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    1. Academic Weirdness

      by , 06-01-2018 at 02:40 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      I am in a small classroom in a university, but it’s not lecture I’m attending here: it’s a theatrical performance.

      There are about a dozen of us in the audience, as well as three dogs, two of them large ones, which is almost enough to make the room crowded. Both the main actors are here already too, in the front of the room. It seems they’re performing “Faust”- or something Faust-ish, at any rate. Both the main characters are being played by women, the title role by Hélène Grimaud, although it’s not clear whether it’s actually the pianist or just a well-known actress who happens to have that name.

      There’s also a woman in the back who seems to be involved in some official capacity. She’s the one responsible for checking tickets—at least theoretically. I’m hoping that remains theoretical since I don’t actually have a ticket. The prevailing system here seems to work like train tickets, where the ticket is good for a certain range of dates. While I do have one on hand, it’s good for three weeks in November, and it’s still October now.

      She begins by giving a short speech, which she records using a small camera. Predictably, the smaller dog, which is hers, sticks its face directly in it at one point. Things come to a halt for a bit as the audience makes a fuss over all the dogs and encourages her to get them on film. But eventually, the performance itself gets underway.

      For a while, it’s just the two leads talking, but very clever dialogue. At one point, the Mephistopheles(-ish) character begins asking for members of the audience to volunteer. And, as people begin to get more comfortable, they begin to participate more. Soon—what with the intimate space and the lack of separation between us and the performers— it’s as if we’re a part of the performance rather than just observing it.

      I look out the (partially frosted glass?) wall at a man walking by—he probably thinks this is a rather odd lesson, given that it’s probably not obvious at first glance that it’s a performance. But actually, he seems to be part of the performance as well. He enters the room, placing some notes and a glass with some white wine in it on a lectern, and beings to talk about philosophy.

      One of the audience members comments on the wineglass. The newcomer enters into a hilarious dialogue with them, still in a philosophical vein, all in a complete deadpan. I recall him claiming that he wasn’t the same person he was a couple of drinks ago. Another half-dozen people seem to have joined the audience at some point, which is more than enough to make the room crowded. At some point, I wake up.

      After writing everything down, I fall asleep again and find myself in a continuation of the dream. I seem to have watched the rest of the performance, as well as the lecture taking place in the room afterwards—apparently a Marxist interpretation of diabetes, which I’ve stayed to listen to out of a combination of morbid curiosity and a lack of anywhere better to be. But I have a class I need to get to soon, and I want to get some coffee first, so I gather my stuff together and cut out early.

      Once outside, it occurs to me that I don’t actually know where this class is going to be held. I find my notebook in my messenger bag and look through it, but it only looks like I’ve got last semester’s schedule written here—not this one’s. But I do recall receiving an email from somebody mentioning the class’s location, so I can check on that—but it will have to be on my laptop, since I can’t access that particular account on my phone.

      My room isn’t far from here—it’s in a large building just down the street. I enter and make my way up to my room. It’s a tiny room, and unlike anywhere I’ve actually lived, but it all seems familiar and somehow pleasant. I put what seems to be my cast-iron shrine teapot on a hotplate on the top of a small, precarious-looking shelf to one side of my desk to boil water for coffee and sit down to find the email.

      According to the email, the class is taking place at St. John’s Observatory—so not on campus, then, since I would have seen it if it were. I pull up a map website to find out where it is. To my own amusement, I initially mistype "Kassel"—the place I have apparently decided I am—as "Kessel" (kettle, that is).

      Based on the pictures my search has turned up, the place I’m going to is a greenhouse as well as an observatory: it’s a small building with mostly glass walls, through which greenery can be seen. I’m not sure where it is relative to me just yet, though, and it’s now 17:00, when the class was supposed to begin. Maybe that won’t matter so much on the first day? But then it occurs to me: I’m in Germany. Akademisches Viertel. That means I still have time to get there.
    2. Geomagnetic forces and cougars (between 12th August 2011 and 13th August 2011) First dream

      by , 10-22-2011 at 12:13 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      It´s night time...

      I´m in an observatory ...

      F and I are in a place where geomagnetic forces ​​manifests... the ground is made of soft and loose dirt, and we walked over small, low wooden bridges that define between each other geometric floor openings, some bridges, between them, form land pentagons, other for land rectangles .... these figures are not formed on each bridge, but between bridges.

      The bridges are equal in shape, and height.

      I look up, and although this structure is outdoors, there is a "ceiling" of the same wood beams of the bridge, forming a dense web of beams, and through them I see the sky and the stars.
      I explain to F what geomagnetic forces are, and we both jump to the pentagon-shaped piece of land between bridges.
      This piece of land as a construction line through it ... wires of metal connect the bridges to each other.
      I say to F: "Here, precisely, is where geomagnetic phenomena is generated... can you feel it?"
      He is not convinced... I insist on my explanation a little more...

      but it comes to my mind my real concern ... a comet or asteroid coming towards earth ... apparently I'm the only one to know that.

      I have a sudden vision in the middle of this dream - I see a dark control room... T is in the room and complains to me that C F walked agains him.

      He is really annoyed and angry with the situation, I'm glad with him being angry.

      I return to the original dream and I keep walking, leaving the area of the geomagnetic manifestations way back, towards the main building.

      The building is a long parallelepiped, made of white marble, and very large glass windows . As I walk I look up and see C M on the third floor going upstairs to the fourth floor. Beside him is a blond woman with a red dress. When he see´s me he stands still and both look at me.

      I feel I have to disappear from their sight, and continue to walk towards the building.

      I have a glass door in front of me, locked.

      I make my identity authentication (can not remember if I pass the card or put a code) , the door opens.
      I go through a series of service corridors and I end up in a kitchen. There are 4 or 5 "Cougars" there.

      One is dressed in a black felt coat, has brown hair by the ears.

      All of them are excited by my presence.
      One in particular is more excited then the rest.

      She is blonde, with hair to her shoulders, her lips painted red.
      Froom the waiste up she is dressed with a bodice and from the waiste down she´s dressed with lingerie.

      She´s the cook.

      We (me and the cook) got out of the premises and go to a lingerie store that lies between a subway station and a Shopping Centre.

      She puts her hand under my shirt,licking my belly, tasting it, saying something like this: "Yes, this is / will be good, very good."