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    1. cliii. European Aztecs (Museum) and Race with an Assassin

      by , 09-09-2020 at 04:33 PM
      Been having motivational issues around dreaming because of how mornings (and days in general) have been lately, but really need to finish catching up my DJ. Will also try to give this some relevant title...

      22nd August 2020 (DFLN thread)


      Something about being in a town and visiting a cultural centre thing with a group of people, like a field trip (from how I remember them at school).

      There were some little statuette things atop a doorway bit at the entrance of a museum area? The statuettes were the legacy of an Aztec culture that (in the dream) had existed in Europe until the 800s.

      I remember some people in the group were old classmates of mine. Many of them were simply messing around and some of them got some chairs to try and reach up to the statuettes to touch them. The statues had some visual resemblance to football players? Or to table football figurines. The statuettes were very blocky and maybe made of some kind of painted terracotta.

      I was completely uninterested in messing around like them and so went for a walk. I remember the inside of the museum looked dark, no lights were on inside since it was daytime. I think I went with one of the teachers around the area. There were gardens of some kind and it was sunny. There was a little artificial water feature, like a mini concrete pond.

      Then I had walked a really long way. Eventually I'm jogging or running? And then there's a guy along the pavement and I sort of prompt him to race with me. It's night time now but bright from moonlight (I vaguely recall a sunset transition as I walked); we're in a suburban type of area, reminds me of North American suburbs.

      I don't quite remember how, but eventually we're very high up, we climbed or ran up some thick steel cabling to get here. We're higher than some of the tallest buildings' rooftops in the area. This is some kind of construction site. Then a thunderstorm begins and this guy I raced with tells me about some villain he has to assassinate, like I'd earned his trust or something? I somehow have a focused zoom-view looking straight down from the girders we're on an I see what I can only describe as a convertible white limo. The villain steps out and he looks like King Pin.

      I use some kind of oversized (comically?) rocket launcher, featuring a red colour scheme. I shoot straight down at the limo, I don't remember exactly what happened but the dream went on for a while, but at this point recall had faded too much.


      - The area the museum was in was very much like the areas around my old home, but more so of the town next over from mine (Bran).
    2. 27 Nov: Running from alien monsters in the future with my dad bitching me

      by , 11-27-2019 at 09:11 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      In the future, our society collapsed, but my dad is still pissing me off about how I failed his expectations!!!
      I point out that his expectations were never appropriate for the world I grew up in and that I am very successful in my adaptation to it. And he is alive purely by luck and because I have saved him quite a few times. He is out of touch with reality. At that very moment, a horde of alien monsters who roam the streets is heading towards us. We get an early warning from seeing other people on the run. I chose a path they probably won't take and I push my father into that direction. He keeps on bitching. Something about me trespassing a property, as if that mattered in that circumstance. We escape the alien monsters, which as I expected, keep going through the main avenue. But then we encounter 3 creatures like sheep but who talk. They seem fairly innocent, but I sense danger. It happens they are also dangerous killers and one of them is an assassin who had tried killing me in my bed before, but taking up a different shape. I am not sure how it goes, but I manage to escape from them.
    3. 14 Sep: Attacked by assassins on my vacation with family

      by , 09-14-2019 at 10:05 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Vacationing with some family members in a resort. My late uncle Zé and my aunt invite me to a walk at some waterfalls in a mountain. But it is really cold and I argue that it is better to stay by the fireplace and there is an indoor heated pool I really want to try, So I stay there, But I don't relax because I am attacked by Chinese assassins, One of them is a genetically enhanced clone of another one. I still beat her. Then some other dude attacks me, but I knock him down and he bleeds badly from his head. I feel compassion and concern for him and offer to help him. He is conscious and gets up. Refuses my help and says he has a place nearby where he can get medical help. I still walk with him until this place. Basically we get to a checkpoint where hundreds of people try to get in, but it is not into a nice place. It is actually the underworld where criminals and outcasts go to. He goes straight to the gate guards and they allow him in immediately.
    4. Crystalline College

      by , 08-12-2019 at 01:34 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      I'm with my (dream)friend, a girl, kind of sporty wearing a flannel, at UMF but its not UMF. We're here for tryouts for this... game/thing/college/class.
      Its being held down in the Roberts parkinglot, which is busier, with a building in the center. I pass Michelle Darling, hello.
      There's a group of ppl who made it and those trickling out who didn't. The test is like, throwing these darts or catching them or something sporty.
      She fails. But on her way out she catches one, but it doesn't count. I don't know if it counts or not.
      I don't know how I pass, but I do. Eventually all the winners are left and are being guided away toward wherever we're going.
      I look for her frantically, I don't want to be alone, but I know she's out.
      In the crowd of people I see Rebecca! I have a dream memory of knowing she wanted to go back to school. I get in with her group and say hey.
      We're stragglers. There's this big fat happy boy. I say something about my friend (another person, a winner) wants to go to this college thing to dismantle religion.
      Everyone laughs.
      Eventually we go to where we're going to be for the next like, 6 months.
      Its a crystal cavern-turned-school. The cavern is the school. The crystals are super powerful. (This is some Hollow Knight bullshit).
      The cavern is kind of 2D and there's a 'flat' back to it, even though it LOOKS like it goes deep. I wonder if we'll unlock it.
      We go "right" into a huge chamber and are told some stuff, don't know. Its an important room.
      We're herded into a crystal-cavern cafeteria-esque small room to the "left" of the flat center room and sit at tables. Its like everyone had been here before but I'm one of the new kids, even though we're all new: I'm like an hour late to the game or something. I ask the fat boy if I can sit next to him.
      "OOO, your body!" referring to all my current bruises and scars. "Yeah I got too drunk camping." "This is my first time being drunk!"
      I realize this is why they brought us here: a woman hands out a menu with only drinks. Mostly wine. He orders more wine. Chelsea is behind me and orders Coffee Brandy, but she calls it WBTB (lol). I have that flash-urge of "fuck sobriety" but I consider getting a coffee. Its like 2.98, the cheapest coffee and cream option. Tons of crazy chai coffee stuff, but all very expensive.
      My vision flashes outside of myself and I see this crazy cackling headmistress kind of deal, and like a cinema/movie, I know she's got secret/subversive plans based on the "shot" of the scene. She's behind the flat part of the center room and zoom-slips through the crystalline hole. She lands on the outside of the cavern to the "right" -- we didn't know there was a behind. She punches the crystal and it super-charges something. This is "bad" ... she's not telling anyone she's doing this, she has some evil plan here.
      My vision flashes again to a group of girls being shown the cavern for the first time. You can see the flash on the edges/seams of the room.
      "WOAH," they say. Their faces are like half-drawn anime, I can see those vertical+horizontal face lines artist do, and I toggle the horizontal on and off with some dream-watcher power (not the me of the dream, the me of me/myself dreaming) and I realize they look half-drawn because the flash is so bright.
      Then it subsides and I see their normal faces.
      Flash back to me going back into the cafeteria room with everyone. The wine is being served.
      "I think I forgot to order somehow" I say and the waitress/teacher (there's only like, 2 teachers here, she's one of them) sighs and says they can put in a last minute order for a price. Well, I guess, sure.
      I ask her if she lives here year round, half knowing she must not, but just curious.
      "Oh, no. This place is inaccesssible half of the year."

      Some kind of time skip, and I'm on "leave" from the school, like a vacation or something.
      I'm in Walmart in the back room. I came here very much on a mission. My job is like an assassination. I track people down with my team and tell them to go to jail or we'll kill them. We hunt out people who get away with bullshit.
      I'm walking and I don't know who my target is until I do (the first person I see: I can feel the dream being made up as I go along).
      Its Torrey. I feel bad, some part of me who knows it was random. But he sees us, my team and I, and knows what's coming.
      I threaten him. I don't remember the exact words but I make the offer, tell him we know what happened.
      "We have a graveyard for you all set up. Westskull or Eastskull cemetary, your choice. But I'd rather you atone. YOU MUST ATONE FOR YOUR SINS AND GO TO JAIL."
      He's getting really nervous but refusing. He doesn't want either. He tries me: "How do you know, you have the paper?" "Yes, I do" "So you were in the cop car when it happened? I doubt it" and true doubt flashes on his face, but I know what my job is and I know I'm right, so I press onward. YOU MUST ATONE!!!
      A roll-up door rolls up and a truck is parked out there. I have to get away from the situation, and I know my dream makes it up that I can dive under the truck like its my get-away vehicle, so it is (That dream faculty!). I do, and I'm nervous it won't work, that I'm making it up and he's going to get me, but the car rolls away and I'm unharmed as I'm dragged out of the building underneath it. In the parking lot I hop up into the cab.
      I see my buddy, the driver, and know I'm safe. He has a super-long lens camera. I take it so he can drive.
      We getaway. I fuck with the camera, but it won't stop zooming/adjusting. I go to turn the zoom off, but the body is super-blank.
      "Simple camera," I say. "Yeah, it's probably not good." I finally take some shots. They look good. "Nah, it's great."
    5. 15 May: Feeling trapped, weirdo victorian musem and enemies at a foreign land

      by , 05-15-2019 at 02:08 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At my mom's apartment, something happens and I need to escape. I run for the door and in the stairway I jump all floors through the empty space in middle of the stairs. I expect the chasers not to be able to do so and gain some time with that. But it is one of those recurrent dreams I have in which the ground floor has no exit to the outside and I just hide in one apartment that had the door open and a key inside. I lock the door behind me and look for a window. I find an enclosed balcony but then I open a window and jump, just to find I am inside another balcony and this repeats several times until I decide to control the dream and focus that when I exit the window I am really outside. Funny though, I am back on the top floor and not ground floor, but I fly away and hide behind nearby buildings so my chasers don't see me in the distance. Then I fly to the mountains nearby. I reach them at dusk and find a weird place covered in stone ruins and some people walking among them, like pilgrims, they don't seem dangerous, but they all are a bit mad. They let me be, but some are a bit too curious and pushy and I need to stay flying above them because I don't feel comfortable when they approach me.

      Then I am with Zilla and some other friend on a cruiseship, when we're hit by a huge storm. The ship gets dragged to the coast, enters a canal, ends up in the city of some foreign country. We are in our cabin, getting dressed to go out. It's night and it is a hostile place, but we chose to leave the ship and hide on land. We hide on some hill and we are found by a couple enemy guys. They are armed and I make a bit of a theatre that we are "defenseless confused little girls so please don't shoot us". Instead, they decide to have fun with us. One of them, a big guy, gets on top of me, but I punch him in the throat, then kick his balls, slightly slide down through his legs and apply all my force to throw him over my head and we manage to escape them.

      Then we are ok and safe and visiting a museum related to the Catholic church and full of Victorian things and morbid things related to death, all in silver and lots of lace and velvet. There is a section with a dead mummified dog in an exquisite coffin. It smells like a crypt.

      Me and the girls have settled at a home and we are living in peace. But one day we hear strange noises and we think we saw some guy moving around the house. Suddenly a very old police car stops at our door but the cops are dressed as prisoners with striped jumpsuits. We first suspect of them but they say they came to protect us as they claim to have followed a hired assassin that came to kill us and then we believe them.
    6. Masyaf parkour

      by , 06-03-2017 at 07:38 PM (Nef's dream journal)
      I was an assassin with some berber folks (i listen so much tinariwen these days) and we were heading home to the masyaf castle that is among cliffs and stones, looked different from the assassins creed games tho, there was to deep pits of water or big valleys , just a pile of cliff until the horizon of the dream. There was a simple suburb next to masyaf though which was pretty weird.
      I started parkouring among the cliffs, felt good , i could jump down from higher ledges and not hurt myself at all and i just jumped and parkour around on the stones and cliffs.
    7. [09-05-2016]

      by , 05-09-2016 at 07:05 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was a late morning. I was in a cottage deep within a forest. I was wearing my forestry uniform and felt a few years older. There was a man in late thirties, wearing a gray suit. He had dark hair. We were talking, I had different voice.

      Man: You were working in these forests?
      I: Yes, I was a forester over there.

      *I wandered the room for a while, the man continued.*

      Man: A forester?
      I: Yeah, though of a lower rank.

      False awakening

      I woke up in my bed. I heard strange ringing and was really annoyed at the TV. I thought that I really should turn it down, but it wasn't even turned on! As I closed my eyes, I saw some horrifying ghostly faces and a voice telling that ghosts are real and want to get us all.

      Second dream

      Late, cold evening. With group of random people we entered a mansion of some general who left it free for his son this night. One of the rooms was under renovation, with furniture put in group in the midlle of it. Rest of the house was arranged as a wealthy, modern mansion with really expensive furniture. Other people - they were all teenagers, were taking drugs and demolishing everything around them. What's more, they closed the doors to second floor and lost the key, so I had to find some other way out. They were really ruining the building, setting fire in one of the rooms, breaking furniture and taking more and more drugs. Luckily they weren't aggressive. I tried to use furniture to break a window and make myself a rope to get out.

      Suddenly I found myself outside, it was a warm early evening. It was at a shore of some lake, close to some warehouse with docks. I entered it and saw two girls - one taller with dark, long hair and one smaller with red, shorter hair. Both had pale complexion and were wearing some kind of robes. I heard a crying baby, then parents of those girls appeared. The tall girl told them that she and another boy was kidnapped by the smaller girl. But then a sudden thunder striked, and nobody believed her. Suddenly an assassin jumped down on a bungee and caught her, jumping with her back to a rooftop.
    8. #222 - Killer for hire

      by , 04-04-2016 at 11:44 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      It was me, a girl and a group we belonged to. The world had a certain feel to it and I had the perfect analogy before but I've forgotten... Like sort of steam punky but very 21st century, possibly like Shadowrun? Though not quite as dark.. The girl in our group got captured, she was in debt and some mobsters had taken her slave to pay it off. I think it was about $50k? I tracked her down to a club place and led her outside, she hopped on a motorbike which was driven by another girl from our group. She drove her away back to our base while I stayed. I turned to head back into the club, I had to talk to the boss man and sort out paying her debt off. The man was easily recognizable, he slightly resembled my friend Jareth in his facial features but not quite. He wore a yellow jumpsuit with white lines down the side, it stood out quite a bit. I think I lost him at one point and found my friend Daniel who pointed me to the downstairs area of the club to find him. I head down the steps, the guy is hiding from a steam-punk swat team that showed up. I start talking to him, he's go blood dripping down his face from an encounter he already had with the cops. "About the debt of my friend... I want to help pay it off. I can.. Be hired, to take out people for you" I felt a bit bad about it, I'm apparently quite powerful and I didn't want to kill anyone. "Uhh shit, yeh she's got a big debt to pay" he responds. I point over at the nearing swat team, the scene is a bit different now since we're outside and he's hiding in the back of a truck that has its door open. "I can take them out, how much will you give me per head?" I think we come to an agreement, so I hop off the truck and draw a futuristic looking katana into my left-hand (I'm left-handed). The swat team lines up and slowly encroach towards me, I'm just walking towards them at a casual pace now.. I dive forward swiftly and slash at the man, the swat team members all wear this incredibly thick black metal armour. I'm able to cut through it at the joints, I aim at the mans legs and dismember them both in one swipe. I move on to the next and draw a second (normal-looking) katana into my offhand. I start hacking and slashing wildly, they've opened fire but the bullets just seem to miss me completely. I'm completely unafraid of the bullets, as if they're bending around me by my will, allowing me to brutally murder the entire swat team. I then wake up

      I liked this dream, had a cool theme to it and a pretty awesome story. Like how the main character had an interesting perception of good and bad, he was willing to protect his friend and pay off her debts by killing for the bad man who she was in debt to, rather than just killing the guy. Shows that he was willing to resolve the issue in an 'official' manner (despite it all being against the law, which he clearly doesn't abide by). I just found him interesting, even though I was essentially him in the dream. I wonder if I'd make decisions like that?
    9. 060116: A Bunch of Lost Details, At a Boat Terminal, Female Assassin Breaks My Ribs?!?!

      by , 01-06-2016 at 08:08 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I wake up with some very distinct images of dreams I had, thinking to myself "at least I have a dream for my Twitter account!" I fell asleep and *boom* all is lost. Dreaming is so fickle...

      In a Boat Terminal
      I get off a cruise with a bunch of my friends. As we are in the hall I begin to feel as if they never really liked me, I was never a real part of the group, I wasn't even invited to many of their weddings. I see they have printed a year book and I flip through it. My picture is in it, I see it black and white, I'm sitting on a cushy chair with a denim vest like I was a kid, I look really good in the picture. I see other friends who also had denim vests. Despite it, I still feel a strong sting of rejection that puts me in a sullen mood.

      I am in an old part of the city, the walls are stone bricks as are the roads, I see a hill across the road where I think I make out a small park with trees. I'm walking to my mom's car with her and my sister. I realize I left my friend behind and tell my mom I'll be back my midnight. I wave at her and say bye as she leaves with my sister. I hope she is ok with it. I walk inside a large building behind me, it's night time, looks like an old apartment building. Inside it is a boat terminal for cruise ships. The lighting is overbearing and intense as it usually is. I see my ex girlfriend and my other friend from before. It is awkward, they don't seem to get along.

      Suddenly it's a hotel? I go down a corridor and see rooms, mine is right in the beginning of the hall to the right. The room has a window to the far wall and only one little lamp on, the lighting is less intense. It sort of looks like a cabin you'd find in a cruise ship. I go down the hall, I see my old girlfriend and her friend who has dreadlocks. I look into a mirror and see I have dreadlocks now, I try to tie them into a bun awkwardly. It is not easy and I fail a few times.

      I turn around, my ex is in trouble. I run to the room at the end of the hall. The large window to the far wall is letting in grey daylight. I see she is on the bed. There is an assassin after her. I look in the room for the assassin and notice a suspicious lump under the sheets. I attack it and the assassin engages me, wrapping her legs around my ribs and pressing hard, I feel my ribs compress, even snap?!? She is a woman in her mid forties. I push her off but she continues to poke me hard and it hurts. The pain is surprisingly real. She flees, I'm not too wounded, I think.
    10. 07/07/15 - Modern Assassin

      by , 07-07-2015 at 08:30 AM

      Note: It seems I am having more problems lately recalling much in the way of dreams. My recall has gone down a lot since I signed up here, which seems backwards to me... but I finally remembered one! An Assassin's Creed based dream:

      Modern Assassin

      I am wandering around what I recognize as a place I used to live when I was a kid. The place doesn't look like it did when I used to live there. All of the homes are on large lots with lots of oak trees, but the area behind the houses is now filled with tightly packed model homes where there used to be open forest. I find it to be very disappointing that the beautiful forest where I used to play as a kid has been destroyed. I remember the patch of wild raspberry bushes growing behind the house I used to live in. There's a long driveway leading up to the house, so I will most likely be seen if I try to approach the house. But since I really want to see if the raspberry bushes are still there, I go towards the house.

      I don't even try to hide as I approach the house. I figure it would be easier to think of an excuse for approaching the house than for sneaking around. No one says anything as I approach the house. I turn right and go around to the back of the house where the bushes used to be. To my relief they're still there. I look closer and I see there are ripe berries on the bushes. As I pick and eat some of the berries, a man wearing Assassin's Creed style robes. I notice I am also in Assassin style robes. The man with the Assassin robes looks like he is annoyed by me stuffing my face with raspberries. When I pause, he asks if I am done. I nod.

      The man gets right to the point. He says the man staying in the guest room of the house I used to live in is a Templar spy and must be eliminated. The people who own the house are friends of the Assassins and must not be harmed. He seems impatient, so I go around the back of the house. There is an entrance directly to the basement there, a sliding door which isn't even locked. I go in and enter the large recreation room that I spent so much time playing in as a kid. I pause for a bit as memories of the past flood through my mind. I don't wait long. I figure the guest room is the room in the basement where my brother used to sleep. As I pass the basement bathroom, I get more memories of my brother and grief because my brother is dead. I continue into the bedroom that my brother used to use. I see a man in the far corner finishing doing something I can't see, but somehow I know he is planting a bomb.

      The man jumps when he looks up and sees me. It seems he knows why I have come, but that doesn't seem
      To bother him. He smiles and says I'm too late. Nothing will stop the plan now. He laughs and seems more than a little crazy. He says nothing can stop him. There is a large decorative disc hanging on the wall. It looks like an oversized shield. The man says we will now die together. I hear the bomb beeping. It's about to explode! I grab the shield and use it to push the surprised man back on top of the bomb he'd just planted. He barely has time to yell out "NO!" before the bomb goes off with a loud bang. I feel the force of the blast push up on the shield but it doesn't penetrate the shield. The blast has been somehow contained. I don't have time to wonder about that before I wake.
    11. Party Takes a Deadly Turn - Ninja Ambush

      by , 09-15-2014 at 11:18 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Wandering around a busy party at someone's house, my friend and I sit down at a table. Someone brings us both a beer. After just half of it, I feel pretty tipsy and get up to walk around. Upstairs, I find the bathroom, but instead of a toilet, there is a large pond, with urine instead of water, and two people on hover crafts racing around a small island in the center. I relieve myself, and do my best not to pee on the hovercraft racers, even though they nearly splash me with urine as they zoom past.

      I go back downstairs and see a strange looking animal outside. It has the body of a vicious wolf, but the legs of a gazelle, and it doesn't know how to use the legs very well. It is quite slow, and looks like it is going to fall over. I watch as it goes from house to house looking for scraps to eat. Touched by its predicament of not being able to find any food, I ask my friend if he has anything I can give it. He gives me a piece of his sandwich. I go outside, and walk right up to the wolf-gazelle (Gazzolf / Wolfzelle?) and poke it in the rear leg to get its attention. I practically shove the food in its face, then put the food down next to it before running back to safety. The Gazzolf beats me to the door, and begs for more food. Out of no where, I pull a massive pile of food out of nothing and give it to the Gazzolf who chows down happily.

      Going back inside, I learn that my friend is the target of an assassination. I too am a potential target. He has taken off to safety, leaving me in his room where the assassins are approaching. I am given an optional task of securing files from his MP3 player by uploading them to a public server where everyone can access them, thereby protecting them from being destroyed. I just want to run, but feel that this would be very helpful. Even though I am unfamiliar with the software involved, I make it happen, focusing with all my might so I can get it done before the assassins get here. I notice a few suspicious characters that look like ninjas approaching from the fields outside, sneaking toward the house at a dead sprint.

      Running out of the room, I sense someone is just about to break through the window. I close the door and run downstairs to find my friend armed with a gun, pointing it right at me. I tell him I'll help him, and not to shoot me. Walking around the corner, I see a ninja, so I telepathically tell my friend, "There's one around the corner to your right." As the ninja turns the corner, my friend pre-fires him, shooting him immediately. I check out another nearby room and see another ninja, so I again tell my friend telepathically, "Behind you, another one with two swords." My friend again turns and shoots him before the ninja gets a chance to surprise him.
    12. Insane chase and an adventure in the hiding spot

      by , 07-30-2014 at 03:19 PM (My smashed up joy ride of dreaming)
      I forget why, but It's a long term chase. I'm sleeping in Melbourne today. I'm going to drive to France tomorrow. (what?) As I see the tall evergreens shade one side of the street, I enter the most comfortable rest stop in existence. Well, it would be comfortable if spies weren't everywhere. How am I not dead yet. So I put myself inside a toilet, remembering the spies would hear me if I flushed. When I leave, I manage to enter my cousin's apartment (It is 200 miles away.). I gear up, get my chicken wings, figure I shouldn't use the bathroom, and travel to the afterlife, in a car, while alive, and with my irl family. I need to use the bathroom. I open the door, a tiny room infront with the actual door to the bathroom. It's obviously a trap. Of course they don't have bathrooms, everybody is just out to get me, as usual. Avoiding that trap,(I never avoid any danger that exists) I plan with the group, but the constant traps have already thrown our morale into an incinerator. Even my good jokes can't help it. The battle is already lost...Wait, battle? Oh yeah, there was an assassination buisiness that was trying to run when I was annoying it. So that's why this happened. I think anyways.
    13. Failed Assassination

      by , 05-22-2014 at 12:31 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I am supposed to kill a woman who is with me, but before I can even think about that, I am attacked by each type of Halo alien from the game. Luckily I have a rocket launcher, a rail gun, and a machine gun with me, and manage to fight them off. Nearly out of ammo, a large machine that fires a rail gun comes in, and starts shooting at me.

      I see that I had 2 team mates, but they didn't survive the first waves. Now out of ammo for all but the rail gun, I shoot this machine so many times with it, until it finally collapses.

      A second one comes in, and I use the rest of the rail gun ammo, as I dodge its shots to finish it off. I am now completely out of ammo.

      The woman shows me to some bricks I could use to smash her head, but I don't want to kill her. I then find a large knife in my pocket, and she tells me to cut her throat. She then grabs me and we start dancing in a dark room, filled with strangers. She puts the my hand with the knife to her neck, and tells me to do it, but I decline.

      Some people pull at the knife I am holding, trying to get it away from me, but I hold onto it, and continue to dance with this woman. I put the knife in its sheath, and pull a paper out of my pocket.

      I am now back in the room with Halo monster corpses all around, and a greenish blue lighting coming from somewhere. A friend of mine takes the paper from my hand and stabs at a woman's face on it, telling me to do the same to this woman. I poke a few holes in the paper, and then notice that I don't see the woman anywhere on the page.

      I flip the paper over, and it has the Starcraft tech tree on the back, showing all the units and buildings for each of the 3 races, including a video of the Protoss destroying a Terran base. I explain to someone which race each of the units belongs to, and they are confused by the Zerg operated Terran units. I start to explain how the queen can infect a command center.
    14. Monster Beneath the City

      by , 03-03-2014 at 08:24 AM
      What I can remember of the dream starts off with me talking to my boyfriend. We're in our apartment and we're talking about moving somewhere together, but I tell him that I have a job that I have to go do first. I have to go to a different city and investigate some strange disappearances where none of the locals can figure out what's happening. I walk over to my laptop at this point to check my email, as I at some point earlier had emailed the mayor of the city I was checking out to try to make accommodations for living arrangements. I noticed the mayor had messaged back and I was stressed out to realize that it was my ex, and the message he wrote was this:

      Hello [Name],

      You know you're always welcome here. I have made arrangements for you to stay in the best place I could grab for your temporary visit. You know I look forward to seeing you.

      It made me a little antsy and my boyfriend even more so in my dream, but I told him that he knew I had work to do, so go I must. There's a brief period where I'm packing up my things, and then the dream skips.

      It now goes to my ex and some other man at the city. It almost seems like old-timey western, but with a high flair of Victorian steampunk. The second guy present is rather lanky and tall, and everything about him is dark. He's dressed in all black and with a bearded face, dark hair, and the only thing bright about him are his green eyes. It's night outside, and him and my ex are standing just outside a fenced area and just inside is a baby elephant. It's walking around inside as the two men talk. They discuss my coming to town, and the stranger looks very happy while my ex does not.

      "You don't have to do this," my ex says as he watches the little elephant graze around inside the fences. The other man just laughs and keeps his gaze ahead as well, "Except I do have to, she stands in the way of my future plans." Not long after the man speaks, a small area of earth crumbles in on itself just behind the elephant's back feet, and it cries out as part of it slides in. It recoveries briefly and prepares to pull itself out, but it cries out again as something seems to grab onto it and drag it inside the hole. The cries of terror quickly die out and are instead replaced with low squelches and gurgles. The two of them stand there a little longer after the sounds die out before the stranger says, "And this will help me take care of the problem."

      It then goes to me once more, perhaps the next night, getting settled in my temporary place in my pajamas, and for some reason I have brought my dog Chad with me. I am putting away some of my stuff when I find a note in one of the drawers in the bedroom. It's from my ex, and it's warning me that someone is trying to kill me and that I should check for something I didn't pack and hide soon. I don't see anything unusual in my bags, so I go looking through drawers until I find what seems like a large slab of raw meat, and it completely reeks. Who knew how long it had been in there! I was going to simply remove it and disregard the message when I heard and felt a low rumbling in the floor near me. Extremely frightened, I grab my dog by the collar and run to the bathroom that's interconnected to my bedroom. I shut the door quickly and sit on the floor with my pet, my arms wrapped around him and my heart beating through my chest.

      The loud crack of large wood splitting comes from the room and I wake up just as I actually see the shadow of some large creature from the crack underneath the door.

      Amount of time slept: 2 hours
    15. 26 Sep: Blackmailed

      by , 09-26-2013 at 09:31 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false-awakening

      I'm a college student of a small town, who has a secret business my parents don't know of, and which made me secretely rich. Because they'd disapprove the source of my earnings, I keep a hobby of nightly UFO watching with "friends" on the plateau looking over the town. Some day I meet a guy that looks and talks just like Samuel L. Jackson. He his charming at first and I feel taken away by his seductive moves, but at some point he starts making indecent proposals and I push him away. He doesn't take a no and starts being pushy and threathening me. We fight on the street and eventually there are some witnesses who make him stop attacking me. He is ready to run away but first he threathens to destroy me. He shouts he will reveal my UFO watching "activity" and I say I'm not embarassed by people knowing that I do that. He smirks and say "Oh, but I have pictures of what you really do on that UFO-watching time!"
      OMG! Nobody can know!
      Then I remember I am rich and can hire a chinese assassin to take him out of the picture
      . (why chinese...?)

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