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    1. Living it large?

      by , 10-27-2016 at 12:14 PM
      D1 - Staying in a vast room, it is the size of a warehouse with very heigh ceiling. The space is filled with mattresses, like minecraft blocks. I am most appropriately sleeping there.
      I cannot get off to sleep however as there is a fox roaming about, also possibly some other creatures.
      I decide I need to pee and get up and start climbing the mattresses to the other side, near the way in where I know there are some washing facilities.
      Only trouble is when I get to the other side of the hill of mattresses I find a sharp slope, and I slip slide helplessly to a massive gap. A drop so far down , probably the equivalent of about five floors up but due to the fear invoked seems like bottomless.
      I fall and fall and fall, I feel to my certain death. However my fall is broken by a metal grid to one side.
      My leg is mashed and cut by the collision but my descent is slowed and I land in a crumpled heap unconscious.


      D2 - I am in a desert and am deciding what character I should be. I decide on a guy who is unshaven and wears a kind of a poncho, he is skilled in martial arts. I also need to collect a selection of people for my group. This process goes on and on as I make different selections.

      D3 - I wake up in a sunny bedroom, the bedroom is shared with many children but is empty now. I move to the breakfast room, which has a massive (again lol) wooden table, filled with breakfast plates and bowls and loads of bacon and eggs and other foods. Only one child is there, she has blonde hair and wants me to eat but I am not hungry, in fact I feel nausea.
      Outside in the garden, my father has a giant swimming pool and is filling it with water. In the dream my phobia of not being able to turn off water returns and I spend much time worried about this.

      I thought my phobia had disappeared or weakened but it seems I may have somehow suppressed it?? Is that even possible with a phobia.
    2. Dark and Light (repeating dream sign)

      by , 09-08-2016 at 07:13 PM
      D1 - Beautiful large black and brown bordered tarot cards are being used to play a game, I am at a loss as how to play. I am told by a self assured blond man who is the dealer that I should use the cards that match based on electricity. The cards have electricity flashing across them.
      I meet a guy outside this tavern and talk about something.

      D2 - [Repeating work dream] At a workplace I am talking to my boss and explaining that an invoice has been accepted as the company is a professional business and not a small personally run operation. We are standing next to a giant printer (used to have one like this at work, the width of a large desk, with a glass top). A printout comes through and it become apparent that I have missed a deadline for some paperwork (24th Sept). My boss is unimpressed and I go off to see what paperwork is missed. I find I only have a few things in my tray not processed.

      D3 - Walking down a street I am blocked by a load of people. I step up to each person and place my hand on their forehead, one by one and use my powers to turn them into my minions. They turn around and head in the direction I want them. They are all wearing suits and look old.

      D4 - Walking through a darkened bookshop shop, looks like Waterstones. I am looking at small glass boxes like old fashioned carriage clocks with white lines of lightning running across them.
      On trying to leave I find the exit is blocked by a large grey boulder and have to squeeze back through and past a queue of people at the checkout.
      I see some people through the large glass plate window of the shop. I see they are doing something I do not think is right, so I use my powers to step through the glass. On the other side I see one young woman has blond hair and one has black hair. They have the audacity to ignore my remonstrations and I try to use the same mind control on them by placing my hand on their foreheads but it does not work (LOL).

      D5 - Outside a house there are little fluffy yellow chicks in a grassy backyard in the countryside. I use my powers to round them up and bring them indoors, unfortunately there are a load of black curly headed dogs in the house. I use my powers to get the dogs out but then the chicks escape! So I have to start again.

      The dark seems to represent unsurprisingly shadow elements
      I have been in a dilema about these in my life for quite some time.
      I see now from one dream I had where there was a woman who had a twin, one blond and one dark haired that infact that both are incorporated into me and I don't have to make an external choice only be more accepting of that which is within me and allow it an outlet.

      Large plate window and grassy banks are also repeated dreamscape idk what thats about exactly.

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    3. Sacrificial Luge

      by , 07-12-2015 at 01:29 PM
      We have crash landed in an unfamiliar land or world. I have some nice gold jewelry with me that I keep with me, we leave our plane while it is getting repaired. I spend time on my own each day with locals learning customs, especially enjoy frequent (daily?) rides in dugout canoes with the priests and priestesses down an under-mountain water luge. It is serious, but a fun ride! at the top there are always two canoes, and one female will ride to another tunnel on the left, lying in her canoe after we say goodbye ceremonially and head to the right. Everyone here is very fair, tall, blonde, and they all wear white. I believe the tunnel to the left goes through some falls to another part of city... One day, I have come to be so bored and tired of being there that I decide I will ride with the woman. They others try gently to dissuade me but I am adamant and they let me get in -- then my mate (handsome channing tatum type) shows up out of nowhere, gets very upset and says no, I can't go, and explains that those falls take the priestesses to their death, this is a sacrificial rite. Wish someone had bothered to tell me that earlier! I get out of the canoe, and say fine, but let's leave this place. He says we have no fuel. I go over to the old priest sitting nearby at a desk and give him a bracelet with orange stones in it -- ask him to fill up our plane in return. He says he can do better than that, and proceeds to give me a massive fortune in their currency (three small bags of white gold-like dust), explains that the stones in the bracelet are worth enough for me to live in luxury for the rest of my life. I agree, the bracelet was just a trinket to me anyways, and we leave.
    4. 10-25-14 Wes Anderson cultists

      by , 10-25-2014 at 10:24 PM
      There was a satanic cult that operated in a small rural community close to where I live. Their order of ceremonies insisted that at each service the members of the society must watch Wes Anderson's film "Fantastic Mr. Fox". It was a requirement. Not a single service went by without a screening of it. I remember thinking to myself, "This should make some awesome trivia on the movie's page on IMDb. Those cultists must know that movie inside and out! I wonder why it's so important to them."

      This blond-haired boy gymnast was hanging upside down by his feet in a gym. He was wearing some tight-fitting athletic garb that looked sort of like a speedo. Then this girl came up to him and started kissing him. She also kissed him in some of his more private places. It was embarrassing.

      Then I was sitting in possibly the coolest room I've ever been in in a dream. It had an extremely low ceiling, so that I had to bend over even when I was sitting cross legged on the floor. Everything was made of wood and painted black. The only light came from the ceiling which was covered in these glowing, multicolored geometric designs. They looked sort of like Indian henna art, and it covered the whole ceiling and sort of swirled around.

      Then that same girl that had kissed the blond boy came in through a trap door in the floor. She sort of started flirting with me. She mentioned that sweethearts like to lie on their backs together and watch the ceiling as the designs swirled around. She also mentioned several times that she just wanted to "eat me up".

      I was driving down a busy interstate at about 80 mph very late at night. I was going around a big turn in the road. I was passing people right and left, so I was having to swerve a lot. Nobody's tail lights seemed to be working, so I just had to guess at where they were. It was freaky.

      My family and I were shopping at Walmart. My mom forbade me to ever use DreamViews again. I protested that it helped me in learning how to lucid dream and I had a dream journal there. But she forbade it. So I left a notice on the site that I wouldn't be posting anymore, and deleted my account.

      Hagrid from Harry Potter was standing by what looked like a laundry or garbage shoot. He shouted, "All aboard for Hogwarts!" Then Professor McGonagall appeared carrying about five little kids in her arms. They all yelled in delight, "Yaaay!! YaaaaY!!! We're all going to HOGWARTS!!!" Then she shoved them down the shoot. She started laughing and said, "oh, they're so cute! Bless them! They wanted to go to Hogwarts, and we sent them there!"
    5. August 18, 2012 - "Military Base"

      by , 08-25-2012 at 03:49 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      2:14 a.m. Listened to subliminal audio hours before bed. LaBerge #6 doesn't seem to help with LD.


      Some sort of military base. Entrance. Others. Some don't care.
      An ice floe. A small entity. Calling out for another entity. Mi? Mic? A small female entity went out. She knows me or the other character. She jumped happily seeing me. She knows me. white blond hair. Lithe.
    6. With my First GF; The Hospital Guy

      by , 07-18-2012 at 06:17 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was with my first girlfriend. We were watching prisoners who were chained up and on display busting up rock. We ended up taking one with us. He was a blond guy.

      I started talking to him to make him feel comfortable, and to make me feel comfortable. I was kind of afraid of what he might do.

      We started playing a video game, though I don't remember anything about the game. Then the guy turned my attention to someone. He said I'd be interested. I turned and saw a fantastic blonde girl with curly hair playing piano.

      At first she was playing Pinball Wizard. When I looked at the music, it was Wish You Were Here. I told her I've been listening to that for weeks now, which is true in waking life.

      I noticed she had one hand in a cast. Then I looked back at my girlfriend and she put her head on the guys shoulder. I looked at her disturbed and she stopped. I was very jealous.

      Then I started trying to play a video game again. Then I was trying to put something down on a table, but there was urine on two or three of them and I had to carry whatever I had.

      Dream Skip

      I'm in bed with a few people--guys and girls. I am trying to touch this girl next to me in a way that nobody will notice, and so the girl doesn't get mad. I am hoping for a sign that she doesn't mind.

      I end up touching my vagina, (I'm a hetero guy in waking life) but I didn't feel it. It was as though it was someone elses, but now there was nobody there.

      The Hospital Guy

      I was with my brother who was pissing me off as usual. We don't speak anymore in waking life. I/we were packing up our stuff to move or something. He finally left and I was glad.

      Next thing I know I'm going down the road with all my stuff in a car. I let two pieces of trash drop onto the highway (I never litter in waking life). My car is now stalled. I pick up one piece of trash and put it back in the box where I had it. I open the door to steer the car to the side of the road while I push the car.

      My friend MJ is at a garage or something on top of the hill above where I'm pushing my car. He tells me to remember Saturday. I asked what we were doing Saturday. He told me, and I repeated it a couple times, but I can't remember what we had plans to do.

      Dream Skip

      I'm in a big, empty room. A guy is starting a hospital. He had worked in a hospital, but now he was starting his own. The story was, he had wanted to, but couldn't. Now his mother was dying, and so he started his own hospital to work on her. I heard the explanation from a narrator.

      Again, the room was empty. The guy was cleaning up the place getting it ready. I saw a cleaning solution being poured onto the floor, but it was being poured on a cup at a time.

      It was like a thick soap, and it was thrown onto the floor in different colors. It landed with a slight splat pattern. More and more was being thrown onto the floor until it was mostly covered when the dream ended.
    7. Candy Display; Blond

      by , 07-16-2012 at 05:07 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Candy Display

      I was leaving a room where there was some kind of gathering. I saw these things in a display case that looked like little brains. It turned out they were little candies. I said, "What are these? Little brains? WTF?!"

      From across the room, someone responded, "WTF!"

      I thought that was so funny and so appropriate!


      A strange DC wanted a girl to be with him. He was saying, "Just give me a chance. If you don't like me after giving me an honest try, I understand. Then he told her to go in the kitchen and make him some food when he's nervous (that meant right then).

      That's when I got a look at the guy. He was tall, lanky, and his hair was disheveled. I told him not to order her around if he's trying to get her to like him.

      She was going to make him some eggs, but needed help. I asked my wife if she would help her because I figured she wouldn't want me to help this pretty blond (The blond that Peter Parker took to the jazz club in Spider-man 3. She pressed up against me from the back. My wife wasn't saying anything. I reached around and grabbed the girls ass and squeezed. It was nice.

      Later, I looked at her and apologized just mouthing the words. She said it was OK.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    8. 11 Dec: Blond rebelious girl in the 50's

      by , 12-12-2011 at 11:59 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am a young blond girl of good families, but quite rebellious. I have some questionable friends and I do things my family would totally disapprove, like inhaling hairspray whenever things get boring.
      I have a friend from school who is not as fortunate as me - she is from a poor family - but I really don't care about social class of a person as long as he/she makes me laugh. We are very close friends and we spend as much time together as possible. She comes by my mansion when my parents are not around, but the butler never opens the gates to let her in - despite my indignation and calling him all the names I can think of - so when she rings the bell, I slide down from my bedroom window to the terrace below and from there to the lawn and run to the gates to let her in. We then have so much freaky fun doing absurd and sometimes dangerous stunts.
      She makes me so happy, sometimes I even think I am in love with her.
      One day in class I slide a box with a ribbon on top, from under my desk to hers on my right. It's a gift for her and I couldn't wait for the end of the class to give it to her. Unfortunately the teacher - quite a bitch in my perspective - sees it and apprehends the box. She asks me what am I doing and I reply with a defiant smile, showing no remorse, shame or regret. I am always like this: I never, ever, feel or admit, even to myself, that what I do may be wrong. I am that free!
      Although I am such a rebel, I am also brilliant and even without any effort, I get good grades. But the only class I truly love is literature and the guy who teaches it is the only teacher I respect and who can get my fully undivided attention. One day almost at the end of the class he talks about some lady writer and reporter with whom I identify a lot. She is Anne something (a big weird germanic name) and I write it down to help me memorize it for when I wake up (didn't work though). He says he'll say more about her in the next class, but I am determined to look for more info about her as soon as I get home.
      Later on, I am already employed. I work at some office, possibly a newspaper or magazine. I arrive about one hour late for work and I try to sneak in without being seen by the boss. My colleagues just shrug their shoulders, nod their heads, but don't say a word. Unfortunately my boss blocks me at the base of the staircase to the upper floor where I have my desk. He looks unpleased, but not extremely enraged, so I say I'm sorry and make up some really bad excuse why I'm late. He says he's tired of my pointless excuses, since I arrive late every single day, they no longer work. I laugh, he's got a point. In that case, why doesn't he just let me go to my desk? He does. Everybody in the office considers me a spoiled brat with no notion whatsoever of responsibilities, but they all love me and forgive me my manners.
      A colleague tips me that a certain guy I have a crush on - a navy officer who is, by coincidence, non other than my RL friend Granger - is coming by today to meet the boss, of whom he is a friend. I know he loves me back, but he just can't deal with my rebel, careless attitude, which is just the opposite of him. I see him stepping out of a car, so elegant in his uniform and as he enters he immediately sees me. He hides his true emotions but he flirts with me anyway and I play along, dreaming of the day he might consider me worthy of his true affection.

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    9. Geomagnetic forces and cougars (between 12th August 2011 and 13th August 2011) First dream

      by , 10-22-2011 at 12:13 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      It´s night time...

      I´m in an observatory ...

      F and I are in a place where geomagnetic forces ​​manifests... the ground is made of soft and loose dirt, and we walked over small, low wooden bridges that define between each other geometric floor openings, some bridges, between them, form land pentagons, other for land rectangles .... these figures are not formed on each bridge, but between bridges.

      The bridges are equal in shape, and height.

      I look up, and although this structure is outdoors, there is a "ceiling" of the same wood beams of the bridge, forming a dense web of beams, and through them I see the sky and the stars.
      I explain to F what geomagnetic forces are, and we both jump to the pentagon-shaped piece of land between bridges.
      This piece of land as a construction line through it ... wires of metal connect the bridges to each other.
      I say to F: "Here, precisely, is where geomagnetic phenomena is generated... can you feel it?"
      He is not convinced... I insist on my explanation a little more...

      but it comes to my mind my real concern ... a comet or asteroid coming towards earth ... apparently I'm the only one to know that.

      I have a sudden vision in the middle of this dream - I see a dark control room... T is in the room and complains to me that C F walked agains him.

      He is really annoyed and angry with the situation, I'm glad with him being angry.

      I return to the original dream and I keep walking, leaving the area of the geomagnetic manifestations way back, towards the main building.

      The building is a long parallelepiped, made of white marble, and very large glass windows . As I walk I look up and see C M on the third floor going upstairs to the fourth floor. Beside him is a blond woman with a red dress. When he see´s me he stands still and both look at me.

      I feel I have to disappear from their sight, and continue to walk towards the building.

      I have a glass door in front of me, locked.

      I make my identity authentication (can not remember if I pass the card or put a code) , the door opens.
      I go through a series of service corridors and I end up in a kitchen. There are 4 or 5 "Cougars" there.

      One is dressed in a black felt coat, has brown hair by the ears.

      All of them are excited by my presence.
      One in particular is more excited then the rest.

      She is blonde, with hair to her shoulders, her lips painted red.
      Froom the waiste up she is dressed with a bodice and from the waiste down she´s dressed with lingerie.

      She´s the cook.

      We (me and the cook) got out of the premises and go to a lingerie store that lies between a subway station and a Shopping Centre.

      She puts her hand under my shirt,licking my belly, tasting it, saying something like this: "Yes, this is / will be good, very good."
    10. Organization (Between 20th July 2011 and 21st July 2011) First Dream

      by , 10-19-2011 at 12:50 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm with A. M. in the former home of my grandmother. He has a son.
      The kid is blonde with blue eyes.
      It has a yellow babygrow.
      A. M. turns to me and says that today we gonna playing football.
      When we arrived to the football field, I realize that the field is a mixture of petrol stations and a dirt field.

      One of the football poles (of my team) was between two gasoline stations.
      I fail some goals but a little later i score one, the ball goes very slowly between the legs of the goalkeeper.
      I start running and screaming goooooooooooaaaal!
      However A. M. wonders where his son is, and he says that the child is with T. A. , he's taking take care of him.

      Suddently the police or some sort of a special force appears... and suddenly I'm in a helicopter with the leader of this special force ...

      Barack Obama is the commander of these special forces. He's about to throw me from the Helicopter. He as metal discs
      in his hands and feet,they function like the Iron Man´s propellers.

      I put some metal discs in my own hands and feet too.

      He dominates that technology better than me. I try to take a swing at him...but he suddenly disappears.
      The Helicopter lands and a white-coated scientist comes to me and says that F is expecting my orders.

      It´s seems im some kind of leader of some sort of organization.

      I grab some propellers, put them in my pockets and go away.

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    11. Nomads (Between 7th December 2010 and 8 th December 2010) ---- Second Dream

      by , 10-16-2011 at 05:26 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I was at school.

      I was walking around the school, had a light-brown raincoat and a sweater that had long sleeves (partially covering the hands) the shirt was pale brown. I had the feeling of belonging to a faction that fought another...

      Someone came to me and began walking beside me, a boy ... He started to explain the "order" of things in school as well as describing some of the nearby places and locations ...

      From time to time a girl passed near me, she has 23/24 years, all dressed in black, she wears a discreet spike collar around the neck, and a black trench coat. She had long, straight black hair, and black rimmel around her eyes, she had a pale skin... she looked at me and I looked back to her, surreptitiously ... the sexual tension was obvious.
      This guy took me to a place he called ______ and said it belonged to "our" the faction of the Nomads (I was still not 100 percent willing to join them).

      Both factions wanted me because I had special abilities (I also knew I had them, but I did not realize what they were).

      As we were walking, two women (their 22/23 years passed in a hurry ... the clothes were the of the colors of mine...one of them had a top and had a horizontal strip that covered the area of the chest, also covered the shoulders... leaving only a small decorative hole in the upper bone of the sternum. The pants were tight,both women wore black boots.

      Both women had black hair short hair.
      It felt that they were chasing that girl in black.
      However we continue to walk towards the _____ that looked like a convent. As we were walking, the boy who accompanied me start running towards the convent, towards a fight that was happening, I continued to walk normally going in the direction of the convent.

      I walked down a ramp, and passed near a coffe shop that had a clan of vampires, they where having coffee.

      They were all in normal clothes. The esplanade where the vampires were was covered with ivy on the surrounding walls of the esplanade. There esplanade had tables and railings, made of Victorian green iron, the railings also had ivy.
      As I leave the esplanade behind,this young, blond vampire appeared, already in full transformation. She asks me if I do not want to be like her and points to the fangs, saying that it would only take a bite ...

      I just wanted to be immortal and live forever young, but just thought it, i didn´t told her.

      I told her no, because from the first moment that she would bite me she would not control her hunger and she would suck all the blood that i had and I would die. She said it was just a bite... she approached my neck, she smelled my skin and my veins, she then erotically smiled and said "my God, that smell ..." Being afraid of her lost of control, i refused to continue and went away.

      I joined the battle in the courtyard of the convent, i was fighting a figure dressed in a purple suit , seemed a mix of a zombie and a vampire ... he pointed at me with one of his hands and several of his fingernails were projected like bullets. I tried to dodge but one hit me in the right shoulder.

      Then I grabbed a square metal shield, instantly more beings like him started to appear i started beating them with the shield in their skulls... then the whole scene changed into cartoons, in which a cartoon character called Mr. Happy, a blue toon, went to jump in the middle of the pool of brains, and brain tissue,and blood that were on the ground...all that brain mess was the result of my massacre against those zombie-vampires.

      Comments: This was the first dream in which Essence appears. Essence is that Gothic Girls all dressed in black that i wrote abound in my dream.

      Later i found that she´s my anima
    12. Old Days (Between 6th December 2010 and 7 th December 2010 ---- Third Dream)

      by , 10-08-2011 at 08:03 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      Judging by the style of people and cars it was apparently 1920 or 1936.
      I was in a house in a forest, it was Autumn, because the trees were "dry", and the leaves were falling. There were dirt roads..with the width of a car.

      I was in a house (hospital?). Another person was with me (had black hair, dark suit with white stripes, like a gangster). The hair was combed to the side.
      This person reminded me physically Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie Inception. I, despite being sick,in bed, wanted to leave, to visit a twenty year old woman, but that person didn´t let me go visit her, because like me, he was in love with her. So he did everything for me not to go. He tried to chase me and lock me inside the house.
      I got out of the house.

      I grabbed my car, which was one of those old convertible Mercedes, painted in a dark green color, and went to see the woman.
      He must have called the police because I was on the way (still in the woods) and I see and hear an old police car coming towards,it had a loud siren. And behind that car,there was another, one that I knew it was the FBI. The car was dark. And it was that blond "Cold Cases" detective that was driving it.

      As i saw these 2 cars approaching, turned right to an "open terrain in the woods" where there was a white house made of wooden boards, seemed likethose houses of the Quakers ... And the car parked there, I lay on the ground waiting for them to go on the main road and not see me. Even lying on the ground, as the police car approached I was afraid they could see me, but they moved on, when the second car was coming, I thought that if the first did not see me, the second also wouldn't see me ... but the second car saw me. I was discovered by the blonde detective.

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    13. Orgy Aftermath (from August 16th to August 17th 2010) ---- Second Dream

      by , 09-23-2011 at 07:41 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I participated in an orgy with a blonde woman and a dark-hair woman.
      The blonde woman had curly hair. We're in a hotel room, the walls are light brown, the blanket of the bed was light brown. After the orgy we all took a bath, and wrapped ourselfs in white towels. The bathroom where we are is white, and is part of a huge mansion.
      Meanwhile the owner of the mansion arrives.The owner is a woman who has an executive suit with a miniskirt. The suit is all brown. She has high-heeled brown shoes and blond hair.
      She asked us what we had done with her husband. I got up and went to get her husband. He was inside a closet with a mirror on the outside of the door.
      We all went to the living room of the mansion. The owner was sitting on the sofa. There is an unevenness on the floor. The floor where she is, is taller than the floor where we are.
      The floor has two steps, and steps are of white marble.
      Near us there is a bar and a small cabinet.
      The husband of the owner of the house was tall, had a muscular body, and short spiky hair. He had a blue t-shirt and shorts with Hawaiian flowers. He was handcuffed. I told the owner that he had killed a person. She covered her face with her hands and wept.

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    14. Falling in love with a girl at old orchard beach

      by , 08-10-2011 at 02:45 PM
      I can't remember very well how it started but I was at old orchard beach (It didn't really look like the real old orchard beach though).
      I was there with my father and my sister. I eventually met a nice blond girl. At first we were looking in each other eyes, without talking. But I went to talk to her and she invited my to her hotel with his father . We kissed and did hugs and all that stuff.. When I came back from OOB, it was christmas. My phone rang (it was the girl) I can't remember what we said. ![AT THIS POINT I SAID TO MYSELF: WHERE DID SHE GET MY PHONE NUMBER? SOMETHING IS WRONG, but I didn't turn into a LD ]! Later, I called her again and asked her her email. She gave it to me and I wrote it down on a paper. It was a pretty weird email and she said it was the one of her whole family.
    15. Flying Lessons

      by , 07-22-2011 at 10:42 PM (Torra)

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