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    1. Last couple days

      by , 04-28-2019 at 11:59 AM
      Just dreams of last few days. was in a slump

      First day.

      Being sucked into an environment.
      -like being involved

      Setting different hands all shaped slightly different.
      -maybe memory of hand rc from months ago

      Going uphill in the previous Japanese road after me and classmates leave the school. I recommend them to take a specific route left is the road while right is grassy. It had those carnivorous plants in super Mario and it spat rocks at us. Some people take the grassy side don't think they'll make it.

      -the road was tough. It was forestry to the right and left Das boring road. There were some wild berries we ate. Orange and red raspberry or something very delicious. Maybe that became the Mario plants. Perhaps it's from memory of getting injured by a sharp plant as a kid.

      I'm at a Walmart shopping with some girls. There's a bedroom and shower at Walmart so I stay over there. We wanted to steal some stuff. There's security though.

      -maybe memory of being accused of shoplifting at Walmart. Had to stay there for hours until they found video footage of me actually buying stuff.

      We are in a desert like place and find a tavern. There's a spoiled child giving us hard time. I reprimand him and his dad gets violent.
      -memory of some kids violent dad

      Second (maybe third just wrong date or maybe this was first just polyphased with low dream)

      Playing wc3. Playing d2 with moon.

      Third frat-cult

      I'm at a frat party at kit townhouse. There are pair of girls one looks like young Britney spears. Anyways I get close to one of them. Im looking for the bathroom. My friend wants us to go to a bar or something didn't have id so I borrow from someone there. We leave on a van.

      I'm sitting in the middle part of the van. There's a bunch of little kids at the back. One girl is pretty into occult or supernatural stuff and we talk about Ld. I tell her I wanted to be lucid in every dream. She is not interested. So I talk to the guy to my right. We talk and I try to jot down notes about Ld on my DJ.

      We arrive at the destination. It's another frat party. Just hanging out. The place turns out to be a cult and I'm apparently the leader. The police raids us and I'm sure of who was the rat. It was the blond kid from the other party. I read minds and told others. He was an android mostly machine parts. Some members try to retaliate and bomb power stations.
      -memory of borrowing id
      -incubated desire or Ld and DJ even in dream lol
      -android is likely the phone I used as a sleep tracker,
      -gna be a cult leader or something hah

      Blue orange salt

      I was with my mom and we went to pick up my dad at airport.
      -literally memory from years back

      I'm at school. We are going to on a school trip but end up at hospital. I derail from the tour and walk to the path to the left. The hospital was more Asian style. I find a case of blue and orange salt. It's pretty special or something.
      -probably related to himalayan salt

      I am at a supermarket. Apparently I'm balling so I buy a durian for everyone there to eat. Pretty delicious. When I went to pay at the counter my wallet was empty!
      -durian is awesome

      I was walking down a narrow sidewalk down north on the right side. I find a couple of dogs in a dog contest. Two jumps right at me fast. One gets a bit of my ear. I get away.
      -maybe bad memory of dogs.


      Don't remember the earlier part. Maybe connected to a desert from a dream long ago. End up in a classroom. To my right the seat is empty had things I wanted. The seat behind me is also empty I think they were all my stuff! There were fish oil pills I took them.
      -maybe dream telling me to take fish oil

      Was in electronic store. They had an event and reserved the place for only students. Had a sale on some new fancy console which was a mix of Xbox and the switch. $300. Everyone was nuts over it. I wasn't that interested though. I went towards the back and find the music section. A mom and son running the mini spot. Handmade instruments. Pretty cool. I try out this uke, bottom strings not playing well. So she had of to do other work. Her son shows me his creation. It was a ukulele guitar that swirled in shape like @. Did not play well either.
      -about Nintendo switch
      -my love of ukuleles. Wanting a good handmade solid wood

      I'm singing in class. I think i get embarrassed and fly away out the window!
      -memory of embarrassment

      I'm in a student housing. Trying very hard to get lucid dreams. I meet a doctor and a student at a library recommending me tdcs machine to zap me to lucidity for $500. Didn't want it. Leave them. End up using it though and get a heart attack at the elevator lasting a minute. I'm trying to get away from people.

      I end up at a cottage house like peace and stuff about x. Then find my friend Alison.
      -read about tdcs on forum I think

      +Tried Monroe tape,
      Saw hand and feet lucid vision but no cigar I think.

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