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    1. Almost Getting Arrested & Amost Getting Kidnapped

      by , 11-29-2018 at 03:10 PM
      so the first dream i was at my cousins. i remember there were lots of police outside because i guess we were using crazy drugs or something. so we just walked home and apparently we were invisible cause they didn’t see us at all.

      the next one is strange. i was once again with my cousin and this time my brother as well. we walked to this bakery by my house amd i remember the guy atthe cash register kept flirting with me. The somehow i was randomly teleported to school, where this weird guy on a horse kept trying to kidnap me. i almost escaped but went outside to splash water all over him in revenge, and then he kept trying again. i ran in a classroom and no one tried to help me so i just went under the cupboard. he came in, found me, and then grabbed my wrist. it wasnt until i screamed “help” that people actually got up and helped. then it ended.