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    Please read before checking out Dream Journal

    Thank you for clicking my DJ. I am currently working on a more sophisticated way to read it, and any comments would do a lot to speed up the process, since I am not lacking time to do this, just the willingness. If you have any questions regarding specific dreams, please ask in those specific entries and like the dream (this will let me know that there is a new comment here and is actually pretty much dream journal etiquette).

    You can read my DJ any way you want, but this will outline a more chronological way, other than just “When I felt like writing it”. If you have any specific requests or questions about techniques, feel free to PM me or check out some of my started threads.

    My dream world is Zödra (ö = ALT+0246) and was put together from my collection of dream memories as well as some persistent dream characters. I believe that the majority of the continuity in Zödra is due to the fact that I connected all the ideas in waking and believed them to be connected. Now that I believe that, I can alter it during waking and change a few easy rules in waking at will so that I will have a more fun experience there. A persistent dream world is something that has been used by countless dreamers and the idea of persistence has been in effect for hundreds of years. I was getting ready to give up on lucid dreaming until I ran into this:
    Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views - Hyu's Adventures - Dream Journals
    Specifically this post:
    Persistent realms and other lucid dreaming techniques I use. - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream ViewsIt talks about a world that is always persistent and actions have consequences, and if you die, you can’t come back. After finding it, reading it, and loving it, I redoubled my efforts to LD.
    My realm is very important when reading any of my dreams ever, because after I found out about it, and establishing the rules, every dream I ever had became important. Here are the rules that haven’t changed since the beginning:

    Zödra is a persistent dream realm, it is not a persistent realm
    This simple addition of a word means that the DCs are DCs, not persistent characters, the places are dream places, not persistent. The persistence comes from specific individuals.

    Anyone that realizes that it is a dream while in Zödra becomes persistent, and their actions also become persistent. This includes actions taken without knowing it is a dream.
    So any other DC that realizes that it is a dream will become persistent and with each place that it goes, that place becomes persistent. While knowing it is a dream, it is possible also to go to a place and it not be persistent, but that takes actual work, default makes it persistent. Also, since I have been lucid before in Zödra, then any dream that I can remember is also persistent, including dreams from childhood before I lucid dreamed. I actually learned this as opposed to making this rule, by accidentally visiting places from childhood dreams, and by talking with persistent characters.

    Any abilities you learn inside Zödra stay with you and cannot be lost, though they can be suppressed by other items, people, abilities, or if you springboard off of Zödra into a different realm.
    Long description is self explanatory.

    If you tell a DC that they are dreaming, then this does not make them persistent, they have to find it out on their own.
    Found out through trial and error. If I tell a DC that it is dreaming, then it won’t be the next dream that I meet it. If a DC knows that it is dreaming when I meet it, then I will more than likely see them again. This should be superseded by the ability that one persistent evil character I know has, but I have yet to try it, he can change someone’s awareness levels if they are not actively protecting their awareness.

    So these are kind of the observed rules. They lead to a lot of fun times, and other conclusions, but moving on! Not all the dreams I want on here are on here yet, and I have gotten a lot better at dream goals, so I am expecting most of these to be updated often. Also, there are stars… you know, for you. ☆★☆★☆★☆★
    Here are the dreams in chronological order:
    Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views - Links to DJ entries - Dream Journals
    Specific dream subjects

    Old Man
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    technique: uncomfortable wife ★★★☆☆ - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

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    This is why I incubate dreams. ★★★★★ - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

    the wheels on the bus... ★★★☆☆ - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
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    the wheels on the bus... ★★★☆☆ - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views (Was also seen with Jason Entry 1)
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    Silver Key Chronicles
    Got my Silver Key ★★★★★ - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
    Getting a really sturdy grasp of my sword ★★★★☆ - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

    As you can see, I don’t have many links yet. Haha. Will be adding these as soon as possible. A lot of the Zödra dreams have been written in some weird places and will have to be scavenged and written in the DJ added to the chronology and its category. Should be pretty cool. I am hoping to have a DJ entry for each one of these sometime instead, but we will see.

    1. Dreams 9-8-15

      by , 09-09-2015 at 09:54 PM (Zödra)
      Dwight from the office is on trial for some bear facts that he did. He apparently was throwing in jokes as well as facts and it got someone hurt when they faced a real bear. He was saying that they should do their own bear research if they plan on seeing bears. The court couldn't find anything wrong with it, but they asked him to stop treating them like fact.

      I am in my bedroom and I hear something outside of it. There are a bunch of different dreamers there like anotherdreamer and I think Sageous and Fryingman. Dreamer is working on something on the ground. I talk to the guys and they say that she is working on something to help her LD. It is a huge cardboard cut out of a symbol. She is spray painting the symbols onto the ground and does it four times. One for each corner of the bed. AD puts the bed over it and says
      "I bet you wish you could have the symbol under your bed!" He hands me the cardboard and the spray paint. I go back to my room and it isn't my room anymore. I look around for it for a while and give up deciding that I am going to just have to LD through hard work. lol.

      intimate inductions
      I am doing things with my wife and for some reason I have these ideas in my head that if I do specific things, I will have a LD. :/
    2. Dreams 9-7-15. ★★☆☆☆

      by , 09-07-2015 at 08:43 PM (Zödra)
      Playing a Zelda game. I was pretty confused the whole time, not because every time I picked up the controller I jumped into the game, but because I couldn't figure out which game it was. It seemed to be a mixture of TP and SS. Reminds me a bit of what Wii U looked like. It was very early in the night and I didn't tag enough to remember what I was doing.

      If you have anything important to say to Switch
      Hanging out with some DCs. Realize that I am in a dream because they are planning on going to sleep to meet up and fight a boss. I I decide to go to sleep with them and we go down. I realize then that even though I knew that we had already been in a dream, they didn't. This left them all vulnerable to attack from the boss they were getting ready to fight. I watched as the 3 DCs I was with died just like Switch in The Matrix. When the higher level was cut off, they would just collapse. I woke myself up to fight the boss and I had a pretty good fight with him, but I don't remember what he looked like or much of the fight. I just remember afterwards thinking that he was pretty easy and scared of me. Yet again, need to focus more on recall. Sickness is hurting me.

      Old Apartment
      I am at an old apartment after church and hanging with my family. The old apartment complex I used to live in is where a lot of people i know still live, and they were all there. However the apartment complex looked like a different old apartment complex I lived in, so I was a little confused. My sister wants to go play a game at my parents house that can only be played in the rain. It seems pretty dangerous and everyone is arguing with her about it. I pull up a video of the game being played there already, but the rain is subsiding, so they are quitting. She gets mad and starts blaming people for not playing. We end up starting a maze game in the basement of the apartment.

      Inappropriate dream with wife. It was a FA. :/

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    3. dreams 9-6-15. non lucid

      by , 09-07-2015 at 03:05 PM (Zödra)
      At a McDonald's, it is in the middle of a building and there are people everywhere.

      Dad buying a theater expansion onto business. I keep thinking about how much it is like the theater near me. Kid selling dog. Tc show over the food and drink. Kid mad at me. Dads dad also has a theater. Trying to decide what to do for the night. Want to watch a movie.

      People hanging at my parents house. Having a good time. Kid jumping on trampoline.

      Not much more to put on these. Sickness was killing me. I ended up spending a lot of time at the theater thinking about how similar it was this the other, but all of these we're quite short dreams. :/ definitely should have gotten lucid at theater.

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    4. Dreams 9-5-15. non lucids

      by , 09-06-2015 at 05:40 AM (Zödra)
      Spoiler for Dream Tags:

      zaphod beeblebrox
      In this dream I am in a pleasant place in Japan at a party. I can't go into too much detail as it was early in the night. I was talking to someone about how I am exactly like zaphod beeblebrox and I always get everything I want, but everything that I ever wanted was on earth until recently and that is why I finally met zaphod beeblebrox and I started getting what I wanted around the universe. I also remember mentioning that I ruled the world. Weird dream

      I am walking around downtown Japan and I decide to stop at a little shop. There are all sorts of awesome little items there. Most of them actually look like Chinese things, but everything is actually below 10 dollars. I grab a couple things and keep debating what to get because it is so cheap. There was tons of pictures and carvings that I wish I had been aware enough to pay more attention to.

      The Office
      This one was third personish and the cast from the office was in Japan and buying a place there. Jim and Pam were sad to leave scranton, but super happy to live where they have always wanted to live. I remember that there was a table from the office that meant a lot to everyone there and all the people that worked there during their "wonder years". Jim and Pam couldn't fit it in their new home and decided that it should go with someone else and give it to Toby. Kinda strange. I remember Jim walking around in the middle of downtown Japan and contemplating the whole move, it was a very emotional bit.

      I remember wandering around the middle of downtown Japan (a bit of a theme). I know I wrote this down, but I should have put more, because I can remember is what I put down.

      I added this to the previous office dream, it seemed to go together pretty well.

      Dream Goal
      Wife's family comes to visit me and Laura in Japan. They are chilling out in the living room and I come in. They are all laughing and it seems to be because they were talking about something involving me while I was gone. They asked me:
      "Why don't very many Lucid dreamers tell people their dream goals? Are they usually that perverted?"
      "I'll tell you mine, I am not like the rest." I reply.
      "Tell us!"
      "I forgot."
      "that is what they all say." they laugh and leave the room.
      I spend about five minutes sitting in a chair closing my eyes and meditating trying to bring up my dream goal, it finally comes to me and I realize that everyone has left. I need to remember my dream goal better. I think. I need to be able to pull it up any time.

      This seems to go back to a while ago Japan. Before WW2. I am in the middle of a war and I run through the streets of old Japan. I run into a bank. Bullets going everywhere. The war, I found out, just ended. I call 911 and they are not picking up. The guy I am with got shot in the leg and he starts talking pointedly about how he wishes he had been a better brother to his younger brother. I tell him that I am a pretty good brother to my older sisters, but he is unhappy with the answer.

      A friend of mine's family reminds me of the "awesome" family in Chuck. They are visiting Japan and they have a house there. I am talking to the guy I know and his dad, and his dad is talking about all the things needed to be a great family and have a wonderful Christian life. It is all pretty scriptural and I won't bore you with the details, but my favorite is that "You don't let the 'do's and don'ts' replace your relationship with God."

      I analyze the steps and think they are pretty good. I notice it is starting to rain outside, but as I get close to the window it stops raining. Good thing too, because there is no glass in the window. I am confused and start checking to see if there is a way to bring glass up. I look up and there seems to be something up higher to keep water from going in that direction, but it wouldn't keep all water out, especially if the wind was high. I go to a few different levels of the house, and they are all similar, but the lower I get, the more likely I think that water would get in. They must have some way of keeping the water out, I don't want them to ruin their awesome house. I look around and notice how big it is. a very nice amount of house, especially considering it is in the middle of a huge building and they have 3 levels.

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    5. Dreams 9-4-15. non lucid

      by , 09-04-2015 at 09:52 PM (Zödra)
      Spoiler for tags:

      I'm the Satellite, and You're the Sky.
      I am part of a group invading a mountain in order to knock down a satellite. I don't remember much until I jumped off of the mountain and onto the satellite. I held onto it and climbed around it while disabling it in a way that it won't fall out of the sky. It seemed like it was going around the mountain rather than the earth. I remember a kinda rude guy and a kinda rude girl being in the group with me.

      I totally had a second dream right here. :/

      Sitting Here Waiting on Two Pink Lines
      I found out that I was having a third child. I remember finding the "stick" in a trash can before my wife told me. She was afraid I would be mad for some reason since we weren't trying to have a kid like we have in the past. I don't remember a lot of the dream, but I remember a lot of the things I thought about, like "what is it going to be like with 3 kids?", "I wonder what it is going to be", and "How is this gonna effect Japan? Will we put it on hold for a year or two for the kid's birth and shots?" lol. There were even a couple wakings this morning that I remember trying to figure out if it was true or not. I was pretty sad when I finally woke up and found out that I didn't have a third kid coming.

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    6. Dreams 9-2-15. non lucid

      by , 09-02-2015 at 08:03 PM (Zödra)
      Spoiler for tags:

      I am sitting down in a room playing Zelda, there were a couple other people there. Don't remember who it was. I kept going from the game to the room. I don't remember there being any transitions. I don't have much memory of this except staring at the cell shaded graphics and thinking "I thought I was playing TP not SS, no big deal" I do remember swinging my sword a bit too.

      Zelda 2
      I jumped into a tree house and had to climb a mountain to jump into it. It is a mixture of real looking and graphics. I hit a seed at the top of the tree and it exploded with items. It looked 100% real at this point, so it was really strange when I picked them up just by walking up to them. A bunch fell off, so I jumped off and picked some up. There was a girl with me picking things up as well. We head out of the mountain region and into a place that seems to be more realistic. I climb up onto a house and jump into a tree house. I look down and see that the drop is about 15 feet.
      "how are you going to get down?" She asks. Which is strange because we both jumped like 40 feet a minute ago.
      I ignore her and grab a piece of the tree house that is very falling apart. I see what it is connected to and grab it. It lowers me directly onto the ground. haha. I look back up at her and she is shaking her head, mad at me for showing off.

      Me and my wife were driving around super late at night and we were both really hungry. This is probably because I was hungry and we recently went out driving to get donuts late night (when the grandparents were staying over). We get there and it is kind of weird and closed off. I tell her to get me something and she runs in and grabs a couple pieces of cake. From the car I see the cakes and there isn't really a 'cake', but there isn't a single normal looking cake or a single one that matches another cake. It makes me thinks that they made the cake, took one piece out and then dumped the rest. Don't know why.

      Story Time
      Someone is narrating a story about a family being abducted and killed. The family doesn't believe in guns and thinks that cops are evil. This person knew that and was sending them threats. I watched as he came in and took the mom without much trouble. It skipped and went about a month later when he came back for the dad. All of the sudden I am the dad and I am fighting the intruder. He is a red head kid and I am winning the fight. I notice that I am defending a crib. I woke up.

      I am driving down an intersection I know really well. There is a fire department on the corner (dreams and waking). There are a couple fire trucks going like crazy fast that make it so I can't turn left. A third one doesn't have a light on. not even headlights, I almost pull out in front of it. I start driving down my street and all of the sudden I am walking and not driving. A pack of dogs come at me and I go to the other side. One of them turns to me and I jump at it. the whole pack leaves. one stays back I grab it and take it with me down the street. I let it go and he runs away. I notice a lot of cool places to jump on and do flips off of. I enjoy doing the parkour and then wake up.

      Pizza Pizza
      I am at my old work and I go to the basement (doesn't exist) I remember wondering if I was there to pick up a paycheck, but my last paycheck is going to be next Tuesday. I go downstairs and my wife is with me, as well as a lot of the people I know. We are all jumping into a transport thing. There was a lot more to it, but I forget.

      Theme Park
      I am driving with my wife and kid. We get to a theme park in the middle of the night and decide to stay in the parking lot. We go to sleep and wake up there. When we wake up we are on a big hill. I drive down and it is a water theme park. I am getting some swim trunks on. wake

      Itsa me... Mario
      I am at the hill with the theme park, there are all sorts of pixelated enemies attacking. They are really bright. It reminds me of the night at the ranch in Majora's Mask. I am shooting arrows at them and keeping them at bay. It skips forward to the next night and my sister is shooting the arrows. I help her with the aiming and realize that she is shooting left handed and then right handed. I am quite confused. The enemies are all coming at a super fast speed and are really bright. When I am helping my sister it just looks like I am in 3rd person.

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    7. Sexy Competition Night 11. ★★★★★

      by , 08-28-2015 at 04:26 PM (Zödra)
      Spoiler for tags:

      Dream 4
      Talking about dreams, even realized that I had written down dreams that hadn't happened and wondering why that was.
      Dream 5
      The car floated for way too long, the guy looked just like Chevy Chase, really should have noticed.
      Dream 6
      I was at a place that resembled my parents house, even had the forest next door, but it was all messed up. When I started climbing a tree I knew something was wrong, was about to realize I was dreaming, but then woke to alarm.

      WILD 1
      I realize that I am in a dream now and I decide that I should try and get to the island cove. I shrink and then I teleport (don't know why). It isn't right. I fly around the island trying to find the cove or at least my wife. I fly under the water find some cool places. Wake up after a long time of this.

      WILD 2
      I teleport again and look around. I think I am in the right place, but can't find my wife. It is the same place as last time. I can't find her. I fly around closer to the island and look at the scene.

      WILD 3
      I notice that it is a dream again. I don't remember any goals. I teleport and shrink at the same time and end up in the same place as I was and decide to fly into myself (I don't know how this happened). I jump into the arm and power through the skin. It breaks and I swim through the blood. I turn into aquaman in order to swim better. I can also see better. I go through all the arteries and go back to the heart. It seems to be a little slower (about 1 beat per every 2 or 3 seconds), but it crushes me as I am in there. I don't get hurt. It happens a few more times and then I phase through the wall to get into the lungs. Very strange in here. I phase through again and it seems to have turned into a cartoon. Nothing in here makes sense anymore. It is all just kind of red and white blood cells (animated) come at me. I have to fight them off. each punch makes them fly super far away.

      DILD 1

      At my parents house. My sister tells me that something is going to try and kill me tonight. I put down my video games and grab a huge knife. Realize I am dreaming, need to practice my non dreaming fighting anyways. I go around my parents house with the big knife. There seems to be a Halloween Party going on. People are all dressed up. I don't want to kill any of them, so when I see someone that looks like he is going to fight me I yell!
      'I have a knife and will kill you if you attack." The guy is wearing all black and jumps at me. I think there is a bounty on my head or a curse or something. I grab his arm and flip it behind his back. I then stab him in the head and he drops.
      I go towards the party and get something to drink. Some Root Beer tastes really good. (wish I would have looked for some cotton candy cupcakes).
      Another guy jumps out and I yell the same thing at him. He dashes at me and he has a sword. I knock it to the side with my boot and slam it to the ground. He lets go and jumps at me with a knife. I throw the knife into his head and dodge to the side. He drops dead. I grab my knife. Lots of blood comes out. He dissipates. Don't remember the last guy doing that. I go back to the party and hang with some people. There is a girl that starts talking to me like I know her. I act like I do and she mentions that we are in Zödra. Ah crap, I need to take these fights more seriously. I could have died in the last one not using powers. A girl pops out across the way. I tell the girl next to me to leave because I need to fight this witch.
      "Goddess" She corrects.
      I look at her "You know these? you are like me?"
      "We talked about this before. take care of the goddess." I head towards the goddess and the goddess tries to catch me in a stare. This must be what starts her shield. I close my eyes and speed behind her and use my big knife to chop her head off. She recovers real fast and I enchant my weapon real fast. She unleashes a huge wave of something at me and I block it with the new enchantment. I attack her and chop her arm off. There is actually blood and the goddess yells as loud as she can. a screech that pierces into the ears. I protect them with a barrier and speed at her again. She is actually pretty slow. I hit her with the knife in the chest and she drops and dissipates.
      "There is only one more." The girl walks beside me and says. She is short with brown hair. Reminds me a little of Amanda at the time, but there is something there between us, so I don't think it is her "The next one will be a bit more like a vampire goddess. She has the same abilities as other goddesses, but you have to kill her like a vampire."
      I grab a 2X4 and sharpen it into two stakes. I then see a hooded person on top of the stairs. I use the same threat I did before and it turns out that it was just a friend of mine getting ready to prank the next person that walked in. He gets down and walks away. I see another person in the same place seconds later. I jump up there. Fly for a bit and use super speed when I land. I bury the knife into her and pin her to the ground. I fly back down grab the stake. Fly up. Aim for heart. Stab. She tries to bite me with her vampire teeth, jam it in deep and make sure she doesn't get me. I got heart. TK other stake fast. Jam it in. She is in a coffin of sorts and she turns into some dark liquid and then some blood appears from the wound. Then it mixes and bubbles, it seems like it should be burning, but I keep my hands in it feels really strange, on the edge of something really bad happening to me, but my hands seem to fight it off, because I feel like if I let go she will revive. The liquid dissipates and there is a small chest (her chest, like... hollowed outish) it is trying to get up. I jam it even further and see what gave it life when I hear something rattling around. I take out the stakes and flip it over. There is a coin similar to a 5 Ą piece, but made out of something shiny and it has a powerful enchantment on it (the kind that you can't just make onto a knife). I drop it out. Grab it and summon a string for necklace. I put it on.

      I talk to my sister and find out this was all recorded. I start watching, and it actually starts with the video games. The person that recorded is the gal I am dating (this thought pops into my head). She reminds me now of my wife quite a bit, but more like her if she hadn't met me when she was so young and became a woman without me there. She shows me to her dad (she was adopted) and her dad is Japanese and lives next door. He tells me that I am an emperor (Title works by accomplishments, doesn't mean I am ruling). He explains that I need to marry his daughter the princess. She blushes."
      "How do you know I am an emperor?" I ask.
      "You like curry and peanut butter." he replies.
      "What?" I ask I thought this DC was a better DC than this.
      "Just kidding. Look." He points to his door and it shows the two goddesses I just killed "One of darkness, one of light, both evil. They have come every Halloween for a while, but thanks to that amulet you wear, they won't come again."
      "Who killed them before?" I step up to his door and see that it is made of wood and carved. The picture of the goddesses shows them in flowing robes.
      "No one killed them, but my daughter fended them off of the house until the day was over."
      He walks away to a concert he is setting up.
      I look at his sound stage. I remember that me and the girl are at the very very beginning stages and I can barely get her attention. I want to talk to her, but her dad is setting stuff up and she is helping. She jumps on something and side flips off. I tell her I want to talk and she comes up and doesn't know what to do, we both smile and I give her a hug. We walk away and her dad comes up and tells us more about me being an emperor. I don't have a shirt on.I think it is funny because he is talking about people like me never wearing shirts. I don't really care since it is a dream. I kind of want to see where this goes, but I also want to just take the girl away and talk to her and learn about her because she seems awesome

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    8. Sexy Competition Night 9. ★★☆☆☆

      by , 08-26-2015 at 06:05 PM (Zödra)
      My tags disappeared a few minutes ago :/ What the crap. I only have tags for 4 dreams, but I had 7 dreams (2 lucid)

      Here are the two lucids:
      Lucid 1
      I am walking with my mom. Chilling out and having a good time, we stop at a store and there are some video games there (Super Mario) I realize that I am dreaming and instead of just playing the game, I grab the controler and I teleport into the game. Very strange being in both places at once, but I am controlling both at the same time. I run through a few levels. Then my mom joins up and it gets a little more vivid. I use a lot of things like a double jump (not possible in the game or waking), Also do some super strength by lifting things up that are bigger than me. Teleport at the end of every level and shoot fire out at the when I got the flower. Pretty awesome dream really. Fun video game to see come alive.

      Lucid 2
      Going on another walk. This time I am just walking around my old neighborhood. I then see a guy with a gun threatening some passerby's. I thought it would be fun to stop him. I try to summon a gun and a car materializes with a gun in the passenger side. I drive through the lawn.
      "Stop!" I yell. The guy turns over and points the gun at me. I point at the gun in the passenger side and he backs down and then he runs away. I drive around back home. Looking for something fun to do.

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    9. Sexy Competition Night 8. ★★★☆☆

      by , 08-25-2015 at 08:03 PM (Zödra)
      Spoiler for tags:

      Crap... I forgot about the other dreams I had at the end of the night.
      Dream 1 I was very asleep and it would have taken a lot to get me lucid
      Dream 2 going shopping. zombies around, not very aware
      Dream 5 I should have realized it was a dream for numerous reasons.

      Lucid 1
      I was in a place with a cage fight. A game you could only play once. It wasn't really my turn to play, but I was a helper for Dwight Schrute. I realize that it is a dream It is a zombie attack and it is released in waves. I jump into the ring and use some TK to open the huge gate and close it. It is a lot of waves ahead. It has been weeks since I was here in the first dream. I don't want to fight, but I want to see what is going on. I make myself invisible and make everything able to pass through me. The Zombies start ignoring me and they all just pass through me. I float around like a ghost and just watch what happens next. Dwight is so many waves ahead that a mortal cannot take it. The enemies are closing in and he takes apart a couple of them and connects it to the sparkling around (there is a 'Sparkling thing' going around and I didn't know what it was) and eats it. His flesh starts falling off and his arms and head are connected. It is a power up that only seems to last a while somehow, I don't see how he could recover from that. He climbs onto a pole and a couple bones jumped out and grabbed a hold of pole. He has a gun in each of his skeleton hands and somehow he is now not alone. I am on the other side helping him mow down enemies, don't remember transforming, but I am just like him. Somehow this mode allows infinite bullets and almost invincibility (don't remember using this), so we waste the zombie hoard and he returns to his old form.

      Lucid 2
      I am going around the camp (from previous dream) It seems to be somewhere in the future. I just chill out and check out what is going in the base. Apparently they have integrated the zombies into things more like vampires. They are actually a little crazy looking still, but they can live in sun and are sentient. They then live off of food, but they crave humans. I watch a zombie go into a kitchen where a human had just died. it comes out looking more rejuvenated and its eyes which had been blue and white were now blue and red. She leaves and goes into the general populace, ready to start an uproar. :/

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    10. Sexy Competition Night 4. ★★★☆☆

      by , 08-21-2015 at 05:28 PM (Zödra)
      Spoiler for tags from tonight:

      dream 1 was lucid
      dream 2 I should have noticed the obvious taking from books I know and the way to catch things was to be able to know where it was without looking at it. :/ IT was difficult
      dream 3 same as last, but I should have remembered that I had just done it. also scary monkey should have alerted me.
      dream 4 lucid
      dream 5 Wife was playing the same Zelda game on two different screens with two Links on the screen. It made me slow down and think, but not enough.
      dream 6 I slowed down a lot and tried to remember the rules, but not about LDing.

      I remember only a few things from this dream as it was my first dream of the night. Me, Dolphin, anotherdreamer, and dreamer were all flying right next to each other and we landed and I remember thinking about how awesome we all looked standing there shoulder to shoulder. :/ it was weird. Also third person, but definitely lucid as well.

      I was at a wedding that I had already been to and the bride started hitting on me. I realized that it was a dream and banished her and she 'exploded' in a puff of smoke. Her sister appeared in her place after the smoke cleared... meh I can ignore. I decide to try a side flip. I do the steps and almost wreck. I stop myself in midair and raise myself to finish it. I try it again with flying just to get the feel of it. The third time I can feel it and feel like I could do it in waking. Time to impress DCs. I yell
      "Check this out!" I run and do a side flip. Slowing down time halfway through to make it look way more cool. I land and everyone is very confused, but they thought it was awesome. I might have slowed it down too much.

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    11. Sexy Competition Night 3. ★★★☆☆

      by , 08-20-2015 at 04:26 PM (Zödra)
      Spoiler for Tags from the night.:

      Dream 1 I should have realized it was a dream while I was having a voice helping me remember dreams
      Dream 2 It slowed me down being at my old work, should have thought of it.
      Dream 3 Caleb (a cop), Zac (A prison guard) and the other guy (a druggie) should have made me slow down.
      Dream 4 a different Caleb... quit QT a couple weeks ago
      Dream 5 Time was confusing and made me slow down

      Lucid 1
      I spent a lot of time working my old old work. At the end of the dream I was driving with my sister and I realized I was dreaming. Hmmm... What are my goals?
      "What are you saying Sensei?" My sister asks.
      "Just wondering about." The dream starts fading.

      Lucid 2
      I am looking around my "bedroom" and notice that I am like a giant in the place, and it looks like Gotham, but more like it is still a child's bedroom gotham. I go to sleep and it sends me to the right size. I realize that I am dreaming as this happens. I take a grappling hook out and shoot it. I have to change some settings. I go too far and end up having to fly to hit my mark. There is a girl on the roof fighting some thugs. I jump over and punch one of the guys. He goes flying... oops. Need to hit less hard. I notice that the other guy is coming at me and I let it hit. Nothing happens. I TK him across the place. Screw it.
      "What did you just do?" The girl asks.
      I laugh. Don't worry about it. Show me a cool place to hide around here." I tell her. We both have to use a few different items to get there. I believe I lost lucidity a bit here.

      Lucid 3
      I am in a room... Dreaming... go to sleep. I appear in the same place as last time. Stabilize. Gotham, more like real Gotham though, and steam punk Gotham as well. I fly up to a roof. There are some people from my old church there watching tv. They seem boring. I fly to the highest roof. There is a hot woman up there... I use some mind control... Summon a few more DCs. Change one of their's age, change another one's gender... played some games together.

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    12. Sexy Competition Night 2. ★★☆☆☆

      by , 08-19-2015 at 04:22 PM (Zödra)
      Spoiler for Tags from the night:

      Dream 1 Needed more awareness. Not much of a slow down moment at all.
      Dream 2 When I saw the title of the show I read it like 15 times because it seemed wrong, but I thought it was just fan art or something.
      Dream 3 Getting really ticked off more than in waking. Not normal. Should have slowed down with the high emotions
      Dream 4 Things didn't make sense, but I didn't question. :/
      Dream 5 Ummmm... I was slowing down and thinking like crazy, but then I analyzed the battle and what to do next. Not very scared even though I was fighting for my life.
      Dream 6 Arriving at different times is a big problem in my dream. I went over to my friends house at about 6 AM in the morning and I don't know why.

      I am talking with a friend and he is talking about his favorite parts from Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy. I slow down and decide that this is indeed a dream. I look at my hands. Time to go to sleep. I lay down and sleep.
      I wake up, not in a place from hitchhikers guide, but in a place that the guy before me had been talking about and I thought was part of hitchhiker's guide. I don't want to go any further down for now. I will enjoy this universe. I pull out the guide from my pocket. I push a button and it is describing how to fly. I already know how, but it is cool to try the way that the universe works. I throw myself at the ground and miss. I am flying a bit, but I get distracted and fall. I remember the dream scene that I entered. It is the mass homicide of the friends of the protagonist. I should leave. They are at most of the entrances though. I hide in a dark house in a dark place in it (even though there is no ceiling and the walls are about 3 feet high, but my friends notice me. I realize now that it is actually about 100 people that I know from waking life. Wasn't expecting that. Where is Ford Prefect? In the book (Fake book), Arthur and Ford hide in the same spot that I am at. My friends are making lots of noise because they don't notice the danger. I keep my hiding place and fast forward time a bit so that I can find an exit. All the enemies go to my friends. meh, it is a dream. I summon a really big and crazy complicated house into the middle of the fence as a way to get around the guards. I lay down and notice that there are more lights pointing at me. I reach out to summon Ford and he appears in front of me.
      "You should get up." Ford says.
      "Can they see me"
      "You are easy to spot."
      I get up and he has already disappeared. There is still a spotlight looking at me and I take the energy from the light hitting me and shoot it as fire in my eyes. It destroys the spotlight, but now I can't turn it off and I am bringing attention to myself. I look close to the ground and shoot out the rest of the fire. I jump into the house and fly up and down a bunch of stairs and things. I get away from the enemies following me.
      Outside the crazy house there is another perimeter and it has security. It is a place that resembles a theme park, but is actually just how people get around on this planet. A friend of mine is right next to me.
      "We have to get past them to get out." He says.
      "If we jump on any color it should lead us to the big city. We can meet up there."
      "Sounds good."
      I jump over a fence and onto a tube. I tear it open and jump in. It collapses and I hit the ground. I fly up to another one and phase into it. It deposits me at the top of the area where everyone is entering at. Must have chosen the wrong one. Taylor grabs my arm and says "I think they have a lot of things in place to stop us, lets go the long way.
      I look up and see a whole blockade stopping me from just flying away. We jump over a security fence and he stops.
      "I found a girl I like, I can see us going somewhere, so I am going back for her." He runs back and actually runs back to grab his wife. I know however that this version of him is a version that never met her and accidentally went back in time and that all get messed up and a really weird thing happened to end him up single at this point in his life. We all parkour out of there and then my alarm clock goes off.

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    13. Sexy Competition Night 1. ★★☆☆☆

      by , 08-18-2015 at 03:58 PM (Zödra)
      Spoiler for tags from the night:

      First dream was kind of crazy and because of the giant party in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
      Second dream was a little weird because my dad was an extremely gifted spy in this dream, but his words were really jumbled, but I felt a lot of fear in the dream. Japan and and license and everything is from the obvious place of me learning all I can about Japan. I should have recognized that it was a dream when I felt fear in the submarine coming in to the bay.
      Third dream is actually at a similar mansion to the one in the Japan dream (it was long and is very edited since I wrote that in the middle of the night), but this time it was in the US. The girl hitting on me was really good looking. I should have recognized it was a dream with how flawless she looked and how smooth the parkour was that she did.


      I woke up and set my alarm for 15 more minutes and put my headphones on. A few videos down the playlist and I finally fall asleep.
      There is an empty lot across the street from my old work and all of the people from my church are hanging there in the middle of the night and watching the stars. I leave and come back real fast. When I make it back I am with a "friend". He is talking using the voice of the YouTube video.
      "What if this is thousands of years in the future after the polar icecaps are melted and few humans are left and we are just the imaginations of children trying to regain pieces of the world that was lost."
      "If that was true, then we would only exist when thought of, and would only be able to see and think predetermined things." I look around and water is filling up the car and the outside as I think this... oh yeah. I realize I am dreaming and RC.
      "Also, we would only exist for short periods of time, not gonna waste it." I say. I phase through the top of the car and fly around for a second before waking up to my alarm.

      The YouTube video is here and the part that I heard part of is at 4:30.

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    14. Wrong Work - ~Dreamer~! ★★★★☆

      by , 07-23-2015 at 03:45 PM (Zödra)
      I am walking in to my old work and I start realizing that I don't work there anymore. I am getting a little embarrassed and then I stop and remember that I had a dream at this work the day before. I know that this is a dream now, but RC anyways due to the amount of vividness being trippy and what I was planning on doing next was gonna be weird. I look up in the sky and notice that it went from morning to night very quickly. I see the moon and it is bright and silver and beautiful. I close my eyes, but the sight of the moon doesn't go away. I "fall asleep" and the moon slowly changes to the earth and starts spinning quite fast and then slows down. I think that this is awesome since I was talking about seeing the earth in the sky yesterday.

      I notice that there is a break in the sky and that it looks like legoland on the other side. There are all sorts of buildings and things. I fly around a bit and look in it, but it seems pretty far away and I had other plans. I go inside and go to sleep again, trying ~dreamer~'s way of having super long LDs. As I fall asleep I notice that I have a big ball in my hand. I focus on it as I fall asleep and then wake up outside. this time I am near a bunch of businesses and I can't seem to fly at all. I am quite confused and I decide to mess with gravity. I flip upside down and just float there like there is zero gravity. Then I start walking on the underside of the awnings with gravity flipped (Some DCs watching me a little here). I remember that I have a goal and I go off "into the distance" until I find something interesting. I notice a vending machine and stop there. I see a bar on the bottom that looks awesome and instead of trying to just summon money I open up the vending machine. I notice a lock and I phase it through and off. I grab the crackers and read the package. It is super clear and doesn't change, but it doesn't say anything about LDing like I was trying to get it to. I stop caring about this because dreamer is there. She doesn't say anything at first, but we decide (somehow) that we are going to try and find the right thing in a house near us.

      We fly onto the roof and phase through. As we are doing this I feel like I have 3 different dream bodies, the two sleeping and the one awake. It makes sense to me that this would make a dream last longer, but I don't know how. I think about how all 3 different places exist at the same time as opposed to it just being a scene change. I land in a different room than her and I start checking the living room... I see dreamer outside somehow.
      "Try and remember this when you wake up" She says "but you probably don't remember who I am."
      "You are ~Dreamer~, I'll remember, I am very aware. You make sure you journal as soon as you wake up." I say. she is fading. I try to jump through the glass but end up spidermaning all over it.

      I decide to continue with the lengthening of the dream and head to the kitchen. I open the fridge and realize that a drink in the fridge would make the dream last longer. I find one and put it to my lips... and wake up.

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    15. Shared Dreaming Dream. non lucid

      by , 06-19-2015 at 07:26 PM (Zödra)
      semi-lucid with miau
      I had a dream that I was in our world, but DV was a super popular place and we all met all the time. happy sad times. I then got a message from someone on DV saying that it is happening at there house tonight. YAY Shared dreaming attempt. I end up at Miau's house and no one else shows up. She says that everyone else is going to be next door and we will all be trying to SD. There is simply not enough room in her house and her dad only okayed one LDer to spend the night. We go up to her room and talk about LDing a bit and get on the chat. Chat is just filled with people, including the people next door (Next door was actually Dreamer and Canis and they were on chat). We all decide that it is time to sleep, and because this is something that we all do all the time, it isn't this super exciting thing that makes us all have trouble sleeping. Also, me and miau sleep in the same bed, looking back on it, it seems weird, but in dream it seemed normal. We all four meet and we are at a darker version of this world and are hanging out in some back alley... We all knew we were dreaming, but this part is pretty hazy I know that we ate and we showed eachother some powers. I wake up and me and miau start talking about the dream and decide to write it down. I have to leave shortly after writing and I wake up.

      had a couple fragments, but nothing special.
      During WBTB:
      I decide to watch The Matrix Revolutions and watch about half of it during my last WBTB of the night. I then am pretty tired and not sure if I can sleep. I close my eyes and the room is spinning.
      WILD transition:
      My thoughts pretty much go like "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming, HOLY CRAP I AM DREAMING!" and I jump into the dream too soon. I don't have and stability before stopping my character. I let him go and it stabilizes. I jump into the air and I have no control. I am jumping in and out of buildings, the ground, the clouds, and people. I try to stabilize while slipping off of the world, but I have no luck and wake up after about 3 minutes of that.

      I then had another dream that I was playing YuGiOh! and this video game based on Rurouni Kenshin and Dragons!!! It was awesome, but then I beat the first level and it wouldn't download the second level even though I bought it. I was unhappy.

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