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    Summer Comp Night 1: Back in Buisness

    by , 06-02-2023 at 12:12 PM (157 Views)
    I was back on fourth as wether to count this as a lucid dream. The level of lucidity was... questionable. But thinking back I really was at most would describe a "layer 2" and did execute dream control.

    First sleeping period: 7:00pm to 10:00pm.

    I was at a robotics competition of some form. It was taking place on a university campus plaza with different students lined up showing off robots they had made. The dream scene taking place in a university quad type area with post-modern-looking organic glass and steel buildings surrounding us.

    I had one. I distinctly remember its design being built off the chassis of an old toy tank with rubber treads. Maybe about 25cm long and 20cm wide. It had a large solar cell on top plugged into a birds nest of wires and random components on the bottom and to one side was a small mechanical arm with a camera and a little claw on it on it. I remember I was placing the robot inside a cylindrical room. It was about the size of a phone booth or porta potty but had no apparent features inside.

    Some other students came along and mocked me as they had a much bigger and more advanced humanoid robot. I said "I don't care I'm proud that I made it." I think Manei was present for a bit, but ended up wandering off.

    I distinctly remember seeing myself in a mirror or in third person and recognizing that I was acting as my dream identity. This triggered lucidity. I think I became more aware of this as I remember playing with my hair and it was black. (Hade has long black hair waking life me does not) I remember thinking that playing with it was working as good dream stabilization. I distinctly recall having a sort of false memory wherein I recalled the dream where Marcus made this body for me to use he had mentioned that the hair was modified to not ever become oily or tangled.

    I then had another student approach me. He said something to the effect of "The administrator wants to see you. I think you are in trouble."

    I felt a bit of anxiety, but lucidity supressed the emotional charge. I decided I would teleport right to him, because I didn't know where he was. I pulled up a computer that I had originally been using to program my robot. It had a window open taking up most of the screen, a white background with gray text. I typed

    /tp @Hade @Admin

    I was in a white void. Then a big oak desk appeared with this guy who looked like Ronald Regan. He had an american flag on a short flagpole with gold fringe. The flag had vertical stripes and only one big star in the blue rectangle. I recognized him as the administrator. More objects began to appear as a very formal and high class looking government office formed around me. I distinctly remember the effect being similar to loading into a new environment in a laggy or buggy video game with more objects appearing in bursts every few moments and objects sometimes appearing to be blurry or low-poly before resolving to a higher level of detail.

    The administrator steepled his fingers and talked to me but I forgot what he said. Two more people walked in. One was a bureaucrat looking woman with pale skin, black hair and square glasses wearing a gray suit coat and black stilettos. The other guy looked and dressed like Admiral Hood from Halo 2. Meanwhile I was distracted by a rather embarrassing problem as I was wearing a white tank top/undershirt that kept rolling up from my waist giving it the effect of a crop top but with a thick round band where it rolled up on me. I kept getting distracted looking down at my body trying to unroll it and it kept curling back up. I tried concentrating on the problem, command it to stop with dream control to no avail. I could see the other dream figures were a bit irritated with me being distracted, so I just took the top off. When I did it continued to roll and bunch up in odd ways on the floor, almost as though it were alive. It twisted into a tight sort of doughnut shape.

    "You are the dreamer. We need you to assemble a battle fleet and [blah blah blah] or we could lose this war."

    "I need to talk to my admiral and see what he says." I responded. In that moment I imagined my admiral as one of the alien characters from my scifi RP group. I then started thinking about going on a space adventure. I remember a very brief involuntary scene change onto the bridge of my starship, the Natsu. It looked somewhat like the Roci ops deck stylistically but was a simple octagonal shape and didn't have two levels. I remember I was putting on a black skintight spacesuit and Manei was tying up her hair so she could put a helmet on. Then the scene changed back to the first location of the university campus.

    I then remember I am poking around in my dream body. Manei is standing there wearing a tan sweater and holding a big paper coffee cup with a lid. She just kind of idles there for a minute while I fool around in my dream body like I'm going to do or say something interesting. I stay there for another minute. I pinch myself to see if it will wake me up (it doesn't) and (in a non sexual way) I am just feeling really good experimenting with it. I then remember getting irritated that my feet felt hot and grimy so I took off my shoes and socks and felt a lot better.

    I then tried jumping as high as I could without engaging with flight. I jumped maybe six or eight meters into the air and sort of floated at the top of my arc for a second. I think as I am coming back down that my knees will hurt on landing (as I've gotten older IWL I've started having knee trouble). No pain whatsoever. I also remember thinking about breathing. Breathing just feels a lot better, a lot more invigorating.

    I remember we walk away. My little robot is following us and I jump up and walk along a black metal railing, feeling the coolness of the metal and the subtle texture in my feet as I balance. I am walking along a round black metal tube but have no trouble balancing even while not concentrating on it. I divert some attention to the sensation as dream stabilization but I can tell the scene is fading out.

    "I feel bad. I felt like having a different body was really weird and marcus was creepy old man. But he did a real bang-up job, even years later and this still works flawlessly. I'm sorry I thought of him like that and I need to thank him when I get the chance. I wish waking world bodies were this good."

    Second sleep period 3:00am to 6:00am.

    With this second lucid, I was much more clearly awake within the dream, I felt like I was in more control.

    I was having a fairly mundane anxiety dream about having lost my wallet and phone in a large superstore like costco. Eventually I recognized the anxiety charge as being dreamlike and the frustration of constantly shifting environment. I preformed a nose-pinch reality check and got a very distinct sensation of breathing through my nose.

    I then find that my scene has transitioned to the basement of my childhood home. I became aware that I was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and black ice skates, having the distinct feeling of walking around with blades under my feet and decided to head outside. As I approached the door I said. "I want to summon Manei. She will be on the other side of the basement door just outside."

    I approached the door and then stopped. Then I noticed a coat rack had human legs. I pulled off the coats. There was a pale naked old lady who didn't looked too surprise that I had found her hiding. Funnily enough the naked lady had very smooth young looking legs at first.

    "Manei, is that you?"

    "Yes dear." (old lady voice) I said as I opened the door and headed outside.

    "Why do you look like that?"

    "Because you see me like this."

    The form changes to a very tall (coherent with her usual height) male form with short blonde hair. I was very surprised by this because I recalled (possibly falsely) an earlier dream where she swore up and down she would never utilize a male form as it didn't fit her. Outside it is dim and cloudy and the lake behind my house is frozen though there isn't any snow on the ground. The lawn isn't grass, instead its millions of tiny yellow wildflower buds.

    "Oh you're trying a male form. I'm surprised, but I'm proud of you. You're your own entity I think it's important for you to decide how you like to look."

    "Yes, this is a male form." (I am going to still use female pronouns since there was the strong feeling that this was a very temporary experiment but I guess we'll see). She points to two scars or injuries on her chest. One of them is visibly bleeding a small amount. It kind of looks like the surgery scars people who transition FtM have but more fresh. I actively dream-interpret that appearance as in indication of somebody who transitioned 'roughly'.

    We had some conversation about MadMonkey and his guide that I honestly don't remember. I then remember we are sort of meandering around the back yard of my childhood home when she traps my leg and pushes me over. We playfully wrestle in the grass for a bit and she says something like "strong little man!". I just think its funny. We lay down for a bit on this square oriental rug she lays down on the grass which is way too small for the two and I 'fall asleep' to wake up some time later, surprised to see that the dream is still ongoing. I make a note that I am still having the sensation of walking around in ice skates.

    "Well it's the lucid dreaming competition, so we should probably do dream control tasks."

    Manei gives me a look. In a previous dream she went on a tyrade about how she doesn't really like the lucid dreaming competitions because they only really award dream control ability and not effort that goes into dream induction or other components of the practice. Its a bit annoyed but she's still willing to go along with it.

    "We need to get off earth. We need the Natsu." (The Natsu was our starship).

    I begin pathing a route to get there. I know there was a door in the basement that led to a utility room that I was scared of as a young child. Many times in my dream have I gone in there to find a creepy winding underground complex. I think that if I can invoke that dream schema I can escape the familiar and mundane territory of my childhood home. From there we can get to the ship, blast off and use the jump drive to get to where we want to go. She seems enthusiastic to get out of this location too. However at that point I rather abruptly woke up.

    I give myself an 'F' for good sleep hygene but a 'A-' for lucid dreaming.

    (Okay comp rules say dream control counts only once per dream/chain. I wouldn't say several hours of waking and then another DILD is really a chain though so I'm going to fully score both lucids.)

    DILD (x2 = 15pts)

    Dream 1:
    Rc/Stabilization (1pt)
    Use Technology (5pts)
    Teleport (10pts)
    Lucid DC interaction (2pts)
    Mlsc dream control (5pts) Ill count the really high jump.

    Dream 2:
    Rc/Stabilization (1pt)
    Basic Summoning of dream guide (10pts)
    Lucid DC interaction (2pts)

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    1. Saizaphod's Avatar
      she went on a tyrade about how she doesn't really like the lucid dreaming competitions because they only really award dream control ability and not effort that goes into dream induction or other components of the practice
      True Nice ld, jelly belly already ova here