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    1. Village, Hotel, Evan, 6043, Underground

      by , 02-01-2020 at 09:45 PM
      The earlier part of the dream was us going to a small village. Cabins. It wasn't us originally, but it became us at times. We were a different family after a cartoon character family, but I forget who. MARIO AND LUIGI. There was snow and there was summer. There was food, especially corn on the cob, which they called corn on [something else]. Native American tribe. We went to help out? One kid mentioned we were too rich to help.

      When we returned to the city, we were staying at a hotel with tons of swimming pools and places to swim and explore. I asked Mom if I could go swim, and she thought I was going to swim outside, but I told her there were indoor pools. The pools I could only see from outside the glass windows on the second story from hotel's interior (pools inside but separated like at the edge), the pools had tons of slide tubes, and green foliage everywhere, and like waterfalls and jungle like stuff, but all very man-made still.

      Back at our real house, getting ready to go back to the hotel. All rooms and bathrooms full, or doors/walls broken so they were open to view. So I went outside in neighborhood to find a place to change into my swimsuit. (Why outside??) I changed in a closed road where there was a gate on one end. As cars came, I had to open the gate so they could go through. My swimsuit was blue sheer over a black top (same as the black sheer over blue that I have in real life, just the colors were opposite). I met a neighbor, he was walking down the road and we talked. Then a different neighbor's water thing went super high, I estimated about 5 feet, and remarked about it to the guy as we talked (he turned around to try to take a picture of it, but he was too late and barely saw it.) But he said that neighbor often tries to make inventions like that. We talked as we walked back to my house, mom met him at the door and was like "Hi! How's your day? What's your name?" He seems autistic, has thin hair, almost bald? He looked like Doc boy on Garfield. I had to ask him again what his name was, because I forgot. But I remembered it again when he told me it was Evan. Once he left, mom was talking to me about the shreds of paper on the table right outside the door. Each piece of paper had someones name and a phone number on it and she was like "this is where I missed it", picking up a specific name. There was a really annoying fevered dream I had before where nothing ended really, and this was in reference to it. (Tons of people and trying to finish something?) Anyway she was really talking about it a ton, and it felt like the dream couldn't go back to how it was and would become another fevered dream, so I got mad that she'd brought it up again, and woke up.

      New dream, either the number 6043 or 6042.

      New dream, living in the underground. World like Minecraft, monsters around, post-apocalypse like. Stev, Chri, and me taking care of kids we found who'd lost their families. I went out on a food run with oldest boy (12yr?), we ran into a different kid who was alone. He really wanted to stay with us because he looked scared. I didn't want to get his hopes up (or have to take anything back if he turned out to be trouble) so I said he could eat this meal with us, but he'd be on his own after that. (Be cautious or be dead.) We went back, through small alleys between what looked like crushed together buildings. Lots of concrete and rubble everywhere, don't think we were "outside" at any time. We got back, Chr was working on setting up a system where you can see monsters, and attack them, but they can't get in (like Minecraft, you build a block so they can't get in, but it's still technically open.) We were worried about the younger kids crawling out through the openings though. The kid turned out to be really vengeful and calculative, so Stev sent him off after the meal, without tipping him off that it was because we were scared of him. I hugged all the kids and we got back to work on the monster trap system.

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    2. 5th night in a row of the recurring car dream

      by , 02-01-2020 at 05:42 PM
      I had the same dream again last night where I am in granddads old reliant with my mom and sister. This was the 5th night in a row I have had this dream.

      In last night's dream, my sister kept trying to talk to me during our time waiting in the car for mom and I kept trying to ignore her because I didn't want to smell her breath and wanted her to stop talking. I tuned out what she was trying to say in hopes that she would get the hint I did not want to talk, but she kept invading my space to try to get my attention and I kept smelling her breath. She put her head on my shoulder a few times trying to get my attention. I eventually had to turn my head and look at the empty tan vinyl drivers seat so I didn't have to smell her breath.

      When mom got in and started trying to get the car started, I could feel my sister was sitting beside me even though I was focusing on mom trying to get the car started. After mom had spent a few minutes trying to start the car, my sister told her she had forgotten her purse and mom took the keys out of the ignition and went back into the house to get it. I asked her if I could go in and get it or try to start the are while she was out but she said needed the keys to get into the house and I needed to stay buckled in my seat. I woke up while she was in the house.
    3. 2020-02-01 vivid, longer dreams: B Burglary, Animal Man, Fired, Peaches, Skiing/Pteradactyl Tree

      by , 02-01-2020 at 05:28 PM
      @~4 hours?
      + B Burglary: I'm walking down my driveway at CH and see the garage door is ajar, I go in and through the door from the garage into the house. Did I leave the doors open? We may have been robbed! On the top of the stairs I look in and my fears are realized: where the washer and dryer used to be in the back porch (before they were moved in WL to the garage), there are only two large vacant squares on the ground. I move through the first floor of the house and all the large items (chests of drawers) are all gone -- some burglar has cleaned us out! I call the police from the hallway intersection between the back porch/dining room/front entry, something about it's pointless? I see a large pitcher of orange juice?

      Then I'm (sitting on the floor) in the dining room (on the deck side of the dining table) facing the kitchen, a portly cop is standing by the entrance to the kitchen, and my BF MkRbk is sitting at the table. I see one of the burglars hiding behind some curtains immediately next to the cop, and a second burglar is behind a chest of drawers on my left. I start frantically miming to the cop and pointing without wanting to say anything to give away the fact that I see the burglars, trying to get him to see them. The burglar to my left is now standing by MR right by the cop, M slowly (too slowly for my taste) grabs him, I yell at him "grab him around the neck!". Both burglars have very large knives (switch-blades?), the left burglar in his hand, and the right one on his belt at his hip. I reach for the knife of the left burglar hoping to grab it before he can use it on the cop. I take it (it's large, about a foot long) and hand it to the cop.

      The burglars have been apprehended and I'm standing looking closely at the face of the right one, he's quite young. I say SL "It's easy to go around looking for houses that have been left open, eh?" He doesn't really answer but makes some sort of grunt in response.

      @~6 hrs
      + (f) Animal man: [part of story forgotten?) There is a guy who raises sheep, chickens, etc. I see the animals, it's an outdoor scene, (the animals are walking around between abandoned cars?)

      @~8 hrs, final waking:
      + Hired&Fired: I'm doing (something?), I'm called in to my manager's office (sort of a tiny little separate house), he's my friend CrgLe from college, and there's some other guy there (his assistant?). C tells me I've been summoned to HR/management.
      I'm then sitting in a chair with HR and management. They're already firing me, after just having recently hired me. They hand me a folder with the severance package in it. I open it and see a dark/black hard-to-read document with some numbers written on it, compensation for the firing. Executive says (something)? [Dialogue forgotten]. This meeting lasts a while.
      I'm wondering if I'll be able to sell all the stock I was promised, or if I'm going to lose it. I think I might be able to still sell it. I'm go back to my manager's little house office. He is alone there. I ask him about the stock. He says "you should get out of here, before [the executive] sees you!" He fired all these people and doesn't want to see any of them.

      + Peaches: outdoor picnic-type table scene with people. I see a group in front of me. RbWhlr has brought a platter piled high (1 foot at least) with thick slices of peaches. These look good and even though I'm not really part of the group, I lean forwards and take a thick slice off of the plate. RW says ST. I look at the slice -- it's not just a peach, it's more an amalgam of dried fruit and chopped nuts.

      + Skiing/Pteradactyl Tree: I'm at the top of a ski run on a snowy mountain, I'm skiing with (EW?). A ski resort employee off to the left says something. We start skiing down the hill. We are carving left and right on a relatively wide, flat slope. EW demonstrates how, if you're not careful, you might accidentally spin 180 and start skiing backwards, out of control, she does this. We're progressing down the slope. It's important (she says, or I think?) not to let your skiis go straight, or you will pick up dangerous speed very rapidly. This happens to me, but I get it under control. There are steep cliffs on either side of us. The slope levels out to a flatter area and I say "Hey it's good that it's more level here". We ski up to drop-offs but avoid them. There is another really big cliff coming up, it is marked with a sign, and there is a resort employee sitting there, too. There is some strange object, like a bunch of iron-man-style ski boots stacked up on the ground with sharp, angular protrusions. I notice a stone stairway leading down the hill, and I imagine that skiiers use this to climb up to the cliff area. The stairway has no snow on it.

      I look around and take notice that the ski resort stone structures on the ground look artificial -- it's like the entirely mountain we're skiing on (which now seems to be mostly lacking in snow) has been modified by man to make it a better skiing mountain. I raise my gaze up and look at the surrounding (natural) mountains in the distance, which have patches of snow on them. I'm looking up at a nearby neighboring really tall peak and am searching for signs of the "Pteradactyl Tree," I see some very large trees, but at the top of that peak I finally see the Pteradactyl tree itself with a large man-made stone foundation at its base.

      My view of the PT is closer, and I see two circling pteradactyls flying in the air -- they are artificial (like stuffed animals) and I think very furry. I'm pointing these out to my mother, (dialogue forgotten). I'm in an elevator with my sister, and she makes a comment about wanting chips and I think about melted nacho cheese. There is a PT staff member man there in the elevator.

      Then there's a scene of a musical performance put on by the staff: that man, and a woman are the star perfomers. The woman is singing (not all that well) a song and doing a dance, moving towards me then away from me, and she is trying to hit a high note in the song that is normally sung by the man, she's trying to give a demonstration of how well she can sing, but I think the has done a pretty bad job of it.

      Then I'm in an after-show-party area, with a variety of long tables set with large cocktail glasses (white tablecloth?). They are starting to serve the cocktails, something fruity with ice in the classes. I surreptitiously drink one cocktail down completely and am thinking how I'm going to get even more from the serving, as if I had not drunk at all. At that point an old work colleague Matt (last name?) comes in and they head to a side table and they've managed to acquire a bunch of the pizza and drinks the staff were going to serve. He comes over to me and he starts to roll up and stuff this very large pizza into my very large cocktail glass. But then he (or a person next to me) says "people who like pizza like it flat, not all rolled up."
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. 1 fragment from last night

      by , 02-01-2020 at 03:30 PM
      Around 11PM I consumed marijuana. This was unhelpful and I want to stop doing it. It's unskillful behaviour and will not help me level up my IRL character hahaha
      Fell asleep at 1AM.
      Woke up at 6:30AM, no recall, forgot to attempt FILD
      Woke up at 8AM, 1 fragment recalled.
      tags: Jungle trap

      Dream 1:
      I remember constructing a trap hanging from a tree in the jungle. In the end it seemed more like a hanging home that you can swing to. Maybe the gap that you have to swing over is the trap. Stupid NPCs dont know how to swing, their pathfinding algorithm will just make them fall down

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      non-lucid , dream fragment , side notes
    5. lxxiv.

      by , 02-01-2020 at 01:13 PM
      Small parts of several dreams from today.

      Dream Fragment:

      My friend L tried to contact me. Somehow we were communicating by typing on our computers on notepad, on a shared .txt file, which we would save in turns to effectively "send" messages. Despite being a plain text file, I remember L used emojis, something she'd probably find pretty silly for the specific situation.

      I have forgotten most of this dream's content but I remember L had an overall feeling of concern, and equally I realised I felt somewhat neglectful.

      Dream Fragment:

      I was outside, in a mix of my old home area and of some other place more like where I live now. It was daytime, there were bits of settled snow here and there and the pavement looked completely dull to me at the time. There was a row of terraced houses on one side, with an inordinate amount of front yard space. The pavement was unusually wide too.

      I was out here with someone, either my aunt or my mother, or some kind of blend. There was this tiny ancient and ruined chapel and we were sort of investigating it for whatever reason and there was supposed to be a secret passage that we had to activate from the outside. We walked around it several times and eventually I pointed at this crude square shape covered by dirt and grass on the floor, which I'd noticed several times when going around the chapel's exterior, finally insisting that maybe it was what we wanted to check, as at this point I felt that any observations I made were being dismissed entirely.

      There is some sort of dream transition and there's a different feel to things, and I find myself sort of manipulating wall segments as if it were a strategy game; the placement ghost for wall sections changed dynamically based on whether I was placing it close to existing walls or apart from any walls.

      Dream Fragment:

      Something about a blonde or fake-blonde woman, lying in bed. She was reading a book about things she'd done right? Or about things she had to pay for. This was in some sort of birthday party setting. It felt cheesy and crowded, inside a bedroom that somehow reminded me of a hospital room.

      Dream Fragment:

      I was in bed with H, who was reading something on the phone. It was around morning time by the looks of it and I was lying in bed in a funny way, because I was also reading a magazine of sorts. But the magazine was about as thick as my thumb is wide. It had all sorts of articles, about everything and anything, though I've forgotten most of it now, I remember the last one I was reading before closing it and looking at the cover. That article was about how an older Spain had convinced everyone during the exploration of the Americas to "drink this swill" that we call cocoa and how it's rival neighbouring country of Portugal had done little during that time to stop it too. It was like a sponsored article about an anti-cocoa cult of sorts and I found it to be pretty ridiculous even in the dream. It mentioned they already had hundreds of followers and hoped to expand them greatly in the coming times.

      After I shut the book/magazine, I gave H a cuddle and that's the last thing I remember. Somehow I didn't realise the irony of the very dream-like situation at all.

      Some notes:

      • The text in the fourth fragment was very consistent. I remember reading and going back to re-read something I'd already read to make sure I was getting it right. In that dream I should have realised that no magazine would ever be so thick.
      • The magazine cover was a cream or khaki colour, with a picture of a large manor or something on a sunny day in the front, with some smaller squares of other scenic views.
      • I remember seeing bits and pieces of the book in the third dream by myself. It didn't make any sense, it was like a children's book but with tasks and questions. The pictures were all sort of life-like, but drawn.
      • The very first dream fragment was one of several that I could still vaguely recall from the early morning before I fell asleep again, the other three fragments being ones from after falling asleep again.
    6. Another night of the mom, sister, and car dream - 4th night in a row

      by , 02-01-2020 at 02:34 AM
      I had that same recurring dream again last night where I am in granddads old reliant with my mom and sister and mom can't get it started. It was the 4th night in a row I have had it after not having it for a few weeks.

      As with every one of the dreams it started with me in the car by myself buckled to the front middle seat. My sister came out and got in the passenger seat next to me a few minutes later. We sit and wait in the car for mom to come out and drive us for what seems like forever. Last night, my sister really wanted to try to talk to me. I kept trying to ignore her because her breath reeked and I had to smell it whenever she talked. My sister started invading my space when I ignored her, leaning over and putting her face right in front of mine so I couldn't ignore her. I do not know what she was trying to tell me, because I tuned it out. Unfortunately, there was no way I could ignore her nasty breath and had to smell it while she kept talking to me. In the dreams I had a few weeks ago, I didn't really noticed my sister was sitting right next to me in the passenger seat unless I looked over at her. In this dream, it was obvious she was sitting next to me while we waited in the car for mom. It was the most unpleasant wait I have had so far in this dream.

      When mom finally got in, she could not get the car to start as usual. While I was watching mom pump the accelerator and turn the key and seeing the red lights on the dash and hearing the buzzing sound after each failed crank, I also could feel my sister on my other side which I don't remember in earlier dreams. When mom decided to get out and look under the hood after several cranks, I asked her if I could get out and she told me her job was to start the car and my job was to stay buckled in my seat. I woke up from this dream before mom got back in and tried to start the car again.