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    1. Hotels again & weird little people dreams

      by , 09-16-2016 at 07:49 PM
      Yesterday: Non-lucid- My parents, siblings & kids were with me. We were on vacation. We had checked into a really nice hotel. There were all of these cheerleaders running around because of some local sporting event. My kids were being asses & bitching that they wanted to stay at a different place that they had stayed before. My day was paying so we stayed & it was nicer than the place they wanted to go anyway. Like really nice. The place was over booked & a family was staying at a house beside the hotel. I went out side & walked over there to be nosy. I walked up onto the front porch. These people were really religious & had all of these kids. Kind of like the 19 kids & counting tv show. The father had made some calligraphy light art. It looked like a neon budweiser light or something. I told his wife that he was really talented. But she just smiled. Her kids were artistic as well. The next day everyone was flooding out of the building at once & suddenly everywhere looked like a college campus. Then my alarm went off.

      Today non-lucid:
      All of my dreams were fragments of little people & just plain weird shit.
      This is my 3rd day of having a fever. Yesterday I was so sick but had to go grocery shopping & was wiped out so bad I couldn't type much cuz reading was making me dizzy. Still burning up today but had to go to my grandson's award event. Now I think I'll go pass out after I make my rounds on here.
    2. Little People camping trip

      by , 08-29-2016 at 10:30 PM
      I was on some bizarre camping trip w/ a group of little people & some of my family. My dad had erected a big tent for us on a wooden platform (the girl scout camp I went to as a kid had some like this). We were all eating camp site food & it started to rain. The tent was gone for some reason now & the little people were trying to help us construct one out of materials around the camp site. My aunt Jill who is only a couple of weeks older than me was being a bitch.

      Got woke up by fucking A/C guys. They have been here all day so it better be fixed this time!