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    1. Dream where I had to land the 747 I was flying on

      by , 01-22-2020 at 06:22 AM
      I had a dream last night where I was a first class passenger riding in the upper deck of a Boeing 747 flying to Atlanta from London.

      When we were about an hour from our scheduled arrival, the captain came on the intercom and told everyone that we would be experiencing really heavy turbulence on our approach to Atlanta and for everyone to get up if they needed to because he would be turning the fasten seatbelt sign on.

      I got out of my seat and asked the really pretty blond fight attendant for a strong triple scotch on the rocks so that I would be mellow for the approach into Atlanta and handle the turbulence better.

      As I was asking her to make the drink, the captain came out of the cockpit and grabbed the flight attendant and I by the arms and told us he needed us to land the plane.

      He then led the fight attendant and I into the cockpit and motioned for me to sit in his seat. The first officer then got out of his seat and told the flight attendant to sit down there.

      The captain then gave us some quick instructions on what we needed to do to safely land then plane, told me I was in charge, and then he and the first officer stepped out of the cockpit and closed the pretty flight attendant and I in.

      I was at the flight controls, flying the plane while the flight attendant was talking with the control tower and letting me know the heading and altitude I needed to be flying.

      We descended through thick clouds and I could see lightning flashes as the turbulence started to shake the large plane as we descended.

      As the flight attendant kept giving me new headings and altitudes, I kept maneuvering the plane to get to them.

      We finally touched down on the runway and then I taxied to the gate the flight attendant told me to go to.

      I woke up from the dream while I was looking for the flight manual to shut down and secure the plane with the flight attendant still on the headset talking with the control tower.