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    1. July 24, 2020 Non-lucid

      by , 07-25-2020 at 06:26 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was on JMU's campus in one of the parking decks, I got into my car and it went uncontrollably backwards and off the side of the second floor deck into a parking lot. A cop pulled up and thought I was drunk driving so he tests me, I'm over by .02, I freak out and beg him to test me again, he laughs and tests me again and I pass, we both cheer, I'm trying to high five him but I'm falling backwards and to the side but I manage to high five him.

      I'm in the stadium now and there's a graduation or ceremony going on, I look behind me to see B, we make quick eye contact before turning away. My family is there too. At some point I think I'm on spongebob's 4d ride from King's Dominion but it has been massively gutted and it looks really broken down now. I'm in mario kart 64 on Mario's track at some point racing around. Then, I'm at some sort of market and it's night time, we're about to drive back home from JMU so I grab a few snacks and souvenirs from shops.
    2. Tuesday, April 14

      by , 04-16-2020 at 04:13 AM
      I am with Brooke in what looks like Momís backyard. I see a woman in a police uniform or something similar walking along the top of the fence, left to right. She does this easily. There is also a uniformed man off to the left that is just hanging back. I take out my phone and start taking a video of the woman. This causes her to become angry and ask what Iím doing. I tell her Iím just taking a video, knowing thereís nothing she can do about it. I go around to the front and see a cop? car in the driveway (the driveway seems longer and more level). I take a picture of the license plate and the VIN. She watches me, still irritated, but does nothing.
      Tags: car, cop, fence, video
    3. The Cake is a Lie

      by , 07-18-2019 at 11:51 PM
      I'm arriving at a house in a neighborhood where an old lady greets me and takes me inside. Passing by the pantry, I notice a large cake inside. Straight ahead, I also see part of the same cake floating in a water jug. She asks me if I would like anything to drink and I politely decline. Seeming like she wants me to drink, she asks if I'm sure, and I say yes. I'm now suspicious if she's trying to get me to drink because the water's poisoned somehow by the cake. After refusing twice she still ends up pouring a glass from the jug and tells me to drink it. I threaten her by grabbing her face and saying something before walking out and leaving in my car. On my drive home, I get pulled over by a cop car. I roll my window down and the female cop tells me that the lady I was with was some kind of killer and just wanted me to know.
    4. 24 Apr: Kidnapped by aliens(?) and stopping a robbery at a shop

      by , 04-24-2019 at 09:21 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Kidnapped with a bunch of other people by some unknown entity we never see. We wake up in a kind of well or shaft, hanging dangerously from the wall. It seems that at the slightest movement this well might start to break and fall apart, so we are all very still, except one guy who seems determined to break it. The entity assumes human forms and we are removed one by one in an elimination process that seems like a contest looking for the winner. And the winner is me and another person, who apparently have something they look for or want. They examine us, I see now I have needles still in my arm that they remove and big bruises.

      I am with a friend (maybe Riverstone) and we go to a shopping mall. Although I feel heat and I think it's summer, the decorations are all about winter, snow and Xmas.

      At the mall with some friends, some weird situation with someone stealing my jacket and then leaving it hanged in a place I pass by and it has something in a pocket, that sends a video message to a screen nearby when we walk past it. In the video, there is a warning, a bit cryptic, about some girls robbing something and we conclude it is the Mango store. We go there to warn but actually the robbery is happening right as we enter. First we pretend we didn't notice, then they threaten us, but I signal to my friends to attack. I take down the one with the gun and they help take down the rest, but I am the one that knocks them unconscious. We then look for materials we can use to tie their hands and feet and wait for the cops. The cops bring us bread.
    5. From Drinking to the Gym

      by , 09-22-2018 at 04:56 PM
      I'm at a bar with several friends I know. We are laughing and having a good time right outside the doors when a cop car shows up. It's just pulled up on the street watching everyone, and doesn't have any lights on, yet. One of the guys and I don't like being here with the cop and we can't get back through the doors right behind us so we decide to pretend like we're gay and hold hands while walking around to the other side of the building (don't know why that was the best idea in my head). As we begin walking, we can hear the cop car behind us slowly following. I get really annoyed at this as why would he need to follow us? Eventually, as we round a corner, the cop stops and turns back around and we make it to the other side to head back in. Inside is a new atmosphere from when we were first here. Now, everything's quiet, and a group of people is arguing over some contract. I walk downstairs to find that a lot of people are sitting quietly all over the floor, like they're hiding from the people upstairs. As I keep walking down a hallway, I emerge in a large gym. a group of guys I don't know is testing out some of the equipment. I walk over as they are testing the floor mats which look to be memory foam. A guy drops a heavy weight from shoulder height and it lands with a highly muffled boom, like the sound of a cannon firing from outside the building. This is a good sound, though, meaning the foam dispersed the shock of the weight really well.
    6. Police officers, a robber, and morgan freeman?

      by , 04-21-2018 at 07:49 PM (Exterminate)
      The earliest scene I recall was of a group of 4 police officers reporting to a scene of another officer about to jump off a tall building. The officers were all walking with one hand on their belts and the other ready to grab their gun. The officer on the building fell off the building head first and died on impact. It looked like he was forced off instead of jumping by choice.

      I then recall the police showing up at my door. The house was actually one I lived in about 6 years ago. It was a trailer home with a storage unit. The officer told me I needed to come with them, as there appears to have been a robbery at our location. Another officer stayed with my family to brief them on the situation. I checked our storage unit and sure enough it was broken in and cleaned out. The cop gave me a firearm and a short safety lesson on how to use it. I already have gone through gun safety before, so he wasn't telling me anything I didn't already know. I get in his car and the dream scene shifts to when we get to the location of the suspected robber. It appears to be a walmart parking lot. The first thing I notice is an ambulance with its siren on and lights shining, pulling away from the store entrance and driving away toward a hospital. The police officer tells be to open the trunk and put on a bullet-proof vest. I oblige, and start putting it on. It feels very heavy. Its a pea green vest that is put on like a button-up shirt. The officer notices a big white van that appears to belong to the robber. We start walking toward it, but it drives away before we get to it. The officer gets all dejected and calls the mission failed. The dream ends as he tells me to hand over the gun as the suspect got away.

      I get the feeling that I need to record this interesting dream, so I pull out a recorder and repeat what happened into it. I was dictating the dream in a weird middle eastern accent, meanwhile my mother gave me some reading material on lucid dreaming to check out. I wasn't interested in what she gave me as it was more related to dream interpretation. (This whole section is closely related to my waking life. I just bought 4 lucid dreaming books and this is the first night I have decided to record my dreams first on a voice recorder.)

      I recall another dream involving a comedian who looked like Morgan Freeman, but sounded like someone completely different. I wish I could recall the voice to say who it sounded like, but that is something that will remain a mystery it seems. He first told a story of a man who was covered in thick reddish-brown hair. It was like an animal with its rough texture. I dunno what point he was trying to make, but he segwayed it into how we need to be more loving and tolerant toward those who look and sound different to us.
    7. Jack Black and a Snake

      by , 01-06-2018 at 12:24 PM
      Something about Jack Black driving in a car and racing us/street racing. Cops pull us over and we are in a jungle.Everyone saw a snake wrapping itself around my left lower leg and foot. I shook it off and ran. I remember being in a yard that was sectioned into four parts by wooden privacy (tall) fence. It was kind of like a movie set with four different locations. I was in one of the quadrants and I was holding a gun/rifle/shotgun? (lol i dont know) and trying to shoot at birds.
      I got down to the ground and saw a tiny opening in one of the fences and went to it. There was this small duck sound caller thing that a Swan gave me. lol.
    8. 9/10/17 - 9/12/17 (L)x3 L2 DILDx3 WBTB

      by , 09-12-2017 at 01:29 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      A monster hurricane was forecasted for the east coast. For southern New England, snow. I donít remember anything else.

      9/12/17 (L)x3 L2x3 DILDx3 WBTB
      I recall very little about the LDs, other than the dominant the color in one of them was gray.
      -1-I was driving a blue van in Egypt when I heard the possibility that 3 of the Pyramids were going to be removed due to the nature of their origin. Since only certified people could drive in the place I was, I got a cop behind me. I turned left at the light, and tried to pull over, but the brakes were stiff, as if the vehicle was off.
      Lucid Time: 3-4 minutes
      Tags: cop, egypt, van
      lucid , non-lucid
    9. 16-07-23 Too Many Dreams

      by , 07-23-2016 at 03:43 PM
      Boy, so many dreams again. My recall has never been this good before.

      Number one. I was chasing a cop on a bicycle. The cop was in pursuit of a suspect. I saw a sign on the side of the road, saying Highway 7. The bad guy was riding a horse and carriage, the cop and me were on bicycles. The cop dropped his wallet. It was a Pulp Fiction "bad motherfucker" wallet, like mine in real life. I was determined to give the officer his wallet back, so I started chasing him. After a pretty long chase, I caught up to the cop (maybe he had caught his suspect?). I gave him the wallet. He seemed happy. Then he pointed out I had his phone too, somehow. And he was right. I remembered seeing an app on "my" phone I didn't recognize.

      After the last dream, I was stuck on a nearby construction site. I don't *how* I was stuck, exactly. Every time I tried to walk out, something happened or something got in the way, blocking my path. At some point I got into a big truck, and thought I had started driving. But then I saw there was another truck in front of me who was doing the steering (it was like my truck was being towed, or was a wagon being pulled by a train), and I wasn't really in control.

      Creepy view of a young woman or girl. She looked "plastic", and a tear rolled down her cheek. She did not move. I "knew" or heard a voice saying she was being turned into wood... Even her tear turned to wood before it fell.

      I was leading a group of people on their way to find Han Solo. We got into a fight with an unknown enemy. We won the fight, but one of the men insisted they leave their children behind, as it had gotten too dangerous. The kids, girls aged perhaps 10, had fought alongside us wielding big guns, and had actually done quite well. I felt sorry to lose them. Alone, I quickly backtracked a bit to collect some "health packs", but as I picked them up, a turret started shooting me and chipping away at my health. Annoyed, I rejoined the others. I quickly jumped onto a ledge, and realized we had to "bait" the Millennium Falcon. We did this somehow, and the Falcon crashed. We continued, and eventually saw Han and Chewie standing high on top of a ledge/cliff - waiting for us to explain ourselves.

      We were "interviewing" Han Solo. About what, I don't know. At some point I made a joking reference to Indiana Jones, but an older Asian man furiously yelled at me that I was not to mentioned other characters of the same actor to a fictional character, as this could cause a "reality collapse". I think I caught a glimpse of such a "collapse". I saw a major city literally collapse - skyscrapers crashing into the ground until all was dust and rubble.

      Air battle. I was flying a jet in a dogfight against a bunch of other planes. I saw an invisible jet (it was blurry like the Predator when he's cloaked, and my weapon systems would not lock on to it) but I could still see it with the naked eye. I knew it was a Russian experimental jet. I became fixated on taking it down. Targeting it purely on feeling was hard. I chased it up, using my afterburners to climb higher - but the experimental jet had far more thrust. We reached space, where I lost all thrust (no air), but the Russian kept going and escaped. I got a radio message from command, saying to let the Russian go. The ISS would take care of him from space. I turned around and flew back down into the atmosphere.

      In this fragment I caught a short glimpse of NYC from the air. I thought about how far it is from Europe, and how similar/different the climate and plant life are.

      I was at a family gathering. My grandpa (on father's side) walked in. I greeted him. He asked me where Kevin (my half-brother) is. I pointed to the other side of the room, where he was standing in plain sight. My grandpa's mind in deteriorating rapidly, so I didn't blame him for not seeing him/not remembering.

      I was with a group of people, navigating a strange place. Odd, large architecture, almost resembling ancient Egyptian. There was a section where we had to dive underwater and swim quite a distance. For a moment, the underwater corridors and rooms seemed to go on and on, and I worried I would drown. I saw an opening in the ceiling, kind of hidden away in a corner. I surfaced, and was somehow catapulted out of the water. I found myself in a large room. The ground had "pools" of shallow water in them. There was a group of girls lounging around, really cute Japanese girls. I think they were amused by the way I was launched out of the water. They were nice to me. I looked around, trying to find a way to get underwater. I checked every pool, looking for the one that wasn't shallow. I found it again, and did the most graceful swam dive I could manage. For a moment I worried I'd misjudged the jump and would hit the side of the pool. I didn't. I swam underwater, and suddenly I wasn't under water anymore. Puzzled, I backtracked a bit. Then I saw it: the water surface was vertical... all water on one side, none on the other. At this point things looked a bit "video gamey". The textures of the water surface... well, they looked like textures, not reality. I walked through, back into the water and saw a giant round boulder. I walked into it, and "lost health". At some point I realized my shenanigans had caused me to fall behind my allies, who were now pretty far ahead, and spread out throughout the "level".
    10. Wrong Turn (may 7th)

      by , 05-07-2016 at 06:13 PM
      I had a dream that I left my house sometime in the very early morning (Still very much night outside) and I drove down the highway and made a left turn and a cop was in front of me when we turned and I turned on in the wrong lane and the cop was trying to get directly right in front of me, for whatever reason I was driving using a keyboard to turn instead of the wheel and I panicked and pressed the wrong button and almost crashed, he turned his lights on and we had a long chat but he was pretty cool about it. Instead of giving me a ticket he said it would be mailed to me and he got back into his car and for some reason I just followed him to a school that he was working undercover in and he sat down next to some kids and when he saw me come it he got up and I followed him into the bathroom because I was curious about something and after I walked into the bathroom the whole room just changed into this store with a person behind the counter and there was a metal detector right in front of me, I lost interest in the cop and jumped and put both hands on the top of the metal detector and I started doing pull ups and then I switched to pull ups with only one hand and my arm got really muscly really fast and then I woke up.
    11. Driving with Darryl

      by , 08-18-2015 at 01:33 AM
      7/28/2015 5:25 AM

      Was with Darryl in the car driving and he ran a red light and hit the zigzag like he went to the next light make a right then a left to try and avoid the cop was there.
      Tags: car, cop, darryl
    12. Fly and running down the city during a nap

      by , 02-06-2015 at 08:20 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Fly and running down the city during a nap (WILD)


      2nd WILD (+5 pts)
      Full Dream (+1 pts)
      L-DEILD (Chain) (+2 pts)
      Stabilize (+1 pts)
      Advance Flying (+10 pts)
      Eat something (+4 pts)
      Invincibility (+7 pts)
      Phase through objects (+8 pts)
      Interact with a DC (+2 pts)

      Took a big while to perform my WILD, struggled for this one.

      Suddenly, my meditation reclining chair started to shake and I realized I was in a different room, knowing the WILD worked. The dream had a terrible quality and as soon as I tried to save it, I felt myself innevitable waking up, so I focused on L-DEILD to recover it.

      A few moments of darkness, I found myself next to a small city, with a few houses down the road and with huge gardens. I had crystal clear quality but I still wanted to make the dream stable, so this time I grabbed a branch and rubbed it within my hands. From there, I took off to fly. It was very warm and very sunny (while in waking has been cold, windy and rainy) so I decided to fly at super high speed through the clouds and feel the breeze.

      After flying for a while, I wanted to try super speed and run very fast, but for some reason I was afraid I would hurt my self or something, so I started looking for a star to give me invencibility:

      After a attempting on a few garbages around, I did find one and I ate it. It tasted like a marshmallow and I felt stronger, so I decided to run at very fast speed and tried to walk through the buildings. I was able to run through one building, but the entire building, was thick brick instead of being hollow on the inside (rooms, furniture, etc) The other buildings, I think broke as I hit the wall.

      I suddenly saw a cop saying that I was making a big mess and I had to go with me. I said to him that he could mind his own business and took of flying again.

      I wanted to do more stuff, but I either do not recal (I doubt it) or I just woke up, because I felt there was a lapse of nothingness followed by awakening.
      Tags: city, cop, flight, running
    13. Cop research

      by , 11-24-2014 at 08:31 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Cop research (Non-lucid)


      This was a long dream that I had no time to write out in the morning, and sadly, been busy all day up to now, dinner time, with little recall left from the dream.

      I was teaching psychic abilities to some students at my home.

      Something related with two females and I went out with one. There were a lot of cops and they were taking people to jail, people who was on drugs and they would research for drugs. I wondered if they would find drugs in my room, even though I knew I had no drugs at all.

      I was visiting jail for some reason and someone threaten me. I found an uzi gun and I pointed at some people, but I had no intents to kill. Cop cars arrived and I wanted to be at peace. Dropped the uzi and told them I was defending myself. They heard to me and they did not press charges.
      Tags: cop, drugs, gun, jail, uzi
    14. Meddling with the space-time continuum.

      by , 08-31-2014 at 11:57 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Meddling with the space-time continuum. (Non-lucid)


      There was some sort of rapture about to happen or some major catastrophe. I was in the beach and it seemed that everybody was going to die. There was a house that had an underground loft and a lot of people party, mainly young people. The place had a small theather and round tables with candles, as well as a discotheque and some drinks and some food.

      It seemed that somehow these people had to die in order to save the Earth or something like that, a policeman entered this place and he started to shot at everybody. It seems that people did not care of dying, like they were not even afraid from it, as they were still partying, making out. I somehow felt compassionate for them, like there was no reason they could die. So I decided to do try to tweak time and make a change and see what the outcome was going to happen. There was some sort of shaman or spirit from one of the dead people who told me that it was very kind of me, but if I did change things that way, I could heavily alter the space time continuum and life would not be as well know it. That got me a little nervous, but I decided to just give it a try and see what happened.

      I somehow was back in the beginning of the dream and the place was pretty much the same, even though there were a few more buildings around and it appeared more futuristic. Anyhow, I still saw the same place with the young people inside. As I saw the cop approaching the place, I tried to stop him, I told him to not go ahead and kill them. The cop told me that I had no idea what I was doing and I was going to create a cataclysm. I told him I did not care (as we were almost getting inside to this place) and told him to please stop it.

      Somehow, the policeman started to vanish and he told me I doomed everybody. As I was around this loft and people appeared to be so grateful that I saved them. Suddenly, I felt like an earthquake and then the colors of the dream started to change, there were like waves of energy that I could see everywhere, made out of several different colors.I also felt very dizzy and like if the very Universe was collapsing... reality appeared not real anymore...

      I felt I really broke a breach in the time-space continuum. As I tried to go outside while the very world was melting down, I felt that outside it was apparently normal, even though, there were no other people outside until I saw some cops riding quads. They were holding rocket launchers, but instead of rockets, they would launch balloons filled up with water. People was extremely terrified of them, like they feared the balloons from some reason. I figured this non-sense was due changing the outcome of the cop event. I decided to climb to the top of a mountain that was right there, as it seemed that the cops were protecting it for some reason. As I tried to approach, a lot of them came up, and pointed at me saying, "We warn you, we got balloons." I was like, "Whaaaaaaaatever..." and then they menaced me stating they would fill up the balloons with Helium instead, I guess I was supposed to freak out, but I was glad... a Helium filled balloon was much better than water. They fired balloons at me and of course, I did not even feeling and got to the top of the mountain, as I did, all of them fled.

      I decided to go back to the loft and there was another cop who could travel in time. This cop told me that someone was grateful I helped and he gave me a few names of people he wanted me to help. He also asked me if I could change the outcome again, preventing the cop to enter the place but only killing one dude with his gun that was also messing up with time. I was not sure if that would be a good idea, I felt tired, He handed me $450 and I accepted. Then I woke up.

      For some reason, I felt I could write a book about this with much more detail, and the several outcomes that it could cause changing the time this way. I was very convinced when I woke up after this dream lol, weird stuff.
    15. Almost Lucid, adventures

      by , 08-12-2014 at 05:51 PM (One Up Seeker)
      I was inside some sort of building, I guess it was a school. I had been walking with my classmates who were all wearing red shirts. I'm not sure what I was wearing but I knew I was getting tired of standing around like everyone else. I left the line I was in to go to the restroom up ahead. It was REALLY small and the stalls were all red. As I was walking to get into one of the stalls, some guy inside peed on my arm. "Dude what the hell are you doing?" I asked. He didn't reply, so I just tried to ignore the fact that there was a dangerous guy in the restroom who couldn't aim, and by the way, he also peed all over the floor.
      I finally got into my stall and took a pee. After I did so I left the stall and I think I washed my hands(oops). As I exited the restroom, I noticed my entire class now walking towards the stalls. "What did I do wrong now?", I thought, thinking that they were all coming towards me because of something I had done. Next to me I saw a friend I knew from Drivers Ed. a while back, his name was Wesley and he looked almost exactly like drake, but a little lighter on the skin. For some reason I started dancing right in the middle of the floor.
      I was doing the kind of dancing you would see in clubs, like how people dance to House music. Wesley commented on my dancing and said that I looked funny doing it. I told him I was a pro and kept dancing. Soon my entire class passed through us and interrupted the show I was putting on. I remember Sgt. Twine telling me to "get in formation, cadet", and by the way he was in charge of the class I was with. I didn't want to get my vibes totally murdered so listened to him.
      As I came outside, I left my class once more and sat down and talked to my friend Rory from Sophomore year. We were about to play a game of chess and he was setting it up. While he was doing so, a pretty girl came over to me. She was dressed in almost all black, but not in a gothic way. She was in despair about something, and I knew it. I asked her, "Whats wrong?". As I did so I felt a strong sense of attraction towards her, and after I finished my sentence, she said something short and came in to me for a kiss.
      "Wow this is going somewhere fast,", I thought. As she gave me a kiss, I kissed her back. "Dont you have a boyfriend?", I asked. She said, "Its difficult". I suddenly felt really in love(lol). She was coming in for another kiss, but then I "remembered" something: that my friend Rory, who was right next to me, had a crush on this girl. I told the girl that we could take this over next to the wall. She agreed, I told my friend Rory to continue setting up the game, and that I wouldn't be gone for much longer.
      As we got away from Rory and sat down against the wall face to face, I asked her, "So whats wrong?". She started telling me a long story about her boyfriend and how he wasn't being nice. Here is basically what she said summed up: "He doesn't let me come to his grandmas party, or any of his families birthday parties. He doesn't even let me come to his birthday party. Whenever I invite him to come to my birthday parties, he always gets mad and doesn't come."
      I zoned out for a minute after she said all of that and looked at the parking lot in front of me. A small smart car was going into a parking spot a few spots away from us. It didn't get into its parking spot right, so it moved a few parking spaces to the right to fix that. I noticed that It could have parked closer to the truck next to it, but hey, the guy can park where he wants. After that I thought to myself, "My entire mission in life right now, is to stay self aware and have countless lucid dreams, but yet I'm not getting them." This really saddened me and I felt like I was getting no where with Lucid Dreaming(Lol I said all of this to myself while inside of a dream, I'm definitely getting somewhere. I'm almost lucid at least once every night.)
      I looked around but didn't really pay attention to what was going on. I then saw my old friend Zach, back from Junior High, and because I saw him, I thought that I wasn't dreaming. After I looked back at the girl I was talking to, after looking around for a while, I saw that she had turned into another girl I knew from class in school. Her name is Tara. I looked at her and she was just kind of paralyzed in the position she was sitting in. Her arms were in the air in front of her, and she wouldn't move them. I asked her, "What are you doing? Are you ok?", but I got no reply from Tara, and she stayed in the same position. After this, the dream ended.

      2. I was driving my dad's truck( which I have never driven before) around a parking lot. The parking lot was crowded and I was supposed to park somewhere. At one point, a truck got in the way of my path, so I got out of my truck. I grabbed onto the back end of this other truck and pushed it into its parking spot. "It rolled out of its spot dad, this isn't our truck", I told my father. With that I got back in the truck and continued driving. Later I remember hitting the back of someones car. It was a brown van and I hit it as I was backing up.
      My dad really didn't notice half of the stuff I was doing, and by just saying, "Dont worry dad I didn't really do that" he really believed that nothing had just happened and that everything was just fine. But it was not. Not to longer after I hit the back of that brown car, I crashed into the side of a building(or a pole I think, not sure). This accident had totally messed up the entire grill on my dads Silverado. With this I started to cry, because I knew I was in big trouble( just for the records, I have no idea why I always cry in dreams. I almost never cry in real life.) My dad let out a big sigh and we got out of the truck.
      I also noticed my sister get out the truck as well, I never knew she was in the back seat. Somehow, a cop car arrived and when he got to the scene, he got out of his car and approached us. I told him what had happened, but he didn't seem to care. Instead, he just put me, my dad, and my sister all in a pair of handcuffs. The officer told me that everything would be ok. With that, he left the area we were standing in and went somewhere else. When I noticed he was gone, I tried getting out of my handcuffs, and to my surprise, they weren't even tight enough. I could slip my hands out of them with ease. I only slipped one hand out however, just so I could get it back in if the cop came back out.
      Looking at my handcuffs, they looked like thick strands of twisted metal. Their design was pretty sloppy. When the cop put them on me, he didn't even make them tight enough. I could move my arms from out behind my back and put them in front of me. I told my dad that I was really sorry and that I didn't mean for any of this to happen. He said it was okay. I put my hands into my pocket and felt my phone. As I pulled it out, I saw that it was broken in half. "This must have happened when we crashed. I tried putting it back together, but I knew it wouldn't work again. I decided that because of the fact that I already crashed dad's truck that I wasn't going to show him my phone right now.
      (BTW, I am not that bad at driving in real life, Im actually really good).

      3. I was outside of my school, getting on my bus at the bus ramp. I get on my bus and prepare for the ride home. Before we even leave the bus ramp, we are stopped by the bus driver behind us. My bus driver tells everyone to get out of the bus immediately. I get off along with everyone else and we are put against the bus by the other bus driver I do not know. She has a gun, and that gun is a pistol, except for it has 2 barrels instead of one. She tells us to stay there and if we move or do something she tells us not to, she is going to shoot us.
      There was alot more to it than that, but I don't remember the main reason for this entire "hostage hold up". I moved to try to stop the woman from killing us, but she shot me and I died. Somehow, everything starts over and Im alive again, like I just restarted the dream from a certain point. I try stopping the lady again, and again, she shoots me and I die. The dream restarts again and I try just escaping this time. The lady shoots me once more and I die. This continued on, and the dream restarted itself somewhere around 10 times. I don't remember anything more.
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