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    1. Just go

      by , 04-08-2019 at 10:18 PM
      3nld no lucid. Not even a moment hadn't happened in a while. Deflated. Never wanted to give up so badly. Just do it. Just practice. Just go! Just go and you're there! I promise you the world and more, just go! A faith small as a mustard seed. That's all I need, nothing more. Just go, you'll see. Just go do it and you'll be it. Go now! You're at the lowest now just so you can jump your highest and soar across the clear blue skies. Go now, this time you'll succeed!

      You're right there, but no one else can go for you.


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    2. heirograph

      by , 04-08-2019 at 01:37 AM
      2-3 nld
      2 ld, short
      Had some crappy events, emotions unsound. Solved in the end by labelling it, mindful way. Arose again today, overcame by visualization feeling kindness/love meditation.

      dream 1
      workplace, competitive co-workers, turn into vampire, overcoming obstacles, perishes in the end when I can't suck enough life blood.

      I think during a dream, I get the usual "feeling", focus on it and begin to see the ceiling, it becomes clearer and I see heirographs on the ceiling I'm looking at. I become a little excited, wake.

      dream x
      dreamt about boogie board

      dream 2
      friends in computers lab, doing stuff. expand later.

      get the "feeling", focus on vibrations, feeling like I lost it but the sensation goes up. Feeling a bit non-moving, still in bed. Push the buzz higher, above head, pushed self out of body. Explore bedroom, hear stuff. Do gravity RC, gravity is lighter than normal. Wasn't sure, so tried to close bathroom door to do more checks. Begin thinking about the bed, where the body is, causing me to return to body.

      Ohm nee loocid dreamin!