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    1. Archdevil Aboroth and other bright and happy dreams from last night

      by , 04-08-2017 at 04:45 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      21 - 22:30

      Covered in Oil and Fire
      I was with an inventor in a dark room. Computers and other gear provided some blue light. I wanted to help him, but got distracted. I was on my way to the bathroom and picked up a dirty piece of paper. It was night and the hallway looked like army barracks. A group wearing masks was covering all the doors with a massive blanket. They didn't notice me walking in the middle until later. I saw them throwing buckets of oil on sleeping people, throwing a torch in the mix and sealing the door with the blanket so everyone burned to death inside. The screaming started. The bad guys noticed me and threw oil on me. Before I was lit on fire I used the dirty paper to clean some of the oil off my face and arms. I decided to play dead. I fell down burning. The bad guys finished setting the place on fire and half of my body looked like charcoal.

      I got up and looked for survivors. I found some, about ten of us were alive. Somehow there were fleshy pink wolves in the building now. They tried to bite me and I had to fight them off. I got false memories of were I was. The bad guys called this "Dev Shack H" A building made completely from wood and in the middle of a vast forest. We had built this place on our own and it was all just a trap. I found a dying woman while exploring the place for survivors. She was too far gone, I had to leave her.

      We found a room that was still somehow in one piece and decided to rest there for at least the rest of the night. Two cats had appeared out of no where, one of the survivors stopped them from fighting each other. The cats had all the colors of a rainbow, odd. A woman asked if we should move the corpses. I told her that the bad guys might return and we shouldn't go outside yet or move anything.

      22:45 - 1:15

      Archdevil Aboroth
      I'm a DO floating over a massive golden table in a large hall. The table is probably 15 meters in diameter. The place looks regal. I don't know where I am, but it's probably not Earth. There are people around the table and I recognize some of them. Asgardian gods Loki and Thor are there. Apparently this is some sort of auction. A woman announces a new arrival as "The Archdevil Aboroth". One god near Loki grabs his stuff and gets up. He seems scared of Aboroth. Aboroth has the appearance of a 50 year old man with short brown hair and well-kept beard. He wears a dark suit. As one of the gods left, the announcer lady says to Aboroth "You may join. I do hope you're more fun than the last one." Aboroth sits down and answers "I'll try." His voice is deep and he speaks very formally. He looks at a man with gray hair and mustache across the table. "Haven't seen you at the factory." he says. The mustache guy looks terrified and says nothing.

      Scene changes. I'm inside the first level of a small lighthouse. I can see the ocean through small windows, the room is round and the walls are white. Dean from Supernatural is in the room and on the other side of the room, looking out the window is Aboroth. Aboroth's shadow is unnatural, it's climbing up the wall and there's a small creature next to Aboroth in the shadow that's not visible in the room. "How did you get here." Dean asks. He seems tense. "I'm sure you know...there's only one way for me: a Witness Angel. If I'm brought here, you know it's BAD. A war is coming." Aboroth says while smiling.


      Nine Hells
      Group of adventurers that call themselves Vox Machina leave the Nine Hells with plane shift. Vax stays behind for some reason. A contract with a devil maybe. He walks through a city where the dominant color is red. He walks through an empty square. The ground has weird markings and messages all over it. Vax walks into a house and finds a small bedroom. Through the window I can see a dim, blue hue fighting the dark red sky. Green lights are scattered across the red city, I have no idea what those are. Some devils nearly discover Vax, but he appears to be protected. Maybe his god, the Raven Queen, keeps him hidden. Vax falls asleep.

      Dream changes. I'm playing Diablo 3 now. I know nothing of this game, but my brother is helping me. I haven't even killed Diablo, but it's apparently not needed. We enter an area that was just released in an expansion pack. We dive into the depths of hell and the final boss is none other than Aboroth. We kill him. I have a feeling he won't stay dead.
    2. 12/17 and 12/19/2016 - "Screamulator;" "Snowy Trail with JJ;" "Reality Killavision"

      by , 01-04-2017 at 08:03 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Fragment One

      I was on a virtual reality / roller coaster hybrid-thing with Cierra. It was supposed to be scary, but it really wasn't all that impressive...at first. At some points, along the ride, I would lift up my VR visor and look at the inner-workings of the ride. It was some bizarre marriage of industrial-grade, metallic structures, electronics, and live, supernatural-looking creatures - as if many of the virtual creatures we were seeing in the visors had actual, real-world counterparts, which were being manipulated (practically-tortured) for the purpose of making this ride work.

      It was very strange and surreal, and I don't think Cierra ever took off her visor and saw what was going on.

      Fragment Two
      "Snowy Trail with JJ"

      My girlfriend and I were walking down a snowy mountain, at night. At some time during our walk, we were approached and followed by a white wolf. At first, it made my girlfriend nervous, but I squatted down a little, as it came close, and put out my hand. The wolf moved into it and allowed me to pet it without incident. It then continued to follow us on our walk, until being deterred by a large, tan/orange scorpion that cross our path. It wandered off in one direction, following the scorpion.

      "Reality Killavision"

      This started as some sort of mix of a haunted house and a TV show. There was a group of about a dozen people, all moving through this "haunted" set. During the course of the show, people would be disappearing from the group, one by one, and sometimes completely new people would take their place. It felt very Saw/Hostel-inspired. Later, though, the 'fantasy' nature of the show disappeared, and we found that we were all in very real danger - not so much from anything supernatural, but from actual murderers lurking within the set, including a sniper who was waiting in one very large room with a high wall on the far side.
    3. 12/06/2016 - "Locked In"

      by , 12-07-2016 at 12:22 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Gonna TRY to get my ass back in gear!

      "Locked In"

      I remember being in my old neighborhood, with friends, and getting into some supernatural situation. We were looking around for what might have been ghosts or some other things that go bump in the night, when my old friend JC decided to play a joke on us and start screaming for help, after we'd split up. While running, frantically, to find him, I began to suspect that I was dreaming. We found him in his own driveway, seemingly locked inside of a car. Still convinced that I was dreaming, and before doing any reality checks, I reached in to the window, phasing my hand through the glass as if it were water and opening the door from the inside.

      JC got out of the car, laughing, saying that he was fine and was just joking about being in trouble.

      That's all I recall.
    4. Helping the Winchesters Fight the “Stork Witch”

      by , 06-11-2016 at 10:58 AM
      Morning of June 11, 2016. Saturday.

      In my dream, where I seem to somehow be a different person or character yet still feel like myself in most ways, I am an individual who has traveled around extensively and I am also seemingly a hunter in the manner of Sam and Dean Winchester from the “Supernatural” television series. I am aware that they have been called in to face the most difficult “monster” that they had ever dealt with. This creature is supposedly impossible to kill but can be subdued for a time until it rises again. It is kept in a cage on an isolated property (I assume in America, possibly Ohio) reachable by an old back road. Sam and Dean are on the scene.

      I meet with them to help them at the location where the creature is presently sleeping in a cage though supposedly about to rise and kill a number of people. They seem hesitant at first but then are totally okay with me being there and both are receptive of my authority and apparent advanced skills (though on one level I know that this is pretense and that I am “creating everything under my will” even though I am not at all lucid in any way, as this is a state of awareness that I have experienced thousands of times in dream states since earliest memory).

      I tell them that I know James (although I actually mean Bobby Singer), having gained much experience from him, and they seem to understand and are happy with it.

      We are preparing for the upcoming battle as we are told by the owner of the property that the monster is stirring. It is apparently some sort of anthropomorphic white stork (with fur as well as feathers) with deadly far-reaching supernatural powers. We are told to get some weapons. These “weapons” turn out to be large pillow-like hessian sandbags (obvious dream sign) filled with some sort of magical concoction to help put the beast back to sleep (another obvious situational concurrent dream sign). These “pillows” which are aligned along the fence (concurrent liminal space symbol), some slightly buried (implied to be at a deeper level of concurrent awareness within the dream state), are taken out by us. I also see a few barbells in the dirt but decide we may not need these.

      We go into the house and one side of a large room is like a jail. The monster is inside but starting to move around. At first it looks like a white-furred Bigfoot but it eventually becomes somewhat of an anthropomorphic stork. This stork creature is ready to attack (even though it is in the cage).

      The owner of the residence opens the cage door and we go in. Sam and Dean Winchester start hitting this creature with the “pillows” as hard as they can. Powder flies through the air but not enough to lower the visibility of the scene by that much. I join in and also whack this “stork-monster” (of human height) with my “pillow”. It seems to remain dazed and never fully stands up at any point. Sam, Dean, and I soon leave this “cage” and start talking in the other area of the room with the owner.

      Soon however, the creature is active again but now appears totally human; a dark-haired female of perhaps thirty. Her hands are raised up and out in mimicry of a spider or martial arts position and she is apparently a powerful destructive witch. As I stare her down, my dream becomes more and more vivid and intense. Orange lightning (conscious mind symbol) comes from her hands and her hair stands up, but I am also able to raise my own hands in defense. Simply by holding my gaze and moving my hands out and around a bit, she eventually falls back and is defeated for another cycle.

      “Awesome,” says Dean as Sam smiles and nods in my direction, both from my left (even though a “witch” like me would not be liked by them in the actual television series).

      After this, we all get in a car. Dean drives though Sam sits in the back seat (on my right) in Speedo swimwear. He is singing some sort of song and using words like “Speedo”, “Guido”, and “Buido” and Dean looks back at him as if greatly annoyed.

      To those who understand dreams and their nature (though there are various types), this is a surreal but typical sleeping, dreaming, and waking adventure all in metaphor. Nothing could be more obvious than that than slapping a white bird with a pillow to put it to sleep (especially when inside a cage or jail which represents restricting the energies of the preconscious state). The white bird is a moon (dream induction) sign, a typical concurrent consciousness displacement symbol, and this entire series of dream events is a metaphor for circadian rhythms and the waking transition as is often the case.

      The clever references in the song seem at least partly related to trolls on the Internet, unfortunately (which is something that in all honesty is pointless to dream about as nothing can really be done about them). “Guido” is a possible play on “Guido van Helten” which in turn is a play on VonHelton, the bizarre narcissistic YouTube troll, who is possibly one of the strangest personas and crazed individuals on the Internet. “Buido” apparently has various associations. However, in Spanish, it mostly seems to be a reference to something that is corrugated, fluted, or sharp. It is associated with “puntiagudo” (“pointed”) or “con punta aguda” (“with a sharp point”), which is obviously a play on my birthplace of “Punta Gorda” (or “Fat Point” in describing the shape of the region), which is a dream reference to returning to who I really am in whole consciousness, as a sort of “rebirth”.

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    5. Game Into Reality?

      by , 01-09-2016 at 07:01 PM
      I had a dream that started out at my house. There was a problem I had in mind and I was trying to remain calm and find a solution for it. Meanwhile there was two supernatural beings staying in my house because they felt like it and had the power to destroy us if we tried to kick them out. One was a girl with unlimited power and the other was a guy with super strength.

      I went into a room in the house to see what the guy was doing. The girl was present but said she would leave to go to the roof. I looked at the guy admiring him as he lifted a bed like he was lifting weights. But as he was talking to me I felt like I should say something when suddenly he let go of the bed and the floor collapsed. I saw from a distant point of view how the house was now a white apartment building collapsing one by one.

      My point of view than changed back to a close first person view and I was inside the room again. Except there was now a giant hole and smoke all around. Not to mention scary music that showed the seriousness of the mood. I looked down and saw what was the mark of a hole in the floor. Somewhat like in the shape of the body.

      The music gave me the impression that it was some type of ps2 game I was playing. I also got the feeling that my brother did not reach up to the level of the game. I heard the cry of a woman as I began to leave the room. Mixed feelings of continuing and being brave or running away overcomes me. I walked quickly out but than a spirit like character appeared asking me to take something. He was accompanied by another. I said no and he asked me if I was sure about my decision.
      I than ran calling out for my older brother feeling scared if the game was actually coming into reality.
    6. #218. Witch vs. Witch

      by , 09-14-2015 at 07:12 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      From what I've tasted of desire, I hold with those who favour fire...

      Infiltrating a sorority/fraternity and it's terrible. And my female SHIELD agent is covering for the fact that Captain America is terrible at undercover work.

      Now I'm part of a group of three people who are living semi-harmoniously in an older part of town. We have some interesting projects on the go, like improving playgrounds and adding giant transparent red walls to sidewalks so that people have to zigzag through.

      I'm looking through a catalogue that has sheaths for ritual daggers that are being advertised pinned to the pages. There are daggers for earth, air, fire and water, and unsurprisingly I'm interested in the fire one.

      And then I remember that I already have a ritual dagger. I turn it over in my hand. The blade is pure silver in the dream, unlike the real one.

      I'm walking down a road, trying to find my way back to the original path.I know that if it takes too long to get back, I'll lose the thread of the dream, so I hold out a hand to the end of the street and soar towards it.

      The street I want to take is the second from the end, but I can't find it, because the second path is now an alley that goes into someone's backyard. I follow the path and find a raspberry bush, and I look around for a basket. I decide that there will be one on the deck when I go to find it, but there's only a box that holds some kindling. I empty out the kindling onto the pile of smaller pieces of wood.

      I look around and see an old, dying tree, and all I can notice is that the branches are so dead that they'd make great kindling for the cabin owner's fire.

      There are workmen in the backyard. Apparently there are signs saying that they'd be in the area.

      I'm Dean Winchester now. Sam and I know that when you get caught somewhere, you pretend that you belong there, so we approach the workmen and strike up a conversation.

      They're vampires, as it turns out.

      There's a fight.

      I drive a stake into one man's chest—

      wait, that's zombies in this universe

      —and my silver dagger appears in my hand. I swing it around and slice into the vampire's neck as I throw my weight forward. The vampire stumbles, still off-balance from the stake, and I'm behind him, slicing into his throat and grabbing at his hair so that I can fully behead him.

      (There's an argument as to whether this works according to the rules of the game. I win.)

      There are bodies all over the back yard, now. We're going to have to burn them.

      I grab wood from the shed out back and set to covering our dead vamps with lumber and kindling. I'm lighting the shed itself on fire when I hear a shout.

      The man who appears was a friend of John Winchester's, and he's angry that his property is going up in flames.

      I'm trying to choke him out without killing him. He struggles, and it's not working, but then he changes tactics and tries to grab at my ears and pull.

      I decide that it's a trope of the genre that you can hit someone over the head and knock them out without being at risk of killing them, so one of us hits him over the head with the butt of a rifle.

      Fire burns, and the old tree from earlier provides us with as much kindling as we need. I go over to the cabin, and realize that there's meat drying in the racks along the outside wall. My stomach churns as I realize that it's cursed all to hell—I don't want to think about what kind of meat has gone into the ground meat patties that are sitting on the rack, but there's a telltale haze of angry spirits hanging around the meat. Somehow, at least one of them is an ancient, powerful indigenous spirit, how the fucking hell...

      I set it all on fire.

      A blonde, average-sized woman with curly hair enters the yard, looking curious. "What's going on?" she asks, looking genuinely curious.

      Because all we need is another civilian to knock out and haul away before they die of smoke inhalation.

      "Ma'am," I start—

      She looks past me. "You know, certain spirits are actually freed when you burn them."

      Witch, I think. Of the Supernatural-style variety. I run forward, brandishing my knife, and she laughs as I plunge it into her chest. Light explodes from the place where the knife stabbed into her, and she soars up into the sky, a being of pure white light and destruction.

      I turn around to deal with the spirit, and I think I'm calling up an explosion of—hellfire, soulfire?—and it's enveloped completely.

      My long black cloak trails out behind me as I crash into the other witch, tearing into her. I snarl as I grab part of her cloak—pull it away with part of her essence as a ripping, tearing noise fills the air—and shoot past her. There are three of us, beings of darkness and the night, tearing through the sky and tearing into the thing of light that wants only to destroy.

      Darkness can be a force for good in the world just as light can, and both can snuff out life as well as they can extend it. All we need—I think, flying at the other witch—is for some idiot to think that the good guy is being outnumbered here just because they're burning with Light.
    7. #213. Who's Hunting the Hunters?

      by , 09-07-2015 at 09:19 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I'm a vampire that's hunting vampires.

      Sam & Dean Winchester are hunting me.

      The woman I killed was a vampire preying on the local townspeople, but you can always trust Hunters to not understand nuance.

      Later, I'm using telekinesis on small objects around my grandmother's living room. I'm finding that I can easily lift objects that are within about four feet of me, but to move anything further away, I have to move closer. I find this frustrating, because I know I'm dreaming, and this is all about what I believe I can do.

      It's a rubber band bracelet thingy, for gods' sake! This shouldn't be that hard!

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    8. Beta reading fanfiction, and a ride on top of a car

      by , 08-29-2015 at 04:35 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)

      I was in high school, and it was the last day before spring break. After class the teacher kept a few of us in the room, and asked us to beta read some fiction that other students wrote. She laid all the stories out in a vertical row on this bar thing, and we went up and picked one each. Mary, a friend of mine from high school, picked up the weird Zoolander fanfic, which was the one I wanted. So instead I picked the erotic MA rated story, figuring I could learn a thing or two about writing that sort of thing. As I was flipping through it, I realized it was HORRIBLY BAD. Like, they used the most disturbing terminology to describe penises and I just kept laughing. So I put it in my bag and left the room.

      Before I left the school, I realized I was on my period (ugh) so I ran into the restroom to get a tampon real quick, and I noticed the restroom was DISGUSTING. Like, there were puddles of pee all over the floor and stuff. I nope'd on out of there and went into the men's restroom instead, and it was super clean. Which was weird, because usually the stereotype is the other way around. So as I left the restroom, I put on my headphones and put my mp3 player and my iPod in my pocket, and walked down the hall. I bumped into Misha Collins, but I kept calling him Castiel, and we walked out into the parking lot together, talking about things. It was raining outside and he lamented over the fact that he couldn't put his headphones on like me because he was afraid the rain would short circuit them and that his iPod couldn't fit in his pocket. He was totally bitching about it. I was like "Dude, they totally fit in your pocket..." and showed him that I had both that and my phone in my pocket. This just blew his mind for some reason. We parted ways in the parking lot and I headed out to my car.


      Mom was headed on a road trip to see grandma, and I was pissed because she wouldn't let me come along. So as she drove off, I grabbed on to the car and just sat on top of the trunk while she drove along. I have no idea how she didn't notice me there.

      The road trip was super long, and a few times I fell off and had to grab onto the bumper to keep from hitting the road, so by the time we got there, I was tired as hell. She pulled in down the gravel path and stopped and got out, and was pissed off that I'd hitched a ride like that. She was also screaming about how I could've died. I replied that she was a horrible driver because if she had looked in ANY of her mirrors she would've seen me. I walked around the property by myself.


      Something about Cory withdrawing $100 from the bank account and using it to buy some little thing, and I got angry because he kept taking money out of the account so he could spend it on things without me knowing. He was also late from work a lot so I was accusing him of horrible shit.


      Something involving Seru getting really pissed and drop kicking some dude. I remember feeling tense and thinking WTF. Also at some point I noticed my nail polish was completely wiped clean. I just stared at my nails all weirded out. It was the first dream of the night, and by the time I finished remembering the other dreams, I totally forgot most of this one.

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      dream fragment , non-lucid
    9. The betrothed princess, Majin Buu, and a bigfoot episode of Supernatural

      by , 06-29-2015 at 05:42 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I was a princess, the daughter of some super rich king who wanted to marry me off to some prince I'd never met. On the day we were supposed to meet, the king hired all sorts of people to doll me up, hair stylists, makeup artists, fashion experts, etc. First I was sent to the hair stylist, who was this young lady with light neon blue hair up in two ponytails on either side of her, and her hair had streaks of other colors in it, mostly pink I think. I was so in love with her hair and asked for something similar, so she gave me the same style but made mine super colorful and rainbow-y. After that, they sent me to the makeup artist, and I was really nervous because for some reason I thought I had guy-stubble on my face and I was afraid the artist would get weirded out and not cover it up, but she said she could do that easily. After that, I worried over the dress selection, because I seriously badly wanted a Victorian style dress that poofed out at the bottom, and I thought they'd give me some ugly straight one. But they had a huge dress selection to choose from so I felt better. Later on, the king told me the prince didn't really like me, but that wasn't the point. The point was to marry so they could combine kingdoms. I got so upset and told the king that I refused to be just some object he could use to take over countries with, and I ran away.

      An evil man kidnapped me and locked me in his house. It was kind of a shitty house, and I remember seeing a round wooden table next to glass patio doors. I was so scared but determined to escape. I acted really nice to him so he would wind up trusting me, and then I secretly opened the patio door so his pug ran out. He was freaking out over his dog escaping so I told him I would go out and get it. So I ran out into the yard but instead of chasing the dog I ran along the fence until I found a spot low enough to climb over, and I did and took off running frantically. I knew I wasn't a very good runner but I tried, and by the time I got to his front yard, he intercepted me and held me in place, smiling and laughing all creepy-like. He told me he didn't care if I screamed because anyone passing by wouldn't bother to help anyway, so I started screaming and reaching my hand out to people walking down the sidewalk, and they just turned their heads and kept walking. The neighbor did the same thing but went into his house. I felt so hopeless and desperate, and I couldn't believe nobody would help me, but the man kept holding me and laughing. But suddenly this Worgen guy from WoW came up and told the man to let me go, but he didn't. He acted all nice and invited him in for tea, so the Worgen said okay and said he'd save me afterward. I told him to be careful because he was only level 98 and the man was level 100, but he didn't care. The creepy man wound up catching us both. After that, I was saved by Majin Buu, who flew me away on a cloud. We were both sitting on the cloud and flying through the sky, doing loops and such. Suddenly we saw another person flying towards us on a cloud that also had Majin Buu sitting on it, so we stopped and said hi to each other.

      I was standing in a house by the window, looking up at storm clouds. There was a serious amount of rotation, and I saw one cloud close to the ground start rotating pretty fast. I made a joke that it would turn into a tornado... but then it actually did. When I went out onto the porch there were tornadoes everywhere, but it looked like that one was heading away from us, and as soon as I pointed that out, it turned around and came toward us. They told me to get back into the house and hunker down in the hallway, but I was like 'fuck that shit' and made a mad dash out into the road for some reason. They called me insane and said I'd die, but I kept running and running, hoping to find a safe place before the tornado caught up with me, I felt scared but at the same time confident I'd get away. I saw a big school and ran inside quick, and the school was empty and dark. On the floor was a small window, like the kind you see on the bottoms of houses that lead to the basement, so I hoped it was also a basement. I could hear the tornado close and dived into the window, squeezing through. The basement was huge with a concrete floor and a sloped roof like an attic's, and I grabbed at random plywood boards in an attempt to protect my head. Then I saw another person down there, but we didn't say anything to each other, we just nodded in approval like 'I see you were smart enough to come down here too'. When the tornado finally hit, I realized I'd left the window open, and it was trying to suck me out, so I grabbed onto a rafter and held on tight, and survived.

      Sam and Dean saw an article in a paper about bigfoot terrorizing a small town way in the forest, so they went to check it out. The bigfoot was killing everyone, people were dying left and right, and there was blood everywhere. They did some investigating and were up on a wooden porch when they found a glass jar filled with congealed blood, so they had it DNA tested and found it belonged to nearby people who hadn't died yet. They went to check them out and found two terrible teenagers with skin the color of a corpse and crazy eyes. They realized there was no bigfoot, it was just the bloodlust of the two evil teens, and they made up the bigfoot story to the sheriff to hide their own murders. Sam and Dean were kind of pissed it wasn't 'their kind of case' after all and left the teens to the cops.

      Apparently I lived in an apartment complex that was in some city that Seru destroyed before his tournament. Everyone was dead and the complex was falling apart, and there was a flood that went up halfway to my knees. But I was happy and excited, and spinning around through the parking lot singing. I was going to go see him. The scene cut to a news station surrounded by debris, with the only road leading out going directly to Seru's arena, so the reporter just said 'fuck it' and they got in their van and decided to go out there, even though they knew he already killed a bunch of reporters. The dream never finished their story, so I have no idea what happened to them. After that, it cut to me at the arena, and I remember seeing him standing there looking all passive but... I can't remember anything about our interaction. Thanks brain. Thanks for making allllll my other dreams super-detailed but completely forgetting the one part I'd want to remember most from this one dream. Ffffffuck that.
    10. “Supernatural” Escapades

      by , 04-06-2015 at 08:39 AM
      Morning of April 6, 2015. Monday.

      This is only the second longer dream related to the “Supernatural” television series as far as I know. However, there is a huge number of older dream records I have not looked at recently that were never online or newly researched, so it is possible there are older ones. In this case, it is concerning the actual characters rather than the actors as in my last related dream.

      Firstly, Sam and Dean join with Crowley to kill hellhounds and other beasts (including the “monster” from “F/X” from 1986). Sam, Dean, and Crowley seem like best friends with a long history of helping each other. The setting seems to be some sort of isolated hall inside a building or offset from this world. Crowley is injured by the F/X beast and Sam and Dean pull him to safety after defeating every beast. I am seemingly not directly part of the action here because I am never threatened in any way even though I am on the scene fully in-body and thus actually present.

      Eventually, I am in a large mansion that apparently belongs to another member of the Winchester family. It is a younger male. Sam and Dean stay in this place while Crowley gets better. Oddly, he rests in a large drawer in a large four-tier chest of drawers, I think the third drawer up. He has cuts and bites all over his wrists and around his neck.

      An amusing scenario is when I hint at what Sam and Dean have been doing for a long time, as the other male who owns the mansion does not know anything about it. Every now and then, I mention words like “supernatural”, “hellhounds”, “ghosts”, and so on. Every time I use a word as such, Dean gives me a concerned “don’t you dare” look as if the other male is not supposed to know anything about Sam and Dean even though he is family. Finally, I say “hunters” (my last “hint word”) which makes both Sam and Dean look at me in an extraordinarily annoyed manner. The other male never really understands what I am talking about, though, as I am only giving clues rather than directly explaining or revealing anything.

      At one point, I show the unknown male the scar on my left wrist. It is larger than in real life (typical in-dream “magnification”) and with several more defined hollow areas. Dean has a scar similar to mine also on his left wrist, though with stitch marks in a straight line near where the hand meets the wrist, about five or six small holes. I explain how my scar was caused by a fight with an octopus-like sea monster. (I even have a vague false in-dream memory of this fictional event).

      Eventually, Crowley wakes up and slowly crawls out of the drawer and his wounds are all somehow healed. He is apparently completely human now. He attempts to move things with magic, such as a book and a stack of papers, but nothing happens. He also now seems only about twenty years old and seems very dejected. A voice comes down from a corner of the room. It is his mother (who has apparently taken over Heaven and has a lot of minions). He does not say anything about having no powers though I am aware he is scared because she demands to see him and he cannot teleport. I am uncertain as to what his fate will be.

      I try to move some papers (by magic) from a high stack of old papers on the chest of drawers but nothing happens. I am annoyed but do not draw attention to myself. I end up leaving and walking out the front entrance into the night, finding myself on Loomis Street walking southerly. Behind me is a cheerful group of about six college or high school students, one being a young version of my wife (which I do not realize until later). As I walk, I sometimes cause, by apparent “magic”, a single maple leaf (there is only one here and there along the way although there is other organic debris on the sidewalk) to move from the middle of the sidewalk into the street. At one point, however, the trick seems to be done by blowing downwards with my hands cupped and works as such. The others do not notice or at least are not astounded or impressed. However, it dawns on me that this is “not possible” (I am never lucid) and I cannot do either the magic or the blowing again to make a leaf move anymore, though I attempt it again several times as we walk. There is ambiguity here; sometimes the “maple leaf” is more like a piece of Spanish moss or steel wool (which seems the “same”) with a very vague association with a miniature cage or cage-like “nest”.

      Soon, it is late morning even though it was around midnight just seconds before. I am attracted to my wife (the group now walking ahead of me) and cause some sort of cable near the sidewalk (probably the large telephone cable being installed here recently) to rise slightly and move around near her legs to stop her from getting too far ahead of me. Another (unknown) female sits behind an unlikely “outdoor counter” on a street corner. Eventually, my wife and a couple others of the group sit down against an outer wall that is somewhat like part of a school. I notice that my headphones are entangled within the cable I had been magically moving about by telekinesis. I mentally cause the headphone cord to become disentangled and rise straight in the air and “plug itself into” the underside of the roofed sidewalk. I also notice that sections of the eaves are like the ground, that is - upside-down ground by which the dirt and a few pieces of debris (as well as a gum wrapper or some such) somehow does not fall. (Do I detect a play here on “plugging into Eve?”)

      I then start to admire my wife’s legs (which are still partly within a section of the cable but not that entangled) and contemplate how to be with her from then on. It seems the only concern worthy of focus.

      Later, there is some sort of secondary dream or slowed-down hypnopompic “epilogue” where Sam is sitting in a dungeon-like room with straw on the floor near an old wooden door with bars. A holographic human torso (no arms or head - just the torso, but wearing some sort of Middle Ages doublet) keeps moving through the closed door at about a forty-five degree angle, ghost-like, but not threatening, causing Sam to jump in exaggerated surprise and puzzlement each time. This scene eventually changes to a dalmatian in the same place barking at, and dodging, red targeting lasers from an unknown source (illogically, seemingly from the inside wall of the room opposite the door, though this actually does not seem to be the case as the dog does not seem to notice anyone with a rifle in the room). For a short time, I “remember” that Sam Winchester is a dalmatian, but then I realize I am thinking in abstract terms and wake.

      Yet again, my dream seems to be partially triggered by something my wife had seen and thought about (which has happened hundreds of times over the past several years). She had checked the details of the “Supernatural” show a day before she usually does (without saying anything). The cables (and “plugging in my headphones”) could actually be some sort of metaphorical form concerning telepathy between two people. That is my guess at this point, anyway.
    11. First Winchesters dream

      by , 03-01-2015 at 10:06 AM
      Morning of March 1, 2015. Sunday.

      This is, I think, the first clearer dream (though not lucid) that featured the actors from the television show “Supernatural”; Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles (though I did have a short dream of the Castiel character some weeks ago which I did not post anywhere yet).

      In my dream I am filming the popular television show with a small hand-held camera. It actually takes me some time before I realize that I am filming “Supernatural” and become more aware of the actors. I eventually notice that I am walking down the sidewalk near commercial businesses with Jared and Jensen (on their right) through a bland urban area in an unknown city. My dream slowly takes on rather strange imagery. The two actors have larger and larger mustaches when I look over at them. At one point, the mustaches look somewhat like three pairs of bird wings (at different angles) hanging down, like three separate mustaches growing and hanging over each other. It is an unusual though interesting “style” I reason. (The three ends on each side do not curve upward but sort of randomly point outward and down in three different layers.)

      At first, Jared’s three-tiered mustache seems rather mystical and almost creates an atmosphere of authority (and for some reason reminds me of perhaps an outlaw persona from an old western movie) and very unique personal diversity, yet it also seems “wrong” or “off” somehow, though this strange unlikely imagery and slightly eerie unexplainable feeling about the imagery does not trigger any level of lucidity at all. A little later, as they walk off towards their car, I notice that Jared mostly only has half his proper mustache with the other side (right side of his face) being a very thin half, with only sparse hairs. He seems self-conscious at this and casually covers up that side of his face at random moments. I am not sure how this scene relates to the particular fictional episode of the show, or if it is meant to be integrated as such into the plot.

      Later on, I am filming near a large open vestibule directly facing a parking lot. The area does not look familiar though I consider it may be some kind of church. I hear a male mention something about the Winchesters in a loud voice from near the church-like building but I am not sure about what is going on. (It still does not dawn on me that I am dreaming.) An older wealthy-looking woman walks by and I notice some sort of minor disturbance. When I walk closer to the actors, the woman apologizes and says, referring to Jensen, that it is not every day that she gets to see God. This seems vaguely amusing and we all laugh about the remark. When I look down, I notice pieces of her necklace all over the street, both gems and beads and a couple larger yellowish diamond-shaped parts. Apparently, she had gotten excited upon seeing Jensen, absentmindedly grabbed at her throat thus tearing off her necklace, and then bumped into him. Nothing happens after this as I focus more and more on the broken necklace (as my in-dream awareness starts to fade), but I am vaguely wondering if she will even notice it or start to retrieve the pieces.

    12. 01.26.15 LD: Second Market

      by , 01-27-2015 at 02:45 AM (A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure)
      LD. Ran around place. Met lots of DCs. Forgot a lot of things. It's funny how my personal goal is to talk in-depth with a DC because my usual LDs are devoid of people, and then my brain starts throwing DCs at me... heh. Too bad everyone was in a hurry .-. Still haven't had that conversation yet.

      I'm in this city where there's snow and something is happening and apparently someone is also named Ivy and I am also. I end up climbing up walls sideways and then I start tossing vines to tree branches. I begin swinging on them faster and faster and then I end up in a place that looks like my neighborhood. At some point here I become lucid.

      I do an RC (nose pinch) and then start walking around, and the place becomes similar to Manhattan with the sidewalks and buildings.

      At some point I run into Castiel in his trenchcoat and all that (from Supernatural) and he's rounding the corner and I'm like "hey Castiel" and I don't remember what he says but it wasn't anything notable probably?

      I run into these two guys who tell me their names when I ask (McGebbers and Eddy) They're stereotypical goons. Apparently I saw their boss somewhere on some tv show or movie) but I can't remember what he's called now.

      I see this girl walking and think she's Emily so I go up to her and say "Hey Emily!" And she turns around and whoops she's not Emily. She starts going down this subway station but I call down to her and ask if she has anything interesting to tell/show me and she says something in response.

      While running around I run into these two men in suits and sunglasses. I ask them their names and they look at each other and one of them presses a gun to my head but I don't remember what they say. I escape unscathed, though.

      I get to this park or sth and see Noah. He's going somewhere but I pull him back and he's really light. I tell him that we're in a dream and he says, "Oh cool, is it my dream?"
      "Mine actually."

      I also meet this serial killer somewhere? Or someone like Ted Bundy, only not Ted Bundy.
      I meet a lot of people but I'm starting to forget what's happening and I run into this wall with a list of "have you seen these people " sort of task list and I wish I had paper or something to mark them off. I realize I don't have my backpack with me, just my regular clothes. I think about conjuring up some paper but I don't. I read the lines and some of them mention "Elmo" and "McGebbers" and "Eddy".

      I go into this school but I change my mind since I don't want to be stuck inside for the rest of my dream and I turn back and of course the entrance is blocked off by a stone wall. So I go to the edge of it and dig my fingers in and pull, and I get out.
      Possibly see the night sky and stars and cliff?

      At one point I end up near these creepy windows with this thing peering out, like those movie posters where a creature is looking through a crack in the curtain and you can only see their eye. I just remember that it was creepy, though.

      When I wake up I'm in this FA where I imagine myself writing down the stuff in a Muji notebook and noting it as Second Market. Apparently I've met the two goons before and I've drawn one of their faces and it looks remarkably similar. I write about sleeping in and how it's like 1:30 pm. And then I fade back into reality, and it's actually 9:10am or so.

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    13. 12/15/2014 - "Once the Sun Goes Down"

      by , 12-30-2014 at 04:14 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Once the Sun Goes Down..."

      I was in a supernatural town, where everything apparently goes ape-shit, after dark. (Think 'Silent Hill''.) People turn into zombies; monsters come out to prowl - the whole nine.

      My first experience with this town was absolute horror. Everyone around was sporadically transforming into Nightmare Creatures, and it seemed as if they were fixated on me. I was constantly on the run, with a new 'breed' of monster popping up around every other corner. I came to be sprinting through the high, balcony walkways of a massive castle when I was confronted by some sort of 'spinning wheel of death'. It radiated red and orange sparks and whizzed through the air like a large Frisbee, ricocheting off of the walls and stone surfaces as I ducked and dodged out of its way. Shortly after escaping this disc, I began to hear thunderous footsteps approaching me from behind. Something big was coming. I ran faster through the hall, trying to put as much distance between myself and those giant footsteps as I could.

      Then, the dream reset.

      I don't know if I was eventually killed by something, or what, but the dream suddenly zapped me back to sundown, and to the very start of this town's hellish transformation. This time, though, I was aware fact that my experience had just started over, and that it wasn't simply Deja Vu. I realized that this was a dream! Again nightfall came, and again, the populace of this city turned to hideous, blood-thirsty monsters.

      This time, though, I was able to tear through the beasts with little resistance, acting as a warrior god among these now-harmless hordes. Utilizing mostly telekinesis and simple energy blasts from my hands, and following pretty much the same path as I had previously taken through this world, I was soon back up in the castle, confidently (and whimsically) fighting my way through the hallways and back onto the balcony. Just as before, I saw the 'spinning wheel of death', however, this time, it was inactive. It looked to be just a rickety, old sewing wheel with blades set around it, propped up against the balcony, but it lacked the glowing, rotating element of 'surefire death' that it had, the last time I saw it.

      Then, those booming footsteps returned, just as before. Instead of running, though, I turned back to face their origin, surprised to see Thanos, of all people, stomping his way toward me. Even while lucid, I hesitated to rush at my mental projection of an advancing Thanos, so I took a flying leap off of the balcony and dove all the way down to the ground level. The titan followed suit and landed directly behind me. We then began a sort of cat-and-mouse down the side of the mountain upon which the castle rested. Even though I was lucid, I was admittedly on the defensive, but I was doing a good job of blocking and dodging his rushing attacks as he pursued me down the mountainside.

      The chase was the last thing I remember.
    14. Dream Fragments

      by , 10-29-2014 at 01:04 AM (Casting Shadows)
      Before going to sleep last night I had a very strong feeling that if I wanted to remember my dream and possibly even be lucid, I needed to wake up at two o'clock. I set two alarms: for two and for five.

      I'm not sure if I was lucid from ten to two, but here's all I could remember:

      It was nighttime, and someone had killed a unicorn--a supernatural being. They were drinking its blood.

      So clearly from October's TofM.

      I had another dream fragment, but I don't remember it now. Here's what I wrote at two in the morning (so sorry, this is gonna be . . . weird):
      "My father is a jerk and we're all at Ucon's Quick Stop and he's yelling and blah and Mama's having a bit of a meltdown.

      "[A boy from school] was there and he said, 'If someone called you a bad word, what would you do?' "
    15. 10/15/2014 - "Mercenaries, Wolves and Savages"

      by , 10-15-2014 at 04:41 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Mercenaries, Wolves and Savages"

      Spoiler for Short Version!:

      There was a vast military facility, set in a rocky, mountain terrain. An acquaintance and I were seemingly prisoners or captives on this base, and were sneaking around the yard in an attempt to make our escape. Our captors were more ruthless mercenaries than your standard soldier, and we knew that being caught again would mean certain death.

      It didn't take long for the base to go on alert, upon realizing we were no longer where we should have been. Everywhere, squads of these men were mobilizing and searching frantically for us. One the closest end of the base was a wall with a framework of openings, but on the other side was a wide-open clearing, for miles. We could already hear the helicopters beginning to circle. We would be sitting ducks out there. The only way to safety would be to make it across the compound and to the opposite side, where the geographic conditions were much more conducive to escape.

      Unable to keep ourselves hidden for much longer, we soon found ourselves sprinting and scrambling through the yard, dodging machine gun fire so close that I could actually feel the bullets tearing through my clothing and brushing my skin at times. Turning a corner - after having lost my companion, somewhere in the fray - I saw a large, metallic object wheeling itself around a nearby building. It was a tank, and the turret was already beginning to rotate in my direction. I broke into a lateral sprint, running as fast as I could, toward the closest structure. It was one of those moments where time stands still, and you're in just such utter terror that you are absolutely, positively sure you are going to die.

      I heard the tank fire the shot, just before I was able to reach the corner. Luckily, the shell flew just a few feet behind me. I could sense it as it passed me before exploding, harmlessly, about a dozen yards away.

      Still on the run, I happened upon an enormous crevice that led down into the ground, just outside of the military compound. It was a great gash in the earth, about the length of a large yacht, and it was apparently the entrance to a network of caverns which stretched deep below the surface. I climbed down to lower passageways and attempted to wait out my pursuers, thinking that I might have enough concealment down here to successfully get away. Then, I saw a silhouette on the wall. It was a wolf. A very large wolf. It was sniffing its way around toward me, but I was out of its line of sight and it hadn't yet noticed me.

      Quietly, I began climbing back up toward the surface, out of the path of this beast, and started to weigh my dwindling options. Poking my head just above the surface, I was met not with the automatic weapons of the mercs that I believed were still searching for me, but with the sight of about five more wolves, sprinting down out of the nearby mountains and directly toward me at breakneck speed.

      Frantically, I slid back down into the crevice and to the lower level. The wolf was there waiting, and I ended up having to fend him off with my hands, grabbing his snout as he lunged and grappling with him just long enough to slip away before the others could descend into the cavern behind me. (I think I killed it, but I'm not sure.)

      Continuing further and further down, and just as I was beginning to feel that I had rid myself of the ferocious wolves, I found myself dropping into a wide open 'room' within the cavern. It was about the size of the underwater cavern in my dream from yesterday. This time, though...it was full of people. Primitive, indigenous people, who seemed as though they had been living here for eons. A lost civilization. And they all immediately stopped what they were doing and stared directly at me.

      I was standing on some kind of pedestal or shrine, and surrounded by precious artifacts. The centerpiece immediately caught my eye: a large, gem-encrusted plate, in the shape of a skull, which looked like it had come straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. Suddenly, the air turned hostile, and this entire tribe began converging angrily upon me. I was off, again, instinctively grabbing up the skull-shaped relic and dashing off of the pedestal, running through the caves while they gave chase. Some of the natives also dealt in magic, because the last thing I remember is hoping from ledge to ledge while a handful of them threw glowing, blue spells at me, which exploded into bright splashes of hot liquid.

      I don't think they ever caught me, though!

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