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    1. Britannia Park: The Princess and the Bartender

      by , 10-06-2016 at 11:19 PM
      A trope as old as time itself. The story of boy meets girl. It began a park owned by the Britannia Family. For those unfamiliar, The Britannias are mostly antagonistic characters of the anime, Code Geass. I don't know what I was doing there but I do remember that I probably wasn't supposed to be there. I remember that it was a place for elites and I was anything but. I slipped through the gates undetected though I could feel the scrutinizing gaze of those around me. Some were questioning my presence there and it made me really uncomfortable. I never faced anyone but I could almost sense their stares. This, however did nothing to take away from the beauty of park. The tall sakura trees contrasted beautifully against the clear blue sky. The grass was lush and green and the lake was such a beautiful shade of blue it was almost unreal.

      Perhaps it was sheer happenstance or perhaps it was in my efforts to distance myself from the dubious elites. Either way, I somehow ended up crossing paths with Princess Euphemia V. Britannia (one of the few Britannia characters who isn't kind of a dick). I saw her with her assistant whom I will name "Stacy." Stacy was not a character in the show. I vaguely remember what she looked like. She had a green skin tight shirt and brunette hair. Euphemia was just as stunning as ever as her natural pink hair complimented her ensemble. I didn't approach as I did not want to intrude. Euphemia was having a picnic with her date Sam Malone from the TV show, "Cheers." Just as in the show Sam was kind of an ass. However, he was different in the dream than he was in the show. In the show he is just a funny, pleasant and although he can be an ass he knows when to dial it back. But in this dream he was just a straight up asshole.

      I began to observe Euphemia's and Sam's life together over the years. I saw them together in Sam's bar at one point and the whole time Sam was just plain mean. I could not believe that she would be with a person like that. Stacy seemed to share my sentiment as she disapproved of Euphemia's decision to be with him and had no problems in expressing this. I don't know what happened between them as a result of this. As time went by I began to recall an opportunity I had to ask Euphemia out myself and I began to regret my decision not to. Then, for no particular reason, time reset itself.

      I was back at the entrance of the park and just as before I slipped through ignoring to judging stares of the elites who were there. There was a small dirt path that curved around the lake which I somehow knew would lead me to Euphemia I followed it but was put off by the elites around me and so I decided to stray from the path and find another way. I eventually found Sam, Stacy, and Euphemia having a picnic as before. I took note of the mistakes that Sam made and made sure to never make them. I wanted to talk to her and tell her how I felt but I was nervous. Now Stacey seemed to know how I felt as she addressed and encouraged me to speak with Euphemia. She must have thought that I would be the better option than him. Somehow Euphemia ended up breaking up with Sam right then and there and I was able to befriend and talk with her. In spite of the growing friendship I still felt that the time was not right to make my move. Stacy took note of my trepidation and encouraged me to tell Euphemia how I felt.

      Stacy was right. I turned to the princess, once again taken by her pulchritude and gentleness. Would she really go for a guy like me? There was only one way to find out. I pushed my fears aside, threw caution to the wind and made my move. A bold decision that I would not come to regret.
    2. She's Dead

      by , 09-03-2012 at 06:08 PM
      Note: While this dream is going on, a song called "Lullaby of M" was playing. If you want to listen to is while reading this to get a better feel of the dream, you can listen to it.

      Code Geass - Lullaby of M - YouTube

      This was the last part of my dream. I don't know why I can't remember the first 90% if my dream, but all I remember about it is that it was really sad yet exciting.

      I was standing inside of my bath tub by myself. Beside my feet were two piles of seaweed. I pick up one pile and I pretend to put it on someone's head (like the thing on a bride's head). Suddenly, a young, cute girl I'd never seen before appears and I continue to fix it onto her head. The seaweed slowly turns a light brown and transforms into her messy, wet hair. I fix it up a bit and bend down to pick up the other pile.
      I try to do the same thing as the first one. I pretend to put it onto someone's head but nothing happens. I try again. And again. And again. Each time, feeling more and more distressed. Finally, with tears rolling down my face, I place the seaweed onto the girls head. This time, the seaweed doesn't change.
      I continue to straighten the girl's hair and then stop, too overcome with grief. I look her in the eyes (which is when I realize she looks an awful lot like a real version of Nunally from Code Geass) and ask with a very watery voice "Wh... where's La-La?"
      The girl replies "she's dead".
      Then I wake up, face drenched in tears.