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    1. buff guy, John C training awareness

      by , 04-10-2019 at 04:21 AM
      Had some nld and ld.

      Was in emotionally pretty rough spot. Just old emotional trauma? Triggered and replayed. It was tough. I could have just ignored it or glossed over it with other activities but I didn't want that. Because if I did that... I wouldn't be lucid in the moment anymore. I could have lashed out at someone else, but I wanted to be better than that. And it was so tough. The emotional pain just wouldn't go away. I needed to take care of this emotional burden on my heart. It was rough. I didn't know what to do. Tried meditation, tried praying, tried and tried. I wanted to badly just to do something to numb my brain, but then I wouldn't be lucid in the waking, which would reflect in my dreaming. Just randomly decided to do shadow work on that feeling. Wow it worked.

      started with hypnogogic images
      4 awakenings,
      saw a large manor near the shore
      + something about magic kingdom
      (couldn't sleep well before, just emotional distress)

      did shadow work around here

      dream FA + deild lucid
      I was in downtown area of T, was going to visit a relative or something. My mother wanted to buy clothes. I went but decided to go elsewhere. As I'm heading down the stairs, I see my dad there, he begins to repair something, I forget.

      I wake or have a FA and decide to go back to dream

      I'm back to the same place. Just seeing people going own the escalator and stairs. I'm trying to record my dream journal in my dream.

      wake or FA here again I think and go back still thinking about DJ

      I'm back in the same building but on upper floor. Lucid around here. Maybe it's a parking area or something but the wind from the outside is blowing apart my DJ. I try to push away the wind with my right hand but it didn't work. A middle aged lady looks at me weird lol. I still try to cover the wind with my right hand.

      Wake/FA deild backed

      Back but indoors now, a waiting area with bunch of chairs. I'm recording my DJ, perhaps lost lucidity a bit. I see a really buff tall guy pretty tan reminded me of the rock, kind of intimidating. So I just remark how nice his muscles are with gestures. He smiles and carries me off and I'm like "noooo". He takes me to a private bathroom and we fool around. More lucid. It was.. quite pleasant actually. My emotions were pretty stable and I stayed in the dream a little while after that. Good guy.


      I'm exploring an outdoor mine or something with a bunch of friends, and we fall into a pitfall. We enter an underground mine dungeon and some memories aren't clear here. But we are defeating goblins or something. One of us is a chosen one of some sort and we need to help the blonde elf guy save the elven kingdom that were being invaded by goblins or something.


      This one might be connected to last one maybe. We are in a basement house, just hanging out with some people(maybe relatives from first dream) we know. The room next to it piques my interest and I find John Chang, the healer in the next room. He's training us and I need to jump on floating square white platforms above the water and cross to the other side, then cross back. I complain that it's unfair, how others got a head start before I came in! JC tell me to look at the scoreboard, and the scores are mostly zeroes with a few 1, 2, 3. I realize that going around the lap isn't what the score's about and I look under one of the rocks. There's some secret inscriptions about techniques of sort as I memorize them. Others are still walking around and I realize I have to keep going. So the score is based on finding out secrets stuff around the platform, training the awareness while moving. I realized I was being trained for awareness within my dream.



      Emotion more stable from the shadow working on waking, more stable ld. MORE STABLE!

      Could not tell if I deild'ed back to dream or just teleported from FA bed to previous dream scene. I believe there may have been both. Bed was little strange on one awakening?

      DEILD is awesome, I'm getting better

      Training awareness in dream is a good thing. Dream trying to teach me to LD betterm maybe training in dream is more effective than waking. Getting trained by John was a goal of mine so yay.

      Dreams all were sort of connected. Persistence?

      I really WANTED to make sure I wrote my DJ down during my mini awakening. Perhaps I could have INTENDED for something I wanted to dream, then it would have been incubated really, really quickly.

      Really fast incubation.

      Always Lucid dreaming!

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