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    1. Working at the Adventurers Club and Avoiding Supervisors

      by , 07-04-2017 at 04:31 PM
      07-03-2017 -- I'm headed to the Adventurers Club for the evening, as I always do, and have a small part to play in the show (kind of like Margaret had one line she always threw in at Preston's, just to give them the start of a joke, if nobody else did), but tonight it seems someone is missing, and Graham decides to use me to solve the problem. He grabs me, pulls me back stage, and starts throwing me into a costume, planning to make me a larger part of the show.

      Meanwhile, I am being forced to swap out some of my regular clothes for the costume parts, and getting ready, and I run into Anne (who is doing Pamelia for the first part of the night), who sees I am helping out, and decides to apologize for the way she's been acting to me the last few years, which kind of blows my mind. Anyway, I'm now dressed in a bit of a pirate costume, and am being dragged through some of the backstage passages and the off-limits cast elevator that I've known from multiple past dreams, while I'm keeping my head down so that the wide-brimmed hat I'm wearing hides my face, in case the Disneyland supervisor who was always trying to cause me trouble happened to be around.

      Anyway, I'm walking along with several of the guys, including Glenn, Jay, Karl, and Joe (as well as Graham). I soon find myself being kind of forced into the Beezel 'mask' and being told to read the prompts that are being projected in front of me, but the mask is blocking my vision almost entirely, so I just can't read it, and I'm stumbling along, which is ruining the show. They pull me out, and ridicule me slightly, but it's still friendly and good-natured, and they just cancel that Treasure Room show.

      I'm trying to get back out of the mask and ready for the Hoopla, but unfortunately it is taking time, and I end up missing it. I'm just reaching the area when the other performers come running backstage. It must be some sort of Halloween show or something, because all the ladies are kind of half-wrapped up in bandages and wet plaster, and Fairies (one of the female performers whose name I don't know, but she used to sing a song about fairies in her garden) is kind of freaking out an urging people to get the stuff off of her. It seems she is kind of claustrophobic or something, and having all this stuff stuck on her is really difficult for her. I'm commenting on not having realized just how much the ladies had to deal with, while wondering what happened to Anne, since Fairies only plays the Pamelia role.

      Soon we're all back in the dressing room, and I'm being told to take off all the costume bits, including the slightly lacy/ruffled undershirt that was comfortable enough that I forgot I was wearing it. Meanwhile, it seems the female performers wanted to thank me for helping out today, so they all decided to flash me for just an instant, but somehow I just knew what they were going to do, and at that particular moment it didn't feel right, so I turned around at just the right moment to miss it. Meanwhile, I'm still struggling to get out of my tights. Sheesh!

      Soon we're all in our street clothes, and ready to exit the dressing room, and moving on we're going to have to pass through a gauntlet of fans, and the others have decided to stop and pose for some photos, just so they can pull me into them and make sure I'm credited for my evening's work, seeming to not realize how much I have having my picture taken. Meanwhile, I somehow have a basketball in my shirt, and I am trying to get rid of it. I pose in the back, where I am mostly blocked by the others, and give a little wave at people, and then we're about to move on, heading to the employee exit. The problem is, I glance down at my feet and realize I have no shoes or socks. I must have left them in the dressing room. I tell the others I'll be right back.

      So I make it back to the dressing room, and I manage to quickly find both my shoes and one sock. But the other one is missing. They are the short ankle socks, in the dark grays. I also explain to Andre, the wardrobe guy, why I am back, and that I am not trying to steal any of the costume bits, just get my shoes. Soon I'm heading back out, and trying to catch up with all the others. I hurry through a backstage section that I am not at all familiar with, and eventually catch up with a couple of the ladies in a bit of an obstacle course kind of area, and they are forcing me to swing on a bit of a trapese (half trapese, half zip line) to cross the room. Since it is only about a foot above the floor, it is no big deal, but I land on a trap door which drops me down to the next room, so its still a bit startling.

      In the new room, the third female performer is complaining that the other two forced me into using that method of getting through the room before I was ready, and goes back to give them a piece of her mind. Meanwhile, I continue forward through what almost seems to be a warehouse of magical props, as I am glancing at sponge balls and colorful cups and linking rings and scarves and the rest. Cool dream, overall.
    2. Bits: AC and Ben Franklin, Bellatrix deranged Ms Claus, Robin Williams at Coke Corner, Mammoth RPG

      by , 06-13-2017 at 07:04 PM
      07-26-2016 -- Another strange dream back at the AC. Somehow I'm going in for an evening of entertainment at the Club, which I imagine has been re-opened. Lots of wandering around the different levels, looking for good parts of the show, and seeing odd things. At one point, there is a sort of a recap from a previous evening of performances, and Anne was doing Pamelia that night, but is in a different role tonight, so is having to rush to try and change costumes to react to the past bit, before changing back for this evening's entertainment.

      At one point I find myself outside an odd combination of the Mask Room and the Library, where inside they are doing a strange show where Tim is playing the role of Ben Franklin, while Steve Cluck is cheering along, and I am trying to get my little digital camera to take good videos, which just isn't going to happen. At another point, I run into Dean Ambrose, and am trying to tell him how much I've enjoyed his recent wrestling ... and also how cute his girlfriend (Renee Young) is.

      Soon I'm in a corridor between shows, and Tim pops by and is just kind of visiting for a few seconds, and asking me to try and help direct guests into the Library for the next show, while Anne is just kind of nodding at me, seemingly ready to be friends again. I am walking kind of fast through an area that is shaped rather like the area around Space Mountain and the Space Stage at Disneyland, except there are huge vines like the kind Tarzan kind of slides along in the animated flick, and I decide that since I'm helping to usher people along, I can get away with climbing up on them to help direct people.


      07-24-2016 -- It's winter time, and it is snowing around Hickory, and I am kind of gliding down the street toward Greenleaf, as though I am ice skating. I'm just reaching the corner when a large truck of some sort (possibly a trash truck) comes rolling along toward Dale, and Ron Weasley is on it, and is firing curses off at me.

      I grab the mirror of the truck, and hang on, letting it speed me down the street, and in trying to get a good angle to fire more curses at me, Ron gets thrown from the truck, and flies through the air before crashing to the ground. He's now got enough problems of his own, that he is ready to leave me alone.

      I return to the Hickory House, and realize it is Halloween, and I know I always face some kind of attack on Halloween, so I am trying to prepare for it, setting up secret passages through the house, and putting in wards and defences, and trying to set it up so that when the Death Eaters attack, they are forced through limited channels where I can concentrate a lot of fire power on them to try and take them out.

      I manage to fight off evil Halloween-type creatures and some Death Eaters, especially with Dumbledore's help (he just shows up and is helping in the battle, even though he seems to be disappointed at how much I'm hurting the bad guys) but soon things start to change, and we're back to Christmas time, and I'm having to fight off evil, leering snowmen, and corrupted Christmas elves, and worst of all, a super-evil, cackling Bellatrix dressed up as Mrs. Clause, as she tries to invade through the sliding glass door!


      07-20-2016 -- Can't remember most of what went before, but I'm walking through Disneyland, avoiding a parade, all trying to reach Coke Corner, and hoping to listen to the piano player. When I get there, there are several pianos arranged both inside and out, but nobody playing them at the moment. What there is, however, is a very young Robin Williams (young like 20, not like a little kid) in a small set of bleachers, doing comedy routines, and cursing at people when they don't react properly to it ... and somehow Disney finds it to be a good thing that he is cursing at their guests, which I don't really understand.


      06-00-2016 -- No idea when this was actually dreamed ... sometime in June or July, I think, but I never got around to writing it down. I am again puttering around in the version of Mammoth Cave that started in another recent dream inside the drainage ditches, before it became the caves. This time I am wandering through the caves again, but it seems to be an odd, live-action version of an RPG or a D&D game.

      I'm wandering through a number of cave areas, dressed in armor and carrying a big sword, when it doesn't just fade away, while trying to understand the game, search out the solution to various quests, and interact with people. I'm with Dale for a while, but he eventually wanders off to do something else. Follow a cute girl for a bit, and soon run into Bynner, who is getting overly into the whole Lord Emperor Drake schtick, and annoying some people, while entertaining others, and hitting on some of the guys.

      Meanwhile, I'm following along a sort of ice queen who is dressed in some lovely, semi-revealing outfits, hoping to become friends, when she takes some time out to work on some skilling. I'm distracted, when I find out the skilling is somehow making hundreds of huge barrels of homemade peanut butter, and I'm thinking I have to keep track of this place, so that I can come back with some marshmellows and some Rice Crispies, and make some top-notch Rice Crispies Squares, except when I look around, everything has vanished. It seems they get together for about one hour every month to make the peanut butter, then it is all shipped away in an instant, and is gone ... so unless my timing is perfect, I'm going to be straight out of luck!
    3. Hi, Santa ... Welcome to the Neighborhood

      by , 10-07-2015 at 10:30 AM
      10-06-2015 -- I'm trying to park my car (probably the silver Lexus) next to a house which seems to be the house Uncle Jim used to live in. Like most times in dreams, the driving doesn't go smoothly. I can't work the brakes properly, it doesn't back up right, and no matter how I try, I can't get the car nicely next to the curb, like I'm trying to do.

      Soon I find myself standing next to the car, looking at the house, which I have now bought or in some other manner acquired. I've got lots of my stuff with me, including book cases, and bags of comics, and old Hornet newspapers with my articles in them, and lots of other cool stuff. I'm trying to gather up a couple of arm-fulls of the stuff to take inside, when a fairly young kid comes walking up, and starts to gather some of the stuff. He looks like he's probably somewhere between 9 & 12 years old.

      At first I think he is trying to steal my stuff, and am about to chase him off, but then I realize he just wants to help me move in. And while that's nice, I am afraid it would be too much for him, and he'd probably hurt himself or something, so I thank him for the offer of help, but turn him down. He walks a couple of doors down, and joins his own family, who it seems are also moving it.

      At first it seems like they are moving in to nothing, but as I watch, their house starts to kind of push aside the houses on either side to put itself out there, kind of like the Harry Potter books sometimes describe the Fidelus. I realize these folks are magical, and think I probably should have let the kid help. If he's magical, he could have probably handled it. I decide to go over and say hi, but as I approach the door everybody steps inside, so I (slightly rudely, I'll admit) just follow them inside, waiting for a chance to introduce myself.

      I'm kind of shocked to discover that my new neighbors are Santa Claus (red suit, long white beard, and all) and his kind of large, young, fairly hip family. I introduce myself, and explain that I used to be a muggle, but somehow I could see his house pushing it's way between the other houses. I tell him his son offered to help me move in, since I was all by myself, but I'd turned him down because I figured he wouldn't really be able to help ... but with magic, I'd be appreciative of the help, if the offer still stands.

      Santa asks me what I have to move, and I kind of talk my stuff down, referring to it as a bunch of old books and old newspapers and such, but then I am quick to mention that they are old newspapers that have stuff I wrote in them, so it doesn't sound like I am a complete idiot hoarder or something. Santa says he understands, and points to a stack of newspapers in a cupboard underneath his coffee table, which also has old papers ... though his are papers with articles written about him, instead of by him.

      After that, he admits that he already knew what I had to move ... that they had been watching me. They knew I was a decent fellow, and a nice guy, which is why they allowed me to see the magic. Santa's wife also starts talking, saying hello, but she is soon turning into one of the Adventurers Club performers that I didn't know well, since they came around after I'd quit going to the Club quite so much. Probably Megan M. Or Andrea C. [Both of whom I have seen mentioned in Facebook posts in the last two days.]

      Things are shifting to a sort of Adventurers Club reunion, and Graham is holding a somewhat worn and ratty looking old pillow. Someone is asking him if he is going to throw it away or something, but he says he can't ... he says his wife wants it, and plans to sleep with it between her thighs at times when he is not available or something like that, and all the guys are drooling at the thought.

      But soon things are shifting again, and I find myself talking to one of the above mentioned female Club members, but she isn't Santa's wife, but his real estate agent, and she works for a kind of a cross between a Realtor and the mob. There are a couple of tough thugs around to make sure nobody hurts anyone or anything here, and I'm trying to question the lady on any problems she may have with Santa. Meanwhile, a gangster's moll is sitting at a desk, wearing nice clothes, but with her legs partly spread to give folks a nice bit of an upskirt glimpse of her stockings and underwear.
    4. Living Video Game Turns into Adventurers Club, and Joining Army

      by , 10-07-2015 at 10:19 AM
      10-02-15 -- This one was all over the place, and there were probably a few scenes back even further than I can remember here, but we have what we have. The first thing I can remember with any clarity, I am staying in a house with roommates, and it is probably Rosemary's. I can remember vague impressions of David, and somehow Shannon has been doing something to get himself in trouble, so he's kind of been locked in a side room or something for a while. Meanwhile, I am wandering the house looking for some kind of food, but can remember nothing of what kind.

      Anyway, I soon find myself watching some of the others go off running around the track at Savanna, and Shannon is trying to bug me to do so, as well. I explain I am not a runner, and there is no way I am going to join him. Meanwhile, the first of several girls dressed in a uniform that reminds me of Beauxbatons (but isn't) comes along, and is asking me to do something or support something, though I can't quite remember what. I'm not interested. A second asks, and a third, and it looks like more are on the way, and I suddenly lose it, and am yelling at her. I explain how, when I am badgered, I lose all interest in EVER helping with something, and liken it to the whole LA Fitness debacle. Everybody is looking at me in shock at how I blow up at this cute young lady.

      Except Shannon. He decides he is going to fight her. Things are shifting to a live-action video game that seems to be a cross between Runescape and Zelda. He is off fighting her in a PvP battle and is doing unexpectedly well against her and all her friends, and seemingly, more and more people after that. He explains that he is dual weilding, but he is not using Excalibur in his left hand as most people do. It seems every fight begins in a new Zelda-style dungeon, and by using Excalibur, you prevent the use of a sort of magic that can identify cursed items. With his being able to identify cursed items, he is able to instantly use a certain potion when he finds it, which allows the discovery of the map of the dungeon level, which makes beating his opponent and getting lots of great drops a breeze.

      So he's bragging about how many others he is beating, and the great loot he is getting. And somehow we're all a team, even though he is the only one that is playing, and we're getting some of the drops, and he is asking each of us to give him one of our good drops, since he is doing all the work. Now this seems very fair to me. The problem is, I haven't gotten any good drops, but just a single mini golf putter, and two balls.

      I decide since that's all I have got, I'll give him one of the golf balls. Problem is, I am in an office and am supposed to file some paperwork to do this, but I can't find the proper forms anywhere, and I think I can't find Julie Davey to help me with them. So I'm going to have to go the less proper way, which seems to involve some sort of runes. I know the symbols that identify me and him, and I use an arrow symbol in between (--->) to indicate 'giving.' Problem is, the golf ball is purple, but I really think it ought to be red, so I drop a sort of dye tablet into a small glass container of what seems to be water, and it bubbles and froths for a bit, and I drop the golf ball in.

      Problem is, either the water wasn't water, or the dye wasn't dye, because it forms a powerful acid, and it all bubbles away until I am left with a few drops of acid, and no golf ball at all. This angers me, so I throw down the glass container. Unfortunately I now find myself standing in my second bedroom in the Hickory house, and the few drops of acid have turned into about a pint or so, and I've just thrown it all over my floor, where it starts to ruin the various books and garbage and such it comes in contact with. Dirt is bubbling up out of the floor to make a slight mound liek an ant hill, and I find it has somehow brought in a bunch of ants, when I'd previously managed to get rid of them. It's quite a mess.

      Somehow with almost no transition I am in an Adventurers Club-type setting, discussing this with Virginia, while Bob is walking with us, and I am worried that she isn't really going to want to talk with me, because of all the Club mess and the friends I'd lost there due to the Gathering debacle and RAH and more, but I am kind of explaining where I stand, and since she is religious and conservative and I am the same, and since she was a teacher, and I support teachers (actually Bob was the teacher in real life) she doesn't actually have a problem with me.

      As we're talking, there is somebody else also starting to interact with us, and it seems to be Steve, the lead from the Monster House television show. He's somehow got me sitting at a desk, filling out the paperwork to sign up for a new Disney annual pass, which is quickly warping into the paperwork to join some form of the military. The problem is, he is guessing at a lot of the information, so is doing things like marking me down as a Democrat, and calling me by the wrong name abbreviation, so I am having to go through and try to correct the mistakes, and hoping that doesn't invalidate the forms.
    5. The Adventurers Club and the Shopping Mall

      by , 07-02-2014 at 04:19 AM
      06-24-2014 -- Playing Runescape in the usual Port Phasmatys area, teleporting with the ecto-vial, and farming herbs and other crops, then suddenly find I am driving in what seems like the flower tract (between Dale and Stanton, over by Boisseranc) with an unidentified friend. Seems like a cross between Joe (GK forum), Calvin D. and Benny C. I am sitting in the car, trying to pour a small bit of water out of what seems to be a cross between a neti pot and a remote control, but the water keeps pouring out of the wrong place, and it seems the thing is badly cracked. I'm trying to find some way to fix it, but it is no good, and I am probably going to have to throw it out.

      The other person gets back to the car, and starts to swirl around liquid in a sort of test tube, and I'm like "Does this remind you of anyone?" We both grin and call out "Maddie!" Somehow things smoothly shift to where I am now standing in the Adventurers Club (where I just arrived) and there is a show going on. I am not surprised for a second, but then remember they closed the place down about five years ago. But then I recall a recent article in the paper about them bringing it back, so my surprise fades.

      I come across Bonnie C. talking to some curly-haired woman, and I overhear something about myself and Rob from Muskogee, and I ask "What about Rob from Muskogee?" Bonnie starts to explain that because of some sort of rumors that were flying around the club, Robert thinks I hate him, and may not come around anymore, when of course I actually think he is quite a decent guy. There is a library show starting, and Sheila (as Pam) is waving people into the library. I think I see Tim, Karl, and possibly Graham helping her. There are also some new performers, and they are all dressed in white robes and performing the actual show, and I start to worry that they aren't really bringing back the club, but just using the people and costumes to introduce something new into the same location.

      Bonnie goes into the show, but I stay out in the main salon, and something just doesn't seem right. I wonder if I am dreaming, and try to stretch my fingers, but it doesn't work, and I am almost able to convince myself I am not dreaming when I realize that my fingers are all twisted and I can't straighten them, and that several of them stop after one segment or two. Sure looks like dreaming to me. I try to fly, and manage to slightly hover ... yup ... it's a dream! I wonder if Anne is around? The show has ended, and people are streaming out. I see the red-haired Canadian maid, but no Bonnie. I really want to talk to her about these rumors, and where they seem to come from, but when I check in the library, she isn't there, either. I may have to go looking for her.

      I head out the entrance, and find that it leads out into a large shopping mall, and I see no sign of her anywhere. So I step back into the revolving door and focus on using my dream powers, and as I step out, I force it to put me out near Bonnie. I'm disappointed when I don't see her anywhere, but wait, there she is in the distance, walking this way, but it seems like she sees me, and heads off in another direction. I try to cut her off, but no good. I'm annoyed, but reach into my backpack and pull out my Runescape ecto-vial, and decide to use it to teleport away. However, since I am not playing he game at the moment, I am not going to be able to instantly refill it, so I am trying to pour out maybe about a third of the liquid, so I can use it a couple more times.

      I find myself in a different part of the mall, near an exit, and step outside. I see a police car parked at the curb, with the name of a city police department on it, but I can't remember what the city was. I step back inside, and wonder how the vial decided where to teleport me, considering I wasn't actually in the game, but then I notice a couple of planters with strange, almost flytrap-like plants in them, and wonder if that was why. Interesting.
    6. New Christmas Show and Acid in the Face

      by , 06-11-2014 at 09:04 PM
      01-03-2014 -- I find myself in a nice mall somewhere, wandering around, looking at shops. Everything is still done up for the Christmas holidays, even though it is now a week-and-a-half after Christmas, and I soon find myself approaching an ice skating rink that has been created in the middle of the mall, inspired by something I recently saw on TV or in a movie probably (almost certainly something taking place in New York at Rockefeller Center.)

      Then somehow it is the first day of a new Christmas stage show being put on at Videopolis, which Disney seems to have rebuilt. Though I am not sure how, I am here, and it is early in the morning. I can see a sort of dress rehearsal going on, and I have no idea why I am here, since it is something like 5:30 in the morning, and the park doesn't even open until seven, with the first performance being at 7:30. I find myself standing around and thinking about it for a while, and am just staring to wonder if I should go home and try to see the show later or something, when I find there are people wandering around me.

      Seems it is now after seven, and they are almost ready for the show. Security drops the chains so we can go down to get seats, but somehow I am not right there, and as I make my way down to the seats all the front row seats are taken up. I am running back and forth in the first and second rows trying to find a seat, and finally one seems to open up in the second row, but right after I sit down, some woman comes up yelling for me to get out of her seat. It turns out her father, sitting in the seat next to me was supposed to be saving the seat, but he fell asleep.

      I start scrambling for a seat, but the place is filling up so fast that every section I get to has just been seated, and I soon find myself standing in the very back, right by the Yumz snack bar, trying to find a place I can stand and see the show, but I am standing behind a big support pillar, so even now I can't see very much. The show starts, and it is being performed mostly by the people from the Adventurers Club or people related to it. I see Karl, Philip, Anne, Greg Triggs (Comedy Warehouse) and (oddly out of place) the Brigadier's daughter from the seventh season of the new Doctor Who series acting as the stage manager. For some reason, though I was on good terms with almost all of them except Anne in the past, now they all seem to be mad at me.

      Greg has slid across on a rope (as part of the show) to the area I am standing in, and then proceeds to make me a part of the show, but in the most offensive, obnoxious, and hateful way he can, and I know Disney would not allow them to do this with the average guest, and I can't get why he thinks he can get away with this with me, or where all this hate has come from. He is constantly insulting me, and also sprays acid on my face, so I am rolling around on the ground as my eyes burn, and he is even making fun of the way I roll around.

      For some reason, though this is a Christmas show, it is only opening today, January 3rd, on the last day of the Christmas holiday. It is also the last day that my annual pass is good for, so this is the only time I can see the show, but I am so mad at the way I have been treated by Greg, I start to just stomp out of the area and decide to go home and forget the damn show! But as I start to walk out of the show, it has just ended, and everybody else is walking out, as well.

      I hear a voice calling my name, and find myself facing Amy F (a friend I knew in high school) and her new husband. They ask why I seem so upset, and I explain as we walk the parade route from Small World toward the Matterhorn, and they are also horrified about how I have been treated. Amy feels she needs to use the restroom, but can only seem to find the men's room. I point out how the door to the women's room is just a little further along, probably because it is located right behind the men's room with doors to either side of the men's room doors, making it a longer restroom since they have to have all stalls, rather than some stalls and some urinals. There was also a moment where we found ourselves back near the stage, and a large black woman on a strange cross between a wheelchair and a gurney ends up rolling down a flight of steps until we manage to stop her. Odd stuff.

      Somehow it is suddenly the next day. Amy and her husband are gone, and I am back at Videopolis, though I don't know how. The performers are getting ready to do the show again, even though the Christmas season ended yesterday, and somehow I am backstage, half-invisible, hanging on some sort of a long silk pennant (like the ones they spun and climbed in Circus Fantasy), where nobody can see me, just kind of watching what was going on.

      Somebody spots me, I think it is Greg, and they all start to chase me around backstage, until I warn them that I will get legal representation, and sue them for the acid in the face, and Greg is trying to act like it is no big deal, until my lawyer (who I have never actually contacted) materializes a letter right in the hands of the Brig's daughter, who explains the Greg is in big trouble, and largely gives me the run of the place. Soon I am being given copies of pictures that others have taken of the show (kind of reversing past situations where I made pictures for the performers of shots I'd taken of them) and being given ever-larger rubies that somehow seem to be being grown during the show. Meanwhile, my lawyers letters about how much trouble Disney is going to be in are oddly warping into letters explaining how some accounting firm would be very wise to hire me to work for them, which makes no sense in any way.

      Soon we are all walking out of the place, backstage, heading for the exit, and Greg still seems to be very mad that he wasn't able to get away with what he did to me, and as we are walking along a hillside he knocks my rubies out of my hands, and one of them falls down the hillside and into a sort of an electrical substation, except instead of being for electricity, it has a bunch of pipes with a trickle of green stuff leaking out of them. It seems to instead be a sort of acid substation. I am climbing down, weaving my way through pipes when I accidentally pull one loose, and small amounts of acid start spewing everywhere. Oddly, this is not actually too horrible, and just a minor inconvenience. But Greg does something which is going to cause the whole place to blow up (killing him and all his fellow performers as well as me) in his anger at me, except that me and a mechanic working in the area manage to avert catastrophe in part using the pipe that I broke.

      [Oddly enough, I barely know or recognize Greg, since he worked almost entirely in the Comedy Warehouse and I spent almost all my time at the Adventurers Club. He probably wouldn't know me at all. So why my dream made him the worst villain in this piece, I have no idea.]
    7. The Hotel and the Magic Show

      by , 11-16-2013 at 08:23 AM
      11-14-2013 -- [Can't remember all that much of this one, but what I could remember had some small parts that were kind of interesting.] First bit that I can remember was a lot of running around, chasing and being chased in what was part school, part lab, part hospital. At lest part of the time I was naked or part naked, and though I can remember nothing specific, I am almost sure some of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters were there. One of the dreams where there are doors in unexpected places leading to secret passages, and went on for quite a while with lots of people and running, but no details I can remember.

      Soon it turns into a Disney hotel with seven floors (in real life it reminds me of the Radisson) that I have frequently dreamed about. I find I am on the third floor, and instead of moving to a room or a elevator, I walk to the side and push a button that makes a balcony appear outside of one of the rooms, and climb on to it. I planned to continue on to the rest of the balconies, but the button I pushed only created the one, and there are no more buttons. I think for a couple of minutes, then just speak to the air like I were on a Trek holodeck, and speak into being the entire row of balconies, and walk to the other end, where I move back into a hallway and am waiting for an elevator. When it opens, Endora (from Bewitched) walks out, and kind of glares at me, which makes me a little nervous.

      I dodge into the elevator and push a button, trying to head up for the fourth or fifth floor, but the elevator won't go where I want to go. A couple other people get on, and I eventually manage to get off, but I exit into a sort of fancy restaurant located halfway between the second and third floors. (It is a restaurant I have dreamed of between floors at least two or three times before.) I try to make my way through it, and climb up to the third floor, but the floor plan is getting more and more complicated, and I eventually have to get help from a bus boy to find my way out of the restaurant.

      As I exit the restaurant I instead find myself entering the three-wing shopping mall (that somewhat resembles the Westminster Mall) that I frequently dream about, and find the area I am entering is right next to the arcade. There are video games and flashing lights, and it is a multi-level arcade. I quickly realize that it is a cross between the five-story Disney Quest and the game center that I once invaded in a dream as Spider-Man, but this time I just walk right past it and find myself in the fourth floor of what is turning from a hotel to a cruise ship. (Though it is a cruise ship that has seven decks. That part is remaining stable.) I take the stairwell up to the fifth floor where I walk into a strangely familiar bar.

      I quickly realize it used to be the Adventurers Club, and I am on the Zebra Mezzanine, but they have removed all the artifacts, lined all the walls with bars, and the main focus of the room is now two very large cages. Greg Schuerman climbed up on top of one of the cages to make a speech about the loss of the Club and his memories of it, but he can't actually remember what he is trying to say, so he climbs down, then climbs in the cage with a 'wild animal' that may just be a man in a gorilla suit as a tribute to Marcel. There are a couple of other wild animals in a sort of giant circus wheel type of gadget, and as they approach, Greg flees out the door in 'terror.' Once the door closes behind him, he grabs a small wooden crate (about 18" square by 6" deep) and starts to fold himself into it, in preparation for a magical appearance. But never mind the trick, I am just amazed he can squeeze himself into such a small space.

      A fellow dressed up as Frankenstein comes slowly wandering out with a pallet jack, and he is supposed to pick up the crate, but he is acting really unintelligent, and pretending he doesn't know what he is supposed to be getting, so keeps half loading up the wrong things, while some woman sitting in a wheel chair is disgustedly telling him he is an imbecile and a stupid thing, and is trying to direct him to the right crate. I'm just standing there thinking it is an interesting, if bizarre, show.
    8. Falling Off the Zebra Mezzanine

      by , 11-13-2013 at 07:43 PM
      11-08-2013 -- I am at the Adventurers Club, and it is fully open to the public, but it has a feel like I have not been around much, so maybe it is something like the place has reopened or something. As I stroll around, there is a feeling of regulars around the place, but not people I actually know. I never see any of the real regulars. Shows are being performed, and the actors are interacting with people. I see several of them, though most of them either never came close enough that I actually saw them, or my mind just didn't keep track. I am pretty sure I did seem to see Andy wandering around, and something seemed strange about that.

      It is fairly late in the evening, though not quite fully the end of the night, and I think I am wandering around the Zebra Mezzanine. I step into some sort of booth (maybe half-cross between a phone booth and a music listening booth, and something startles me. I stumble to the edge of the mezzanine, hit the rail, and end up balanced precariously on it for a few seconds, before I tumble over the edge, and fall into the main salon, below. In the fall I flip around and land on my feet, and I am kind of amazed to find that I am unhurt. Servers and managers are bustling toward me to check on what happened and make sure I am OK, and one of them is Bobby (the guy who once took away Doug's bag of Voban and got cursed at for it), who needs to speak to me, and verify I am all right.

      He takes me back stage via the elevator (which in real life only went between the first and second floors of the Club, but in my dreams has very often also led to a backstage green room sort of place, and a backstage area that has frequently been at (or like) Disneyland's Frontierland backstage area). I explain being startled, and falling over, and that I am completely unharmed, and then start trying to get back to the Club because I want to see the end of the night Hooplah! Because I have been with Bobby, nobody seems to mind my using the elevator from the backstage part, bu the problem is, it seems to be kind of broken, and refuses to move part of the time, and moves to the wrong floor at other times, and so it is wasting a lot of my time.

      It finally reaches the main floor of the Club, but as the doors open and I am about to get out to try and see the show, the actors start to file in. The Hooplah! just ended, and they are heading to the green room. Since nobody is usually on the elevator at this point in the evening, they just start pouring in, and I don't have a chance to get off. One of the performers is Anne, and with all of our issues in the past, we are intensely ignoring each other for a bit. The person that I thought was Andy steps in, and it turns out to be somebody close to Andy's size and coloring, but with a different face, and I remember that Andy just died, and relax as I realize why things seemed so strange earlier.

      The doors open, and some of the others exit into the green room, and I am about to continue on to the Frontierland area, but Anne stops me, and asks if there is any chance I can put together a compilation tape of stuff Andy did at the Club from all my video footage. I tell her the bad news is that I no longer have the equipment to make duplicate tapes and things, but the good news is that I have them all on DVD now, and can put together a DVD or two of his stuff. We part having put all past issues behind us, which is kind of nice.
    9. Dream Bits: Runescape, Disney, Balloons, and More

      by , 11-07-2013 at 08:40 PM
      10-22-2013 -- In a strange, live version of Runescape with a bunch of other people, there is a sort of group or mob of enemies to fight, including some dragons, some weird lava monsters, and a bunch of other big, powerful enemies, and a group of about 20 of us are getting ready to take them on. We start fighting against them, but the battle isn't going too well for me at first. I am trying to fire magic at them, but at first I am too far away. Eventually I make it close enough, and am close enough to manage some decent shooting at them, but soon I find I am running out of magic and energy, and my shots are doing no good.

      The others with me continue firing, and for a while are doing well, and managing to damage the enemies, but soon they are also running out of magic and energy, and are starting to die to the opposing forces. Soon we're standing around discussing how we probably all want to get another 5 to 10 combat levels before we bother trying again!

      Somehow things then shift to the House of Imports, where I seem to be working a shift, even though it is modern times (I worked there more than 20 years ago). My shift should have ended after 10 hours, but I realize I have been working more than 14 hours, and am probably going to be yelled at, so I better get my butt in gear and get clocked out. The dealership is quite busy, with a bunch of people looking through the showroom, and crowding the short stairway down to the lower level where the time clock is, so I rise a few feet into the air, so that I am just above everybody's heads, and fly down to the time clock to clock out. Nobody seems to notice or care, and it doesn't seem like a big deal to me that I can fly, either.


      10-17-2013 -- [Unfortunately couldn't remember much even when I dreamed it, then waited four days before entering it in, and now even more is missing. Oh well.] Somehow I am wandering around at a school or a store, slight hints of department stores at malls or perhaps Marshall. Wherever it is, I find myself wandering into a bathroom, and am trying to find a clean, stocked stall to use. Could even be in a locker room at a pool. Soon I find that I have just boarded a bus, and am trying to pay my fare. Unfortunately, I have dropped my change everywhere, and have to bend down and scrabble for my coins.

      Eventually I find myself in Disneyland, walking from the hub down Main Street, heading for town square, same area I have been walking through in a lot of dreams, recently. I pass Sharon H. and am heading for the corner shop next to the magic shop which had collectible plates and figurines and things in the last dream here (yesterday with a lot of AC stuff in the dream) and for some reason my pants are too large and keep trying to fall down around my ankles.

      I reach the store, and am just kind of standing around, talking with Dale. Nothing too big or exciting, just chatting. But as we are watching, one of the people working in the shop seems to be putting together balloon decorations and placing them around the store. Thing is, she is using some unusual balloons, rounds, odd shapes, very strong colors, and occasionally other things. One sculpture that almost seems to be a Star Wars creation is topped by what seems to be a small white garbage can, but it fits perfectly and looks just like whatever it is supposed to be. There are other figures that look like they are made of gold balloons, but unlike most gold balloons, these are so strongly colored that they almost give the impression of being solid gold, though they aren't.

      Another creation is actually a very impressive model of Aladdin's Genie, but this one is obviously made out of blue balloons. They are wandering around the interior and exterior of the store, putting these things up in various places as displays, and decoration, and they look very good and Dale and I are both quite impressed with them.


      10-16-2013 -- I am running around Rosemary's place, and oddly enough I find that I can get my voice back as long as I am speaking in a slightly deeper voice. I find I can sing as well, as long as I deepen my voice from my previous tenor to a nice, strong baritone. I end up running around the place able to finally talk and sing and make myself be heard, but it does make my throat slightly sore, and I find I am a little worried about it. Soon, following the suggestions of others, I decide to go visit the doctors.

      I soon find myself at a cross between the Doctor's office that Terry and Grace used to run, and a dream clinic that I have frequently visited, wandering into areas that guests aren't allowed in, but that I had been invited into by Terry, Grace, and Kathy in the past. The problem is, they no longer work here, and the doctors that do are a little unhappy about me wandering around ... though not enough to actually say anything.


      10-16-2013 -- Out on a long cross country road trip with Chris Vopat, where I am riding in the back of his pickup truck. This is bad enough for the long trip and the distance we're traveling, but it becomes even worse as a volcano a few miles away erupts and starts shooting lava down its sides and hot ash into the air, which is quick to ruin the air quality even where we are, a few miles away.


      10-16-2013 -- At an Adventurers Club reunion type of thing, but it is not being held at the Club, which has long been shut down. I run into a couple of performers who seem to be doing some bits, but I have missed most of it, and have no clue what is going on. Then I run into BC, and she has been here for almost the whole thing, and mentions that Anne has been doing stuff from her odd version of the Vagina Monologues (see past dream here), which it seems she has now made a regular part of things whenever she is doing AC reunion stuff, which doesn't make any sense to me.

      We sit and discuss this, but more and more as we talk, I find myself thinking of taking a trip to California and visiting with Dale. Somehow he is here for a visit, or perhaps only just left, and I am really in the mood for a visit to California since I haven't left the state in something like a decade. I am not sure how, but I know somehow I can get there. But I have no money for tickets to the park. I am trying to think of ways I can sneak in (possibly involving friends on the monorail), but then I remember that Keith works there, and he can probably sign me in a couple of times, which should solve that problem.

      Somehow thinking about that brings it about, and I suddenly find that I am in Disneyland's Frontierland area, walking back toward New Orleans Square and Critter Country. As I walk along, I see a couple of Adventurers Club performers, either on their own, or perhaps working streetmosphere, and I am thinking it might be fun to go watch them sometime. Meanwhile, I find myself walking into a western-themed restaurant that, for some odd reason, serves egg drop soup from large bowls.

      Turns out Dale has been debating trying the soup for ages, but he is never brave enough to do so, and I am kind of pushing and encouraging him to give it a try, but he really isn't sure he is willing to do so. I give up, and am about to wander off and go walking through the park, when a large group walks in. They are mostly women, just a couple of men, and though I can't identify specific people, it seems to be a group from Pine Castle. They are playing a strange game to choose a person, something of the nature of Rock, Paper, Scissors, but completely different. They have wandered in and surrounded me at the exact right time for me to win, and since I won, I am expected to provide small presents for everybody, but I have no money, no gifts, and they are all kind of disgusted with me. Doesn't seem fair, since I never asked to be a part of their game.


      10-13-2013 -- I am somewhere that is halfway in the midwest somewhere, and halfway in England. I'm walking down the street on foot while a friend is on a skateboard, or perhaps a bike. In the street is a police car, and a cop is just stepping out of it and is keeping an eye on us, but he isn't actually doing anything, so we just try and ignore him. I head down a street that seems to be a cross between a hill in Omaha, and Dale in Buena Park. I reach about the point where Athenian Burgers was, and find Carl and Mary Baumer there. They seem to be thinking about treating me to a meal.

      Instead I find myself walking down La Palma (or perhaps Orangethrope, or some random street in Omaha) discussing job possibilities. I am kind of down and depressed, and Carl (who is slowly turning into dad) is trying to cheer me up. He asks the guy who has given me a place to stay (should be Joe Lane, but is strangely looking like Marv Goodwin) what he thinks, and Marv says that I am probably going to fail at everything, but yeah, I ought to try, anyway. Dad is about ready to kill him, but Marv just drives away on his fork lift. So we walk on down to the corner, and I seem to be on the southwest corner, at Magnolia and either La Palma or Orangethorpe, but as always for Buena Park, my compass is off.

      Anyway, dad leads me to what seems to be a cross between a truck yard, a warehouse, and an office building (feels a lot like the TAMS property), where he does their tires, and has contacts, and is sure he can get me a job. But they turn us down. He's a little upset, and we cross the street to a corner shop that is a cross between a restaurant and a liquor store, where dad sits down at a picnic table out of the way on the side of the building to have a cigarette. He's out of breath because of the smoking, and I'm out of breath because of my weight, and there are some toughs who are being slightly threatening, but don't really care enough to be serious about it. I'm not sure but it is possible that Paul and Irene Broden come by after that and buy me dinner at the Chinese restaurant.
    10. Fulton Burley, Terri Robinson and I!

      by , 07-25-2013 at 02:07 AM
      07-23-2013 -- I loved this dream! I am wandering around somewhere, no idea where, commenting to somebody about some obscure detail in the old Golden Horseshoe Revue at Disneyland, and somebody hears me, decides I am just perfect for something, grabs me, and begins pulling me off somewhere. Soon I find myself in Frontierland, being pushed backstage somewhere that has a sort of wardrobe. They are told to dress me in the traveling salesman costume, and they have no idea what that is. They can't get me in the right costume, because they don't even know what it is, but they put me in something western, which will have to do.

      Next thing I know, I am standing outside the Golden Horseshoe with Dick Hardwick, and he tells me that I have to make the difficult decision which side I am going to enter the show, He tells me he always entered on the left, and as I am thinking back, I think to myself 'no you didn't. You always came in on the right.' [While awake I realize he could have meant stage left] oddly, though we were outside the entrance when he shoved me, I suddenly find myself stumbling from backstage onto the stage, down the steps, and out into the audience. I walk toward the back, then turn around and start heading up to the stage again. I remember I am supposed to fire off a shot or two to get some attention, and I glance down at the carpet bag that was just thrust in my hands, and pull out a six shooter and fire off one shot. Every eye in the place is on me, and I have an incredible case of stage fright.

      Fulton is there on the stage, and he asks me who I am, and I screw everything up (wrong time) and say Pecos Bill! Fulton just runs with it, and starts in on a verse, and the band follows right along. Then he indicates it is my turn for a verse, and I blanch. Me? Sing? I can't sing anymore. I have no voice! But I open my mouth and start singing one of the verses, and my voice is smooth and strong. In fact, it is probably the best I have ever sounded. We sing a couple more verses, while Terri Robinson is muttering gloom and doom about this not being the proper order, and Fulton calming her and telling her he'll tell her when to sing her part, and she'll be fine. (Behavior that more properly belonged to Betty than Terri from what I've read.)

      Soon Fulton sings one of his songs, then glances at me. I have no idea of anything to sing, so he gestures at Terri, and she sings her number. Then he glances at me again, and I know I have to sing something. I glance at the piano player and say something facetious, and he starts to play Beautiful Dreamer, but I don't know the words to sing it. I tell him I don't know what songs he knows, so maybe I should just follow him, and he says "Well, that would go like this:" and starts playing Follow Me Boys (a song from an old Disney picture with Fred MacMurray in the lead role). I launch into the chorus, belting it out perfectly. The audience applauds, the curtain goes down, the show is over, and everybody is congratulating me. Everybody but me has changed out of costume, and the piano player is amazed I knew Follow Me Boys, and asks how I knew it. I tell him, appropriately enough, I saw it at scout camp (Cadets, but same difference.) [The film has MacMurray starting a scout troop to keep some of the local kids out of trouble.]

      I run into various employees back stage, who are wondering what is with the costume, including several entertainers I know, and I am rather proud to tell them that I am the newest Traveling Salesman sub for the Golden Horseshoe Revue. I know I run into Graham and a couple of others from the Adventurers Club, and Jim, the Walt Disney World Refreshment Corner pianist ... and is that Kirk Wall doing Billy Hill over there? I make it over to Terri before she leaves, and manage to apologize, and she forgives me, and says I'll do better next time. Next time?

      That's when it hits ... I just performed in the Golden Horseshoe Revue! Which means the Golden Horseshoe Revue is back! Which means, when I am not performing in it, I can watch it! ... I remember something I read, recently, and acknowledge even if it is only for a limited time. And the words register a second time. Next time ... I have to learn the proper routines and timing! I ask for help, and I think it is Dana Daniels who starts out by teaching me how do do the Niagara Falls bit. He then moves on to showing me a card trick that involves turning a three of spades into a two of spades, and a couple of other card tricks. I realize I am going to have to practice all this, and wonder if I can take all the stuff home for one night, to get some practice in. I guess I am going to have to go back to the Revue and ask the stage manager about that.

      As I am walking back to the Horseshoe, I find myself wondering if I will run into my old supervisor who always objects to my being back stage ... if he does this time, there is nothing he can do about it! I am now a Disney performer! I get back to the Horseshoe, and the stage manager and all his stage hands are just getting ready to leave, but when he sees me there, and I mention needing to learn so I can do the next show correctly, rather than flying by the seat of my pants, he tells the others to leave without him, he's got some work to do. The next thing I know, he has me in his arms, teaching me some of the minor dance steps I need to do in the show. Meanwhile ... I HAVE A ROLE IN THE GHR!!!
    11. The Color War and the Adventurers Club Reunion

      by , 07-20-2013 at 02:19 AM
      07-18-2013 -- A hint of superheroes but nothing I can remember. I soon find myself in a half-life half-computer-game war of colors. We are on a large hexagonal 'circle' surrounding a sort of hexagonal mountain. Each hexagon forming the circle is kind of large, perhaps 40 or 50 meters per side. I'd say we started at about 8:00 and moved counter-clockwise.

      There were six color choices, and a large, slightly pixilated 'paintbrush' that seemed to be in different shapes for different colors, and you half reached for it and half grabbed it with your mind, moving it around the landscape to sort of 'paint' the ground and claim it. I am not sure what color I started with, but I changed colors a couple of times in the first few seconds as I ran like a mad-man painting my colors in every direction.

      There were a bunch of other kids/teen playing, grabbing other colors and spraying them, though some moved faster than others. I think I settled on purple fairly early on, and with some others went sprinting counter-clockwise. By the time we reached around 4:00 there were two or three of the colors battling it out for the area, and the ones slower to catch on, still around the 8:00 or 7:00 position realized they were never going to catch up with us in that direction, and figured they better start painting and claiming ground going clockwise.

      Since we had a lead, we matched up with some of the other colors around the 12:00 position, and as both sets of groups rushed at each other I sprinted to the meeting point to claim to be the first one to have made it 'round the world.' It made more sense within the dream logic. Somehow though I had been purple throughout the entire thing so far, by the time I came against blue at 12:00, I seem to have changed to green and to have been green the entire time.

      Purple turned out to be lead by Pricilla Mooseburger in a very professional purple clown costume. Being as I was not on her team, I think that is why I was suddenly green (though with purple leanings.) [Didn't realize it until now, but the purple/green conflict might have been caused by a Drazi episode of Babylon 5.] Graham seems to be 'leading' the green group (though not as Hathaway, which might have made sense) and he is reminiscing with some of us about the Adventurers Club and how we all miss it, and talking about some upcoming event where we'll all get together to do a 5 year celebration or something, with some of the other regulars around.

      I find myself talking to Joe Simon about old Disneyland shows, and a time I bought a drink at the Disneyland Hotel (which the event I was recalling was actually from some other dream in a pub in England) and he is trying to relate it to a non-alcoholic drink, but I say no, it was something alcoholic. Reminds me of one of my friends who could never remember whether it was the yakoose juice or the kungaloosh that was alcoholic.

      Meanwhile Graham is handing out large strings of Mardi Gras beads (where the individual beads are about 4" diamond shapes) usually in the color of the person's team, but somehow he can't decide if I am purple or green, so he gives me both, which somehow goes well with my scarf, even if it is purple and blue. Soon we are taking pictures near a parade float which is actually a three level ice skating rink which Priscilla is skating on, and it is some sort of publicity photo, as we have been a part of a fund raising program for some sort of orphan charity or something.

      We're told to hug up on one another and I end up with Abby (NCIS) in my arms for a kiss, though soon she is a different woman, and then a third, Chris Townley, who I knew from school. The woman keeps shifting. It's like there is really some chemistry between Abby and I, but I don't know if I have the nerve to say anything to see if it can become something. Meanwhile, Priscilla seems to have a bit of an attitude with me (all in fun, I think) and is asking us if the next time we can avoid looking like a brother and sister kissing.

      After the photo taking, we're moving back to the parade-float ice rink, which has now turned into a small purple stage with signs on it warning people to stay out from under it, and Priscilla is about to do a magic show (which is why she doesn't want people under the stage getting into her props) and I decide to grab a seat in the front row, planning to heckle her in return for her photo comments. (I know how you did that one ... I'm not going to tell, but I know ... that one, too ....)
    12. Car Repairs and George Takei Talking About the Adventurers Club

      by , 06-17-2013 at 08:01 AM
      06-13-2013 -- Earlier hints of a possible tidal wave on the beach and a sexy woman who may or may not be involved with the mafia-like group that has been chasing me around, then I find myself at an auto repair shop somewhere, talking to a cop who is talking about some of the bad shops he has had experience at, and I am hoping this isn't one of them, since they are working on my vehicle.

      Anyway, I am really hoping they can handle the problem with my vehicle, and that it will be something minor, but it is sounding really rough and loud, much like a diesel tractor cab might sound. (Which actually makes sense, since that is what I am driving in this dream.) The cop is indicating that they do good work, but that they are about to close for the day, but I am refusing to leave because I am in the middle of a delivery (or perhaps a mystery shop) down somewhere about Lauderdale, and I have no way to get any help or do anything without my vehicle, so I am not going anywhere until my 'car' is fixed.

      Somehow this leads to standing outside watching a couple of people walk by, including a thin black guy who borrowed something of mine, and I am waiting for him to return it, and when he doesn't seem to be coming over to do so, I find myself heading for him, instead. Somehow this leads to the strange switch where I have just boarded a bus with George Takei, and he is going to be helping me with something, though in the dream it is never quite clear what.

      So we have moved to the back of the bus, and this punk kid seems to be asking about what we're doing, and I am trying to explain, but do a really lousy job of it. (Perhaps because I have no idea, myself.) Anyway, something that I say makes George think that I have volunteered him to help the punk kid with something, and he is really upset with me about it. Neither I, nor the punk, got that out of what I said, but to avoid trouble, I am trying to reword my comment to soothe George's issues.

      In revenge, George goes off on a tangent about the Adventurer's Club, and wants to know why I liked the place so much, and wondering if it was true that Anne complained that I was boring and spoke like Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller's Day Off? And why would I talk like that all the time? I'm very hurt, because I never recall her saying anything like that, not even in my hundreds of hours of video footage of the Club, and I don't think I talk in that much of a monotone ... or at least I didn't while I still had a voice.

      Then BC shows up and insists she has the footage of Anne saying that on video tape, and is leading George to the front of the bus to play it for him. Except it isn't footage from the Club, but from a play that Anne did, and I am even more upset, thinking that she might be so unprofessional as to make such a comment in the middle of a play. Except that the entire play seems to be of a woman whining about her medical procedures and how miserable she is, and is so much whining that it seems to be more something from BC's friend Pam than any real play. The play's name was something like the Mastectomy Moments or something, probably a take-off on the Vagina Monologues.

      Soon we're standing on a street corner somewhere, and I find myself trying to explain my crazy friends to George, while he just stares at me. I end up defending BC by pointing out all the things she has had to put up with, which leads to me trying to explain her brother Benny to him. And isn't that a trip and a half. I am explaining about his past drinking, and his catch phrases, "I kill you for a quarter," and "Jonannelli" and "How does that make you feel?" and the 'I will annoy you if it kills me' attitude. I try to remember the newest catch-phrase, "My pants are too tight," but I just can't bring that one to mind.

      Trying to explain all this to George is enough to turn him into Benny, who is drunk again, and babbling in the street, while his dog is jumping all over me, trying to get at the ice cream I am eating. I am trying to push the dog off, but I don't want to hurt its feelings, so while I try to push it off, I explain I just don't know it that well, yet. Odd stuff. (And why does George Takei keep coming into my dream, anyway?)
    13. The Long Arm of the Graves

      by , 02-19-2013 at 03:40 PM
      02-19-2013 -- I find myself in the backstage elevator I know from past dreams, riding down to enter the Adventurers Club. When the elevator lets me off, it is at the regular elevator spot, on the Zebra Mezzanine. I step out, and run into a couple of the cast members. I think Graham is doing Fletcher, and is glad to see me. Kristian is doing Hathaway, and is producing that slightly smarmy sort of vibe where I don't think he likes me, but he deals with it by just gently poking fun at me, and it doesn't really bother me. Then Joe (pre-surgery) as Graves walks up to me, greets me kind of warmly (something like "It's nice to see you again, Sir,"), and shakes my hand.

      Then something distracts him mid-shake, and he turns away and leaves me holding his right arm. His real, live, right arm. He walking away, and I'm calling after him, asking "Graves ... Graves ... do you think you might still need this?" But he's disappeared through one of the staff doors, so I'm left carrying his arm.

      I'm walking counter-clockwise around the mezzanine, and downstairs, somebody is calling out for Graves, asking him to give them a hand, and each time they do, his arm raises up in my hand and waves excitedly, but there's not much else it can do without its own body. I glance down, and oddly, the bar is over where the Treasure Room usually is. Eventually Graves arrives there (sans arm) right as I reach the stairwell and start down.

      I am going down the stairs with my right hand on the banister, and my left hand holding Joe's arm, and it is kind of feeling in front of itself like a blind man might. There are people coming up the stairs at the same time, and Graves' arm ends up feeling up the chests of the women, who for some reason find the freshness from a disembodied arm to be hilarious. Meanwhile, it seems Joe can still feel whatever his arm is touching, and he is making comments like "Oh, that's nice," and "I've got to do this more often." Everybody just roars with laughter.

      Things shift, and Graves has his arm back, and I am relaxing in the Main Salon, while many of the performers are just mingling with people and chatting. Then soon they start to seat a show (I think it is a treasure room show), and I end up wandering over to the desk in the stairwell, and sitting down to do a little writing. I know I am dreaming, and I find it to be a very nice dream, and I want to write it down, while I can still remember it really well.

      I'm trying to write it down on an envelope, but there are already several other dreams written on it, so I'm having trouble finding any room, and am having to write bits of it down here, there, and everywhere. Will make it hard to keep track of when it comes time to transfer it to the computer. Meanwhile, I know I am dreaming, but I am enjoying the dream enough that I'm not trying to change anything, but just enjoying it as it is.

      A maid who I don't actually recognize walks by, and makes a couple of comments, and I explain I am writing down this dream, so I won't forget it (and wondering if I will wake up to find it already written down, or if I will have to write it down again in the real world.) I find myself wondering where the other female performers are, because I've seen most of the men, but only the one woman, and I don't know her.

      Then I hear another voice, and I recognize it ... Jennifer. But I turn around, and she isn't in a Club costume. Instead she is in a really short (at both ends) red dress and a black wig. She is explaining to some others that she is in training for a new role, and has a couple of days left to go in that training. She has a very strong Betty Boop vibe going on, but she also has a very obvious, strong (fake) Flintstones five o-clock shadow going on, that makes the role a cross between Betty Boop, Betty Rubble, and oddly enough, Barney Rubble.

      Meanwhile, one of the cast members in the Main Salon is making some sort of comment about how the Club closed down years ago, but urging us all to attend and participate in ConGaloosh, and I'm thinking how I'd love to, if I could afford it, but ....

      Another of those dream shifts, and I find myself at some sort of after-Club party somewhere. I think Jennifer brought me along, and everybody is chatting, and somebody is asking why I am here, and I am still trying to properly explain the thing with Graves' arm, and this being a dream. Jennifer wants to take me aside to talk for a few minutes, but before she gets the chance, somebody else grabs her, and I end up taking a seat on a sofa to wait for her, then I wake up. (And do have to write the dream down again, since doing so in the dream didn't carry through to the real world. Pity. 8-D )
    14. NCIS, Teaming with Gibbs, Fornell, and Diane to Find Evidence in Churchill's Home

      by , 01-06-2013 at 10:09 AM
      01-05-2013 -- [Great dream with some nice details and connections to other dreams. Very long, but the last 'scene' is the longest and most detailed, solely because it is the one I remember best.]

      This one seems to start at a Disney World-ish kind of place where I am looking for work. I am trying to get in at various jobs, but they aren't what I really want to be doing. It seems I can't try to get the job I really want, because that would have me working with Anne, and though I am over the entire thing, she isn't, and is still freaking out about it. At the same time, Agent Fornell can't get the job he wants, either, because he and Gibbs' ex-wife, Diane. Turns out she and Anne work together, and she may have been the cast member arguing with me on my cell phone in the big 'trying to be lucid and not getting there' dream at Disneyland Paris, last night.

      There were bits taking place at the Buena Park Mall, trailing suspects with Gibbs and Fornell, dodging around the various mall customers. I also seem to remember tiny bits that might tie in with long-time hiking dreams, and the area from the 33 cave, but I can't remember the details.

      At one point, I almost seem to be getting close to Diane (God have mercy!) while Fornell may be hitting it off with Anne. Soon, Gibbs is about to split off from us and climb into a helicopter to go undercover somewhere, and we're all kind of worried about it, He is really going to be in danger on this one. Fornell and I end up on the Haunted Mansion, where he is reacting to all the ghosts and things popping up at us, and is close to shooting audio animatronic figures. I know them all, and can ignore them, which means I can spot the real criminals who are coming for us in the ride. I manage to escape, but I think here is where they manage to kill Fornell.

      Soon I have just left my elementary school, and I am a little kid being chased by bullies, instead of crooks. I am considering ducking into one of the houses that have the signs up that they are a safe-haven for bullies, but I fear that they have been infiltrated and compromised by the crooks we're trying to bring down, so I don't dare trust them. I just keep running down Crescent, heading for Hickory.

      Soon I find myself in a large mansion that I've been in before in at least a couple of dreams, though I don't know if any of them were ever written down or entered on the computer. (One of them, a Runescape dream that turned live, and shifted to this location.) Perhaps not in the other dreams, but I think in this dream it is Chartwell ... at least, I think it is a house that Winston Churchill owned.

      This is where Gibbs was working undercover, before he got killed. [Sorry!] I am now here undercover, trying to find what evidence he left here for us, and am dressed up as a butler. I am speaking with Diane, who is also undercover, but only as a tourist. We're in a large library that I think begins on the third floor, and has a domed ceiling going up above the fifth floor, very posh and fancy.

      We're trying to figure out where Gibbs would have left any evidence or clues for us, and I find myself remembering a small, nondescript study from one of those previous dreams, hidden in the back on the ground floor where Churchill spent a lot of time, and thinking how Gibbs would have probably enjoyed using it. I'm trying to think of a method to get us in there without anyone seeing us, when one of the bad guys approaches Diane. Unfortunately, he has recognized her.

      He plans to separate her from the crowd and dispose of her, and he thinks I am just the hired help, so he tries to send me away. Instead, I grab him and start to fight with him. The next bit is unclear, but I think he shoots me, and as I collapse to the ground, dead, the butler turns into Gibbs, while I am now Diane, and I break free and start running, looking for that little study.

      Time passes, and soon I am myself, have visited the study, and have got the stuff Gibbs left for us, enough to put the crooks away. Now I just have to make it out alive, while knowing that my partners have been killed. Bit of a downer dream, while still very cool.

      I burst out a small side door, and run for a gate, but there are crooks right behind me, and they'll set a dog on me, as well. I'm running down a steep hill to a tall gate which is probably locked, with crooks and dog behind me. The hill is so steep, and ends so close to the gate, I figure if I take a running jump, I can jump from the hill onto the top of the gate, bypassing it being locked. Unfortunately, the dog catches up to me.

      I manage to grab its jaws, and am holding them shut kind of like you do with an alligator. I wrestle with it for a few seconds, then throw it to the ground by the gate, and jump. I do manage to land on the top of the gate, and quickly scramble down the other side, where I fall on my butt. I now only have two problems ... first the fence is a chain link fence with a very large mesh. A human couldn't squeeze through it, but the dog almost certainly can, and is in fact squeezing through it now. And secondly, more crooks are running through the fields (including one who looks just like Ducky, oddly enough), approaching me, so I am on the run again!

      [I love NCIS, though I haven't watched all that much of it. I also haven't watched almost any of it in at least two or three years, which is why I am surprised that it seems to be the TV show that makes it into my dreams the most often. I would expect it to be Trek or Doctor Who or B5, but I think I've dreamed more of NCIS than any of them. Oddly, though, I watched a couple of episodes online last night, including one with Diane in it (don't think I have ever seen her before) and I am amazed at how quickly my dream weaved her into a story, since it usually takes my dreams about two weeks to catch up with things from real life.]
    15. Graham Singing, the Adventurers Club Never Closed, and the AC Performers do the Golden Horseshoe

      by , 12-20-2012 at 07:11 PM
      12-19-2012 -- [Bits before this, but no memory of them.] I am driving my car down the little loop that leads from Sand Lake to OBT while bypassing the intersection, but instead of coming out across from Taco Bell, it comes out across from Wendy's, next to the newest Wawa. I pass what looks like Marsha Z. in a half clown-half not outfit, and find I am in the must turn right lane, when I want to make a left.

      So I make a right turn, and figure I'll turn in at the Wendy's and go that way (never mind that is the intersection I just turned the wrong way at), but they have construction going on there, and I am not allowed to turn. Darn it! My brakes aren't working fully (they never do in my dreams) and my seat belt is pulled across me, but not fastened for some reason. I finally make the left turn I want to make around the Taco Bell, and as I drive into the Sky Lake subdivision, I find myself singing the alphabet song. As I get to the LMNOP part, Graham is supposed to sing it, but he's running late somehow.

      Suddenly we're no longer on the road, but I have just walked into the Adventurers Club, which never closed down, I just quit going for a few years. (Like I would ever do that!) For some reason, I have a bed sore which is uncomfortable and bleeding, and my pants keep trying to fall down, which is very annoying. Graham is there, and Joy is doing Pam, in the green peacock dress. She is doing a bit of shtick in the Main Salon, trying to get everybody to strain and concentrate and try to physically lay an egg. Very weird. I spend a little more time in the Main Salon, then head for the Library for one of the shows.

      As I walk in, I see the gal who does Yvette, though today she is doing Samantha, I think. (Used to know her name, haven't been able to remember it the last few months.) But almost everybody else I see is a stranger to me. There is a very oriental looking maid, and an oriental Hathaway, as well, and a bunch of other performers in AC-looking costumes, but nobody else I recognize. Most of the library looks pretty much the same, except in the back there is a wooden pew instead of the row of bar stools.

      I can't decide which table I might like, so I just sit on the pew, then somebody else comes and sits next to me. They sit very close, and keep scooting closer and closer. I ignore them for a while, but it finally gets to be too much for me, and I decide to stalk out of the library, only to discover it is almost empty, and there is no reason this idiot has to be so close!

      As I walk back into the Main Salon, I find there have been a lot of changes since I left. They have remodeled and expanded, and I find myself walking past several gift shops and a new ladies restroom. I'm worried there is no men's room, but then decide the original restrooms are probably still where they were, right by the elevator, and they just added a second ladies room. A couple of women overhear me saying this, and demand I lead them to these other restrooms.

      I do so, and find the restrooms are there, but they've been redone too, and are very much fancier than they used to be. I walk in the men's room and find it is now a combination restroom and spa. Though there are toilets and sinks, there are also tubs and whirlpools and people getting massages and things. All very fancy, and I quickly exit again. I find myself walking through Frontierland, and enter a rather worn and shabby-looking Golden Horseshoe Revue.

      There are a few beat up tables sitting around, including a couple near a collapsing wall, I pull one table next to another and use it as a seat, as I start looking around for an envelope or a scrap to write on, and start to write down the earliest bits of this dream, back on Orange Blossom Trail. I change positions a couple of times, trying to keep a good writing surface and keep out of the way at the same time, then suddenly performers start walking in, beginning to do a show. Interestingly enough, these are AC people in AC costumes, but they seem to be performing the Golden Horseshoe Revue. I see Anne and Yvette, Graham and Karl, and it is looking like it may become a good show.
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