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    1. Littlezoe Statue, Lois Griffin and OpheliaBlue Spanking, Beer Belly Man

      by , 08-09-2012 at 03:13 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Littlezoe Statue? (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a large room, and it feels like a museum in a way. The dominant colors in here are mostly white intertwined with lighter hues of brown, muddy brown specifically.

      (I wish I had the female's sophisticated scale of colors in my head.....just kidding about that. )

      It feels so spacious, though I didn't really take that into consideration while in the dream. At my current position, I can look to my left, and I see triangular medium with the top cut off to make a square base has some sort of statue of a cat.

      I looked into the composition of the cat, and I keep having feelings that it's somehow associated with Littlezoe on Dream Views. The feelings kept accumulating, and I eventually had to take my eyes off it.

      I don't know why, maybe it could be that I didn't want to have my mind saturated with those thoughts, or I had some random objective in this dream.

      I believe I go upstairs to do something, but it's all speculation at this point.


      Lois Griffin and OpheliaBlue Spanking (Non-lucid)


      I wish I could recall more of this....

      There's a weird process where if something happens (dang it, why can't I remember?), a person gets intensely spanked. I think Lois Griffin was one of those people, and apparently, OpheliaBlue was next.

      OH YEAH..

      I remember it being practiced somewhere upstairs in a random building, and there was a small walkway where people can be rolled over and spanked.

      Sigh...only a dream, but not a reality...


      Beer Belly Man (Non-lucid)


      I really don't want to go into detail of this dream, but to keep disciplining myself with keeping a steady dream journal, here goes...

      I remember being in a room with my father, and some random dream characters. Though some of them look familiar to me, they don't really associate with people that would be considered "friends" to me or my father.

      I remember the flooring consisting of a dark red carpet layering, and the walls themselves had the same color, or at least some kind of dark color. I remember an old man who's looks Indian is completely naked in the torso region.

      He has a beer belly, a REALLY big one, and he has his left arm resting on the side handles of the red sofa-like furniture he's sitting in. He's wearing glasses, and are very trimmed around the edges as well consisting of a black color.

      Blah blah blah, that's all I remember.

    2. Day 3: Just A DC

      by , 06-11-2012 at 11:11 AM
      Dream Fragment - "Clavines (?), a warm drink made from strawberries. (I sure wouldn't drink that! ) Posting on DV, littlezoe."

      Just A DC [MILD]

      I was at my old middle school, but I perceived it as my community college, and I was walking around in the hallways after a class with O. I saw this girl I used to know named AB, and then I became lucid when we were walking out of the front doors and I was asking O what he wanted to do. He said he would need to go home and take a shower before anything, and I realized that I actually still had a class to go to anyway. I turned around and waited outside the door with J, who was apparently in this class too. I lost lucidity around this time, and I don't remember much about the class except that I think it might have been an English class and it was over extremely fast. When the teacher let us go, it came back. I was walking out of the same front doors with J this time and laughed as I noted O coming back in. Still sort of in a transitional mindset, I turned to J and asked him "Is this our dream?"
      "No." Well that was blunt. He started talking about something else, but I already knew I was lucid at this point and I know that J is one of my friends with the capacity for real conversation, so I wasn't putting up with this.
      "Wait, why not?"
      "Because it's your dream."
      "Oh, so it's not a shared dream?"
      "Nope, I'm just a... uh, D...C?" He looks at me inquisitively. I love that the fact that he doesn't know dream-related terms carried over into his personality, despite how aware he was.
      "Yeah, 'DC'." I pause and look around. This whole time we'd been walking away from the school, first through the parking lot and now over a nearby field. I turned to him again. "Well then what do you want to do?"
      He starts off a sentence with "Well, normally I...", but then the dream starts fading away. I heard more of what he said at the time and I'm pretty sure I even comprehended it (I think it was something to do with running?), but I can't remember it now. Everything faded to white, and
      I woke up.

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    3. The Golden Oracle, Me and Littlezoe arranging our next meeting.

      by , 05-25-2012 at 10:55 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now enjoy reading my dreams.

      Dream #1 The Golden Oracle.

      Spoiler for Theme Of The Dream:

      Im walking down a dirt rocky trail like the one in the picture. I see two huge statues, and begin walking closer towards them stopping right at the middle. The one on the left says to me...

      "Is your heart as pure as gold?"

      "Well i am certainly not perfect, but i would say so yes."

      "You can pass on one condition."

      "Yea what is it?"

      "You must glow the colour gold before passing thru here."

      "Uh...glow gold uh?"

      I start trying to focus my mind on glowing the colour gold and end up just feeling my vibrational energy.

      "I can't do it on command though!"

      (One on the right talking)

      "Then you cannot pass thru here. Only the one who's heart is pure and full of gold."

      I start thinking hard about how i am able to pass thru the middle i try to walk closer, but they warn me that i will most certainly perish if i do so.
      I try and focus my energy again on glowing gold, still nothing. I finally ask them where is this place located, and how can i return here?

      (They both say)

      "We are where you are. In the alternate world that you have created for us."

      Wait a minute...it hits me, and i realize that this is a dream. I start glowing gold and tell them i am the master of this world!

      I tell them..

      "Whoever wishes to fight me, must be at the highest level of their being. And their aura must be full of gold. Let no man or woman pass thru here, unless those requirments are met."

      (Both of them talking)

      "As you wish Master."

      I walk thru and feel the dream closing in on me and i wake up.

      4:30 - 4:45 am. Did plenty of subconscious training, and went back to sleep.

      Dream #2 Me and Littlezoe arranging our next meeting.

      Im walking thru a huge forest just like the one in the picture. You can hear birds chirping and singing, and even certain animals in the forest too. I hear someone whistling in the distance, i look around but see no one. All of a sudden i spot a girl who looked to be in her late teens or early twenties. She was sitting atop a tall tree, on a branch. She seem familiar, but i still can't quite make her out. Her eyes were colourful and brown from the sun, She had long jet black hair, and fair complexioned. She wore a Blue short sleeve t shirt, and some black pants with some white sneakers.

      I begin asking her why she is whistling, she says to me..

      "Im trying to call the hawk to me."

      "Hmm, the hawk uh? Certainly the hawk must be your guide if you are seeking for him or her."

      We begin talking more about animals, and spiritual stuff. We start jumping around thru the trees, leaping higher and higher in the air. I become lucid, and notice that...its Littlezoe!

      I tell her does she know how to shapeshift yet, and we both jump down from the trees, and start running. I feel myself shapeshifting into a wolf, i noticed that Zoe shapeshifted into a wolf too. We start running thru the huge forest leaping thru bushes and just chasing eachother thru the huge forest. We end up back at this house, and are seated in a room.

      We start talking about our next meeting and how we plan on finding Lucy together.
      The dream fades and i wake up.

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