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    1. The Tour Guide and the Evil Brother

      by , 09-16-2017 at 04:35 PM
      08-22-2017 -- Unsure how this will come out, how much I'll remember, and whether it will be interesting or not, but we'll give it a try. There were earlier bits, but the first thing I can remember is riding in a sort of passenger van down a street that I've remembered from many other dreams, a slightly smaller road connecting major highways, sometimes in the RPV area, sometimes in Washington, and sometimes in England, kind of connecting Cambridge and London This time is one of the Cambridge ones, and the beautiful blonde 'guide' (for lack of a better term) is commenting how we'll soon be at our destination, and I mention it should be right over the next hill, and then make a big deal about how I remember that from my England trip in '92, even though I have not been back, since.

      There is a guy driving the van, dark hair, fairly slim, but we're told to ignore him, as he 'doesn't exist.' Indication is, the blonde should be driving, and the only person here, but she prefers to have help. She's quite attractive, and a mild flirt, and I can't help but hope something eventually happens with her, but for now she is mostly involved in serving us as a sort of guide. There are several others on the van, including a family with several children, and I am trying to entertain them by picking up some candy and juggling it. There are several small chocolate balls maybe a half inch in diameter, and then I accidentally pick up something that looks much like a Cadbury egg, and hold it up next to the others and comment on "No, that's not right!" and drop it. So I have the three small balls, and I am trying to juggle them, but I can't juggle, so I end up tossing one up and down in my left hand, with two in my right, just tossing them up and catching them with the same hands. The kids know that isn't what juggling is like, so they laugh at my antics, which is what I wanted in the first place.

      Somehow we've eventually arrived in France, and though I don't get the hows or whys of any of it, we all end up strolling into a classroom where the class is in session, and this annoys the professor, who is poking fun at us. The driver, who was the one who brought us here, is being forced to smoke the professor's pipe, and told he needs to cough like the professor before the professor will listen to him. Meanwhile, the professor is blowing smoke in his face. So the guy takes a puff or two on the pipe, then starts blowing odd smoke formations. Instead of 'simple' smoke rings, he is blowing a sort of smoke chain or smoke 'lattice' that kind of reminds me of making balloon chains. Very cool stuff. The Professor seems kind of offended by that, and then asks the driver if he is a secret agent. The driver says no, and the professor answers with 'Well I am, and we've been after you for a while," and arrests he and the gorgeous blonde. Myself and the other passengers are just kind of brushed aside, and left on our own. The blonde tells me not to try and find them, I think, as they are hauled off.

      The family is looking to me for leadership, no idea why, but is ready to throw me off at a moment's notice, so what's the point? They are talking about where to go next, and how to get there, and we get separated for a minute, and I end up spotting the driver and the guide running toward a train station. I guess they managed to escape the folks who had them, and are making a break for it. I chase after them until I reach the ticket takers, who aren't about to let me in without a ticket, but that's ok, I just wanted to get close enough to call out a 'good luck' to the blonde, who has short three letter nickname that is masculine, while she most certainly isn't. It's as if I were calling her Bob, though that wasn't actually it. Anyway, the ticket taker/guard looks at me strangely, but I don't care.

      I run into the family again, and the oldest daughter has decided she wants to go to Publix, because of how great a store it is, and I am kind of surprised to learn that the chain has spread throughout Europe. I'm trying to figure out how to find one, as the others just walk up to a mall directory, and discover a Publix in the mall (which is huge, with something like 6 or 8 'wings' of shops, and much larger than any other mall I've seen before), but of course it is on the entire other side of the mall, and I'm fat and out of shape, so my comment on the whole thing is along the lines of 'of course!' I turn around and discover the family is gone again, so I glance at the map, identify where the Publix ought to be, and try to head off in that direction.

      I'm kind of walking, kind of running, but things get a little strange, as I look in the direction I want to go, and am suddenly moving much quicker, almost like I was riding a segway or something, except there is no equipment, it is just the dream helping me get around more efficiently. I must have made a wrong turn somewhere, as I find myself in a huge hotel on the outskirts of the mall, and since I still need to get to the Publix, I try to turn around to get back where I started. Suddenly I find myself in somebody else's vehicle again, and I come to realize it is Uber, but that Uber is very strange and different in other countries.

      The driver is a sort of a young punk, and quickly runs his very strong car (build like a tank) into the back of a pick-up truck, which knocks it into the smaller car in front of it, which is then knocked through a barricade, as my driver laughs at them. He offers me a couple of tootsie rolls, and I am about to turn it down because I don't like tootsie rolls, when he reminds me that in other countries, Tootsie Rolls are not just the sticks of weird 'chocolate' that isn't quite chocolate, but a wide variety of different treats. I unroll the roll, to discover four pieces of candy of the See's or Russell Stover type inside. Yummy. Meanwhile, the driver has caused another crash that wrecks another car, and leaves his virtually untouched, and he continues to laugh as he explains he is taking out his competition, while refusing to pick up their passengers who are desperate for rides.

      Soon I am back where I started, in the mall, and still trying to get to the Publix, but now I seem to be driving my own French Uber, problem is, I turn onto a highway I hope will take me to the Publix, only to find all the traffic heading directly at me. Forgot I was in Europe, and have to drive on the left side of the road. (Obviously my dream cannot remember that's only the UK!) So I swing off the road and quickly turn around, heading back off the freeway without causing myself or anyone else any trouble. I drive a few meters down, and find the correct entrance, heading the right way, but there is a large gang of bikers parked there. I am worried they might want to cause trouble, but signs and announcements proclaim that biker gangs often help maintain the peace and keep order. What?

      Anyway, momentarily I find myself pushing my way through crowds on a train, as part of another Uber tour where I am just along for the ride, and the person who is in charge is very much like the other punk, and likes to pick up little kids who need to go pee and set them on top of tables so they pee on the tables and when the train shifts, it runs into people's laps, so he can joke about it. These folks are nothing but trouble, and I keep moving along, wanting to make it to the next car, where I find myself sharing space with the gorgeous blonde and her driver again. He's worried to see me, but she's just flirting again, and rubbing up against me, as she tries to 'explain' things without explaining anything. I ask if they heard me call out to them before, but get no answer. Just more flirting from the gorgeous blonde! All I know is I want her, and every time it seems something might happen, he just happens to pop up again, and she says I'll just have to wait and see if he ever lets anything happens! AAUUGGHH!!
    2. Back in Haunted Time Passage House, Hidden Objects Style, Ties to Other Dreams

      by , 07-04-2017 at 05:31 PM
      06-03-2017 -- This one was from a month ago, jotted it down immediately, but didn't have time to get it on the computer until now. Much of the earliest bits have faded, but I am probably Harry Potter, judging by much of the stuff that comes later. It is late at night and I am trying to get some sleep, but I am rooming with a slightly stuck up but more or less OK Draco Malfoy. So while I am looking for a little bit of private relaxation time before falling asleep, Draco has been getting more and more into muggle electronics, so wants my help setting up his TV, cable box, DVD, video game systems and so on. So I'm kind of half-assing it, hoping in the process he doesn't stumble across porn and go nuts about it.

      I've got most of the stuff at least partly hooked up when somebody new wanders in and notices that his VCR doesn't have the cable channels tuned in, so he's only getting 6 or 7 broadcast channels, and the new guy starts to correct that, and is also showing him how to hook up and use his CB radio. Since he's now got other help, I'm more than happy to just turn around and head to bed.

      The next thing I know, I find I'm in a new circumstance that relates to several past dreams, including the Doctor Who/BtVS dream of a few months ago, and many others, including various secret passage dreams and more. I find myself outside an old three or four story house that I think I fought a plant in during another dream I can't find to link to, and I have a lot of memories of the last time I was here, and the things I had to do, but not exactly, or in what order, so I'm still having to puzzle a lot of it out.

      I start on the West side of the house, can't say what floor, but I'm kind of looking in a window at a room where the mom has fallen through a trap door in the floor (and possibly also time ala the Tonks scene in the above Doctor Who dream) to a lower dungeon-style room. The thing is, she'll need to be rescued on that floor (and in that time), not through the trap door she fell through. Meanwhile, though I should only have a limited view through the window, I can somehow see all kinds of people wandering up and down stairways throughout the house, though they should be out of sight, and quite possibly in other times. Strange.

      I move along the back side of the house, the area that most seems like the plant-fighting area, then I find myself in a hallway along the East side of the house, and there are ghosts wandering through the area, some helping and some hindering the regular people. At first I seem to be one of the ghosts, but as time goes on, I become more and more solid. Meanwhile, I am trying to use my half-remembered knowledge from previous dreams to help the regular people solve the 'puzzle' (it's all feeling kind of like a hidden object game), and am giving instructions. I point to one ghost in a room next to the corridor, and ask it to grab some tools and bring it to me.

      I realize almost immediately that this is unlikely to work. The ghost is probably not going to be able to pick up the tools, because it is a ghost. But it might be able to pick them up if that room is in the same time as the ghost, but even if it can pick them up, it probably won't be able to take them out of the room, and finally, if it did get them out of the room, then the tools would probably be insubstantial to me, so I probably wasted my time making the request. The ghost grabs the tools, and starts to bring them to me, but as it passes through the doorway, the door slams shut, and I figure the tools remain in the room. But no, the ghost kept them and brought them to me, and I found I was able to hold them, so that's why I figured I must be a ghost, too, at this point.

      I follow the East corridor to a large room at the back of the house, where there are a lot of people and ghosts around, and a lot of junk to possibly sort through. One of the ghosts is an old-fashioned housekeeper dressed in the appropriate garb, and looking just like Hermione Baddeley as the housekeeper in Mary Poppins. The room is one where I found Luna Lovegood in another time trap in a different dream, but this time there is no sign of her. Instead it is a long room with piles of junk to actually climb over, and some broken and damaged walls being guarded by an angry and dangerous tiger, who has several tiny ghost tiger cubs in the area. I suddenly manage to remember that I have to find some balls of ghost food to feed the ghost tiger cubs to be able to get by the real tiger.

      I ask the housekeeper to hand me the box full of food balls, and I start trying to toss them across the room into the cubs' food bowls, but being ghostly balls, they have no mass, so don't toss well. First I try to help them along by blowing on them, and it helps a little, but not enough. Finally I just throw the entire box of food, which gives it just enough mass to reach the other side of the room, and get a little bit of food in all five bowls. So I carefully creep past the ghost kittens, and the live tiger leaves me alone, and I crawl over more of the stuff, getting nearer and nearer to the ceiling, where I find a sort of secret passage way. It looks like there is a wall, but it's an illusion, and you can move right through it.

      I crawl up into a hallway on the floor above, and again I can remember it from other dreams (but not any particular dream the I can link to). I am now in a medium-length corridor. I crawled up through a passage at the floor level, and I know that there is another passage directly across from it at ceiling level, but it seems whatever point I have arrived at, we either have not yet found the step-ladder that we'll need to climb to reach the ceiling passage, or we haven't moved it here yet.

      There are doors at both ends of the hallway. The end close to the two secret passages is behind me, and it doesn't seem important. It is probably the first way we entered the hallway, early on in things. I seem to remember the door at the other end of the hallway being locked, and we have to pick the lock. I send my friend off to find the step-ladder, and head to the door at the end of the corridor, just to find it is already unlocked, so we must have already gotten that step taken care of.

      Spoiler for Humor and Sex:
    3. Working at the Adventurers Club and Avoiding Supervisors

      by , 07-04-2017 at 04:31 PM
      07-03-2017 -- I'm headed to the Adventurers Club for the evening, as I always do, and have a small part to play in the show (kind of like Margaret had one line she always threw in at Preston's, just to give them the start of a joke, if nobody else did), but tonight it seems someone is missing, and Graham decides to use me to solve the problem. He grabs me, pulls me back stage, and starts throwing me into a costume, planning to make me a larger part of the show.

      Meanwhile, I am being forced to swap out some of my regular clothes for the costume parts, and getting ready, and I run into Anne (who is doing Pamelia for the first part of the night), who sees I am helping out, and decides to apologize for the way she's been acting to me the last few years, which kind of blows my mind. Anyway, I'm now dressed in a bit of a pirate costume, and am being dragged through some of the backstage passages and the off-limits cast elevator that I've known from multiple past dreams, while I'm keeping my head down so that the wide-brimmed hat I'm wearing hides my face, in case the Disneyland supervisor who was always trying to cause me trouble happened to be around.

      Anyway, I'm walking along with several of the guys, including Glenn, Jay, Karl, and Joe (as well as Graham). I soon find myself being kind of forced into the Beezel 'mask' and being told to read the prompts that are being projected in front of me, but the mask is blocking my vision almost entirely, so I just can't read it, and I'm stumbling along, which is ruining the show. They pull me out, and ridicule me slightly, but it's still friendly and good-natured, and they just cancel that Treasure Room show.

      I'm trying to get back out of the mask and ready for the Hoopla, but unfortunately it is taking time, and I end up missing it. I'm just reaching the area when the other performers come running backstage. It must be some sort of Halloween show or something, because all the ladies are kind of half-wrapped up in bandages and wet plaster, and Fairies (one of the female performers whose name I don't know, but she used to sing a song about fairies in her garden) is kind of freaking out an urging people to get the stuff off of her. It seems she is kind of claustrophobic or something, and having all this stuff stuck on her is really difficult for her. I'm commenting on not having realized just how much the ladies had to deal with, while wondering what happened to Anne, since Fairies only plays the Pamelia role.

      Soon we're all back in the dressing room, and I'm being told to take off all the costume bits, including the slightly lacy/ruffled undershirt that was comfortable enough that I forgot I was wearing it. Meanwhile, it seems the female performers wanted to thank me for helping out today, so they all decided to flash me for just an instant, but somehow I just knew what they were going to do, and at that particular moment it didn't feel right, so I turned around at just the right moment to miss it. Meanwhile, I'm still struggling to get out of my tights. Sheesh!

      Soon we're all in our street clothes, and ready to exit the dressing room, and moving on we're going to have to pass through a gauntlet of fans, and the others have decided to stop and pose for some photos, just so they can pull me into them and make sure I'm credited for my evening's work, seeming to not realize how much I have having my picture taken. Meanwhile, I somehow have a basketball in my shirt, and I am trying to get rid of it. I pose in the back, where I am mostly blocked by the others, and give a little wave at people, and then we're about to move on, heading to the employee exit. The problem is, I glance down at my feet and realize I have no shoes or socks. I must have left them in the dressing room. I tell the others I'll be right back.

      So I make it back to the dressing room, and I manage to quickly find both my shoes and one sock. But the other one is missing. They are the short ankle socks, in the dark grays. I also explain to Andre, the wardrobe guy, why I am back, and that I am not trying to steal any of the costume bits, just get my shoes. Soon I'm heading back out, and trying to catch up with all the others. I hurry through a backstage section that I am not at all familiar with, and eventually catch up with a couple of the ladies in a bit of an obstacle course kind of area, and they are forcing me to swing on a bit of a trapese (half trapese, half zip line) to cross the room. Since it is only about a foot above the floor, it is no big deal, but I land on a trap door which drops me down to the next room, so its still a bit startling.

      In the new room, the third female performer is complaining that the other two forced me into using that method of getting through the room before I was ready, and goes back to give them a piece of her mind. Meanwhile, I continue forward through what almost seems to be a warehouse of magical props, as I am glancing at sponge balls and colorful cups and linking rings and scarves and the rest. Cool dream, overall.
    4. At Mammoth, Trying to Reach Unexplored Areas, Rock Throwing at Eisenhower, Sailing Disney

      by , 06-27-2017 at 11:59 AM
      06-25-2017 -- The first thing I can remember, I am wandering around in some of the outermost bits of Mammoth Cave, just puttering around, part of a small group which is being shown around. I am hoping to get into some of the deeper, less well-known portions of the cave, but the people showing us around have no intentions of letting us get deeper in, and deny the existence of the deeper sections, while I'm catching glimpses of of branches I can remember from other dreams that lead to dangerous or tricky sections of the cave.

      Soon we're outside the cave with cliffs looming above us, and there are some falling rocks which we have to dodge to remain safe. It is pretty easy, and fine, when it is just a few random rocks falling, but soon it is determined action of punks up above who are pushing them down, trying to nail us with them. So we're running around this way and that, trying to get out of the way. Soon this leads to being in more of a river-like area that is half circular river, half Eisenhower Park river (I've drempt of this before) and instead of throwing things on us from above, the natives of the area are throwing things at us from within the river, or on the banks. Still dodging though. (And somehow part of it is happening at the edge of Holly Way. Weird.)

      Somehow things are turning into a Disney thing, and I'm now trying to sail a small sail boat through the river, which is drying up badly, and somehow I end up 'jumping' the boat over a barrier, and into a restricted lake filled with rare sea-life. I know I am not allowed in here, but am hoping not to get in too much trouble, since I am not trying to go down into the water, but am simply sailing on top of it. Meanwhile, I am stuck in one end of the lake or enclosure, with the wind against me, so have to (and know how to) tack the sails to sail (quite fast) against the wind to the other end of the lake. Seemed much more detailed when I dreamed it, but has faded and can't be remembered well.
    5. Premonition dream: Log 1 - First Instance

      by , 04-21-2016 at 04:54 PM
      User '101Volts' replied to my thread with a plethora of info on dreams and reminded me of premonition or 'precognitive' dreams, dreams which seem like they predict the future. I'd suggest checking my thread on dream influences to read their entire reply.

      The first instance of this happening to me was back in primary school. I dreamt that I was in school and walking to the playground when one of the girls I knew ran past me in a blur. About a week later the same thing happened but in real life. I had to stop and stare for a bit, trying to process what had just happened.
    6. More Mystery Shopping at the Four Stations in a Row, Problems

      by , 12-01-2015 at 05:06 AM
      11-28-2015 -- It must have been four months, because I am doing another APEC shop at the area I have dreamed about several times in the past with four (or sometimes 2 or 3) stations kind of hidden behind each other. Usually the first couple of stations are horrible, with tons of problems, and staff who yells and screams and threatens, trying to keep me from doing my job, but the back two stations are fairly good, and friendly.

      This time, I start at the back, beginning with the very first station, and nothing goes smoothly. There are problems in pumping the gas, and the people working there are fighting with me, and trying to say I have no right to report on how the station is. I'm actually rather surprised, because this station almost always gets really good reports, with only the occasional problem with too many signs, but they are acting like the place is a disaster area, and I am going to get them fired or something, when really it isn't bad at all.

      So I'm running around trying to take my pictures, and there are too many signs, and some litter in the landscaping, but again, it really isn't that bad, and they are still going to get a pretty good report ... which is why I don't understand all the hassle. I'm trying to explain this to them, but they just don't want to listen, and I'm really confused. There is also something with a cute dog or two around, but it is nothing but problems.

      These four stations right next to each other ought to take less than no time, but instead it is hours and hours of being yelled at for no reason, and watching the time waste away, and simply being miserable at how badly this is all going.
    7. Dobby Will Show Bad Lucius, Dobby Will!

      by , 10-07-2015 at 10:23 AM
      10-04-2015 -- This one starts oddly, especially since I can't remember most of the beginning. Somehow Pat Q., Paul O., and I are all together, and sitting down for pizza somewhere, like I'm pretty sure we've done in the past in real life. Thing is, we're also going on and on talking about our phone numbers, including a slightly odd number that I can't remember awake, but seemed to be an important phone number from a past dream that I no longer remember.

      One of the many things we're discussing is how Lucius Malfoy has kidnapped Dobby, and we're hoping that he's going to be all right. The good thing is, he soon pops up to tell us that he managed to escape, and has decided to tak his revenge on Malfoy by grabbing an important book of documents; some kind of record keeping for Lucius' evil plans or illegal financial dealings. He's brought it back to Pat so she can use it to cause him trouble.

      So somehow we use a 'spell' in the form of a technomancy piece of equipment to copy one page of this material, then I wear at it and mangle it until I manage to make it nice and soft and very old looking [like that paper ball Jimmy had been mangling in a class until it became almost cloth-like from the fibers breaking down], and then use it for something else, and leave it somewhere that Malfoy will find it, discover a few of his secrets on it, and start to worry about what else might turn up somewhere unexpected.

      Soon the paper has turned into a huge map, which we have hung on a wall, and somehow as a part of this incredible plot (which becomes less sensible all the time) we're soon shooting at it with guns, putting a number of holes in it. Soon we're working at printing gold paper money. (The paper the bills are printed on are actually made of gold.) We're printing it on a fairly normal printer, feeding in letter-size sheets of thin gold, and printing the bill lettering and such on it, but I bump the printer, and the paper shifts mid-feed, messing up the bills. I try to fix it by kind of pulling the lettering off, and trying to smooth it out, then reaffix it to the gold, but of course it doesn't work.

      Soon I am grabbing huge wads of unprinted gold bills that have already been trimmed down to bill size, and stuffing them into a brown paper bag, trying to hide the evidence of my damaging them, until we can perhaps resmelt them or something. About that time, a huge guy who is an odd cross between Hagrid and a huge black hillbilly walks in, thinks I have his lunch, and grabs the paper bag and opens it. When he sees what is inside, he's kind of shocked, and I have to swear him to secrecy about the whole thing.
    8. Who Wants to Marry a Gay Millionaire?

      by , 06-11-2014 at 07:49 PM
      04-26-2014 -- Odd one, with several parts. It starts with me seeming to remember a dream I once had, that involved walking through the snow in Southern California, and I seem to be telling my sister about it. It was a fairly interesting dream, but not supremely so, and "I recall that it started right ... here." Here being the parking lot of the place my sister is currently working, and I explain how I was here to pick up a package (in the dream) to courier it somewhere, and I spotted all the snow, and started off to walk through it for a bit. [Might have tied into the dream where I ran into the 10th and 11th Doctors in a bar, dressing up like pirates, here.]

      As I continue to tell my sister about the dream, I follow her into her work place (which somewhat resembles the 3M Dental warehouse). There's tight security, but she has no problem getting me in. We are wandering through the office area, me still telling her about the dream. We soon find ourselves standing in front of a strange cross between a vending machine and a weird sort of robotic Santa Claus giving out candy, and for some reason we are trying to empty the thing out, taking all the candy. Most of it we are just putting into a basket that everybody can take it from, but as we get close to finishing it off, I do keep a few bits for myself, including a couple of small bags of M&Ms, and what I think was a white chocolate version of a Willy Wonka Scrunch bar, a thing that has never actually existed. For some reason I am putting them in my pockets, even though I know they will melt there.

      Melody has wandered off to talk to some of her co-workers, and as I was almost finished with my dream, this annoys me. I wait a little bit, but just when I am about to be able to tell her the ending, she wanders off to talk to more people, and I decide I have had enough, and I am just going to leave. I head to the exit, wondering if security is going to give me issues for leaving without her being with me, but they just wave me through. Soon I find myself out in the parking lot, looking for my white car. Problem is, it isn't where I left it, and I am walking back and forth through the parking lot looking for it, until I begin to worry that it might have been stolen. Also there seem to be some toughs approaching me, and I am thinking things are about to get painful.

      Then suddenly the scene changes, and I am in a house where I seem to be sharing a room with either Ron D. or perhaps Chris (Kevin) W. For some reason we are literally sharing the same bedroom, and I find myself preparing to take my old wicker laundry basket out to do a load, but I have to make sure I gather up all my clothes, and none of his. Very strange, especially since the scene just changes again, for no reason.

      I am now sitting in a bar, along the right side of the bar. There are tons of people around, and we seem to be filming an odd sort of cross between a game show and a reality show. There is a very cute English blonde (I think it is the blonde I saw in the latest Star Trek film last night, Alice Eve) who has to decide which of two gay men (both already in a relationship with another guy) she is going to marry. We're all in this bar where she and her friends interact with these two guys to decide which one she will choose. First it seems like the show is being hosted by George Takei, but it may eventually switch to being hosted by Drew Carey.

      I don't really approve of the whole thing, so I am pretty much just sitting quietly, staying out of the way, but Alice is wearing a really mini mini skirt which is riding up further and further to show her stocking tops, and then eventually even her bush, while a large group of somewhat large and unattractive black ladies are standing around berating her and calling her a slut. I am just enjoying the show. Eventually the gay couple who were sitting at my part of the bar have wandered off, and there is nobody on that side any more, so I decide to move to the left side of the bar and take a seat, but as I do so, everybody is telling me I can't, and to go away, so I move back to the right side of the bar, just to find there are a couple about to take my seat there. I explain it is my seat and I need it, and have to tell them about the filming before they will go away. But eventually they do, and I have my seat back, and find myself talking to the boy friend of one of the gay men who Alice has to choose from, and we are both agreeing this is very stupid.
    9. The Bathroom and Driving Auggie

      by , 12-31-2013 at 08:20 PM
      12-29-2013 -- [This one was very detailed, but not all that exciting. Oh well, I still find it kind of interesting.] I am staying in a big house which I have dreamed of before, which is owned by BAM, and has a strange terrace-like area with bathrooms and a pool on multiple levels. I am being urged to hurry and get ready to go somewhere by a dark-haired teen who is probably 15 or 16, but reminds me of Auggie from Covert Affairs. It seems I have agreed to drive him somewhere and he is in a hurry to get there. He is going to be a little upset with me, because I decide I need to have a shower, first.

      I start climbing down toward the pool, then back up toward the bathroom, but when I get there, I find that BAM is using the shower, and is just climbing out, and since we are no longer on good terms, I want to get out of there before she sees me and accuses me of spying on her or something. As I try to hurry back the way I came, I bump something, and she hears it, and starts to come after me, so I am hurrying, yet trying to stay out of sight. I manage to make it, and as I get back to my room I decide I will have to forgo the shower, and just start getting dressed.

      Unfortunately, I am interrupted by another person who comes in. She is a teen girl, and I think she is the boy's sister. She is kind of pudgy, and most reminds me of the daughter from the animated series Wait 'til Your Father Gets Home. She is practically screaming at me, accusing me of eating her Totino's pizzas. I know I haven't eaten any Totino's but my own, so I come to the kitchen to check the freezer. I discover that actually all the frozen pizzas have been eaten, and whoever ate them then took the empty pizza boxes and stuck them back into the freezer to hide the fact that they'd been eaten for a time. I am very annoyed, and explain that I think Scott ate them all, and I am very angry at him for both stealing the food, and for hiding the fact in such a way. [In actuality, Scott is a brand new roommate who just moved in where I am currently living. While I do not yet feel comfortable around him, I do not believe he is stealing any food.]

      Soon I am dressed, and am walking past the large dinner table, where a bunch of visiting relatives are sitting and chatting. It is an odd cross of BAMs relatives and those of Joe L's family, and as I pass, I give a nod to the kid wanting a ride to follow me. We walk outside, and approach a small red sedan. I have a lot on my mind, and am thinking about a work shift, and without really thinking about it, climb in, start the engine, and drive off, leaving the kid standing there. I realize it a few seconds later, as I find myself driving along a busy tourist strip that seems to probably be Highway 192. I realize what I have done, and make a u-turn to go back for him, just to stop almost immediately because he has been running behind me, and almost managed to keep up. I stop the car and let him get in, then start apologizing profusely.

      Then there is a time jump, and we are back home, having already finished whatever errand I was taking him on, and perhaps even having finished the work shift I was thinking about. The kid is now spending time with his family, though there may be a small bit about a missing cell phone that gets me thinking about the situation with Scott forgetting his cellular phone at work. I find myself sitting across the street from the house, trying to build a strange model of a roller coaster out of those old orange Hot Wheels tracks. It is supposed to be a short shuttle coaster sort of ride, except it is a small, complete oval, including a loop, though I am having problems making it all fit together right with the coaster station. A woman walks across the street from the house to see me, and she looks like Cindy L, but has the current negative attitude toward me of BAM. Somehow one or both of us is somehow shrink-wrapping a book or something, and I try to give her a serious compliment that just fails to come out well, but we still manage to end on slightly better terms.
    10. The Hotel and the Magic Show

      by , 11-16-2013 at 08:23 AM
      11-14-2013 -- [Can't remember all that much of this one, but what I could remember had some small parts that were kind of interesting.] First bit that I can remember was a lot of running around, chasing and being chased in what was part school, part lab, part hospital. At lest part of the time I was naked or part naked, and though I can remember nothing specific, I am almost sure some of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters were there. One of the dreams where there are doors in unexpected places leading to secret passages, and went on for quite a while with lots of people and running, but no details I can remember.

      Soon it turns into a Disney hotel with seven floors (in real life it reminds me of the Radisson) that I have frequently dreamed about. I find I am on the third floor, and instead of moving to a room or a elevator, I walk to the side and push a button that makes a balcony appear outside of one of the rooms, and climb on to it. I planned to continue on to the rest of the balconies, but the button I pushed only created the one, and there are no more buttons. I think for a couple of minutes, then just speak to the air like I were on a Trek holodeck, and speak into being the entire row of balconies, and walk to the other end, where I move back into a hallway and am waiting for an elevator. When it opens, Endora (from Bewitched) walks out, and kind of glares at me, which makes me a little nervous.

      I dodge into the elevator and push a button, trying to head up for the fourth or fifth floor, but the elevator won't go where I want to go. A couple other people get on, and I eventually manage to get off, but I exit into a sort of fancy restaurant located halfway between the second and third floors. (It is a restaurant I have dreamed of between floors at least two or three times before.) I try to make my way through it, and climb up to the third floor, but the floor plan is getting more and more complicated, and I eventually have to get help from a bus boy to find my way out of the restaurant.

      As I exit the restaurant I instead find myself entering the three-wing shopping mall (that somewhat resembles the Westminster Mall) that I frequently dream about, and find the area I am entering is right next to the arcade. There are video games and flashing lights, and it is a multi-level arcade. I quickly realize that it is a cross between the five-story Disney Quest and the game center that I once invaded in a dream as Spider-Man, but this time I just walk right past it and find myself in the fourth floor of what is turning from a hotel to a cruise ship. (Though it is a cruise ship that has seven decks. That part is remaining stable.) I take the stairwell up to the fifth floor where I walk into a strangely familiar bar.

      I quickly realize it used to be the Adventurers Club, and I am on the Zebra Mezzanine, but they have removed all the artifacts, lined all the walls with bars, and the main focus of the room is now two very large cages. Greg Schuerman climbed up on top of one of the cages to make a speech about the loss of the Club and his memories of it, but he can't actually remember what he is trying to say, so he climbs down, then climbs in the cage with a 'wild animal' that may just be a man in a gorilla suit as a tribute to Marcel. There are a couple of other wild animals in a sort of giant circus wheel type of gadget, and as they approach, Greg flees out the door in 'terror.' Once the door closes behind him, he grabs a small wooden crate (about 18" square by 6" deep) and starts to fold himself into it, in preparation for a magical appearance. But never mind the trick, I am just amazed he can squeeze himself into such a small space.

      A fellow dressed up as Frankenstein comes slowly wandering out with a pallet jack, and he is supposed to pick up the crate, but he is acting really unintelligent, and pretending he doesn't know what he is supposed to be getting, so keeps half loading up the wrong things, while some woman sitting in a wheel chair is disgustedly telling him he is an imbecile and a stupid thing, and is trying to direct him to the right crate. I'm just standing there thinking it is an interesting, if bizarre, show.
    11. Fairy Gardens and the Planetoid

      by , 11-16-2013 at 08:10 AM
      11-03-2013 -- I am doing an ever-changing route of BankAtlantic style mystery shops up and down the East coast that are slowing morphing into a discussion of what packages I will and won't deliver to a somewhat rural area out near Haines City / Davenport that I have dreamed about before. (The area where there is some kind of medical laboratory, and a weird FedEx office that will receive and hold packages, but not deliver them.) I am debating about how I do not have to do deliveries to that area at all hours of the day or night, but frequently agree to because I like the run. As we continue arguing, the area we are standing is slowly turning into the church on the corner of Dale and Crescent.

      Soon I am running around the place kind of mowing the grass with a large sort of weed wacker, first along Crescent, then along Dale, then along the back of the church, beside the driveway / parking lot. Soon I find I am moving back toward Dale again, and somehow the land is getting more and more hilly, with a narrow path running down into a sort of valley near the base. I see a maintenance guy who is in the process of locking a gate that will block off part of my access, and I explain about the lawn work I am doing, and how I used to be in the cadets, and he agrees to wait for a bit before locking up the gate.

      Soon I am cutting down weeds in a sort of culvert which is very green, and very much like the drainage ditch as it passes through the Dad Miller Golf Course, where there seem to be people living and staying, and I find I am angering some sort of mob boss, though I am not sure if it is the Italian Mafia or the Chinese Triad. Except that somehow I just somehow saved his life, so now he quite likes me, but he still refuses to shake my hand because his people might take it the wrong way. Jerk!

      I continue to mow the grassy areas, but they are turning more and more into gardens, first a very small dusting of flowers, then getting into more of a fancy Japanese garden feeling, then even more busy and vivid, and starting to look like massively colorful fairy-like gardens, where I soon find I am shaving the tops off of very fancy decorated cakes that are starting to grow too tall. But I am starting to worry that I may get in trouble for trimming these, and even fear I may not be allowed in these gardens at all. Then I run into somebody else who tells me I am doing fine, and that I am welcome here. At this point the multiple gardens on multiple levels keep growing so much that they are all starting to merge together, that the tiny spaces between them are becoming like tight cave passages.

      I ask for help in learning what I am doing, and the guy is more than happy to teach me. He leads me to a sort of a ring of wires that are encircling the gardens (which are turning into a big sort of circular planetoid that vaguely resembles the Death Star ... if it were covered in plants). [I have dreamed about this three or four times before, web slinging as Spider-Man, swinging around on vines, fighting circus animals, in past dreams, but it seems this is the first one I have gotten entered on the computer, at least so far.] The wires are all bunched together around the planetoid, looking kind of like the rings around Saturn. He tells me we have to separate the wire for the particular garden we want to work on, and that will allow us to travel the wire to reach that garden portion.

      I look at the wires, and there are probably about 200 of them, all different colors and patterns on the wire jackets, and they seem to be numbered from 1 to 148, with a few As and Bs scattered among the various numbers. Some are grouped together even tighter, like wires 31-40 which are all bundled together with ties and tapes, making it easier to find them, but harder to separate them. But if you manage to grab your particular wire and separate it from the rest, it will then drift ever more distant from the rest, and then you can kind of glide / fly along the wire to it's particular garden, where there will now be enough space to easily move around and work on the garden. Very metaphysical, like you somehow access extra dimensions to allow you more room to work in.

      The guy gives me a couple of specific wires to separate and ride to, to kind of test my learning, and I am soon trying to pull apart and separate the wires to gain access. I think one of the ones he tested me with was either 48B or 68B, one of a group of 10 or 15 orange wires all taped up together. A lot of fun!
    12. The Professor in the Loose Shirt

      by , 11-13-2013 at 07:56 PM
      11-11-2013 -- [Probably earlier bits I can't remember.] Am on what seems to be a sort of college campus, perhaps in a quad or something. There are a lot of people around and a lot of arguments. Politics or racial issues (repub vs dems or America vs Islam), and a lot of people feeling very strongly or getting upset. There is a blonde professor (female) and Lisa Williams (the DJ, not the psychic) arguing about the issues, and things get tense enough that they actually reach the point of getting into a bit of a fight, shoving each other around and throwing blows.

      At one point in all this, I get caught in a legs scissor by a massive guy who is crushing me and causing me some serious pain as he squeezes me with massive tree trunk legs, but I eventually manage to wrestle my way free. At one point I end up sitting down on a bench and talking to a young woman (brunette, 18-20) who thinks I am an idiot, but doesn't particularly have anything against me. Right now she is griping and complaining about her mother, who is the blonde professor. The girl kind of reminds me of Faith from BtVS.

      The professor comes along and is arguing with the girl, and seems to be raking up leaves as well, cleaning the area up. She is blonde, somewhere in the age range of 45-50, and has large breasts. She is wearing somewhat loose clothes, and when she bends far enough over while raking and gathering leaves, her impressive breasts end up swinging out, and I am enjoying watching her. She either doesn't notice, or doesn't care, but does ask me to help with the raking, and gathering leaves, even as she is asking about the size of my lawn waste garbage bags. I tell her I don't know what size they are, only that they are fairly big. I don't really want to do this, but it will keep me close to be able to keep enjoying those breasts, so I agree.

      I grab a broken rake (the part of the handle remaining is only about three feet long) and start to do some raking, gathering up leaves, and avoiding several 2"-3" thick branches the professor has stacked in a pile on the ground. Soon I also find myself gathering up some litter and garbage out of the gutter, and dodging a somewhat large and possibly danger spider under some of the junk. Meanwhile, a cement truck is backing up to the curb, though I don't know why. Gathering more leaves, and the professor (who is still falling out of her top) invites me home with her and her daughter for some coffee and maybe some food. I am hoping this is going to lead to something pleasant, so I agree, and suddenly we are there.

      The house is kind of damaged, and packed with lots of junk, and I manage to find the worn and beaten coffee maker and haul it over to her, then ask her to look at it and see if it needs anything else, so that if it does, I can start looking through all the junk, trying to find it. She says it ought to be OK, and says she is making some meatloaf. This worries me since most people make meatloaf with onions, and I am kind of mildly allergic to onions. The daughter is helping with some of the clean-up and still griping, and I may have kind of half-woke, because I find myself trying to recall the earlier bits of the dream (Lisa and the politics and stuff) and am looking for something to write them down on, but am having problems finding anything.

      Suddenly instead of being in the professor's house, I find myself in an enlarged version of the Pageant house, but it is owned by Rosemary. This is like several other dreams in the last year or so, where my room is in the same place, but is a lot larger, and there are four beds in the room, and four of us share it. The whole room is quite messy, with everybody's stuff and clothes strewn all about the place. One of the other roommates (who reminds me of one of the roommates from the Amidon house, though I can't remember his name) is complaining about the mess, and I point out that I am only one of four tossing stuff everywhere, but say that since Rosemary kicked me out, within another week or two, I will have all my stuff out. Meanwhile, I am still looking for an envelope to write the early part of the dream down.

      I take a few minutes to pet Lady (one of Rosemary's dachshunds), and the unhappy roommate wanders around cleaning some of his stuff, when Rosemary comes bustling in. She seems unhappy with me, which doesn't surprise me. What does surprise me is the seeming reason. She demands to know why I wasn't around for Thanksgiving dinner, and complains of lots of food that didn't get eaten. I explain that, after our last argument, and how she threw me out, I didn't think I was really welcome. Turns out I was.

      Anyway, I finally find an envelope to write the dream down on, but as I am trying to do so, the unhappy roommate starts spraying something on stuff. There is no pleasant odor, so it probably isn't an air freshener. It might be a bug spray or something. But since he is spraying it on clothes laying around, books, and even some comic books, I'm getting a little worried. He tells me the comics are his, and not some of mine, but still.... Meanwhile, I still can't concentrate on writing down the dream, and Rosemary may be coming back to do more ranting, so I decide to try and go back to the professor's place.

      I exit the house, and find myself on a hill. It may be in Omaha, or possibly in England. It has some of the feel of both. I am wearing roller skates, and find myself rolling down the hill very fast, so step off on some grass to slow myself down for a moment. I see a cop in a patrol car, and am worried he'll hassle me, but I have my back to him, and he drives right past me. I continue down the hill to the main street, and make a right turn onto it, just to discover I have no idea where the professor lives. So I just start wandering the neighborhood, hoping to recognize something.

      Eventually, I step into a house and am wondering if it is the right place, then I find an answering machine, and it is my sister's, and I find that the message I left her, that I worried couldn't be heard because of my voice, actually came through better than I expected. About that time the professor's daughter tells me I have been rude, and to sit down and eat the huge steak her mother cooked for me, so I guess I found the right house.
    13. Freeway Problems and the Lauderdale Accident

      by , 11-13-2013 at 07:53 PM
      11-10-2013 -- Driving in an area that is a cross between Downtown Orlando and I-5 in California. It is one of the dreams in the busy freeways / construction zones category that I often have. I was heading north for a few minutes, approaching Downtown Orlando, then turned around and found myself heading South, just to find I was on I-5, approaching the Anaheim Plaza exit. There is a train track running parallel to the freeway, and I am somehow pointing out places where the tracks would switch, and theorizing on how the switchings would affect freeway traffic. (Since they are parallel, but unconnected, in real life it would have no effect, but this is a dream, after all.)

      I wave to a cop on the freeway shoulder who is a friend, and am listening to Z88.3 on the radio. Soon I continue on the road, and I-5 has turned back into I-4, and then (as I am still heading south and I-4 runs more east/west) find myself on the Turnpike, instead. I am heading far south, though I am not sure if I am doing mystery shopping or delivery work. Soon I find myself down at an automotive shop next to a gas station around Fort Lauderdale or so. I am puttering around this seemingly abandoned shop, and come across a bag of some kind of chemical that is used in repairing cars, and since it just seems to be sitting there, I stick it in my backpack.

      I wander around a little bit, and find myself on a slight hill, looking at a short (about four feet tall) fence separating me from a gas station with another auto shop as a part of it. It is a station where I have often been in dreams before, and I have also had work done there before on my scooter. I try to climb over the short fence, though my knee is giving me troubles, and I also get a little too close to a kid in a red baseball cap, which seems to make the adults in the area (his parents?) a little nervous. But I ignore them and move on. As I approach the gas station, I find out that they are working on my scooter once again, and are warning me that they probably won't have it ready until tomorrow. I have no money, and no other transportation, and I'm thinking to myself that I guess I will be spending the night sleeping in their parking lot. The guy then tells me "And you can't stay here!" Darn! But on the other hand, my car (yes, it is now a car) is ready.

      I guess I am half driving it to the payment counter, and half making a delivery, because I pull up to a spot that is not a parking space (like the diagonal white lines that aren't a parking space, but mark off extra space next to a handicapped spot) because I am only going to be here for a moment, either making the payment, or making a delivery, but the guy goes nuts, and tells me I am not going to park there, even for a moment, and he doesn't like my attitude, and they probably won't use our services any more because of this! He's really mad, and it is ridiculous overkill. For some reason, Graham Murphy is standing there, and is agreeing with him, and I'm figuring I guess Graham isn't really a friend.

      I say I will move the car, and am walking toward it, but the guy won't allow me to. He is now searching through my backpack, and finds the bag of chemicals, and claims it is his, and is now after me for stealing, as well. Graham, meanwhile, has taken my car keys, and is moving my car, himself. I call out to him and tell him that he doesn't have my permission to do so, and he just took my keys, so it could be considered grand theft auto. Not going to have him charged, of course, I'm just saying .... Finally, I have had enough, so I push past the guy and make my way to my vehicle, which now seems to be a cross between an ice cream truck and a Mears handicap van. Graham is sitting in it, I guess I am driving him back to Orlando. The kid in the baseball cap is also here, and is asking me for a ride to where he is going, which is a bit north, probably around the West Palm Beach area. Graham explains he isn't really against me, he was agreeing with the jerk because he didn't want an argument, and was just trying to get us out of there quicker. How do I get into these things?

      So I am heading north on the Turnpike, until I suddenly find myself driving in a mall parking lot, wondering how the heck I got here, and why I am here ... I should still be on the Turnpike until West Palm Beach. I drive to the edge of the parking lot and turn on to the street. I am approaching the light, and right on the other side of the light is the entrance to the Turnpike. Problem is, the light turns red. I put on the brakes, but they are kind of soft, and I come much closer to the car stopped right in front of me than I would like ... on the other hand, I do manage to stop on time, so it's all good. Problem is, the car that is in the next lane over. It is also trying to stop, and going too fast, and in trying to stop, it clips the car in front of me, and sends it into a spin, and while it is spinning, it hits me. Graham gives out a curse, angry about more delays. So we have a three car fender bender, that was in no way my fault.

      I get out of the van, and am getting out my digital camera to snap some pictures of what happened, but Graham immediately begins to drive the van through the intersection and out of traffic. What was the entrance to the Turnpike is now a small, out-of-the-way cul de sac. Now understand, I planned to move us out of the way, but wanted to get a few pictures, first, to help make it clearer what had happened. So now the three damaged cars are all sitting in this little cul de sac, and I am taking pictures while waiting for the cops to show up. Another guy tells me not to bother, because he is taking video footage of the whole thing, but I still plan on taking my own pictures. One of the cars contained a lady and a kid, and they are leaning against their car (I think the one that got clipped) and there is an elderly couple who were in the car that started the whole thing.

      I glance back at the intersection, and find that there has been another accident, and this one is really bad. There are some severely mangled vehicles, and I can see them stuffing bodies in body bags as cops direct traffic, and fire trucks and ambulances drive off. I tell the people around me that it may be a while before the cops can get to us, but remind them at least none of us got hurt. Meanwhile, the side of my van shows an advertisement for coffee machines and supplies, and there is a lady standing there that wants me to come in to her place of work an install a coffee machine right now. I'm wondering about a company that does both courier work and coffee services in the same truck, and trying to explain I am not a part of the coffee side of the business.
    14. Falling Off the Zebra Mezzanine

      by , 11-13-2013 at 07:43 PM
      11-08-2013 -- I am at the Adventurers Club, and it is fully open to the public, but it has a feel like I have not been around much, so maybe it is something like the place has reopened or something. As I stroll around, there is a feeling of regulars around the place, but not people I actually know. I never see any of the real regulars. Shows are being performed, and the actors are interacting with people. I see several of them, though most of them either never came close enough that I actually saw them, or my mind just didn't keep track. I am pretty sure I did seem to see Andy wandering around, and something seemed strange about that.

      It is fairly late in the evening, though not quite fully the end of the night, and I think I am wandering around the Zebra Mezzanine. I step into some sort of booth (maybe half-cross between a phone booth and a music listening booth, and something startles me. I stumble to the edge of the mezzanine, hit the rail, and end up balanced precariously on it for a few seconds, before I tumble over the edge, and fall into the main salon, below. In the fall I flip around and land on my feet, and I am kind of amazed to find that I am unhurt. Servers and managers are bustling toward me to check on what happened and make sure I am OK, and one of them is Bobby (the guy who once took away Doug's bag of Voban and got cursed at for it), who needs to speak to me, and verify I am all right.

      He takes me back stage via the elevator (which in real life only went between the first and second floors of the Club, but in my dreams has very often also led to a backstage green room sort of place, and a backstage area that has frequently been at (or like) Disneyland's Frontierland backstage area). I explain being startled, and falling over, and that I am completely unharmed, and then start trying to get back to the Club because I want to see the end of the night Hooplah! Because I have been with Bobby, nobody seems to mind my using the elevator from the backstage part, bu the problem is, it seems to be kind of broken, and refuses to move part of the time, and moves to the wrong floor at other times, and so it is wasting a lot of my time.

      It finally reaches the main floor of the Club, but as the doors open and I am about to get out to try and see the show, the actors start to file in. The Hooplah! just ended, and they are heading to the green room. Since nobody is usually on the elevator at this point in the evening, they just start pouring in, and I don't have a chance to get off. One of the performers is Anne, and with all of our issues in the past, we are intensely ignoring each other for a bit. The person that I thought was Andy steps in, and it turns out to be somebody close to Andy's size and coloring, but with a different face, and I remember that Andy just died, and relax as I realize why things seemed so strange earlier.

      The doors open, and some of the others exit into the green room, and I am about to continue on to the Frontierland area, but Anne stops me, and asks if there is any chance I can put together a compilation tape of stuff Andy did at the Club from all my video footage. I tell her the bad news is that I no longer have the equipment to make duplicate tapes and things, but the good news is that I have them all on DVD now, and can put together a DVD or two of his stuff. We part having put all past issues behind us, which is kind of nice.
    15. Abby and the Railroad

      by , 06-17-2013 at 06:58 AM
      06-13-2013 -- [This dream ties into a past dream or two about the distant road branching off the highway a bit southwest of Orlando, before it branches off into other areas. Unfortunately, the last dream that I had that used this setting seems to be one I wrote down, but not got typed up, so I can't link to it, but it was the one with the pizza and the giant birds on the farm.]

      I think I have been going to work or coming from work somewhere in the Loughman area, somewhat between Poinciana and Davenport. I am on route 540, and seeing the signs for the highway, and looking for (or leaving) OPC, but there are still hints of the golf course and farm from past versions of the dream. I find myself passing through an area with lots of criss-crossing train tracks that I frequently dream about (having to dodge trains that come on very fast), and I am dodging most of the trains easily and with plenty of time.

      But right as I am on the edge of the area and about to manage to leave, I find myself caught in a very narrow space with a wall on the left and a train hurrying by to the right. But as I glance down at the tracks, they are vibrating so much from the train that they are wiggling around horribly. I am afraid of there being a derailment and my being crushed. Sure enough, soon as I think of it, that's what happens. Thankfully, as the cars start to accordion, they do it in such a way that they not only fail to crush me, but provide the gap I need to get out.

      I think there is an entire extra section of the dream here, but I can remember nothing of it except for a large black dude coming on to me, and my explaining that I don't swing that way. Soon I find myself back in the train area, but this time I am not trying to dodge trains, but more trying to catch one. This has the feel of other train dreams that have me catching trains (sometimes even traveling as far as New York, England, and Paris), the last of which I can recall is posted here.

      I seem to be kind of sneaking around, because I have no money to pay for a ticket, but am hoping to manage to catch a train, anyway. I am wandering around in a back section of the train yard in a place I know I am not supposed to be, and hoping not to be caught. Most people just ignore me, but a couple look like they are going to ask questions or cause trouble. One guy who is in charge of selling stuff decides out of the blue that I am a customer, and keeps trying to interest me in different kinds of freight he could sell me, and somehow it is almost starting to feel like the opening scene of Aladdin, minus the music. And the guy just won't listen to me when I try to explain I have no money to buy anything with.

      As he is drawing more and more attention to us, I start wishing I could just manage to run into Abby (from NCIS), and again, as soon as I think of it, there she is. I don't know what exactly she does for the railroad, but whatever it is has nothing to do with criminal investigations or computers. But whatever she does, she is my friend. I am fairly sure that in a past dream, Joy from the Adventurer's Club was 'playing' the role of Abby, but in this dream it is actually Abby, herself, who is here. Anyway, Abby would like to sneak me on the train, but she can't, and as we are discussing this, suddenly a train has pulled into the station, and the curtain to Abby's area has opened, so she has to go selling things to people.

      Meanwhile, I am now visible to the station platform, so have to start backing away and trying to sneak out of sight. I start to drift into the crowd, and make my way into the cross between a mall and the House of Imports that was in one of the past railroad dreams. Somehow I just know I am still 21 miles north of where I live, so I still have a ways to travel to get home, and I am hoping to hop on the train as it exits the station, but in trying this I somehow miss the train, and find myself back in the train yard again.

      As a sort of combination punishment, and way to stay out of sight, so to speak, I end up manually pulling a couple of round tanker cars around the yard, before I try to rush off. Unfortunately I get spotted by the guy in charge of security over the place, who happens to be Chi McBride. I try to duck through fences and make an escape, but he ends up trapping me in a dead end, and has the police showing up, so it seems I'm probably going to be in some serious trouble here! Darn it!
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