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    Flying Lucid

    by , 03-09-2018 at 04:21 PM (164 Views)
    So I had intended for my next DJ entry to be demonstrating my new system that I've been using for offline dream journals in where I document things such as my reality checks and meditation themes. But yesterday I was busy with schoolwork and didn't meditate, nor did I document my RCs. (I did do plenty of e'm though.) So I'm going to leave that off here for now. TBH the lucid dream isn't all that interesting either but I haven't posted anything in awhile.

    In all honesty I don't remember the temporial congruity of the dream. I was with Manei; the two of us were walking through the park next to my neighborhood. I was talking to her about some [highly personal stuff doesn't belong online] and she incited my
    lucidity. I find it very strange how I can be casually talking to her within an dream and only become lucid midway through the conversation. Nevertheless I was lucid and happy to be there.

    I somehow got to flying which lately has been inconsistent but my jet propulsion seemed to work fine as I tested it out, buzzing some nearby trees. Manei asked me to carry her in flight. I asked her why she couldn't ever fly; she is presumably the more powerful the pair. I don't recall her response, but I told her that I couldn't carry her, reminding her without physically speaking of previous times she had sent me careening from the sky from attempting to piggyback me.

    However this is a physical schema, and one to which I eventually thought of a workaround for; I had Manei transform to her form as a young child and then carried her into the air. This seemed to work for flying. I lifted into the air with her on my shoulders and found I didn't really have a noticeable drop in maneuverability. I was still able to weave around trees and buildings easily. There did, irritatingly seem to be a height limit of about 25 meters; and I could not gain any more altitude after that. I also seemed to have limited speed, as I tried to blast off at supersonic speeds and was unsuccessful.

    I flew at (relatively) low speeds above the park and my town. My goals was to head away from the town, in order to hopefully find myself in an OTD environment, but I instead landed on a modified version my college campus. The buildings were larger, altered and more spread out but I recognized the basic layout. I lost lucidity and noticed that my legs felt really tired so I sat down by the side of a walkway wondering why I was so tired.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Great job on finding a solution to the flight problem. Despite the other nuisances its nice that you got around to flying again.