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    1. 2022-06-20 wave, ski trip, rifle shot with S1/S2 & hokey, frat row at night, tea, meet the van guys

      by , 06-20-2022 at 05:58 AM

      + on beach, scuba/ snorkel training to left in the surf, I turn my back to the ocean, am hit by large wave, and dragged back in to the water, I think I'm a great swimmer but I am completely at the mercy of the waves and powerful current. A wave pushes back up to beach (but I can't get out) but on a second wave I get my feet underneath me and run quickly up the beach out of the reach of further waves

      + discussion with group about ski trip plans, some are upset we didn't get going at 1am


      + in (large-ish) room in house, lying on floor, with combo sniper rifle/shotgun. sighting at cork lying on floor along wall curved large radius meeting joint of floor and wall, switching back and forth between rifle mode and shotgun mode (there was a small level to do this about halfway down the barrel of the gun). I'm trying to decide between bullet/rifle mode and shotgun mode. I could try for shotgun mode at first to make sure I hit the cork to make sure my sighting is correct. I think I'm close enough that the blast should be fairly contained and not fan out too much to the surrounding area. I decide to shoot, and squeeeeeeze trigger slowly (as I remember is recommended) and take the shot cork zips all the way down to the far wall, bounces, and returns back to its original location, S1 & S2 come in and I say "hey did you see that?! How it bounced right back?" Then turn around looking at stuff on floor/wall boundary with S2, I think about using (crumpled up newspapers?) to pick it up and take/throw it away, I say to S2 "You can ask S1 to help you with this.'

      Looking at toy hokey game, seems like 2 vs 2 players but there are more levers (about 8), I'm looking at the right-side levers, the right-most is missing the rubber twisty handle with ridges. The lever about 3rd or 4th from the right is pretty seriously bent and wrapped around another lever, I untangle them a bit and comment on this bent lever, think about about the play of the game and shooting the puck around.

      + giving a tour of frat row to some (friends?), including young woman. We're riding by vehicle but the view is unobscured. My gaze is fixed on the frat buildings on the right side of the street relative to direction of car. It's dark/twilight. The frat buildings are tall (3-4 stories) and dark (no lights within). I'm trying to look through the windows to see the things I expect to see inside (trophies?).

      At the end of the street the group is walking and we encounter a van that drives up and stops near me on a "T" intersection, it approaches from the right. I know I need to arrange a meeting with these guys (they're govt officials?), I "remember" we pre-arranged a meeting at a point on the street back from where we (walking group) came from. I tell the driver we'll met you there. I turn our group around and start walking towards the meeting point. I think we're walking on a street different from where the van is going to park and I wonder if they'll exit their vehicle and walk around to our street to meet us.

      With group, there is a requirement for some of us (me and 2 other guys, one an older man) to drink a drink with tea, sugar, and some bright fruit juice. It comes time, but all I can find is tea with a lot of sugar, so I drink it. The man comments about the missing juice, calling it "<something> urine (?)".