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    1. Living with Amber D?

      by , 06-07-2019 at 05:44 PM
      Was in an unfamiliar house that I guess I was moving into. There wasn't much light except that coming from some side lamps. There was lots of stuff everywhere. There were other people living in the house. I was talking to someone in another room while I moved someone else's stuff out of the room I was going into. I wasn't sure who it belonged to but I hauled some of it to a room upstairs. At the top I heard someone coming out of the shower and the door was open. I realized it was Amber and didn't wan't to appear like a peeping tom and so literally slid back down the stairs.

      Next I was starting up my jeep which was full of people. Amber was in the rear passenger side seat. I asked if she had any suggestions for chill music to listen too while I drove. "hmm you could listen to what I'm listening too." she said. I realized she had earbuds in. I asked what she was listening too and she started to get really embarrassed. I think she was listening to a soundtrack to some very soap-opera-esk show.
    2. Tuesday, March 5

      by , 03-13-2019 at 07:01 PM
      I am in some kind of bathroom or shower room. There are two larger stalls, I think with a toilet and shower head (just on the wall, a drain for the runoff) in each, that are laid out as inverses of each other. There is some girl in the other one. I think that we have been assigned to these at the same time based on us being opposite gender or something to do with our siblings? I am sitting on the toilet in here and can see her showering through the gaps in the stall walls. Her back is facing me, but the side of a breast could still be revealed in a slight turn of her body. I’m more worried about her seeing me though, as I think there’s a mirror in which she could do so. I move my body a bit to where I can no longer see her. Now, I think this girl is gone and Melissa is here in the stall with me. For a moment we were at a double sink counter, me at the left. It felt like we were on a trip and it felt weird to have the left side. I think we’re now holding each other in the shower water and talking. We touch each other.

      I am with Dad and Makayla on a sprawling beach of bright ochre sand. I get the notion to run and jump into the water and tell them I’m going to do so. I run, but when I get to the water I am met with a powerful current that renders me incapable of getting any farther. I keep trying but cannot surmount the bombardment of the unceasing tail end of these ocean waves. They are quite long, and I notice how hard they churn the water.
    3. Friday, February 1

      by , 02-15-2019 at 11:24 PM
      I am at a house. It seems like I may be staying here for a little while, as in a few nights. Andrea from high school is here too. I’m about to take a shower, and I find out, as she comes over at the same time, that she was about to too. I think there is some discussion, after which I end up taking a quick shower first. I am getting ready to go see a therapist? Mom and Makayla are coming with me, or at least are in the car. I think I’m driving. The landscape is sort of empty and drab. (*The following is not the best recollection, and almost seems like it was from another dream but like it fits with this one too). While talking with the woman therapist, I become angered with the inefficiency of the whole thing and end up beating her. (*This feels very gross to write; in the dream there didn’t seem to be too much emotion behind it, just simple physical contact).
    4. l.

      by , 10-12-2018 at 01:07 PM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up at around 9:20 recalling one or two non-lucid dreams, sat up to make note of one of them and forgot the other.

      I was in a town I don't recognise and it was night time. I was head to some place and then I ran into a stray dog, which looked like a mix between a dalmatian and a husky or something. But it was very scruffy and some fur was missing. Though I felt sorry for the dog I was initially wary that it may be aggressive or carrying fleas.

      It got very close to me, rubbing against my legs but I kept moving on and it kept following me. I was going into some sort of garden/park and there were small trees but they made enough shade even at night that it felt considerably darker now. There were pairs of wild cats or something and they did look aggressive.

      I was avoiding getting too close but the dog following me started growling and barking at them, I said "shh silly dog, stop that!"

      The cats didn't react very much, but I was afraid they would but the dog stopped provoking them and continued following me.

      Eventually at the other end of the park there was a brick wall, part of a building. In the wall there was a square doorway, literally a hole in the wall.

      Inside was a small dark room and there was a mini shower for the dog and some dog shampoos and things. I turned on the shower or it came on by itself and the dog became a person. At that point I thought the dog shampoo might not be such a good idea anymore since it wasn't meant to be used on people.

      Then there was some transition and it was implied I was on the other side of the building; it wasn't as dark now, it was starting to become day. There was a dirt path and a barn or something and a boy with a backpack.

      I was here like the boy to do some sort of exam, but I remember I had some pills, 4 or 5 of them and oddly enough I put all of them in my mouth at the same time, and struggled a bit but managed to swallow them. They were all different colours, as I remember holding them and looking; white, light blue, magenta and something else.

      Then I walked towards the barn and I remember walking up a couple of steps and entering. I think someone was there but my memory of the dream kind of ends here.

      Some notes:
      • The dog was smaller than I would expect for either of the two breeds it seemed to be.
      • The cats looked a bit like lynxes or bobcats or something, they were fairly big but not much bigger than the dog.
      • The bit with the pills was particularly odd; I never carry pills around, but of course there's some contextual residue that I take supplements before bed sometimes. The fact that I took so many at the same time was odd too because it can be difficult to swallow just one large pill without a drink, let alone a few more at the same time.
      • I remember the dog shampoo bottle looked a bit like a plant feed bottle; it was plastic, red body, green cap.

      Scoring thus far:
      + Previous score: 32.0

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 2.0
      ++ Recall a non-lucid dream: 1.0
      ++ Help someone in need: 1.0 (the dog, I felt like I was helping my letting it follow me, as I didn't know what would happen otherwise and would feel guilty otherwise)

      = Total score thus far: 34.0
    5. May 15, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 05-15-2018 at 09:20 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm following dunkey around in some sort of imagination. We're on the coast of what he says is Wisconsin. It seems old and dusty. There's an old shack up on a hill overlooking blue water and forest coastlines in the distance. In the building I'm with someone trying to figure out a password. He asks the owner over text if there's a password for searching and he gives him that which then works for the password to get into the computer. Dunkey eventually gets into his Facebook to which it shows 11,111 notifications. He's laughing and says "is that a good thing" sarcastically. We're also in an RV thing at some point. It seems like there's a driver and then three of us in the back. Everyone wants to masturbate but the logistics aren't working out, I think someone went in the back room but then the other guy and I just sat there on our phones.

      There was a dream about the CPA that was stressful. I was talking with people around me who all said that they had already taken and pass all of the CPA tests. I got stressed and felt behind so I went and sat down to start studying. There was a smiling guy on the screen that was saying that he was going to teach us how to pass. I was writing notes but I could see my mom walking around near me wondering what I was doing.

      The dream scene is at JMU's showker building. I'm sitting in an accounting class that is taking forever. The class finally ends and I leave but then come back to grab a mountain dew bottle. Turns out there's several and I'm knocking some down as the professor is talking to another person. We leave and someone tells me we still have one more class and I'm so sad because I'm very tired. It's some sort of english class. We walk downstairs and in the hallway is a bunch of people carrying krispy kreme donuts. I ask Zac e for one and he tells me I can take one so I do and then say "Zac you're the best" but in a very weird way. I walked away thinking maybe it didn't sound very genuine. I go into a classroom and my classmates from UVA are there with me. I'm looking for a seat and then find one next to Korri but then Sydney takes my spot. I'm not too mad but I remember my spot was now going to be very far away. I walk outside into the hallway and into a bathroom. There are three older women talking and they see me. They ask why I'm wearing a rainbow bandana. I take a look in the mirror and I realize I'm wearing my colorful bandana so I look to one of the women and say "It's like a festival thing." I notice the bandana is really messed up and I attempt to fix it but it doesn't work so I take it off. I see in the mirror my shirt is checkered red and black while my hair is pretty messed up. I try to fix my hair on my way back to the classroom.

      I walk back in and Korri says that I can sit with her now. The classroom had stairs that went down into a locker area. I'm not with a bunch of dudes like a football team going to take showers, but there's also girls down there with us. Guys are making funny jokes around me. This one dude was beat boxing in a deep voice. I transfer my clothes from one locker into another closer to a shower. The shower is a weird metal contraption that opens up and sprays down onto four different people. Before that only 2 people at a time were taking showers so I was pretty surprised by this and said out loud that more people could be taking showers. I look around and it looks like most of the guys are gone and now the girls have come to shower. Bahar was down there but I was looking away. The guy doing the beat boxing looks at the girls and says something that was supposed to be funny but was just creepy. I look away cringing.

      I'm on a hill with a teammate in a fortnite style situation. There are several teams running around shooting rockets at each other.

      I'm floating around in first person vision on this landscape with a forest in the background and other things in the distance. The vision is turning as I'm flexing a body part in my body but I don't have a lot of control. Someone is asking Terence McKenna a question about an organization asking for him to build them a "Franken-Cannon." He also talks about some other important thing before but I can't remember what it was. I thought I was going to go lucid but never really became fully aware.
    6. March 27, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 03-27-2018 at 10:06 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream scene is behind my elementary school. I'm trying to get back to my high school. The back part of the elementary school does not look how it does in real life. It's made of gravel rocks and is very steep. Someone walks by me as I try to climb up this steep rock hill. I'm wearing a very heavy backpack and am struggling to get up there.

      The scene goes to in front of my elementary school in the field. I'm trying to find the best way through the trees so I walk closer to the school but then decide to take a route around the trees closer to the road. My idea is that school is in session and I'm 22.

      I get into the high school finally and am in this small hallway that was orange lit and looked very old. I go into a room that looks like a bathroom and decide I'm going to take a shower. The floor is very dirty and has bugs crawling around. I put my stuff down and contemplate if I can sleep here over night. The room changes and now there's 5 people there with me and a small table. We were playing a game where we were ships with 2 shots each shooting at each other, one side was the rick and morty team and the other were the aliens. Someone killed the Rick ship so that team was weakened.

      I look out of a classroom and realize I'm now in the 500s section of the high school. The current guys from the show choir are walking by and looking at me excitedly like they know and recognize me. I walk out and start noticing kids who were in the show choir a few years after I had graduated. I was wondering how the other kids knew me and thought maybe they knew me because I was the leader my senior year. We walk outside in a group and I pass my old choir teacher Mr. B. I stop and greet him but he doesn't really seem to happy to see me because he's busy trying to get the kids on the bus.

      There are 5 or 6 buses lined up waiting to depart. I turn and ask a kid where they are going and he says that they're going to a school I don't know. I couldn't quite make out the name he was telling me. I see austin p's parents so I say a quick hello to them and then look around the group. I notice a lot of these people were in my grade but not show choir. I see mac and we say hello.
    7. January 23, 2018 Non-lucid and fragment

      by , 01-24-2018 at 07:45 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was with a group of friends returning from an adventure. We're coming down from a mountain and sort of swinging or flying down and the scene below is massive. In front of us is this expansive view of an abandoned city. I remember it felt like this place had been abandoned for thousands of years. The strangest part was that it had a bunch of small buildings and sky scrapers, and cutting straight through each building were these massive gaps. They weren't the streets but they were going right through the buildings.

      We get to the other side of this abandoned city that had gaps through it and we're now at a cliff. Above us is trees and some sort of village up on the cliff. I somehow latch and jump up to grab this wooden post. I'm now hanging onto this wooden post very high up on the cliff. My friend Owen is there with me. I start to tell him about Ayahuasca explaining a story about the snake.

      Another fragment I'm in this dim shower area. Someone is hitting themselves with a rock on their head. He hits the ground and says that he is seeing into another dimension. Another person standing over him is concerned.
    8. A Shower and Ice Cream

      by , 05-07-2017 at 08:05 AM
      Morning of May 7, 2017. Sunday.

      There is not much going on in this dream other than me having a shower and eating a bowl of ice cream. I am apparently to go out to a public venue with some people, though I do not know who they are. Since water represents the dynamics of sleep (and as such, is my most common dream feature along with fire, and certainly my most common form of induction), it also vivifies my dream state as a result. However, there is no lucidity in this case.

      The layout of the bathroom and the rest of the house is unfamiliar though implied to be where we live. Curiously, I shower while putting my clothes on, which seems to be taking a long time.

      In the last scene, I am eating a bowl of ice cream. It is mostly vanilla and I enjoy its flavor. I find that I have to keep moving the spoon around the inside of the bowl, as I do not want to waste any of it, yet there is always more. I do not want to be late in going out, but there is no end to the ice cream when I move the spoon around to “finish” the last of it. If my thinking skills were present, I would know that there could not be so much still left each time.

      Tags: ice cream, shower
    9. Shower Imposers

      by , 02-17-2017 at 08:17 AM
      Morning of February 17, 2017. Friday.

      During water induction (my most consistent form of autosymbolism for dream state entry, as water is autosymbolism for sleep and the dynamics of the dream state), I find myself in the shower on the second floor of the King Street boarding house. I get the impression that I am still living in the L-shaped room at the end of the hall (though I have not lived there since the 1980s). A young version of Zsuzsanna (who has never been to America let alone King Street) is in my apartment at the end of the hall. The opaque sliding door of the shower is halfway open. Zsuzsanna walks around in my apartment. Curiously, both the south bathroom wall is missing as well as my apartment’s north wall, so the shower can be viewed directly from that apartment. (Missing walls as well as the ability to see through otherwise solid walls is a fairly common feature in my dreams and has been since early childhood. This is associated with the “mystery girl” of my dreams having lived in a house with missing exterior walls. This turned out to be true regardless of its high unlikelihood; that is, Zsuzsanna lived at one time as a child in an incomplete house with missing exterior walls in an area of New South Wales called Heaven.)

      I realize that I still have clothes on. This is very annoying and I take them off, but they are somehow on again later. I also notice a pair of tennis shoes near the end of the bathtub. These apparently belong to a very old man who comes in to get them and he soon leaves without speaking. While still showering, I begin to get more annoyed at having to remove my clothes more than once (but that does not trigger the realization I am dreaming).

      Somehow, several unfamiliar people end up in the shower with me (though of course there would not be enough room in reality), and I can barely move. This soon changes though, as part of the typical illogical sequencing of the dream state. I eventually notice that part of the east wall (directly beyond the end of the bathtub) is also not present. An older version of Zsuzsanna is making sounds of arousal but I can only see her from just above her knees and downward.

      The north wall (adjacent to the bathtub) also seems to not be present. There seems to be a mostly featureless room, but which may also be part of the same bathroom as there is a drain in the floor.

      Becoming annoyed in a dream at the realization that I am wearing clothes has occurred since childhood (not just with shower dreams or those where I am in bed, though my non-lucid dream self most often does not focus on whether I am dressed or not anyway). There are a number of reasons for this. One, the association with being embarrassed with the idea of “sleeping in my clothes”, which is proof of liminal dream state awareness (as why would my dream self associate with the idea I am sleeping unless I was somehow liminally aware I was in the dream state, even though with liminal dream control I do not even remember what a dream is). Two, this sometimes throws off my association with phasing through walls or flying up and out of a dream (only being aware that it is a dream in the last moments - though as if I subliminally knew the entire time). The idea I am wearing clothes occasionally interferes with my association with being incorporeal, or in some cases, even with a greater corporeal full-body flying ability. There are other reasons depending on the dream type. In the majority of my more vivid flying dreams (not always lucid) I am only in a bed sheet or cloak. Ultimately, it is natural to have dreams of not wearing clothes, as I do not sleep in my clothes. Wearing clothes in a dream is an unusual distortion caused by the lack of awareness of the self in unconsciousness and its actual physical status (unless one is dressed while sleeping, though the weight of a bed sheet probably causes this distortion in most cases).

      Regarding my dream’s cause and meaning, this is simply a typical form of RAS mediation and modulation as the waking alert factor, often activated by way of the preconscious and its personification and the sense of intrusion. As my dream self in non-lucidity is a fictitious entity, any perceived link to my conscious self identity in waking life in some levels of unconsciousness can potentially be viewed as an “intruder” (just as someone half-asleep might perceive an environmental sound, even a noise made by a family member, as liminal evidence of an “intruder”). This is one of those common factors of dreams of which many people cannot grasp at all.

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    10. [28/29-01-2017: 15th & 16th competition night]

      by , 01-29-2017 at 11:12 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      It was evening, I took some clothes and went to bathroom to take a shower. The place looked like before renovation, it was horribly dirty. There was some sewage in bathtub, I opened lid of the toilet seat and saw an utter mess of mud, excretes and random junk, even bread loaves. I flushed the water and it started raising, then abruptly lowered with an ominous gurgle. This acually made me happy, I thought that I've dealt with some problem in a nice way.

      WBTB attempt.


      I recall bits of a dream, a fragment that I can't quite wholly recall. I was in house, probably kitchen, talking with family.


      I heard news reporter talking about air pollution, dangers of smog and how it's built, it was in some city at a dawn. When he spoke about it's built, I was high up in the sky, standing in front of wall of clouds. I could spot individuall cloudy-bricks in it's structure.
    11. Beautiful city- non-lucid Spellbee's Splendid Comp Night #3, 2017 DJ #12

      by , 01-15-2017 at 10:49 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I am in a warm shower, and I dry myself quickly as I remember I have to go to the top. The tower is glass and see through, and I wind round for ages until I reach the top. The top is immensely crowded, and I push my way towards a platform. A few other people, and a guide woman are on it. I get on it just in time, as it suddenly is released from the top of the tower. It floats down, but I cannot tell how high or low it is because of bizarre perspective. I touch down on the grass and...


      I wander around the beautiful city I described in the previous dream for a very long time. It is godlike and the yellow sun enhances its beauty. Eventually, I see a cafe, and a man walks in and orders an orange juice. I walk in with a friend and order an iced coffee. However, the only money I can find is stamps. However, I eventually find a $50 dollar note. Suddenly, as I wake up, the scene shifts to a picture of sweet peas flowering, and I wake up.

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    12. [16-11-2016: Ghost in bathroom]

      by , 11-16-2016 at 09:38 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in my bathroom, it was night. There were many towels hanging on a line that was across whole room. I was taking a shower, I turned off water flow and took a towel. I got shivers and felt an evil, ominous presence in the bathroom, staring at me. I wiped myself and left shower cabin, then felt a great danger and almost rushed out of bathroom, but a ghost caught my hand. I couldn't feel anything touching me, but at the same time felt a strong grip on my arm. I struggled to get free but it was stronger than me. Finally it set my hand free and I escaped.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    13. 16-07-13 False Awakening & The Persian Tower

      by , 07-13-2016 at 07:37 PM
      False awakening. I thought I'd woken up, and was in the shower with a portable heater pointed at my face. I could see and feel the glow. I looked away, and suddenly it was standing on top of the door handle. I found this so bizarre, I concluded this couldn't be real. I shook my head to try and wake up, and sure enough, I woke up in bed. The real one.

      I was at the top of a large tower (ancient Persian). I'm on this round terrace built all around the top of the tower. There is no guardrail, but I hold on to the supporting pillars (the ones holding up the ceiling) as I clamber around the tower. I'm quite scared of heights. I find no way to get inside the tower. Once I had climbed around it twice, I suddenly see open doors (I feel with my hand to make sure it isn't just a window) and walk inside. The inside is a rather roomy dining hall of sorts, way too large to fit into such a small structure. I'm not sure if the following happened before or after the tower. Claire was there, in the dining room, standing by others. but I felt like she (and those others) were of a "higher caste" and thus out of my reach. I did try to get near her and interact with her, but never actually directly tried to seduce her as I feel it is hopeless. As usual. In an earlier scene (I think, the order of memories is a little vague), I think there were a lot of people, including old friends (Fenn & Barra) and people from school, and I think we were grouping up or something, for some kind of challenge. The tower thing?
    14. Lucid and Flew into the Mountains

      by , 06-27-2016 at 06:37 PM
      I was at a mechanics to get my car fixed. A song came on the radio (some old R&B or funk song) that I liked, and I felt happy. I told someone that my Dad used to love this song. I started flowing around the parking lot. Realized I was dreaming and became lucid. I flew into the sky and saw 3 blue jays flying near me. I decided to fly next to them, but one of them looked wary of me so I sped up and flew really fast towards the mountains in the distance. I was high up, and there were clouds, and it was beautiful. I landed on the highest peak of the mountain, and I discovered a small room just inside of the rock I landed on. It had a small branch carved into the stone and an olive-green cushion to make the seat more comfortable. There were 2 windows carved into the stone as well, and I looked back out towards the area I flew from.

      As I climbed down I lost lucidity. I walked past a house that was partially open (missing outside walls) and I saw an area with lots of shelves and interesting [nature-based?] art. All I can really remember about these objects is that I saw leaves and wood.

      I needed to take a shower before a road trip. I had trouble deciding which shower I would use. I knew I had hours until I needed to leave so there was no rush.

      I was living in an apartment complex and driving home through the parking lot. I knew I needed to pay my rent but the office was closed. I saw who I thought was the office manager outside talking to another person and I briefly thought maybe I would just walk down and pay the rent to her. But when I parked near the office I saw that there were designated slots to put your rent check in after hours and I decided I would do that. My last name was completely different than my maiden or married name: Polley. First name was the same.

      I have no idea. I have been getting good sleep the last few nights. The lucid dream wasn’t the most lucid I’ve been. I will have to think about these for a while.
    15. Walmart's Shower Section Thingy

      by , 06-15-2016 at 07:34 PM
      I am at the top of a little hill with my friend Grace walking down. Then I find myself walking around Walmart with my aunt. We get to where the loofahs and the shampoo is. My aunt goes on ahead and calls back that she'll be there soon. Then, back by the shower stuff, a girl with pink and purple hair walks around at the end of the main isle. Her mom, basically just an older version of herself, comes and they are talking to each other. Then I didn't finish the dream because my Grandmother was calling me for breakfast
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