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    1. Wishes

      by , 12-24-2019 at 04:56 AM
      Got some lucids 2 days ago.

      Noticed something off inside a pyramid. Lucid. Dark place. Trying to stabilize. Recalling goal.


      Goal was to get knowledge. Saw books.


      My friend Hawaii at school. He told me "you have the blessing of the drayad"


      3 combo school game. Survival game inside the school.

      Noticed thoughts wandering upon awakening.

      LD inside a house. Genie, made 3 wishes. "I wish for you to be free!"

      AP on bed. Forehead sensation. Many failures. Kept trying. Felt walking sensation. Wet ground outside. Warm and raining. Exploring street. Recalled goal. Teleport, asked to take me where I could learn the most. Dark place, energy beings. Felt energy like electricity going in me. Bit anxious. Decided to teleport asking for what what would be best for me atm. Night park on flying carpet. Walnut tree stood out (leaves looked walnut) . Woman's voice speaking Russian. Wanted to go faster. Decided to teleport to destination. Inside apartment, still carpet. Discomfort. Realized really need to pee. Destination. Russian woman below, dark hair. She awaited for me. I was kid sized, hugged her leg. Decided to wake to pee.

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    2. cool dreams.

      by , 12-24-2019 at 03:43 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Well not really cool dreams just needed a title. LOL

      Jamie dreams

      Note: After posting last week, I felt really off and hurt, as if I could sense Jamie's hurt from (as if) reading my dreams. Oops, I'm cutting down on the things that seemed to make her upset in the dreams.

      Dream 1: We are in fortnite (really these again). We are building all over the place, she stays some layers above me and is looking down on me like she is mad.

      Dream 2: Fortnite again a few days later, Only now she is somehow editing my structures and making me fall.

      Dream 3: fornite again Just remember catching up to her as she is phasing through a ramp, but this time she seems okay.

      Dream 4: We are having another highschool dream. Jamie places herself in front of me nervously as if to get my attention. I try to interact with her but she's a little shaky.

      Dream 4: Just remember we start to hug. good I hope things will get back to normal now. That is if you call this normal.


      I'm at some youtuber's house, a streamer I watch Byarteer, I watch him because he is the least cringy I guess. Anyway, Just remember me and a few other players at his house... No first me and my brother were flying to the UK to visit him. Anyway he kept sleeping randomly throughout the house. I wanted to leave and at every exit to the house i accidentally woke the guy up and he started yelling at me. Went back to a room and watched other people play squads, I was pretty bored.

      Also had a second dream with this guy in it.

      Sex Dream

      But with a really old ex from like 2006.

      thjere were other really vivid dreams i somehow forgot.