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    1. Another car dream last night

      by , 02-29-2020 at 08:43 PM
      I had another car dream last night after not having any memorable dreams the night before. This was the 4th time in the last 5 nights I have had the dream.

      In last nights dream, I again tired listening to my sister while we waited in the car for mom even though her breath reeked like it always does. Whenever my sister talked, what I heard her say were things reminding me that we were waiting in the car for mom and that she was in the window seat and I was stuck in the middle. I did not pick-up on her saying anything important. Just rubbing in how much she was enjoying riding by the window. At one point while we were waiting for mom, I turned around to look at the back seat and saw it was full of boxes so there was nowhere for me to sit back there. I eventually tuned out my sister and tried to ignore her because she wasn't saying anything important and what she was saying was just making the wait worse. She started putting her head on my shoulder and invading my space when I tried to ignore her.

      When mom finally got in, she spent a long time trying to get the car started in the dream. Again, she kept telling me I needed to calm down while she was trying to get it started and said things like she was in control, she was doing the best she could, and that she would get the car started. I noticed her breath reeked whenever she was getting after me. She got out 2 or 3 times last night to look under the hood and each time made it clear that I needed to stay in the car and stay buckled to the middle seat. She seemed to get more and more frustrated about the car not starting as the dream went on. I woke up from the dream while mom was in the car trying to start it.
    2. Dreams are slowly coming back

      by , 02-29-2020 at 05:49 PM
      Dream 1:(Stay back, pull up bar, oiled up, darkness spray, people bed)
      I was walking with my family to go visit by brothers friend. I decided to go a bit further back and then catch up. I met her when I stayed back, she was sunbathing. We started walking back to her place. She was one of the prettiest girls I had seen. She didnt have a bikini top on and was using her arms to cover her breasts as we walked back. She was jumping around and was really playful with me. We got next to her place and we hung out a little by this place with a pullup bar that had a realy thick section to the pole. I was hanging on to that part with my thumb over the bar saying its really hard. She jumped on and tried with her hands on either side of the bar so I told her its cheating that way. We got a bit payful and she held onto my lower body as I was holding onto the bar and I 'showed off' by doing a pullup or like a leg raise with her holding on. Next thing I remember she was all oiled up and she wanted me to go into this machine before I went into her house. It had a sign that said darkness on it. She was sorry about it but she told me she has to do it because of something in her past and it was harmless. I went inside and got a spray of something onto me. Then we were in her place, just her wriggling around on her water bed. Then she opened the plastic and it was full of people. Her place was super spacious, much bigger than it looked from outside.
    3. Rabbit at dinner

      by , 02-28-2020 at 03:01 PM
      J ai acheter un lapin. Je le ramene a la maison mort mais il a encore ca fourure dessus. Je me dit qu il va etre meilleur qu en super marcher mais que ca va etre galere a depecer. J essay de me rapeller comment papa faisait. Je pense deja que je vais garder la patte comme porte bonheur.

      I bought a rabbit. I bring it back home, dead but is fur is still on him.I said to myself that it will be better than super market but I m gonna struggle to unskin it.I try to remember how my dad did when I was kid.I m allready thinking to keep the feet for good luck.

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      dream fragment , non-lucid
    4. xci.

      by , 02-28-2020 at 11:50 AM
      Went back to a half sleep after waking in the morning. Had a small moment of lucidity, the first one for quite some time. Made note of as much as I could before I had to get up to help with something.

      Dream Fragment:

      The only dream I can vaguely remember before my first awakening. Something about a character that walks around some snowy place, finds something and goes back to the past in a pretty stereotypical UFO. Lands at the same place and stumbles on the snow and becomes sort of blue? I expect him to meet himself again but he doesn't, instead meeting an old man. They talk.

      They have a discussion about time travel and the past. The man is skeptical but then the other character says something that convinces him and the man states "it's 1976" and the other one says "I came from 2070" or a similar year. He tells the man about how in the future the knowledge of the past, after a certain point, is just unknown. He tries to convince the old man of this by stating facts about history, going back, up to the point where he simply didn't know anything else.


      As I fell back asleep slowly, the dream seemed to progress quickly. I was half aware of my real body at a few points and the clarity of the visuals varied quite a bit. I was with H somewhere.

      There was this guy and his dad, they weren't very happy with each other. The son was dating a teacher, a woman, at his school. Then she found out that his dad was married and that mattered for some reason.

      I remember walking outside, near these people. They sort of became part of the background of what was going on and I notice the area is by a large river, or sea. There are quays and the area looks like a port or dock. It's sunny and there are a few large white clouds in the distance.

      Me and H, we walk towards a building closer to the dock area. I don't remember walking in, but we're inside. It's a large room, much darker than being outside but there are bits of sunlight here and there, but I don't notice where they come through. There are quite a few people here, this feels like a lobby, or waiting room, for departures?

      On the right-hand wall, there's a massive hole and strange rocky formation. I approach it and notice how smooth it is. I look inside, it looks perfectly smooth and the rock is a yellowed off-white but there are tinges of green here and there. There are smaller but perfectly smooth and rounded holes on the rock. It reminds me of pumice and it made me think that lava made this hole. I visualise that happening? Not sure.

      I walk outside, as there is a door or passageway next to the hole. This wall of the building was actually some sort of dark tinted glass, and I could already see from inside that this side was some sort of canyon.

      There are paths along either side, but there are no connections between these paths except for the lobby place. The rock is all the same as the one from the "volcanic hole". I remember looking at the cliff tops higher than us and noticing the sky looks green-ish. But as I walk here, I realise, wait, how was that hole there? It just wasn't right. I half realise I'm dreaming and at this point I feel my real body more, but in the dream I check my hands. Although they appear normal, there seems to be little detail and I realise I'm dreaming.

      The realisation is quickly overpowered by a bunch of random actions, my level of lucidity actually being very low. As if it were a game, I start placing a prop over and over again, along the canyon path I'm on. The prop is a study desk with drawers, with a chair too. H then tells me we don't need them for some reason. My dream awareness starts to go again at this point. I start smashing the chairs against the edge of the cliff and throwing the stuff down the ravine. It all hits the ground too quickly for how deep this place looks and I complain out loud to H "this is a dream, that's a deep canyon, the chairs shouldn't be dropping a metre and then smashing, that's too quick!", half with the expectation that something would change about it, but nothing did. We keep smashing and throwing the furniture for a while, after which I've lost any amount of awareness I had left and we return to the dream plot.

      At the end of the path is a similar building. We go in, and it's dark. Again it also had an entrance on the other side of the canyon where the second path was. Inside it looks like someone's private office. Well decorated and tidy, the walls had a mix of plasterwork and floral motif patterned wallpaper.

      The wall at the other end of the room, behind a desk and so on, seemed solid, but as we approached, it smashed or crumbled. On the other side is a lobby full of people, at a lower height, but not much. I talk to H, but don't remember what we said exactly, except that I expressed some concerns about dealing with these people. They were university students. There were a bunch of signs and notices in the room, mostly about events?

      I decide that we can proceed and I step over the rubble and walk down a small ramp made by the rubble. A girl, not much younger than me, sees me and when I comment something to H she says "well we don't want you here anyway, you look like a scary punk!". I feel complimented and somehow her comment made me feel more confident. I approach her and put my hands on her shoulders and smile, in a half attempt to scare her a bit more and in a half attempt to thank her.

      I then walk away towards a corridor that took a right turn on the opposite side of the room, but I don't remember any more details.

      No notes for now, quite tired.
    5. Cotton Picking and Mushrooms

      by , 02-28-2020 at 06:37 AM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      I was at school and we were doing a career orientation kind of thing. We were separated into boxlike structures and the supervisor asked me what my current interests were. My thought process went as follows:

      -Well I like music but that's not very lucrative and I'd rather not hear him complain about that
      -Oh wait! I just remembered that I have a lot of cotton laying around my house!

      I remember seeing a red projection of a lower level of a house with white cotton balls scattered around. I mentioned that I had cotton lyring around my house and he said that a desirable career option could be picking cotton. In my head I thought to myself "Well I should be fine since it's not like the 1800s anymore"

      The next part of the dream started when I walked downstairs and noticed a container of psilocybin mushrooms that haven't been picked yet. I went downstairs and immediately attempted to dose by cutting a mushroom in half. The scale told me I had 10 grams in my hand which when dried is equivalent to 1 gram which is a decently moderate experience. I ate that half with the intention of giving the bigger half to a friend and nothing happened. One thing I remember is that before I put it on the scale the mushroom changed to a regular edible mushroom that you can buy at a store. I remember the distinct taste of that kind of mushroom instead of the supposedly terrible taste of an actualy psilocybe cubensis mushroom.
      non-lucid , memorable
    6. Unstable Dream Guide, Rocket Store

      by , 02-28-2020 at 05:18 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I am by the lake at my old house, where I become lucid simply by virtue of being there, having instilled into myself that I should reality check every time I arrive at anywhere related to my old house or the town I used to live in. It is summertime, there are numerous lush plants growing everywhere. The sky is an odd mixture of green, brown and yellow with two suns. The dream is very unstable. It feels like I'm looking down a tunnel, things feel dark and things tend to shift quite drastically if I look away from them and look back again.

      I decide to summon Manei, having missed my longtime dream guide/companion in the time that I have not been lucid dreaming. I summon her and I hear a voice saying it will take her some time to manifest into the dream and that I should please be patient. I oblige and seat myself at the edge of the water. I observe the unstable nature of the dream and am quite pessimistic about the dream remaining stable and lucid long enough for her to manifest, growing irritated at how long it is taking.

      Eventually she surfaces near the middle of the lake and swims over to me, getting out of the water. She is short, bloated and completely naked and her physical form is convulsing strangely physical features change each time I look at them, undergoing all sorts of typical dream body horror such as extra body parts or missing body parts, the specifics of which I do not recall. She explains to me that she is unstable, though I am just happy that the dream held together long enough and that she was actually able to manifest. I ask her what I can do to help her become more stable and she says that simply keeping present in the dream will allow her to rebuild stability. I agree to do this, we begin to walk and talk, but something triggers intense anger and I fly away. I remember shunting the angry energy directly downwards for propulsion.

      The dream scene transitions to the interior of my junior high, specifically one of the stairwells. The dream has distorted to where the stairwell was many stories tall (it was only two IRL). Manei and I are jumping on the stair rails and sliding down them. The assistant principal shows up, and starts to yell at us for misbehaving but being lucid, I do not care.


      I am at a store that allows one to design and build rockets. It's very reminiscent of something from a game like Kerbal Space Program in that you can buy these prefabricated pieces that just click together and there is this computer software that lets one order custom rocketry components. I also notice they sell big cylinders of styrofoam and ask about this. Apparently, it has something to do with fuel pressure.
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. 3rd Night of the Car Dream

      by , 02-28-2020 at 01:51 AM
      I had the car dream last night, the 3rd night in a row after not having it for few weeks.

      I was already buckled to the front center seat of the reliant when the dream started and was by myself waiting for my mom and little sister.

      Soon my sister was opening the passenger side door and then sitting down in the passenger seat to my right. She quickly closed her door then buckled the tan shoulder belt. Her breath stunk like it always does. A few times I heard her talk while we were waiting for mom, but I never heard her say anything that seemed important. When I tried to listen to her talk, I would hear her say things like "I just love being able to look out the window"; or "don't you wish you could stretch out you legs like I can" when she put her tan sandals on the glove box; or "isn't it fun that we both get to ride up front with mom"; or "mom will be out when she is ready, you need to be more patient". It seemed like everything she said just reminded me that we were waiting in the car and she had the window seat and I was stuck in the middle. I eventually started trying to tune her out, because I didn't like hearing what she was saying and couldn't completely ignore her breath when she talked. She kept invading my space again and putting her head on my shoulder when I tried to ignore her. I just wanted mom to come out of the house and get in the car so we could go. I kept looking towards the house to see if I could see mom, but every time I looked, she was nowhere to be seen.

      When I was focusing on the tan steering wheel and the gauges on the dash, I hear my sister say "mommy is coming" and then turned me head to see her by the driver side door looking through her purse for the keys. When she found them, she unlocked the door and then sat down in the driver seat to my left.

      I don't think I said anything to mom about taking so long, but after she closed her door, she told me I needed to be more patient. I noticed her breath reeked like my sisters when she was taking to me and felt really trapped because I could feel my sister putting her head on my shoulder while mom got in my face.

      When mom finally had all the mirrors adjusted, she reached to turn the key but the car didn't start it just made the buzzing sound and the dash lit up with red lights. After several more cranks mom got in my face again and told me she was doing the best she could and I needed to calm down. As I watched mom pumping the accelerator and turning the key, I could feel my sister trying to put her arm around me. I woke-up from the dream while I was jerking my body forward to try to get away from her.
    8. xc.

      by , 02-27-2020 at 10:37 AM
      Over the last two days or so I haven't been able to either retain dream memories or make note of them for multiple reasons. I do still have some scraps of memories left so maybe writing those out would be a good idea.

      Scrap, two days ago:

      In the kitchen. There's a fluffy, sort of orange coloured spider thing? It's in the thing that holds loose leaf tea for brewing, maybe it's dead or not but it looked crammed in it. It's in the sink anyway, and I turn the tap on and water pours on it.

      The fur absorbs the water and it gets a lot bigger. In the dream this spooks me, mostly because it was unexpected, but then it somehow becomes a bit sexual as I decide in the dream that I shouldn't be afraid of it and I show it my naked bottom, but it felt like it was partially a taunt of some kind too. I don't remember any other details except that the dream started to sort of distort, weird colours.

      Scrap, one day ago:

      The dream just seemed to be a Johnny Bravo cartoon or something. I just remember some really crude scene where there was a woman with her breasts bare and Johnny made a crude remark in surprise.

      Scrap, today:

      Lots of being outside. Day time mostly, but kind of grey. Was in a van at several points? Maybe helping H. Memory of the dream has faded more than I expected. It felt like it was a long dream sequence.

      Some notes:

      - The dream with the spider was odd. Mostly, it made me realise that while I have largely gotten over my phobia of spiders, there are still plenty of types of spider that I wouldn't commonly see in waking life, simply because they don't exist here and I think that seeing these different kinds might still make me jump a bit more than seeing the ones that do exist around here. The instinctual behaviour of getting spooked by spiders never seems to have really abandoned me even though I got over my phobia, but perhaps it's also a sign that there's still more that can be done about it.
      - The sexual part of that dream probably relates to how I've realised in the past that positive emotional association can be helpful when dealing with phobia-type stuff.
      - Not sure what brought on the cartoon dream, as I haven't watched that specific cartoon at all in over 10, maybe 15 years?
      - Today's dream had an overarching plot to it, but I can't remember any specific detail anymore that would let me expand on the dream's detail.
    9. Car dream has returned

      by , 02-27-2020 at 04:45 AM
      After a break of several weeks, the car dream has returned this week. I spend some time dealing with some issues regarding my fathers estate over the weekend, and expect this is what has caused the dream to come back.

      As in earlier instances, the dream starts with me waiting in my grandads old reliant in my parents driveway for my sister and mom. I am in the middle of the front tan vinyl bench seat and have the tan lap belt fastened around my waist.

      My younger sister is opening the passenger side door and sitting down in the passenger seat next to me not long after the dream starts. She is wearing the same red overalls and tan sandals she always wears. After sitting down in the passenger seat, she closes the door and then fastens the tan shoulder belt.

      My sister and me then spend a really long time waiting from mom to come out of the house and get in the car. My sister keeps trying to talk to me, but I keep trying to avoid her because her breath is putrid. She also keeps putting her head on my shoulder to try to get my attention. I just want mom to come out of the house and get in the reliant so we can go. She is nowhere to be seen though, and I am stuck waiting in the car with my sister.

      Finally, I look towards the house and see mom locking the door. She then walks towards the reliant and then fumbles through her purse for the keys when she gets to the driver side door. When she finally finds the keys, she unlocks the driver side door and then opens it and sits down in the empty driver seat on my other side. I feel really squished and trapped between my mom and sister while mom adjusts all of the mirrors.

      When mom finally has all of the mirrors adjusted how she wants them, the turns the key in the ignition to start the reliant. The car makes a few groans but doesn't start up. Instead, the groan of the engine trying to start is replaced by a buzzing sound and the dash is illuminated with red lights. Mom turns the key a few more times, but each time the engine doesn't start and I see the red lights and hear the buzzing sound.

      After a few failed cranks, mon stops tying to tell me I need to calm down. She tells me she is doing the best she can and she will get the car started.. I noticed her breath is worse than my sisters when she is taking to me about needing to calm down. She then starts pumping the accelerator and turning the key, but each crank still ends with the buzzing sound and red lights.

      She eventually decides to get out and look under the hood. Before getting out, she again tells me I need to calm down. When I ask if I can get out, she tells me I need to keep my seat belt on.

      I feel really trapped while she is out of the car because I am still buckled to the middle seat and my sister is still next to me invading my space. We wait in the car for a while.

      Mom eventually closes the hood and then gets back into the reliant. She starts pumping the accelerator and then tries turning the key, but again the car doesn't start and there is just the buzzing sound and red lights. She keeps pumping the accelerator and truing turning the key, but the reliant sill fails to start and I hear the buzzing sound and see the red lights. After a few more cranks, mom again gets after me about needing to calm down and I smell her breath again. I have no idea why she keeps getting after me, because I think I am being calm and not saying anything to her.

      I wake up from the dream while mom is getting after me about needing to be calm before she tries again to star the reliant.
    10. short skydiving

      by , 02-26-2020 at 10:56 PM
      Dream 1:
      I was in a plane getting ready to skydive. There were 2 holes in the plane, one on each end. I was watching below and very nervous about when to jump because someone was to come pick us up and there was a lot of water beneath us. I tried really hard to get some assurance on when we were supposed to jump. I jumped through but dont remember much after.
    11. February 25, 2020 Non-Lucid

      by , 02-26-2020 at 04:26 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was in a haunted house with my two sisters and Lizzie. There was this evil spirit that we ended up defeating. I remember feeling really spooked out. Eventually the house was more of an attraction or ride, there was a line up to the top of this broken and crooked house. There was a girl with short hair and an all fur outfit near me in line. She asked me if I was on a website and I said yes even though I didn't know what it was. She walks down the line towards the exit and someone tells me the website was actually a dating website. I tell the line I like Lizzie. The attraction was some sort of mine cart ride. I'm now on the outside of this crooked house and it's on the bank of a small river. People are flowing down this river. The crooked house eventually falls apart. I'm now floating down the river with moo and mason. It opens up into a larger river which led into this moat surrounding a patch of grass that was supposed to be a stage. We had the idea that a DJ was going to come out and perform. I saw a few of my brothers there in a group as well.
    12. Vegeta

      by , 02-26-2020 at 03:22 AM
      Deilds practice

      I had some deilds that didn't last very long but I think they were good practice. About 6-7 total. I put a shriveled avocado into my pants to help maintain dream senses (inside the dream) while I walked around.

      1 natural
      2 sound initiated
      1 rocking
      1 rubbing hands

      Gha hippie town

      I recall the end of the dream being a visit to a really hippie town.

      -I remember this place was similar to a post apocalyptic cave man dream I had

      Vegetas daughter

      I think the dream theme continued from the dbz dream from last night or day before. I was vegeta and I was in the mall. Trying my best to save his daughter from this perverted man. I grabbed her and flew away.

      Ended up in a secluded area where someone pepper sprayed her. I stayed away because pepper spray still works on sayans lol. I went to save her after the spray was done. I grabbed her and her friend to safety. Her friend was telling her how hot her dad was, it was so funny.

      There were some people with guns trying to attack us while flying so I blasted them but the attack was controlled so it didn't damage buildings.

      Vegeta 2

      I went back to sleep this time I was underground and I belive this was the lower floor of the previous mall. I explored the place until the was a large square hall. Ppl were eating there and it was curry. I had and it was delicious. I found bulma there and irc she was feeding me. I left and found a secret passage that had a secret club there.


      Went to find the secret spot again. Secret chess club.

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    13. short LD after long streak of no recorded dreams

      by , 02-25-2020 at 05:42 PM
      Okay no more notes I dont find them that useful

      Dream 1:
      I was driving again. I was trying to control the car but it wasnt working like I was expecting. I was trying to brake but it wasnt working. After a bit of struggling with the car and steering frantically, I realized that I must be dreaming because this car has been out of control for a while and I havent crashed and I remember not being able to break in dreams. I was at first kind of apprehensive about treating my reality as a dream because if it wasnt a dream ad I did something crazy with the car that would be terrible. But I slowly gained confidence that it was a dream and before I knew it I was speeding down this track and then doing long drifting maneuvers around the turns like in Mario Kart.
    14. Doomie Turtle

      by , 02-25-2020 at 02:46 PM
      Had a dream where I got to play Doom Eternal. Fought Khan Maykr and one of those Sentinel mechs. Then the dream got crazy when Khan Maykr wanted to resurrect Icon of Sin. Sora from Kingdom Hearts appears with the X-blade and we killed Khan Maykr. Turns out Khan Maykr wasn't really a "Maykr", it was some deceased woman. Anyway, we still had to deal with the Icon of Sin Armored. Riku appears without his keyblade. He instead absorbs the ISA. Riku immediately gains weight in a comical way. The credits roll and instead of getting a metal outro fitting of Doom Eternal, it's some orchestral Kingdom Hearts stuff. Other stuff include The Doom Slayers real name being, "Sinister" and also him having a scottish accent. There was also a scene in where The Doom Slayer makes friends with an archvile.
    15. A different path

      by , 02-25-2020 at 05:36 AM
      Today's dreams:

      A different path

      My body was way too hot and I kept tossing and turning. I'm not sure how long and I noticed I lost consciousness once during it without any dreams. A while after I noticed that I was vibrating in that almost dream state. There was some being trying to contact me kind of. I think it was just related to a video I watched earlier in the day. It had be terrified and it said something. Then it stopped. I probably could have got deeper into a dream and should have focused on a dream goal. But instead I wanted to experience it again so I asked for it again and the vibration came back with some sort of alien like communication. Then in a clear male voice it spoke and told me " walk where your father have not walked." then I felt cold air swirling around my legs by a monster and it sort of scared me and I totally forgot about visualizing a dream scene.

      Well I went back to sleep and this time I was on the bed and got the buzzing again. I improved this time by doing an RC by trying to float up and I did but it didn't last much longer. Could have tried to touch stuff to make it last longer or thinking that it would ladt longer.

      I was in a game. I not sure why I dreamt it since I haven't played it in a long time. I was in a game and the character I played could place mines, but it was first person. On the later levels I'd be able to place a mine every 4 second according to the dream. So I walked down the path but also brought along my mouse and keyboard. Then the people there looked at me, wondering why I had brought them.

      Hmm I recall having a thought about this game briefly 2 days ago? That may be the source of this dream.
      Y mall/

      I was with my friend y, I remember him being rude and forgot a majority of the dream.
      SpongeBob bbq

      I think this dream is connected to the previous one. I saw SpongeBob and friends walk out of a building likely from the previous scene and going for a BBQ. I went for the BBQ and met some ppl I knew there. What did I eat? I remember an elderly black man there making his special dish but he used dish soap to as his special touch... Yuck. There was another group doing something similar but with something else like detergent.

      I went to the hospital after presumably from food poisoning and I found some ppl I knew there. I saw Hawaii and there was Lucas there. I grabbed the gun and shot Lucas. Then he shot me back. It hit my shoulder but it didn't hurt but my lips were tattered as I held them together with my hands. Looked around for someone to stitch me up.

      I found my consciousness shift to the others that I came with. I saw from the eyes of the elderly man we came with and he began singing in a musical like scene.

      -I remember thinking about BBQ yesterday. I also remember someone talking about musicals!

      Lil kids class

      inside a school area. I was with my friend y and we headed for the highest floor and saw kids in classroom. Learning something there.

      -watched a video about how schools in Finland was superior.

      Classroom giel

      I was hanging out with a classmate. She was nice. I got lucid but woke.

      -I'm pretty sure I met her many times inside the dream

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