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    1. A Strange Arcade Game

      by , 01-26-2019 at 08:12 AM
      Morning of January 26, 2019. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,031-02. Reading time: 50 sec.

      I find myself in an unfamiliar arcade with minimal lighting, unaware of my conscious self identity. I am at a table and become involved in playing a game, without a backbox, that has the appearance of two side-by-side pinball shooter lanes and little else.

      I push buttons and press the palms of my hands against the front edge of the table. My actions result in one to four balls rolling back and forth in the lanes, knocking against each other. Sometimes there is only one ball on one side. Most of them are like a slightly oversized pinball, but there are also white plastic balls with hardly any weight to them.

      I remain unsure of what the purpose of this game is, but I seem to be doing well, as I keep balls moving in the lanes. I do not see a score indicator. Other people watch me play at times.

      The table has four metal legs. However, there is a short time when the table is on the floor (without legs), and I am playing the game while seated cross-legged on the floor. Curiously, I pay no attention to this error in my dreamís continuity, but it is probably a subliminal dream state indicator that I am not standing in reality.

      Tags: arcade, game, pinball
    2. Day 116: Arcade Phantasm

      by , 06-06-2018 at 06:44 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Dream 97: At The Arcade

      Inside a Cinemark-type building; lots of dark red and black everywhere. I'm racing my brother around the hallways, sticking close to the walls to get around quicker (Thank you Gorman Race Track). On the third lap, I bolt it as fast as I can, narrowly avoiding being face-planted into the wall. Security starts catching on and warns us against running around the theater again.

      My brother and I head for the arcade portion of the building. There's your cookie-cutter Pac-Man machines and lame cabinets--nothing special. Until I come across this one machine at least...

      Well, two of them. My mom tagged along and she used the cabinet behind me.

      The controllers were the weirdest things I've seen. They were wooden cylinders with red buttons on randomly placed sections of the controllers. There were also two of them per person, one for each hand. Both of the cabinets were classic Castlevania clones.
    3. February 20, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 02-20-2018 at 07:10 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The earliest dream I remember was at my dad's old house. We were inside his living room and there were dogs everywhere. His dog Charlie was laying on top of Simon and we were laughing at that. We go into our driveway and across the street to the neighbors house. Out front is Mike Pence and his wife. I look down and apparently I'm wearing a Mike Pence shirt. We all go up and introduce ourselves to them.

      Walking back across the street I see the garage is open and dark. I know this place is haunted in some way. I'm waiting for something scary to happen but it doesn't. Other things happen in the dream but I remember I had left and then come back to the front porch. On the front porch is my dad and sister talking.

      Another dream I'm at my friend Nate's house but it's really someone else's house. I'm there with a bunch of people in this one room doing a raid boss for WoW. We spend about 10 minutes on this fight where at the beginning two orbs make a lightning pathway and then the rest of the people need to find a path around it sort of like snake. We realize the two people leading the orbs really messed it up so we have to start all over. I get up and say that we're going to take a break. People go off into other rooms doing things. Some take showers and I know I'm trying to take one as well. Sam and I sort of fight for one and then he tells me I can and I tell him he can.

      At some point Korri is driving over to her house which is in Castle Wood and I'm tempted to ask her to stop at my mom's house so that I can shower and pick up some clothing. We stop at her place and I can see these two guys in front of me dressing up in shirts and ties but the ties are really messy and they're complaining. I laugh at little but know I need to get ready for this New Year's Celebration.

      I'm not sure about the timeline to the other dreams but I was ultimately trying to get to this New Year's celebration. The scene was over by the KC apartments but there were bars set up and this river/jungle to the right. We were walking by the bars and someone suggested these places, I was reading each of their signs aloud. One was to the right and purple inside. Eventually we're in the different bars. At one bar there were people in clusters under this roof over a bar where a bartender was serving drinks. I think I was trying to help someone talk to a girl or vice versa, I'm not really sure but we were going in between clusters of people having conversation and it got hostile at some point.

      The last dream I was in this arcade place with some of my friends. We are sitting at this table when I see this skim ball game. Someone hands me a ball and I start rolling it up the ramp into the holes. There are a bunch of balls on the ramp in the way so sometimes I hit those and sometimes I hit the top of the cage. People behind me are cheering as I'm making a lot of balls into holes and especially the hard to get ones. I win the game and actually set the record for most points at 175. I keep telling people I couldn't believe it happened. I'm walking over to other games to see what they do. One of the games is set up where there's a platform and then a ball pit under it with a bunch of obstacles in the air. On the other side of the obstacles is this hoop that has a foam green fist stuck facing downwards and the object is to push it through. Will Ferrell is there trying to play the game with someone else. Eventually it does go through and a secret slot opens up on the left side of the game.

      Behind the cabinet was a white cartoon bunny face and below that was a flashing orange button. He pressed it and another secret slot opens up and gives him the options of two prizes. They were both some sort of currency and I was confused because I thought he was going to win some sort of stuffed animal. Another game I saw was this flash game like the superhero where you literally put on red shoes and try to run really fast into the game to beat it. I saw my step brother Alex trying to play the game.

      At the end of the dream I walked over to my friends where Sam Bahar and Sam's brother Jake were hanging out and talking. Sam was making a joke and I was watching on a laptop inspirational videos. I remember feeling really awkward like I couldn't contribute to the conversation.
    4. Arcade Date

      by , 10-15-2016 at 11:08 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I'm a cyborg ninja. I can go invisible. For some reasons, I think that shoplifting will be a useful way to spend my powers on. I made some noises accidentally and the workers start to look for me, and they also have an angry french bulldog looking for me. I go to the back of the store (the store is separated into two sections, with a glass wall between) and go visible to rest, but a girl sees me, but she does not raise any larm. I grab some soda and chips and as the dog sees me I make my escape, with a cinematic interlude that looks like me slashing the dog, but I actually cut off its chafing collars. I am gone but I see things in third person where the workers realize the dog didn'5 like the collar and now it's happy that it's gone.

      I meet up with the girl who let me go and we go on a date at the arcade. One of the games is like one of those light gun cabinets, but with throwing knives. We have two opposing characters, she throws her knife and scratched me a bit. I throw mine and headshot myself. I say that wasn't my intention while she laughs. There is a lengthy cutscene with yaoi overtones so we lose interest and go elsewhere. She takes me to the opposite wing of the building, which I remark is a museum.

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    5. Buddhas and Wario

      by , 10-08-2016 at 08:19 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I was sightseeing through a rustic-modern, asian-feeling neighborhood. We walked through a dusty dark shrine, filled in shapes of buddha statues in the darkness, made out of brassy, coppery, dark metal. There was a multitude of them, some of them seemed to be fused together. An unknown acquaintance was accompanying me, and they prayed to the statues. I did not pray, but as the sound of the prayer resonated with the metal it produced an unearthly echo that sent a chill down my spine, prompting me to pray as well.

      We moved on to an arcade, where familiar but also unknown people are there. There was a computer there and I showed them a 'glitched level' where I play as Wario in a 2D platformer navigating a procedural-looking cavern that reminds me of the Ice zone in Spelunky, but with trees and unknown sunlight from above. The graphics were modern but not 3D.
    6. #242 - Donkey Kong

      by , 05-14-2016 at 09:20 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Couldn't really be bothered writing this up but I guess I'll do >_<
      It was my first night in my new flat, such a nice place to wake up in. Awesome view with the sun shining and there's Pukeko's in the yard

      Something about being in a large building (almost like a temple) that has quite a few people in it. We've formed small groups of 2-3, something like a master and student thing going on. I remember there being 2 girls that liked me maybe? 1 girl was frustrated, she had brown hair and wore green clothes that let her leg, stomach and arms bare. She looked like a warrior, and wielded a double-sword/spear weapon. She stalked over with a frown on her face, I think it was because everyone was leaving so she wouldn't see me again, but she only just realized she liked me?

      Next part I'm talking with a girl (could be the same girl, but I think she's blonde now) and we're a bit flirty. We're talking about arcade games, I'm saying that I love them and I used to play them all the time on my gameboy. But I said that I mostly only played Donkey Kong because it was so damn expensive for a game back then. She played in actual arcade places and had experience with a larger variety of games. She starts playing my donkey kong game and it's hard to explain what's happening.. I see her moving her character (Donkey Kong, duh) on the screen, it's 2D and Kong is jumping around dodging pizzas that spin at you. You have collect the other pizzas (that ones that aren't traps), it's a huge level, I don't remember it being this complex.
    7. Battle at the Arcade

      by , 08-27-2015 at 02:58 PM
      I had forgotten about this dream when I woke up and I was sad that I didn't have any lucid dreams, but then I remembered it after trying to remember my dreams for a few minutes! I was sure glad that I did, this one was pretty fun even though I went a bit crazy for a minute, beating up a poor, innocent dream character. I wonder how many lucid dreams I completely forget about having.

      I was hanging out at an old school arcade, and it was quite popular! Very unusual for arcades these days, the last few I've seen were like ghost towns.
      I felt like I was in the 90's again, there were kids everywhere playing games and the atmosphere was very exciting and full of positive energy.

      I saw a girl that I used to have a crush on when I was 13. I wanted to buy these peanut butter cups because I remembered (falsely) in the dream that she used to love them. I tried to buy a bag from the cashier guy there and he said it would cost $95 AUD!
      I tried to haggle a little bit with him and a group of about ten DCs joined me, including my childhood crush. The guy caved into the pressure and cut the price in half, but he most certainly wasn't very happy about it. He demanded that I should take another item on top of the candy as well, quite odd. I took a small gray comb that was sitting on the table and gave him money. He didn't give me the candy, instead he tore up a couple $20 notes and threw them on the counter for me, while counting in $20 increments as though he was giving me change.

      I pointed at his face and called him a dick, so he reached beneath the counter, pulled out a gun, and pointed it at my face.
      I looked at him and said, "Are you serious? You can't hurt me in my own dream."

      He shot me a couple times and it didn't bother me at all. I was afraid that he was going to hurt my childhood crush though, so I slowed down time. I could see his bullets moving through the air, creating ripples in their wake.

      I got up next to them and calmly watched them float by me. I pulled a couple out of the air and dropped them on the floor. He kept firing though, and he was trying to hit my crush. The bullets started moving faster too.

      I kept swiping them to the side so that they flew into the walls or into arcade games. Two of the bullets got past me though and went into the girl's leg and stomach. I made the bullets come out with my mind and then held my hand over her body to heal her. The guy did it now. I didn't want to hurt him before that point, but hurting that DC made me go a little bit dark.

      I punched the next bullet that he shot and it went zooming past his head, then I ran up to him at super speed and kicked him straight in the nuts. His face started to slowly get distorted from the pain.
      I then punched him square in the nose and it sent ripples all throughout his body, emanating from the impact point. The force of the blow knocked him downwards into the ground slightly. Woke up.
    8. N4: I think I've discovered a couple of dream signs!

      by , 08-12-2015 at 09:08 PM
      I'm at school. It's PE, and for some reason half of the gym was turned into a swimming pool. You'd think that would've been enough to trigger lucidity, but nope.
      During the game (I don't exactly remember all the details) an Asian girl said something about her aunt <My aunt's name>. I walk out of the pool, and my PE teacher gets mad at me for tracking water onto the other side of the gym. I apologize, and walk out of the room. Instead of classrooms and stuff, I see a fair! (I think those are my first noticeable dream sign!) I go on a couple of rides, including one of those cannons that you see at a circus- You know, the ones that people shoot themselves out of. I shoot myself out of it, but I'm disappointed to see it doesn't shoot me very high at all. On one of the rides, I'm sitting next to that Asian girl! Me: "Oh hey.. Does your aunt <my aunt's name> have a daughter and son named <my cousin's name> and <other cousin's name>?" Her: "Yep." Me: "What's the name of her husband?" Her: "<My uncle's name>" Me: "Oh my gosh, I think you're my cousin's cousin! " Her: "Cool." Then a couple of family members and I go into an arcade! (I think that's another dream sign c: ) I don't exactly remember what we played, but I remember something weird happening afterward...
    9. N3: I recorded 3 dreams :D

      by , 08-11-2015 at 09:36 PM
      (I got ready for a mild but then I felt a tingling on my nose. "Oh, my body's just sending signals to see if my brain's awake". I ended up opening my eyes, and guess what I saw? A HUGE F***ING COCKROACH CLIMBING ONTO MY NOSE. I did a reality check. "Crap, it was real!")

      So first, I was going on a road trip with a couple of random other kids. We were driving on a windy road, and I was nervous because at a couple of points we were about to drive of a cliff. I don't even know when or where we got there.

      Then, I had a dream that my baby brother turned into a zombie. Apparently, something made him age... a lot. So I ended up walking around, following a 16-year-old "good" zombie, making sure he stays the only one infected.

      In my last dream, I dreamed that Malcolm's (from Malcom in the Middle) family and I went to a "theme park" based on the safari. Hehe, It was more of a mixture between a county fair and an arcade. Everyone seemed to be annoyed by me, but Lois was surprisingly polite.
    10. Josh May Have Fallen To His Death, Arcade Zone (8.11.15)

      by , 08-10-2015 at 11:58 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Josh May Have Fallen To His Death
      I'm with Josh and Dave at a house. People start rocking up, including my cousin Jon, Ben, Tommo. They have all bought Find Surfboards. I go check out Tommo's first, it's huge. It's a different sign to mine, from whah I can see on the packaging. The tail looks different and the logo itself. Once we take it out of box, I realize how big it is. It's absolutely massive, at least 12+ foot. I guess it makes sense as Tommo is a tall dude. The design kinda sucks, due to having his discount printed on the board. I rub my hand over it to see if the discount print is a sticker, but it's not. It's in yellow writing and it's up the middle of the board.
      I go into the other room and see that Ben has a box. I figure it's his surfboard ad help him unpack. I soon realize it's a side table for your bed. I didn't realize that Find did these.

      Im outside and I can see some surf. It's in a weird location. The waves are breaking cleanly and are a decent size. I imagine myself getting a few of the waves. I see a snowboarder in the distance, drop from the top of the wave, which is up on a mountain. The wave is elevated off the ground. The snowboarder hits the ground nicely.
      I'm walk towards Josh's car and he seems to be on a phone call with Rach. They must be fighting, because I hear the door lock. I'm sitting in another car, next to Josh's. I can hear his convocation, and it's about Centrelink payments. I wind down the window and Josh gives me the phone to explain. I can't figure out the paperwork u need to send it to get paid, but it comes to mind sooner or later. I send Rach a picture of what it's called. I can now hear Dad coughing in another car. It sounds pretty bad. Rach seems to have hung up. I think maybe because I was texting her while, instead of talking. A solid Arab guy comes up to the car and says goodbye. I get really good vibes from this dude. I shake his hand. A few people I know come up to him and give him a hug. I get out of car and think about doing the same thing. We begin to move on and I'm walking with the solid guy, I put my arm on his neck and massage if a bit. I ask if he gets massages much, due to him being such a giving guy. We are walking into a work sight. It's a bit dusty and can see machinery and steel structure. Im with Josh and both are looking for Ben, he's working here. I'm following Josh and he jumps straight off a vertical drop. I watch him fall at last 50 ft. I'm helpless and feeling terrified. I expect the worse. I try and get down somehow, but can't find a way. I begin feeling calm and carefree almost, which is odd considering my friends either dead or in terrible shape. I look closely around every corner, incase it has a drop like the other. Some do.

      Arcade Zone
      I'm tying to get home and am feeling a little lost. I look around and it feels familiar, I think I'm at down Germain's Court. Things look different
      I do a RC and it semi passes (nose plug), they Seem quite enhanced. I walk passed Shonnie's and he's on the steps with a women, which is probably Claudia. I hear him say that might be David, but I ignore and keep walking. I see cars at the end the court with people around. It's night time so, it's hard to see who's who . I reach a undercover area and see that my brother is talking to some girl that looks familiar to me. Looks like the girl that I went to school with. I tap my brother on the shoulder and he looks surprised to see me, as if he has been sprung cheating. I look closer at my brother and it's not him. I tell him I've got the wrong bloke. He's all cool with it, and she's I look like someone he knows too. As I am walking away, I see my brother and that girl, near the mistaken identity. Brother walks off shortly after. I get really excited and have a burst of energy. I run down which looks like a shopping centre. I begin yelling out.

      I'm at a house now, and I see Dennis.
      We're talking about something. He seems very relaxed. I'm sitting down next to Eddy, watching Bro on a car simulator. He's waiting for his Shot, as there's an elderly couple playing. Eventually bro gets a chance.
      He takes his time setting things up.

      Bro and I are in an arcade centre. There's machines everywhere. I do a RC again by trying to put thumb through hand, which passed again. I stop at an arcade game and try to see if it works without credits. It works. The game has a ski handle that u hold onto and u shoot water at the screen, it's a strange combo. Devin walks behind me and starts encouraging me. I show off and shoot the screen that's not meant to be sprayed. There's people rock climbing close by, and someone looks to be in trouble. They're trying to rescue them. There talking about noises of hitting the ground or bouncing against the wall when falling. The guy doesn't like the sounds if they were to happen. I look up and can't find the guy in trouble, but can see others.

      Dream Fragment
      I remember betting on Dad's horse he thought would win the Melbourne Cup. Josh asks me to put some money on for him, I'm unsure if I placed the bet or not. I use the money that's in my online account. I don't think I place a bet for myself, as I only have bros money in my account. The horse wins the Melbourne Cup at odds of around 13/1. The return of my bet would be around $1000+. I think to myself that I should ask Josh if he did in fact wanted me to put the $50 bet. I was eager to let bro know that he won.

      Side Notes
      Almost become lucid but failed both RC. Need to be more thorough with my RC.
    11. June 13th 2015 Green Eyed Dream Girl, Sex in Restaurant, Riding Roller Coaster Through Mall

      by , 07-28-2015 at 01:10 AM
      (forgot to add color coding)Looking at my past LD journals with pictures inspired me to get back to doing that after taking two months off. I can quickly relive those nights by scanning through the pictures I find that remind me of the scenes. I will at least try to catch up with my favorite LD's not logged here over those last two months.

      June 13 2015
      Sex in void materializes after scene with beautiful green eyed bright blonde dream girl!!! (hair's wrong, but otherwise, pretty good representation)

      Starts with kissing very realistically and on to sex.

      Uncle D, dirty jeans tall old guy fight I blow myself bigger and taller and face him down after realizing I'm dreaming again. I can and I play with getting taller and then getting smaller, up and down.

      then about 20 guys show up after a brief thought of the possibility of getting overwhelmed, I calmly punch one at a time, I am in control here!

      Restaurant sex one main partner but multiple women
      Spoiler for sexual content:

      I look for other cute DC's and float through the restaurant and towards the far end but start uncontrollably floating up through the roof and into the void. I stay calm and do different motions until the next scene forms. One is kind of an undulating swim like a dolphin and the other motion is a funky walk.

      Arcade some look looking for girls right age..most too young.

      One little boy in black shroud somewhat creepy but no fear I pick him up

      and mom comes and hand him to her she's cute and looks a bit gypsy or mystical with heavy eye liner. I think of past nld's with hoards of coins and go to change machine and just materialize coins, two fist fulls.

      I see a big screen game and think about Sensei or someone who mentioned playing a game in dream and throw some coins towards it. Two game guns materialize, revolver style, and I shoot at objects and characters on the screen

      and then turn my arcade guns on the arcade patrons with varied effects. None bloody...either fall down or look at me silly. Bored with anymore of that I walk further down and start thinking ok this being an arcade let me make this an amusement park and I walk forward and say OK when I turn left then the entrance to the

      Roller coaster will be here. Sure enough there are two swinging wooden and metal gates kind of small

      but I say okay I'll sit down in front of these gates and mentally push the gates open and the rollercoaster will start all this mentally of course and sure enough I start zooming out and up a steep angle fast swooping around before some slower parts of the roller coaster. I can see the track forming in front of me.

      It's a fairly impressive and narrow track but that is not important it's the motion and excitement of a roller coaster. I am in the front car or perhaps the only car of the roller coaster. I soon find that the coaster has taken me into the middle of a huge open area in a six or seven story mall at least

      and I'm going up and down and every direction mentally changing the speed when its not going fast enough and mentally changing the ups and downs when I want it to be more thrilling. I am laughing out loud in the dream and feeling true joy and amazed and how I can experience all of this in my dream at will!!! I look around more to take note of any stores and they seem mostly like mall food court restaurants and none of them seem recognizable but there are some retail stores mixed in.

      After a bit more zooming around and
      finally feel myself back in bed I'm smiling your ear trying to stay sleepy and dreamy while I recount my adventures and try to figure out if I can go back to sleep without getting up to pee. Counted this series as #339-340

      6/7 Female is naked and I become lucid. I turn her into Girl Friday. 337

      6/12 DILD seemingly out of the blue with no induction and a poor day. The way the car is not driving straight despite keeping the steering wheel steady cues me in that I am dreaming. 338

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    12. July 13th, 2015 - July 17th, 2015 Dreams

      by , 07-21-2015 at 07:36 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      July 13th- A youtube star that is short and lip syncs music was on a webcam video in front of me and he wanted to hang out but I didn't want to so I left. I came to a kitchen and my friends and I were cooking food. I put in 10 nuggets into an oven when I only wanted to put in 5 nuggets. 1 nugget fell off and caught on fire. I walked into a darker room off of the kitchen where there was a table with plates of food and my friend Jason was sitting there. One plate was mine that had a lot of food like vegetables that I didn't want. A guy named Jim was there and he sprinkled weed on some rice that was in an oval shaped bowl. I said that I didn't want to be high before class and he said that the weed didn't affect him.
      Then I was sitting at some outside bar place that was in downtown Richmond, Virginia at night. A pregnant girl from my high school named Kaitlin was there with one of my friends AK. She was talking about something and someone mentioned another pregnant girl named Haley and then she appeared. Kaitlin was stretching and sort of floating in the air because of AK and said that she'd have a miscarriage from moving like that. She started passing gas so I moved away disgusted. She said that she didn't smell that bad. Then a bartender asked if we wanted some drinks form behind us. I turned around as AK ordered a root beer which came in a plastic mug then. I asked what he got and then I got a coke. I looked at a menu that was hanging above our heads behind us and it had cost $2.01 which I was upset about because of the extra penny. I turned to my left and asked for coins from another friend named Alia which she gave me so I started counting it out.

      July 14th- Something about Show Choir in Atlee high school.
      Sitting in a hotel apparently waiting on a girl to come to stay with me but I don't know who it is. I'm in fear that it is a catfish. I go over to a computer to contact her. Now I'm in a hotel room looking her up when I see a text in a chat room on my computer screen that says "row row row your boat" and something like "should I bring the water." I immediately sense danger as I turned around to run out of the room. To the left is a bathroom with a man standing in a doorway. He's wearing jeans with a brown shirt. His head is shaved with a five o clock shadow beard. He's white. I start screaming "help" very quickly and loudly as I run for the open doorway but he grabs me and my screams become muffled and the dream fades to black.

      July 15th- I was at Rockbridge younglife camp. Well, that was the location anyways. I remember I was talking about getting back into Younglife and I was going to the gathering. It was held down at the lake in some cramped inflatable thing. I remember crawling out and thinking of squeezing like taking a dump. Sure enough, someone points out that I had actually crapped myself. I started to think my return to Younglife is ruined as I'm up the hill now where tall futuristic buildings are. Then, there was some sort of discovery where I was in a beam of yellow red and purple lights that made some sort of an epic tunnel of light in front of me. There was some voice saying that I had unlocked something and then I thought it was a phoenix sort of mount from World of Warcraft that I was supposed to keep hidden from other people seeing.

      July 16th- There was a lot of waking up before my alarm. The concept was something to do with Super Mario World and getting on a certain platform at the right time, the right time being when my alarm was supposed to go off. I forget what I was doing right before I woke up but it was finishing a process like finishing the telling of a story or something of that matter. It was the right/ expected time for my alarm to go off.

      July 17th- The scene was this space that seemed to go on forever in the background. The immediate area was an arcade with different dark consoles like racing games, a sort of pong game, and this game where you had to time going between swinging ladders. I played the ladder game for a little bit.
      The entrance was a path that led onto a beach with the ocean in the background. There were various groups of people spread out on the beach. I looked to my right down the beach and it stretched for miles in the sun. I said something like "it's so beautiful here." I was in the water but I was focused on a phone charger that was tangled. I was thinking that there were a lot of things holding me up from enjoying the beach. I went back to the sand to put my China phone down somewhere not sandy. I had a boogie board, some shirts and shoes, so I was placing my phone in various locations testing it out. Finally, I turn around to enjoy the beach, but the right side was now in the shade because it was around 6. My view went to the ocean as I thought that maybe sharks could've come and attacked someone. I decided that though there were at least 15 people in the ocean, I wasn't going back in since a shark would pick me to attack. So, I walked left down the beach which only stretched about 20 yards. At the end was a doorway opening to this room that was made of dark wood. It had doors coming off that had different numbers/ symbols on it. There was an asian guy with me now. I was asking him about the cost of a room. He was saying that no one had staying in the rooms for a while but they were expensive because in the background was the classic Shanghai skyline. My view went back to the ocean/beach where I wanted to take a picture of the skyline but I noted the air pollution was too bad.
    13. War Games

      by , 03-21-2015 at 04:12 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #424 - DILD - 5:33AM

      My sister in law M has a runners backpack on. It looks a lot like the picture below but it all white with red trim and is made of soft, dry-wick, polyester. I really want one of my own for when I start cycling back up as well as trail running. I tell my wife I really want one as I look it up on my phone. The brand is called 'Calender 3' and the model is 'Delilah'. Hmmm sounds girly, but I still like it. I see it costs $30 and I tell my wife that it's not a bad price. I wake up really hoping this backpack is real.

      Another Newbi-ueewndt.jpg

      it's almost 4am so I get up, use the bathroom, and get a drink ó generally milling about for a few minutes. I decide to lay back down and spend some time meditating but pass out quickly.

      I am playing some sort of war game on an arcade machine, but I realize that everything I am doing is actually a real battle. I see several other arcade machines lined up next to me and I decide to call in the others to help. Everything is set up outside in near a war torn, dilapidated building. I round a corner and shout, "Hey." someone fires a shot but misses. I use my cell phone to signal so they know it's me. I call out for 5 troops and the come. I realize only 2 or 3 are left so I tell them all to come. One looks like an Imperial Officer from Star Wars.

      Another Newbi-review_scpiett_still.jpg

      My daughters come to join the war game and I set my older up on a fighter jet game. My younger is going to be my co-op player 2 on my game. I have some issue with the buttons and the front has extended like a long table. I have to climb to reach the player 2 button. My son gets in my seat and falls and hits his head. I yell harshly at my younger daughter because she didn't stop him. Then I feel bad for yelling and apologize to her as I hold my crying son on the couch. My older daughter is player her game but she is attacking the wrong country, Japan. I know they will for sure break from the alliance now. Think she may as well do as much damage as possible. I watch as she is flying close to skyscrapers and shooting out windows. The fires off a few rockets but doesn't do much damage. She finally crashes into a building and laughs.

      I stand up and now I am in the living room at home. My daughter and I have some conversation about what just happened and somehow I decide this is all a dream. I say, "I've decide this is a dream." The world almost crashes here, but I stabilize by jumping up and down around the house.. The sensation brings everything back to vividness. I randomly decide to do pull-ups on the chandelier over the dining table. I feel my muscles tense and I wonder if I am some how benefiting from this exercise. I decide to make it 'harder' so I extend my legs forward to the ceiling as I continue pull-ups. I feel physical muscle strain now. This almost wakes me up so I stop and swing off the chandelier into the living room area (it's actually all one big room).

      My son is trying to get outside and I stop him at first, but remembering its a dream, I take him outside with me as we adventure. I decide to have fun in the car and I take time to put him in the car seat. I know it doesn't matter, but it makes me feel better to do this. I wonder if I will have difficulty and waste time fumbling with things, but everything goes smoothly. I hop in the driver seat and turn the key. The car is positioned wrong and I have to back up and turn around. I reverse it and then slam it hard into 'drive' and peel out as I leave the drive way. I drive fast without stopping at intersection and make several random turns. I come to a traffic light and weave around the stopped cars, cutting the others off. I quickly lose interest in driving and my visual weaken. I have to focus the dream back and decide I need to bring the joy ride to an end. I see the road ends at the doors of a department store so I floor it. The effort of the gas pedal make my foot extra tired.

      We crash through the glass and now I am standing in the mall holding my son. There is an extra large RC car about the size of a shopping cart in front of me. It's plowing through kiosks and stands. A young woman in a grey dress screams and runs away. Jerry from work says something about my driving a car into the mall again. Again? I've never done this. A security guard runs up to stop the car shouting the same thing as Jerry. I wake up.
    14. Overcompensation,The Next, Arcade, Heterochromic Professor

      by , 01-30-2015 at 09:15 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Well I have been trying to get back to a normal sleep schedule these past few nights, going to bed at reasonable times. But I overcompensated (well I suppose I really couldn't help myself.)

      Two days ago I went to bed around 12:30 and woke around 9:00

      Yesterday I went to bed around 11:45 and woke around 7:30

      Last night I was hoping to make another jump and try to go to bed before 11:00.

      But, after my speech class let out yesterday around 3:00pm, I had to drive home from college. I was drowsy though and decided a quick nap in the dorm would be smart so that I didn't doze off on the long drive home.

      One Ten-Hour snooze later and I'm here.

      I remember being semi lucid brainstorming ideas for a story. In this story, an alien spacecraft called 'The Next' placed itself into orbit around the earth. It was a white disc that from careful observation by the space program it turned out was actually two dimensional. The spacecraft selected 1024 people from across the globe and stated that they would receive a gift. The people selected were lucid dreamers, and the gift was something from a lucid dream.

      Manei was then made into a real person. I remember having to explain many things to my parents. Since she had just sort of been plopped onto the earth by The Next, she didn't really have a family or a place to stay, she had to live with my parents. That made things really awkward.

      My friend C had been gifted by The Next, she was among the 1024 people. My friend S however, had not. He was feeling under the weather because of that.

      Everyone who had been gifted with a guide or some sort of power had to meet at a summit in Europe somewhere. But only 742 people actually showed up even though everyone who had been gifted by The Next was required to be present by world government.

      At some point, a nuclear war broke out between a middle eastern nation and china. One of the nations tried to fire nuclear missiles at The Next. It stated that it was displeased with how humanity had turned out. It gifted another 1024 people with dream powers/guides in the waking world.

      At some point I discovered that I had the ability to change between my waking life self and my dream self. When in my dream self form, I some of my vanilla dream powers such as invulnerability, flying and waterbending. Good thing too, all of these supernatural creatures such as vampires and werewolves started to crop up around the world.

      My roommate brought this extremely interesting dream to a close unintentionally. I fell back asleep though.

      In this dream, my dad was hosting me a birthday party at this arcade that I used to frequent. I was embarrassed that he had gotten me a birthday here because I turn 19 in less than a month and I'm a little old for the arcade.

      I then realized that I wasn't wearing any pants. Then my old crush form high school showed up along with a few of her friends. She had been invited to the party and she started laughing at me.

      I was playing this arcade game (still without any pants) with my high school crush where you had to pull out this stream of paper but if you pull too hard the paper rips and you fail at the game.

      Then my grandmother showed up and took my shirt off. She told me she was going to take a photo and a measurement of my stomach. Then I would have to eat [some absurd amount of food] then she would take another photo and measurement of my stomach.

      I then realized that I was quite possibly in the most embarrassing situation that was cosmically possible. I had to escape somehow, so I made the excuse that I had to go to the bathroom.

      When I went into the arcade bathroom there were no toilets, but there were art supplies everywhere. All of these different pads of paper, boxes of pencils and charcoal and crayons. Erasers and protractors and drawing tables. You name it.

      I somehow or other got fully dressed again.

      I then ran into my drawing professor but she had bi-colored eyes, much like my dream self. Only they were both shades of green. Her right eye was a deep forest green while the left one was a pale sea green. I asked her why this was and she told me about how she hit her head as a child on a metal desk. The injury healed fine but she broke a blood vessel and now this.

      She then showed me this pair of eyes that she had painted on a piece of heavy paper. The paper had been cut/folded into the shape of glasses. It was the same eyes but they were on opposite sides. She told me every time it was opposite day, she would wear this.

      I started looking around for the art supplies I needed so that I could get back to class, completely ignoring the previous dream plot.
    15. Teleporting to uncharted islands.

      by , 01-19-2015 at 11:15 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Teleporting to uncharted islands. (Non-lucid)


      There was a friend who had the ability to teleport with a machine. He was teaching me how to build the machine and we took a few attempts. We appeared at a gym and there was a big bee also. The guy told me to ignore the bee and he started to tell me that he could also travel in time and to places that were not yet discovered.

      He told me about some tiny islands that were uncharted. I wanted to teleport there and I could see that I appeared in some tiny islands, they were below the Earth crust and there were creatures that are unknow to this world. Also, there was no light and the island was no longer than a foot long. I could not fit and I teleported back to the old gym.

      From here, I went to a festival related to arcade games.

      There were a ton of weird arcades that I have never seen in my life. I stopped by one arcade and some dude pushed me to the site in order for him to play it. I sat on an arcade next to him trying to figure what was going on. The arcade had no screen and I wondered how it could be played.

      There was also a big and darker room where people were playing Word of Warcraft. I told myself that I never played that game and never will. I also realized they were giving away Nintendo 3DS XL if you played the game. I figure it would be addicting so I passed.

      I went to a campsite, it was night and there were some strange animals. They looked like Pokemon, but like real life and making weird noises.
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