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    1. College

      by , 01-04-2020 at 07:21 PM
      I had a dream where I was in college again wandering around in search of the arcade. I saw a Guitar Hero machine but I really wanted the boxing machine. I had a premonition about a mass shooting on my college campus. I started panicking. I knew I had to inform people and get them to safety but who would believe the premonition of some college kid? I sheepishly start yelling at people whilst running for the nearest safety exit.

      My priority is to get home. However, once I am outside the building, I am surrounded by more buildings; no streets that lead to where my car is. I run along side the building in frantic search of maybe a security guard who can call the police.

      It is too late though, the gun shots start and screams reverberate throughout the building. I think that maybe I took a wrong exit and wgo back inside the building and duck behind cover. Maybe I need to go THROUGH the building just to find the proper exit. Dream-time passes and now it is night time. I am stuck inside the building with other students who aren't shot to death yet. We are huddled in one of the arcade rooms on the lookout. There are no police or SWAT teams, it is only us on the lookout for the mass shooters - yes plural - who are still at large looking to hunt down and kill each and every one of us.

      All of us are scared. Then things got freaky as dreams usually do.

      The shooters find us and we all make a break for another area to set up a sort of fort. I notice that I, and others, have superpowers. The shooters also set up a little fort at the opposite end of the hallway between us. I peek around a corner and see who is hunting us:

      The Avengers. Yes, Marvel Comics' The Avengers are the mass shooters. Specifically, I see Captain America as he is portrayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Black Widow as she is played by Scarlett Johansson.

      The survivors and I make up a plan that we need to act fast because along with them having Captain America and Black Widow on their team, they have a young boy who is apparently a world class sniper a la Floyd Lawton from the DC comic-verse. One of us peeks into the hallway and instantly gets murdered by the sniper.

      But guess what, I too have a sniper in my hands and also the power of invisibility. I figure this is the part where the dream more or less starts to become lucid. So, I turn invisible and go out into the hallway with my sniper. Gunfire erupts in front and behind me as a distraction. I put the sniper scope to my face and aim for Captain America's head. I shoot him. He falls over.

      I see Black Widow too in my sights and shoot her as well. Unfortunately, much to my horror, the rest of the assailants have bum rushed our fort and start slaughtering everyone up close and personal. There is this one man with a katana in his hand which I catch and throw away

      A fatter man who is among the survivors chastises me for making a stupid and bold move which gets everyone killed because The Avengers are way too strong. I notice I screwed up, drop my sniper and hold out my hands. As the man continues to yell at me I will that time would reverse. It does.

      Those slain rise from the dead; the blood pooling back into their bodies. The debris resets itself but I keep going, I keep turning back time until it is several days prior to the entire ordeal. I turn to a man beside me who is elated at what I just did. I noticed he doesn't have any powers. So I reach out so him and give him some of mine. His body is covered in a black skin and he gains the power of invisibility as well. He asks me who I am.

      I tell him I am Spawn.

      Some time passes in the dream and this time around we have Captain America inside of a glass prison he can not break out of.

      The dream ends.