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    1. August 6, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 08-06-2018 at 07:45 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The first dream was earlier in the morning. I was trying to get to work on time. I had woken up in my normal house and was trying to get in a shower but my sister had taken one of them. Sam was with me too. We were both trying to get there on time but we only had about 30 minutes to get there so we needed to leave very soon. We both run into a room and see there's only one shower that is clogged and has a bunch of stuff in it. We decide to say screw it and dip our heads in the water to wash our heads. I can hear my sister and my dad screaming at each other about something. They're pissed at each other, my sister is especially upset. I get out of the house around 8:31 and think I'm going to be a bit late.

      Sam and I get to this rock climbing place. I'm not really sure what happened here. I definitely climbed some walls at some point. The walls didn't look normal though, they didn't have very many places you could grab hold and pull yourself up.

      There was also a moment I was in a hospital with my father. There was a young woman with dark hair telling me about an asthma test I was going to take. I see there's a machine with certain tiny holes in patterns. I blow into a mask or device and girl tells me I have asthma and need to get an inhaler. I look at my dad and then back at her surprised. I say something like "you're telling me I just did a huge test a few weeks ago which came out negative and now you're saying I'm positive?" and she agrees.

      In a later dream or possibly after the previous one, I'm traveling to work or somewhere and we're going through this abandoned place. It looks like an amusement park. It's extremely broken down and the colors are all faded, but the rides are actually still going. The rides I see up close are kiddie rides where you sit in a little cart and it pushes you along a single track in and out of some water. The water could've been there from it being so old though. It was weird because something seemed evil about this place. I'm not really sure but it's possible there was something trying to speak to us or tempt us. I think maybe this part ended with some sort of fortnite ambush.

      I'm with abbie and my other sister's boyfriend. We're playing a game that looks a lot like mario. There's a yoshi character but he's got a lot of spikes all over his body. We're in this dark cave that has the outline of the yoshi character standing in some red ice. We jump into the body and are now in his level. In the level it's snowing. We're sliding down a slope and jumping over to this cliff side.

      Over on the other side of the cliff is this place. The place is evil but I didn't recognize that at first. My dad is there. I walk over and realize the drop is extremely far down. My dad tells me this place is evil and takes control of people. There are these two islands floating off in the air from the cliff that are decorated with bright colorful things. It's hard to describe but they were covered in snow and had a building on them and then had these colorful decorations that made the island look interesting. As soon as I got near to one of the islands I felt like something was taking control. I had jumped to the island and the thing was trying to get me to jump off. I was fighting it. I had gone over the edge a few times but managed to grab hold of the building or a pole. After those times I jumped back to the mainland and fully realized this is where people go to get rid of people they know and don't like. I saw this dad with a wife and a daughter sitting on the edge. When I realized this the wife and daughter turned around and simply jumped off the cliff. The husband had a sigh of relief and walked away. I left this place freaked out.

      I'm in some sort of bus driving in what looked like a safari. This part was extremely weird. There were humans specifically young people from those stupid cheesy horror movies that were naked in the grass. They were lined up in certain sex positions. They were dead. There were also either lions/tigers or people dressed in those costumes who were having sex with the dead bodies. It was bizarre. The bus pulls up to a castle place near the cliffside but in a warmer area. There was a person standing in a dark room looking at us. Their head was made of blue snakes. It was talking to us. Its head would disappear and then reappear.

      Eventually, we got back to a neighborhood near my house. I was now somehow only 8 or so years old. There was now a car sitting in the street. An old lady about 80 or so years had gotten out and was chatting about how she was so excited to see her grandson and take him home, which was me. I looked at my teachers and started shaking my head no. I knew who this was. This was IT. It was disguised as an old lady in order to take me home and eat me. It had walked down to a trash can to throw something away. I saw It coming back covered in some muddy substance looking barely like an old lady anymore. I started walking down the street which was behind cool spring. It was walking looking back at my teacher asking if she could borrow a car. Then It asked if it could borrow a small loan to buy a car. It was visibly deteriorating very quickly. We get to the end of the street which now looks to be in a swamp or jungle. It says "I need to get back to avalon street. I saw the castle built millions of years ago, I didn't like the structure. I had to change it around a bit." It is now visibly this giant swamp monster who's skinny and dangles down with bad posture. I walk by down old wooden steps. My lanyard gets caught on something. I'm in a swamp overlooking some body of water and marsh in the background. It is behind me telling me something. Any second I expect to break free and get away but the dream ends there. I had never felt scared during this entire thing. In my mind I was outsmarting It and the ending was that I got away.
    2. Beach Climb, Caught Smoking by Dean, Minecraft, and Stealing from the Fed?

      by , 01-08-2013 at 09:36 AM
      I was at a beach, very rocky, full of people, with my dad and sister. He was there to work on the bathrooms, the lighting or something. When he was done, I was allowed to go play. There was a giant monkey bar, in the back of this beach, where the ladders were replaced with Rock climbing holds, so I gave it a try. There was a little blond girl and a light black bald guy wearing like, green, black, and blue spandex, also on this monkey-bar thing. I tried getting a heel hook, but failed.

      I was then with my sister and her friend, trying to toke a joint in a bushes near a busy road. Before I could actually take a hit, I spotted Mr. Sanchez, the dean at my school, spying on us from across the road near the bushes. He called us out, and we got in some trouble.

      I was IN my minecraft server world, with Sarai and other people, and we were making the town more and more amazing. There was this Teal-ass house, supposedly a mansion, but looking back on it, was the ugliest thing I've ever dreamed up. There was some kind of argument with the townspeople and the previous owner of this house, and I wanted to add a fence across the estate, but never did. A police officers son joined the game, and wanted to help. He was a cartoon character, Spanish, bowl cut, with one large rounded tooth sticking out his mouth to make him look like a dingle door. I slightly disapproved of him, but he played nonetheless, helping with roads and such.

      I was in a garage/warehouse complex with my dad, in a place that slightly resembled Aiguille. Me and some friends, possibly my sister, wanted to break into a Federal Reserve Warehouse across the lot. We proceeded to using a cutting tool to cut the wooden locks and chains, granting us access to the warehouse, but owners of other warehouses, a black couple, big fat guy and his slim wife, saw us, and yelled out for us as we ran away from the warehouse back into ours. He caused a stir among the surrounding warehouse owners, and soon they all flooded ours demanding us hooligans to be brought to justice. Something happened, and they all left except the black couple, and I said "We were just going to use the wood to make go carts, and we'll go back and return the wood we stole" and the liked that. I made my way to return the wood, and they left, and we just ditched the wood, and prepared to enter the Federal Warehouse, then I woke up.