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    1. 16/01/2016

      by , 01-18-2016 at 02:53 AM
      Here I list the dreams:

      • There was a cute girl, brunette and pleasing face.
      • I smashed a block on the floor to release tension.
      • Then i was on the school. I hit Chango behind the chest, on the stomach. He tells the teacher, Nora Vincenti, and she got angry she wanted to leave the classroom. She looked like dissapointed of the class, and i was angry with Chango for his attitude. Then i stand up to talk to the teacher Pedro touches my ass, i was like WTF dude and i don't know if i tell the teacher at that time or what action did i do, but that definitely made the teacher leave.
      • I find myself outside a church or a school. There was an act. We formed in classes. There was a magician in every class, who was the most important one. Besides them there were in each class like three people who carried the flag.
        Then i find myself in a supermarket. I was standing in a line, being the first and probably us two were the only ones. We were standing behind a desk. Pedro was there as well. I as a magician had more privileges than him, but i stood there and said nothing. When the time came i just waited, like the attitude of an Arahant probably, who is a very valuable human being, but at the same time humble. However Pedro recognized some of this probably and said go first, so i did.

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