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    1. #53: iPhones / Levitate / Tiled garden

      by , 12-10-2015 at 10:22 AM
      I went to bed around midnight. I woke up around 07:00 after a lucid. Couldn't fall back asleep for a while, then had another (mini)-lucid.

      I'm on the couch in my mom's living room. My mom is also in the living room, though not on the couch. She hands me my cousin's old iPhone 5, though it looks exactly like an iPhone 4, except it's slightly elongated. I can have this phone if I want. I consider it for a moment. It's an upgrade from my 4S, though only a minor one. I examine the phone. Mine is still in perfect condition, but this one has a cracked screen. After turning it over a bit more I detect more flaws. I'm still considering it. I have a simcard cutter in my room, so I could cut the simcard to the right size if necessary.

      I'm at the Deen [supermarket] with my cousin. We've just arrived at the registers and he stands in line at one. I point to the one to the left of it, which has no line. It's manned by our friend Robin. My cousin tells me he wants to continue waiting in line. I look at the girl behind the register and see that it's Roos. Ah so that's why. Sure. There's only 2 people in front of him anyway. Skip forward to the moment where I've paid for my groceries. Roos tells me to have a nice day, or something along those standard employee lines. I give her a smooth wink. I even remember the right eye being the one I closed.

      It's daytime. I'm walking with my cousin past an area where there used to be an apartmentcomplex. Instead I see a bunch of cows standing next to one another, fenced in. They don't have that much space to move. One of the cows is laying down. We're a bit further along and we're handing each other some stuff. Perhaps the groceries. I think my cousin messes around with a kite for a moment. A bit further again, he tells me he suddenly remembers that he still owes Anthony money. He takes out his wallet and takes out a 50,- bill. I give him some basic financial advice: either start spending less or start earning more. I suddenly realise that this Anthony must be the guy who my little brother owes money to as well. We're a bit further along again. I kick a small stone that's on the sidewalk. I don't kick it particularly hard, but it bounces and makes a 90 turn and ends up on the other side of the road, on the roof of a driving car. It's Anthony's car. He stops and starts shouting. My cousin sort of tries to take the blame for it. A bit further along, we're in my mom's street now. Anthony comes up to me. He's an Indian guy and as small as a toddler. I think we exchange some words and then my cousin and I continue walking to my mom's home. I make a call with my iPhone 5. Anthony sends his goon after me, a white guy named Robin. I think about how it wasn't wise to take out my phone, as he might try to steal it. At this point it's a 'glitch in the matrix' kind of thing, meaning it happens several times. Robin wraps his arms around me to restrain my movement. Nothing else happens. The second time this happens I move/roll forward and lodge myself free. The third time we both end up on the ground and I kick Anthony, figuring that Robin will let me go if his boss is dead, cause then he has no reason to harm me.

      I'm in my room in my student house. I'm looking at my hands, which are dark skinned, just like in reality. I look in the mirror. My face is white! I have Robin's face. But my hands are still black. I figure that this must be some kind of curse that Robin put on me. "My" face looks a bit mad and intimidating, much more than Anthony.
      I realise I must be dreaming. I walk away from the mirror for a moment. What shall I do with my lucidity? I should be careful. For some reason I figure that if I look in the mirror I will cement the fact that I'm dreaming. I shouldn't do that until I'm ready, to prevent the dream from destabilising. I should definitely summon someone. Sukma? Alexandra? Lets go with Alexandra. I make a small jump into the air and retract my legs, sitting like Buddha, but floating in the air. I make my way towards the mirror, but before I've reached it I hear an old school digital alarm going off in the real world. Fuck, it's gonna pull me away. Focus! It's no use, it's too distracting. I wake up. There's no alarm

      I was lucid, but I didn't have that much control. The levitating just happened naturally without me thinking about it, as if I was merely raising an arm. I also had a dream goal for myself to attempt telekinesis, but I apparently totally forgot about that and pretty much immediately went to 'I should summon X'.

      Tiled garden
      I'm in my student room. I see a girl walking towards my window [my window isn't on ground level, so that's a pretty neat trick I'd say]. I look straight at her and I'm about to get up to open the window for her. The fact that she felt it was necessary to still knock on my window to announce her presence annoyed me slightly. I open the window for her and she has a bag and says something about this being from/for my housemate who forget it or something along the lines. She's a bit quick in telling what she wants to tell. I don't notice that she's likely floating, but I do notice that the garden below has tiles. It's a bit difficult to look at this garden as I can't bring my eyes to focus on it. It remains a bit blurry. Wait, isn't this garden supposed to have grass instead of tiles? I force myself to think about what the garden should look like in reality. I wake up.. again

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