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    1. I order coke, yet I am given beer!

      by , 11-18-2014 at 09:30 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      I order coke, yet I am given beer! (Non-lucid)


      I was attending college during this dream. I was in a class related to a major in cooking. I really did not like the class, as the teacher was having a very scientific approach to cooking and there was no hands on training at all, just lectures and I really felt that cooking was all about hands on. Some other students, two females, where sharing the same thoughts as I, so we would get into hands on training after class. It was my first time to join them, even though they already were doing these side classes.

      The settling looked similar to the above photo, in fact, the uniform was pretty similar. I was given a small round device, it had the same of a pill, but it was about a feet in size. It had a special combination and I needed to put three numbers 2 in a row. I struggled a lot to do this, but I was finally able to and suddenly the "pill" released a black apron, some cooking utensils and some made up devices that I have no idea what they were for. One of the ladies was happy and I got dressed to cook. We cooked some food, even though, I cannot remember what it was.

      We decided to go on a break and we went to a mall. They were going to buy a bed and we were going to share it, even thought, there was no sexual intents from neither of our ends. The matress store had several beds displayed outdoors and we laid down to try some of the beds. One was a water bed and I told her I had my doubts they would allow that bed in the apartment, since usually water beds are banned due insurance.

      From here, we went to the food court and they were going to pick up food while I went to buy the drinks at a little store that sold drinks. This store was like a bar and there were four employees. I ordered two Coke Zero and every time that the employee prepared the drink, it was a beer. I told them I wanted no beer and the employees started to be rude with me. They made me wait, assisted other clients and eventually, would bring me another beer. I was tired of waiting so long until one of the ladies ended up meeting with me. I was tempted of just jumping the bar and preparing the cokes myself, afterall, I could see the soda dispenser right in front of me and I could not understand where the problem was, but I did not as I could get into trouble.

      From here, a lot happened but I forgot. As soon as I reached my journal from bed, I recalled the early part of the dream (written above) and inmediately, forgetting the last part of the dream.
    2. Dying Grandpa, Lava and Pills, Library Lucidity, and More

      by , 07-15-2014 at 03:38 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      My grandpa was still alive, but he knew he didn't have much time left. I was with him, my mom, and my aunt Marge, though I feel as if there were more people there too. They were all very sad about him dying, but he was at peace with it, and was trying to make the most of his last moments.

      I was then somewhere else, though the situation had not changed. I opened a door, and saw my grandpa sitting in a chair at the head of a table. His hair appeared different than it ever was IWL, with streaks of red, some blonde and maybe brown as well, though the red is what I really remember. I then caught a quick glimpse of my mom and aunt, who were sad and not wanting him to go. I feel like they were asking him, pleading with him not to die. He looked at peace.

      My aunt Marge closed to door. I wasn't supposed to be there for some reason.


      I was at my old job, which was a department store. It was nighttime. I was in the building with a few other associates.

      I was over by the women's fitting rooms, when I saw some lava leaking from a crack that it had caused in the wall. I remember going back to it a little later, and more was coming out. I started trying to cover it with clothing, but, of course, the clothing just caught fire and burned up. I felt as if we were trapped.

      I then had another idea. I went to another fitting room with another associate, and we started looking for fire retardant clothing. We looked through lots of packaged pajama sets that normally the store receives around Christmas. I went through lots of red ones. Then, a supervisor, Charles, came up to us.
      "Those aren't going to work," he said.
      I imagined the fitting rooms slowly filling with lava.

      Someone went back in the fitting rooms a little later to get something, and I was surprised when they came back out, because some time had passed, and I figured it was filled with lava by now.

      Then, I was close to the front of the store by the doors, when Ashley, another associate and my IWL friend, came back in. I asked her if there was a way out, and she said no, there wasn't. I imagined it outside, us surrounded by lava or erupting volcanoes. I knew we were doomed to die in the building. We all knew.

      I then approached Jaime, a manager, and asked her if she had anything strong we could take. If we were gonna die slowly, may as well not be able to feel anything. She took a silver package of these big pills out of her purse. They were Percoset, a strong pain killer (never taken them IWL). She gave one to me, one to Ashley, and took one for herself. The pill was wrapped in another piece of plastic besides the silver packaging, but it was supposed to dissolve when you took it. I put it in my mouth to swallow it. It immediately tasted very bitter. I tried to swallow it, but it was such a big pill, it was proving to be difficult. I really wanted the bitter taste out of my mouth. Before I swallowed it, I already started to feel the effects of the pill. I figured it was a fast-acting pill for those who were in major pain. I remember Jaime chewing her pill. I didn't understand how she could stand the bitter taste.

      I woke up for a little bit, then went back to sleep, entering the same dream.

      The pill was in full effect now, and I went to the bathroom to pee. I looked down at the tiled floor, and the designs on the white floor tiles appeared to be oscillating. Yeah, definitely feeling the pill. I stood up, and then, even though I did not feel the need to pee, I kept peeing. I peed a lot.


      I was at the department store I used to work at again, setting up some display on the endcap of a register. It was almost Christmastime. I thought to myself that it seemed so soon for Christmas; it felt as if we had just had it. I remembered the year prior with my husband, who was then my fiance. It seemed like just yesterday.

      Then, Ashley walked by. She was wearing a black maxi skirt that was slightly sheer, but only at the legs, and a black top. She said
      "It's been a year, and I'm going to be possessive of you, _____, and _____." I can't remember what else she said besides me.
      Apparently, Ashley was my wife. She had some issues about Christmas; something about the holiday made her feel insecure. I understood this, and was not upset by it. I just wanted her to be happy. I "remembered" kissing her, and thought about how I never thought I would marry a woman, and how my family never saw it coming either. But I loved Ashley; she was my wife.

      I then "remembered" driving to see her the prior year on Christmas, and taking pictures of the road on my way and sending them to her. I remember one in particular of the interstate in front of me. I was in the far left lane, and there was a metal chain-link fence on the divider. I think a semi-truck was also in the picture.


      I was walking through a city in the daytime. It was sunny out. It reminded me of a video game. I was with my husband, Dallas. The objective of the real-life game was to kill the governor. I had a shotgun on me.

      Dallas and I split up at some point. I was walking the streets alone, searching for the governor. I feel like I encountered some people and talked to them, but I can't quite recall. I noticed my husband's absence, and wondered where he was.

      I then approached a building and entered it. It was a library. I was standing in the huge foyer. There was a service desk in front of me, and behind it, glass windows looking into a room with computers and books. The floors were dark wood, and the lighting was sort of a "mood" lighting, not too dim but just right. Immediately, I recognized this library as one from a dream I had years ago, and knew I was dreaming. The dream quality instantly started to suffer, so I concentrated on my hands so as not to lose lucidity. My hands were changing as I looked at them, turning into baby hands and sprouting extra fingers. I walked as I kept focus on them, and the dream seemed to stabalize.

      I approached a young, tall, skinny girl standing at a podium. She looked to be in her early teens, and had dark hair pulled back into a ponytail.
      "What's your name?" I inquired.
      "Jaime," she responded.
      "Jaime, are you a real person, or are you part of my mind?"
      "Part of your mind," she responded with a smile. As she said this, she stepped out from behind the podium.

      I then went somewhere else, up some stairs I believe, and into a very crowded hallway with a balcony overlooking the foyer. It was circular and stretched around the edges of the room. I approached a blonde boy, probably about the same age as Jaime, and found out his name was Josh. He didn't really seem happy. He reminded me of someone I met IWL at my old job. He had the same name as well. He looked similar too, though much younger. I was having trouble getting him to look at me in the eye. I took his shoulders in my hands and said something to him, though I can't remember what. I was trying to get him to see something.

      I then was not sure what else to do with my lucidity. I didn't feel like I had much more time. I could not remember any goals I had prior to falling asleep. So I decided to do something I actually haven't done in a long time in my dreams: Fly. I took a running start, and people started to look, telling their friends to look because I was going to fly. I ran up and down the hallway a few times before I decided a running start wasn't the best way for me to do this. I leaned over the balcony. I saw all the people across from me on the other side of the hallway, and everyone below me in the foyer. I wasn't sure about this, since I had not done it in so long, but I let myself fall from the balcony. I then flew. Everyone was cheering me on. I was going very fast, however, and felt out of control of my speed, though I could rise and fall when I pleased; when I thought about going higher, I would, and when I thought about going lower, I would. I was just going so fast...

      The cheers then started to slow way down, like when a record is slowed down.
      I had an FA in my bed. I kept my eyes closed for awhile, but finally decided to get up out of bed, because I was hearing what sounded like someone peeing, or water trickling into water. When I went to get up, however, I noticed that my feet were already touching the floor, as if I was half standing, and half laying down in my sleep. I got all the way up and walked down the hallway. I noticed my husband standing in the guest bathroom doorway. The lights were off in there. That's odd, I thought he went to work. I got closer and noticed his shorts were pulled down, and he was peeing. Is he sleep peeing?

      Upon getting closer, I noticed he was peeing in my cat's water dish! My cat, Belle, was just standing there too, watching. I started getting really pissed at him (no pun intended), and yelled at him for doing that. I know that he and my cat don't really get along, but seriously?? I started yelling at him to stop, and asking him how he would feel if someone peed in his water. He said something smart-assy back to me. As I was raging, he started to walk away into the kitchen, which was much, much bigger than our IWL kitchen, which actually brought me to lucidity for a second, but I was so angry that I lost the lucidity in my rage. I noticed that the kitchen had chopped up potatoes all over it; the counters and every surface were covered. I knew he had done this just to spite me. I asked him if he was going to clean it up, and he shook his head no. I was so fucking angry. I went into the guest room, which also looked much different, and tried to slam the door, but the coat rack on the top prevented me from doing so (this does happen IWL). Ugh, I was so angry!

      Then I woke up for real.


      Ugh, I can't believe I couldn't remember what I wanted to do with my lucidity. Maybe another night. I'll just keep incubating my ideas, and hope that they come through into my dreams. Glad for the lucidity though! Woot woot!!

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    3. Dream #1 - Dream Disease?

      by , 07-17-2013 at 05:08 PM
      Dream #1

      Lucid Dream? - no

      Dream Topic - I get a disease that makes my dreams black

      Dream plot - When I entered the dream I was in my Living Room with my Mother. She asked me if I had any dreams the past night. I said I didn't remember any. A few minutes later I fell asleep on my couch, when I woke up I asked myself, what did I just dream about? But nothing came to mind accept darkness. After a while I realize that I have a disease that makes my dreams black and nothing else, but I still dream. After I realize that I may never see anything in my dreams again I started to cry. My mother says that I can go to the pharmacy to pick up a pill to help me dream again. I woke up as i'm walking to the pharmacy.
    4. Dream hopping

      by , 07-14-2013 at 11:38 PM
      Pre bed: 100mg B6

      Dream quality and recall: Dreams were vivid but recall was challenging due to the fact that I continued sleeping after the lds. It took me a while to journal the lds and by the time I did, the non-ld memories almost vanished. Still, taking into account recent busyness, heat and other distractions, I am very happy with the results.

      Early dream fragment: It is the 5th of July and I am watching lots of fantastic long-lasting fireworks in the sky

      Early dream fragment: I am doing dumbbell exercises, it feels really good

      WBTB: Was very sleepy but made an effort to review the tasks. Said a mantra a few times, then fell deeply asleep.

      Dream: I enter grandpa's room and discover that grandma has forgotten some kind of a diary she kept hidden behind the door. I wait until she is not around and peek in the diary to find out it is actually my diary. So, I had forgotten it in 2007 and she hid it and has been reading little bits ever since. This is terrible because this diary fully describes my views, plans, etc. I want to take it back home, but my mom comes snooping around, so I have to be careful not to attract her attention.

      Fragment: I am with a classmate going to a class meeting. We stop in front of a building.

      LD1: For some reason am in someone's store that resembles an outlet of a totally unknown brand. I spend some time checking out clothes, mostly interested in pink and purple ones. There is a cardigan I like but it turns into a net? Classmates are also there, I am trying to get their attention. A woman working in the store comes to bring us what looks like orange juice, but she claims it is beer. My whole class is gathered around something like a long table and we are having a drink. I first wait for everyone to get served but soon notice that some are already drinking. I feel drunk. Other classmates tell the story of a girl with the same name as mine, about how she lived in some city where women are emancipated. I think this refers to me, but later find out that they are talking about another classmate because they say her family name.

      I turn to one of my best friends and say to her that we better leave the place and go outside. I am not sure what we did there but I am overly bold and become lucid. I turn back to all the guys from my class that have been passively following me and say some things to them I don't any longer remember. I recall how long this dream has been going and have very little time left, so decide to hurry up. The scenery around me is absolutely beautiful. We just left a lone building and there is only grass around, hills, trees. It seems like fall is just beginning, the colors are very pleasant to look at.

      My brain is more asleep than usual and the only task that comes to mind after looking at the scenery is flying to angel falls.
      (which is so totally CL!)

      I lift off and do some maneuvering that I can't exactly recall. I keep on flying over some fantastic hills, but I just feel this is going to end very bad because I have no idea where I am going and I am in the air for too long. (Also my expectation was set very deeply on a subcon level).

      I decide to land and end up facing what looks like a small waterfall. There is water pouring over some rocks just in front of me. While I know this isn't what I am looking for (too small), I go as close as possible to this water falling down the rocks, trying to feel the water on me as the dream fades away and I end up in the void.

      I spend some time in the void, just waiting there. (I couldn't remember any advice as what else to do, but that was fine)

      LD2:It's a bit hard to remember what the first image was that I was looking at here but I am lucid from the start. It is an open area, with lots of vegetation again. I try three tasks, not fully sure about the sequence of but mostly likely in this order.

      I look around and see some hills and trees in the distance. Once again it is all very beautiful and this makes me happy. It also reminds me that I was headed towards Angel falls. The vegetation makes it just perfect for the task and I stare there and day dream for a very short while. I feel like I want to rush forward and just get there. However, I just passed a few DCs and I remember I had another task I wanted to do "ask a DC".

      I turn to this overweight mid-age woman and she makes some kind of word-like sound like "nah", I ask her where my phone is and she says "outside". This cannot be possible, as I know the phone must be somewhere at home, so I object and ask for further explanation. She says something else that I can't exactly remember but it means that this the answer. I am not satisfied with the answer she gave me, so I look around and there is another DC woman more or less the same type, but different face. I go to her and she makes exactly the same word-like sound like the other one, I find this very strange. I proceed to ask her about my phone and she just answers "but didn't you already ask". Well, yeah, but I want to ask again, and it is none of her business, just tell me where the phone is. I am annoyed with her and start some senseless explaining. After a while, I give it up and move on.

      Still in the same place I decide to do the fireworks task and look around for some fireworks to swallow. The problem is that I am not in a room where my mind easily makes all kinds of objects but in the greenery and there's only grass and some small bushes there. I somehow remember I can do a summon from my pocket. I have the memory that my pockets are currently empty but still decide to search in my pocket. It is indeed empty but I manage to scrub something there, I hold my fist tight for a second and then I expect to see a mini-firework in there. Unfortunately, it is just a purple brown pill. I become confused thinking I really had this pill in my real pocket and that's causing the problem. Anyways, I concentrate on the pill, trying to make it look at least a bit like a firework but in vain. Somewhere after this intense concentration the dream fades.

      I don't remember anything from the void here anymore.

      LD3: I appear in some kind of public building restroom, still lucid, where I am looking myself in the mirror. I feel some pain in my tooth and have a closer look. Yeah, something is not quite right there and that worries me that I might actually have done something to my real tooth. I vaguely remember Penny talking about tooth dreams, and try to ignore the issue. Yet, I keep on checking myself out in the mirror until I zoom in to see and feel my entire row of teeth in a painfully twisted position. Dreams can really get crazy, I think to myself, remembering how Checker's fingers were twisted or something like that.

      Finally, I brake my teeth fixation and walk around, trying to exit the restroom. Slightly worried that the dream might destabilize, although there wasn't an indication?, I decide to rub my hands and see if anything feels different. I remark that everything feels absolutely normal, and rubbing my hands on this occasion does not feel different from waking life. I also remember to jump a bit supposedly to stabilize, but it's more like some mischievous act of fun. I jump a few times, although cautiously as I don't want to destabilize the dream by losing the sense of my feet while mid air.

      Trying to leave the restroom, I walk around in this building, but get lost in a maze of corridors. I go back, then try again and end up in some creepy looking corridor, lit by a single old bulb, shining bright. The whole place looks like from some kind a cheap movie scene and I don't like it at all. I don't want to be there. I get paranoid, staring at the corridor which turns to the left and soon some kind of a non-human thing is summoned by me.

      Before he even has the chance to move closer I know that the only way out of this place is to phase through the wall in front of me and I do so.

      I immediately end up in the void, but am still a bit paranoid that this thing might follow me into the next dream. I try to reason this whole situation, that he doesn't exist anymore, and feeling with certainty that once in the void, it is over. From then on, I remember to concentrate on Angel falls and on appearing on top of it. I do my best to create sensations that I am there.

      I don't remember what happened, I just found myself in the next scene.

      LD4: My memory gets even worse as I fall deeper into sleep. I am on the street, facing some building. My concern at this point is recall. I realize that I have been having dream after dream with no opportunity to journal. I try to remember how many lds so far, four, try to recall some details as I feel they will be lost. Using either my fingernails or some other object, I write down the number of dreams with a key word next to each to help with my recall once I wake up. This whole task is extremely difficult and towards the end of the process I begin to hear non-lucid dream thoughts interfering in my head.

      Soon I lose lucidity as a Heroes of Might and Magic scene develops in the building in front of me. There are the two players' armies and obviously mine has been defeated because I didn't send reinforcements, while the other player did. The armies look quite 3D life-like with the largest beast looking quite scary.

      NLD: Someone informs bf about his dentist and that some kind of refund is due because he did the dental work in a hurry. Tom Wilkinson is the dentist.

      NLD: I am in a tram, there is a strange looking skinny old man in front of me. He is dressed like Gandhi, also has some kind of flat drawers on his chest, as some sort of a medallion. We talk for a short while and unfortunately I can't recall more detail anymore.

      Soon the dream ends and I am in my body semi-conscious and extremely sleepy. For some reason my physical body decides to change position, so my legs move. This is what wakes me up a bit more and I decide it is better to journal before I forget everything.
    5. Red Pill or Blue Plue

      by , 05-13-2013 at 09:20 PM
      I remember staring at a brown, wooden table with several small holes in it. I had to make a difficult decision, and I was really struggling. The room was pretty dim, everything was shadowy beyond the table. There was an empty pill bottle, and there were about 4-5 red and blue pills each in a pile beside the upturned bottle. There might have been green pills as well. I knew that my life would change in completely different ways with each pill, because I was only allowed to pick one color.

      Dream Fragment
      I remember walking around my hometown. Something weird was going on, since there were no cars or people. I got a view of the four-way from above, as if I was perched on a lamppost or if I was on the balcony of that old antique store. I remember looking around with my hand on my brow, like I was blocking the sun from my eyes. I think that I was trying to solve a mystery.
    6. Neglected Guinea Pig, Brief Lucidity, Pill Anxiety, and an Inappropriate Child

      by , 10-24-2012 at 03:23 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at home, and started to think about a guinea pig my brother apparently had. It looked like it had tortiseshell fur, which is black with yellow-orange flecks. I hadn't heard about it in awhile. I then "remembered" what happened. He had moved the guinea pig's container, which was a HUGE glass aquarium-type thing, like you'd see the rodents in in Petsmart, into the garage, because he had rearranged his room. I then had this realization that Blake hadn't paid ANY attention to this guinea pig in a couple of months. The guinea pig was probably dead.

      This made me pretty mad, because he has a fish too (IWL he actually does have the fish), and he was bad about cleaning out its tank (IWL this really is an issue...at least for me). I couldn't fathom how someone could take in a living animal, and then just forget about it and let it die. I approached Blake about it, and he didn't seem too concerned, though he did acknowledge that he had forgotten about him. He went into the garage to check up on it. I didn't want to look, because I figured the poor little guy was definitely dead by now. However, when Blake came back, he said the guinea pig was fine and just sleeping. I pictured it asleep in its food dish. I wondered how it stayed alive for that long with no food, water, or having its cage cleaned out. I told Blake it had probably been eating its own feces to stay alive.

      This next stuff gets a little confusing in my mind. I'll try to put it into some sort of order that makes sense.

      I realized I was dreaming, so, to not lose the dream, I kept repeating in my head "Stay in the dream, stay in the dream..." which at least helped keep the dream colorful and vivid. I also did some hand examinations, not to RC, but so I wouldn't lose focus on the dream world.

      I saw that I was in my room. I walked up to the mirror, and saw myself. I looked the same aside from my hair, which was short, straight, and dark red. I also had short bangs. Looking back, the hairstyle reminds me of flappers from the 20s. I smiled, cause it looked good. I was then topless and my boobs were way huge. I thought it was kinda hot really, and started to think about sexy time things, but it wasn't really working too well. I looked at myself in the mirror again, and I still had the different hair.

      I then woke up, but DEILDed into another dream. I was then staring at some picture on the wall of my room. I repeated the "Stay in the dream..." stuff, but I don't think it lasted very long.

      I DEILDed again, but this time, I went into a non-lucid. The guinea pig situation was still an issue. But this time, when I confronted Blake about it and he checked on the little guy, it was dead. Big surprise. That's what happens when you neglect an animal for 2 months. I just didn't understand why it wasn't a huge deal for Blake. I don't know if I confronted him or not about the issue, but I know I was angry, and thought to myself how mind-boggling it was that someone could take responsibility for an animal's life, and just forget about it. I pictured the guinea pig in its cage in the garage, dead in its food dish. I thought back to the previous part of the dream where the guinea pig was alive, and figured that I had just dreamed that up.


      I was sitting at a kitchen table in someone's house, and I took a little white pill called "Molly" and washed it down with some water that was in a glass to my right on the table (something I've never done or seen IWL and never EVER want to do...I've seen stuff like this mess up too many lives). It was nighttime outside. I don't remember who I was with, but I started to freak out before it kicked in, saying to myself in my head stuff like well you can forget going to sleep tonight and stuff like that. I immediately regretted taking the damn thing. I contemplated texting Aaron, who had done it before, and telling him, but I didn't.

      I then remember being in a room with some other people. We were apparently waiting on Austin to come over. I knew he just wanted to smoke. I was starting to feel the pill now, and I felt hyper and twitchy. Ugh. It was stressing me out pretty badly. Austin was then there. I don't remember much else about that part, other than there was a small point where I became lucid while I was sitting next to someone and talking, but I just let things go on as they were instead of taking advantage of the moment.

      I was then running around outside at what I think was dusk with this little boy of about 10 years old. He was chasing me and laughing. I felt weird about it, like the little boy was somehow inappropriately attracted to me. He then grabbed my waist as we ran, and then, he moved his hands under my shirt and on my waist. Definitely inappropriate behavior. I kept running for a second or two before I woke up.
    7. Jagged Little Pill

      by , 07-16-2011 at 11:44 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with my mom. I'm not really sure where we were. I found a bottle of big pills that had been halved. I knew what they were; they would kill me slowly if I took one, though they were just allergy pills. I had learned that from my dad one day when he told me I could take one if I wanted to die. I had taken one then, but I decided I wanted to live, so he gave me an antidote. The weird thing was, they didn't affect everyone the same way; in fact, the pills helped some people.

      Anyway, so I found the pills. I decided to take one for whatever reason, even though I knew what they would do. I tried to swallow it, but it was stuck in my throat. I kept trying, and finally swallowed it. After that, I immediately told my mom the situation, because I didn't want to die. I remember being in the car with her driving, talking to me, asking me what I needed to do. I took another allergy pill that was supposed to counteract it, though I wasn't quite sure it would work.
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    8. Crazy Layered Dream!!

      by , 09-21-2010 at 12:06 PM (Beyond the Horizon)
      I went to bed after listening to some new songs, and the weirdest dream I have ever had.

      In a room in a warehouse with LostInLA and other church friends. I knew I was in a dream, but I wasn't lucid; it was part of the story. Me and LostInLA wanted to have a shared dream, so we lay on these reclined chairs and took a pill each. I bit into mine and tried to swallow the liquid inside it. As I did something was wrong; people said "No Kevin!"
      I think I took the wrong pill.

      I went into a dream, I felt like it was my own mind. I was walking around in my dream. It was a normal place and the dream was very stable and deserted. I was thinking about how I would be in this dream for ages because dreamtime is faster and I was supposedly two layers down.

      I was walking up this road toward the spot where I had my first lucid moment. I looked behind me and the sun was setting until it was night.
      *MEMORY GAP*

      I looked up and It was morning in my dream and I made my way towards where I entered this dream. I saw some stairs which I climbed. At the top there was a doctor's office. I asked the receptionist if I could sit here because I was tired of just walking around. She said yes.

      There were two other people waiting for the doctor. My church friend Rachael came out of the doctors office and I said "What are you doing here?" I thought it was just my dream. She said something like "I've been here since I got sick."
      *MEMORY GAP*

      I realized I was dreaming FOR REAL sometime later. Everything was white and I yelled "Increase clarity now!" three times and rubbed my hands, but again, it felt like I was doing it for real in my bed and that it was too late.

      I think that lucid dreaming feels so real that I think I'm really doing the reality check. Grr...

      I woke up into the first dream, after everyone was crowded around me shaking me to wake me up.

      Later, I showed LostInLA my cast coming off; I pulled my arm out of it and it was all sticky and gross. She was like "Ewwww..."

      I woke up.

      There was much more than that though. Something about a bus.

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    9. Pill n' Food

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:48 AM
      Quote Originally Posted by r2d2651 View Post
      Pill In Food (Non-lucid)


      I very vaguely remember putting a pill in some food and then eating it...
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    10. Lucid Restaurant & WoW (2 Dreams)

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:47 AM
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      Lucid Restaurant! (DILD)


      I was in a restaurant with drew and a bunch of other people I know and I was just screwing around and having fun and I think I was doing some sort of competition thing. Then I ended up somewhere else and got some juice poured for me by some lady then I asked if she had any 2% milk she said yes in that box over there so I looked inside and got my milk. Mom had me take a melatonin. I popped it in my mouth and then went to get a drink but I couldn't swallow it! So I choked a little and hacked it up after panicking for a minute.

      I was in the house doing a race thing. First I was in my room and I ran on dads bed (with dad sleeping in it) And went around the edges and then slithered through the drawer in our bunk bed that is broken (turns out it leads to the restaurant) So then I was back at the restaurant and then I thought about "My head being on the pillow in real life" And I KNEW that that would stop any lucid dreaming so I did some reality checks such as spinning around and rubbing my hands together to create friction but I didn't feel any heat...


      WoW (Non-lucid)


      I remember hearing in school that Andraya plays World of Warcraft so I joined her in playing at a place I have been in before in another dream.

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    11. March 23, 2010

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      Different Tests:
      I started this dream out as lucid, unfortunately, I canít remember how I became lucid. I think I was in some fantasy land, just have that feeling because I canít exactly remember the land, etcÖ. but I decided that I wanted to fly. At this time, it was dark and I had a friend nearby, so, I told them to look up at the sky. I could see the moon in a crescent shape and it was rising up pretty rapidly into the sky. At this point, I decided that I wanted to see the sun so that when I fly, I can see the landscape and just didn't like the dark in general. Suddenly, rays of yellow sunlight penetrated the air from behind us. It was kinda odd having the sun and the moon at the same time but I never turned around to see the sun itself, just saw the rays. I think I got distracted a bit, because, I ended up deciding to try some elemental attacks. There was a metallic cube with a circle in it that was floating infront of it which I decided to try some attacks on. I started with electricity and I pointed my finger at the cube. It didnít work at first but then I said ďthis is my dreamĒ and tried again. I could seem blue sparks come out at the end of my finger. Since I was mostly interested in seeing it work, I was satisfied and decided to try fire next. Again, my fingers were pointed at the cube and the circle and itís surroundings were engulfed by the flames. Finally, I tried to freeze it and it froze, since, I could see the ice, bubbles in it, reflections, etcÖ. I wanted to get somewhere and wanted to teleport but decided again it in fears of the dream ending, since, I lost my lucidity in my last LD, so, I decided to fly.

      I decided to try and float at first, so, I sat in the lotus position and concentrated hard and could feel a strange tickling sensation in my feet but nothing happened. Then I decided to go buy a flying pill. I went to some large store, but, donít remember how I got there. I didnít have any money, so, I picked up what looked like a penny sized object from a nearby slot. When the previous customer left, I walked beside them and somehow acquired 2 coins which looked slightly bigger than my penny. Funny enough, I think the cash opened on my side since I remember walking and it just came out and hit me, so, I put it in. I asked the guy(I think it was him) on the counter about flying pills and if they had them and he said that they ran out. He was also wearing a blue uniform similar to walmart but it was only the top portion and no writing on it. I was suspicious and felt like he was hiding them from me, so, I went to the next counter which was conveniently placed around a corner. Between the two counters, there was some shelves behind some glass which had purchasable items on it such as food, etcÖ. I looked back at the first counter to make sure that he wasn't looking this way since he was doing some something at the back and then looked at her. I think she was wearing glasses but thatís all I can recall. I asked her for some flying pills but she also said that they ran out(must be really famous pills). I started to ask if any of their other stores have some and pointed at another store which was in the same plaza across from us. I think she mentioned that it was also sold out as well, so, I asked if any other stores had some, but, before she could answer, I told her that Iíll look around. I returned home and I recall just walking from the store as if it was near my house(I think it was across from it).

      I was a bit disappointed but noticed a black guy who was wearing a grey t-shirt in his early 20s follow me. I knew him in the dream and I think he was one of my roommates. Anyways, I walked back home and went upstairs. The walls were colored light purple which interesting enough looked nice and just seemed to fit. The stairway was on the narrow side and seemed a bit cramped but would fit two people easily. After walking upstairs, I decided to walk back down and meet him on the stairs since I knew what he had with him(call it dream psychic). He told me about the flying pill and gave me two things, a pouch(I think it was that, canít exactly remember what it was) and a sleeping pill which looked like a small pill which had a grey metallic color and had two wings on each side. I thanked him a lot and got the feeling he didnít want me to lose my mind(what a great DC, lol). I went outside and ended up doing something first(distracted again I guess) but I lost the pill and started to look around for it in the grass. I couldnít find it and was disappointed yet again. At this point, I remembered that I didnít need the pill, so, I went back inside my house to create some wings. I sat down, possibly on a box in the dark and concentrated on imagining them and how I would look with them on as well as possible. The wings were to be large, grey, similar to what Iíve always seen wings appear like in movies, anime, etcÖ. After a while, my shoulder area felt a bit strange as if something was growing and then I started to feel like there was a good amount of pressure there and that I needed to do some pushing of my own. I was thinking of looking into a mirror after they were fully grown but never got the chance.

      Thoughts: Well, my third LD and I was definitely more conscious than my second one, can't really compare to first since that was too long ago. This LD was soooo long, even within the LD, I remarked to myself "This LD is really long, I don't think I'll remember it all" and I was right. It took a good amount of time to recall and piece together the different events and I got distracted a couple of times, kinda makes sense since I've been reading about people being distracted from their specific goals. I think this occurred in my 4th or 5th REM cycle, thus, the length

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