guy he was, and she is thanking me for my comments and being nice. [The bit about Butch almost certainly caused by reading notes on the school's Facebook page in the last day or two.] Soon I am walking up Crescent, heading toward home, but I am very tired, and am kind of drifting. Somehow, before I reach La Reina I somehow wander onto a small trail branching off at an angle and down a hill, right where no trail or hill exists in real life. I realize I am off course, and though I shouldn't possibly be more than 20 or 30 yards off Crescent, no matter how much I try, I can't find my way back. Somehow I do find myself looking at stacks of books again, though.


      The first part I can remember on this one (and there were earlier bits) I am in a sort of spy dream, chasing and being chased by enemy agents. I am in a parking lot at a hotel, and I am following a cute woman as she walks to her car. I sense something and kind of back off and fade into the shadows, and I notice an assassin in a wheelchair has a gun aimed at her, and a laser site on her, and is about to kill her, so I shoot him, and he dies, instead. She climbs into her car and drives off.

      To avoid any problem with the guy I just killed, I plan to pop into the room I'd just rented in the hotel, but as I am entering, this other guy pushes in beside me. I shut the door and look at him, and he seems to look just like me, but he's kind of like my evil twin or something. Both of us have been injured, but in different places. I think he has an injury on his upper arm, while I have one on my lower arm, along with other wounds. Suddenly there is this strange sort of light show, bright light flashing on and off around us, and when it suddenly ends, we've somehow assumed each others injuries, and have to rearrange bandages. There is also a strange sort of hint that our personalities may have somewhat mixed, as well.

      He talks me into letting him stay over night, and the next morning we are talking a little, while we go through some stuff, then he decides to leave, and he doesn't say anything that gives me any idea that he is coming back. To be fair though, he doesn't say he isn't, either. I am trying to get my stuff together because I am supposed to be checked out at eleven, but somehow I have stuff spread all over the place. I am trying to get dressed, and it is very cold, so I decide to wear two pairs of socks. Though I can find both of the long, thick, black socks that go on my feet first, I can only find one of the white socks that I wear on the outside. The more I look, the more clutter there is on the floor, with more stuff and more trash just seeming to appear by the moment.

      By this point it is 11:05, and there is a maid at the door. I explain I am running slightly late and ask her if she can come back at 11:35, and she says she'll even give me to 11:45. I keep looking for my missing sock, and suddenly even the socks that I was wearing have disappeared, and I know I didn't take them off, and am wondering what the heck is going on. Meanwhile, I am sorting through all my comic books, which the other guy has scattered all over the place, bending a bunch of the covers in the process, and I am wondering why he had to make such a mess of things. By this point, I have managed to clear all of my stuff out of the bedroom that was mine, though there is still a bunch of trash in there. Since more and more of my clothes have disappeared off my body anyway, I decide to take a shower before continuing, and take off the rest of my clothes, but that is when the maid shows back up and lets herself in, along with the manager.

      So I am trying to get dressed again, and the manager is asking about disassembled computer parts which I realize are not mine, which means they must belong to the other guy, and I am wondering how the blazes we got so much junk into the room in a single evening! The maid starts to clean the one room I had finished with, and I discover that the clothes which I took off near the bathroom somehow moved into that room as well, so I have to go in there clothes hunting. The bed in the room doesn't have box springs, and instead the mattress just kind of sits on a slope of dirt, which is kind of yucky. But somehow the bed has slid a couple of feet down the hill, and the maid is complaining, and saying there is no excuse for moving the bed, like I am some sort of criminal for it. I point out my size and the loose dirt, and explain I did not try and move the bed, but that it may have happened accidentally. She accepts my word and forgives me.

      Meanwhile, I peak out of the room into the rest of the suite, and there are roaches running everywhere, as he does some bug spraying, though until he started spraying, I had not seen any, and I find myself hoping we didn't draw them in. He is dragging out a dog that he says is rabid, and I see another dog and a cat watching, and wonder how the guy brought in three animals without my ever realizing they were there. I explain to the manager that this is the last time I am ever going to let somebody I have never met before share my hotel room!

      By this time it has to be 1 or 2, and there is still stuff everywhere, and there is a long way to go before I'm going to have my stuff out. The manager is being really nice, and not hassling me, but he tells me it may be time to just break down and pay for another night, before he has no choice but to charge me a big fine. The problem is, I don't think I have any money left. Right about the time I am thinking of calling mom, or maybe Dale, to try and borrow the money to get another night in the place, the guy walks back in. He no longer looks like me, instead he looks like a cross between Nick Wisehart and Neil Patrick Harris, and as he walks back in and looks around the place, he apologizes for taking so long, and says he hoped to come back with a lot of money, but had no luck, and will have to hope this does for the moment.

      He hands me two fifty dollar bills, one that looks like American money, and one that is about twice as big and really colorful and purple, and almost has to be a counterfeit. But since the real $50 would be enough to cover the room for another night, I just head out the door to try and give it to the manager. The problem is, I find the manager with his father, who is the owner, and who he has already told me is a lot more of a pain, and may cause us problems about the whole thing. Thing is, it looks like the owner just won the lottery, and may be in a good mood.
    9. Dreams Do Come True . . . In My Head Anyway!

      by , 10-08-2013 at 11:59 PM
      Dream One

      My crush’s mobile. A job was calling him but he went to the loo and said “If that’s the job, don’t press the red phone button or the call will die. Just say I can’t come to the phone etc”
      He was really angry when I lost it
      Time reversed and then I got the call in time, he was really happy
      School setting
      Costas or Neros Brownies, found some coins on the floor
      My crush went to sit by my cat in the garden at home

      Dream Two

      Chatted to my crush on FB, sent me pic of his messy room and then we talked for a while
      My crush had just come back from a skiing trip
      Met them in the hallway couldn’t say anything but a mumble
      Posh hotel ran upstairs to room
      I was in a dress like Cinderella!
      He saw me
      Assembly, sneaked in at the back
      Lost my debit card and passport took someone else’s debit card

      Dream Three

      School fields, football
      Changing rooms, didn’t have the right things to wear
      My crush with other friends, posing for a photograph didn’t communicate
      Secondary school lot
      My thoughts of “I’m going to be so sad when this year is finished, still, another six months to go!”
      Running around and getting in the way of the matches

      Dream Four

      Glee was on. When it finished I shouted “Wahee!” and my crush looked at me laughing but with a kind smile. Was walking talking about Cory to someone, little paths in a wood setting
      Theatre school? Dancers
      There were lots of cakes, really good cakes
      Arty projects on the table
      School again

      Dream Five

      School, my friend and her daughter wanted me to see her presentation?

      Dream Six

      My school friend bought a bright blue skirt 180 pounds
      I lost my History book
      She hired guards so the dress wouldn’t be stolen

      Dream Seven

      Harry Potter staircases (the difference between them)
      I’d just started the Harry Potter job
      My school friend was there and there were yellow flowers but she didn’t do the presentation with someone.
      I was at school AGAIN – Old friend was there cheering me on about me explaining about the Gryffindor Sword and Page to Screen.
      Another friend was coming to pick me up from a school

      Dream Eight

      My crush accidentally deleted me off fb and then requested me but then explained he would be on another account called Mums.
      I nearly got run over while thinking about him

      Dream Nine

      Jk rowling was at the library
      Teaching us writing
      My friend
      Stepping stone shadows?
      Jaqueline Wilson had written a letter to JK Rowling about her next venture
      I said how the latest book had had ‘notes’ of Potter
      I said “I’ve met you before” and whispered studios and winked at her lol

      Dream Ten

      My crush sent me another message
      Dad and his partner and I went down to the beach
      Cakes, Victoria sponge
      My baby don’t care singer older woman
      Tshirts on
      One tshirt had dad from guitars on the beach on lol
      One back to the future tshirt flashed other designs car
      School was back in the dream, homework? Classes
      Dad's partner had changed the kitchen tables, she was getting stressed
      I said “Why not make it like a restaurant?”

      Dream Eleven

      Old school crush, we’re all on the bus
      Bus picked me up from old bus stop
      My friend in the road didn't get run over
      David Copperfield
      Michael J Fox reminder about his show in the US

      Dream Twelve

      I was in my room, didn’t know if I was awake or not so I was going to jump out the window, then I thought, ‘If I’m not dreaming, I will die’ so I checked another way by doing my usual ‘treading air’ thing to get into flying mode. It worked, so I flew out the window! How come I use more logic when I’m dreaming than when I’m awake?

      There were waterfalls, palaces, rivers, fields, people rushing about, everything was so detailed.

      4 of my cat Emi
      Floated down the stairs
      Met mum who was angry with me 
      Voice over actors
      “Guys, I’ve just had an epiphany in a dream! I can contact animators about voice overs, because they’ll have contacts.”
      Hotel and I flew up the floors

      Dream Thirteen

      GIANT slowworms in the garden!
      My old friends in a shopping centre, one a crush of mine but not the one I keep dreaming about
      There were bathrooms
      That's all I remember
      My cat was white for a second

      I'll start wrting the dates for them in the future! I obviously didn't dream all these in one night

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    10. NCIS: Love, Ziva Style

      by , 01-10-2013 at 08:08 AM
      01-10-2013 -- [First dream of the night worth remembering. May have been earlier bits, but if so, not a single hint of them in my memory.] I am taking the NCIS team on a sort of a team building exercise which is supposed to end in a giant orgy. We're driving around in a van much like my roommate Randy's vehicle, on our way to a phony hostage situation, yet I am the only one who seems to realize it is phony. The others just don't get it.

      We drive down a long, tree-lined road in an out of the way area, then turn in to a small sub-division, me calling out directions to Gibbs (who is driving) while he talks on his radio with 'the agency' we're working with for this team building exercise. Soon we come to a roadblock of police cars about one house past the house where a couple of shooters are holed up, shooting at the cops outside.

      A couple of team members take the back, and a couple of us take the front. I look carefully, and can see one shooter firing out the front door, but it takes a while to spot the other, shooting between the blinds of an upstairs window. I don't have a gun, so I'm waiting for a time when things slow down enough (both gunmen having to reload at the same time) that I can rush the house, and at first I am ignored, then the upstairs gunman notices me, and starts to take aim.

      I spot him, and move into cover in a large bush, and he is leaning further and further out the window, trying to get me in his site. He seems to be kind of leaning out against a fairly frail tree limb, and suddenly *CRACK* he goes flying through the air in perhaps a 15 foot arc, crashing to the ground and dropping his weapon. I call out that he's lost his weapon and go running for it, but he is still closer to it. He picks the thing up and starts to aim at me, and I'm calling out that he has it again, thinking I'm dead, when *BANG*, Gibbs shoots him from behind me.

      He's already taken care of the gunman in the doorway, and we're all now heading inside to scout out the building. Ziva has been injured, and is resting in a chair, Tony and McGee are taking the downstairs, and Gibbs and I are scouting the upstairs. But it isn't at all like it is supposed to be. These are supposed to be really posh rooms, very high class, with lots of beds, hot tubs, and lots of people having sex for us to join in with. Instead, the place is empty, and looks like a poorly maintained Days Inn, or perhaps worse. There is black mold everywhere, almost all the beds are water beds, and they are leaking so if you try and lay in them, you'll be soaked. Half the upstairs is in the middle of renovations, with sawdust and wooden beams everywhere. An absolute mess.

      I decide to make the most of a bad situation, and head back downstairs. Ziva has fallen asleep in the recliner she was sitting in, and I pick her up in my arms and explain I'll take her upstairs to the one good room, so she can rest peacefully, all the while admiring her legs in the slightly short skirt she is wearing. I carry her upstairs and place her in the one bed that doesn't seem to be leaking, then start to undress.

      As I do, Ziva comes to, and asks me what's going on. I remind her of the training exercise and tell her she took a bump, and that I brought her up here to relax and maybe have some fun. By this time, I am very close, and lean in to kiss her, and she doesn't seem to have any objections. She does, however, ask what the ground rules are, and how far we want to take this. I tell her that is her decision, but I smile as she says "All the way."

      So we're kissing passionately and undressing each other. I've just managed to remove her top, and am studying her breasts, while telling her how lovely she is, when Tony busts through the door, muttering some of the things we've been saying back and forth in a high falsetto, and we're ready to kill him for spying on us. Turns out the rooms are wired for sound and video, and they have been sitting around in the lobby watching us, but now Gibbs is calling us down for a different kind of action. But we're still going to kill Tony!

      When we get downstairs, we find a sort of dining room with several small, square tables. The whole team is there, including, oddly, McKenzie from NCIS: Los Angeles. She is reading a poem, something very Dr Seuss-like, except it is complete gibberish, and makes no sense. The grammar is also very poor, and Ziva is going nuts trying to correct it with her ever-improving knowledge of English grammar and idioms, but she can't get anywhere, since as I said, it is complete nonsense.

      I glance at her, and see a large wood spider dangling from her ear almost like an earring, and ask her what she thinks of spiders. She admits she isn't fond of them, but doesn't have a particular problem with them as I try to brush it out of her hair. It is a fairly large spider, it's body maybe an inch and a half by a half inch, with long legs, and at first I am thinking it is a non-venomous variety, but moment by moment it is shifting, looking more like a venomous version, and then even morphing into a scorpion, crawling on her hand, but thankfully not biting her.

      Somehow things just shift, and I am now on the new case, which seems to involve something about comic books. At first I am looking at sheets of paper with the pages printed on them, but unbound. Then it turns to more and more sheets, some in three ring binders, some in matchbook covers, oddly enough. I am running down the street chasing some that seem to be blowing in the wind, and have to stop and study a number of squares of toilet paper to be sure they aren't printed on those.

      Soon I find I am facing some odd sort of version of Ultron (in this dream, a silvery robot) as I am turning into Captain America. I have a white, clay-like substance in my hands, and I am kneading it and rolling it into a kind of miniature shield, then it very quickly enlarges and hardens into an almost indestructible form, ready for use. I find myself facing off against numerous bad guys in three trucks, right in front of Marie's house, down near Greenleaf.

      There is a truck running right for me, and I use magic or psi powers (not sure which) to create a kind of force field so it can't reach me, right about the time it blows up. There is another truck behind it, filled with gunmen who are trying to shoot me, and that truck blows up as well, the gunmen being caught in the blast and burning alive, before turning into some sort of undead zombie types, as another truck behind blows up. Though I can't see him, there is a hint of Ultron doing a Green Goblin sort of thing with pumpkin bombs.

      The whole thing seems to be on some sort of time loop, as I find myself arriving, raising the force shield, and watching the guys turning into zombies two or three times before I wake up.
    11. The Get-Rich-Quick Meeting

      by , 01-02-2013 at 06:01 PM
      01-02-2013 -- This one seems to start almost as a gas station mystery shop. I am at the pumps at a gas station, getting ready to maybe pump some gas, and also looking around at outside displays, thinking to maybe get some oil. I suddenly realize I brought oil with me, and it is already mine, even as I am pulling it off the display, and am hoping I don't get in trouble for using my own oil, because it sure doesn't look right, the way it is going down.

      Soon I stumble into a sort of meeting of an organization that seems to be kind of a get-rich-quick thing. You know ... the various real estate gurus who advertise buying property with no money down and making a fortune. There is a sort of feeling of some kind of scam going on, and though no characters appear, there is a strong feeling of something connected to Psych. The guy leading things seems to be Alexandre O., a pastor I knew from my days at Hosanna Printing.

      My cell phone rings, and I am asked to turn it off, as they want no recording of the meeting. My phone quickly turns into a small hand-held cassette recorder, and though I try to turn it off, the wheels keep turning and the tape keeps moving, so I think it is still recording. They don't think it is a problem, though, since that is what everybody else's recorders are doing. (Just how many people are recording this thing when they aren't supposed to?)

      It is a longish meeting, and there is a lot going on. It goes on for quite a while, but not in any detail I can put down here, except in a few small scenes. At one point they give a small, meek, slightly Oriental girl (think Amy from Futurama) a lot of money, several thousands of dollars that they collected from the rest of us at the meeting, and she is insisting that it is too much. The guy in charge interrupts her, and demands she tell us her name, and this shy girl who has barely spoken to us, and has identified herself as Amy in a whisper speaks out loud and clear, and gives her full name in a forceful manner. His point? Money has a large effect on a person's self confidence.

      They bring a pizza in, and ask me to try the first piece, and I could swear it was the pizza that was made in my last dream (see Harry Potter, Voldemort, and the Pizza). It looks like the pizza from Aldi's, as it did, and is also fairly mangled. At one place, the crust has bubbled up, but instead of just a bubble in the crust, it bulges up and almost looks like a small planet on a column rising up from the crust, and I am really not sure about eating it.

      Soon the meeting has been thinning out, and I have been asked to do something to show some sort of talent or skill that I will use to make something of myself. I grab a rather basic and simple guitar and start to try and play it (rather badly, as I have no idea how to play the guitar) and one of the other people takes it away from me. They somehow kind of unfold it into a much larger string instrument like a bull fiddle or something, and start to play amazingly on it.

      I am embarrassed, but I start to sing along as they play. I have a lovely voice, and sing really well, but very softly because of my throat. [I have had no voice for about five years.] Soon we have moved away from the hotel we were in for this meeting, and Alexandre has turned into what almost looks like Peter David, and I find myself actually kind of whining about how I'm not actually good enough at anything, as we are trying to cross a really busy street to get back to the hotel.

      The street crossing was fairly realistic, except for trying to dodge into too small of gaps in the traffic, when we can see much larger gaps a few seconds away, and would have just waited for them in real life. As we finish running across the street, Peter David has turned into Dale, and he has accidentally run behind a fence which separates the street from the sidewalk, so he has to back-track to get around the fence. I expect to beat him to the hotel because of this, but he still gets there first.

      We head inside, and I note in passing that it is a nice hotel, but when I push the button for the elevator, and the doors slide open, they don't open onto an actual elevator, but onto a hallway containing the elevators. Weird. I glance at our room number, which is something like 5641 or some such, and hit the button for floor five, but that's not where we want to go. The rooms are not numbered by floor, but sequentially, and we have to read a sort of chart to figure out which floor our room is on.
    12. Television Thugs and the Drunk Ball Player

      by , 12-24-2012 at 05:57 PM
      12-11-2012 (or so) -- I am at a hotel, somewhere, and am riding up and down various escalators. There are some thugs who are after me, and I see them a few yards away on another escalator. They see me, too, and start to try running down the escalator to chase me. So I kind of slide down like you might on the divider between escalators, except I am kind of hovering over the step portion, sliding down, instead. The thugs really have to hurry to have even a chance of keeping up.

      So I reach the ground and start running, hoping to get away while the thugs are still trying to get off the escalator, but they are soon on my tail again. It feels like they are from a TV show, but I just can't manage to remember which one. They manage to catch up with me after a bit, and I have to fight with them. I am holding my own, but there is no clear winner or loser. There is another person being attacked, and it is Peter Petrelli from Heroes, but he doesn't seem to have any sort of powers.

      I break away and run off somewhere where I can grab somebody's computer to try and look these guys up on a show guide, and find out who they are. I am thinking they are from a TV show where the title is a girl's name, but I am convince I am wrong ... turns out I have it exactly right, though. (Can't remember what the name of the show would be, however.)

      Soon I am on the run again, and there is lots of running, chasing, and bad stunt car driving. It is quite a significant chase, but I eventually end up out in the middle of nowhere, in a deserted area where one of the good guys seems to almost be building a baseball stadium. (Shades of Field of Dreams!) I think it is Dave D. He seems to kind of be recreating a team that went bankrupt a few years ago or something, and he's asked for my help. I don't think I can play very well, but maybe helping more on the managing aspect?

      There's a referee who is really badgering me about a backstop that is missing the wire mesh to contain pop flies, and we are trying to explain to him that the mesh will be in place by game time, and there is no reason we shouldn't be able to practice, in the meantime. After that, Dave is sending me to a locked restroom, where I am supposed to control a very, very drunk past star who may very well make or break the team.

      I am supposed to get him interested in playing again, in uniform, and on the ball field, while he is far more interested in finding more to drink, womanizing, and possibly avoiding aliens that I think are trying to kidnap him, though unfortunately I didn't remember to note anything about that part. Very strange!
    13. Fragments: Dobby's E-mail, Flying on Magic, Visiting with Sirius, and a Dragon in Mammoth

      by , 12-23-2012 at 07:59 PM
      [Trying to get them out of the way, a lot of less detailed fragments from the month of December, all put into one post. And I thought there were more of them, but there only turn out to be three ... and last night's very short bits.]

      12-23-2012 -- [Very poor and short night of sleep, afraid there wasn't much from this.] Very fragmented, but it was a Harry Potter dream taking place away from Hogwarts. At one point earlier in the dream, I was in a 'reality' where Dobby was my elf (I was Harry Potter, BTW) and to allow us to communicate easily during the summer without having to allow elf popping in a muggle area, Dumbledore gave Dobby an e-mail address to keep in contact with me, and Dobby was really, really excited about it.

      At times in the dream, I spent a lot of time at home feeling sick and just mostly laying around in bed, and eating or drinking boring food. Nothing at all exciting, except the times that I would end up falling out of bed. [Hope this, combined with the very poor night of sleep, isn't telling me I really am coming down sick!]

      Later in the dream, two other unusual bits ... for one thing, I was in a different reality, where Dobby was not actually my elf, but had become a Hogwarts elf (like in the actual books) and I needed his help. Calling him didn't cause him to appear, so I was thinking of using the e-mail for him, even though it was given in a different world, but I couldn't find the e-mail anywhere, because I kept having to wipe my computer and reinstall everything. [True to life. Will be replacing or repairing computer within a day or two.]

      And secondly, in this particular reality, Lucius Malfoy was serving as a sort of wizarding mentor, watching over me. In this dream, Lucius was neither completely good or evil, but much more complex than that. But I had to ask him why his son didn't have any of his Slytherin qualities, as was such an absolute berk, and he admitted he despaired of Draco ever becoming what he ought to be!


      12-13-2012 -- I'm out in a desert area, a long way from home. When I am ready to go home, I just kind of lean back, as if sitting on nothing, then just kind of drift along invisible on-ramps to invisible highways as I fly along non-existent roadways at high speed. No spells or anything, I just kind of tell my magic what I want it to do, and it does it.

      I come to a major city, and find a friend of mine, and tell him about it, but no matter what, he just refuses to believe me, so I finally have to just leave him there as I zip off on my invisible whatever it is.

      I end up visiting with Kevin B and his family for a little bit, then go on to a slightly spooky hotel. I am running around going up and down elevators and the like to find myself in a dingy back room somewhere. the place is frightening, as are the people, but I'm just here to pick up a dog, so I ought to be able to avoid any trouble.

      I head into the back room, where Tucker is running around on the floor, but when I try to pick him up, he backs away and growls at me. I can sense there is something wrong, and speak up about it, but the unfriendly lady working here tells me there is nothing wrong, and to take my darn dog.

      I reach for him again, and he's still growling and fussing as another lady walks in the door with another Bijon in her arms. She was given the wrong dog, and assured all was good. But she wants her dog back. Tucker jumps out of her arms and runs over to me, while I glare at the lady who tried to force the wrong dog on me.


      Somewhere around the 8th or 9th of December -- Earlier parts all faded away, but I am walking down the street somewhere, and I've been visiting with Sirius, and have just sent him walking down the street with somebody (perhaps Fleur?), planning to catch up with them a few minutes later.

      There is a large half-giant female who suddenly turns into a full giant, with a name of Fredrica, perhaps? I think it might be Hagrid's mother. Somehow we're trying to keep things safe and sane.

      That is, until I find myself walking into a classroom setting with Dumbledore in the front of the room, and we are playing all kinds of horrible tricks and pranks on him, before doing even worse to him because of all he's let happen to Harry.


      12-11-2012 -- There's just a little hint of a scene here, standing outside a gas station somewhere, preparing to do a mystery shop, then suddenly the scene changes.

      I am suddenly in a cavern deep in the heart of Mammoth Cave, in a deep portion of the cave that few people have ever reached. I am in an area with a river or a lake, but I think it may be a river or lake of acid.

      Suddenly there is a huge red dragon in the air above me. Somehow I am swinging the dragon, half in chains by swinging the chains, and half just mentally holding it and swinging it around. I am using it to brush red push pins off the walls of the cavern, but somehow I also bump it against the ceiling, which is bringing some rocks down on top of me.

      Soon I am doing enough damage that it shakes large areas of the cave, and the river suddenly triples in size with much more 'water' pouring through, leading to worries that I may have flooded myself, until a portion of the floor collapses, and the water all just flows away into an even lower section of the cave. Short, but neat.
    14. Fragments: Flying on Magic, Visiting with Sirius, and a Dragon in Mammoth

      by , 12-22-2012 at 06:24 PM
      [Trying to get them out of the way, a lot of less detailed fragments from the month of December, all put into one post. And I thought there were more of them, but there only turn out to be three.]

      12-13-2012 -- I'm out in a desert area, a long way from home. When I am ready to go home, I just kind of lean back, as if sitting on nothing, then just kind of drift along invisible on-ramps to invisible highways as I fly along non-existent roadways at high speed. No spells or anything, I just kind of tell my magic what I want it to do, and it does it.

      I come to a major city, and find a friend of mine, and tell him about it, but no matter what, he just refuses to believe me, so I finally have to just leave him there as I zip off on my invisible whatever it is.

      I end up visiting with Kevin B and his family for a little bit, then go on to a slightly spooky hotel. I am running around going up and down elevators and the like to find myself in a dingy back room somewhere. the place is frightening, as are the people, but I'm just here to pick up a dog, so I ought to be able to avoid any trouble.

      I head into the back room, where Tucker is running around on the floor, but when I try to pick him up, he backs away and growls at me. I can sense there is something wrong, and speak up about it, but the unfriendly lady working here tells me there is nothing wrong, and to take my darn dog.

      I reach for him again, and he's still growling and fussing as another lady walks in the door with another Bijon in her arms. She was given the wrong dog, and assured all was good. But she wants her dog back. Tucker jumps out of her arms and runs over to me, while I glare at the lady who tried to force the wrong dog on me.


      Somewhere around the 8th or 9th of December -- Earlier parts all faded away, but I am walking down the street somewhere, and I've been visiting with Sirius, and have just sent him walking down the street with somebody (perhaps Fleur?), planning to catch up with them a few minutes later.

      There is a large half-giant female who suddenly turns into a full giant, with a name of Fredrica, perhaps? I think it might be Hagrid's mother. Somehow we're trying to keep things safe and sane.

      That is, until I find myself walking into a classroom setting with Dumbledore in the front of the room, and we are playing all kinds of horrible tricks and pranks on him, before doing even worse to him because of all he's let happen to Harry.


      12-11-2012 -- There's just a little hint of a scene here, standing outside a gas station somewhere, preparing to do a mystery shop, then suddenly the scene changes.

      I am suddenly in a cavern deep in the heart of Mammoth Cave, in a deep portion of the cave that few people have ever reached. I am in an area with a river or a lake, but I think it may be a river or lake of acid.

      Suddenly there is a huge red dragon in the air above me. Somehow I am swinging the dragon, half in chains by swinging the chains, and half just mentally holding it and swinging it around. I am using it to brush red push pins off the walls of the cavern, but somehow I also bump it against the ceiling, which is bringing some rocks down on top of me.

      Soon I am doing enough damage that it shakes large areas of the cave, and the river suddenly triples in size with much more 'water' pouring through, leading to worries that I may have flooded myself, until a portion of the floor collapses, and the water all just flows away into an even lower section of the cave. Short, but neat.
    15. The Advertisement and the Hotel

      by , 08-31-2012 at 03:18 PM
      08-31-2012 -- [Last dream of the month. And it's been a busy one for dreams. Not much going on the rest of the night, just dull fragments that aren't worth noting, but the last couple of hours of sleep, something longer, more detailed, and lucid.]

      One little bit that may not have even been part of this dream, but a fragment from another ... I was driving down an on-ramp, just about to get on a freeway, when I hear a gun fire. I seem to be on a motorcycle, and there are a couple of motorcycle cops here, as well. We all stop, crouch down on the ground, and start looking around for who might be firing. We here no more shots, but more and more shell casings keep appearing. Finally I glance up in the tree we're standing under, and the guy with the gun is up the tree. He isn't firing at us, but is dropping casings on us.

      There's almost a sort of secret agent vibe to the first part of this. I am in a house (or maybe it is a pub) somewhere, just kind of doing my own thing, when somebody has given me a package of papers. They say something that kind of indicates the model in the photos will do whatever she is told, and I find I'm kind of worried for the young lady.

      The various papers are mostly advertisements, though what they are advertising, I'm just not clear on. They all feature an attractive early 20s blond model, and there is nothing obviously wrong, but more and more I find myself worried about the woman, and I slowly start talking to people about how she might need some help of some kind. The response I mostly seem to be hearing is that I'd better watch it, or my girl-friend will get jealous.

      So I talk to her. She is also attractive, blond, and probably early to mid-twenties. I explain I feel the young lady needs help of some kind, and make it very plain it's nothing more than that. My gf seems very supportive of this, and even points out hints that all the photos in the ads show signs of being doctored, which seems to indicate that the girl may not even be as attractive as she looks in the ads. The one straight photo (as opposed to ad) seems even less real.

      My gf has put down the packet of information on the hood of my car while we talk, and somebody else has come by and picked it up and started to walk off with it. I chase him down the maybe 20 yards he's gotten, and take the packet back. I put it back on the car hood, and sit a pizza box on top of it. But when I walk back into the bar, my girlfriend has run off, and there are now hints that she got very jealous, though there was no reason for her to be.

      By this time, though I have no idea why, either my girlfriend, the girl in the ad, or perhaps the bar, is French. There is an extremely tall woman across the bar, probably at least 8 feet tall, and mostly legs. She is wearing a yellow mini skirt, and somehow seems to like walking around and even standing in a wide stance, and I can't help noticing it would make it very easy to look up her skirt, since it ends above head height for anybody sitting down.

      I walk back outside to get the packet off my car, just to find packet, pizza box and car are all now missing. I'm depressed and annoyed here at first, because this seems all too common. I come across a woman talking to a man, and both are dressed up like Disney custodian crews. I ask them if they know what happened to the car, packet, and pizza. They indicate they have no idea on the car and the packet, but a guy had just given her this half-empty pizza box. I look inside, and it does indeed look like my pizza. I give it back to them, and invite them to enjoy it. After all, I've already eaten half of it, and am not really hungry at the moment.

      I start walking west, getting mellower by the moment. I don't know why, but I just start to think I am dreaming. I decide to use a test directly from some of the dream techniques I have been learning about, rather than my own usual dream tests, and I take several fingers of my left hand and start pressing them against the palm of my right hand. Nothing happens at first, but I just press a little harder, and slowly the fingers pass through the palm until they are sticking through the back of my right hand. Yup, I'm dreaming.

      I see a hotel further down the road, and figure I'll head there, start going through some rooms, and find some fun. It is something I have done frequently in my dreams. As I am walking over a bridge toward the hotel, I notice something very strange off to the side, a combination decorative stream and miniature golf course. Some guy or gal (probably guy) is playing a hole, but the bridge beams block sight of most of the person.

      I walk on to the hotel, and pick up a couple of sets of keys, figuring with my dream powers they'll work for every lock, much like the keys at that hostel we once stayed in, in London. I don't know why, I never use keys in these dreams, anyway. This is a rather large, multi-floor hotel, and very fancy. I wander around until I find the elevators, and they are so fancy you can't tell what are the elevator doors, and what are the wall decorations. So I end up standing at the wrong place and miss the first elevator. I have to push a button and wait for a second.

      I get on the elevator and push the button for the third floor, figuring that ought to get me up high enough to start finding rooms, but the elevator doors open onto a small flight of around six stairs. This seems odd. I climb up the six stairs to find myself in the middle of a really fancy restaurant, which I have found on the third floor of many hotels in the past ... in my dreams, at least.

      I pass through the restaurant and up some ramps and things until I find myself in a hallway on the fourth floor, looking at actual hotel rooms. There is an attractive brunette, probably about 35 or so, walking into her hotel room, and I decide to start by following her. She has shut the door, but I walk right through it. Her husband is there, though, and I don't want any trouble, so I just walk through the wall into the next room.

      I walk further and further 'down' the hall, but not in it, just walking through the walls between the rooms. Unfortunately, it is about three in the afternoon, and almost nobody is in the rooms, and the few rooms anyone is there are filled with couples, so I don't get to have any fun.

      I've gone through maybe eight or ten rooms this way, but the next wall I walk through doesn't put me in a hotel room, but some kind of operations center, keeping everything running smoothly at the hotel. They don't see me walk through the wall, but as I pass through the room, they do realize they don't know me, and one guy starts hassling me for my red security badge that gave me entrance, when I don't seem to have one, he is all over me.

      I start to run, and he gives chase, but he's slightly faster than me. I give up on making a quiet departure, and just go running toward a wall, but right as I reach it, he grabs on to me, so I pull him through the wall with me. He's shocked, but still isn't letting go. So I grab him, push him back against the wall, and shove. He phases through it, and loses his grip on me, so he's stuck on the other side.

      Unfortunately, he has a radio, and he wastes no time in letting the entire hotel know where I am, what I look like, and what I can do, so every employee in the place is now chasing me, trying to grab me, and making it impossible for me to get anywhere quietly. I try to drop through the floor, but floors and ceilings seem to be much harder to go through than walls. I try to fly, but the ceiling is too low, and I am still easily reachable by people stuck on the ground. I just can't get away. Then I wake up.

      [You'd think this would be amazingly frustrating, but it was just slightly annoying, and mostly challenging and fun. I am also convinced I need to somehow develop a dream power of Jedi mind control in my dreams, so I can just walk up to guys like this and tell them "You don't even notice me. I am not worth bothering with. These are not the droids you're looking for." and just go on my way.]
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