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    1. Weird Parallel Parking Test at Parking Garage, Driving Prep Lab?

      by , 01-25-2014 at 12:14 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Arriving for Driving Test, Parking Garage, Peeing in Dark, Parallel Parking Guys? (DILD)


      • Walking into a building inside with a manila atmospheric overlay
      • People are showing their ids to the guards/police officers in black outfits. I take out my brown wallet and show my id.
      • Apparently I had a vehicle inside that I was driving, and the officer told me that I will need to find somewhere to park it.
      • So i go to the parking garage entrance in front of me
      • Go inside, random areas in the darkness, I keep moving forward, I get the urge to pee, and I decided that since I was alone, I could unzip and let loose.
      • Then I heard people coming perpendicular to me, but I kept urinating because they wouldn't see. Then after I'm doing, forgot if I zipped my pants up or not.
      • A few people, two were noticeable. One looked like a guy named Byrce, and the other looked like a girl I used to be friends with in South Carolina by the name of Billy I believe.

      • Apparently I decided to just hang around them, though it looked like this was the area for people to line up for the test.

      • Billy is really tall, at least 3 feet taller than me. She looks happy to see me, but also shy in how she's communicating. She tries to wave her hand a bit, and mentions something, but she's too quite for me to comprehend it all.

      • She looks at me for a bit with her eyes squinting slightly with a radiant and cheeky smile before shifting her eyes elsewhere to avoid feeling embarassed or awkward I guess.


      Driving Prep Lab? (DILD)


      • Feels like this one came before the other dream with the parking garage event.
      • I'm in a lab.
      • I recall an elderly lady that looks like she's in her late 50s, wearing a red female dress shirt buttoned up along with dark pants that seem to be yoga, or something like that.
      • I see a girl that looks like the perfect replica of Laura (I'm probably mixing someone's name with this one, too many to recall) that I used to be partners with in a Biology lab.
      • I'm moving about, and apparently she's my partner for this driving prep lab thing.