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    Summer Comp Nights 7/8

    by , 06-10-2023 at 01:42 AM (150 Views)
    Night 7:

    Lengthy non-lucid dream that I honestly don't remember the plot of. I remember my mother and I had decided to found a private detective agency. We both had a conversation about gun ownership and then got dressed up in detective outfits to visit some office. Calvin from calvin and hobbes was there as his tracer bullet persona as was an actor inside an old godzilla costume. Everything in the office had an orange tint to it.

    Night 8:

    Was visiting a location which was a mixture of my old technical school that I used to attend back in the day and my previous job. This was some manner of anxiety dream. I think I might have actually become lucid and subsequently had a false awakening in the bedroom of my current house, but my dream recall is far too poor to actually sort out the details.
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