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    1. 01/16/13 Detta Walker's Rage

      by , 01-17-2013 at 12:53 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Detta Walker's Rage
      I am in my Fire Valkyrie heading for the moon. I land on the moon and get out, waiting for the dream to stabilize before deciding to aim for a Dark Tower dream this time. I focus on opening a portal. But a portal doesn't open. Instead a door appears. Well, that is consistent with the Dark Tower series… So I open the door and go through to the other side. I find I am on a beach. The beach seems to stretch out indefinitely in both directions with some hills on the one side and an endless ocean on the other. I walk along the beach with the ocean to my left. The first thing I hear other than the waves is a stream of expletives. Wtf? I follow the sound of a woman cursing a blue streak… I find Roland, Eddie, and a woman who could only be Detta Walker. She is cursing fluently at Roland and Eddie, calling them pathetic honkey mo-fos and saying she will bit off their dicks and feed them to each other… Roland and Eddie see me approaching and watch me warily. Eddie seems happy to see another person, Roland seems a bit more hesitant. When they look over at me so does Detta, and she immediately includes me in her abuse. She says for me to come join the party, those two honkey mo-fos are about to have their way with her but she's going to bite off their little white candles and then I can eat both of them, she calls me a fucking honkey hoe. She clearly would like to be accompanying her rant with rude gestures but she is tied to a wheelchair. She pauses and then continues her rant, now she is asking how many honkey mo-fos did they call in to handle one black woman… does it really take that many? Maybe some of them don't even have little white candles, but rather they just have a hole where their little white candles should be… gaping holes leading to the bowels of hell itself… She asks which of them (looking at me) have little white candles and which of them have the holes to stick 'em in. I wonder who she is talking to and I look behind me. There are five men back there, all of them white to Detta's disgust, all of them Templars to my own disgust. Detta asks if I do all five of them at once, I tell her I'd sooner kill myself than let a fucking Templar touch me… She now starts calling them honkey Templar mo-fo pieces of shit. I can't help but laugh. She calls me a hoe again and asks what is so funny, does it tickle to have their little white candles up inside of me? I tell her I don't let Templar bastards touch me. She asks if they're bastards, too? Of course! Their mammas must be so ugly a pig wouldn't do her… their daddies must have been flat drunk for them to even be conceived… then she calls them honkey bastard Templar mo-fos. I notice the Templars are actually being silent. I comment that Detta managed to stun Templars to silence… I like her. She asks if I'm going to lick her cunt… because it has teeth and will bite my face off when I try. One of the Templars finally says I stole something from them and they want it back. Detta asks if the honkey mo-fo Templar bastards lost their fer-special to some honkey hoe. She said I should break it. Then use it to cut off their little white candles. She cackles madly. I have had enough of her cursing. Roland and Eddie seem to be ignoring it and waiting for a chance to speak. Roland finally asks if I am the Raven… then who are those other people. I tell him they aren't with me. Detta identifies them as honkey mo-fo bastard fucking Templars with their main fuck, who is obviously me. I want to calm Detta. I use a song spell to calm her down, or I am about to when the Templars get violent. Roland cuts them down with his guns, though is clearly not happy about using the ammo. I tell him I can help with ammo supplies… and with Detta, who is cackling about how Roland blew the honkey mo-fos can all kill each other. I focus on the song Voices from the Macross Plus soundtrack and manage to soothe Detta. She falls asleep. Probably she will shift back to O'Detta Holmes. I look at one of the bullets from Roland's revolver and use my Pentacle to create more, enough to fill his ammo belts. He asks what manner of magic I used to create those… I am more focused on getting MoSh into the dream. I focus on opening a portal, hoping it isn't too late. Unfortunately it is… everything fades as I wake up.
    2. 01/10/13 Tower and the Templars

      by , 01-10-2013 at 03:30 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      The Tower and the Templars
      I am in my Fire Valkyrie heading for the moon. I land on the moon and spend some time looking around before I remember plans to meet up with MoSh in a Dark Tower dream. I decide to find a Dark Tower dream and then try to pull MoSh into it. I open a portal while focused on my intent. I go through the portal and find I have ended up in the right place. There is a field of red roses surrounding a tall tower.

      Though it has been a long while since I have read the Dark Tower series I know I have ended up in the right place. Now to get MoSh here. I am about to focus on a portal to find MoSh when I realize I am not alone there. I see there is a group of people there with me, quite a few men are standing around wearing the symbol of the Templars from Assassin's Creed. Wtf? I ask one that looks like he's in charge what they are doing there. He says they have had enough of my interference and I am to stop interfering in their affairs immediately. I point at the tower and ask what the fuck he thinks that is. I tell him he is in the wrong dream, this is a Dark Tower dream, not an Assassin's Creed dream, so go away. He says they're going to make sure I don't interfere with them any more. I point at the tower again. Dark Tower dream. You know the poem, Child Roland to the Dark Tower Came? The Stephen King Dark Tower series? So unless the Crimson King is really a fucking Templar they need to just go away. I turn away from the Templars to focus on the Dark Tower dream I want to have. I need to summon MoSh. The Templars are making themselves really hard to ignore. One of them is right next to me talking in my ear practically. He is making threats, saying nothing good can come of interfering with them. I finally said ok, if they are so determined to have my attention… I open a portal and I see Roland of Gilead shooting bad guys with his two big revolvers.

      I pull a surprised Roland through the portal, and it closes behind him. He stares at me, I just tell him I can help him, I just need his help first. I point at the Templars and says they are trying to keep him from the Tower. In case he didn't believe me, one of the Templars shoots at Roland with a wimpy gun. I summon up a revolver that is size appropriate to me, Roland and I start taking out Templars. Roland's guns sound like cannons. And it seems he can't miss the target. Templars fall one by one, I even manage to hit a few of them. Finally the Templars are gone. Roland looks like he is about to say something when he sees the tower and he is struck silent. I tell him I know what has been missing when he reaches the tower. I remember to summon MoSh. I open a portal with the intent to find MoSh. A portal opens and I see MoSh wandering around on the other side. I pull him through and point at the dark tower. Roland wants to know who I am and who MoSh is. I summon up a Horn of Eld.

      I tell Roland to blow the horn when he gets to the top of the tower. He says there's still the Crimson King. Well then we'd best get moving. So MoSh, Roland, and I start heading for the Dark Tower. There are more Templars in the way. I tell them Stephen King did not write Templars into the Dark Tower series, so GET LOST! Roland doesn't bother with talking… he starts shooting. I toss MoSh a gun and tell him to shoot a Templar. I don't think he is lucid. I shoot a Templar, then he starts shooting Templars. Roland is by far the best shot of the three of us. Roland and MoSh are ready to continue to the tower, but I wake up.

      Let It Snow
      I am in my best friend's house. I have just spent the night and I am waking up in the morning on my air mattress. Alicia is over by the window and when she sees I am awake she gets my attention immediately. She says it snowed last night. I get out of bed and look out the window. Sure enough the entire neighborhood is blanketed in white. I get dressed quickly and then Alicia and I go outside to check it out. I am surprised at how much snow there is. I decide I need to take some photos of this, after all it isn't that often that Tucson, Arizona gets a significant amount of snow. Alicia wants to make a snowman. I look around at the snow covered trees. The snow has melted some and then frozen again, creating glistening icicles hanging from all the branches. The sun is reflecting off of the icicles creating prism rainbows. It is really very beautiful. I tell Alicia I'm going to take some photos. I head down the road, using my digital camera to take some still shots. I then take some short video clips so I can see the light reflecting off of the icicles. I am with Alicia when we go to a spot underneath an overpass. I am not sure why we are there but I see there is a small pond of water gathered there that has frozen over. Alicia starts ice skating on the pond. I look around the edge of the pond until I find a small trickle of flowing water. There is a fish. There isn't enough water for the fish to survive. It is flopping around a lot. I want to save the fish. I see the water is flowing down a storm drain where there is a considerable flow of water, so I pick up the fish gently and put it down the storm drain into the water. Alicia is still ice skating so I decide to go take some more photos and videos. I keep doing that until I wake up.
    3. 12/18/12 Mall Gardens and Gunslingers

      by , 12-18-2012 at 11:46 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Garden of Life
      I am with Alicia in a car heading downtown. We park in a large parking garage of a large mall of some kind. There are many levels of the mall, some of which have stores and others have offices. The lower levels are stores, the upper levels are offices. There is a huge open courtyard in the center of the mall. Alicia and I come to the top level of the mall. I look down in the courtyard where they have a magnificent garden.

      It is amazing. I pull out my camera and start taking photos. I want to go down lower and get some more photos. Alicia seems to want to go. We go into the hallway ramp that leads down to the next level. Alicia goes to the elevator, but I tell her we can walk and I can take photos on my way. She seems annoyed but follows me. There are fish tanks lining the walls here with many colorful fish. I take a few photos of the colorful fish. We make our way down to the bottom level where I walk among the colorful flowers and take more photos. Alicia is getting more impatient but I don't pay any attention to her. I take a photo of a small lake that's inside the mall. I am far more interested in the garden than in shopping. I am still taking photos when I wake up.

      The Fallen Gunslinger
      I am on the beach again, the beach that is described at the beginning of my lucid dream hypnosis program. I walk down the beach, going along with the program until I fall asleep and into a lucid dream.

      Though I am lucid, I am not really thinking about any of my dream goals, so I continue walking down the beach because it is a pleasant scene. For a while I don't see any people on the beach, but then I spot something in the distance. I approach to see what it is. At first I think it is just a pile of old cloths on the beach, but then it moves a bit. When I get a little closer I see it is a man. He doesn't look like he is in very good shape. I can see from the tracks in the sand that he has exerted a lot of effort to drag himself up the beach, away from the water. I'm not sure why he was so determined to get away from the water. I get closer and I see he has a pair of antique looking guns hanging by his sides, and there is a bloody cloth on his right hand. I am not sure who it is yet, but I can tell he needs healing. I approach him and carefully try to wake him. He is surprised by my presence and I think he tries to draw a gun, but I know he is probably delirious and he is unable to pull the gun. I am also not worried about getting shot in a dream. I tell him to relax, I am there to help… I am a healer. I carefully take the bloody cloth off of his right hand to find he has two fingers missing. The flesh around the missing digits is angry and inflamed, the infection has spread most of the way up his arm. That is when it occurs to me that I have found Roland from the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.

      He asks who I am, I tell him my name is Raven, and I am a healer. This looks nasty, but I'll heal it up. I focus on the song Voices from the Macross Plus soundtrack and focus the healing energy through Roland's body. I can see as the infection retreats and fades… the part that really takes Roland by surprise is when his two missing fingers begin regenerating. I finish the healing, and he clearly looks a lot better. I wonder if there is anything else I can do, but before I have a chance to do anything I wake up.
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