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    1. a break from junior year.

      by , 12-24-2011 at 10:28 AM (a teahouse inside my head.)
      As is my custom, here is a long digest of dreams from the past few days.

      December 19th, 2011

      1. There were some creepy guys following me down the street in front of the church near my school. I told them I only spoke Spanish and Japanese. My friend Anna fought them off. Dylan did something online in which his username was "Dylan ____DDDDDDDD" (and the blank was actually something I don't remember). Then there was some kind of river race. Then a guy was doing a photoshoot in Parish Hall, like when they take school photos. He was acting like the creepy guys (and might have been one of them with a different look. This guy was in a black pinstripe suit and had shoulder length black hair, a mustache, and cream colored hat). Somehow I went on his deviantARt and he had a shoutout to jessietea (me, except on dA where I'm jessie-tea, but for all intents and purposes is was me). He wanted to date me in some capacity.

      2. This one is crazy and confusing. I hooked up with Dylan. Then at some point later we were at his apartment (irl he lives with his parents) which looked like they were near the modulars (these trailer classrooms at my school) either in place of them, or they were the apartments right next to them. I ended up telling him that I "was the one who was pregnant with his brother's baby" the year before (NONE OF THIS IS TRUE, the guy exists, and another person who I later mention, Haley exist). He flipped out. Apparently, when we found out, the two of us pretended to kill ourselves (by pretending to cut our throats and hang ourselves upside down in a lake....). Somehow I was still here, but Dylan thought his brother was actually dead. At this point I still keep it a secret. I gave the baby up. This makes the sister develop eating disorders (bulimia), Dylan is angry at me, I'm traumatized by the whole thing. Then it seemed like a montage where time passed and we were a trio and hung out. At some point Dylan starts dating Haley (oh wait, this and the hooking up are real) and we're all still friends. At some point I remember the image of a cream colored laundry room. Finally, we all go to get Guardasil shots together (this dream was the night before I had to go get one of those, so that's why I dreamt it) and we ended up getting it done in the Parish Hall bathrooms.....

      Actually, I'll finish these up in another post soon. I have to sleep.