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    1. You Can't Outrun Sonic

      by , 04-13-2012 at 12:25 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Although the vividness of my recall isn't getting massively better, I think my consistency is improving. Though I didn't remember anything after 4 1/2 hours of sleep when I woke myself up, I did remember this after falling asleep again (maybe it was the apple juice I drank).



      I'm watching a televised run, in which only 5 or 6 people are left. The losers of the pack, they're all extremely tired and struggling to stand, and it's quite painful to watch. In the lead is a man dressed as Sonic, while someone in a Robotnik costume trails a few people behind.

      Towards the end of the track, Robotnik gains a sudden burst of pace and overtakes everyone in front of him, much to the excitement of the commentators. However, while approaching the final straight, Sonic whips it out the bag to regain his position in first place and win (though dozens have already finished long before him). While celebrating, a wall falls on Sonic, causing the commentators to go berzerk. Fortunately, it later turns out to be a couple of fans that have jumped the barrier to congratulate their favourite hedgehog.

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      Tags: run, sonic, television
    2. Hawaii Five-O, Potential Gang Fight, More Mario Kart, Playing Sonic Game...

      by , 01-26-2012 at 02:00 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      These dreams did not appear in this specific order And I the alarm woke me up (the two that I set since I have a Biology Lab class starting around 8AM (~7AM I finished editing this entry here).

      Dream 1: Hawaii Five-O

      Apparently the main character from the original version, Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord), was the mastermind behind all the crimes in the city? I don't know how, but I think I hear him as the narrator saying he has a private place way up in the mountains where he can relax and there's a small lake on top as well.

      How come everyone here is obsessed with dreaming?-jack_lord_and_diamond_head.jpg

      The scene starts to zoom out as if you're looking down, and continues to zoom out until you see the green area McGarrett was taking a bath in the lake.

      How come everyone here is obsessed with dreaming?-1-green-mountain-afternoon.jpg

      Then I started to see the police force in the show climbing from some rope trying to reach McGarrett.

      Dream 2: Potential Gang Fight

      In this dream, I forgot something, and had to go back somewhere for a certain object, or something, I can't remember too well.

      But as I'm going back, there's a group of Black people on the street that is slanted (it's diagonal from bottom left to top right I believe).

      They are on the left side. I go up to them, but not to talk to them, I had to get to the other side of the road I believe. Then I'm stuck in the front of the group. There's another gang of DCs coming their direction, which I believe were mostly Caucasian.

      Then when I turn my back, the gang's suddenly switch sides. I'm on the Caucasian side. They're just staring at the other gang I believe. I think one DC looks at me asking me what do I need.

      I told them that I needed to get something, and they let me move on. I just kept walking and didn't turn my back to see what they were going to do. I eventually find a house, go in, and then there's a DC and probably my father, but I'm not too sure on that.

      My father was asking the DC, who was Black and wore a cap I believe, if he waned to take me as his son or something like that, but in a joking manner.

      For some reason in the dream, I thought in my mind that I wouldn't feel bad if he became my new father.

      I can't remember much after that.

      Dream 3:

      I'm playing Mario Kart, probably N64 version, but it had Double Dash and Mario Kart Wii elements to the stage I'm playing on.

      How come everyone here is obsessed with dreaming?-mario-kart-dd-1.jpg

      I forgot which character I was but I found I fell for a few fake item boxes that I thought were real to help me get items to use, and I also kept going towards bananas, which made me slower, but I accelerated pretty quickly if that happened.

      I think at some moments, I was the DC inside of the vehicles because I remember seeing a girl to my right riding a vehicle, something was familiar about this girl, but I didn't want to assume it was someone I knew in real life. I think she was trying to get ahead of me.

      I also remember getting a blue shell and using it, and then when I was in 1st place for the rest of the rest, a blue shell is after me, but apparently I was boosting so much that it couldn't keep up (probably had a Golden Mushroom on me).

      I can't remember much after that.

      Dream 4:

      I'm playing a Sonic game, most likely Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, because Sonic didn't look at smooth as he was in later games like Sonic Heroes, etc.

      I'm playing on a stage that looks like a Sonic Heroes level, especially the second part of the Metropolis level with the futuristic setting to it.

      I think I was trying to get Sonic to do a light dash on a fairly huge sequence of rings in front of him. I'm playing on the GameCube version most likely, and when I pressed the "B" button to start, he does the dash, but stops in between.

      He floats a little bit higher (like a recoil if you will from going so fast) on the first few set of rings, so that meant I had to keep pressing "B" at the right moment to dash through the rest of the rings, or fall down and lose a life I think.

      End of dream.

      If I remember more, I'll edit it I guess, but most likely, this is all I'll remember. I got a decent amount of sleep (maybe 4-5 hours), but not enough for longer dreams.

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    3. #45. The Devil You Know

      by , 06-14-2010 at 06:38 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)

      Ariel, Samael, Rick.

      The group of survivors have made it to an open courtyard surrounded by stainless steel fencing. The entrances are similar to cattle corrals, and apparently zombies aren't smart enough to get in. The horde is separated from us, but a few renegade zombies are still trying to eat us.

      "Oh my god, just shoot them already!" shrieks a girl with dark hair. There are probably half a dozen of us, but only two guns. A shotgun blast goes off, taking out the zombie. The man holding the gun starts reloading. The blonde woman with the other gun lays down cover fire.

      One of our members is somehow a conscious zombie, fighting off other ones and getting bitten in the process. The bites don't bother him much.

      A zombie no one else seems to have noticed is sneaking up on one of the youngest, unarmed, members of our group. I curse, and rush the zombie, blocking the kid from its view. The thing immediately starts in on me, and, stupidly, I let it close enough to get in a bite.

      "Fuck!" I shout, calling the attention of the rest of the survivors. I grab the zombie's head and twist the neck, severing the spinal column. The zombie drops limply to the ground.

      I put a hand to the side of my neck, wincing when it comes away sticky with blood. I can already feel the wound starting to close. I look up, noticing that the man with the gun is eying me speculatively, his shotgun fully loaded and pointing straight at my head.

      "Rick," I say, warning in my voice. "Don't even think -"

      He pulls the trigger. My head explodes in a spectacular fountain of red chunks.

      I come to some time later. I sit up in the grassy field, and I'm covered in my own blood. I purge the various fluids and chunks of brain matter with a thought, and stand up, cursing Rick's entire family tree as I do.

      Already, there are more zombies shuffling toward me.

      They scurry away when I send a telepathic, high pitched whine toward them, scrambling what's left of their brains and causing blood to pour from their ears. The closest zombies collapse immediately, the rest stay away.

      I head toward the stone building. A school, before the apocalypse hit, and by coincidence, the perfect place for a bunch of insects to make their last stand.


      The blonde woman is on edge the moment she sees me. "You're dead." she accuses, bringing her own shotgun up to fire. "Sam, I'm sorry, but -"

      "You know, Ariel." I say, casually swatting the gun away, "That didn't work last time."

      Ariel lowers the weapon when she hears my voice. "How the hell?"

      "None of your goddamn business." I say brightly. "Now, where are the others?"

      She's suspicious. "You know Rick meant well, right?"

      "By shooting me in the head. I know. And I considered slaughtering every one of you without mercy," I say, willfully ignoring Ariel's horrified expression, "But the world would be so boring without any humans to torment."

      Ariel makes a choked sound.

      "So let's call an end to your little scouting mission," I say, starting down the concrete tunnel, "And go find the others."

      If I can't kill them all, I can at least look forward to the expression on Rick's face.

      The Devil You Know. Scare Factor: 2.

      ETA: It was just like this, actually.[/QUOTE]
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