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    1. 2020-06-03 fairly vivid later dreams

      by , 06-03-2022 at 12:05 PM
      Some vivid moments last night, last couple dreams especially.


      + breaking up into teams to play water polo, views of some (men?) dressed up in women's one-piece swim suits.

      + walking through a house with a woman close to me, I'm trying to plan our path to avoid being detected by a small robot which is tracking us, woman screams "I HATE YOU" at me, I'm stunned and speechless.

      + in my sister's room in CH, holding at looking at an opened racy magazine, guy comes in I try to hide it under her bed, then move to my room and think to hide it in closet or under my bed

      + my son has rented out one of my properties to a group of party-goers without my permission, I'm outraged and complain loudly to the people I find there, but in the end allow it to continue and wish them to "have a good time"

      + I'm staring in to the eyes of an attractive woman. I feel a twinge of sexual excitement, I may be able to "reach completion" just by continuing this gazing. I look closely at her features, and she is staring back at me, I realize she reminds me of somebody I know.

      + driving in a car on a disintegrating, slightly elevated sandy, narrow country road flanked by a stream on either side, my way is blocked by a huge pile of recently cut fir branches, I try to reverse/go around, the pile vanishes, I walk through a crowd of people mulling around a local dairy vendor