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    1. 2021-08-21 LUCIDD 261 crazy clock, harem, female killers, hell, goddess, taxi scene

      by , 08-25-2021 at 02:14 PM
      2 large glasses of wine in the evening before bed

      + in some sort of an office setting trying to get something done from the girls there they're hiding in an office from me

      + Place like a locker room where women are paired up and they are killing each other the pairs are much stronger and they have kind of dead weird eyes (large whites tiny pupils), at some point I'm given a popcorn machine so that I can use this to attract a partner so that I can be safe, I'm walking around the room, an inspection is announced and I have a shopping cart with me, I think I can stand here it won't bother anyone, but I need to move because one group there doesn't want me there

      + [DO] A woman is being let down to hell on a staircase, it is getting progressively hotter and she is starting to sob and moan about the heat, and the demon leading her says "haha this is not even hot yet it's just the introductory area"

      + tall sort of demon god woman (30+ feet tall) very bright weird clothing ribbon on her nose approaches us we can't avoid her I seem to be her major first disciple there's a group of us she hands me a ribbon to put on one of the second or third disciple girl's nose.

      + LD #261 DILD LUCIDD
      find myself in a room looking at a clock on the wall, the hands of the clock are spinning super fast forwards several hours for a second, then backwards several hours for a second, it is fairly dark but illuminated with a directionless blue fluorescent light (like a 70's black light). I RC and can breathe, feel that I'm probably dreaming but test further: I'm standing on a low table and lean forwards to see if I'll fall or glide/fly, I move forwards and seem to be gliding so I conclude I'm dreaming. The room is L-shaped and I'm at the corner between the two longer parts and turn to the right and am facing a wall, which I fly through. Now I'm in a long narrow corridor (also colored blue) and fly a bit down, then see (a door?) to my left, turn, and fly through it into a bedroom. I fly forwards into the room and do a U-turn to the right and am facing a woman standing at a bathroom counter, she is facing me. STM. I feel a tingle in my body and the scene fades.

      Attachment 10576

      + Harem. Start STM outside, we move to a staircase where people are sitting, the girl's "manager" (?) comes by and says something I'm not a fan of (some sort of rules?) I take her down the staircase (CH basement?). The area is packed with girls. Back to back STMs.

      + after the lucid and the harem scene I'm checking my watch and I can't determine if it's 10:20 or almost 4 p.m. (hands are at the 10 and the 4, can't tell which hands, though)

      + I got a call from someone maybe it was AG (mom of kids friends with autistic girl) or someone who needs help in a state far away they're going to fly in and give me their documents and I have to somehow help them resolve the issue but I'm concerned about my schedule I don't think I can do it in time

      + a taxi stands on a street outside, vivid, and some people are walking by they splash dirty like asphalt mix up from the street on to some people who are standing there in one of the door man comes out and scolds them runs away I see that people a couple there who is waiting for a taxi have been covered by this black goo from the street walking down the road I want to get a taxi but I see there's a long line of people and they are holding tokens the taxi driver start at the bottom and go up the hill get a token they handle token to the person who wants to wait for them and they have to wait in line for the taxi driver with the matching token to return these tokens look like small 1kg dumbbell weights one of these I think it's thrown at my head and hits me
    2. 2020-09-29 LDLD #256 girl at party, tunnel/stormtrooper, gathering, sleepless night

      by , 09-29-2020 at 10:52 AM
      bedtime, ~10:15pm, yay! finally!
      g/f (reading in bed on her phone) woke me mistakenly with sound on phone, boo, this put me off for the whole night. boooo!!!!
      around midnight, fell asleep again?
      2am woke
      awake until 7am!!!!! Up out of bed sitting in other room from 5-6am or so
      Felt like my ability to fall asleep was completely broken. I felt the "jerk" of approaching sleep many times but each time I jerked awake. I think this is hyper-alertness from a lot of day work and strong intent. It felt like the time I tried to WILD for 5 nights in a row and eventually lost the ability to fall asleep, with that same sensation of approaching sleep causing an "AHA! DREAM approaching!" reaction, preventing sleep.

      + girl at party, young for me, but I'm close with her, look at her face closely, odd-ish face, not exactly attractive, but I think I'd kiss her. Then she goes around to my back and hugs me from the back, and whispers into my left ear, "I like you....". I answer, "I like you too!" Her father (?) is in the room so I'm inhibited. She's in front of me again and I place my hands on her torso, feel her ribs, she seems a bit scrawny & overly thin.

      + LD #256 In a large, high-ceilinged, dimly lit, white room (more like an empty building with white walls), I'm lookin over my shoulder to the wall to the left of me, I quickly sense dreaming/dream location, not entirely sure yet, but I get up on top of the low solid white wall (it's like stucco) in front of me (like I'm in a loft or higher area above a lower area in front of me) I feel light and "feel like I can fly" so I lean forwards and glide ahead and to the right, and knew I was dreaming. fly through series of crystal-cave like narrow tunnels (little more than body width in diameter) that keep extending into the distance. Fly through areas that keep extending 3-4 times. The visuals are dark gray-scale coloring. lucidity fairly high. play with colors, I declare the "next area will be green" and colors appear in the distance (blue/green). Visuals fade, I expect them to return, and they quickly do, see something in the distance, and approach an area like in a Star Wars game, a section of dark corridor in front of me opening into a small round-ish brightly lit room with equipment, an automated turret or other machinery on the ceiling, that becomes a droid or a stormtrooper as I approach. I pull my lightsaber from my belt (always works! It's always there) and ignite it, get a good solid lightsaber sound, but no visuals [as always]. I will it to be solid and bright, I say or think "be BRIGHTER!" "be BRIGHTER" several times and I get a weak transparent green cylinder to appear. The robot/ trooper approaches, and I wave the lightsaber about to attack, as if I'm slicing it, but it's like a flashlight, no inertia or weight, and I think it's not doing anything. I'm past the trooper and I'm inspecting the surroundings, very detailed and bright, numerous objects are lying about, I move on through this room into an adjoining room, where 3-4 people are sitting / reclining on low chairs or chaise lounges. Some are female and I get the idea for "a bit of fun" (but I want to keep it short and quickly move on, to avoid waking). Visuals are very clear and crisp.
      Spoiler for light sexy-time:
      and I wake up.

      + [vivid, mostly forgotten due to abrupt awakening] another gathering, fairly long, party book, photos & sheets printed, cousin?
      lucid , memorable
    3. 2020-09-20 LDLD #254 #255 -- motorcycle ride, cabbage basketball, first day at work

      by , 09-20-2020 at 10:03 AM
      bedtime: 23:00-30?
      waking: 01?
      waking: 03?
      shocked awake 03:30 neighbor cutting firewood
      Not making progress falling asleep , get up & sit in other room.
      final waking 08?
      Long time recalling dreams
      get up: 09?
      Fairly tipsy at dinner time, several glasses of wine. Steak & salad for dinner, plus remainder of our desserts (cheesecake and a chocolate cake thing), then our apple pie while watching a video
      Watched video before bed


      + motorcycle ride on highway, turn right onto highway, a guy riding a fast (black) motorcycle streaks by me, weaving in and of traffic. I'm riding along and I come up on a guy riding a standard, I like the standard style and think about this. I think it's a Honda, and I'm weaving left and right of him to get a look at the model name on the gas tank but can't quite see it, but I think it's a Honda. The highway veers off to the left and I take the off-ramp to the right, I think I'm heading to city "A" (next to home city of B), the landscape is empty low hills. As I come to a stop sign I try to remember where the breaks are, on the left or the right handle. I remember the right handle, and squeeze the right handle bar break lever and push the right food lever. As I come to a stop I remember at the last minute that I need to downshift to first and quickly push down my left foot on the shift lever and click it a bunch of times to get to first gear. I start again and go slowly, this is not a powerful bike, but I feel like I'm holding up traffic and pull back on the throttle and speed up. The road goes up and to the right, then heads down, these are tight turns, very twisty, and I get the impression this road is not heading to a city but out into the wilderness. I have a feeling that I won't be able to make it back if I continue (I forget I'm on a motorcycle? I'm worried about the uphill portions on the return trip). I stop on a landing and look around, and a guy on a bike zooms approaching from the other direction up the hill, not visible because of the sharp elevation change, and jumps into my vision in the air and continues off, from my right to my left. I look around and see vague collections of orange-ish blurry dots in the distance. All around, spread out among the hills all around me, I think these are camp fires.

      + I'm playing basketball. I can't make a shot, and even layups won't go in. I'm playing with a cabbage instead of a basketball? I can't even make a simple layup. My opponents are goaltending and just blocking all my shots, really dominating me. The cabbate is in a large bucket of water/brine and a big leaf separates from the head and floats in the water.

      + [epic, long, vivid, fairly present, two lucid moments]: I arrive to a new job at company N, I'm really happy and proud to be here. I'm walking in the corridor between cubicles in a large indoor office space. I show off my new badge on my right hip one of those id badge roller things. It is a sort of brownish mottled looking design without a picture, I think it's just a temporary badge. I soon come to a cubicle where a young guy is, blonde hair, (name of "Claus?"), I have a long technical conversation with him about the C model he's been working on (for 3 years?), he's finishing up this work.

      I walk about some more, I see boyhood best friend MR and my mom approaching me down a corridor between offices (the wall) on the left and cubes on the right, there are people in front of them and I try to catch their eyes from a distance. I feel like MR meets my eyes and that we will have a mutual recognition, but it will be a surprise for him. My mom comforts a woman in front of her, a widower who lost her husband recently, my mom hugs her from the back but the woman doesn't want the comfort and shakes her off, the woman has a very pinched, bird-like face, it's an old, wrinkled face, 80+ years old. Her husband, someones [narrator?] says [or I remember?], was the man who saved Ev.McW.'s father [boy scout friend] [false].

      Walking among the cubes, I see a tray of cookies, and I pick one up and take it with me and eat it. It is a medium size, circular, with a moist chocolate filling center, and surrounded by a ring (about 1/4 inch) of sprinkled seeds like sesame seeds.
      I come across a guy and see his face clearly. At first I think it is RoWh, but Rob was fairly fat and this guy is thin. He's standing facing me, and I'm looking close at his face trying to place him. I say "I'm sure I've worked with you before." He and some other woman comment on the "tatoo" on my lip and this confuses me. They're talking about the cookie crumbles on my face and I'm a bit ashamed of this. Standing among the cubes, these people are now in their cubes and are wearing masks. I say that "I've been away from the workplace so long that I forgot that people wear masks now," and I'm concerned about the fact that I forgot to bring a mask and wonder where I'll get one.

      I'm wondering now about the day's schedule, and if there will be an orientation. I find (or she finds me) my HR person managing my first day and she hands me a schedule. I look at it and see a number of hand written notes, and think the first entry is about 2pm, and I feel relief that I haven't missed anything because it must be far from 2pm still.

      The HR lady brings me to a demonstration that a team is putting on on an open floor area. There are tons of little lego pieces spread evenly out over about a 1-square meter area. I step over this and try to avoid stepping on any of the pieces. The word "minefield" is spoken by somebody behind me. The demonstration begins, and little active "AI" pieces that look like flies, with ltitle moving legs, are gathering all the loose pieces together into a single flat area/pile so that there is no space left. This is using AI technology. That's the whole point: to gather up the pieces and bring them all together into an area with no space between them. The HR lady is also watching, she's wearing a white tank top and shorts, and she squats with with her knees out widely to watch the AI presentation.

      + [different scene?] I'm in mall walking among stores. I'm nose pinching to determine if I'm dreaming. The air seems blocked, but not completely. I can't tell if I'm dreaming or not. I keep repeating the nose pinch 3, 4, 5 times. Each time it seems like some air gets out but it's not flowing easily like it should. I concentrate on the feeling of my fingers on my nose, and it feels completely solid like a waking nose. I know that the nose pinch in a dream should feel like my airway is not connected to my dream body nose, but it seems in this case that it is. Unclear results of the RC [but I'm counting this!]

      + [back to the work dream] It's time for lunch now for the new hires, mingling with the employees. Standing in some corridor among the cubes, leaning up against a wall on a corner between hallways. The cost of lunch is $1.75. I'm not sure if the new hires are supposed to pay or not. I bring out my wallet and prepare three $1 bills. I'm trying to be coy about this and get somebody to say "no no new hires don't need to pay." A very large (tall and wide) screen across the open area on a far wall is displaying the two major lunch groups, with the names of long-time employees [so we can decide which group we want to be in?]. I go in. I see meet a guy I think I may know. He shakes my hand. He makes a gesture like "woah, your hand used to be all the way out here when you shaked before, you've lost a lot of weight." And then Ne.McK. (grad school friend) is there, I recognize him, he pulls up his shirt to show his abdomen, that he's lost weight, too.

      I'm now thinking about someone else I knew, Jo.Sa. from high school. I can imagine his face, but have forgotten his last name. I think he's a colleague here, too. I'm wracking my brains trying to remember his first name, even though I know he worked at company A [true], he works at this company N now I think? I finally "remember" his last name, "PUSHKIN!" I exclaim. I ask the guys "hey, does he have Russian roots?" They say yes, "his family were landholders." I am excited to learn this information, and pump my first in the air and exclaim "Yes!"

      + I'm standing [still at work] at a printer(?) station. There is a young woman there, and a colorful scene/patch of sky across from me even though there's no window, and I'm looking at the quality of the colors and the clarity of her face, because I know it's a dream, and I want to examine how things look and feel in a dream.


      + I'm in a vague indoor area with slanted floors on different levels. I'm carrying something and I put in in a shopping cart to bring it along with me. My old boss from comany P (in NY) is there, riffing on a guitar. He's quite good and the music is interesting. I think he's going to come with me on my walk through these rooms and he'll keep playing his guitar.
      lucid , memorable
    4. 2018-09-09 LLD LD #243 -- tk, stolen bag,

      by , 09-12-2018 at 12:18 PM
      + at the (pharmacy?) counter, there is a crowd there, I'm ordering things, there are bottles of white pills around(?). Later there is a commentary about the food, and I say "there is no no nutritious food, no good meats, no fresh vegetables, all they have is gum & candy." I look down and realize my bag is missing, I see someone moving around from me with it, I start shouting "They stole my bag!" and go after him. The thief is moving to a wall of lockers, and I think he's going to stash it inside a locked locker and I won't be able to get it back. There is a guy sitting in a chair to one side (the thief?) I want to punch him, I make a few feints (and then punch him?)

      + girl at the pool.
      Spoiler for sexy time:

      + LD #243 tk, girl.
      I'm moving through a set of glass doors and there is a guy in front of me, I make an arm gesture and "force push" (TK) the guy away from me. This makes me realize I'm dreaming. I look around. It is a library-like location. There is a girl to my left, I decide to engage.
      I think about stabilization, things are stable, colorful. She shrinks to the size of a small doll.
      Spoiler for sexy time:
      . A man nearby starts a commentary on something and I
      lose lucidity, I think he's wrong.

      another day:
      +(f) running with somewhere, I move ahead of them to the destination. I'm running quickly.
    5. 2018-08-30 LD #242, some nice vivid scenes, other dreams/fragments from the last couple nights

      by , 08-30-2018 at 01:41 PM
      + trying to find a private bathroom, for some "me time," my young kids are following me around like pranksters, not allowing me privacy. Find a bathroom in a bar/restaurant, work the sliding lock, but there are lots of openings in the walls about chest level, only partially closed. A group of people come and stand near me. A man comes too close for comfort and I rebuke him and reach out and push him away, saying he's too close

      + LD #242
      [Went to bed about 1am, late, very tired. Bathroom trip around 5-6am. Decided to do MILD getting back into bed (didn't stay up). Long time falling asleep.] Outside, in a large open multi-levelled area with people mulling about on the different levels, I sudden realized I'm dreaming.
      I do a quick nose pinch to verify with half a thought and yes I can breathe. I look around, I look at the people, feeling slightly unstable and wondering about the stability. I advance through the crowd, past various ladies, some of whom reach out to me, and find a nice girl. I ask her name, but I don't understand her response.
      Spoiler for sexy time:
      . The dream fades.

      + anemonies, almost lucid again, sitting, thinking of "me" time, I notice anemonies around me I'm trying to find a spot to sit without them, stand up move around behind stone I was sitting at to walk into corridor

      + outdoors, fight, gang following, pushing, dark

      + "ak mak" lodge, looking for place to stay, drive into parking lot, woman driving a small strange car with tank tracks instead of wheels with partial body damage around the parking lot ,I wonder if she knows her car is damaged. Walk inside to reception desk. Start taking to receptionist. Two men come up from my left, one of whom it turns out is Bill Murray, and he says to me (remarking on my hair), "Whoooaaa, buddy, getting pretty gray up there!" I give the swift rejoinder, "Look who's talking!!" (referring to his baldness), that shuts him up.

      + library study girl at reference desk. I know she's part of a study group club that frequents the library. She goes to the reference desk and requests a book of some sort.

      +(f) chess game viewing board

      + sitting at desk in room at college studying hard. I look up out the window and there is a college girl standing right at the window with a low-cut top leaning forwards showing off her features. I am very attracted to her but feel a bit shy for looking at her. I then give her a good, solid look . Then some super hot friends of hers who are entirely topless also come to the window and prance and show off.
      Spoiler for nudity comments:
      . Inside the room is now full of people standing behind me. There is a guy, large, fat, stubble haired, jolly guy with food crumbs all around his face making some comment.
    6. 2018-02-01 LUCIDD #239 LD ocean, pizza & beer; EB at the concert

      by , 02-01-2018 at 08:18 AM
      + LD LUCIDD #239
      I find myself sitting in the front passenger seat of a car looking out the left side windows. We're on a high road/bridge high above a large body of water to the left. I'm looking at it amazed at its beauty and clarity, the sun reflecting off the ripples in the water. I quickly conclude I'm dreaming because I do not recall continuity of location or how I got here. (I think I do a quick nose pinch to confirm but I'm already sure). I continue looking at the water, amazed at the detail, the vivid high definition of it all. There are some dark shapes in the water but I don't consider it further.
      Looking ahead, I realize that son S1 is driving the car and son S2 is in the back seat. I ask them "so what do you want to do? Have a Star Wars adventure? Go after some girls?" I see girls around the car and decide not to get distracted by that. I tell son S2 "hand me a piece of pizza" and reach back my hand over my shoulder and expect to feel the piece, I feel it and bring it around and take a bite (not much recollection of taste). Then I say "hand me a beer" and I reach back and feel a cold can pressed into my hand. I bring it in front of my eyes and look, it is a tall can with dark brown-orange coloring and a few large words in black. I pop the top and take a drink. At this point I'm sitting in a room with son S1 across from me and son S2 in a room behind me to my left (position like he was in in the car). S2 says "S1 is jealous of the beer!" I want to hand S2 a beer too, so I reach down around my feet and expect to feel a cold can, and after a second I do, and bring it up and hand it to S2. I tell S1 that successfully summoning items is all about expectation. Suddenly, my wife comes home and I
      lose lucidity. She immediately comments frustration on the mess all around the place after having left us alone for so long and I and the boys spring into action to tidy up. I see she is in the kitchen [unknown location/house] and has bought a bunch of food and fancy cakes which are sitting in cardboard containers on the counter.

      + I'm walking down a hallway and up ahead through some glass doors [DREAMSIGN] I see EB. We are meeting at a big concert, and I realize she got here quite early. She is nearly at the very front of a very very long line, I'm impressed she managed such a good spot. I see her car parked in the lot right behind her, I'm also amazed she managed such a good spot. I move to join her in the line and people start crowding around us taking our spots and pushing us back farther in the line.
    7. 2017-11-30 LUCIDD 237 frank/white, gym lockers/class, sandy road chicken/truck farm, football girls

      by , 11-30-2017 at 07:48 AM
      + LUCIDD LD #237: in a white interior house see a guy get lucid I say "Hey, you're Frank, right?" He nods, we talk he answers everything is solid and bright and vivid, go to next room bunch of people and I'm talking and notice there is an echo in the room and I say this and start singing a little and listen to the quality of my voice.

      + driving on sandy side road, looking for the chicken/truck farm, woman drives car by no room, I ask her where the farm is, there's a sign but I've missed it, the road is very narrow and the cliffs are high, I'm concerned about hitting the cliffs and having them collapse onto my car, burying it.

      + in a locker room, examining lockers (levitate up over and look down on them) they fall almost I pick them up? I get dressed, confused about socks and shoes. I see EB she is heading to cooking class? I call after her and run after her and we arrive at the class it's an open area full of people

      + girl, football guy college team a game is happening soon, I look at him and imagine his weight, he has some forehead acne, follow a group of girls (cheerleaders?) and choose one and "engage" a bit with her she doesn't like it and runs away her friends ask her if she wants them to banish me.

      + guy in room there's a girl singing on stage, he likes her, she sings well, the room fills with fog (cotton?) and I ask him if he wants me (via my powers) to clear the room. He's eating some dark-berried tart and I want some he hands it to me and I take a bite
    8. 2017-09-07 house, dessert, $50,000, FA, owl eats a pigeon, job

      by , 09-07-2017 at 11:14 AM
      (middle of the night)

      + I'm looking at the side of a house, and I'm talking to someone (not visible) about the dryer vent that I see there. I decide to climb up on top of the house (for privacy?) and I scramble up there. Off in the distance I see through the window of a neighbor's house that people are scrambling to get out of my view. I think they were probably naked and don't want me to see them.

      + (FA) I wake up and L lying next to me says "Let's read a little bit"

      + I'm outside, it's twilight, and there are tall trees around, it's a city scene. Then I see a large bird (I think it's an owl) swooping down slowly in front of me it's wings spread wide, it is gliding very slowly and leaisurely, the owl picks up a pigeon from a group of pigeons standing on a rail below in its talons, and flies off. I lose sight of it. I think "what a lazy owl, it just lives on the roof of that building and swoops down to eats pigeons whenever it wants". I notice all of a sudden a great flock of vultures is roosting in the trees all around and they're all staring at a spot on the ground down and to the right. I follow their gaze, expecting that I'll see the owl eating the pigeon. And I do see a bird (like a seagull) lying on the ground, it's body cavity completely open, showing it's still pulsating guts, while the owl picks away at it. I think "the poor bird, being eaten while still alive."


      + I'm walking through in a large crowd in a restaurant. It is some sort of organized event. I'm getting handed a piece of "carrot cake" that is really heavy and about 1/2 a meter long. Then as I turn and take a bite of it, I realize it's really light and fluffy like a churro, and the icing is thin and insubstantial like whipped cream. It's also about a meter long now. Instead of tables the place is made up of high counters to sit at. I'm walking amongst the counters and looking for a tasty desert. I see bowl of ice cream, and desserts that are like ice cream that have large chunks of caramel in them. I see a brown ice cream that I think if coffee flavor. The waiters start taking away all the desserts before I can eat any. I'm upset and ask them to give me some but they say they have to clean it up. All that's left are the piles of "dessert garbage" which is unappetizing.

      [Yes, I started a new diet last week in WL!]

      + In a building, like an office, and I'm naked and want to take a shower, but the cleaning staff has arrived, I'm leaning around a corner talking to them?

      Some woman comes up to me and hands me a massive pile of dollars cash and says "here is your $50,000 investment." I rifle through it a bit and stuff it into my backpack. She's investing in my company. Only, I've not yet formally joined that start-up, which my friends are running. I'm trying to think what to do with the $50,000.

      Walking around, thinking about this money and the job, there is a very successful entrepreneur (like a Tony Robbins type guy) who is spouting business advice, and I'm listening to him and walking around.
    9. 2017-03-27 LUCIDD 229 long night of vivid dreams, also earlier nights

      by , 03-27-2017 at 07:52 PM
      Horrendous bed-time but I could sleep in. WBTB when son called from school in the morning and needed me to help him with something. That was about 6 hrs into the night. At 7 hrs I was really drowsy and decided to try for BTS and a WILD attempt. Early vivid dreams, too, around 4-5 hours probably.

      + playing concert, girls who are mocking me and following me, I take off my shirt and know that people have come to see me. I'm looking at my sheet music and I see the notes but it's not the piece I wanted to play. Back in "our house" with family I get a paper that my contributions have raised $12,000 for the organization, people really love to come and see me play.

      + I'm walking up to "my house" (PTL), there is a small trickle of water running down the street that is a "T" meeting the one I'm walking along. Two guys in boats, one in a canoe, and another in a boat, are some how travelling in their boats in this small trickle. I "know" them. I tell them "oh man, if I knew that I could ride a canoe here, I would have".
      Inside the garage in the home we're preparing for some work by a contractor/construction guy. The guy is middle-aged and is not wearing a shirt. He's talking about how hard his job is and he's carrying a heavy (door?) on his back. I'm on the landing/steps down from the kitchen into the garage and I move something out of the way (a rug?) and lift up one of the top steps, it's made of wood and seems worn away (rotted?) I'm looking at it and thinking it needs to be replaced, I'm wondering if the contractor can do it.

      WBTB - about 1 hour

      WILD attempt on my back. For a while I play with visualizing the letters of the alphabet: I find that I can see them when I focus on them!

      +(f) I get a short dreamlet/dream that I'm in deep ocean water near a whale (no visuals really), and I'm wondering if I should touch the whale's tail fin, or if that would shock it and would cause it to turn to me and attack/grown me.

      +(f) short scene: young Squidward (?) meets old Squidward. Old Squidward is lying in a bed under blankets. He takes off the blankets and it's seen he's wrapped in a bandage in his whole body and he has age-related sores all over the place.

      Wake briefly and turn to my right side and fall asleep.

      + (vivid, long) I am visiting HF (local friend) in his house (which is G's house next door neighbors to CH). I'm sitting on the ground, talking with H and a girl is there, I reach out to her playfully but H says that she had an "accident" (day residue) and needs to clean her. I move on to the living room. I look back and notice that H (father) is bottomless and I see his (ahem) briefly, I do a double take on this but think no more about it. An older girl is there in the living room and I'm thinking about (how I can get her to her room?). I say something and we move down the hallway. In this hallway I recognize the architectural layout of the house and realize it is the "G"'s house next to my CH. There is a room there and we go in, now it's a group of young people. I see many objects inside, there are food dishes stored on lit shelves. I remember a glass/dish of small bell peppers (red/yellow/orange). I comment that "this display looks like the dairy section of a grocery store!" and it does.

      + LUCIDD 229 LD#229. I'm (riding in a bus?) with young people, I'm quite happy to find myself surrounded by beautiful girls. (A brief thought of dreaming?). We arrive at our destination. I'm trying to get the attention of/ go with one girl in particular? We're walking up steps cut into the side of a steep hill (earthen). Approaching a right-angle turn in the path leading to the right I notice what appear to be large spider webs on the side (and straight ahead) of the path. I feel that I've walked into a strong strand of spider web I feel it on my forehead, I reach up to break through it but it's pretty strong, this happens a few times. Then I remember that spiders are a dream sign and I reach up for a nose pinch. Result ambiguous, I'm not giving it my full attention. I do it again and there is some leakage of air but I'm not yet convinced. I turn around and face the steep hill going down and decide to test my state by launching myself forwards down the hill and trying to fly. I do this and I'm a bit afraid that I may just be falling. But then I'm sure I'm flying and I'm lucid. I fly down the hill and there's the road at the bottom and I turn to the right and follow the road, flying about 15 feet above it. I'm looking for a girl. I see an unattractive woman below and ignore her. Then I see a young hot jogger heading in the same direction as I'm flying. I try to speed up to reach her, but she's pretty fast. I will myself to fly faster and thrust my fist forwards for speed and I reach her. I land [but don't remember our interaction].

      Then I'm in conflict (fight?) with some guy. I don't want to deal with him. I make a gesture to force throw/TK him away. He is unaffected. I turn to him and do it again, again it fails. I think "Oh, great, what is this guy, is he going to hijack my dream?" I turn my back on him and ignore him and move forwards.

      On my right side is a tall stone/brick wall. I'm approaching a corner and I form expectation that I'll find a hot girl around the corner. I turn the corner holding this expectation and see one. I see a tall, short-haired, blonde woman (taller than my preference) who is talking on a phone. I move to her immediately and she looks a bit taken aback and I take her in my arms. I notice that her body feels completely solid. She is wearing some white suit. I start kissing her. She has really excellent soft ample lips. I pull back and say "I love you." Some more kissing. I ask her "I want to hear you say it !". She doesn't say anything. I notice her fair is very high def and clear. Move on to sexy time.

      Spoiler for sexy time:
      I wake after that and fall back asleep.

      + (fairly long, vivid) I'm in a dorm room of some sort very very wide with a lot of beds in it but not very deep. I'm on my bed which is against one of the side walls of the room. Agirl comes in with a boy and I know she's there to buy drug from him. I wonder at this and think "they're hooking them earlier and earlier." The girl is quite pretty with dark hair. The drug is a sort of lip gloss. I look at her lips and there is a bright, colorful pattern there perhaps like a checkerboard. I want to kiss her to taste the gloss but think I may get in trouble. There is another boy/girl pair like them nearby? Another guy comes in and his hands are covered with the gloss/drug material.

      I realize I'm sitting on my bed with lots of young friends, guys and gals, leaning against me and we're all lying in a pile. It's very comfy . I see through the open door some people in the hallway are looking in and I think disapproving. I call out "Hey, this is *my* room and I'm on *my* bed, so I will do a I like!"

      A stern matronly woman enters the room. She's not happy that I'm there I believe. The furniture starts getting rearranged (by itself), a bed is removed and a large grey/black couch shift into position next to me. Another piece of furniture arrives. I think she's trying to get rid of me. Then she declared "WHO'S IN CHARGE OF THIS GROUP!?" I know she's talking about me because I'm the oldest here but I do not answer. "GROUP #6 [another group] <is so great, they're doing wonderful..., etc.>".

      + a scene materializes before me, I realize I'm looking at a night time cityscape looking off into the distance. There is a lit, beautiful church in the distance and I see some other shape on the hills in the distance. These are places we're going. I call out to my two male companions that I see the first structure in the shape of a church cross.
      lucid , memorable
    10. 2017-02-19 LUCIDD 226 CH, driving, golf, dealership, former home lease

      by , 02-19-2017 at 08:55 AM
      Somewhat more reasonable bedtime: moving in the right direction at least. Recall still not great, details fade fast, even forgot the lucid at first, need to return to nighttime recording.

      + driving with friends (they're in a another car) on freeways. Trying to decide on the route to take. We're talking about the freeway numbers: 280, 15, etc. We stop at some rest stop and there is a police car there. (I'm wondering if we're in trouble for not wearing helmets?)

      + walking outdoors past business, lots of people about. I "recognize" (FALSE) a young man who used to be a programmer but couldn't hack it (haha) and so he became a car salesman, I felt a bit sad for him.

      + LUCIDD 226 LD#226 I'm at the top of the stairs looking down in CH. I remember my favorite dream from childhood where I flew down the stairs and banked steeply to the left and flew into the living room. I'm a bit worried I might just fall down the stairs though, so as I lean forwards down the stairway I keep myself vertical and my feet stay on the stairs and quickly flit down them, I'm a bit disappointed I didn't fly. I turn left into the living room then I start float/flying towards the couch/wall and I think "Ah HA!" and do a nose pinch and I'm lucid. I spend the dream trying to decide what to do. I'm floating randomly around the neighborhood. It is bright daylight everywhere. No people anywhere.

      + I'm playing golf on city streets (with my dad?). There are many groups playing, and we must wait our turn. We're on a high hill, and the street extends straight out into the distance. It angles down then becomes flat in a 100 yards or so. I don't recall actually hitting any balls, I'm wondering about our turn. We start out on the hill and head down to the flats. I'm thinking about putting? Down on the flat (with dad?) I'm looking up the hill and I see two golf balls flying towards us in a high arc heading our way. I tell him to get down, we bend down and the balls hit the ground near us and bounce on ahead of us.

      Walking forwards it becomes like miniature golf. There is one of those "volcano" holes that are so difficult and I say/think how I always hated those. It's sort of a volcano and then mushroom shaped, very difficult. I think you have to get the speed just right, or chip the ball right up inside.

      + standing outside around former adult home (PTL), we also own the house next door (FALSE). Then a realator is there and it turns out we're (someone else?) is just leasing, it's a better deal financially.
    11. 2016-12-14 LUCIDD 225; flying midget hummingbird head; CH instrument, LD, 12 days of Christmas

      by , 12-14-2016 at 10:22 AM

      + outside, hopping on rocks, trying to ski? There is a flying midget's head darting around like a hummingbird. It stops to explain how changing the elevation/orientation of its little wings (one on each side of its head) determines how it flies

      + LUCIDD 225 LD#225 In CH I'm sitting on the back porch steps up to the garage and looking closely at my instrument which is broken down into its pieces. I'm closely looking at the red cherry wood and the stain that is applied on top of it, examining the deep rich red color. I drop the top portion of the instrument on to the cement floor of the garage and exclaim my frustration, I lift it up to inspect the top ring to see if its damaged, apparently it's not.

      I'm in the living room and look at the view out of the window. Instead of the city scape below I see high/flood waters. This piques my interest because I know this is a dream sign. I look some more, trying to remember if that level of water is normal. I'm pretty sure it's not, I can't see the city below, and determine I'm dreaming. Nose pinch confirms. Get excited and turn away from the window and walk about the room instantly thinking of tasks. I remember the 12 days of Christmas challenge. Drumming is first. I look around and try to expectation-summon a drum set but I don't see anything. I decide just to start pretending to drum, and soon I have drumsticks in my hand and moving them results in a rat-a-tat-tat sound of a snare drum. I lose visuals and the dream fades to black. I'm rubbing my hands vigorously for a while. I feel like I may be lying in bed, and do a nose pinch which confirms I'm still dreaming. I decide to "take off the blankets and get up out of bed". It works, visuals return. I expectation-grab my recorder (a "pipe" as in Piper's Piping) from my shelves and run downstairs and decide to open the sliding glass door to the dining room to get outside on the deck and take off from there. I hear my dad following behind me, he's saying things to me but I'm ignoring him. I get out on to the deck and will the pipe to transport me. I take off flying at high speed, pulled by the pipe which is accelerating me towards the city across the water. I have a nice view of the bridge with large brown (rust?) areas on it. My dad is still talking to me, he's saying "even though they're [doctors] not focusing any more on liver damage, [it's still a problem], so don't overeat!". I'm amused that he's still following behind me. I arrive in the city in a twilight area with a tall wall/fence that goes up a hill, there are large buildings around me. I'm thinking about the doctor that is in one of the buildings and I think I don't want to go see him. My mom is now there too, and she's saying that she want to co-sign on the documents now, even though they were already executed. I say "OK I'll go get them later and bring them by". Now I want to do the next task, leap over a building. There's a building in front of me about 100 yards down a hill. I start running down the hill and build up speed then do a hulk jump up and over the first building, high into the air, and I see my momentum will carry me over the next, even higher building. I land and think about the next task, which I'm not sure about. I decide it's "maids a-milking". So, naturally, I go looking for some maids . They're right here, one is walking away from me and I touch her shoulder to stop her and turn her towards me, then I see 3 more girls right here leaning up against a wall, they're small busted but cute so I decide to go with them. I ask (think?) them to lift up their tops and produce milk! The dream fades and nose pinch shows I'm awake.
    12. 2016-12-09 LUCIDD 224 (CH deck, TOTM memory fail); sci-fi actor battle; music instr; CH fence

      by , 12-09-2016 at 06:19 AM
      + in the hills observing a public utility fence it's boarded up I see the sheets of plywood covering the openings and observe the pattern of nails: some have lots of little nails along the top and bottom tightly spaced, I think "wow they really don't want anybody getting in there." I think about how hard it would be to pry those boards off of there. some boards are nailed only along the vertical middle with larger nails with easier to see shiny heads. Some areas have the boards pulled aside I think the vandals/kids did this, and I want to look inside to see the (barrels?) hidden by the boards but don't. To the right I see that some sections of the fence have had their (glass now?) sections removed by neighborhood kids using those openings in that section of the fence as a shortcut across the fence.

      + sitting on the ground on short grass, I look across the street to my right and "recognize" [FALSE] the place as a rehersal/concert location that my orchestra has used many times before, I recognize features of the place and realize I'm seeing them from a different perspective. Guy walks up and talks about my instrument. I'm playing (another guy's?) instrument there's a bad/leaky key and I'm helping him troubleshoot it. High F to E seems bad so it must be right G key. I hold a note and he pushes things around and we eventually determine it is a faulty ring key on the b-hole [FALSE/WRONG]. I'm talking about my ancient <mouthpiece> and how it's very old (decades) and how it will probably fail eventually, I look inside and there's some nasty decay? Someone asks what a "R"-tool is for and I say thinning out the tube but you have to be careful not to get it too thin.

      + dream of attacking with a pew pew blaster pistol sci-fi show actors it's not hard to beat them since they're just actors after all. Something about an alien invasion they steal a girl by smearing knock-out gas paste under her nose. I'm telling my boys about the alien invasion and how we have to manage their numbers?

      + walking in park, head back to the entrance which is steep and rocky, there is a line of color difference in the little cliff there and I think this comes from people traditionally peeing on the rocks in this location. To get out you'll have to get a running start up a bumpy and steep short section but I think I can make it.

      + LUCIDD 224 LD#224 I'm on my CH deck heading towards the short steps down to the back garden when I get lucid. I stop and immediately think of stabilizing and TOTM. I turn back on to the deck, rub my hands together looking around and see the black slat railing in front of me at the kitchen corner which fades, the whole scene is fading to black. Dang. I know the house is a step to my right so I put up my hands and walk to the right expecting to meet the house and I do. I keep my hands on the wall of the house until I start getting some visual detail back, it's still dark. I see mom emerge from the back porch door on to the deck, she ignores me and turns down the steps into the garden, I follow her saying "Hey Mom, what's up!?" It is now bright daylight, almost cartoonishly bright. She keeps heading up the steps towards the driveway, and eventually says "I'm getting a bag [from the street]." I don't follow, I look up and see my dad's on the driveway and notice that it's an accurate rendering of his face in his about mid-50s. There are some large trucks on the street (the neighbors are finally moving?). I sit down on a patch of flat concrete and decide to write down the TOTMs as this will help me remember them. I wonder if I can write anything at all in the concrete. I scratch a "1" with my fingernail and I see it clearly, but no tasks come to memory and
      the dream fades.

      continue? I'm thinking about the flower pot of roses (which I bought for wife IWL) and observing how the roots have grown and broken through the inner layer of the ceramic pot.
    13. 2016-11-18 LUCIDD 221 KILD skiing; flower/face; snaggletooth w/kids; calling DD;

      by , 11-18-2016 at 05:43 PM
      + LUCIDD 221 LD#221 Skiing competition, I'm starting out skating style my right foot is not properly attached. Doing loops on a track, small, the snow is partially melting with bare/watery spots. Back to start there are two women standing there. I keep going (I forgot to do something?) head into tiny elevator and get to the top, this is the wrong place there is a covered top tower here with a man. In order to get the elevator to move I have to turn a tiny dial like on the back on a small alarm clock. Get out at the mid level and I'm on a platform overlooking a wide plaza below. There are a few people standing a few steps away from me and lots of people walking around on the plaza. A girl is standing right in front of me she starts to turn towards me and I see she's wearing some lipstick, I grab her and we start kissing and I want to stablize the dream and hold the kiss. I keep my eyes open and look (while still kissing) down around on the plaza and see the people walking below. It's a nice kiss and I'm starting to feel some sensations in the (ahem) area, I make a sexy comment to the girl and wake up.
    14. 2016-11-07 LUCIDD 219 FA in hotel; lemon tree mountain, girls, CH backyard, tacqueria, gymnast

      by , 11-07-2016 at 03:18 PM
      + living illustration: "Lemon Tree Mountain". I drew circles along the border of the circle in the upper right hand corner. The mountain was in the shape of a lemon tree. I had scratched "lemon tree" on the left side earlier, but it was hard to see since drawing on lemon doesn't show up strogly. Then I went back again to look at the writing and it was in brown now, as if oxidized and easier to read.

      + LUCIDD 219 LD#219 FA in a hotel bed (with best male friend [on a business trip?])
      and I could see in the hallway that several of the paintings had been turned around the face the wall
      I had a brief sense of foreboding about this, but then like "ahh...." and did a slow, careful nose pinch being pretty much already lucid, yep, then got up (some brief resistance but got up easily), stood by the sliding glass door [DREAM SIGN] covered by curtains so couldn't see outside, I thought "should I go outside and do some night flying?" nope, wanted more TOTMs. I woke my friend up with a shock "HEY MR GET UP!" he shocked awake suddenly and comically shot out of bed rolling on the ground with that "moving faster than possible in WL" dream-y movement I walked around the room, came across another room with a TV playing inappropriate sexual themed activities for young people (did a double take when I saw it, lots of oral activities going on), and a pretentious sounding announcer saying something like "The James McFadden collection, for when [something pretentious, like "...quality is not enough"]". I walked back into the bedroom where M was on the floor and I walked by him, spanking his butt once and it felt solid. I wanted M to show me how to stick your head in the ground for the TOTM, but the dream fades and I RC and I'm awake.


      near WILD, get to the "noise" twice

      + CH back yard, neighbors invade part way on to lawn, sand piled up to a high net in between the gardens, I'm shocked like "Wait, WHEN did they do that?!"" girls were sitting in the sand playing, and the mother was nude sunbathing to the left, I see her butt and keep peeking at her. I'm holding a tablet with a picture of a girl on it and my son comes up and I quickly clear the picture, but he saw it and misinterpreted it as a picture of the girls in the sand, he said "nah, they're not pretty enough, or I'd take a video of them", I think his misunderstanding and statement are funny

      +(f) [semi-lucid] ST (touching over clothes) with a hesitant girl

      +(f) tacqueria

      +(f) flexible guy, girl? criticizing him
    15. 2016-10-22 lucidd 212, 213

      by , 10-22-2016 at 08:36 PM
      + parade of strange beasts, cleaning boy scout camp, "Hey D.G. what's the time and GPS coordinates of our meeting place?" GG shows them on a pad of paper, there's a lot of garbage to clean up

      + ice cream vending machine, I tell JM "I'll be in town just for a couple of days"

      + above LH look out see city can't see bridge blocked mostly by buildings

      + pictures on tablet, not right, with parents, searching for "sister" letters come out like hieroglyphics, then we'rep playing a piece with sister's string-playing friends, the piece is called "The Prostitute" there are 3 sharps in the key signature I'm concerned I'll play a wrong note and they'll kid me for not playing a G#.

      + man stops car to take a picture of a butterfly on his fender but his dog eats it first, it's a hilarious situation

      +(f) waking in Str. Canyon

      get up

      +(f) standing on road outside house with fenced yard, looking at fence, interesting pattern of square holes of difference sizes, closed at second glance by thin wire

      + LUCIDD 212 LD#212 [long, vivid] at pool, naked girl, follow her, go inside, follow some more girls, blocked by woman, bump their butts, back outside, walkway blocked by fat guy, hurrying to get past him back to my backpack with my stuff in it, get to my bag, bag is empty, they've taken my phone, passport, and wallet, and keys, everything. This is horrible, unless...<nose pinch> ... woohoo yes I'm dreaming I'm outside on the other side of a tall solid fence from a mall complex, I'm wondering what to do for a second but remember the competiiton and my pre-planned point-fest. I start with a stabilizing pat-down followed by a quick nose pinch RC, but that's as far as I get a I look at the building in the distance the dream fades.

      + LUCIDD 213 LD#213 I find myself in the back of my car, which is floating about 20 feet in the air, digging through a pile of keys on the carpet, looking for my car keys. I can't imagine that I've lost them, and I imagine what they look like (remembering old college key chain). I feel something is off, do a nose pinch, and I can breathe. I float down to the ground. I'm not really fully believing I'm dreaming, everything is so bright, detailed, and clear. Many more nose pinches follow. I finally really believe it. I'm next to a strip-mall ice cream shop with glass walls. Inside is a group of some sort and I decide to go in to look for girls. I enter and continue doing RCs to make sure I'm not going to make a big waking mistake. As I approach the group and get close and start looking at them, I wake up.
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