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    1. 2020-07-30 no recall

      by , 07-30-2022 at 06:13 AM
      Work somewhere around 04:00 or 04:30 and didn't sleep again until alarm at 07:00.
      Tried listening to some meditaiton/yoga nidra audio tracks that put me right out during naps with no effect.
      Listened to some audio books but found them too stimulating generally.
      Back to bed and relaxed and felt the "twinge" of sleep approaching and being "repelled" every time.
    2. 29 Jul: Dying tortoise and salvaging stuff from a market

      by , 07-29-2022 at 03:39 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP[/B]

      Some place with a large table in the middle of a garden. It has pots and plants and all sorts of clutter and then I spot a large tortoise almost looking like clay, in the middle of it. I realize it is a real tortoise, but she is so dehydrated, she is turning brown. I open up a path through the stuff on the table to access the critter and immediately it moves toward the edge of the table and plunges her head in a tall vase with wated that is below the table. The tortoise drinks tons of water, seems to regain some vitality. I wonder who trapped the poor bugger in there.

      On a bus returning from a day on the beach or something. Seems one of my childhood memories when I used to go with other kids on a kind of open summer camp, in which we returned home at the end of the day. I am accompanied by my school friend Mara and her nasty brother. I am taking a ride home with their mother who is picking us up on her van. While we wait, I find a box with some used sneakers by the side of the dumpster. Ricardo mocks me for picking it up but I tell him I sell hundreds of items like these every month and make a buck from it. He doesn't seem to believe, but he shuts up and goes away. Then I notice that there are a couple dumpsters full to the brim with pairs of shoes, used and new. I wish I could pick them all. Then their mother arrives and I ask if she has bags on her van. She has a blue plastic trash bag and a blue IKEA shopping bag. I ask her to wait for me while I fill them up. Then someone points out that there is a street market just behind the dumpsters and someone just abandoned an entire workbench with new and unused baby clothes for anyone to take home. I go grab them first and stuff the two bags with it. Then my mother appears out of nowhere and tells me my friends had to go to the toilet at a café, so we can spend a bit more time here. She also finds another abandoned workbench full of handmade bijouterie and artwork inspired by cottagecore and elves, fairies, etc. The bijouterie is all in large boxes and she stacks them in order to carry it all to the van without bags.
    3. Semi Truck Diesel Stop

      by , 07-29-2022 at 02:27 AM
      I am driving a large truck. We stop at a rest stop and I talk with a mechanic about repairs on the truck.
    4. Lost on the Prairie

      by , 07-29-2022 at 02:22 AM
      I am walking on the prairie out at my parent's house. I get lost at some point and I find familiar looking structures. There's a barn, a farm house, and a shed and I walk closer to the buildings. A woman sitting in a chair points to me and says not to come any closer.
    5. The Plasma Gun Universe

      by , 07-28-2022 at 11:04 PM
      This dream was incredibly profound for me at the time. I woke up half-way through the night and had all the details, but then I fell right back asleep. When I woke up for good, a lot of the details were missing, but I still retained some of it. One thing that bothers me about dreams is how profound they can be when you first wake up and have all the details, but through the day, many of them fade into obscurity and no longer seem worth writing about.

      I'm on a bus. I'm a younger version of myself. Sitting across from me on the other side of the bus is a really attractive girl. She looks like Vanessa Hudgens from the past. She's talking with the person next to her who I don't remember very well. I begin to notice that she's psychologically playing with me. Whenever she says something to that other person, it has some deep double meaning that relates to myself. I start to feel very divided. I'm simultaneously very attracted, but scared of her at the same time. She seems too smart. It's kind of eerie. I wish I could remember what she was saying at that point, but I can't.

      We arrive at our destination (which is like a combination of the house I grew up at and a summer camp). There are a lot of people there (like maybe 50 to 100). I try to talk to her after we exit the bus, but she kind of ignores me and continues talking to the other person. We all part ways and go to some kind of lunchroom. Stuff happens I don't remember. Later, I'm able to finally have a conversation with her. She acts as if she wanted to talk to me all along, but was just waiting for some reason. As we talk it becomes clear that she knows things she really shouldn't know about me. It's getting creepy, yet I'm even more attracted to her cause she seems like an oracle. She says a bunch of stuff, but here's what I remember...

      "That suffering you went through when you were younger... I know you experienced some loss. That was supposed to happen. Like it happens to everyone." I see an image of her laying in bed talking in my minds eye. She explains that I'm in some type of trial to test my strength and implies that certain other people are too. This is the purpose of this universe. "Everything is made from a plasma gun. The plasma gun is a projector and it creates the entire universe for you." She seems to allude to this whole thing being some type of experiment. She tells me to hold up my arm in front of me. She takes her hands next to my arm and shows me the size of it relative to my arm. It's only a few inches longer than my arm and it's rectangular in shape. If I had to guess, it's about 2.5 feet long and a few inches in diameter. She explains this is how the universe is created. The plasma shoots out the end of the gun and creates a virtual reality. It's all made out of waves and particles are an illusion. I then suddenly see a white background with the gun itself in my mind's eye. It looks like a huge Juul. The end of the gun has all these swirling colors and images. I then come back to dream reality. I'm speechless. She explains more about how the thing works, but I don't remember it. My mind was blown at the time and I could tell she wasn't lying cause it was like she just hacked into my brain and knew all about me.

      I wanted to talk to her more, but after that, it seemed like she wanted to get away from me. The dream kept fading and becoming less and less real until I woke up.

      PS: I think this dream happened cause I was watching a video on how CRT screens work before bed.
    6. 28 Jul: WW3, tectonic catastrophe and metaphysics

      by , 07-28-2022 at 03:44 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      With mom inside some big building with a glass façade. Looks like an airport in the 50s or 60s, but I think we are waiting for some doctor appointment. A noisy fighter jet flies over the building, narrowly missing it. It's clearly not from our country. Then we see lots of smoke and everybody wonders if it crashed nearby. Then an helicopter lands right outside and some military come out of it. People rush out to ask stuff, but they are elusive. Rumors spread that the jet was russian. Nobody knows if the pilot died or was caught. The military then tell people to go home and that war was declared. I guess they mean WW3 is official. We go inside the waiting room, because we wanna know more and there are 3 tvs, so we expect to see something in the news.
      Some idiot distract us all with a silly stunt in the lobby, climbing on top of the staircase rails and threathening to jump like 2 floors. Security guards come from all directions to grab him and people applaud, but he gives up and jumps to safety. In the waiting room again, some black lady instructs me to put on channel 95 where supposedly is CNN. I try, but the channel doesn't match with what she says. I finally find it and one reporter is clearly in distress while another is in sheer terror, sweating profusely. They say the news is absolutely shockcing and scary. And end of the world scenario. But then it has nothing to do with WW3. Instead they mention some earthquake swarm and volcanos erupting in Brazil and that due to the tectonic plate movements, all the energy from the movements there is expected to be transmitted and affect the whole of Europe. They show a map with volcanos popping up all throughout Central Europe and fires everywhere. They say it is unpredictable where it will hit, but Switzerland will be the worst hit. My mom asks me if it is dangerous to us. I say we can't be sure, since it is likely that a huge quake hits Lisbon and the Tagus faultline. I tell her from now on we need to be alert at all times, study our surroundings and check if there are any safer places around us if we are hit by a quake.
      Then we are at a very old café in an old town and I see cracks all over the walls. I tell her it isn't safe to stay here, so we go outside as soon as we can and tell her to also look for open spaces outside. Then I recall I need to go back inside and pay for our drinks. Meanwhile she is looking at a street market and she is really interested in something, but I tell her not to go there until I come back.

      Watching some story like a movie. A lady who is dying with a terminal cancer wants to sing one last time to an audience, so she goes see her former agent, accompanied by her lover. Her agent had stopped working with her because she meant troubles and his company was going through financial difficulties. Her lover advocates for her. Makes some promise to bring lots of people for some jazz nights at his derelict building, if he allows her to sing. He agrees.

      Then I am her and I am leaving the place. I am walking the streets of Lisbon and doing some artistic performance as I walk. I stamp red flowers on my skirt and also on walls and roads for some reason. The kids enjoy and are curious, but the adults not so much. Some woman makes a comment that I am vandalized a house. I don't care. I am on my way to the botanical garden, but I am a bit lost. I look for the closest metro station to check where I am and maybe take a ride. I find one, but not sure how to gro from here to the garden, so I check a map on my phone. At least I know now where I am.
      On my way there, I meet an older guy, a very tall slender guy, and for some reason we start talking about miracles and odd stuff. He asks me about my beliefs and I try to explain I don't believe as much as I accept possibilities. I explain my view on how we interpret the outliers of reality and we call it paranormal when they are just outliers within the curve of possibilities of reality. Then tell him about how my brain could not recognize the sounds of foxes the first time I heard it on a camping trip and therefore my brain filled in the blanks and made it sound like dolphins. Therefore hearing dolphins around me on a mountain could only be supernatural, but turns out it was my perception which wasn't equiped to see the natural phenomena for what it was. He agrees and tells me a story of how he was blind for many many years and for no apparent reason one day symply regained his sight and everyone considered it a miracle. He believes it was a natural recovery of his organism, which appears as a miracle because it is a rare event. We get out of the subway and we continue walking towards the garden.
    7. Matrix Rooftop Jumping

      by , 07-27-2022 at 01:42 PM
      K and I are in a cityscape environment with tall buildings. My view of the city around me is odd. When I look at something below me, my vision seems to "zoom in" and it's like my consciousness and dream body shifts to that location in the dream. We are on top of a tall building and there are large levitating platforms adjacent to other tall buildings. They are very far off and apart, impossible to be able to jump to by normal means. We leap through the air and land on these levitating platforms that look like they are made up of large white cubes, like video game platforms.

      I feel the sensations vividly of leaping through the air, impossibly high compared to jumping in waking life (WL). I land on the platforms with ease and don't feel significant shock from the impacts.

      I remember incubating Matrix-like jumping months ago and last year in 2021. After reading some articles on flying in dreams and LDs, I visualized jumping between rooftops and tall elevated platforms like in this dream. Very thrilling and fun. I've continued to listen to a dream incubation podcast episode on a Jungian analyst podcast that's talked about incubation. Maybe consciously thinking about incubation has brought forward a lot of past incubations. Very neat.
      non-lucid , side notes
    8. Bathtub Intimacy with K

      by , 07-27-2022 at 01:28 PM
      I am in a bathtub with K. We are intimate together.
      Spoiler for Adult Content:

      Dream Signs:
      Sexual content
      Feeling embarrassed, overly self-conscious about affection and intimacy

      I went to bed last night incubating and thinking about sexual content. I believe water in my dreams is often a symbolism of my emotional state, if it is not a literal indicator that I drank water close to bed time and feel that I need to wake up and urinate. Water often represents my emotional state in that it can be tranquil, deep, shallow, crashing, overwhelming. The water being shallow and me being in it, lying on my back and engaging in sexual content with my partner indicates a sense of purity or cleanliness.

      I did not feel guilt in the dream engaging in intimacy with my partner as I often have with other dream figures. I often feel overly self-conscious in non-lucids that I am receiving attention from dream figures that are not my partner. I feel that the water symbolizes that our actions together are in a clean state and the water is something that we are in together. It responds to our actions but is not threatening, i.e. being deep, crashing, something that we could drown in.

      I often feel very self-conscious about public displays of affection (PDA) (an embarrassing and shaming remnant from middle school where I received disciplinary action in school for my girlfriend and I hugging in the hallway before classes). This feeling of embarrassment and shame around PDA seems to be deeply rooted in my unconscious and even causes me to feel avoidant about PDA.
    9. Another dream where me and my sister are stuck in granddads car during a rain storm

      by , 07-27-2022 at 03:26 AM
      I had another dream last night where me and my younger sister were trapped in granddads old car during a thunderstorm.

      When this dream started, I was standing in front of my high school waiting for mom to pick me up. It was a really hot and humid day and I was burning up waiting for mom to get there.

      Eventually, I saw my granddads old tan reliant pull up with mom driving it and my younger sister in the front passenger seat. My sister reached behind her to open the back passenger side door and I got in the back passenger seat and closed the door and then buckled up and them mom pulled out of the parking lot.

      We were heading towards our house when mom made a turn and then soon we were in the parking lot of our Home Depot store. Mom told us we needed to stop and get grass seed and fertilizer for our yard and plants and soil for our garden. We then all got out of the relaint and followed her into the store where she got a flat cart and then followed her to the garden area.

      Once she had the cart full of everything she wanted, we all waited in line for her to pay and then I pushed the cart and followed she and my sister to the reliant in the parking lot.

      When we got to the relaint, mom filled-up the trunk will all of the plants she had bought and then filled up the back seat and floorboard with the bags of grass seed; fertilizer; and potting soil.

      Once everything was loaded in the car, mom opened the front passenger side door for us to get in and my sister told me to scoot over to the middle since it was her day to choose where to sit. Once I had sat down and moved over to the middle and buckled up, my sister sat down in the passenger seat and fastened her seatbelt. Mom then closed us into the car and took the cart back into the store.

      While me and my sister were waiting in the car for mom, it started to pour down rain all of a sudden and me and my sister had to roll up the windows so we wouldn't get wet. As we sat and waited for the rain to stop and mom to get in the car, we both noticed something really stunk and my sister started accusing me of tooting in the car. We could do nothing but sit and wait in the car as it was raining so hard we couldn't see the Home Depot store where mom was trapped waiting for the rain to stop.

      After we had been waiting for what seemed like forever, then rain finally started to let up. and I saw mom running from the store towards the reliant where we were waiting. She quickly opened the driver side door and then sat down in the driver seat beside me and quickly shut her door. As she was putting the key in the ignition, she asked me and my sister if one of us may have stepped in poo because something really stunk. We both denied it and my sister told mom I was tooting.

      Mom then turned the key to start the car, but couldn't get it to start because the battery was dead. As she was taking the key out of the ignition, she looked down and noticed that I had stepped in dog poop. I woke up form this dream as mom was telling me there was poo on my shoe.
    10. 26 Jul: Affair with a young Russel Crowe, vampires, random stuff ending with scorpions

      by , 07-26-2022 at 08:33 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      I know a bunch of Hollywood actors and I am thinking that in the future when someone writes about our relationships, they'll portray it entirely wrong, because it is not glamorous at all, just all very goofy.
      Right now I am with a young and fit Russel Crowe and we are very good friends, or actually more than friends. He is married and his wife knows we meet, but has allowed it because so far we'd just been friends. But the truth is we are showering together in his house, although nothing else happened between us, which is odd. His wife comes right after we get dressed and she seems fed up with our weird intimacy, as she bluntly says it is time for me to go. He looks at me like "she is the boss", so I must obey. I tell her it doesn't have to be like this. We could all be together with each other. But she doesn't want to, she already hates that I am so close to him like a lover.
      I go stay at a hostel with mixed dorms. I have to share a room with two guys. They clearly flirt with me, but I show no interest, just ask for their help to turn on the tv but they keep trying to be friendly.
      Later I take a bus trip to somewhere, but when exiting the bus I wonder if I was carrying any luggage and left it in the bus. So I go back and ask the driver to wait while I look for my stuff in my seat. Turns out it's a lot of stuff. First I grab a bag, a coat and a sleeping bag, but only to reveal 3 more bags with books and food and drinks among other things. I am freaking out, wondering how am I gonna carry al that. I start stuffing as much stuff as I can in plastic bags. Meanwhile I find a 20€ bill on the floor. Then finally decide to leave some things behind which elicits complaints from fellow passengers who wanted the seats and floor cleared.

      Watching a scene from a show about vampires that I used to watch as a teen. Vlad has bought an abandoned church to live there unnoticed, while preparing his comeback. Some fellow vampires who work for some governing body overseeing vampire activity come to confront him about his plans for the world. They mention a symbol he painted on the façade which has some meaning, but he denies it. They demand to go inside. I then am physically there with them. I am also a vampire and sort of Vlad's assistant or protegé. Sunlight doens't harm us. We enter the church abut somehow he makes us go back in time to when the church is being attended by regular people. There is a mass going on, apparently a funeral and Vlad goes pay respects to the dead person, forcing us to follow him into the middle of the church. Some attendees start whispering and pointing at us, and soon I hear the word vampires and feel threathened. They've figured out what we are, because of our paleness, beauty and peculiar taste in fashion. I try to get out, but they turn on us, effectively surrounding and isolating the youngest among us. I rescue the kid and only then I leave.

      Later I am at the cinema and I have a huge fruit bat which I keep as a pet (I guess as my ESA). He is nice but I need to be very gentle or he'll bite. Some kid in the seat in front notices it and asks to pet him. But I say no, saying he will regret it. He gets angry, says he can pet whomever he wants, starting an argument with me. Some employees take us outside to discuss what's going on and I explain what happened and that I am trying to teach the kid some manners and protect him from being bitten. I also don't want a lawsuit from his parents if he gets a zoonosis. They agree with me and kick the kid out. They issue a refund for me.

      Driving through some neighborhood with Riverstone, when I spot my uncle Filipe in his car at a parking lot. I stop nearby to confront him. I think he sees us but pretends not to, then gets on board of a truck parked there and drives off. Riverstone thinks he didn't see us, I know he did and he ran away, which means he is afraid of us. I decide that now that I know where he parks his working vehicle, I'll give him a taste of what he does to my mom and stalk him, leave notes on his windshield, make threats, to see if he likes it. Riverstone doesn't think is a good idea, so he leaves. I do some recon of the area and find a small prefab house where workers like him have a toilet and a locker to leave their personal belongings. But it is actually much bigger inside than what seems on the outside. There is also a locker room for kids that have gym classes in the neighborhood. And soon enough some 20 kids with an adult come rushing in to use the toilet and get their coats. Followed by a huge group of teens that look like they came from regular school lessons. The last ones are three japanese girls and one asks in English if I am such and such person. The name she mentions sounds very much like mine despite her accent, so I say yes, even if I am not sure. But then some other lady who seems Russian, says no, they don't mean me. I apologize and leave. But decide to follow the girls. They lead me to a town that looks like Vegas meets Spring Break. Lots of young folks, college students, drinking outside bars, sitting on cafés, loud music, lots of neon signs. I go around to explore and then it turns into Tokyo. I admire the diversity of fashion looks of the young people and crack up laughing at some guy with a kind of scarf around his neck that has a built-in smartphone holder and he is recording himself talk as he walks hands-free through in the crowd.
      I go down to a subway station, but everyone seems to be getting out of it scared with something. I don't see anything suspicious, so I sit on a ledge for a bit to eat a snacl. I then spot a black scorpion passing under my feet. Not a dangerous one but still I don't want to be stung. Then I spot a red scorpion with dozens of tiny babies around. I fear the little ones cause they are more deadly. I drop some food on the floor and then another scorpion, beige, comes to sniff it also surrounded by dozens of babies. She encounters the red one and they fight over the food. The dark one also comes and both groups attack and devour the black one. Then the reds win the beiges and devour them. Some cleaning ladies come by and tell me to come down and not be afraid. They say unfortunately there is an infeststion of scorpions and roaches, but they claim they are not dangerous to people and that I just need to go around them. I come down and head for a ramp to the subway platforms. It's covered in roaches. I jump from place to place trying to avoid stepping ont the bugs but as I go deeper into the station, they seem to be more and more.

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    11. Incubated Gym Dream

      by , 07-26-2022 at 05:35 PM
      Yesterday in WL I listened to part of a Jungian Podcast on dream incubation. While at the gym, I thought about incubating a dream that I am at the gym. I had pretty good sleep hygiene last night; I went to bed early and didn't drink too much alcohol. I didn't have that much caffeine late in the day and found going to bed early was easy. Before going to bed, I did some stretching and massage work so that I could sleep all the way through the night without back pain or stiffness. I woke up around 2:30 AM and was awake for about an hour. I had a bowl of cereal and watched a YouTube video. I woke up and had great dream recall of my semi-incubated dream:

      I am in the gym locker room and I am trying to find an available locker for my gym bag. I've changed out already into my gym clothes. The lockers are very dysmorphic, like they are on shelves and different heights and lengths and depths on the wall. I look for an open locker and some lockers are very high, above head height that I can barely reach. Others have zipper bags like duffel bags to place my gym bag into. Once I find my locker for my bag, I see that my GF is sitting on one of the wooden benches in the locker room as well. There are both men and women in the same locker room changing and storing their clothes.

      I feel that she is mad or upset with me and she has two friends next to her that she is talking to. I feel jealous and she seems much more preoccupied and interested in spending time and talking with them. One of them is a thin Asian young man with long black hair. The other friend is blurry and I am unsure of any specific details other than medium height.

      I exit the locker room and find myself in a large open field. There are dozens of people exercising. There is a large soccer field where people are playing. I walk south of the soccer field and see very strange looking gym equipment. There are large tables with gym padding like large machines you lay on your side to use. I walk alongside the soccer field and a group of players chasing after the ball are coming towards me. I see my girlfriend and her friends walking out to a workout station and I chase after the ball to interrupt the game to get attention. I feel childish doing this. I only act like I'm chasing after the ball then stop and continuing walking to my workout equipment destination.
      non-lucid , side notes
    12. DrT's Technical Ecstasy Revamp

      by , 07-26-2022 at 01:47 PM
      In a bit of a rush. I'll be damned if I can find my old dream journal. We'll see if I can figure out the new system without too much pain:

      G/C + LT

      Intent was to get lucid and have the dreamspace show me something I need to know.

      Shear Waves/Evil Drone (INRALD)

      I am trying to sleep on the great room couch. Again I close my eyes. I begin to feel subtle vibrations. I allow them to build then gently subside. I open my eyes. Sure enough the night lights in the kitchen have failed. Which confirms I'm dreaming. I struggle to get up. With my usual semi-paralysis upon consciously entering the dream space. I slowly shake it off. Flipping off the couch, and walking toward the front door. By the time I get to the door my motor skills are fine. I easily unlock the door and exit.

      It is a little later in the morning than expected. Maybe 5:30 or so. Which means there is partial sunlight. I walk along the path toward the driveway. E and a friend of hers are next door. Minding their own business. But there are also 3 juvenile guys in the street in front of my house, being quite raucous. I get perturbed by this, much like I would in waking reality. So I walk over to them. I grab one and for no particular reason rotate his body 90 degrees so he is hovering in mid air. Obviously he is not at all sure what to make of this and has a baffled look on his face. Anyway, enough of this. I get ready to leap in the air and fly with the intention of inducing a scene change. But at that moment one of the other guys yells out some threat about "shear waves". At first I ignore him and begin to fly. But he also leaps in the air and follows me. I try to fly faster and simply outrun him, but he catches up and grabs me
      . I wake (FA).

      I'm back on the couch. I get up and walk to the front door. There is hordes of snow outside. Apparently my wife must have done some shoveling last night to take out the dog. As there is a path to the street. But there is easily 4' of snow out there. I quickly try to jog my memory. What month is it? May? (obviously incorrect). Why is it snowing in May? I get pissed about how much we are fouling up the Earth. And for the life of me I can't recall what state I left the snow blower in (winterized or not?). I also realize I have to clear this crap, as I don't have my work PC at home so just working from home is not an option.

      I then take a walk to the back porch. I see 4 small red lights in the sky at a distance. I realize it must be the drone. Which validates that it's the Illinois DNR as opposed to a surveyor. It flies in my general direction. But when it gets more or less overhead, I realize it's much larger, aggressive and more generally evil looking than I would have imagined. I'm pretty chill about it as I have nothing to hide. I look up and wave to it. It's clearly spotted me. At this point I wake for real.


      This is actually pretty interesting. Though the interpretation is not obvious. At work we developed a new scan technique. And were surprised to find some unusual behavior related to shear waves. Which is one of 3 combinations of wave methods. This would suggest that while for our immediate customer its a non issue. Other customers might be displeased and come "chasing us" for a solution.

      The second half of the dream and portion with the drone requires some interpretation too. There has been a lot of illegal hunting in the woods and meadow out back. I reported it to Illinois Dept of Natural Resources. Someone has been back there with a drone. Two possibilities. Surveyors (which was the claim but seems like BS as the data does not add up). Or Illinois DNR covering max ground with a drone and probably putting up trail cams. This dream suggests it's the latter. You would not survey at night. But it does suggest some limited danger (i.e. - they probably think I'm the hunter as I'm back there so often).
    13. 2022-07-25 dragons blocking parking garage, weird "motorcycle", video game, work buffet and meeting

      by , 07-25-2022 at 12:02 PM
      23:49 bedtime
      08:50 final waking

      long BTS after 6am shock wake from wife's crying out in nightmare

      3-4 major periods of dreams

      first waking (time unsure?)

      + really looking closely at a large, triangular (two triangular faces that meet in an angle in the front), "motorcycle" ( / airplane / house/thing). I'm inspecting the grills and features it has. I think about how it takes off and lands

      + [mostly forgotten] (young?) people in a classroom setting in rows of desks

      middle waking (shock awake?)

      + dragons are blocking the parking garage entrance. Some huge/really powerful scary dragons have settled in front of an underground parking garage entrance. I'm given the task of getting them to move out of the way. I approach from ground level a bit to the right of the entrance. At first there is one dragon but as I approach I see there are at least two more. They are large and very menacing. One is to my left of the main big one blocking the entrance, and I see its head with very long sharp teeth, it looks like a mix between a dragon head and a T-rex head. I'm really quite nervous, and I'm thinking that I need to be very very polite as I address the dragons trying to convince them to move.

      + flying the fighter jet. I'm following a leader jet. I'm not sure if I should follow using instrumentation or just visuals. The leader is making a lot of maneuvers, (down below me?) I don't follow them all. I decide to follow visually, I see the bright blue engine glow from his jet and plan just to follow using that visual. There was a narrative (voice over?) that the leaders trust me with the plane because I'm older (and less impulsive?).

      Visual of a very large triangular Soviet-style fighter or ship, it has an open deck with a lot of tables with instruments/circuitry on them.

      + video game [DO] top-down fuzzy/vague view of the top of a tower where players of a game are battling, the experienced players are easily pushing the newbies off of the top of the tower and getting a lot of points doing this. I manipulate some vague controls and manage to push a few of the better players off. (I fall off the top of the tower, but manage to grab on to a lower level ledge as I'm falling by and say "hey look I made it do this level."

      + buffet at work. Walking along a work lunch buffet, filling my plate, the piles of food are so high that it's hard to take a serving without toppling the pile. I realize I've missed waffles (with bacon?) so I go back and get a waffle (it's hard to take one without upsetting the pile).

      Farther along there is a meeting about to be held. I think Chr Ch. (company "3", "B", "N") is there at the podium along with someone else, there are a lot of chairs laid out in an assembly format (rows).

      last waking:

      + S1's birthday in PTL home. In kitchen with S1. We're celebrating and I say/think "Yeah! Let's get some beers!" There is an elevated (2nd floor?) separate room I see from ground floor, I see/think it is filled with graffiti written on the inside walls. I say "we have to make sure that we lock the windows" [DS] or "that the windows can lock." S1 says that he thinks that this is not possible because of a hole through which people can open the window mechanism.
      A car in the distance is backing up with red/blue police backup lights, I think this is S2 going off to (7-11?) to get (some beer?).
      Something gets spilled up onto a vaulted ceiling?

      + talking to guy about <my instrument> vs. trombone embouchure, he's making circular "sea anemone" style round lips and I'm showing him how mine is more of an overbite, I use both my lips and my hand to show the position of my jaw. Other than hand (HAND VISUAL) I have no body awareness, he's standing about 2 meters away.
    14. 2022-07-06 [draft unedited speech-to-text]

      by , 07-24-2022 at 08:25 AM
      Elevator death squishy S1's stroke or watched on the video Thanksgiving wice skating with the woman on the daughter on city sidewalks woman says go on go ahead and say know I'd like to cruise candy transparent purple volleyball poker hands 2 streets over aces [1st wife] open If church or the department department she won't speak with me I say I just want to talk to you speak with me Greg B. is the head of the department for a moment has one Brown eye and 1 blue eye I think you're looking very sternly a thing easier with the head of the department for professor situation inside the building inside the department People may be sitting at the desk clerk airline entertainment systems on the back of the seats in front of them
    15. 2022-07-23

      by , 07-23-2022 at 08:46 AM
      5am waking. I'm starting to think this may be because of rise in body temperature and uncomfortably warm room. Can't fall asleep, get up after about 20-25 minutes and sit in the bedside chair. cover my eyes and ponder the previous dreams, going over them repeatedly. Should have recorded some key words, forgot some I'm sure.

      Played the "relaxation game" after getting back in bed, welcomed any dreams that wanted to come to me.

      ~00:00 bedtime (late evening)
      ~08:15 out of bed for day

      After final waking I thought at first I hadn't dreamed at all, I'd just been relaxing all this time, but then I realized I had a bunch of new dream memories and realized that meant that I'd been dreaming!

      "Signs" throughout the morning dozing period that I'd been in REM recently.


      + shunned at work, (Chris Cheng): hiding on high walkways, this is determined bad behavior, they decide to (fire?) me. Thinking later about work, I'm concerned if they inspect my work that they will find I did nothing for long periods of time

      + [vague] wandering around a cityscape, don't see familiar landmarks? Wondering how to get somewhere I want to go?

      + late (12:00, needed to be at 10:30) for rehersal, feel empty two front teeth gap, pick up prosthetic from blue container (from mom), boy watches, "let's keep it here" arrive and instead of concerto it's just a normal piece. I see two 16-notes low B flats (I'm reading the sheet upside down from my position). Lots of rests, looks like a standard accompaniment, not a solo part

      + some magic ritual to get by guards or to gain entrance to some place? Some food on the table while we're doing it, I take some bites?

      + driving then walking on city street, crossing road, step out of way of oncoming white city bus, follow its progress turnign to the left behind me, there's a small dog in the road and the bus slows to avoid it, at corner ahead there is a group of "pickpocket bums" one picks another guy's pocket while he was distracted, but it seems they're all working together? I try to go around them to the right but the (guy who did the picking?) follows me (and there's a confrontation? fight?)

      + in hallway they're taking away a very sick asian woman (covid?) to the hospital she exclaims ("I can't breathe!") I think they may not make it to the hospital. She has a very bloated/swollen and sick looking face. Her (asian) husband is helping her along the corridor and looks very concerned. I think they are part of a group I was with earlier (in an earlier dream?) or had been involved with.

      + in a round-table discussion with young people in a rectangular (darkish) room, they're talking about humility, I make a brilliant contribution to the conversation by saying "But what we really need is humility of SELF! Everybody wants to make their point and be correct!" (I'm banging my fist on the table as I'm making these points?). There are some PR/propoganda/cult groups and the leader of one of these is handing out assignments to others, something about using "green lines" as a way to (get people's attention?),

      we're walking up some stairs (they're behind me?) and I hear him continuing to give assignments to his followers, I want to have nothing to do with this.

      I can't figure out where I am, I'm trying to get back to (some place I know?). I look into a room quickly and it is a lecture hall in an African American university, steep auditorium/lecture-hall style seating, a few people sitting here and there, someone on the stage lower area, I bring my head out quckly, I'd expect to see black people here, and I do see some.

      + [vague] in a kitchen with a woman (from a cooking show?) talking about her recipe(s), I'm thinking there is some mixup of brands, she uses one, and someone else uses another
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