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    1. I order coke, yet I am given beer!

      by , 11-18-2014 at 09:30 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      I order coke, yet I am given beer! (Non-lucid)


      I was attending college during this dream. I was in a class related to a major in cooking. I really did not like the class, as the teacher was having a very scientific approach to cooking and there was no hands on training at all, just lectures and I really felt that cooking was all about hands on. Some other students, two females, where sharing the same thoughts as I, so we would get into hands on training after class. It was my first time to join them, even though they already were doing these side classes.

      The settling looked similar to the above photo, in fact, the uniform was pretty similar. I was given a small round device, it had the same of a pill, but it was about a feet in size. It had a special combination and I needed to put three numbers 2 in a row. I struggled a lot to do this, but I was finally able to and suddenly the "pill" released a black apron, some cooking utensils and some made up devices that I have no idea what they were for. One of the ladies was happy and I got dressed to cook. We cooked some food, even though, I cannot remember what it was.

      We decided to go on a break and we went to a mall. They were going to buy a bed and we were going to share it, even thought, there was no sexual intents from neither of our ends. The matress store had several beds displayed outdoors and we laid down to try some of the beds. One was a water bed and I told her I had my doubts they would allow that bed in the apartment, since usually water beds are banned due insurance.

      From here, we went to the food court and they were going to pick up food while I went to buy the drinks at a little store that sold drinks. This store was like a bar and there were four employees. I ordered two Coke Zero and every time that the employee prepared the drink, it was a beer. I told them I wanted no beer and the employees started to be rude with me. They made me wait, assisted other clients and eventually, would bring me another beer. I was tired of waiting so long until one of the ladies ended up meeting with me. I was tempted of just jumping the bar and preparing the cokes myself, afterall, I could see the soda dispenser right in front of me and I could not understand where the problem was, but I did not as I could get into trouble.

      From here, a lot happened but I forgot. As soon as I reached my journal from bed, I recalled the early part of the dream (written above) and inmediately, forgetting the last part of the dream.
    2. Weird Shower Party

      by , 06-22-2011 at 06:22 PM
      I'm at a strange party with my friend, "M." It is outside around a MASSIVE jungle-gym/play-set/swing-set type thing. There are secret rooms in the play-set and most of the people at the party are fat black ladies. M takes a shower she finds in a secret room and I want to take one too but I can't find the same shower she used and she won't show me where it is. The only shower I find is behind a broken water bed you have to walk through to get to the shower which I do not want to do. I end up not taking any showers and am sober at the end of the night due to my extensive shower search and no alcohol consumption.