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    1. Spy manuscript, chew well

      by , 04-30-2019 at 03:51 AM
      Lacking rem again, likely sign of good meditation and grc.

      Lacking rem for big chunk of sleep. Listened to hemisync to relax then try to sleep once more.


      I am a student of sort in the beginning of the dream. Eventually I'm at a hospital/lab that I think is a research center.

      I'm a spy, and I'm trying to recover some secret files from this place. I'm sitting in front of a computer with a very large screen, maybe 30 inches size or something. I think it's located in France. I'm stopped by a girl and she brings me somewhere. I faint? I end up in a hospital room and the girl was there with her twin. They were controlled by bad people and were trying seduce me to foil my spying mission or something.


      I go back to sleep. I'm at the room with the computer once again. I find the girl there and I recall the details from previously. I think I'm lucid? I wanted to re-do it properly. I understood that she was forced to play this role and I just directed loving feeling towards her. Trying to send some kind of telepathic message to undo her brainwashing. I think it got through and she understood me.


      -Being like a spy thing was related to an audiobook I was listening to "Celestial Prophecy". It was about a guy who went to a foreign country to discover a manuscript containing great secrets.

      Mini AP

      I was back on bed. Just laid there a little. Felt some feeling but did not expect much. My sensation of touch was separated from the body. Didn't have vision. Just left the body and walked a few steps. Perhaps had a little bit of worry that it wasn't going to last and it



      I tried sending gratitude to the food. I chewed it very thoroughly unlike before as it was described in the book. Fully aware and immersed in the process of eating. When I chewed the piece of pork... Tears began to drop. I Felt the life force of the animal... I was just so grateful. Thank you. I chewed the beans, its texture and complex flavors that melted in my mouth that representing all the minerals within. Thank you. The vegetables bursting with juices and vitamins thank you... I ate less, yet I have never been so full. Thank you for your life. Is this awareness or mindfulness? I'm... changing... being transformed?

      Just be
      Always lucid in every dream.