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    The Nomad Chronicles

    I have had many types of dream-like experiences from hypnogogic and hypnopomic hallucinations (visual and auditory), nightmares, sleep paralysis, false awakenings, lucid dreams, dreams from the mind, dreams from spirit, astral projection, remote viewing, sleep deprivation hallucinations, drug induced closed eye hallucinations, drug induced open eye hallucinations, spirit visions from playing music, visions from listening to music, and visions from chanting.

    Well, I have to tend to my waking life, but I will begin adding entries soon. Some will be dated, but they are from my dream journal that I've been keeping for the past year, and I want to transfer some of the entries here, because some are significant.

    Check out my non-lucid DJ: Nomad's Dreamtime

    Tasks Completed:
    Annual Tasks:
    Visit the Massoleum of Mossolus
    Visit the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
    Visit the Great Pyramid
    Visit the Temple of Artemis 8/31/09
    Visit the Statue of Zeus at Olympus 9/9/09
    Visit the Massoleum at Mossolus
    Visit the Collosus of Rhodes


    Monthly Tasks:
    Ask a Dream Character what it feels like to be in a dream
    Make a Tornado
    Make leaves fall off a tree and put them back on 09/09/09
    Scare a DC
    Ask a Ghost How it died

    Powers I have right now:
    Breathing Underwater

    as of September 1st, 2009:

    transform into Pan
    transform into a frog
    walk on water
    create a fireball
    disintegrate people
    bend earth
    bend wood
    super strength

    as of 09/09/09

    summoning rabbits
    summoning locusts
    morphing into a wyrm
    becoming giant
    morphing into a huge tree
    morphing into a mountain
    morphing into a volcano
    creating leaf tornadoes
    creating a locust tornado
    air bending

    Dream Goals:

    Do dream drugs:
    Smoke some dream salvia [ ]
    Eat some dream magic mushrooms [x]
    Smoke some dream cannabis [x]

    Meet my spirit guides:
    Michael [x]
    Koomo [x]
    The Trader, Francois [X]

    Meet a dream guide [x] 8/31 (gnome)
    - The Red Dragon, Zaphor

    Meet my 'aumakua:
    He'e/Kanaoloa [x]
    Pua'a/Kamapua'a [x]
    Pueo [x]

    Psychic abilities:
    Teleportation [x]
    Telekinesis [x]
    Make something big small [x]
    Make something small big [x]
    Walk through Walls [x]

    Superhero abilities:
    Invulnerability [x]
    Super strength [x]

    Alien Contact:
    Grey Alien [x]
    Reptilian [x]
    Martian [ ]

    Earth Conversations:
    Elephant [ ]
    Dophin [ ]
    Merperson [x]

    Places to go:
    A populated planet in the Milky Way Galaxy [ ]
    Macchu Piccu as it was being abandoned [ ]
    Visit Koomo's planet [x]

    Dream Body Changes:
    Transform into a Faun [x] (Pan)
    Switch Genders [X]
    Explode [X]
    Change into a Vapor [x]
    Change into a Water Elemental [x]

    Summon a dragon spirit [x]
    Summon a magic wand [x]
    Summon lightning [x]

    Become a wizard [x]
    Become a summoner [x]
    Become a dark knight [x]
    Become a superhero [x] Ion, Green Lantern
    Become a god [x] Pan, Juargawn

    Create A Dream Home, a living banyan tree [x]
    Create A Dream Temple, where I am worshiped [x]
    Create an army of dream warriors, fantastic creatures [ ]

    DC conversations:
    Ask a DC the name of my dream world [ ]
    Ask a DC what they think about 2012 [x]
    Ask a DC what my Dream Name is [ ]
    Ask a DC what they want most out of life [ ]

    Elemental alterations. ok, bending:
    Bend Earth - cause the ground to spike up [x]
    Bend Water - walk on water [x] 8/31/09
    Bend Fire - engulf myself in flame [x]

    Flying goals:
    Fly in a vertical body position [x]
    Hover [x]

    More Dream Goals:

    Find Zaylon [ ]
    Dream about the next day [ ]
    Become a millionaire [ ]
    Evacuate the negative energy from my house [ ]
    Access the Akashic Records [ ]
    Talk fluently in my sleep [ ]
    Induce lucid sleepwalking [ ]
    Bodysurf with Kaipo in a dream [ ]
    Appear in a dream to my sister as Juargawn [ ]


    Allies of Nomad:

    The Great Dragon - I called to be rescued by the King of Dragons, and met a very feminine dragon, who gave me two of her babies as allies in combat

    golden dragon, Skyfire - an eastern looking dragon. Powers: breathing fire, and lightning

    sky blue dragon, Rainstorm
    - a dragon that looks like a mix of the two. Powers: becoming liquid water.

    Otherme - me from another dimension. He appears shirtless and barefoot in jeans, and has red spikes coming out of him. He gave me budgies which aid in battle.

    - used these to defeat a great dream demon

    - my dream guide appearing as a red dragon floating on a cloud, but I have also have seen him as a huge dragon, and a mech dragon.

    Koomo-A spirit guide, his people are descended from bats

    Michael- An angelic spirit guide

    The Frost Giant He lives in a Cave in the North. He has healing powers. Raven perceives him as a Crystal Golem.

    Users on DV:
    Raven Knight- My lucid dreaming partner. I still don't know what she physically looks like as of this writing. I always see her in white. When I looked at her face intently, her eyes changed colors. Raven is a little smaller than me.

    Man of Shred- I perceived him as green crystal.
    Walms- I perceived him as orange crystal. I fought him. He beat me.
    The Cusp- I perceived him as purple crystal when we were not fighting. I fought him also, and he beat me.
    Mylynes- We fought, and he scared the crap out of me. Quite a dark soul.

    Other People:

    Selene- A lover from past lives, she used to haunt my dreams, until I made peace with her. She is always in white. Sometimes I see stars in her hair. She has dark wavy black hair, and dark brown eyes, and is petite.

    Spike- A lover of Raven Knight, a vampire. He and I were both friends and enemies in past lives. He is always wearing a black leather jacket and jeans. He has blond hair. He has really light blue eyes, and fangs. He has an attitude.

    Basara- A Bard. He's really intense. I feel like I have known him before. His pupils go in spirals. He is a healer.

    The Magistrate
    - This alien led us to meet The Dream Warrior Master. I perceived him to be an alien with a long face and pink skin.

    Hades- The god of The dead, The King of Hollow Earth, brother of Pan. I perceived him as a stone man, with a stone crown and then, an ancient man with a white beard, and a golden crown

    Morpheus - The god of Dreams (who may also be Pan) I perceive him to have many appearances.

    The Dream Warrior Master, Gawn - Pan, Noah, The Devil, The Great Progenitor. I perceive him as The Devil because I am a fool, apparently.

    Q- This powerful being creates training scenarios and training grounds for us. He is Raven Knight's spirit guide. I have only seen him once. She perceives him as Q from Star Trek. When I saw him, he was sitting in a cloud in lotus wearing red and gold, with shoulder pieces on his clothes, and a large hat.

    Cerberus/Sphinx - Solve the riddle of the Sphinx to access the Underworld/Hollow Earth

    Joseph formerly Tooth- a young boy that was a Nightstalker.

    Samuel/Sornax- He was my dog.

    Jose- A gardener of sentient plants.

    Chronos- the god of time.


    From Selene:
    -energy belt: this forms a force field around me when I press the button on the buckle
    -energy gloves: this makes my punches more powerful. I can extend these out to grab enemies
    -energy boots: I can use these to walk on walls and ceilings, also they increase grip on the ground, and have rocket boosters

    From Michael: a holy winged helmet. the helmet is a silvery blue in color, with pale gold angel wings. It hums and vibrates when fighting unholy beasts, but I don't fully understand its power yet

    From Koomo: a pair of bat wings to increase my flying agility

    From the Great Dragon:
    two baby dragons to aid me in battle

    From Otherme: cute budgies which form a giant sky blue sword

    From Zaphor
    : secret magic knowledge

    From the god of the Forge, Vulcan: True Sight Goggles, which I can see the true nature of entities beyond illusion. I altered these goggles to make them ocular implants.

    From The Borg: a disk in my head with which to access the calm of the Collective

    From Raven Knight: The witchblade, armor that forms over me, and a blade with gems in it.

    From Man of Shred- Selenite, which increases telepathic ability

    From The Atom: atomic belt and atomic disk, which I use to shrink to the size of an atom

    From the Ancient Egyptians: shards of a heart crystal which synchs up my heart and mind

    From a master Remote Viewer: an infinity watch to travel through time with

    From Hawkman: The Axe of Ages to decapitate Templars with

    Fly pods- I have a small pod on each shoulder full of swarms of flies which automatically open fly in the face of remote viewers. Centipede disk- I have a disk on my chest that silver centipedes swarm out of, and cover my body in case of a swarm attack. They also crawl in my dream body and remove parasites.

    Skills learned from Raven Knight:
    teleportation, creating portals, summoning weapons

    I am a shapeshifter.


    Nomad Form
    In this form, I am a bedouin

    Juargawn Forms
    - cheesy king lion-man
    - purple winged jaguar cub
    - black winged lion
    - god of Nothing
    - Sorceror lion
    - various big cats

    Gargoyle - a light blue gargoyle with a dragon face

    Dark Knight - a Dark Knight with spiky armor, and a huge sword

    Green Lantern - I had every color of ring on me, creating a wormhole as I flew threw it

    The great god Pan. Sometimes I have a human face, sometimes a goat face, sometimes ram horns, sometimes goat horns
    -Faun - a person with goat legs, not

    -Lava Minotaur

    -Timelyst Knight, Lord of Night

    - Soulkyst, Vampire Supreme

    -Chimera Supreme

    -Fear Form

    -Dark Knightmare

    Other forms
    -rubber ball
    -water elemental
    -Katch creature
    -stone golem

    You are in reality. All is real. Everything you see is real. Nothing is everything, and everything is nothing. Existence is infinite. You are infinitely less and infinitely more than a speck in the sea of existence. We are connected to everything because of existence. Separation of self is an idea for survival, but we are incessantly united. Everything is the same. Nothing is real. The Void is a real place, which doesn't exist, never has existed, and never will. The Void is within and without you. Foolishness is wisdom, and wisdom is for fools. The merry at heart are righteous, the sad are blameless, the angry ones pity, and the evil ones destroy themselves out of necessity.

    None of this is true,
    but you understand the meaning.
    Deep goes the tunnel
    for the one truly dreaming.
    Close your eyes now,
    and you can see what you are seeing.
    Open your heart,
    because that's what does believing.
    Your mind is a tool,
    but it's deception is convincing.
    Create the world you want,
    then be open to receiving.
    Nothing is coming,
    and everything is leaving.
    Inhale nothing to
    know that you are dreaming.
    Inhale nothing to know
    that you are dreaming.


    1. Walking with Alter and Mylynes in Hell

      by , 01-23-2014 at 12:12 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      "Wake up, brother, we are going to Hell." I am being shaken awake into a dream by Alter and Mylynes.
      They are two demons made of lava. Alter glows green through cracks in his black skin, I glow red, and Mylynes glows orange. We are all demons. I sit up, yawn, and grin. I stand up, and look around me. There is fire and lava everywhere. I feel right at home.
      Suddenly, Mylynes turns to me, and says in a thousand voices, "Now, you will see what true Hell is, Nomad." He raises a katana, to which I respond by laughing, then he overhead slices me, and I am now in eight separate parts. I surround him with all my 8 Demon Selves. "You can call me, DETHGAWN!" I roar at him, and charge him from all 8 directions.
      He attacks me again and causes me to have 64 dreams simultaneously. In every dream, he and I are fighting, and Alter is just laughing his ass off.
      'NINE NINE NINE' FELINE CANINE DIVINE! I suddenly shout. The worlds split until we are dreaming a thousand dreams of fighting each other. In one, I am a bacteria, and he is a rat, and I am eating him. In another one, he is a dragon, and I am a flying knight. In another, I am a fish, and he is a shark. In another, he is a space monkey, and I am a space manta ray. Mylynes finds my rhyme amusing, and stops attacking me, and yawns. I stop fighting him and yawn back.
      We go back into one dream. We are in the Battle Pyramid in the City of Nowhere in the Land of Nod on the Green Moon.
      We bow, and Q shouts, "Draw!"
    2. Sitting on a Subway

      by , 01-23-2014 at 11:46 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am sitting on a city bus in Honolulu. How lame. How boring. I am sitting on a subway in New York City. How did this happen? I must be dreaming, especially because there is a reptilian man with scaly brown skin and another with scaly green skin sitting on the subway here. They stare out the windows at the concrete tunnel.
      Hmm... I think I may be at some kind of weird space station. I sit and do nothing. This place looks so... real. I look at the cushion I sit on, and there are worn cracks at the corners.
      I do a nose-pinch RC. fail. damn. look at hands. six fingers on each hand, but they stay that way... I get off the subway, and run to the bathroom.
      I look in the mirror. I have a kind of long snout, and lots of fur on my face. what the hell? I plug my nostrils. I can't breathe. I look down at my feet. Hooves.
      I walk outside the bathroom, then go up some stairs to a park above. There are strange creatures and humans playing together, and it seems like everyone is smoking weed.
      Another hairy horse-face person offers me a large joint. I inhale, and it feels so real. I am so confused. I ask him if this world is real, and he laughs and and asks if I want some water as I cough. I nod, and he hands me a bucket, well, a very large cup made for our big ass horse heads.
      I suddenly have an urge to climb a tree. I run on all fours to a tree and climb it somehow. There are other horse-head people smoking weed, eating and laughing in the tree. I notice there are some monkey-ish looking people on the ground, smoking and doing somersaults. How odd. I laugh, and the dream faes.
    3. Mr. 6 and the Psi Balls

      by , 01-16-2014 at 04:44 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am Mr. 6, Me, from another Dimension, a man in a cape, a top hat, wearing round black glasses with a cane, a goatee and a moustache. I am riding in a gondola down a canal in a place that looks like Venice, standing there, smiling to myself.
      On the sides of the canal, are little gnomes dancing. They have cute red, blue, and green pointed hats, and remind me of the 2D Clockwork Elves in a DMT trip. Hmm... little gnomes in Venice.
      I suddenly become lucid.
      I try to stay in my dream. Instead of flying or trying to make a portal, I just stand there, riding on the boat, watching the gnomes dance on the banks of the canal. I think I might wake up. No, don't think about that.
      Focus on the Dream. I look down and rub my hands together. They look and feel real. My hands heat up very quickly. I feel some energy forming between my hands, slightly pushing them apart like reverse gravity, or repelling magnetism. There is a white glow coming off my hands now, and a transparent ball of energy starts to form, looking something like steam or smoke.
      I feel very peaceful, calm, euphoric, and powerful. I look back up at the gnomes again. They smile and wave and me cheerfully as they dance. I think they are so cute and silly, then I wake up with a smile on my face.
    4. I believe in Me!

      by , 01-04-2014 at 02:48 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am lucid somehow, a great werelion on a suburban street somewhere nameless. I can fly! I leap into the air, flying! I land, and leap again, but somehow cannot fly? Why can't I fly? What technique do I need? Wait- this is my lucid dream! I leap to the sky with a shout: I BELIEVE IN ME!
      I stop about 15,000 feet in the air and hover. I perceive the edge of the dream bubble, and swirl it around to make a portal. It doesn't work at first. "Don't focus on the Moon yet," I tell myself. "Focus on the portal. Twist the pane of the dream bubble!"
      The sky begins to swirl as if it's a 2D painting, and- I wake up!

      note: I have not experienced this power in theta mode much, generally in delta only.
    5. The Dark Brotherhood ov Xhaos

      by , 12-31-2013 at 04:13 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I awake in a dream, tied down to a stone altar by snakelike parasites which burrow in and out of my feline flesh. There are two other cat-men which are dancing around, both lions like me, one black and one a dark gold. We are on a hilltop somewhere in what feels like ancient Ireland. What the fuck? Am I in Stonehenge? There are four black pillars curved inward toward the altar. Altar. Alter. Alter and Mylynes.
      "These are MY LINES, MUHAHAHAHA!" says some asshole from Nowhere. Nowhere. I have to get back to Nowhere. Fuck this dream! I become lucid!
      I turn 15 different colors, then settle on flaming spots and iridescent tiger stripes with a great lion man. I rip off the imaginary snakes and leap 500 feet into the air with a great, "FUCK YOU TWO!"
      "Draw!" says a voice from Nowhere. Instantly, Mylynes, Alter and I are back in a Training Room in the Battle Pyramid, which has been altered as a Hyperbolic Time Chamber to accelerate my training. There are shoji doors around us. We are wearing gi (the basic Asian martial arts uniform.) We bow to each other. I summon a Japanese dining table with zabutan (sitting pillows) and mountain tea (Chinese tea poured over a statue of a castle). We sit in silence as I pour the tea with my big lion fist. The tea smells like rivers and mountain air. As the tea flows down the three good luck tiers of the tower, I hear a small waterfall, and the laughter of children in the flowing liquid. We catch the tea in our cups as it falls off the corners roof of the Japanese tea castle. In the corner that is odd, the tea flows into the moat. A tiny green tea dragon swims in the moat, and turns to me, smiling.
      I sit down, and align my chakras. I breathe deeply of the tea. I feel the steam on my face, creating condensation on my fur. I smell everything the leaves smelled from when they first budded on the branch. I look in the tea cup. I see bits of leaves sitting at the bottom of a clear liquid that changes colors from brown to green, back and forth. I look at Mylynes. He is a white weretiger with blue eyes, wearing a dark grey hooded cloak. He somehow grins at me mischievously and maliciously simultaneously.
      I look at Alter. He is a blue-black werejaguar with one brown eye and one pale blue eye, almost white. He is wearing a dark brown hooded cloak. He seems to have a serious demeanor.
      I go out-of-body, and look at myself. I am a black werelion in a dark red and black cloak.
      "Hail the Dark Lords of Xhaos."
      "All Hail!"
      "Hail Eris, Goddess of Khaos!"
      "All Hail!"
      "Hail the Nameless Gods of Outer Darkness!"
      "All Hail!"
      We drink the tea. It's liquid DMT. Who made this? Me? What the Hell? Suddenly, I am tripping balls. Colors are melting into each other, speaking to me of other dimensions, dimensions where red and blue have sex so we can have purple, and all secondary colors are lovable mixed love childs, baby! Lines are ripping at my mind, simple, 1 dimensional short lines, shredding my brain to bits with their simplicity. Alter roars, and a string of one's and zero's come flying at me. I feel naseous. No, I don't. "FUCK YOU TWO!" I shout, regaining lucididity. I make a box around me, a white box, casting out astral parasites with violet flame, I spin in place and summon my kundalini energy to rise within me. I become golden, and make the landscape becomes the land of Nod, a primal, savage garden, a tropical rainforest growing over mountain and valley with waterfalls and uknown undiscovered creatures burrowing, flitting, fighting, living and dying on the Green Moon.
    6. Ancient Ties

      by , 12-24-2013 at 04:08 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am sitting on my throne in the Temple of Nothing, I, Juargawn (War-gawn) God of Nothing, in the City of Nowhere, in the Land of Nod on the Green Moon. I am the great werecat, now, a black were lion pondering the purple grapes I am eating. I stare at a grape. Condensation forms on it as I watch. I pop it in my mouth. It feels so tiny in my big lion head. I pop the whole bunch of grapes in my mouth. I feel them burst and I bite into them, and grape juice runs down my throat. I sip a gallon stein of mead, and then roll up a big fat joint as the gangja falls into my hand from a special tiny ganja cloud above my head. I lick the organic hemp paper. This joint has about three ounces in it, because I am a big ass werelion, after all. lol, this fucking joint is epic. Win.
      I blow a small puff of fire on the end, and light it up. I feel the smoke fill my huge lungs, and I puff out a flying dragon shape which flies through a sunbeam lighting up the scrying pool here at the top of the ziggurat. My High Priest, the Great Undead Something-Rather, Sarnox The Great, stares into the pool.
      "Well, brother, something's amiss. Eris, goddess of Khaos, has been kidnapped by Cthulu."
      "That makes no fucking sense."
      "God, I was joking!"
      "High Priest, your jokes suck. Hark, I hear a Dreamer calling!"
      I walk to the Mirror, and wave my wand over it, and it ripples like mercury. I see Raven on the other side of the Moon in the Biodome sitting on the bench by the koi pond watching the fish. She looks sad. Big tears jump out of my eyes. I step through the mirror.
      She hears me come through the portal. We make eye contact, and telepathically communicate, saying a lot through images and emotions in one second.
      She runs to me, and we hug, and she buries her face in my chest. "I feel like a little girl right now, because you're so big."
      I morph into a purple jaguar cub with little wings and she picks me up and sits down on the bench. "Aw, you're so cute." She pets me and I purr.
      "It's the Dream Depression... I think in a way, it never leaves," I tell her with my mind. "Let's admit it, the Dreamworld, or Dream Plane is so much better than the Wakeworld. Here we have the power of gods!"
      I jump off her lap, and morph into Loki, like a dark jester mage in yellow and black. I jump up and hover 20 feet in the air above the pond. I juggle fireballs, and then eat them. I burp and a fireball comes out. Raven laughs and claps.
      I fly in a horizontal position about six feet above the pond and shoot lightning out of my fingertips into the water. Raven claps, and I bow, and rabbits and pigeons fall out of my hat on to the water, then the animals walk across the water and jump up into her lap.
      I walk on the water to her. "Oh wow, who are you now, Jesus?"
      "Oh, we're all Jesus, the Devil, Mary, Buddha, Eris, whatever. We're all part of this one Thing, but I think it kinda sucks, the God-mind or whatever Beings made Earth. Why is it so shitty? Seriously."
      "I don't know Nomad."

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    7. Meeting my Non-Lucid Self

      by , 12-19-2013 at 09:44 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I go into my Inner World, and meet my non-Lucid Self. We are sitting on a cliff over looking the ocean. There is an chocolate volcano island in front of us. He looks like me in jeans and a red t-shirt.
      "Hey buddy, why can't you be lucid."
      "My name is Jerry."
      "Okay, that's weird, I don't like that name."
      "Exactly. Germans were called Jerrys in world war two by Americans."
      "You mean the Nazis."
      "I mean the German Soldiers. The Nazis were a political party."
      "Yes, whatever. So, why the hell is your name Jerry when that's not my name, and I don't like it."
      "Jerry's kids. You dated a girl with cerebral palsy. Jerry Lewis, cheesy comedian. But, he's kinda funny."
      "You're ashamed to be German."
      "No, I'm not."
      "Why don't you research German history?"
      "My people weren't even called Germans when we left Europe to go to America."
      "Well, that's a start."
      "You're ashamed to be non-lucid."
      "No, I'm not."
      "You do stupid things when you're not lucid."
      "Hey! I only had sex with a unicorn once."
      "Let's not go there."
      "So, Jerry, you are saying my non-lucidity, or you, my alter ego, your existence is somehow tide to my subconscious shame?"
      "I hate it when people say that."
      "Don't blame me. I do a lot of dumb dumb stuff that you don't like, like have sex on the sidewalk during the day with people walking by."
      "That's in my Inner World! It's fine."
      "Then why are you blushing?"
      "I feel stupid. You're right."
      "You feel stupid? I feel stupid! I'm the one doing all these weird things."
      "So, I need to release my shame somehow in order to become lucid more often?"
      Jerry nods. I go to hug him, and then he turns into some kind of weird vampire demon monster and bites me on the shoulder. The whole world turns into a grey graveyard. Zombie versions of people I know that have died come out of the graves and ask me, "WHY? WHY?"
      I scream in sheer terror, then a rage overcomes me, and I grab the Jerry monster and rip him in half.
      I am suddenly in a White Void.
      I hear the hollow laughter of Morpheus, god of dreams echoing all around me.
    8. Dreamsphere Chronicles: The Dark God, Draconis Ka-Nyx

      by , 12-18-2013 at 06:14 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      Xaphor and I look at each other through my meditation mirror in BanYanLand in the Biodome on the Green Moon. Xaphor, my Dream Guide, the Great Red Dragon. He grins at me, and reaches through the mirror and grabs me, pulling me into his world. As soon as I get through he kind of tackles me, and we merge together. I roar and fire shoots out of my mouth. I am in some castle room, and now the tapestries are burning. I look at myself in the mirror. I am a were-dragon with red scaly skin and a dragon head. I am about seven feet tall with yellow eyes and a devilish grin. I roar and breathe fire on the mirror. The wood catches fire, and the glass melts into a puddle. I laugh maniacally and fly out the window.
      I am flying across a green hilly country. I shout to the world around me:

      Here me, Dreamsphere, for I am Xaphor, your Archnemisis, the Draconis Ka-Nyx, the Dark Dragon.
      I proclaim myself Lord of Dreamsphere, and I Turn The Clock!
      Tick Tock, Tick Tock!
      The Lucid Dreamer ran up the Clock,
      the Clock struck three at the Witching Hour,
      the Lucid Dream is now maxed in Power!
      The Heretic Grins at the rules of the game,
      gods battle on the Dream Plane!

      I fly to Dreamsphere Town and breathe fire at the big clock, blackening it. I see someone below in a blue ninja outfit. I tell them, "Your clock sucks!" Then, I teleport out of that world.
      Tags: dreamsphere
    9. The Flying Turtle Temple

      by , 12-05-2013 at 07:22 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      *abbreviated due to pain*

      really long dreams...

      go to Moon, morph into a werelion, meditate beneath clock, there is a purple wedge on the clock indicating "delta dream state", and I take the clock image, and add it to my HUD.

      I slow time until the second hand seems to go by really slowly ..... TOCK ..... TOCK ..... .... ... TOCK .....

      I close my eyes, but still see my HUD. YOU ARE DREAMING says the circle in the upper right hand corner. Right, I don't need to blink, don't need to breathe. I sit beneath a great stone clock on a hill in the jungle, and I don't breathe, blink, or move. I feel the cold stone under me, the wind blow through my fur. I smell nectar and all sorts of plants and animals, without breathing. I turn off my outer vision without closing my eyes, for I have no eyes. Eyes are illusion. I see my HUD over black. I see again. I close my eyes, and look right through my eyelids, for my eyelids are illusions.
      A butterfly lands on my nose. It pricks it like a mosquito. I feel confused and swat it away.
      Suddenly, Shadowtech appears. He turns the world around me to a Hell world. "You're in hell, bitch!"
      "Yadda yadda yadda. I'm the Son of Satan, don't really give a shit."
      I snap my fingers and turn the world back.
      "Well, you're no fun!" He disappears.
      A bird flies to my ear, sings to me something about the matrix, and i see so much energy, and every single tiniest particle has an individual number, a number assigned to it by the master computer which was created by God to make universes. Don't panic, but apparently the universe was made by a giant Xerox machine made by a god who likes making lots of universes very quickly.

      Mytlzplyk appears. "You know, Club Nexus is calling you!"
      "Get thee behind me, NatasNatasZassaznatas!
      He disappears in a huff.

      I open a mirror portal, and step through to the Temple of Nothing in the City of Nowhere. I am standing on the landing pad at the top of the Temple, and people suddenly cheer down below. Apparently, we are celebrating the 110 year celebration since I founded the City of Nowhere. that's funny.

      I step inside. Everything is so familiar, so realistic and vivid. I dip my hand in the scrying pool being lit by a sunbeam from above. There is a small turquoise stone in it, which I promptly eat. Tastes like a jellybean.
      "Why did you do that," asks my faithful wraith High Priest, Sarnox.
      "Lucidity. My HUD went down. Trying to learn to keep it up at all times."
      "Ah, the HUD. I've had one ever since I played Metroid."
      "How could you play Metroid when you were my dog?"
      "It was the life after that one."
      "Oh. So, some kinda celebration?"
      "Only our 110th anniversary, Mayor. Funny how your Urthan Dreamers get such bad amnesia. Anyway, good to have you back. You've been gone a few decades."
      "It's fine, don't worry about it. I and your former worshippers have been taking care of everything. You know, it's time."
      "It's about to be the 111th birthday of the Temple of Nothing."
      Suddenly, a rumbling. The ziggurat is moving. We step out to the landing pad. Ridiculously long reins appear in Sarnox's hands. A large turtle head appears out of the ground, and the entire pyramid rises. "Yes, we are going to orbit the earth, make the Temple a Space Station!"
      "No, don't want to do that. Did I say that? I change my mind. Sounds boring. How about we fly this crazy space turtle through dreams of the willing, and throw rainbows and fluffy bunnies at them?"
      "Yes sir!" Sarnox shakes the reins, and the space turtle unearths itself, and the people cheer as we float up and away into space.
      I sit on the launch pad, and light up a long stemmed pipe, watching the stars go by.
      "You know, Sarnox, I always did want to ride a Dreamworld ziggurat temple sitting on a giant space turtle through dreams and throw rainbows and fluffy bunnies at them."
      "Funny. Me too, sir."
      "Well, here's a weirdo's dream right now."
      I open a huge mirror portal, and we turn the space turtle toward it. Scene:
      A boy is praying. "Please, dear, Santa, make the demons go away. Every time in my dreams... Well, you know how it is. Amen." The boy goes to sleep with his teddy bear. We ride into the mirror. An astral demon appears at the boys bed. We are tiny, about six inches high. The turtle opens its mouth, and a laser shoots out, cutting the demon's head off. We go into the boy's third eye.
      I am in the boy's dream. I am Santa Claus, flying a sleigh with a turtle pulling it. There is a snowy city beneath me, full of demons and vampires tormenting people. WHAT THE FUCK. I use time dilation, then I divide myself, and summon an army of summoners which summon elementals to battle the vampires and demons. I make it rain to wash all the bloody snow away.
      I find the little boy asleep in a large house by a Christmas tree.
      I go in a window, and leave a present of a sleigh pulled by a turtle, and giggle. The boy wakes up.
      "Hi Santa! You came! You made the demons go away, huh?"
      "Yes I did."
      "What's this? A present?" The boy opens it. "A Santa pulled by a flying turtle? That's funny!" The boy laughs.
      "If you ever have demons in your dreams again, just pet the turtle, and say, Santa, help."
      "Ok! Santa, why do you have a turtle?"
      "Because I'm the real Santa!"

      *had a lot of other dreams, but can't type them all, oh well!*
    10. Black Box Astral Tower frag

      by , 12-05-2013 at 03:02 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I create an astral tower over a black box for this RV experiment I am running.
    11. Dreamsphere Chronicles: Training w/Shadowtech, the HUD

      by , 12-05-2013 at 02:59 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      abbreviated due to pain

      I am in a forest with Shadowtech, he is camo'ed so well, he's barely visible.
      He turns on my HUD somehow. It shocks me, makes me lucid. He smiles wryly.
      He suddenly downloads a bunch of content, and I feel like an android for a second.
      Wow, this is amazing...
      We swing and flip through the forest canopy, HUD's up, and I don't feel the least bit confused by it, only augmented.
    12. Creating an HUD

      by , 12-05-2013 at 02:43 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am on the Moon, what looks like the Grey Moon, and I form my armors together in layers to make one suit: mech armor covered in my witchblade, covered in my symbiote. I merge bits of the AI of the mech armor with the Witchblade's intellect, and the symbiote's intelligence to create an HUD interface hovering in front of me.

      Firstly, a transparent green light zips around the edge of my field of vision, making a kind of a curved rectangle. In the upper right hand corner is a circle in which "You are Dreaming" is spinning around constantly. I then use my hands to bring up more displays:
      In the lower left, three bars,
      Life Energy, Magick Energy, Time Remaining in Dream.

      In the Upper left, a radar, with green, grey and red blips for enemies, neutrals, and allies. In the lower right, an astral parasite indicator, which says: Infection Level: (none/some/high)
      A Place Indicator is in the Upper Center:
      "The (Grey) Green Moon" with some strange swirly heiroglyphics on it,
      and then Dream Time Remaining Indicator: some strange numbers which are also hieroglyphs, but I know what they mean somehow.

      Then, I make a holographic button in the lower right hand corner which says: Press for Holo-Terminal.

      I press the button, and a holographic transparent blue-green keyboard appears with a giant interactive 2D to 3D screen. I organize menus: Places, People, Constructs and Servitors, Armor, Weapons, Shortcuts, AI, Forms.

      I choose:
      Form: Juargawn, black werelion
      Servitors: Jo AKA Octononagawn
      Weapons: Chaosblade, psiblade
      Armor: Blood Red, Dark Knight

      A hologram of each thing appears, then forms in reality.

      Jo transforms into a giant six-legged black dogbeast, and I leap upon his back, and slam my Chaosblade's staff end on to the ground. A portal opens, and we leap through.
    13. Dreamsphere Chronicles: Tell us of Your Journey

      by , 11-28-2013 at 06:07 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I stand before the guild, and they ask me to tell them of my journey.

      A large chaosphere comes out of my chest, spinning and vibrating in the room. A light shines out, and small sparks appear on it, though it's black as pitch. A scene emerges, telling of my journey, my life on Earth, how I learned about shared dreaming, Raven Knight, Man of Shred, the Cusp... and then how I came here, I thought it was a game, and now I'm not sure, because I'm from another dimension.

      The scene ends.

      The Master stands and bows to me.

      all fades to black
    14. Dreamshpere Chronicles: What is a Chaos Assassin?

      by , 11-28-2013 at 06:03 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am before the Guild Council.

      I stand before them in a loincloth with no weapons on me. I have a large tattoo on my chest, mirroring the one on my hand I have in Wakeworld.
      "What is a Chaos Assassin?"
      "A Liar, A Thief, an Agent of Discord, A Priest, A Monk, A lover of Women."

      "What does Nothing Is True Mean to you, O Chaos Monk?"

      "Everything is a Lie. Of Course Some Things are true, but most of the utterances of our "benevolent" species are lies. We alone, apart from the animals engage in Denial and knowing lie to ourselves. For truth to be revealed, the layers of lies must be peeled back, and deprogramming must be deliberate, originating in the depths of the sould of the sentient."

      Explain to us, your sould word.

      The sould is the soul and the spirit, the dream and astral bodies, the energetic and etheric, and all the invisible body and minds.

      You, dost thou proclaim thyself a Liar and Heretic?
      Yes, my Lord. I proclaim myself liken unto a Pope!

      Thou Heretic!
      Yes, my Lord. Did you know that God is a woman, and his name is Eris?

      Thou Agent of Discord, art thou an Orthodox Erisian?
      O Eris, Goddess of Goddesses, blessed be her sexy name, her sexy legs and breasts,

      That's enough, O Chaos Monk.
      I do love Eris.

      Yes. Well, Ominus Dominus, You're a Chaos Assassin whenever you are in our World. Praise Eris!

    15. Dreamshpere Chronicles: The Dark Arts of the Mad Rebel

      by , 11-28-2013 at 05:53 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am in a archery/knife throwing range with targets hidden in the forest. Only an Assassin can see the targets. I focus on one target, hanging in a tree, an empty wasp nest. I pull a ring which projects a throwing knife into my hand. I point my arm at the wasp nest, and, with telekinesis throw the knife, spinning at the nest, then return it to my open hand like a yo-yo. I catch the wasp nest half.
      Behind me is a diseased tree, heavy, and about to topple over and die. I add TK to a crossbow bolt to hit the tree and vibrate it until it falls over, then I return the bolt to me.
      I throw two knives, one left and right at the same time, to hit two rocks hidden in small tree hollows. I throw what we call a Heavy Dagger into a huge rock, the tip buried in its face, and the blade sings as it wavers.
      I plunge two short swords into two dead roots on the ground, then remove them, and leap up and cut off two dead branches in the trees above. I throw stars at two leaves, slicing them in half before they hit the ground. I land, and return my weapons to me.
      Shadowtech steps out from behind a tree, clapping. He bows to me, then disappears.
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