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    1. clii. Classroom Tomb

      by , 09-03-2020 at 05:17 PM
      21st August 2020 (DFLN Thread)


      In the van with H driving around. We go through some industrial estate or warehouse district. We see people being gutted as we drive past, but we aren't concerned. We just think it to be in poor taste or something. Some of the characters that are being gutted, I recognise them from earlier on in the dream, feeling no pity for them because they were nasty; but I still feel this looks like an undignified death.


      Some version of WoW, but set in a realistic city of some sort, half fantasy, half not? With H, I was taking some area from the Horde and for the Alliance. I remember going on some sort of bombing run and seeing diagrams of the region. I remember the Horde outnumbered us by a great ratio.


      At the end of a dream I was in some kind of classroom, in a school. There was a teacher and there were several other pupils. The teacher was first giving some theory on something. Some things like hardware and software programming were mentioned. I have some awareness of being kind of lying down on my back, and next to something.

      Then we're about to do something. The teacher moves, and I sort of sit up now. I'd been lying next to an old limestone tomb. We're apparently going to open it and examine the dead's objects of burial. Someone moves the lid open and I look at another one of the pupils, a girl. They don't realise it'll wreak and I instantly move my head away and breathe out, fully expecting a foul odour. But as the lid is fully removed, while I do get a whiff of something, it's very faint.

      This struck me as odd, but in any case the rest of the pupils started carefully removing items and analysing them. Someone next to me takes a piece of clothing from some bony hands.

      The teacher notices that something is off? The dead apparently has some kind of shawl, with a Discord logo on it and she says that it's impossible, since the body had been buried hundreds of years ago. I myself did not notice or see any such logo.

      But this leads her to suspect that the body is more recent than previously thought and now when I look inside the tomb, I see a naked white man, with fine white-gold hair, sitting up. He looks pale or lifeless as expected, I seem to recall. The teacher touches the forehead of the body to inspect the temperature and see how "recent" it was.

      The dream ended here, the doorbell rang and I had to go answer the door.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Friday, December 20

      by , 12-23-2019 at 07:36 PM
      Melissaís mom has died. I think she went into the hospital for something simple and then did not make it out. Right now, I am seeing Melissa, Alex, and their dad walking along a snow covered hill. It just doesnít look or feel right, and it is hard to fathom that this is how itís going to look now. Now, I am in their house. Carlos is on the couch; he turns his head and I think that he looks pretty rough.
      Tags: dead, death, dying, snow
    3. I'm dead

      by , 07-14-2019 at 01:13 PM (Into my world)
      It's been a while but now i'm back, in this past two month I was very busy and stressed for the exams so I stopped training and of course I loose all my progresses. Now I have to start all again from the beginning, but nevermind... tonight I had this cool and very strange dream:


      I'm dead and I'm going (or rather, my soul is going) in what I believe is heaven.
      I am walking in a big city, perhaps New York, and I arrive at the foot of a very tall tower, I don't see the end of it, it is all covered in gold and has no entrance.
      only the dead can see it, in fact all the people who walk beside it do not know of its existence.
      somehow I am transported to the top; I find that up there there is an empty world, dark and covered with fog.
      I set out in this world and after a while I meet an old bald man with a white beard, with him there is also a friend of mine.
      the old man tells us that he spent his whole life alone on this tower and explains that if we want we can go down and return to the world of mortals.
      he also explains that for part of the day we take back our body and return mortal and visible, it is an effect given by a particular inclination of the sun, but if we die again while we have our body our soul disappears definitively. instead when we are spirits we can do what we want but people cannot see us.

      when the old man finishes talking I ask my friend how he died, he tells me he was on a beach to take pictures when a man arrived who didn't want competition on that beach to take pictures, so he pulled out the gun and started shooting; he had to be drunk because before he hit the target he fired a lot of random shots.
      after the boy finished telling the story, I find out that I was also on that beach and that I was hit by one of the stray bullets.

      now I'm back home, I took my body back and I'm leaning on the balcony, looking down where my mom is sunbathing in the garden. I'm sad because I don't know how to tell her that in reality I'm not alive and that soon the body she sees me with will disappear.

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    4. The dead and flying in the void

      by , 04-22-2019 at 06:40 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #527 DILD

      I am in some church service. I feel so tired and dosing off. I feel I am holding someoneís hand. I think itís my wife. I open my eyes and see my FIL reaching across my wife and holding my hand. Heís smirking. I remember heís dead but I think I must be half dreaming. The next thing I know I wake up and the service is over. I still feel out of it and can hardly open my eyes to see where I am going. I see my dead grandmother following me. I know she is dead but again I think I am half dreaming or hallucinating. After a moment, I stop and hug her knowing people must see me hugging someone invisible like sheís a ghost. In the parking lot some people finally notice I am having a hard time and start asking me whatís wrong. I say I donít know I think maybe I need to see a doctor. I wake up.

      Later, I dream that I am running an electrical test on a wire harness from but I am hooking up the washer and dryer at my house somehow. I walk away because I need some alligator clips. I am at work now and I run into Ryan. I get pissed because heís installed some extra software on the computer and I have no idea what I am looking at. I think about going to IT but I just decide to leave. I wake up.

      Some fragment about how I am able to fly and hover easily. It feels natural. Just a thing I can do.

      I wake up determined to get lucid as I watch HI. After some time, I notice I am on a skateboard and have stopped to look at a loose bolt on the trucks. I realize I am in a dream and I float away. I fly high in the sky and see some blue sky and clouds but the dream turns mostly dark. I donít get caught up on the lack of visuals. Instead, I enjoy the physical sensation of flying. At one point it feels like I am swimming super-fast in water. I laugh and deeply enjoy it for as long as it lasts. Suddenly I feel the chemical change in my head. I know I am waking up. I try to hold on. I get a visual of my shoes where I left them in the hallway. I wake up.
      Tags: dead, fil, flying, nanny
    5. Fever dreams

      by , 03-26-2018 at 06:14 PM
      I have the flu, so my dreams have been weird or unsettling. This is a few nights' of dreams gathered into one entry.

      The first night, when I was just coming down with the flu, I felt like garbage and had weird fever dreams where friends were inviting me to LuLaRoe (it's a garbage clothing MLM) parties and trying to sell me things. I kept waking up angry and wanting to be left alone, then falling back to sleep and having the same dream over again but with a different person. Why my brain was obsessed with people trying to sell me MLM shit, I have no idea, but that was all I dreamed about the entire night.

      Last night, I dreamed about 3 different people who were dead, those dreams where you forget they're dead and they're alive again and then you wake up and realize they're dead. The first 2 were dead pets (a cat and a rabbit) and the third one was my stepfather. I woke up from the 3rd dream thinking "Wow it's been a while since I've seen stepfather, how come?" and then woke up a little bit more and remembered that it's because he's dead and started crying. The crying did not help my already-flu-congested face. On the other hand, at least I got to pet my dead rabbit for 15 dream minutes, and she was as soft as I remember.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    6. Dream - The Dead Always Live

      by , 07-27-2017 at 12:06 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 17 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 155 - The Dead Always Live

      I was in this random building with my mum and dad and could hear these dance lessons going on in the next room. As the people are exiting the dance studio, I say hello to some of them. There are then six people standing at the front door of the foyer, we had to shake at least one person's hand before leaving. We decided to stay and chat to people but as we were doing so, I found that mum and dad were slowly getting upset for no reason.

      I looked around the place and shockingly discovered that we were in the Geelong Funeral Home and so my mum's uncle's body was still haunting the the aura, creating some negative energy from the world of the dead. I eventually saw a small, pixie like ghost figure with a red aura near the front door and I knew that's what upset my parents. This thing was coming for me but I actually shot my hand out and face-palmed it immediately. I then decided that I had to get out of the place as soon as possibe. I forgot what else happened in the dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Confident Dreamer (defeat 1 nightmare without any assistance)
      >> I seemed to face-palm that red aura away in exactly the same way that Dreamy WB face-palmed the girl back in Dream No. 142.
    7. Creepy spiders and ice during summer

      by , 07-02-2017 at 06:35 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      It's been too long since I've updated this. Hoping to get a bit more on track this summer.

      Dream 1: I remember being really itchy during this dream, and I found that the reason why I was itchy was because a spider was crawling on me. ._____. The creepy thing was that I woke up and was still itching. Thankfully, no spiders to be seen. xD

      Dream 2: This one was kinda cool. I was walking around with a bunch of my friends from school, on campus, including a TA from Film which I took a few semesters ago. One of the guys there asked me how my slipping was going, and I was really confused until we stepped off of the path. I then saw all the ICE that was all over campus, even though it was sunny and summer. The ice was pretty dirty and gross, and some of it was transparent-ish so that you could see some of the grass underneath. In order to walk on it, I tried flying, but I could only fly for short bursts at a time for some reason. Then, I had to land again, and there was the risk of slipping upon landing. So I settled for this awkward hop-slide method, where I alternated short flying and sliding on my butt. We were heading towards a large tree for some reason, at the edge of a field (said tree does not exist IRL).

      Then there were these ducks we slid by, and they were all dead. o_o My campus has a lot of ducks, but they are usually, you know, not dead. One of them was cut open, and instead of blood and guts, it was filled with black beads. Weird stuff.

      I was very close to being lucid, considering that I knew that I could fly, but I did not consciously recognize that I was in a dream.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    8. iDied

      , 05-16-2017 at 05:31 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      day before yesterday

      I'm standing in a back of the bus with my brother. He tells me that he died on this bus, when it lost control going down the super steep hill we are on top of right now. The bus is about to go down the hill again. I look out the front window and get a familiar, uncomfortable feeling. I sometimes dream about being on a bus or car that I see going off the road and crashing few moments later. I'm a bit surprised at him being on the same bus again, since now he knows it's dangerous.

      So I guess we take the ride anyway, because next thing I know, I am dead. I'm waling slowly, with my brother and some other person. It's very peaceful, we have no worries. First thing I notice is what we are wearing. Pants and a long shirt from some very light, tropical cotton, white and beige in color. And a whiteish scarf made from same material. I'm thinking, "oh, so this is what they give you to wear when you are dead".

      Not a bad feeling from this dream. It was rather interesting.
      Tags: dead
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. Day In Prison

      by , 04-27-2017 at 10:43 PM
      Well the first thing i remember is being in a bathroom stall, i looked down at my hands and i was holding onto a small cellphone, then i noticed what i was wearing, some sort of a khakis uniform that looked really familiar but couldn't figure out where i seen the before. I looked back at the cell phone i was holding, i opened it and read the messaged that was on it.

      "I'm coming for you tonight, be ready. -J"

      I closed it and thought, 'Shit. its one of those dreams, okay lets play then.' I put the phone in my bra, and stepped out of the stall, i looked around and pretended to wash my hands in one of the sinks. I looked up into the mirror and the way i looked scared me, i had my normal long purple dream hair, i was paler then usual, and i had scars starting from both sides of my mouth leading up on both of my cheeks. I looked away fast, i finally knew that i would have to act like the Jokers daughter, i was curious where this dream would lead me so i didn't mind going along with it.

      I walked out of the restroom and when i saw other girls in the hallways with khakis i finally snapped where i was, i was in the orange is the new black prison, i smiled big when i caught on, i have been binge watching the show for the past 2 weeks and i was waiting to dream this, but i never thought i would have to play as the jokers daughter. oh well. "What are you smiling about inmate?!" a guard in special uniform asked me. "Nothing, jeez cant i smile?!" i said back sarcastically. He looked at me angrily, "Do you want a shot?!" he yelled. I raised my hands in protest and shook my head. He walked away and i sighed with relief, "3 seasons and i still don't fully know what a shot is." i said with a chuckle.

      The next thing i know, i am sitting on my bed and Piper Chapman is talking to me about some panty business and how she wants me to wear them and then give them back to her, apparently she is my bunk buddy cause after saying no to her panty business she went back to her bed and started to text on a cell phone. I was really starting to get bored so i attempted to use my bending to try to excite things up. I tried to make a small flame in my hand and when i felt the heat to rise something shocked me hard on my neck. I jumped with more of surprise then pain. "What the -" i begin to say. "Inmate Cross, that's 2 shot, try it again and i shock you to sleep." The guard from before said. He was holding up a small remote device in his hands and he was smiling at me.

      I felt around my neck and notice i was wearing a large metal brace, 'These assholes' i thought. I figured that i was being restrained to use my powers in this dream so i didnt really fight it, i sat back and pouted. Piper sat next to me and i looked at her weird, "Can i help you?" i asked. "Is it true that you have powers? And how did you get those nasty scars on your cheeks?" she asked back. i rolled my eyes, "If you dont get off my bed im going to punch you in the face." i said harshly. She quickly got up and went back to her bed. I laid down and closed my eyes, it was black for a bit then when i opened them i saw a clown mask in front of my face. I screamed and punched it as hard as i could.

      "Agh! you stupid girl its me!" Joker's voice said. I got up from my bed and hugged him, "Dad! finally, i was getting bored here." i said happily. I looked around and saw jokers goons shooting in every direction, all the inmates where hiding underneath their beds while guards tried to fight off jokers goons. "Hurry up, make a uh- hole in the wall." joker said to me. "I cant, duh!" i said while pointing to the brace on my neck. He growled and shoved a gun in my hand, "Lets go." he said. He ran out of my bunk and i looked at piper under the bed, "Hey you can come with us if you want?" i asked sincerely. she turned to me with tears in her eyes, "With freaks like you and your dad?! i rather rot in here." she spit back. I sighed and pointed the gun at her, "Suit your self!" i said with a smile, i shot the gun at her but the bullet only went in her arm, she screamed and i laughed as i followed behind joker.

      The next thing i know were running through the yard and i reached to touch the brace on my neck but it wasn't there anymore, "What are you waiting for stupid?! They're coming!" Joker yelled at me, i looked behind me and saw so many guard running towards us. i panicked and raised both of my hands forcefully which cause a huge wall of earth to come up from the ground, it towered high. I knew the guards where on the other side so with one big push i made the wall fall onto the guards, it made a loud crash as it fell. then it was quiet. We stopped running and just looked to where the guards once were, and Inmates in orange and khaki ran out from the building and just ran passed us to freedom.

      I turned around back to joker and he was laughing hysterically and i couldnt help but laugh as well, we were walking until we heard a gunshot. we stopped and joker looked at me scared, i had never seen joker scared in my dreams before so this was new. I was going to say something but when i tried to speak, liquid came out instead. I touched it and it was blood. I realized i was the one who got shot, i turned around and saw piper holding onto a gun that was pointed at me. She was bleeding from her arm and was struggling to stand. I smiled at her and raised both of my arms. The last thing i remember was hearing her say, "Dont fuck with me."

      Damn this was intense for me, but it was fun to play along. Sucks i couldnt kick pipers ass but oh well, hopefully i dream of Orange is the new black, without joker being involved. Once again if you have an questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

      Until Next Dream~
    10. [05-01-2017: Bird sickness]

      by , 01-05-2017 at 05:09 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I entered my barn and saw some hens with little chickens lying on they hay. Most of them were dead or very weak. There was some strange sickness spreading around.
    11. Dream/Nightmare 12/01/2016

      by , 01-12-2016 at 07:27 PM
      In my last dream I was on a street (don't know which, perhaps what i recall of Oxford, in the way of a park aparted from the city) and i go to the corner to buy some tea. I ask the lady for some tea and she starts looking, as Oliver from Harry Potter would look for his wands. She comes with a box of tea and i say no, i want minted tea, so she comes with another box and it was of pills for the mouth, then she comes with another box and i say ok, give me those, it said something like "frozen ice", what would say in gum etiquettes. After that i stayed there, we were outside of the shop and we were talking about a field where she was, called "La Catalina" and she said that when she stayed there the environment was so peaceful that she had relaxed and increased her vibrations on the body to the point where she is very healthy. There was a small field to our side, with tall grass and i could note that there was good energy circulating around. I told her i was on that field too, i was on "La Catalina", the same street where you were, i even said hi to you (she is the neighbour) and you replied but didn't recognize me. It is a peaceful place i kept saying, but there were animals in my place, that made it a bit noisy, so it wasn't so relaxing after all. I then recall being there and running around the house (it was close to a river). When it became dark i went around a few more time and then came inside the house. I went through it and through probably a hall to a house in the back. There i found my grandfather brother, Daniel, which was cooking an Asado.

      In my previous dream i was in the house of my father. There was a celebration going on, so there were many people. There comes a king and a queen and other important people. I bow down to salutate them, and i do it concentrated. Then someone asks me for a certificate of birth, so i knew i had to go and it get at the back of the house. I go there and there was already my grandfather and my younger sister going already. There was rain in courtyard and a dog there. I went inside the room and saw them using the computer.

      After that scene i find myself on the streets going at the end of the street of my house, Maria Olguin, with a ghost car in front of me, a Fiat Uno, and a truck behind it which i was driving. That car in front of me had noone to drive it, and i was responsible for it, it just went becase the streets were going down, so it went because of gravity. I turned right at the end of the street and stopped. I stopped behind it, and it was surprising that it was well parked. There were some old people in the streets. An old man, probably 57 years of age and an old woman who looked like a young child of 7, but she was like 60. They were living on the streets because they decided to do so. They raised and traded some animals that looked like ducks but had a body like a mammal, it looked like this:

      Then i think i find myself in cordoba, outside Patio Olmos, or somewhere alike. I see my cousin Jessica. She found a bag with a lot of recordings and some documents of great value to her. I think i felt jealous at that moment. Anyways i wanted to know about a girl that i have met before and lost her, and she had information of her so i kept by her side. She finds out that her mother has been transfering some money to other children so she gets herself angry and sad, she eventually leaves the house. My aunt was there with my mother. She left and she haven't said anything about this girl i liked. But my sister came and she said don't worry, she passed me all the recording. So i started listening the recordings. I would listen all of them, one by one. The first one was about a song. I remember that like 10 years ago i couldn't transfer music to my palm, so i just recorded it, and it appears that that was what she did. So i had to listen to that ugly music, until my father says "turn off that music" because he didn't liked it. I saw him and many others on the dining room. They came from the house where i was supposed to get the birth certificate. I asked them if we were going to play Cashflow, and everyone agreed. So i sat and the roles were given. Then something happens with a real cheese, that was part of the valuables of the game, and the roles changed. I was sitting by the side of Maester Aemon, but after the cheese thing the scenario changed and it was like the room of misteries of Hogwarts and we were playing on it. There was water rising and we save the game, just in case... (didn't know we could do that) and after that our team feels that our energy is dried and we are without forces to cast spells or to even grab people. There were a lot of people playing and we had to fight. I was one of the strongest players, and now i was not, but i kept faith, i had to be one of the strongest anyways. Before the game ended, i surely had to defeat like 5 players but in spite of the confidence i had i also knew i wouldn't make it. So i see at the end of the room that Draco Malfoy was heading away, already victorious. I wouldn't let that happen so i followed him, like on a win or loose mision. He went to a hall and he climbed up stairs, i almost had him. Then he enters the room (that place looked like the house of my mother at Bv Roca) and wakes up his mates. One of them looked exactly like him but was bigger. I knew i couldn't beat them, even though i was outside the old scenario and i was stronger already, so i escaped. I didn't go where i came, i headed to some stairs to my left and i went down. It was all dark, even when we climbed up with Draco, and that place was even darker. I went down and i hid myself on the basement. I didn't know that that was the place where they hid the dead people. I was terrified so i remained still, and i see that dead people began to move around. There begins the nightmare, which made like a full story i didn't actually experience but i felt the fear, i woke up after that. When i woke up i realized it was a nightmare so i wasn't that scared, but anyways there was a little fear remaining from the dream. As soon as i woke up i wrote down the dream.
    12. Tupac And His Gorgeous Smile

      by , 09-14-2015 at 02:45 PM
      Before sleeping I had pratically nothing to do with anything concerning Tupac. Although this dream really did sent chills through.)

      During the beginning of this dream, I had arrived at this small house. For some reason it seemed like I had family that lived there or I was visiting someone. As I walked into the house, I was greeted by few people, their faces I cannot remember, but this was the point where it seemed like I was able to pretty much control what I could do and say. I walked around a bit, passing through the living room. Though no one was in there at the time, I felt a pull towards staying in there. After making my way into the kitchen and a few of back bedrooms, searching for something, I was back in the living room. As I passed in front of the couch, was pulled down onto the floor. It just so happened that it was Tupac. He had been laying there watching the t.v. I looked up at him and grabbed his cheeks, staring at him for a minute as if I couldn't believe he was actually there. Although, that's where I realized it was a dream. I ended up sighing softly and looked away, him tilting my chin up. That's when I spoke, saying, "I know you're not real, but why do you keep popping up in my head?" He simply laughed and replied, "Because, sweetheart, I'm coming back. Infact, I'll be back soon. Just keep your eyes open." I woke up after that. Sadly. I absolutely love his smile so it just kind of felt like I was ripped away when I wasn't ready. I just wish I knew what the heck it all meant.

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    13. Reviving a dead guy & Riding the Wave

      by , 11-02-2014 at 02:37 PM
      When I woke up in the middle of the night I remembered this dream. I was back in school taking tests, after I had finished a test, I would move to another seat in the class where there was another test and I would do that test too. There were some other people there too, who I recognized as old classmates from highschool, doing the same thing. I was fine up until the last test when I ran out of time for class was over. The teacher let me finish it after class, but I wasn't able to finish it before the dream shifted.

      I was wandering around the school now, but the school had morphed into a different building now, not sure what, I just know it wasn't a school anymore. I ended up in a somewhat bigger room where people were gathering. The details get hazy, but there was some sort of commotion and this one guy pulls out a gun and starts shooting at the others. The guy in front of me was in between me & the shooter, he turns and runs toward me. As he does he gets shot in the back three times. The gunman is out of ammo at this point and some people restrain him. Just as I'm thinking the guy who got shot would be ok, he slumps down to the floor dead. I was trying to help this guy before he dies, and looking at the extent of his injuries. Now that he is dead I try to resuscitate him.

      My dream vision begins morphing at this point to where its like I have x-ray vision, but in a campy way. I can see the insides of people, although all my DCs now look dead, but I know its only the one guy in front of me who is really dead, not the others. I can see everyone's skeletons and their internal organs. Only their internal organs look campy representations of organs, like instead of real lungs, they look like balloons, etc. So the gross factor is really minimal. So I begin working on the dead guy who was shot, and I give him CPR. I'm pushing on his skeleton looking chest with my hands, I'm not really liking it but it has to be done. I know he is revived when I see his "balloon lungs" start breathing on their own. I'm glad that he is alive again, and to get my normal mode sight back again, my dream automatically morphs over into a different scene.

      Now I'm somewhere outside, but near the ocean. My previous efforts have made me become lucid now. My dream isn't quite stable, and my dream characters start to panic as weird weather appears and there might have been an earthquake too. Some of my DCs are saying it is the end of the world and it is God's judgement and stuff. Although I'm seeing it all happen, it doesn't phase me one bit. Instead I start hearing what sounds like the voice of God speaking to everyone, me too. I get an idea to get out of the area, so I say let there be a big wave I can ride. As if hearing me, a big wave appears in the ocean. I was somehow able to leap over onto it and surf it with my feet all the way across the ocean to what I thought was Europe. There isn't any end of the world stuff going on when the wave gives out on the shore and I step calmly off. The only odd thing was I couldn't sense any people around, at least there was no one outside. It was eerie feeling.

      I walked up to this church, "willing" for people to be inside. Once I opened the doors and went in, I did find people were inside. Even my cousin was there and it looked like I was back in a dream from earlier in the night although I don't remember the details of that earlier dream. It was as though the tidal wave had took me back into an earlier dream I had and I found that quite interesting.
    14. Living Dead Girl and the Snowy River

      by , 09-17-2014 at 04:35 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I am playing Dwarf Fortress, and mix with the game a little as I micro-manage the Dwarves to build an epic tower defense style entrance to their underground Fortress. It should be impenetrable! But I have to meet my friend A for coffee before I go to work.

      I drive to the coffee shop on the North end of town in a white pickup truck, keenly aware that I don't have much time before I have to go to work, in the opposite part of town. I don't see her as I arrive, so I park in one of the open spaces and get out. There are little Dwarves around me, and a large wooden post next to the truck. I tie the truck to it with a rope as the Dwarves climb over the rope, the post, and the truck. Seems normal. Then the truck next to mind pulls away, and gets stuck on something, pivots substantially, and puts a big dent in the side of my truck.

      Ignoring the dent, I still don't see any sign of my friend, so I go into the coffee shop. Immediately, some people ask me to participate in a study. I recognize most of them from when I was involved in the same study earlier. I was an auditor, checking in on their work, and never found out exactly what it was they were doing. Out of curiosity, I agree to participate. I thought I saw needle marks on some of the other participants, even though no needles were involved, so it seems like they have something to hide.

      Assuring me that they just need to do a couple blood tests, a strong guy literally picks me up off the ground by my left arm and carries me down the hall. I would've walked, so I let him carry me. Then I suspect that perhaps the reason for this treatment is because what they are going to do to me should make me want to run away. I struggle to break free, but he is ridiculously strong. All my struggling has puffed out my arm veins. He stabs a big needle into my main bicep vein, and quickly draws blood out of me. I conclude that this all was just a very efficient method to get blood samples, and I relax.

      I overhear a few scientists talking about one girl who they gave an injection to earlier. She has turned into some sort of monster, and is very dangerous. They have her barricaded in one of the lower levels of this building, about two floors below us. They then tell me that as part of this study, I must feed her, and they hand me a brown tray with a few unappealing plates of food on it. Apparently, she has killed all the guards, and everyone else who has gone near her. Great...

      Making my way down to her floor, through some sturdy doors, and down some big stairways, I see her at the end of an abandoned hallway. Several open rooms are on either side of the hall, with no one in them. Some doors open, some closed. Blood, debris, and trash is strewn all over the floor and walls. It looks like a massacre. ...Quietly, I walk up to her from behind as she is hunched over a dead guy wearing a white lab coat. It looks like she's eating his flesh. I poke her gently in the back with the food tray to get her attention. With twitchy reflexes, she turns to face me abruptly, her cheeks and mouth covered in blood and weird black slime. Letting out a low growl, she begins to turn her body to face me as well as if she's getting ready to pounce like a cat. Basically, she's one of those scary fast zombies now...

      Dropping the tray at her feet, I turn and run as hard as I can down the hall back the way I came. I hear her approach, but don't dare look back as even the slightest hesitation might be the edge she needs to catch me. I dart to my right into an open room, and close the door, locking it faster than I thought possible. A sturdy wooden door, with a very narrow window, I feel safe now.

      Smashing the door right through the frame, she jumps into the room after me. I back away, and jump over a bed, putting it between her and I. She slowly walks up toward me, and climbs onto the bed. Laying down on her side facing me, she begins to speak normally. She tells me of how she no longer needs to have sex to reproduce. Having been discouraged by many males' eagerness to have sex, and concerned about that, she gave it up in favor of killing people to reproduce instead. Somehow it works for her. Almost on queue, I jizz in my pants. Yes, just like that SNL skit... "Well, now I especially am in the position to get killed by her!" I think, as I try to stay on my feet.

      I put my hand on her shoulder to comfort her, and am teleported to a river in the middle of the night. I am positioned precariously on a steep snow bank, that is rapidly being dissolved into this raging river. I try to climb out, but the snow is too wet and slides down the bank, nearly taking me into the river with it. It all turns to slush around me.

      With a few steps, I leap across the 10 ft river, onto the opposite snow bank that looks like its in better shape, and try to climb out of that side. The top of this one is crusty snow, and large chunks of it break off, falling over my head as I try not to fall with them into the frigid rapids right behind me. However, I have no other choice but to try, so I make another leap for the edge, only to have it break away, sending me falling backwards into the river.

      Now looking down on the river from up in the sky, I see that I have died, and my body is being carried by the currents downstream. I watch as it floats along. Then it is carried to a Dwarven Fortress that is harnessing the water for some sort of industry. They fish my body out of the water and pass it to the medics to see if they can revive me. I watch as they try, and then conclude that I have died.

      I re-materialize in front of the coffee shop again, having just parked the truck. This time there is a parrot on the post that I have tied the truck to. The parrot criticizes me on many levels. The parrot seems to have been emboldened by being let out of its cage. I let it criticize me, not really caring, because soon I must deal with the demon girl. I warn the parrot of this girl, and how the parrot himself should be careful - as she is very quick. I perceive images in my mind of the girl transforming into her demon form after being a cat, then a demon cat, in various stages of development.

      I realize that time is not linear as we normally perceive it, and get in the truck to drive to work.
    15. A friend dies and reborn as a baby

      by , 05-27-2014 at 07:52 AM
      I was in a place where two of my close friends were also available. They both fell from the third floor, the first one (a girl), then the second one shortly after (a guy). Then I noticed was in the building my apartment is in (3rd floor) but the other side of the floor. All were saying that the girl died, and as far as I remember, the guy didnít. And I remember seeing his face in the dream, but not the girlís face, though I knew it was her.
      I also remember feeling her blood flow through the vein in her neck. Tried to tell the people around that sheís still alive, but no body answered, as if they didnít hear what I was saying. Then they took her, and I tried my best to get to her body to reassure and tell others that sheís still alive. Tried to get to her home, in case they took her there, which happens to be not so far from mine. I donít remember reaching there, but I remember entering a room where her coffin was, and two men, one on each side of the coffin.
      I was waiting for her to knock on the coffin to alert that she is still alive, because for some reason I believed she is, but that didnít happen.
      The men opened the coffin, but there was another cover covering her.
      I went to remove her from the coffin, and when I held her in my hands, I noticed I was holding a baby. And went to everyone saying that she is still alive, but she was reborn, and she is now a baby.
      After that I remember hoping that it would be a dream.
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