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      Anyway, music is very useful. I wish I could remember to use it more, but I tend to barely speak so I can't really see me singing. Music has an ability to access the subconscious in ways other techniques can't. Music encoding (Simmons-Stern et al., 2012) can be utilized to increase memory retrieval for familiar concepts; music assists with learning gestures to help patients with Alzheimer's Disease form new memories (Moussard, Bigand, Belleville & Peretz, 2014); and music helps recover autobiographical memories (Fasotti, Clement, Allain & El Haj, 2013). Music is very efficient to encode and decode information. Just think, music can help unlock subconscious knowledge (decoding) and it can also facilitate in sending energy (encoding). Also aids recall. It's a brilliant method.
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      It's easy to feel depressed when we're aware of the tragedy life holds. The saying goes, ignorance is bliss and if we never step foot outside that bubble then we never see the other side of humanity. The darkness of what mankind is capable is horrifying to witness. From my (limited) experienced, depressed individuals express a profound connection to something abstract and out of reach (including myself). I've often wondered if we're sensing our spiritual origin and have felt homesick. There almost seems like there's an awareness that the world should be drastically better, but it's not and the reality is quite disappointing.
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      Heya Raven. I notice you do a lot of songs and protecting people. Is there any particular reason why you use songs as a means of protection? I ask because sacred geometry relates to vibration; vibration is the core of music. I can see why you use music to express the will (whether it be for healing, protection, or any other intent). It's a great method and I'm curious how extensively you've explored the topic (as I hope to learn something and expand my own knowledge in this area).
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      Hi ,I couldn't pm you so I will write it here.
      I'm kinda interested in shared dreaming , how does it work , and about many aspects of it , and I've read yours , wakingnomads , and Mosh's shared dreams.

      So how does one manages to meet someone in a dream?
      Do you guys know eachother irl ?
      What's required to have a shared dream with someone?

      How long is a lucid dream for you ? How long is a shared lucid dream for u?
      What techniques you use for lucid dreaming?

      You guys shared dreaming successes really fascinate me , keep up.
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      Hi Raven! Been thinking about you. (hugs)
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      Hello there, Raven, lots of hugs for you!
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      ADA stands for All Day Awareness. I don't quite recall where I found it on the site. Try in the wiki, I'll look around too. But basically it does a really good job of making your dreams much more detailed and realistic. Over the summer I came back to LDing for the first time in like over year, and it was working pretty effectively for such a long absence. The stress of school has been killing me, but I've always been trying to DEILD as well. I just need to get the no moving no opening my eyes part down.
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      Hi Raven. I had a dream about you awhile ago. I've been avoiding the FB because it makes me feel crazy. I think there is something weird going on with subliminal message in the background or something. Anyway, I am finally really really beginning to heal from fibromyalgia, and have been sleeping and thus dreaming better! Hope we can have a shared dream soon.
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      Hey Raven - how have you been? I sent you a few pm's - it would be great to hear from you!

      Let me know what you think of my step by step dream sharing tutorial : (located in the IOSDP main thread)
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      Hey, it's been awhile. But I'm coming back now! If you want, I posted a new LD today if you wanna read it.
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    Squirrels, Dinners, and Mars

    by Raven Knight on Yesterday at 07:25 PM
    2017, 10-18

    Squirrels, Dinners, and Mars

    I am outside in the desert. It is someplace in my own yard. I am looking around at some interesting rocks, and I spot looks like the body of a small ground squirrel. I find that sad, but I donít want our dog to find it and eat it. That sounds gross. So I go over and gently pick it up. To my surprise, when I touch it, it moves. It is not dead. I am thinking it is probably dehydrated from the heat weíve been having lately. So I gently pick up the animal, and I carry it over to a shady place. Thereís a fountain there, and it is overflowing here so that the animals can drink from it. I carefully drip some water on the squirrelís face. That seems to revive it some, and then it starts drinking. Perhaps thatís all needed. I have my phone with me, and I decide that this cute little squirrel would be good to have a photo of. So I lie it down on some leaves near the puddle made by the fountain, and I take a picture. It comes out very cute. My friend Alicia comes over to find out what Iím doing. She sees the animal, and asks what happened? I tell her the squirrel just needed some water. She says how cute it is. I go to my phone to show her the photo, but the photo is not there. It didnít save. That gets me pissed off. Alicia says just take another picture, but the lighting is off now and I canít get a good one.

    Alicia leaves to go home, and I go inside the house where we are having dinner with some friends. My mother is there, and so is my dead grandmother. Two ther people here seem to be a couple from Germany. Or at least thatís what their accent sounds like. My momĎs friend Donna is here as well. Donna has arrived late, but she brought cake. She has several different kinds of cake that all look yummy. She goes around the table and dishes out the portion of each cake for each person. So I now have a bowl full of several kinds of cake in front of me. My mother takes it away, however, saying that is for dessert. This is dinner. We eat the dinner and dessert seems get forgotten. We go outside and get in cars. I donít remember where we were going, but Donna keeps trying to signal me. I think she is trying to tell me not to trust the German man. But I donít see any reason not to. I am riding in a car with the German man. It seems like it is a hard task for him to not drive on the wrong side of the street. I wonder if that is because heís from Germany? I canít think whether or not they drive on the right side or the left side in Germany. I ask him if he is more used to driving on the left side of the street? He doesnít answer, but seems frustrated.

    German man turns into a parking lot. We drive through the garage into a large building. Except on the other side we are not in a building. It looks a lot like Mars. The man gives me a helmet to put on, saying thereís not enough oxygen for me to breathe here. The bad thing is that my helmet is attached to an oxygen tank that the man is carrying, so I canít go very far away. Then I hear them talking about using energy. One of them says something about using dark energy, but still itís energy. So I wonder if I can access that energy. I move a little bit away from the man, but he doesnít pay any attention. He thinks I canít go far enough sense I couldnít breathe. I take a deep breath and then I take my helmet off. Thatís surprises him. Heís trying to get it back on me. For some reason he doesnít want me dead. For bit I am having trouble getting air, but then I focus kind of a cloud of energy around me. And then I can breathe without any difficulty. This clearly surprises the guy. He sits there and stares at me for a bit. For some reason I think they have my mother. I ask him where she is. He says they donít have her. He says they never wanted my mother, they were after me. But he is confused as to how Iím breathing. He will just have to stay confused, because it is here that I wake up.

    Game of Dreams Ė Faceoff at the Inn

    by Raven Knight on 10-17-2017 at 12:08 AM
    2017, 10-16

    Game of Dreams Ė Faceoff at the Inn

    I am riding on a donkey with other people. There are two wagons in our group. Not far up ahead I see an inn. The man in charge, Yarin, says we can afford hot meal and they also have a bath house, so if any of us would like to bathe we can do that, too. The horses and donkeys are taken away to be given food and water, and most everyone else heads into the Inn. A cloaked man stays outside in one of the wagons, and the three chained man stay in the other. The food is quite good. It looks like some kind of pot pie. Theyíre also baked apples. The ale is pretty good, though itís not my favorite. I eat while everyone around me is talking and telling stories. One person has a story of a giant wolf that came into a town and stole a baby from its motherĎs arms to eat it. Wolves donít eat babies! I tell them that. One of them asked me what I know about wolves. I say I know as much as anyone around here. At this point Yarin for some reason grabs my arm. He tells everyone there not to pay any attention to me, Iím just a stupid boy. Yarin takes me out in front of the inn, and he tells me to go make sure that the animals are being cared for. I tell him Iíve had enough of that crowd anyhow.

    I am walking past the wagons when one of the chained men tries to get my attention. He talks about himself in the third person, referring to himself as a man. He displays that his tankard is empty and says he still thirsty. He wants me to go get him some more ale. The other two with him are rude. One is fat and bald. He doesnít talk. He does hiss. He has really sharp teeth. The other guy there has no nose. I immediately start thinking of him as Voldemort from Harry Potter. He is yelling at me, he throws his empty tankard at me, but I dodge it. The decent one of them tells me his name is Jaqen H'ghar. He apologizes for the others, ďA man does not choose his companions in the dungeons. So a man must apologize for his companions.ď Voldemort tells me to come closer. I have no desire to get any closer to his ugly face. I focus my response on the nice one. I tell Jaqen H'ghar that I will talk to someone about getting him more ale. He responds with, ďA man would be grateful.ď I am about to keep going when I see another of our group out there. It is a boy who everyone calls The Bull. He asks what Iím doing? Iím about to answer when I see The Bull staring behind me.

    When I look behind me, I see that there are gold cloaks coming. Those are the queenís guards. They must be after Arya. I pull The Bull behind a hedge where we wonít be seen. He seems confused by this. We watch as the leader of the gold cloaks comes up and confronts Yarin. He says they are there to collect one boy. He says they have a warrant issued by the queen. Yarin is not quick to cooperate. He says all of the boys with him are now in the Knightís Watch. He says whatever weíve all done in our past is now irrelevant. Yarin says that there are laws about such things. The gold cloak pulls out a sword and declares that it is his law. Yarin says thatís no law, thatís a sword. Heís got one too. He draws his sword. The gold cloak says he has five soldiers with him. Yarin reports that heís got 30. So the two of them are facing off against each other like a couple of dogs fighting for dominance. It wouldnít have surprised me to hear them start growling at each other. The gold cloak says that the people Yarin has with him are green boys, not worthy to fight. He says if theyíre going to fight, who is first?

    The goal cloak no doubt expected to be answered with silence, but he gets immediate responses. A couple men sitting outside the inn stand up and announce they will fight. They all have weapons. One guy was just coming out of the bathhouse with his clothes in a bundle in his arms. He drops everything except for his dagger, and announces he will fight. Apparently he intends to fight naked. Even one jerk, weíve been calling Hot Pie, picks up a large rock and looks like heís ready to brain someone with it. The strange cloaked figure in the back of the wagon gets out and just stand there and watches. Jaqen H'ghar says, ďA man would fight if he was free and had a weapon.Ē I decide not to hide while everyone else is preparing to fight. So I come out in the open, and I draw my sword which is called Needle. The gold cloak calls all of us little girls, and tells us to put the weapons down. While heís looking at me, he has given Yarin the perfect opening. The next thing I know heís got his sword at the gold cloakís throat. He makes a few threats, makes the guy drop his sword, and then swatted horse on the behind making him run away. The other gold cloaks follow.

    With the threat passed I look over and see the strange cloaked guy get back in the wagon. Apparently he was only going to act if it was absolutely necessary. Or maybe heís a chicken wuss. I donít really know. Yarin is quite annoyed at us all. He says that if we think will make it to the wall without more trouble then we must be idiots. He says he will tell us all this right now. If they come back, and there is fighting, we need to hightail it for the wall and not look back. He is talking mainly to both me and The Bull. Iím wondering why they want to capture The Bull. I ask him what his name is, and he says itís Gendry. I donít know why the queen would want him, heís just a bastard. A blacksmiths bastard. We get ready to move out that same night, we want to put some distance between us and the gold cloaks in case they come back. It is here that I wake up.
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    The Dark Tower Ė The Third Drawing

    by Raven Knight on 10-14-2017 at 04:01 AM
    2017, 10-13

    The Dark Tower Ė The Third Drawing

    I am on beach. It is just about dark. The ocean extends out west, and I can see where the sun has just sent. There are a couple people not too far for me. They are both near a door that looks like it leads nowhere. A man is standing next to the door, and a woman is sitting in wheelchair. I look around a bit more and I see thereís another man standing closer to me. I recognize the man standing close to me. That is MoSh. He looks at me and then looks over at the door. I am pretty sure I know who those people are. Eddie Dean, and either Detta or Odetta. MoSh and I walk over towards the door. Before we quite get there, I hear a voice coming through the door. The voice is telling Detta Walker to look through the door. The voice is also telling Odetta Homes to look through the door. And the next instant there are more people there.

    I hadnít noticed Rolandís body on the ground by the door, but now he is trying to get up. He does not seem well. And now there are also two women. Apparently Detta Walker and Odetta Holmes are now separate people. Theyíre fighting each other. They have to become one in order for the two of them to survive. But there are still more people there. I do not know who these others are. They are cloaked figures, and they are all in black. Iím not even sure if they have faces, because all I see under their hoods is blackness and glowing blue eyes. Mosh says no one invited them to the party. I say we should show them what happened party crashers then. One of them goes right over to Roland and told him to hand Ďití over. I am wondering what Ďití is. He doesnít live very long, MoSh blows him away. That is the first time they noticed that we were even there. One of the cloaked figures is snarling at us, and says we should keep our abnormally large noses out of other peopleís business. I tell him that ugly gits like him are our business. A gun fight ensues.

    There are some rocks and other things in the area, and those are good places to take cover. But apparently MoSh and I also have Witchblades, and those form into a powerful armor. While the fight is going on between us and the strange figures, Detta and Odetta have switched from fighting to hugging. That is a good sign. That means theyíre almost done. I see the one must be Odetta whisper something into Dettaís ear. I donít hear her, but I remember what she said in the book. She said I love you. Two women seem to blur for a bit as the fuse into one. I see that one of the figures is standing over Roland now. Seems to be looking for something. I donít want it to find what itís looking for. I think that would be very bad. Detta and Odetta are in the way for getting a clear shot. So instead I send an Alex Mosher type tendril into the ground. It goes under Detta and Odetta, and then comes up right next to Roland and pierces the figure standing over him. The cloaked figures are clearly pissed off. But now they also have Susanna to deal with. Data and Odetta has become one now, and sheís got a gun. So does Eddie. He has also joined into the fight. The figures will not have another chance to get near Roland. They are angry, but they disappear in clouds of dark.

    MoSh and I go over to where the others are. The door has closed, and our falls over in the sand and seems to become nothing more than a large piece of driftwood. I see Susanna, who is the merger of Detta and Odetta, hug Eddie. And then she hugs Roland. She says itís thanks to them that she can be whole again. And that hasnít been the case since she got hit on the head by a brick as a little girl. But that seems to be about the last bit of energy that Roland has, and he passes into unconsciousness. I focus some healing energy through him, but I guess the more important things are the pills that Roland brought back with him. Those will take care of the poison. Eddie gives him his first pill, though he was barely conscious enough to swallow it. March is asking who those weird figures are the keep showing up. I tell him I donít have a clue yet. But they are really annoying. They arenít supposed to be here. I want to ask Roland what he has that they might want, but thatís clearly going to have to wait until he recovers. It is here that I seem to wake up.


    This part of the dream was strange. It didnít seem connected to the rest, and still it did. In this segment of dream, I felt like I was inside of Detta or Odetta, Iím not sure which. I hear gunshots around me, as if gun fight was currently going on. I hear someone call to me. The voice calls to me to look through the door. I looked over through the door, and I find that Iím staring at another version of me somehow. I am hearing a song in my head. ďI face myself, to cross out what Iíve become. Erase myself, and let go of what Iíve done.Ē This is a song by Linkin Park. I know it well. I am reaching out to embrace myself when I wake up for real this time.
    lucid , non-lucid

    Yard Sale Finds

    by Raven Knight on 10-12-2017 at 08:53 PM
    2017, 10-12

    Yard Sale Finds

    I am at a yard sale of some kind. I am there with my friend Alicia. Alicia is away looking at something else when I spot a jewelry box. Somehow jewelry box looks quite familiar. I am having the idea that the yard sale is about to close up for the day, so I donít have much time. I open up the jewelry box and start looking through it. Someone has left quite a bit of jewelry in the box. I am thinking some of the pieces might be good for holding positive energy, but since I donít have much time to look, I just start grabbing pieces that look promising. I grab a small tray and start filling it with the pieces of jewelry that look like they might hold positive energy. Rings, earrings, pendantsÖ I get the tray field quite a bit. Iím concerned that it might be expensive. When I go over to the cashier I see a pair of angel wing earrings that I add to the pile. To my surprise, the cashier tells me to just take it and I donít have to pay. Alicia comes back over and joins me. She asks what all that jewelry is for. I tell her itís for my mother, even though my mother doesnít wear much jewelry. For some reason I donít want to admit itís for me. I look at the angel wing earrings and they look like ear cuffs. I try to put one on but Iím having trouble getting it to stay in place. Iím still working with that when Alicia and I head out onto the sidewalk to walk home. Apparently this yard sale was in her neighborhood, and we walked to it. I am just walking along and chatting with Alicia when I wake up.

    Game of Dreams Ė Eddardís Escape

    by Raven Knight on 10-12-2017 at 07:35 PM
    2017, 10-12

    Game of Dreams Ė Eddardís Escape

    Eddard - I am seated in the back of a wagon. I canít see where I am, but I feel it is important that I stay hidden. There are people that want my head on a pike. There is a bit of tension as the wagon goes out the main gate of the city. But the man in charge seems to know one of the guards, and they let us through. After we have gone a little ways, I think it must be safe to at least look out. I pull the tarp back at a corner so that I can peek out. There are quite a few people here with us. In another wagon I see that there are three men chained up. Those ones must be criminals from the worst part dungeons. Of course they consider me a criminal too. They think I committed treason, and I even confessed to it in order to avoid execution. Thatís not really what I wanted to do, but Eddard went ahead and did it anyways. At that point, Joffrey said he wanted my head. Or he wouldíve said that if it hadnít been for the fact he had some kind of fit. He dropped his pants and started making the sounds of barnyard animals. It was amusing. Then the queen came over and said I had confessed as agreed so I would now be allowed to take the black. So here I am, on my way north to the wall. I guess I should just be glad I wasnít beheaded.

    As I am looking out of the wagon I see that a couple of the boys are picking on a smaller boy. I am thinking that is not fair. They shouldnít be allowed to do that. Theyíre calling him lumpy head and saying they want him to hand over a sword he has. But I know that Iím not supposed to be seen, so I just keep watching for a bit longer. Two the boys mock the smaller boy. One of them says the small boy stole his sword so there would be nothing wrong with them stealing it from him because itís not really his. They start saying they are going to steal his sword. I am thinking that I now can no longer refrain from taking action, however, when one of the boys rides his donkey up beside the smaller boy the small boy pulls out a wooden sword and smacks the donkeyís behind. The donkey bucks the jerk off. The smaller boy jumps off of his donkey and proceeds to kick the other boyís ass. They wonít underestimate him for being small again.

    So since I donít actually have to do anything, I watch for a bit longer until the man in charge, a soldier of the black named Yarin, comes and breaks up the fight. It wasnít really much of a fight. The smaller boy was beating the bigger one completely into submission. That was rather amusing. Because even when the bigger boy tried to play dirty and strike from behind, another boy that they have been calling The Bull warned small boy of the attack before it got off. He got his butt kicked some more. This is when Yarin breaks up the fight and then takes a small boy off to the side, probably for disciplinary action. Either that or to praise his sort play. The other boy is clearly in pain, but alive. I sit back down in the wagon, and I just relax there until I wake up.
    lucid , non-lucid