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    1. 06/01/13 Templars in the Shadows

      by , 06-02-2013 at 09:29 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Templars in the Shadows
      I am in a strange place. I look around to see where I am. I don't recognize the place. I leave the small room I find myself in to find I am in a large gathering hall. There are quite a few people there. All of them are Assassins. I see a reflection and I realize I am also dressed as an Assassin, so I fit right in. I wonder why I might be there. I start to wander among the Assassins to see if I can find out. I finally spot a familiar face. Ezio is off to my right talking to an Assassin I don't recognize.

      I keep looking around and I spot an Assassin that looks off somehow. I get closer to him and I see he seems to be surrounded by an aura of dark energy. That's not normal for an Assassin. I get closer to the strange Assassin. I catch a glimpse of his eyes. They are solid black. That is definitely wrong. He pays no attention to me. He seems to be focused on Ezio. He moves silently up behind Ezio. No one seems to be taking notice of him. Apparently no one else can see the dark energy. He is standing right behind Ezio now. He is about to stab Ezio with his hidden blade but I get him first. The dark energy Assassin collapses, dead. Someone calls to Ezio to look out and someone grabs me from behind. Apparently they think I'm the attacker here... Ezio turns around and looks at me. The other Assassins are telling Ezio I was trying to kill him. Ezio just looks puzzled. He says no, that's Raven, there must be some other explanation. One of the other Assassins points at the dead Assassin and says I just killed him. As if on cue, the dead Assassin changes into smoke and disappears. Assassins are all staring. I hear people muttering, asking what that was. Ezio wants to know what that was. I tell him it was a shadow Templar in disguise. He had been about to stab Ezio in the back. Ezio says that doesn't make sense, either. Ezio says he just recruited that guy, and when he checked him out he was definitely not a Templar. I wonder if maybe the dark energy can somehow fool Ezio's eagle vision. Since he's not used to seeing it. I wonder how to test that theory. I would have to find another disguised shadow Templar. But where would I find one? I look around the room. There are quite a few Assassins, but none of them look out of place. No sign of dark... wait... I spot someone in the corner with a dark energy aura. A female Assassin who is trying to blend with the rest of the group.

      I get closer to Ezio. A couple other Assassins don't seem to want me too close to Ezio, they block my way. Ezio comes over closer to me. I point over to where the shadow Templar is and ask Ezio if he sees anything out of place over there. The shadow Templar is with a group of four Assassins. Ezio looks over there and says he only sees a group of five Assassins. Another Assassin tells Ezio not to trust me, what happened to the dead Assassin is just proof of my evil tricks. Ezio doesn't pay any attention to him. He asks me what he should be looking for. I tell him dark energy, one of them is a shadow Templar in disguise. And it's a good disguise. Ezio looks over there for a bit longer. An Assassin pulls me away from Ezio and tells him that the traitor is right here, I am clearly the Templar here. Ezio says no, he is sure I'm no Templar. The other Assassin starts to object again but it is clear Ezio isn't paying any attention to him. Ezio just looks at him until he lets go of my arm and backs off looking frustrated. Ezio turns his attention back to the group of Assassins I pointed out. The question is how to get Ezio to see dark energy. I am focused on that goal when I think of the song Unforgiven II by Metallica. I take this key and I bury it in you... the key to seeing dark energy. Ezio finally says he does see something. The woman, second from the right, has a dark aura... but why didn't he see that sooner? I tell him it can take time to see dark energy when you're not used to it. He starts to go over to the shadow Templar. I tell him to wait, now that he sees them he needs the energy that can destroy them. In a pocket of my robes I find a Witchblade with a light energy crystal which I give to Ezio. He puts it on and then goes over to the small group of five Assassins and I follow him. He directly addresses the shadow Templar. The shadow Templar tries to act casually but looks a bit worried. She points at me and says she can't believe someone she thought was an Assassin had turned traitor like that. Ezio says I am no traitor... and he can see what she is. She backs away a step but then laughs. She gives up all pretense of being an Assassin. She says there is no way the Assassins can win with the power she and the Templars have now. She tries to attack Ezio but he is too fast and stabs her with his hidden blade. She laughs and says she can't be killed. Then the gem in the Witchblade activates and charges the blade with light energy. The shadow Templar stops laughing and says that is impossible just before she collapses and disappears in a puff of smoke. Ezio looks over at me and asks if I see any more. I look around and I don't. I tell Ezio that, and add that now that he has seen one he should be able to see them a lot more easily. He asks where these Templars are coming from. I tell him I can answer his questions but not now, I am about to wake up. He looks at me strangely then I wake.